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Love From The Ashes

Chapter 3

On My Mind

It's the day after Cameron saw Brayden and Jamie at the restaurant. Brayden knows that Jamie was being torn apart by what happened last night, he wants to fix things with Cameron. Even Brayden is having a difficult time with the previous night's scene at the restaurant. He felt terrible watching Jamie's crush walk out of the business. It looked like his heart had been crushed. It hurt knowing that Jamie's heart too was hurting after watching that guy leave. He feels like he needs to do something. He's sitting in his car at 8:30 in the morning at the fire station after his shift trying to decide how he can help. It only takes him a couple of minutes to figure out that he has to speak with Cameron. Hopefully, it doesn't make things worse. He turns the key and pushes on the gas pedal and then heads out for the clinic. It seems to take forever for him to reach the doors, and then when he arrives at the door, he holds it open for a lady carrying a pet carrier. When he enters the clinic, he walks right up to the front desk, but Jamie's friend doesn't find Cameron instead it's a lady standing there, who appears to be in her early 20's who smiles at him as she approaches where he's standing.

"Can I help you?"

He looks right at her and reads the name on her name tag.

"Hi Kelly, I'm looking for Cameron is he here?"

She has already heard about last night. She knows who Jamie is so; this guy must be the "other" guy.

`Seeing this guy could mess with Cameron, so maybe I should just tell a lie to get rid of him? No, Cameron is a man, and he can handle whatever this guy has to say.'

"I'll see if he's on break."

Turning away from Brayden, Kelly heads toward one of the exam rooms. Brayden is surprised to see Jamie come out of the back. He doesn't look one bit happy when he sees the tall, muscular guy on the other side of the counter. The vet assistant almost turns back to the exam room, but something pulls him closer.

"I was told that you were looking for me."

Brayden can tell from the tone of this voice that this guy is not happy to see him.

"Is there a place where we can talk?"

Brayden asks preferring not to have this conversation out where everyone in the lobby can hear it. Cameron isn't sure that he wants to go anywhere with this guy.

"I'll be right back. I need to talk with one of the doctors quick."


`I wonder he is coming back.'

Cameron turns and walks to the back so he can speak with Courtney for a minute.


Cameron doesn't know what this guy wants, but he knows that this conversation can't take place up front. Courtney just finished with a patient and its owner. Right now, she is finishing up some paperwork in the exam room that they were just in with the owner's dog. The owner and his dog are now upfront talking with Kelly. It's now just Courtney and Cameron in the room.

"Hey Courtney, did I tell you about last night?"

She pauses as she thinks of all their conversations today.

"No, you didn't; what happened?"

He doesn't want to relive last night, but Brayden is forcing his hand.

"Last night, I went out to grab a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant, and I saw Jamie there with another guy. He seemed pretty happy with this guy. I-I-I couldn't stay there. I got angry and decided to leave. A little later, I got a text from Jamie pleading with me to let him explain, but I was feeling hurt, and I didn't want to text him, so I didn't. Now the guy that he was with last night is here at the clinic, and he wants to talk to me."

She can hear the emotion in his voice, and wonders if she should send Jamie's friend away. Cameron deserves to be happy, and this guy whoever he is is not making her friend and employee happy.

"Do you want me to send him away? I could have the police come and escort him off the property?"

Then, she sees it in his eyes. She can see that her words are not what Cameron wants.

"I was wondering if I can borrow one of the exam rooms so we can talk; I need to find out what he has to say."

"You can use this room or room D."

The room, he just left still smells of the dog that was in it just a few minutes ago, and it's not a smell that Cameron wants to deal with while talking to this guy. She leaves the exam room and heads up front for her next patient. He also leaves the room and returns up front.


Cameron approaches the counter and signals Brayden to follow him. Hundreds of thoughts run through Brayden's head as he trails his best friend's crush. Brayden's trying to think of the right words to use when they finally start talking. The last thing, he wants is too upset this guy that Jamie finds so inviting. Cameron walks into room "D" followed by Jamie's friend. Sitting in one of the chairs, Cameron faces the man who wants to talk to him. Brayden closes the door behind him. He sits down across from Cameron. Cameron is incredibly nervous right now this guy looks like he could hurt him.

