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John's Journey Forward



We both took off our clothes and hung them in the closet. I had on my black low rise Calvin Clines, and he had on his white ones. We settled back on the sofa, and I began to recount my entire day, including the lap top, Surface, and phone.


I summarized my first day at work, "I really, really like the people I am going to be working with. The other four guys on my work team are gay."


"So, does that mean I have competition?" Noel asked.


"Nope!" I answered. "I am sitting here looking at my almost naked roommate. I am thinking he is really, really cute, sexy, and adorable! I'm also hoping that at some point my roommate might kiss me!"


"Really?" Noel asked. He seemed somewhat surprised.


"Really!" I said. "Does that bother you?"


"Nope!" Noel said as he moved closer to me. "I just want you to be sure that we are not going too fast."


"If you don't kiss me within 30 seconds, I am going to be a very, very angry roommate," I whispered as I move closer to Noel.


Noel wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, "I love the way you feel."


I put my arms around Noel, "Now, the lips, please!"


We began softly kissing one another. I was caressing Noel's back and Noel was caressing mine.


"I've wanted this... for a long time..., Noel!" I whispered between kisses.


"You'd better... get used... to this," Noel whispered back. He grabbed my hand and put it over his crotch. "This is what... you do... to me...!"


I moved our hands so Noel felt my crotch, "Same here... boyfriend!"


Chapter 05: Life Is Good!


"Noel," I whispered to the guy I just had sex with. "We never talked about this, but are you normally a top?"


"I like both," Noel whispered back as he rolled on top of me. "You?"


"In every encounter that I have had so far in my life, I've been a bottom," I explained in a hushed tone of voice. I paused for a moment as I kissed Noel a few times. "But, if you ever want to switch, I would be willing to try to be a top."


"No time like the present, boyfriend!" Noel exclaimed as he rolled over on his back and pulled me on top of him. "I want that big, uncut Puerto Rican dick in me, and I want it now."


I grabbed the condom and the lube from the nightstand. I pulled the condom over my rock hard dick. As I was slathering lube on my condom coated dick, I began kissing Noel. He responded by pulling me closer and lifting his legs over my shoulders.


"God John!" Noel hissed as I lined my dick up with his asshole. "I want you in me so badly!"


"Tell me if you want me to stop," I whispered to him as I slowly began pushing my dick into his asshole. Finally, I was all of the way in. "Are you okay?"


"John, I am more than okay," Noel hissed. "I've never wanted a dick in me more than I have wanted yours. I hope you like being top! Because I love being a bottom for you! Enough talk! Make love to me!"


I leaned down and kissed Noel on the lips as I began pulling my dick out slightly and then slowly pushing it back in. "I don't know how long I can last," I whisper as I paused with my dick all of the way in his ass.


"You will just need to practice more," Noel hissed. "I think I am going to like practicing with you!"


I managed to keep slowly working my dick in and out of Noel's ass for another 15 minutes or so. But, I knew I was about to shoot my first load into my boyfriend's ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I moaned as I shot rope after rope into the condom. I slowly lowered my body on top of Noel's. We kissed while I kept my still hard dick in his ass.


Finally, Noel whispered to me, "John! I hope the meds don't take too long to kick in, because I want to feel you shoot your cum into my ass!"


"I just want to make you as happy as you make me!" I whispered back.


"Let me just say, I think you are the perfect boyfriend!" Noel said quietly. "I want to fall asleep with your dick in me."


Noel somehow managed to turn himself while my dick was still impaled in his ass so his back was to me. We both rolled onto our sides, and I pulled him closer to me. I was still hard as a rock. We soon fell asleep.




I met Noel at Starbucks in Central Square before we went to our support group meeting. Noel had already found a table. He stood as I approached. Once I had my jacket draped over the back of the chair, he pulled me in for a hug, "Hello, boyfriend! I missed you today!"


I hugged him tighter, "And, I missed you, too, boyfriend! How do you feel about kissing in public?"


Noel pecked me on the lips.


"I guess that expresses your feelings rather well," I said before I kissed him back. "Let me get some caffeine!"


When I returned, Noel was smiling broadly, "How was your day?"


