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John's Journey Forward



Once we were settled at Starbucks, Noel's phone began to ring again. "It is Manuel. Hello, bro. What's happening?"


There was a pause. I could hear Manuel's voice raising.


"Let's face it, Manuel," Noel replied. "Our mother is a nutcase. She has no filters. If she weren't our mother, I think you, Jorge, and I would say she is dangerous."


Another pause.


"We should get together and form a plan to avoid her," Noel replied. "She had the audacity to ask how much money I am making. I honestly believe she wants a cut."


As Noel continued to talk with Manuel on the phone, George and Jorge arrived. Jorge was seething.


"I assume Noel is talking with our older brother," Jorge said as he and George took seats at the table.


"Yup," I replied. "Did your mother call you?"


"Yup," Jorge replied. "I told her to go fuck herself."


"I'll bet that went over well," I said with a smile.


"John," Jorge explained. "She smells money. She wants money. And, she will do whatever is in her power to get it."


Noel finally joined our conversation. "So, I take it our mother talked to you, too."


"Yup," Jorge explained. "She heard I have another job."


"Why did she call Manuel?" I asked.


"She screamed at him because he didn't tell her Jorge and I have new positions," Noel replied. "Let's just forget this happened. We need to move forward not backward."


"Maybe we should go out dancing tonight," George suggested. He was smiling.


Chapter 16: Life Continues


As Saturday evening approached, our dancing group mushroomed from four to several. We had met at George and Jorge's apartment for a pre-dancing meal—all 14 of us. George and Jorge. Manuel less Kerry. Chris and Gavin. Sandy Lee, my team leader at eSquare, and his boyfriend, Simon. Ralph Freeman. Serge Morales and his boyfriend Bobby (our work colleague). Mel and her doctor friend, Mark Rosenberg. My brother Anthony and his boyfriend Terrance.


"So are we ready to go dancing?" George asked the group as the hour passed 10 pm.


"We haven't been dancing for... a long time," Gavin said. "I can't even remember!"


"We should make this a regular feature of our lives," Sandy's boyfriend Simon added.


"We are like an old married couple," Chris explained.


As we walked to the bar, our conversation continued. We were a block away and the sound of the dance music rumbled through the city air. When we entered the club, the music was beyond a rumble. We paid our admission, grabbed drinks, and headed to the dance floor. The place was filled with half naked, sweaty, and, mostly, muscled bodies.


"Don't leave me alone, John!" Noel said to me as he grabbed my hand.


"I am not letting you out of my sight," I replied. "I do not share well!"


We all sipped our cocktails until Manuel decided he wanted to dance. "Let's go, boys," Manuel said to Noel and me as he led us to the dance floor. George and Jorge as well as Anthony and Terrance followed.


Manuel was like a crazed man as he began to get caught up in the music. He yelled over the music at our group, "I haven't been dancing since right before Kerry and I got married."


"Where did you go?" Noel asked.


"Here, of course," Manuel replied. "No other place like it. We used to come here all of the time."


Finally, George yelled to our group, "Christ! You Puerto Rican boys can dance, can't you?"


"It's in our genes," Jorge screamed back. George groped him.


"Not those jeans, George," Jorge added over the din of the music as he helped George remove his shirt.


It wasn't long before the all of us were shirtless and sweating as we worked ourselves further into the music.




On Monday morning after our dancing madness, I arrived at the office shortly after Ralph. He didn't notice I had arrived. He was, as Chris would put it, glowing!


"Hello, Ralph," I said.


"Shit, John," Ralph responded. "I didn't notice you were here. You scared the shit out of me."


"Sorry, Ralph," I replied. "You look especially happy for a Monday morning. Any reason you would like to share?"


"It is too early to make any judgements," Ralph responded. "I really, really liked Mark. He's smart, funny, warm, caring, empathetic, and fucking cute!"


"Yea," I replied. "I've only met him a few times, but he is a very nice guy! And Mel seems to have made it her mission to find Mark a boyfriend. Or, is he taken after Saturday night?"


"I don't know if he is `taken' or not," Ralph replied. "However, we did get along really, really well when we had brunch yesterday."


"And?" I asked.


"He asked me to go out with him to dinner next Saturday," Ralph admitted.


"Who asked you out?" Sandy asked as he arrived at our work area.


"Mark," Ralph replied.


"So, I wasn't seeing things on Saturday night," Sandy continued. "I told Simon when we left I thought sparks were flying between the two of you!"


"Sparks?" Chris asked as he, George, and Serge joined our group.