"Hi, I'm Brayden Yost, and you must be Cameron; the guy, my best friend, can't get off his mind. I couldn't let what happened go without saying something. I don't know what you think, you saw last night but believe me, nothing happened between us. I've known Jamie for a long time. We work together at the station. It was just..."

"Look, you can have him. I didn't mean to get in the way of your relationship."

Cameron has it all wrong. If Brayden is going to feel better, then he needs to get this goofball to understand what went down last night without this veterinary assistant interrupting him. The question is will Cameron believe him when he opens his mouth.

"Are you serious right now? We aren't dating. Jamie is my best friend. Last night was just two friends hanging out. Now you can choose to believe me or not, but if you let him slip through your fingers, you're losing one heck of a guy."

The guy is right; it is up to Cameron. He can let his crush walk out of his life, or he can fight for the man of his dreams.

"Guess, I had better plan on getting me a guy."

Brayden knows if Cameron wants his best friend, then he needs to get off his butt and chase after him.

"Do me a favor, don't tell him that you spoke to me. I need to talk to him and set things right."

Cameron wants to be the one to say what needs to be said to Jamie. He messed up by not texting his crush back last night, but he's going to get it right.

"No problem man, I'll keep our conversation quiet as long as you promise to speak with him."

Brayden means what he says, and Cameron just needs to agree to what he said.

"Sounds good, I can't wait to hear from Jamie about how the conversation goes."

They would love to hear from Jamie right about now.

"Do you think he'll talk to me after what I did?"

Instead of words, Cameron gets smiles telling him that Jamie will talk to him despite what he did.

"Just go get him."

Cameron has every intention of getting his crush to fall in love with him.

"Look, I didn't want to catch you at work, but I felt like I needed to talk to you. Last night, really bothered me, and I know it upset Brayden, so just go ahead and call him okay?"

"I will. I promise I will call Jamie tonight when I get home. See you later Cameron."


Cameron wants the day to move a little faster so he can call Jamie.


Thanks to his visit with Brayden, Jamie name is running through his mind non-stop at work. He's staying very active, and that is helping him keep himself from spending all his time thinking about the guy. Between clients and animals, there is plenty to occupy his mind. It's going to be rough when he gets home and is by himself. The ride home is going to be hellish also.


He wants more than anything else is to hear the sound of the man's voice. Jamie's voice does something to him that drives him crazy. It feels so good to listen to his voice and to just be with him and love him. He is anxiously waiting for the chance to unwind. There is also his sister to speak with as well. It's the end of the day, but something about looking forward to a phone call has him excited. There many things to be excited about when it comes to his crush. He can't wait for the chance to speak with the guy; he is anxiously waiting for an opportunity to call.


Trusting in his sister's advice, he grabs his phone and calls Sophie.

"Hey Big Brother, what's going on with you?"

He's spent all day with Jamie in his head.

"I can't get this guy off my mind. I have wanted to hear from him all day long."

The answer should be easy for him to grasp, if you want to hear from him, then call him.

"If you want to hear from him, then do what your brain is telling you to do. Call him already you dork."

`When will she realize that it's not that simple for me.'

"I know that I have to call him, but I'm hoping he'll call me."

She laughs out of frustration.

"Sophie, I will call him. I promise I'll call him."

She knows her brother enough to know, that this will eat at him until he talks himself out of calling.

"I don't think, you'll call at all. I think you're letting your past get the better of you. Get off your butt and that man."

Cameron does want to speak with him, but he wants to be left alone to do it.

`Why does he have to be so cowardly?'

Maybe just maybe, Jamie will force Cameron to come out of his shell.

"Are you going to call him or are you giving me a load of crap?"

She wishes that she could stare into eyes for anything that might give her a clue as to what is going on with him.