"Good," I answered. "Sandy started me on my first project today. I think I am really going to like this job. Sandy is a really patient guy. I think that is the kind of person I will need on my side for a while before I get thrown to the wolves. Chris stopped in to see me a couple of times today, too. This afternoon, he gave me these." I pulled out two membership cards to the Boston Sports Club. One had my name on it and the other had Noel's name on it. I handed Noel his.


"What the fuck! I can't afford to go there!" Noel seemed a little dismayed.


"You don't need to afford it," I said to Noel. "It's paid for. Everyone who works at eSquare has a membership. Chris considers you my significant other, so we will have a place to go to the gym!"


"How did he know?" Noel asked.


"When he gave me the two cards, he said I seemed to have a glow about me today!" I told Noel. "Do you think I am glowing?"


"I got the same comment today from one of my colleagues at work," Noel said with a big smile. "And, just so you know, I like my glowing boyfriend!"


"Hey guys!" We heard as we turned to see Chris and another guy dressed in suit that fit his body perfectly. "Guys, this is my partner Gavin. Gavin, this is John and Noel."


"It's good to meet you," Gavin announced. "Chris has told me a lot about you two. I hope he isn't too much of a bastard at work, John!" Gavin was smiling.


"Nope! I haven't seen that side of him," I said. "Everything has been super so far! Why don't you join us?"


Chris and Gavin eagerly sat in the two remaining chairs at our table.


"Noel," Gavin continued. "Chris tells me you are in advertising. I work at Haney Dawson, so we have that in common!"


"I just write ad copy," Noel said. "And, trust me when I say, the firm I work for is NOT in the caliber of Haney Dawson!"


Gavin handed Noel his business card, "Shoot me your resume. We don't have an opening right now, but, if things go as planned, I will need to add some creative staff to our group."


"It will be in your inbox tonight!" Noel said gleefully.


"We should get going," Chris suggested to Noel and me. "I'll see you back here after we are finished, Gavin."


"Terrific!" Gavin answered. "Maybe you two would like to join Chris and me for a quick bite to eat after your meeting?"


"Thanks for the invitation," I said to Gavin and then turned to Noel. "What do you think?"


"I'm game!" Noel agreed.


"So, I will see the three of you after your meeting!" Gavin said with a smile.


Chris, Noel, and I made our way around the corner to the Aids Action Committee office. Jake was mingling with the other guys. Jake did a double take when he saw us and walked in our direction. "So, John, Noel," Jake began with a smile. "Is there something you would like to share?"


I grab Noel's hand, "My boyfriend and I are officially a couple..."


"Congratulations!" Jake said to us. "And, John, you are looking really good in those slacks!"


"Thanks," I said to Jake. I was still holding Noel's hand. "I had to buy some new clothes for my new job!"


"The group will want to hear all of the news!" Jake said as he smiled and began to gather our group members.


"So, who wants to go first?" Jake says to our group.


Charles raised his hand.


"Yes, Charles, how are things with you?" Jake asked.


"Well, last week I told you about this guy I like. He asked me out on a date. I had a hard time telling him I was HIV positive. I finally told him over coffee before we agreed to see one another on an official date. He ask a lot of questions. Mostly about me. How am I feeling? Am I on medications? Am I going to a support group? Do I have friends to share my experiences with? I answered all of his questions as well as I could. And, guess what! He still wants to go out on a date with me!" Charles finished his summary of their conversation over coffee.


"Is he HIV positive, too?" Jake asked.


"No," Charles said. "He knows a couple of people who are. So, he says he's not scared of being infected. Obviously, we will need to take a lot of precautions!"


"Who mentioned taking a lot of precautions?" Jake asked.


"I did!" Charles said. "I know that will need to be on my agenda for the rest of my life."


"I think your talk with your potential date, is a good example for all of us," Jake continued. "We need to have that conversation with anyone that we might potentially become intimate with before the intimacy happens. Now, I think John and Noel have something they want to share!"


I began to blush. Noel gripped my hand more firmly before he decided to tell the group about us. "John and I have decided to take our relationship from roommate status to boyfriend status."


There was applause from our group members.


"Tell him about your brother, too, Noel!" I encouraged my boyfriend.


"Ah! When I moved in with John, my older brother Manuel helped bring my stuff over to the apartment. The three of us had a serious conversation," Noel began. He then told the group about his brother's observations and reaction to it.


"Do you feel better about your family situation now, Noel?" Jake asked.


