By Angyl

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I just could not keep from staring at Kevin's hot ass crack. I got a good view each time he bent over to count. He had a nice bubble butt. Fuck I had an instant woody and I just wanted to go over and bend him over and dive right in. 

I first met Kevin at one of the jobs I was running. We were hired to oversee the count. I swear I popped a woody right there. Kevin was tall and slender, about 6'1. His hair was blonde, short and spiked. I know he had smooth skin, because he wore his shirt open all the time. I would give anything to bag this one. I was really into him and wished it was in more ways than one. It was another 6 months before I saw Kevin again. Not once but twice, at two different locations. At the second location things happened. We had finished early and I really was not in the mood to go home and be bored. I think I mentioned it passing, but whatever. 

"Dude you should come over for a couple beers." Kevin said out of the blue. 

I was thinking with my dick and almost too quickly agreed. We headed out and in no time ended up at Kevin's apartment. It was small and sparsely furnished, but it did the job. I took a seat on the couch as Kevin grabbed a couple beers from the fridge. Then he disappeared to change out of his work stuff after. I glanced around but saw nothing to indicate his sexuality. He was all generic kind of. 

"Yo dude can you come give me a hand for a second?" He yelled from the back.

  I got up and wandered to the back. Found where Kevin was. I kind of did a double take as I found Kevin laying in bed naked and his 7 inch cut cock standing straight and proud. I licked my lips when I saw it, and his two hairless jewels hanging just below.

 "Well fuck man don't just stand there and drool, come over and help a man out."

  I walked over and crawled on his bed. I took his cock in my mouth and slowly began to work it.

 "Fuck dude that feels so good!" He moaned.

  I reached my hand under and started playing with his fuck hole, as I sucked him off. I wet my finger and began to slowly push it inside his hole.

"Fuck yeah that feels so good."

He lifted his legs up, and gave me better access to his hole. I leaned in and started running my tongue around it, and get it nice and lubed up. I worked in a second and then third finger. I was opening him up for a good fuck.

"Fuck me already!" He screamed.

I moved and lined my cock up. I pushed into his hole. As the head of my cock entered him, I heard a popping sound. I continued to push in, until I was balls deep. Kev moaned as I started to thrust in and out.

"OH yeah, plow that ass hard!"

I began to thrust harder and faster. Kevin had reached down and started stroking his cock hard and fast. I thrust in hard with each stroke.


I grabbed his legs as I thrust into him. He was really giving his cock a work out. I kept banging his ass hard and fast. I looked down as he shot his load all over. Even on his face. I leaned down and licked the sweet nectar off his face. I was getting close to shooting my load. I pulled out and jerked my cock a few times, and shot my load all over his balls and chest. I leaned down and licked then off, and then took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it off. He was still panting as I moved next to him.

"Shit dude that was awesome." He stated.

"Glad you liked it." I said with a grin.

"Most definitely!"

 "We could do it again sometime if you wanted."

 "Damn right, but not tonight it is late and I gotta work in the morning."

 "Yeah same here."

  We kissed as I was getting ready. Then he walked me to the door, still naked. I gave his cock a few pulls as I headed out. I honestly thought it would be the only time I would get to do something with him.

  A few weeks later Kevin called and we hooked up again. After that we hooked up once or sometimes twice a week. Who know, maybe id I play my cards right, this could turn out to be more than just being fuck buddies. Hey, but for now, I am just happy that I get his hot ass when I need so I am good with that.

The End

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