"I'll call him. I already told you that I would call him."

"Good, good, I'm glad."

Sophie would love to see Cameron happy. It's been awhile since she has seen him smile and mean it. Something tells her that it will happen at least she hopes it will happen. Maybe, it will happen. All Cameron wants is to find a way to get Jamie to date him. Who knows for sure if Cameron will call or not?

"I love you, Cameron."

"Love you too Sophie."

The call ended, and Cameron decides just to relax.


Jamie finds himself at his home having the same problem that Cameron is having. Jamie can't get Cameron out of his head. He wants to talk with the guy and then go out to have a date. He's already spoken to Cameron and would love to hold him. Any sort of contact with the veterinary assistant would be sweet. Like Cameron, he can't wait to speak with the man whose name is running through his mind. Something has to give; he needs to get Cameron off his mind.


Jamie decides to head outside and go for a walk so he can get some air. He's craving Cameron, but there is a part of him is worried sick about his crush. Cameron shows interest, but he's so timid how will he find the nerve to speak with Jamie. Why hasn't he opened up to him? When he leaves the house, he quickly discovers how good the sun feels on his shoulders. His work sometimes finds him in situations that are scary and occasionally depressing. It would be nice if his veterinary assistance would step up and approach him, but tonight if he doesn't call him, then he'll call him. All these thoughts are running through his mind, and the fresh air that was supposed to stop those thoughts isn't preventing them. He's done trying to figure all of this out in his head. Turning around, he heads home to do what Cameron hasn't had the nerve to do yet. He promises that he'll call once he is home.


Keeping his promise to himself, he gets home and grabs his cell phone. He uses his right index finger to flip through the names till he comes to Cameron's name. His finger quickly tapped on Cameron's name and then touches the phone icon to place the call. It doesn't take long for Cameron to answer the phone.

"Hello Jamie, can I help you?"

Jamie's heart is pounding away in his chest. His palms are sweating, and he's having problems getting his words out of his mouth.


"Sorry...I can't get the words out. Give me a minute okay?"

"Okay, I can wait for a minute."

Now, Cameron is getting anxious because of the way that is acting.

"Cameron, I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me? I've wanted to ask you out since I saw you for the first time."

A huge smile is breaking out across Cameron's face. He can't believe that someone like Jamie is interested in him, and yet Jamie is on the phone right now asking him for a date.

"Of course, I'll go out with you."

Now, it's Jamie's turn to smile and to be excited. It's is a big surprise; a good one at that, and he's beyond relieved. Jamie has had no problem finding dates, but Cameron hasn't had a ton of trysts lately. Cameron has been too busy with school and work to worry about anything serious.

"How about we take a hike somewhere and then have some ice cream?"

Jamie asks his date if his ideas will catch his crush's heart. Cameron feels so much excitement over their rendezvous that he can barely contain himself.

"Sounds good Jamie."

"Oh, I'm on call for the next couple days, so can we do it on Friday or are you working?"

Jamie asks wanting to make sure that Cameron is okay with Friday.

"I'll see you on Friday, but what time on Friday?"

Jamie doesn't care what time they have their date as long as they spend time together. He wouldn't mind devoting a bit more time to Cameron, but he also wants to give this guy a chance to back out if he wanted too. Cameron has no idea what Jamie is thinking, but he considers himself very lucky to have a guy like Jamie wanting to date him.

"I'll pick you up around 4:00 pm."

Jamie tells Cameron the time that he can expect him to show up.


Cameron pumps his fists into the air in celebration.

"I'll see you then."

Cameron says, and then the guys say their goodbyes. The guys are super excited about the opportunity to see each other outside of the pet hospital.


Cameron can hardly sit still. Usually, he would keep his social life quiet but today is different somehow. He's not sure why because over the past two days Jamie is all he can think about and it's been killing him. Someone has got to hear this; but who to call. It feels like years have passed since his last date, so it's no wonder that Cameron is excited. Anyone would be excited if they were in his shoes. Friday cannot come soon enough as far as he's concerned. Cameron pulls out his phone, he can't take it anymore, and he has to tell someone right now. He decides to call Courtney first, he quickly gets on the phone and makes the call. Courtney sees his name on the caller id and gladly answers it.

