Love in the Army

 Chapter 12

By Mikkiwriter © 

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Tom was looking out of the window as they headed up the motorway to Nottingham. Ben had his arm round Tom and said, “Thanks Henry for doing this.”

Henry smiled and said, “hey, it’s the least I can do mate, after all if it wasn’t for you guys, Gareth would be in a hell of a lot worse state.”

A few hours later Henry pulled outside the hospital,

Tom texted Daffyd, “we outside.”

Daffyd was in the waiting room when his phone bleeped. He saw the message and headed downstairs and saw his two best friends standing there. Tom spotted him and ran over and said, “How is he?”

“Yeah, he is stable, thankfully, the knife missed his heart,” Daffyd said with tears rolling down his face. Tom hugged Daffyd and said, “What happened?”

“There was a fight and Brad, being his usual diplomatic self, tried to break it up, but one of the idiots stabbed Brad,” Daffyd said.

“Fucking hell, why would you carry a fucking knife?” Ben said.

“Well, the police arrested the idiot after the security staff apprehended him,” Daffyd said.

“Well that’s a good thing then,” Tom said.

“Yeah,” Daffyd said.

“That was the first time we have ever had a problem at the bar. I wish we had stayed in Spain now,” Daffyd said.

“Oh come on, you two weren’t happy out there mate,” Ben said.

“Yeah, I know but we had a better place there and we never had any trouble” Daffyd said.

Daffyd, Tom, and Ben sat in the waiting room when a nurse came in, “Mr Lewis?”

Daffyd smiled and said, “Yes, that’s me.”

“Mr Evans has regained consciousness and is asking for you,” the nurse said.

“Oh fantastic,” Daffyd said.

Tom smiled and said, “Well go on and give him our love”


Daffyd stood and walked to the room.

Daffyd walked in and saw an upset and scared looking Brad sitting there.

“Hey baby,” Daffyd said.

Brad smiled and grabbed his partner and hugged him and said, “Thank god”

Daffyd said, “I thought I lost you.”

Brad smiled and said, “It will take more than a knife to finish me off baby.”

Daffyd kissed Brad and said, “Tom and Ben are here and give their love.”

Brad smiled and said, “I knew they would be here. Always depend on those two.”

“Yeah they came all the way from London,” Daffyd said.

“Oh fuck, they picked up their honours today,” Brad said.

“Yeah, but they still came all this way to be here,” Daffyd said.

Daffyd lent in and kissed Brad and said, “You really scared me seeing you lying there motionless.”

Brad hugged Daffyd and said, “I am sorry babes.”

“It’s not your fault. At least the idiot is in custody,” Daffyd said.


A few days later

Tom was in his office when the phone rang.

“Good morning. Royal British Legion military support unit. Tom Rees Andrews speaking,” Tom replied.

“Good morning Tom, this is Todd from the family support unit. Alex wishes to speak to you,” Todd said.

“Ok Todd,” Tom replied.

“Hi Tom, how are you?” Alex said.

“I am doing great, thanks mate. How’s things?” Tom replied.

“Yeah generally good mate,” Alex said.

“That’s good mate, so what can I do for you?” Tom said.

“We have a case which I need your assistance with, do you remember a corporal called Patrick McKenna?” Alex said.

Tom said, “ummm no, that name doesn’t ring a bell. Why?”

“Well, he has asked for you. He seems to know you,” Alex said.

Tom was confused but then suddenly remembered a young lad he helped when he was in temporary charge of 4th company.

“I remember a young private called Patrick when I was in charge of 4th company. He was one of the replacements and was really young and was a bit scared, if I remember rightly” Tom said.

“That could be him. Well anyway, he has asked to see you, mate. He is in Selly Oak,” Alex said.

“Are his injuries bad then?” Tom enquired.

“No, not life threatening,” Alex said.

“Well, at least that’s good, of course. I will go and see him,” Tom said.

“Thanks mate, and we need to get together soon. it’s been too long,” Alex said.

“Yeah, why don’t you and Lisa come over for a meal Friday night?” Tom said.

“That’s sounds good,” Alex said.