"Ralph and Mark," Sandy replied.


"Guys," Ralph began. "I have a dinner date with him on Saturday night. Let's not get carried away with all of this. Nothing is official yet."


"We won't rent tuxes for your wedding yet," Chris said. "I will show the new guys around the office and then I will turn them over to you. Any questions or comments?"


"Just one, boss," Sandy replied. "You and Gavin looked pretty hot on the dance floor without your shirts."


"Thank you, Mr. Lee," Chris replied with a smile. "I will tell Gavin. Now, get to work!"


Once Chris was out of sight, it was Sandy's turn to give the group a pep talk. "This, I believe, will be a very exciting day. Give the new people as much attention as you can today. Chris suggested we go to lunch with our charges today. Wednesday afternoon, we will have a meeting with Chris to discuss our team goals. It seems Aaron is on a roll. Last week he booked three new clients for our group. One of which is Haney Dawson. Now, as our fearless leader said, get to work!"


I turned on my laptop and began to assess my work on a new project. I was deep in thought when Chris brought our new hires to our work area.


"I want you five hoodlums to welcome our new members of your team with open arms," Chris began. "I know it might be a little cramped in your work area with nine people, but feel free to utilize an open conference room if you need to spread out. The good news is on Friday afternoon, we signed a lease for the floor above us. I plan on moving this group to the new space in a couple of months once the renovations are complete. Also, starting tomorrow, you will see a number of new people being shown through the workspace. All of our work teams will be adding additional staff to their group in the next several weeks. Even though we will be adding employees, I want this work environment to be one, big, happy family. Show your new team member around the workspace on their new computers for the next few hours before lunch. Let me know if you need anything."


"A new car?" Ralph asked.


"Within reason, Ralph," Chris replied. "Within reason."


My new workmate was Tyler. He had spent his first year out of Boston College working for Deloitte in the technology consulting area.


"So, Tyler," I began. "How does it feel to be part of eSquare?"


"I keep hoping I don't wake up and discover this is a dream," Tyler replied. "This organization has so much energy and is so unlike my previous company's culture. Is Chris always this nice?"


"Yup," I replied. "You've only began to see some of Chris's many qualities. He's a great person, and he makes certain anyone who works here has a chance at being their best. I only had an associate's degree in computer science when Chris hired me. He said he was a good judge of talent, and he took a chance with me. I work my butt off to make certain he doesn't regret his decision."


"He said really nice things about you, too, John," Tyler said. "He promised me I would learn a lot working for you."


"WITH me, Tyler," I added. "One thing you will notice around eSquare: everyone works WITH everyone else. Chris always introduces us as someone who works WITH him, not FOR him. Now, let's attack some of the basics."


Tyler and I retreated to the side of our work area, and I began to point out the tools loaded onto his laptop which we all used.


We were rattled out of our concentration when Sandy announced lunch: "Attention Squares! It is lunch time. Move it!"


"Yes, SIR!" Ralph replied as we all began to move toward the elevator to head downstairs to the bagel shop.


We got our food and headed toward a large table. Sandy picked up the tab for everyone. Once we were settled, Sandy began the festivities. "I thought since we will be working together, and we are now all part of the eSquare family, we should get to know one another better. Keep in mind, this is not the usual company we work for. We are not only a lot more casual than others, but we always have fun and have our team members' backs. Let's start with me. I started working for Chris about three years ago after I graduated from Harvard. I was one of his first employees. I cannot fathom working for anyone else but Chris. And, I have grown to love all of you despite your many character flaws... I am involved with my boyfriend Simon. He and I live in the Harvard Square area of Cambridge."


It was Serge's turn: "I'm Serge. I started working at eSquare about six months after Sandy. This was my first job out of college... Northeastern. You will see my boyfriend Bobby haunting the halls of eSquare. I am trying to convince him I am a very lovable person and he should move in with me. Maybe someday?"


"I'm Ralph," Ralph began. "I started working at eSquare at the same time as Serge. We knew each other at Northeastern."


"And, he has another date with Mark this Saturday," Sandy added.


"I'm George," George began. "I started with eSquare after I graduated from MIT about two years ago. I love working here. These guys have become my family along with my boyfriend Jorge. I met Jorge at a party at John's apartment about six months ago. We live not far from here in Kendell Square. You will not find a better group of people to work with anywhere. And, you will find out quickly that Chris is one of the best bosses in the whole world as far as I am concerned."