"Cameron, what's up?"

He smiles and answers her question.

"I have a date on Friday."

Now, it's her turn to smile. Courtney is happy that her friend has met someone that wants to go out on a date with him.

"I'm happy for you Cameron. What's the lucky guy's name?"

The name of guy should be an absolute surprise to her.

"It's Mr. Best. The firefighter that brought in Princess."

She is excited about the date, she knew that Jamie was interested in him, but knowing that he'll see this guy on Friday makes her happy.

"I am so happy for you. I want to know all about it after the date okay?"

Cameron isn't sure that he wants to tell her everything that happens on the date, so he decides to keep somethings to himself.

"Okay, I'll call you after the date."

Then, she surprises him by saying.

"You tell me what you want to tell me okay?"


He's smiling and shining as he silently thanks his boss.

"I need to let you go, Courtney. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay, I'll talk after the date."

For a minute or two, Cameron pauses as he reflects on the phone call, and his upcoming date with Jamie. He still has one more call to make, and then he gets to relax. Opening up his contact list, Cameron scans through it till Sophie's number comes up. Pushing the phone icon, he calls his little sister.

"Hey, big brother, what's up?"

"You know that guy, that I've been wanting to date?"

She laughs out loud.

"Yeah, I know and you've nothing but talk about him for the last couple days. What about him?"

`He is the most incredible guy, he's hot, and he's strong. More importantly, he's kind, and he isn't going to hurt me.'

"I...scored a date with him."

She can't believe it; her brother has a date. Not only does he does get a chance to spend the evening with someone, but that person just happens to be the guy that he's been crushing on, and that is amazing.

"I'm proud of you. I think it's pretty amazing that you've managed to catch this guy."

"I don't know if I've caught him just yet, but maybe someday, if I play my cards right, he might be my catch."

`I hope, he's right because no one deserves to be happy more than my brother.'

"When is your date?"

"It's Friday. I just wanted to let you know. I'm going to let you go. I love you."

It always warms her heart just a little to hear him say those last few words.

"Bye Cameron, I love you. Good luck on your date."

He smiles at her words.


For the rest of the day, he plans on relaxing and not worrying about the date if he can.


Jamie is pretty excited about the date on Friday. He's so happy that he would be willing to free up his schedule just to be able to see Cameron a day earlier. A phone call might make him feel better about having to wait till Friday. Maybe, a small phone call won't hurt anyone. He decides to try and get Cameron on the phone. Sadly, the call goes straight to voicemail.

"You don't have to call me back, but I wish we could move our date to Thursday. This waiting is killing me. Hope, you are okay."

He clicked the icon to end the call. Being on call sucks, because he can't just walk away from the house. At least, he has Friday to look forward too."

`I should have had him call me.'

Two days of waiting around on calls are going to kill him. He wants someone to sit beside him while he waits for the fire calls to come in over the radio.


Finally, it's Friday, and the guys are busy getting ready for the date. Jamie calls long enough to tell Cameron to dress for hiking. Cameron is glad that Jamie already told him what they are doing so, he can put on the appropriate clothes. Jamie picks up the cologne, he is going to wear today and sprays some on his body and then finishes getting ready. A mile away from his house, Cameron is ready, and he's waiting, but he's very anxious. Jamie is also feeling the same emotion that his date for the day is feeling. He hopes that he makes a good impression. It's something that he's been dreading since he set the date. If he blows it, and that first impression is spoiled, then the evening will end up being a waste of time. Cameron is already under his spell so there is no way that he couldn't make a good impression. He's hoping that his lack of serious muscle won't bother Jamie. Everything must be perfect for their date. Today may very well be their favorite day for the next couple of months.