“Well mate, I let you get on. I know how busy things can be,” Tom said.

“Yeah crazy,” Alex said.

“Yeah, I don’t miss it,” Tom said.

“Don’t lie mate, you know you do,” Alex said.

“Maybe sometimes, but this job keeps me busy as well,” Tom said.

“Ok Tom, sees you Friday,” Alex said.

“Ok mate,” Tom said.


Tom came out of his office and walked over to Jon and said, “Mate, I am off to Selly Oak to see a young corporal who has asked to see me so, I will see you tomorrow, ok?”

“No probs, Tom. I will ring you if anything comes up,” Jon said.

“Ok mate,” Tom said.


Tom got into his car and drove up to the hospital. Tom walked into the ward and saw Shaun sitting behind  the desk. Tom walked over and said, “Afternoon mate.”

Shaun smiled and said, “Hi Tom. What brings you up here?”

“I have been asked for by a young corporal, Patrick McKenna,” Tom replied.

“Yes, he is in room 3 mate, a bit of a quiet lad,” Shaun said.

“Yeah, I remember him from my days in charge at 4th company, when Daffyd was off sick” Tom said.

“Right, well I will let you go. Rhys is around somewhere,” Shaun said.

“Ok, tell him I will catch him later,” Tom said.

“Ok mate,” Shaun said.

Tom walked up to room three and knocked on the door. Tom went in and saw the black haired lad  there looking lonely and lost. He looked up and saluted as Tom walked in. “At ease,” Tom said.

“You came,” Patrick said smiling.

“Yeah. Alex phoned me this morning. So why did you want to see me?” Tom asked.

“Well, I wanted to thank you for your kind words, when I started out in the unit sir,” Patrick said.

“Well, I am not in the Army anymore, so you drop the sir, Patrick” Tom said.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had left, Tom,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, nearly two years now,” Tom said.

Tom could tell that Patrick was lonely and said, “So have your family been to see you?”

“No, I don’t have a family, as such. I was brought up in care,” Patrick said.

“Oh, I didn’t know that, Patrick,” Tom said.

“No, I don’t talk about it much, and that is why I feel so isolated here. When I am in barracks, I have my comrades with me, but here I am pretty much alone all the time,” Patrick said.

“So, what about your injuries? How long do you think you are going to be here?” Tom asked.

“Well, I have shrapnel in my legs, and at the moment I have limited mobility, and they are talking about moving me to a rehab unit in the midlands,” Patrick said.

“Coldbrooke hall?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Patrick said.

“Well, that’s good because you will have plenty of company there and I will be able to visit you as well, as that is one of the rehab units I oversee in my current role in the Royal British Legion,” Tom said.

“Cool,” Patrick said.

“Also, one of the physio’s there is my partner, Ben and I will make sure he will take good care of you,” Tom said.

“Wow, I finally get to meet Ben. I remember you talking about him when we chatted last time,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, he is a good guy. In the meantime,  my adopted brother, Rhys and his partner Shaun work here. I will ask them to try and get you out of the room more. Ok?” Tom said.

“Ok thanks,” Patrick said.

Tom stayed with Patrick for about an hour and then said, “Well mate, I need to make a move.  I promised to meet up with Rhys before going home.”

“Ok Tom, thanks for coming,” Patrick said.

“Hey don’t worry, and I will be back to see you soon. Ok?” Tom said.

“Yeah ok thanks,” Patrick said.


Tom walked out of the room and spotted Rhys and said, “Hi bro.”

Rhys smiled and said, “Hey, Shaun said you were here.”

“I need a favour. Any chance you could move Patrick into the ward from a room? He is feeling isolated,” Tom said.

“I will try and sort that for him,” Rhys said.

“Or, if not that, maybe get  one of the other Army guys to talk to him from time to time. He is feeling isolated, as he doesn’t have any family,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I had noticed he hasn’t had any visitors,” Rhys said.

“Anyway mate, how things going?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, we are ok. Matthew has been assigned a unit and that unit is due to be deployed soon. Then the scary stuff begins,” Rhys said.