"Yes," Noel told the group. "But, even my brother said my mother was a nutcase with regard to her religion. At least, my brother could warn me if my mother goes on a rampage!"


"We do have one question for you, Jake," I piped up. "How long does it take for the meds to kick in and the HIV virus is undetectable?"


"That depends on the person and the length of time between infection and detection," Jake explained. "It could be as quickly as six months or as long as several years. Why?"


I looked at Noel, but did not say anything. Jake must have figured out the reason for my question. "If you are thinking that since you are both HIV positive and are in a monogamous relationship, you can skip the condoms... don't! I want to see all of you several years from now. I don't like going to funerals! If you don't use condoms, you run the risk of spreading other infections you may have to your partner. And, until your viral load is undetectable, your immune system may not be able to fight off other infections. So, use condoms until your doctor tells you it is safe. End of sermon!"


"Thank you, Jake," I said. "You've made your point very eloquently!"


"Now, Chris," Jake turned his attention to Chris. "How are you and Gavin faring?"


"We are both getting a lot out of counseling and the support group you recommended," Chris began. "But, we have a long way to go. I think we will eventually overcome our problem."


"I'm glad to hear that, Chris," Jake added. "It takes time and a lot of very hard work. But, if you love each other, it is well worth the effort! This could be the one most important issue for the two of you to overcome in your lives together. Now, guys. Our time is up for tonight. I will see you next week at the same time and same place. Have a good week!"


As we were walking back to Starbucks to get Gavin before dinner, Chris said to Noel and me. "I hope you like Gavin. He's a sweet guy. I am really, really lucky to have him in my life. And, I am trying to make him feel like we will overcome our latest problem. Honestly, I was an ass to do what I did to him."


"He gave you another chance to work through this, so obviously he wants you in his life," Noel told Chris.


"I hope," Chris agreed as we were about to go inside Starbucks. "I know I would be a mess if he decided he could not move forward with our lives together."


We joined Gavin as he closed up his laptop and shoved it into his bag. "So, gentlemen! Where do we want to dine?"


"If John and Noel don't mind, I'm taking everyone to Bondir... my treat!" Chris informed us.


"I take it you made reservations?" Gavin asked.


"I did," Chris answered Gavin and then turned to Noel and me. "Gavin loves this place."


We walked outside and into the parking lot. When we arrived at a shiny, black 335i BMW, Chris clicked the doors open.


"Nice car, Chris!" Noel exclaimed.


"Thanks," Chris answered Noel. "I'm not only a computer geek, I'm a car freak!"


When we arrived at the restaurant, Chris luckily found a recently vacated space in front and we went inside.


"Nice place," Noel whispered to me.


The host greeted us. He obviously knew Chris and Gavin. "Good evening, gentlemen! I have your favorite table ready for you."


When we were settled at the table near the window, the host announced, "I will tell Jason you are here. In the meantime, what can I get you to drink?"


Noel and I took our lead from Chis and Gavin and ordered locally crafted beer. "I take it you come here a lot!" I said to our hosts.


"Usually once a week," Gavin announced. "We like it here. The food is always terrific. You won't be disappointed, I am certain!"


Once we ordered our food, we began to talk among ourselves about things in general. Finally, Noel asked Chris and Gavin, "How did you two meet?"


"We were both in Provincetown for the weekend three years ago," Chris began. "I was with friends, and Gavin was with friends. We saw each other across the dancefloor about the same time. The next thing I know he is walking across the dance floor toward me. We introduced ourselves, and the rest is history!"


"I knew the moment I saw Chris that he was `the one.'" Gavin added the air quotes. "We started dating once we were back in Boston. He moved in with me about six months later. We are engaged to be married, but we haven't set a date. We need to work through some things first. Oh! I guess you guys already know that."


"Chris mentioned you two working through the problems in the support group," I said. "But, the details will stay private among the support group members."


"The support group we go to and our counseling is really helping both of us, I think," Gavin added as he toyed with Chris hand. "I would be a mess if we couldn't move forward with our lives together."


"Funny," Noel added. "Chris said the same thing about you on our walk to Starbucks to meet you!"


Gavin looked at Chris and smiled, "I guess we are making progress. A few months ago, I was one pissed off boyfriend! But, the reality is, everyone screws up at some point in his life. Besides, I'm too much in love with him to remain angry."