Cameron is watching the clock as he waits for a text from Jamie. It's 3:35 pm when his phone comes alive announcing that a text had come in from someone. He reaches down and grabs it and looks at the phone's display. It's from his date; he's on his way but needs Cameron's address. Cameron quickly enters his address into the text window and sends it off to Jamie. In a flash, he gets a smiley face from his crush along with a message:

"See you in 10 minutes."

His heart flutters a bit when he reads that text. Now he's watching the clock; it's still hard to imagine that in just a few minutes, he'll be on a date with the hottest guy that he's seen recently. At 3:45, there is a knock at the door, and Cameron is practically running to it so he can answer it. He knows behind that door is a tall, sexy, and caring man. Opening the door, he finds himself looking into the eyes of the man that he has a huge crush and is smiling at him.

"Hey handsome ready to head out for the first part of our date?"

Jamie says as he's smiling and looking into Cameron's eyes.

"Yeah, I'm ready. I am excited to see what the evening holds."

Cameron says as he's smiling ear to ear.

"Let's get to the car and head out to the park."

Cameron locks his front door and the deadbolt then, he turns and heads towards the car, where Jamie is already standing near the open front passenger side door.

`Wow...I'm impressed. Jamie's handsome and a gentleman; a dangerous combination for sure.'

He climbs into the car and puts his seatbelt on, as he waits for his date to get inside the vehicle. When Jamie gets into the car, Cameron cannot take his eyes off of him. Jamie is dying for a chance to hold Cameron's hand or kiss him on the cheek.

"Are you nervous?"

The larger of the two men asks as he takes glimpses at Cameron's face.

"Maybe a little, but I'm good."

"Don't be nervous."

There is something about his voice that takes the nervousness right out of Cameron. Jamie stops the car just a few miles away from the clinic that Cam works at and it's pretty here. Jamie grabs his keys and then closes his door before moving around to the passenger side door and opening it up. Stepping out of the car, Cameron once again gazes into Jamie's brown eyes.

"Well, here we are."

Jamie says as he reaches out for Cameron's hand. The guys are now walking along a path beside the lake that sits in the center of the park.

"Why so nervous?"

Jamie says as he looks at his date.

"I've had some dates that were not all that nice."

Jamie envisions Cameron hurt by past dates and it makes him mad.

"I don't know if it helps, but I promise you that you're safe with me."

`I don't know why but I believe him.'

"It helps."

Cameron relaxes a little.

"Jamie, why do you risk your life the way you do?"

Cameron asks hoping to start a conversation with his date.

"I do it because I love helping people. Don't you do your job because you love animals?"

Jamie's response is what Cameron wanted to hear.

"Yeah, I do it because I love animals. They don't make judgments against people."

His reply hints at some pain in his life. How do you press someone about their past without them getting upset?

"So, you're planning on bringing Princess home with you?"

"Yeah, I think, it's the right thing to do. After all, she was found in a fire and rescued and then ends up all alone."

Princess is the reason that Cameron and Jamie met, so it seems right that from here on out, that she gets spoiled. Cameron will see to it that should Jamie change his mind, that the puppy will have a home. Jamie has no intention of ever giving up on his fur baby. As they move down the trail along the lake, they come to a bench that sits close to the lake. The couple decides to sit down and take in the sights. For a few minutes, they just sit and watch the water and the ducks that are swimming in the water. It's a beautiful night, and they are going to enjoy it. The sun is still hanging above the lake, but soon the sun will start to rest.

`I was nervous about seeing him, but honestly, he's been amazing. I've shown some anxiety in front of him, and he doesn't seem to care at all.'

Jamie can't take his eyes off of his date, and all he wants to do is kiss him. Cameron has noticed that Jamie has been paying him attention, and he likes it. As they sit on the bench, their grasp never breaks, and that makes Jamie very happy.

"So, what do you do for fun?"

The firefighter asks his date hoping for something that they might have some mutual interests. Thinking it over, Cameron decides just to let the truth come out, that he is a geek at heart.

"Don't judge me, okay, but I love to read comic books, I bird watch, I write, I love to read poetry, and I love to play video games. What do you like to do?"