“Come on. I did three tours and didn’t get injured. Not everyone gets injured Rhys,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I know. But it is going to be strange and I can’t help worrying,” Rhys said.

“Hey, I would be more worried if you weren’t worried mate,” Tom said.

Rhys smiled and said, “How’s Jon getting on with his nursing course?”

“Yeah, he seems to be enjoying it, but not as much as he did when Greg was on the same course though,” Tom said.

“Well, we knew Greg would follow his mum and become a doctor, to be honest,” Rhys said.

“Yeah, I always thought he would,” Tom said.

“How are things here anyway?” Tom asked.

“Same old same old,” Rhys said.

“Busy as usual then,” Tom said.

“Yeah, really busy,” Rhys said.

“Charge nurse Rhys Taylor contact extension 4536 please” came over the PA system.

“Looks like I am needed,” Rhys said.

“Ok bro, we need to catch up soon,” Tom said and hugged Rhys.

“Yeah we sure do,” Rhys said as he headed towards the desk and grabbed the phone.

Tom left the hospital.


Tom drove back to Coninton.

Ben had arrived home, just before Tom.

Tom walked in and saw Ben on the settee reading the mail.

“Hey babes,” Tom said.

“Hi babes. You are late,” Ben said.

“Yeah been up in Selly Oak,” Tom said.

“Oh ok,” Ben said.

“A young lad from 4th company wanted to see me,” Tom said.

“Oh, what young lad?”  Ben said.

“Patrick McKenna. He was a private when I was in charge, and is now a corporal. To be honest, I think he was lonely and wanted to see someone he knew,” Tom said.

“Doesn’t his family visit?” Ben asked.

“He doesn’t have a family. He went from care straight into the Army,” Tom said.

“Oh ok.  I remember Josh Harris who was in the unit when I was there. He was the same, straight from care into the Army.  I remember when he married his girlfriend, he said that he was going to be there for his kids, and not away all the time,” Ben said.

“Oh yeah.  I remember him,” Tom said.

“Yeah, he quit shortly after his wife fell pregnant,” Ben said.

“Anyway, Patrick is coming to Coldbrooke, so I can see him a bit more,” Tom said.

“Now you said that, I was reading his file earlier,Iin work coming next weekm I believe he should be fit quickly, to be honest,” Ben said.

“Yeah, he said he was limited mobility, but after a good dose of physio he will be fine and wants to get back to the unit, as he sees his comrades as his family,” Tom said.

 That’s quite sad though,” Ben said.

“Yeah, it is. But I suppose he is used to being a part of a large group. He was always in a children’s home more than foster care,” Tom said.

“Yeah I suppose,” Ben said.


“Oh, did you see Midland Tonight have sacked your friend?” Ben said.

“Oh really. Finally caught up with her, have they?” Tom said.

“Yeah, seems she has harassed her last victim on Midland Tonight, according to the newspaper report, she was fired after an investigation into our case,” Ben said.

“Good riddance!” Tom said smiling.

“Yeah, she was a right cow,” Ben said.

“Yeah, she was determined to get a scoop,” Tom said.

“Yeah, and didn’t care who she trampled over to get it,” Ben said.

Just then the theme music for Midland Tonight started, as the program started to come on. The newsreader said, “The headlines tonight.”

“Convicted fraudster and sex offender escapes from prison.”

Ben and Tom looked on as they spotted Gary’s face on the TV.


The newsreader said, “Convicted sex offender and fraudster, Gary Timpson is tonight on the run after escaping from Westland Hospital, where he was taken for treatment on a back injury.  Police have asked the public not to approach the former head of physio at the now closed Coninton Hospital, but if they see him to call 999 immediately.”

“Oh fucking hell,” Ben said.

“How the fucking hell did that happen?” Tom said.

Just as they were watching the TV, the door went.

Tom walked over to the door to see Ds Stephanie Reynolds standing there.

“Hi Tom. Can I come in please?” Stephanie said.

“Yeah sure,” Tom replied.

Steph followed Tom into the lounge and Ben smiled and said, “Hi”

Steph said, “Sorry guys, but I need you to pack some stuff and we need to take you into protective custody.”