"I'm John," I explained. "I met Chris at a networking meeting almost one year ago. I started working here shortly thereafter. I'm not only working here full-time, but I am also finishing my degree at MIT. I live with my boyfriend Noel in Central Square. And, like the other guys, I absolutely love working here. It gets nuts sometimes, but I have enjoyed myself immensely."


"Now the new squares," Sandy explained. "Why don't you start, Tyler? We will work in reverse order. Only you don't need to share your relationship history unless you want to."


"I'm Tyler," Tyler began. "I graduated from Boston College a year ago, and I was hired at Deloitte. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be in a much friendlier and relaxed work environment. As for my private life, I do not have a boyfriend, but I will consider any possible people you can find."


"I'm Grant," Grant, who works with George, explained. "I graduated from the University of Mass Amherst in finance and accounting. I decided, after a year of working in a small firm, I hated finance and accounting and returned to the University of Mass Amherst to get another BS in computer science. I worked at Harvard as an IT geek for a year. So, here I am at eSquare. I have this feeling I may be the token straight dude in the group; however, I thought I might find a boyfriend for my twin brother. Maybe I should introduce you to him, Tyler."


"Does he look like you, Grant?" Tyler asked.


"Mirror image," Grant replied.


"I'm game if he is," Tyler continued.


"I'm Douglas," Douglas began. He works with Ralph. "I graduated from the University of Illinois three years ago. I followed my boyfriend, now my husband, out here. He's now at Harvard Medical. I worked for about 2 ½ years at a startup which has now gone bust. And, from everything I've heard and experienced so far at eSquare, I am stoked."


"I'm the last it seems," Gerald began. He works with Serge. "I'm Gerald. I have a little different story than the rest of you. When I graduated from high school, I didn't really know what I wanted with my life. So, I joined the Marines. After 2 ½ tours of duty in Afghanistan, I woke up in a medical evacuation hospital in Germany. My legs were blown off in an IED explosion while I was riding in a Humvee. I spent two years learning to walk again and to cope with PTSD. And, by some miracle, I met the love of my life. He and I have been together for four years now. He convinced me to go back to school. I have an associate's degree in computer science and am going to Boston University at night for a BS in computer science. I don't know when I will finish, but I keep plugging away. Chris and my boyfriend, soon to be husband, are on the board of Brighton Marine in Brighton. The group provides health and housing services to veterans in the Boston area. Chris suggested I come in for an interview, and here I am."


"Thanks, guys," Sandy continued. "I know this might sound a little too overly cute, but Serge, Ralph, George, John, and I meant every word we said when we told you we are like a family here. We will have your back. Chris will have your back. We are in this together. Some of us don't have a normal family unit because of some personal issues, but always know we are here to help. Not just with work issues, but also anything else life throws at you and you need someone to lean on. Now, let's go kick ass!"




After work on Monday, I scurried off to Starbucks to meet Noel. He had called earlier in the day and suggested we meet at the coffee shop. He sounded very, very excited. I quickly found a table in the front window and settled in to wait for Noel. He bounced in about 15 minutes later.


"Hey, good looking," Noel said as he parked himself across the table from me. "How was your day with the newbies?"


"I think we are all going to enjoy working together," I explained. "All nine of our team group went out to lunch today to get to know each other. The new guys are all excited to be part of eSquare. I can tell you about my day later. You sounded rather excited when you suggested we meet here. What's up?"


"I had a strategy meeting with Gavin this afternoon," Noel began. "He is adding two more clients to my que next week. We are starting to look for a full creative staff to work under me. And, he is taking me to the BMW dealership on Friday so I can pick out a car."


"As in your own personal company car?" I asked.


"Yup," Noel replied. "He suggested white, grey, or black. What color do you like?"


"As in BMW personal company car?" I asked again. I really didn't know if I had heard him correctly.


"Yup," Noel continued. "BMW 335i xDrive Gran Turisimo. I have no idea what it is, but everyone gets one. It will be on a 24 month 24,000 mile lease. If we want to buy it after the lease, it can be a really economical car."


"Noel," I began. "You are the only person I have every met who described a BMW as a really economical car! Shit these things are probably $50 thousand cars."


"It's actually more like a $60 thousand car," Noel corrected me. "And, I get a space at the office garage. We will need to arrange a space near our apartment. The company, of course, will pay for it."


"Gas?" I asked. "Who pays for the gas?"


"Company AmEx card," Noel replied.


"What else are you not telling me?" I asked.


Noel pulled out an envelope and extracted what looked like a check. "Bonus for the month."