Now it's Jamie's turn to spill his guts about his favorite activities.

"Well, I love to be outdoors, I also love video games, I love sports, fishing, riding my bicycle, swimming, cooking, gardening, and reading."

Jamie's interests are unique enough that the guys can have their hobbies. A little bit of silence follows Jamie's reply and it's not awkward at all. In fact, the silence is just as good as the talking was as far as their concerned. The conversation continues allowing the guys to get to know each other as the sun reflects off the lake as it begins to set.


They are still sitting on the bench when the sun finally drops. Leaving the moon and the stars up in the sky for guys to look at and enjoy. Cameron isn't a person who enjoys being out after dark. Cameron only comes out at night when he has too. Cameron has been victimized by people who thought he was a good target for violence. Their actions have led to him not feeling safe outside after dark but tonight is a different story. He does feel a bit anxious, but despite his anxiety, he feels safe. His reason for feeling okay tonight is sitting right next to him. Cameron is sure that no one will mess with him as long as he is with Jamie.


Jamie keeps glancing at Cameron, and he wants to kiss him.

`Is it too early to kiss him?'

He's nervous that maybe it's too early for kissing. If he does kiss him, will Cameron freak out over it or will everything be okay? He decides to ignore the butterflies in his stomach and just kiss the guy. Staring at Cameron, he carefully leans in and gets ready to kiss him. The truth is Cameron is a little nervous, but when he realizes that his date's lips are coming closer. Just a second later, Cameron's lips are touched softly by Jamie's puckered lips, and he receives a gentle kiss.

`I can't believe he kissed me. It felt amazing.'

All the anxiety in Cameron's body is washed away by the kiss of his date.

"Thanks for the kiss, it felt amazing. You're a great kisser."

Cameron said as he gazed into his date's eyes. Jamie smiles as he thinks about how good Cameron's lips felt. The guys are enjoying the night so far, but they can tell that the night is coming to an end. After the kiss, the guys sit there for just a second as they look over the lake. For the first time, the silence makes Cameron feel a bit uneasy. Th uneasiness in his date is apparent to Jamie, and he reaches out his hand to Cameron and wraps his arms around him.

"Thanks for the hug."

They get up and head towards the car.


The next stop on their date is a local ice cream parlor that serves some the best ice cream in the area called the Deep River Ice Cream Parlor. As they get into the car, Cameron thanks Jamie for the walk and the kiss. Jamie politely tells him that he doesn't need to thank him again. Cameron cannot get over how handsome and polite Jamie is, and it's all good.

"Ready for some ice cream?"

Jamie asks as he parks the car.

"Yes, I am dying to have something sweet."

"You mean my kiss wasn't enough for you."

Jamie laughs, and that makes Cameron laugh too. Cameron knows what he is having when he gets there, a double scoop of wild raspberry ice cream. For Jamie, the only thing that will quench his sweet tooth is the mango ice cream. Who knows though, they might show up at the ice cream parlor and change their minds. This date is all about Jamie treating Cameron, and he already plans on stopping Cameron if he intends to pay. When they arrive at the parlor, Jamie again gets out of the car and opens the car door for Cameron, but good manners don't just stop there. He also opens the businesses' door for Cameron and makes sure he is inside before letting it close.

"Thanks for holding the door for me."

Cameron says because no one has ever done that for him in his life.

"You're welcome."

Cameron wants to take Jamie's hand, but the thought of doing so scares him a little. Cameron is afraid that he'll draw attention if he holds Jamie's hand.

"What would you like to get?"

Jamie knows what he wants, but he wants Cameron to speak up so he can get his ice cream first.

"I would like two scoops of the wild raspberry ice cream on a waffle cone."

"I would like a double scoop of the mango ice cream on a waffle cone as well."