“Umm, is this about Gary?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, he made some threats to your safety shortly before escaping,” Steph said.

Tom said, “How did he manage to escape?”

“He overpowered his guard and then just walked out. We have a manhunt ongoing, but in the meantime, we need to get you and your family to safety,” Steph said.

“What about Jon?” Ben said.

“We have already got Jon and Greg to safety, and they are waiting for you at the safe house,” Steph said.

“That explains why we couldn’t get an answer at the flat earlier when we rang it,” Tom said.

Tom said, “So, where is this safe house?”

“Well, actually we are using a property at Coninton Barracks. The Army have given permission for you to go there until Gary is apprehended,” Steph said.

“Oh, that’s good. At least Jon and Greg can still sit their exams,” Ben said.

“Yeah, we will have officers accompany them to the college and back,” Steph said.

Tom went upstairs and grabbed a suitcase, packed some clothes into it for him and Ben He came back downstairs and grabbed his laptop.

Ben said, “How about work? I need to be there for the patients.”

“Well, the Legion has been informed about the situation and have agreed to allow an officer to be stationed at Coldbrooke, so you will be fine,” Steph said.

Tom said, “I will work from home.”

“Ok, that’s settled. Let’s get you out of here,” Steph said.

Unbeknown to Steph, Gary was watching from the nearby trees. As they loaded the car, he lined up the gun he was carrying and let out a shot. The bullet hit Tom. Ben screamed, “TOM NO!!” and ran to his husband as he fell to the ground. Steph took cover behind the car. Steph radioed for assistance and said, “Armed police required!” as Ben held Tom.

The armed officers did a search of the area but Gary had gone.

Tom was rushed into hospital with a traumatised Ben holding his hand.


 The ambulance pulled up outside the hospital and the paramedics rushed Tom into resuss. Ben waited outside, and was pacing up and down as the doctors worked on Tom. Ben walked over to the desk in the accident and emergency department, and asked the receptionist if she could call Toms mum.

Ben was sitting down when the doctor came out of the room and walked over.

Ben couldn’t tell by the doctors’ expression if Tom was ok, and held his breathe as the young doctor said, “Sir, Tom has lost a lot of blood, but the bullet missed all his vital organs and he will be ok.”

Ben let out a deep breath and said, “Thank god. Can I see him?”

“Yeah, I will send a nurse to fetch you. We just need to clean him up first,” the doctor said.

“Ok, thank you doctor,” Ben said.

Just then, Jon and Greg came running through the doors and saw Ben, and Jon ran to his dad and said, “Is he ok?”

“Yeah, he is going to be fine son, don’t worry,” Ben said.

“Uncle Rhys and Shaun are on their way,” Jon said.

“Oh, you phoned them?” Ben said.

“Yeah,” Jon said.

“I got the receptionist to phone grandma,” Ben said.

“Oh, they arrested Gary,” Greg said.

“Oh thank god,” Ben said.

“Yeah, he was surrounded by the police and gave himself up,” Jon said.

“Well, let’s hope this time they manage to keep him in prison,” Ben said,

“Yeah,” Jon said.

Lucy arrived at the hospital just as Rhys and Shaun did, and she shouted, “Rhys!”

Rhys turned round and saw Tom’s mum and said, “Hi”

Rhys and Shaun walked in with Lucy, and spotted Jon and Greg sitting there.

Lucy walked over and said, “Where’s Ben?”

“He is in there with Dad,” Jon said.

“Is he going to be ok?” Lucy said.

“Yeah, looks like the bullet did minimum damage,” Greg said.

Ben looked out and said, “Looks like you are in trouble.  Mum is here.”

Tom smiled and said, “Go get her for me.”

Ben smiled and walked out and called Lucy.

Lucy walked in and said, “Now, young man, when will you stop making me worry?”

Tom laughed and said, “Sorry mum.”

“Hey, I am so glad you going to be ok. I was really worried when the hospital phoned,” Lucy said.

“It will take more than a bullet to kill me mum,” Tom said.

“Lucy said, “That young man has really got it in for our family.”