Our food arrived and we all were commenting on how terrific everything was when the Jason the chef greeted us. "Good evening, Chris, Gavin!" He turned to us, "Gentlemen, welcome to my little home away from home!"


"Jason," Chris started to introduce Noel and me. "This is Noel and John. John works at eSquare with me."


We chatted with Jason about the food. "I change the menu based on what is available that day! Everything is fresh!"


We chatted some more before Jason disappeared into the kitchen.


"So, I know where you guys met, but how are things going for you two?" Gavin turned the conversation to Noel and me.


"I originally thought I was moving in with John to be his roommate," Noel began. "The day I moved my stuff to John's apartment, my older brother Manuel was helping me. He put two and two together and came up with eight. My brother was, shall I say, a catalyst for me to accept that I wanted John to be more than a roommate."


"I knew I wanted Noel to be more than my roommate the first time I met him at the support group," I said as I smiled at Noel.


"You did?" Noel asked with surprise in his voice.


"Yea!" I said to the group as I put my hand on Noel's. "I told my friend Mel that I thought you were cute as could be! But, now I think you are not only cute, but a sweetheart of a guy!"


Noel was blushing. "Those were supposed to be my lines later tonight! We do have to cross some bridges before too long. The longest bridge will be telling our conservatively religious families that, one, we are gay; two, we are boyfriends; and three, we are HIV positive!"


"We were lucky in that respect," Chris added to the conversation. "Both of our families new we were gay before we met. They have both been very accepting. My family loves Gavin, and Gavin's family loves me. Gavin's family might have a change of heart if they knew what I had done to him."


"I'm not going to tell them!" Gavin spoke up. "This is a private issue between you and me, Chris!"


We finished dinner, and Chris paid the bill. Chris and Gavin dropped Noel and me at the apartment.


"Chris and Gavin are nice," Noel said once we were finally sitting on the sofa after we had shed our work clothes.


"They are very nice," I added. "They are very much in love, too! Did you notice when Chris introduced us to the Jason he said I worked WITH him at eSquare. He didn't say I worked FOR him at eSquare?"


"Yea!" Noel answered. "They both seem to be very down to earth guys! And, if you notice on Gavin's business card, his title is VP Creative Director, Copy."


"Holy shit!" I said to Noel. "Does that mean he is a big deal?"


"John," Noel explained. "Anyone who works at Haney Dawson is a big deal. So, I guess he kind of must be a big deal!"


"You have a resume you need to send to Gavin!" I reminded Noel.


"I'll do that now!" Noel enthused. "After I get my resume to Gavin, I want some serious attention from my boyfriend!"


"I think I can manage that!" I softly said to Noel as I kissed him on the nose.




About a month after we had dinner with Chris and Gavin, we finally moved into a bigger apartment. We didn't take the one-bedroom apartment, but instead opted for the two-bedroom apartment. The landlord had completely renovated the unit. It had gleaming hardwood floors, a new kitchen with granite countertops, a nice bathroom, ten foot ceilings, and a real dining area. The living room, dining area, entry hall and kitchen were basically all one big open space. We even had a gas fireplace in the living room. The only drawback was that it was on the third floor with no elevator! We decided we could survive! Of course, we needed furniture, but we would make that a fun adventure during the next few months!


On the Friday after we had moved to our new apartment, an excited Noel called me a work, "John! Guess what! I have an interview next week at Haney Dawson! Gavin's assistant just called me to set up an appointment. It's next Wednesday at 10 am!"


"Congratulations, Noel!" I said to my very happy boyfriend. "This could be a big break for you!"


"I'm hoping I don't screw things up!" Noel said. "I am supposed to bring a portfolio of projects I have worked on. Fortunately, I have been keeping the finished work for several months now. I'll need help deciding on what to use!"


"I don't know much about advertising, but I certainly will give you morale support!" I told Noel. "I think we need to plan a celebration tonight! Do you want to go out or do you want me to make you a fabulous dinner at home?"


"I vote for the fabulous dinner at home," Noel suggested. "Maybe I can convince my cute boyfriend to have a romp in the hay before dinner... and after dinner... and tomorrow morning...! You get the picture, I think!"


"Noel," I whispered into the phone. "You've got to stop talking like that! You're making me horny as shit!"


"I like my boyfriend to be horny!" Noel said.