It doesn't take the employee long to get their cones ready. When it comes time to pay, Cameron didn't fight with Jamie paying the bill at all; which was nice, because Jamie wants to spoil him. It seems proper since he's been taking care of the puppy. They sit down in the parlor and enjoy their ice cream cones as they continue their talk from the car. As they finish their ice cream, they find that there is still more to talk about, so they sit and talk. At closing time, the couple says thanks to the manager, and then they walk outside.


The guys walk back to Jamie's car hand in hand as they quietly talk. When they get to the car, Cameron is amazed at how much he enjoyed the evening. He won't be turning down a second date with Jamie that is for sure. Maybe, he needs to force the issue a bit, because Jamie isn't asking for a second date yet, and wants it more than anything.

"I don't know if you are into me or not, but I would love a second date."

Jamie couldn't have spent much time thinking it over because he quickly accepts the offer of a second date. Nothing would make Jamie happier than to see Cameron again. Jamie is on fire tonight, and Cameron is burning up too, but neither guy wants to upset the other, so they ignore those feelings. At the car, Jamie opens the door again for Cameron and then waits for him to get inside before carefully closing it. Jamie comes around and gets inside with him; then he looks over at Cameron and smiles before asking a question of Cameron.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight?"

"I did thanks so much for the date."

Jamie doesn't say anything instead he leans in and kisses Cameron on the lips. As in reply to the kiss, Cameron quickly exchanges a kiss with Jamie.

"I think, we had better head for your house."

Jamie doesn't want the date to end, but he can tell that perhaps it's time to stop things for the night. He starts the car and heads off Cameron's house. When they get to the house, Jamie opens his car door and then walks around to passenger side door and opens it for his date and then walks him up to the house. They exchange a quick hug and then a brief kiss before they say their goodbyes.

"Can't wait to see you again."

Cameron says just after their kiss.

"Sounds good Cameron, I'm excited to see what you have planned. Well, good-night."

Jamie gives Cameron a quick peck on the cheek, and then Cameron opens up the house. He carefully steps inside without taking his eyes off of Jamie. Jamie waves goodbye and then turns around heads for his car. Cameron still hasn't left the doorway yet; he's taking in Jamie's backside and loves it. Once the door closes, Cameron sits down in the living room and takes a deep breath.


Cameron knows that his sister and Courtney both want to hear about the date, but he also knows that Courtney is at the clinic doing her nightly rounds before going home for the night. Before he leaves, he sits and thinks about the night, about how Jamie's lips felt on his lips, and how he felt safe in Jamie's arms. The clinic is closed for the night so Cameron texts his boss so he can get inside. It doesn't take long for her to get to the front door. She shuts down the alarm and then opens the door for Cameron. After he's in, she quickly puts the code back into the alarm system. Cameron's anxiety has peaked just a little bit from being outside in the dark, but once inside everything is fine. He follows her to the backroom. She starts where she left off making sure that the animals all have fresh water for the night.

"So how was the date?"

Cameron's eyes say everything. They seem to be shining with a light all their own.

"It was beautiful. We walked along the lake downtown and then sat down on one of the benches and talked, we sat there and watched the sun disappear. Sunset was magical. Towards the end of the date, he treated me to ice cream, and we talked for several hours, and then he brought me home."

Courtney is happy for the young man. Things have been so rough for him in the past, and she knows it.

"The big question is did he kiss you?"

"Can't I have a few secrets?"

She turns her back to water some animals as she laughs.

"Yeah, you can keep your secrets. Do you think you'll have another date?"

"Yeah, we already committed ourselves to a second date. I have to plan it. So, I might be asking for ideas okay?"

"No problem sir, I think I had better finish up here, and you had better get home."

Courtney smiles as she works at finishing up the last of the kennels.

"Catch you later Courtney."

As he turns to leave, his phone beeps alerting him to a text. When he glances down, he can see it's from Jamie as his heart flutters.

"I enjoyed the date and felt like I needed to tell you."

Seeing the text makes him crave his date's voice, so he plans to call him after he speaks with his sister. Cameron walks out to the car, opens it up, and then sits inside. He grabs his phone and calls his sister.

"Hey, big brother, what's going on?"