I took the check from Noel. "Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. "This is $5 thousand dollars!"


"Yup," Noel replied. "Next month should be bigger."


"Can I quit my job and become a kept woman?" I asked.


"Nope," Noel replied. "We need to pay for a wedding and buy a place of our own, remember."


"Then can I be a kept woman?" I asked again.


"Nope," Noel replied. "Gavin said you would be an idiot to even think about quitting your job. You, my dear man, are on your way to becoming a wealthy person. Gavin didn't explain other than to say Chris has plans for your work group and the business."


"Just don't tell your mother!" I added.


"I don't plan on it," Noel replied. "Now, I wanted to ask you one more thing about tonight... What would it take to get you naked, in bed, and on your back so I could stick my dick in your butt?"


"I'll race you home," I replied as I stood up and grabbed my back pack.


We were inside the apartment in record time. Clothing flew from the front door to our bed. My Calvin Klein low rise briefs were the last to go. Noel took his place on top of me and began kissing me.


"I've wanted to do this... from the very moment... I walked into Starbucks... and saw my beautiful future husband... sitting at the table... near the window," Noel hissed.


"Don't take this... the wrong way... boyfriend..., but... shut up... and kiss me!" I hissed back.


Noel continued kissing me. Our hard dicks rubbed together. "Shit, Noel... if you don't... put your... big dick... in me... this instant... I am... going to... blow my load... before we... start," I hissed between kisses.


"Then..., we will... need to... start all over," Noel said as he raised my legs over his shoulders. "Shit! The lube is in the night stand!"


"Don't bother," I hissed back. "I want you in me now!"


Noel spit in his hand and coated his dick and my ass with his saliva. As he lined his dick up with my asshole, he leaned down to kiss me. I felt Noel's big, uncut, hard dick slowly slid inside me.


"Ahh... Shit, Noel...," I hissed. "I love you!"


"I love you too," Noel repeated as he leaned in to kiss me again.


"Don't stop!" I hissed at my lover after he kissed me. "Your dick... my ass... perfect fit!"




I walked up to the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science receptionist in the faculty EE/CS building, "I'm John Sanchez. I'm here to see Dr. Pablo Parrilo, my academic advisor."


The receptionist tapped a few keys on his computer and replied, "Dr. Parrilo's office is number 407. I will send him a message you are on your way up to see him. Have a good day, Mr. Sanchez."


"Thank you, David," I replied. His name was on the nameplate on his desk.


I found my way to room 407 and knocked on the door. "Come in," I heard a voice say.


I pushed the door open and saw Dr. Parillo sitting at his desk. "Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Parrilo."


"Always a pleasure, John," Dr. Parillo replied. "Please have a seat. I understand you want to discuss using some of your work experience as academic credit, is this correct, John?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "My team leader, or supervisor, and the owner of the software company I work for thought it might be advantageous for me to speak with you about some of the projects we are doing at eSquare."


I described my work with my team, the Adobe design workshops we attended, and my desire to use some of my work experience to substitute for my academic work. When I finished Dr. Parilllo stroked his chin for a few moments before proceeding.


"I do believe, John, you are one of the few undergraduates in the computer science program to have such vast experience in this area," Dr. Parillo explained. "Now, why is it you want to take fewer courses? Money? Time?"


"Time," I replied. "The company I work for is paying my tuition. The group I work with at eSquare has added several new clients utilizing the Adobe technology we discussed. We went from a five-person team to nine in the course of three weeks. It will be getting larger. I don't want to disappoint the people around me who have been so supportive of my efforts to get my BS degree. However, I also am invested very heavily in making this work pay off for the company I work for. I don't want to disappoint Chris—the owner who gave me a chance with only an associate degree under my belt—or any of my team members by slacking off on my work. So, I'm in sort of a bind."


"It is a nice bind to be in, John," Dr. Parillo said with a smile. "I need to speak with some of my colleagues; however, I am leaning toward giving you some course credit for your work. Do you believe the principals of your company would be willing to allow someone from the MIT computer science staff review some of your work? We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement."


"I can ask," I replied. "How much credit do you think I could receive for my work at eSquare?"


"I won't know until I speak with my colleagues," Dr. Parillo replied. "I would recommend to my colleagues you take at least one more high level theory course—say in big data—and the rest could be work related. So, if my colleagues agree, you could finish your degree by the end of next school year."


"Really?" I asked incredulously.