"Where are you now?" I asked.


"I am on lunch break," Noel said. "I'm at the sandwich shop next door to my office. Why?"


"I just wanted to make certain where you were before I suggest a few things," I said to Noel. "I have made an executive decision just now. When you get home, I am going to make love to you before dinner. After dinner, you are going to make love to me. Before we go to sleep tonight, I am going to make love to you. Tomorrow morning, you are going to make love to me. Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to make love to you. Then, we will repeat the process until we go to work on Monday morning!"


"Now look whose making whom horny!" Noel said. "I've got the run. I need to get back to the office. See you tonight, sweetie!"


"Love you!" I said as we ended the call.


I left work around 5:30 and hurried off to the market to pick up stuff for dinner. I also stopped at the liquor store for a bottle of champagne, a bottle of chardonnay, and a six pack of a local craft beer that has now become our favorite. I decided to buy two adjustable leather cock rings at the local leather store. If we were going to spend the entire weekend in bed, we may as well enjoy ourselves to the max!


Noel arrive home shortly after I did. Once we had changed clothes, I put the groceries away. We settled around the kitchen island to start the weekend festivities.


"I bought you something!" I said to Noel. "Actually, it is just as much for me as it is for you, but I think you will enjoy it!" I shoved a tiny gift bag in Noel's direction.


"John! You're a dirty old man!" Noel exclaimed when he found the cock ring. "I love dirty old men, though! Especially, when the dirty old men are as cute as you are!"


When he leaned in to kiss me, I put his hand on the crotch of my low rise Calvin Klein briefs. "I bought one just like yours for me."


"Are you going... to put it... on me?" Noel asked between kisses.


"I thought... you'd never... ask!" I answered as I stuck my thumbs under the elastic of his boxer briefs and pulled them down. They dropped on the floor around his ankles. I knelt down in front of Noel's hardening 8 inch uncut cock and fasted the cock ring around my lover's dick. I couldn't resist running my tongue under his foreskin. "I like the way you taste, lover boy!"


"I think you need to lose the underwear, sweetie," Noel suggested. "If I am standing here bare ass naked, I want you to be the same."


Noel didn't wait for me to reply. He slipped my Calvin's off. My dick stood to attention!


"So, lover boy," I said to Noel. "How do you want to work this? Do you want to celebrate with a glass of champagne before I make love to you?"


"Nope!" Noel said emphatically. "I want you to make love to me, like, immediately. Then, we can have some bubbly! You're dick is more important to me than a glass of champagne."


I grabbed Noel's hand and led him into the bedroom. Noel positioned himself on his back and held out his hands to welcome me. I lowered myself on top of my lover and began to kiss him.


"We could do this... all night, John...!" Noel whispered between kisses. "I love you... on top of me...! I love you... kissing me...! I love the way... your skin feels... next to mine...! I'm almost ready... to pop a load...! I want... you in me...!"


"Your wish... is my... command...!" I hissed. I reached over and grabbed a condom and the lube. Once everything was in place, I took my place between my lover's legs and lined my dick up to his waiting hole. I started kissing Noel again as I began to slowly push my dick inside my lover. Once I had bottomed out I whispered in Noel's ear, "You feel... so good...! You're ass... is meant for... my dick...!"


"John?" Noel whispered.


"Yes," I answered.


"Fuck me hard, John!" Noel pleaded. "Ride my ass! Please, ride my ass!"


I slowly began to move my dick in Noel's ass. As I looked into my lover's eyes, I began to pick up the pace until I was ramming my dick with hard, fast thrusts in and out of Noel's ass. I was sweating bullets. Noel was caressing my arms as he moaned in ecstasy with every inbound thrust.


Finally, I couldn't hold back any more, "I'm going to cum, baby! I'm going to blow a load! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed as I shot my load into the condom. After my body finished convulsing from my orgasm, I lowered myself to rest on Noel's body. I kissed him several times.


Finally, Noel whispered into my ear. "John! That was the most fantastic sex I have ever had! I think I might need to switch to be a confirmed bottom!"


"Nope!" I whispered back. "I think I need your dick in me from time to time, just like you need mine in you!"


"I think, lover boy!" Noel again whispered. "I could use a little bubbly now. Then, I will put my dick in your ass! Then, we will eat. Then..., well you get the idea, I am certain!"



To be continued...


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