He leans back in the car seat as he replays the date in his head for a second time.

"Do you want to hear about the date?"

"Oh, I do. I want to hear all about it."

Her enthusiasm makes him smile.

"Well, he took me out to that lake near the office. We walked around on the lake walk, and then we sat down on one of the benches and talked. We spent a long time talking, and we watched the sunset across the lake."

She wishes her boyfriend would do that with her; it sounds fantastic.

"Sounds very romantic Cameron. I would ask if he kissed you, but I can tell by your voice that he did."

"I-I-I have a date with him, and it's my turn to plan the date, and I want it to be something just as sweet."

She knows that her brother will pull together a romantic date that will be wonderful.

"I'm going to let you go Cameron. I need to get back to what I was doing."

"Okay be good."

Ending the call, Cameron sets the phone down and heads for home. Everything about the night has been beautiful. This date might just change Cameron's life forever.


While Cameron was on the phone with his sister, Jamie was at home sitting back and relaxing when he decides to call his mom. It doesn't take long for his mom to answer the phone.

"Hi Jamie, is everything okay?"

Jamie smiles because for the first time in a while everything is perfect.

"Mom things are great., I had a date tonight."

His mom is sitting on the couch, and she is smiling too.

"Have you told me about this guy before?"

Jamie isn't sure what he's told his mom, but he has to tell someone something; he has to share the news.

"He's not the usual guy that I've dated. He's smaller than I am. He works at a vet clinic, and he loves comic books, but there is just something about him that makes me happy from just being around him. I don't know what it is, but it feels so good; so right."

`I think my son has found love at first sight.'

Jamie feels like he's found the man that might be his one true love.

"I'm happy for you Jamie just be careful."

His heart is telling him that there is no reason for him to be careful. He has to be true to his heart, and that means being true to Cameron.

"The only thing that I want is to be there for him.

She taught him well, and it means a lot to see him putting those words into action.

"If you're going to follow your heart on this, then be there for him and love him always."

"I will Mom. I will."

Hearing him say that reassures her that everything will be alright. He's right the world may be cruel, but everything will be okay. Everything is going to be okay. Jamie and his mom finish their conversation and then end their calls.


After dinner, Cameron sits down on his bed, and he's craving Jamie's voice. He's a little nervous despite spending several hours with him earlier this evening. Cameron calls Jamie's phone and doesn't get an answer right away which worries him. Maybe Jamie didn't mean what he said about wanting the second date, or perhaps he doesn't want to speak with him. It doesn't take long though for a call to come through.

"Hello handsome, how are you?"

Hearing that voice, Cameron suddenly feels so much better. It almost feels like an addiction.

"I just wanted to hear your voice."

"I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad you called."

It feels amazing to hear each other's voices.

"I hate having to wait till our next date to see you."

Cameron says because it's the first thing that came to his mind. He wants to be in those strong arms again.

"Me too Cameron, it's too bad that you have to work tomorrow, but who knows I might come and see Princess tomorrow."

Jamie may be using Princess as an excuse, but honestly, he doesn't need a reason to see his date.

"Are you sure that you want to see me again?"

Allowing his insecurities to show through, Cameron is trying to give Jamie an out, but Jamie isn't about to give in to those fears.

"Of course, I want to see you again. I didn't accept that second date to appease you. I said it because I do want to see you again believe that Cameron."

Cameron doesn't know what he believes, but he knows this much, Jamie is in his heart, and there is no going back. It may not be love, but it doesn't feel like lust either.

"It's late, you have work tomorrow, so I had better let you go."

`I know he's right, but I don't want this night to end.'

Cameron wishes they could just stay the way it is right now.

"You're right. I do need to get to bed. I'll call you tomorrow."

"No, I will call you."

The thought of hearing from him has given Cameron butterflies.

"Night Cameron."

"Night Jamie."

Jamie ends the call and falls into his bed with Cameron stuck in his head. Cameron will end up dreaming of Jamie, and he'll enjoy every second of that dream.


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