“Yeah, but he is back behind bars, thank god,” Ben said.

“Oh, they got him?” Tom said.

Ben said, “Yeah, they arrested him earlier.”


Steph arrived at the hospital, and was allowed to speak to Tom for a few minutes.

Steph walked into the room and saw Tom and Ben sitting there and said, “Tom, how you feeling?”

“Well, to be honest, I have had better days,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I can imagine,” Steph said.

Ben asked, “I hear you caught the idiot then?”

“Yeah, he has been charged with escaping lawful custody, attempted murder assault, and for having an illegal firearm,” Steph said.

“Wow, that should see him behind bars for a while,” Ben said.

“Well, he shouldn’t have been out of prison in the first place,” Tom said.

“Yeah, we know that,” Steph said.

Over the next few days, Tom had several visitors, from his colleagues at the Legion to friends from the Army, and Daffyd also made an appearance.

Ben had arrived home from the hospital where Tom was recovering after the shooting.

The local newspapers were full of the story, with several of Gary’s victims slamming the prison service for allowing him to escape. The police were also criticised for being slow to react and for getting the victims protected. Ben was interviewed by the post, and he said that the news that Gary had escaped had put the fear of god into him.

He also said that seeing Tom fall to the ground in front of him was one of the scariest things he has ever seen.

The prison service launched an inquiry into the case, and the independent police complaints commission have been asked to look at the police handling of the case.

Ben was finding it lonely at the house, but Jon and Greg had been staying over as much as they could. Finally, a week later, Tom was realised from hospital.

Ben had returned to Coldbrooke Hall part time, and was soon back in the thick of it.

Ben was going through the work schedules with his team, when he noticed that Patrick McKenna had been moved while he was off.

Ben said, “Ok guys, that’s about it, except Patrick McKenna. I will deal with his case at the his request.”

Ben went into the ward and went into room two and saw it was empty. He walked into the lounge and saw a young black haired lad sitting there playing poker with one of the Darren.

Ben walked over and said, “Morning guys.”

Private Darren Gregory knew Ben and said, “Morning Ben.”

“How’s things, Darren?” Ben asked.

Darren asked, “Yeah getting there thanks. You met our latest inmate, Patrick?”

“No, but it is Patrick I have come to see,” Ben said.

“Well Patrick, meet Ben, the best physio here,” Darren said.

“Now come on, don’t say that, the others won’t like it,” Ben said smiling.

“I don’t care,” Darren said.

“Hi Ben, I have heard a lot about you from the guys here and Tom,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, I heard all about you from Tom,” Ben said.

“How’s he doing? I still can’t believe he was shot,” Patrick said.

“I know. He is doing fine and is going back to work next week,” Ben said.

“Oh good,” Patrick said.

“Oh, and he will be in to see you tomorrow. He has to go to the hospital today for a final check-up,” Ben said.

Patrick smiled and said, “He is a good guy. What was that idiots problem?”

“Well, to be honest, I think the bullet was meant for me, Patrick,” Ben said.

“Oh right,” Patrick said.

“Gary has had a major problem with me for years. He tried to set me up for some of the crimes he was in prison for, and I think he blames me for him getting caught for the sexual crimes he committed,” Ben said.

“What an idiot,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, a dangerous idiot though,” Ben said.

Ben discussed his treatment with Patrick and it was decided to start the physio from tomorrow morning.

Ben arrived at home and noticed Tom’s car had gone. He got out of the car just as his phone buzzed. Ben opened the phone and saw there was a message from Tom.

“Hi Babes, gone to Jon’s. He is upset Greg and him had a row,” Tom xxx.

Ben smiled and went into the house.

Tom had arrived at Jons flat, and went in to see his son sitting there with tears in his eyes and the flat was trashed. “What the hell?” Tom said.

“He lost it dad, and smashed the place up,” Jon said.

“Oh hell,” Tom said.

He walked over and hugged his son and said, “Get your stuff. You are coming home with me.”

“No dad. He has gone,” Jon said.

“What you mean gone?” Tom said.

“He has gone to his mums,” Jon said.