"John," Dr. Parillo explained. "I don't think you quite grasp the knowledge base you have at your fingertips at the moment. Most people with a BS in Computer Science could only hope to get a job out of college which will in three or four years give them the opportunities you are already experiencing. So, I believe the person who owns the company you work for, I believe you said his name was Chris, really is an excellent judge of talent."


"Thank you, Sir!" I replied.


"Why don't we talk again next week at the same time?" Dr. Parillo suggested. "I believe I will be in a position to finalize your work-related course credit offer."


"I appreciate your time and consideration, Dr. Parillo," I added. "I feel less overwhelmed than I did an hour ago. Thank you. I will see you next week!"


I almost skipped out of Dr. Parillo's office and into the elevator. On my way out of the building, I stopped at the reception desk. I held out my hand, "Thanks for everything, David! Have a great day!"


"You, too, Mr. Sanchez," David replied. He looked slightly bewildered at my comments.


Once I was outside the building, I dug out my phone and called Noel. "Noel! I just finished my discussion with Dr. Parillo, my advisor."


"How did it go?" Noel asked.


"I won't know exactly until next week," I explained. "Dr. Parillo wants to speak with his colleagues. However, if his plan is approved, I could be getting my BS in computer science by the end of next school year."


"Terrific, John," Noel enthused. "You must be really excited!"


"If it all works out, I will be forever indebted to Chris and my team members," I replied. "This isn't a done deal, so I don't want to celebrate before it is official."


"What if we met in our bedroom after work?" Noel asked.


"As in last night?" I asked.


"Yup," Noel replied.


"I think I could be convinced," I added. "About 6 pm?"


"Perfect," Noel replied. "I need to run. Otherwise, I will not be able to move from behind my desk."


"I need to find a park bench somewhere so I can sit for a while," I explained.


"Go," Noel said as we ended the phone call.


I elected to go for broke and just head back to work. Maybe a brisk walk would do me good!


When I walked into the office, Chris waved me into his office. "How did you meeting with your advisor go?"


"I am excited," I replied. "Dr. Parillo will have a definite decision next week when I meet with him again, but if all goes well, I will need to take one major theory course and the rest of my degree could be related to my work here at eSquare. I could have my degree by the end of next year's school year."


"Terrific!" Chris exclaimed. "I'm certain the meeting made your day!"


"Definitely," I added. "Dr. Parillo also asked if it would be possible to have someone from MIT review some of my work. He would be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement if you'd like."


"I believe we could arrange something," Chris replied. "Now..., Janis said your father has been trying to reach you since noon today. He asked if you could call him as soon as possible."


"Thanks Chris," I said as I headed out of Chris's office.


I pulled out my phone and called my father, "Hi, dad! What's up?"


"I'm sorry to be so persistent about reaching you today, but your mother and I hoped you and Noel could join your mother and me along with Anthony and Terrance at our house for dinner tonight. We have something we need to discuss you."


"Sure, dad," I replied. "What time?"


"Can you be here by 7 tonight?" He asked.


"I'll call Noel to make certain, but I think so," I replied. "Is something wrong?"


"We just need to talk with all of you," Dad said. "I'm bringing home take out from the Italian place down the street. I'll see you at 7."


"Thanks, dad," I replied.


I immediately called Noel, "Noel!"


"Hi, John," Noel said. "I'm on my way down the hall for a meeting. What's up?"


"My father called and asked if we could join Anthony and Terrance and mom and dad for dinner tonight at 7 at their house," I explained. "Dad is bringing home take out from the Italian place."


"Is something wrong?" Noel asked.


"No clue," I responded. "It does sound urgent, though."


"Has this ever happened before?" Noel asked.


"No," I replied. "At least I cannot remember if it did."


"I'll be home a little early so we can be on time," Noel said. "And, John?"


"Yes, Noel," I replied.


"We will handle this together, okay?" Noel added.


"Thanks, my sweet man," I said as we ended the phone call.




"Hello, mom, dad," I said as Noel and I arrived at my parents' house.


My mother and father took turns hugging us before my mother launched into her praise for Noel and me. "You both must be so proud of each other," my mother began. "John told us about your promotion to Account Executive at Haney Dawson, Noel. You must be so excited!"


"Yes," Noel began as my father handed Anthony, Terrance, Noel and me a beer. "I am excited, thank you. It has been an awesome month for both of us. Has John told you about his meeting with his academic advisor?"


"No," my mother said as she turned her attention to me as we settled in the living room. "What kind of meeting?"


"Dr. Parillo still needs to speak with his colleagues," I began. "But, he believes I could have my BS in computer science by the end of next school term if my work at eSquare can be considered for a lot of my coursework."