Tom’s phone started to ring.

Tom opened the phone and said, “Hello.”

“What the hell’s going on, Tom?” Alice asked.

“I am not sure, but Greg has gone ballistic and smashed the flat up,” Tom said.

Alice asked, “Is Jon ok?”

“Yeah, why?” Tom asked.

“Well Greg is inconsolable. He is saying I hit him,” Alice said.

“Umm well, Jon hasn’t said anything about that,” Tom said.

Alice said, “Ok, but make sure he is ok, Tom.”

“Yeah I will, and you get back to Greg,” Tom said.

“Ok Tom,” Alice said ringing off.

Tom looked at Jon and said, “Ok, what’s going on?  Greg is saying he hit you.”

Jon started to cry and said, “I told you he went ballistic over this,” handing Tom a letter from the hospital.

Tom read it and saw that Greg had failed one of his exams and would have to restart the course.

“Oh fucking hell, and he blamed you?” Tom said.

“Well, he was ranting and raving and lost it,” Jon said.

“And he hit you?” Tom asked.

“Well, not exactly. I slapped him to try and stop him ranting, and he slapped me back,” Jon said.

“Oh ok,” Tom said.

Just as they were talking, Ben walked in and saw the mess and said, “Oh fuck. What’s happened here?”

Tom smiled and said, “Greg has had a ballistic moment.”

“Oh hells, are you ok?” Ben said looking at Jon.

“Yeah I will be when I get Greg back here,” Jon said.

Tom smiled and said, “Ben, you help Jon get this place tidied up and I will go to Alices and see if I can talk to Greg.”


Ben walked over and kissed Tom and said, “Ok babes.”

Alice walks upstairs in her cottage and goes into the front room to see her son lying on the bed. As she walked over, she saw the bottle of sleeping tablets, which belonged to her late husband’s mum, lying next to him. Alice knew that this bottle was half full, and saw it was now empty. Alice tried to wake Greg, but couldn’t. She was screaming, but then instinct kicked in, and she called 999.”


Tom got into his Lexus and drove over to Cheedam and to Alice’s house. He pulled up outside to see an ambulance outside. Tom ran into the cottage, just as the paramedics were coming downstairs with Greg on a stretcher. Alice was walking down behind him and saw Tom and said, “He tried to end it, Tom” crying.

Tom grabbed Alice and hugged her and said, “oh god, why?”

“He said he lost Jon and keeps on about his course,” Alice said.

“Well, he has not lost Jon, and this is the letter from the college. He has failed one exam,” Tom said.

Alice read the letter and said, “The stupid idiot, as she ran out and got into the ambulance. Tom shouted, “which hospital?”

“Green Park,” Alice replied.

Tom went into the cottage and locked up for Alice, making sure he picked up her keys. He then rang Ben.

Ben and Jon were cleaning the lounge when Ben’s phone went off.

“Hi Tom, is Greg ok?” Ben asked.

“No babes, he is on his way to Green Park.  He tried to top himself, get Jon and yourself over there and I will meet you there,” Tom said.

“Oh fucking hell. Ok,” Ben said.

Jon looked at Ben and said, “He’s done something stupid, hasn’t he?”

“Yes Jon, he has, and we need to get to the hospital,” Ben said.

Jon collapsed on the floor crying.

Ben picked up his son and hugged him tight and said, “Come on son, we need to be strong. Greg needs you.”

Ben and Jon left the flat in Ben’s car and headed to Green Park Hospital. Ben has never been to this hospital, as this is a new hospital replacing his old workplaces Coninton District and Cheddam Royal hospitals.

 Ben arrived at the hospital and was taken aback at the size the place and said, “Wow, this place is a bit big.”

Ben and Jon ran into the A&E dept and saw Tom and Alice sat there.

Alice spotted Jon and stood up, and Jon ran over and said, “How is he?”

Alice said, “I am not sure, Jon. The doctors are working on him at the moment, but he has taken quite a few sleeping tablets.”

Just then a doctor walked out and said, “Dr Bonner?”

Alice looked over and said, “Yes, that’s me.”