"Oh! John!" my mother exclaimed. "Such wonderful news!"


"And," I began. "Noel and his boss are going to the BMW dealership on Friday to pick out his company car."


"BMW dealership?" my father asked. "I've never been inside a BMW let alone ride in or drive one."


"When I get it, I will let you both drive it," Noel replied. "You and Terrance can also have a turn at the wheel, Anthony."


"Why a BMW?" Anthony asked.


"All of the Account Executives at Haney Dawson get a BMW," Noel explained. "I would have settled for a Chevy Sonic, but I need to follow protocol, I suppose."


"I think I am in the wrong line of work," Anthony added. "Of course, I can't write worth sh... anything. So, I don't think a career in advertising would work for me."


"I hope you both know your father and I are so proud of you," my mother said to Anthony and me. "And, you've both found fine young men to spend your life with."


"Yup," I said as I squeezed Noel's hand. "Anthony and I are both extremely lucky."


"Do you know how lucky we are to be sitting here in the living room of our boyfriends' parents while we are having this conversation," Terrance added. "This kind of talk doesn't happen in my family."


"Mine either," Noel explained. "Jorge and Manuel, yes... my mother, no. When I announced John and I will be getting married she told me—well us actually—we were going to burn in hell."


"So, I think I don't really like her," my mother added. "Now, why don't we sit at the dining room and have dinner. We picked up six of the most amazing chicken parmesan dinners."


Once we were settled around the table we began to devour our feast. "This really is good, Mom," Anthony said.


"Yea," I added. "You used to bring this home whenever you wanted something to be a special occasion, mom. So, what is the occasion?"


"We will discuss the occasion after we eat this wonderful meal," my mother said. I detected some sadness in her voice. I looked at Anthony. He looked at me. He heard it, too. Noel put his hand on my thigh under the table.


`Oh shit!' I thought. `Now what?'


Once we were finished eating, my father suggested we return to the living room. My mother and father sat on the love seat. Noel and I nestled into the opposite love seat. Anthony and Terrance squeezed into Anthony's favorite chair.


"We wanted to talk with you tonight," my father explained. "We have been meaning to share some information with you, but we wanted more information to give you. Your mother has been to several doctor appointments over the course of the last two weeks. The latest was this morning. Today Dr. Weinstein gave us some information we thought we needed to share with you... Your mother has cancer."


"Mom!" I said.


"I'll let your father explain, dear," my mother said in a quiet voice.


"The prognosis is not good," my father continued. He was clearly very emotional. "Dr. Weinstein told us her breast cancer has relapsed. However, after today's appointment, it is clear the cancer has spread throughout her body."


I leaned into Noel even further. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me toward him. No one spoke. You could hear a pin drop in the living room.


"Dr. Weinstein believes your mother has at least two to six months before she considers going into Hospice," my father finally finished. We sat in silence for several minutes.


"Please don't feel sorry for me," my mother began. "When my time comes, I will be ready to begin my journey into Heaven. John, do you remember the song `Angels Calling' on the Tenors CD you gave me at Christmas last year?"


"Yes," I replied.


"I will never forget the words," my mother explained. "`Take, take my hand. Stay with me, as I surrender. We've lived a life of happiness. You will be in my heart forever. I need you to know, that time is letting go. Don't cry, dry your eyes. Can't you hear the angels calling me up?'"


"It's not fair," Anthony said as he exhaled.


"No, Anthony," my mother said. "It's probably not fair. I won't see my sons get married. I won't see my grandchildren. I probably won't see you, John, graduate from MIT."


"How would you like to be at our wedding, Mrs. Sanchez?" Noel asked.


"What do you mean?" my mother asked.


"Right now, we can't afford a big wedding," Noel said. "But, quite frankly, I don't want to wait until we can afford a big wedding. Most of the people who will attend our wedding are sitting in this room. Add my brothers Jorge and Manuel and their significant others George and Kerry we have all of 10 people. We could have the reception here if you don't mind. Chicken Parmesan from the Italian place. I think John and I could afford 10 Chicken Parmesan dinners. What do you think, John?"


"Frankly, I love the idea," I replied. "Can we have our wedding reception here? In a few weeks?"


"Of course," my mother replied with tears in her eyes.


To be continued...


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Life With Tim in the Authoritarian section (Please note, this story is not for everyone because there are several scenes depicting Master/slave and BDSM relationships. So, if you are not interested in this activity, please, please do not read this story.)


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