The young doctor said, “We have pumped Greg’s stomach, but we are concerned that they might be some internal bleeding.”

“Oh ok,” Alice said.

“We are going to do a scan and see if we can see anything, but at the moment he is still unconscious,” the doctor said.

Alice said ,“Oh right.”

Jon listened intently, as the doctor told Alice.

Jon then said, “He is going to die, isn’t he?”

The doctor said, “Not if we can help it he won’t, young man.”

“Jon calm down,” Alice said.

Ben and Tom hugged their son as he sat down between them.

A few hours later

The young doctor returned and said, “Dr Bonner, Greg has started to regain consciousness.”

“Alice said, “oh, thank god” and followed the young doctor into the room.

Alice saw her son lying there looking lost, and she walked over to him and slapped his face and said, “Don’t ever do that again you stupid idiot.”

Greg just looked at his mum and said nothing.

Alice walked out of the room and gestured for Jon to come over. Jon nervously walked into the room and went over and hugged Greg and said, “I thought I had lost you. Why did you do it, you idiot?”

Greg didn’t say anything, but gave Jon a kiss and then said, “I am so sorry for hitting you babes.”

Jon laughed and said, “If I remember correctly, I hit you first.”

Jon sat down next to Greg and took hold of his hand.


Greg was later transferred to a ward and Jon went up with him alongside Alice. Ben and Tom had returned to the flat to finish off the repairs to the damage caused by Greg. Tom and Ben knew that Greg wasn’t usually violent and knew that the stress of his training must have contributed to the blow out he had.

Tom and Ben soon had the flat sorted, but decided that Jon should stay with them for the next few days.

Greg was kept in hospital for a few days, and he was getting counselling for his stress. He had also decided to drop out of the doctor training course. Alice was a little disappointed when he told her, but when he said he couldn’t cope with the stress, she realised he was right to quit. However, she tried to persuade him to go back to train as a nurse, but he decided that he would take some time out to decide what to do.

Greg returne

d to the flat a few weeks after being realised from hospital. He has stayed with his mum until he felt he could return home. Jon had been a constant visitor and had tried several times to get Greg to come home.

He finally accepted and moved back home and was soon enjoying being with Jon.


It was a normal day as Tom drove off from dropping Rhys and Shaun at Robin Hood Airport, as they flew off to a two week break at the villa. Tom arrived at his office and started to go through his new cases. One was a young private who was refusing to have any physio claiming he couldn’t go through that.

Tom was surprised that a young man wouldn’t have this treatment, especially as it said he would be fully fit after a course of physio.


Tom decided that he would visit the young man at Coldbrooke, and see if he could maybe persuade him to go for the physio.

Tom was stuck in meetings for most of the morning, and they dragged on and on. Tom realised that he wouldn’t get time to visit Coldbrooke hall today.

Tom finally left his office at 6pm, and decided that he would go to Coldbrooke in the morning straight from home.

Tom called into the local shop and picked up the evening post as usual, and saw the headline “Escaped Convict Charged with Rape of 17 Year Old”

Tom picked up a bottle of milk and paid and left.


Tom arrived at home and sat in his snug and started to read the paper. He was shocked when he realised the escaped convict in the headline was Gary. He read how he had raped the young lad at gunpoint, down by the canal. Tom was in tears and thought, what a bastard.

Ben arrived home later and Tom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Hi babes,” Ben shouted.

“Hey sexy,” Tom replied.

Ben laughed and walked into the kitchen and said, “Something smells nice.”

“Should be ready in about ten minutes” Tom replied.

Ben said, “Just enough time for me to shower and change then.”

“Yeah,” Tom said.

The two men ate their meal and then Tom said, “Oh, did you see the front page on the Post tonight?”

“No I haven’t looked yet. Why?”

“It looks like Gary couldn’t keep his dick in his pants when he was on the run” Tom said.

“Oh,” Ben said.

Ben went and picked up the paper and started to read the headline and said, “Do you know if there was ever a case for castration, he is top of the list.”

“What? You’re offering to do it?” Tom said smiling.

“Oh hell yeah, I have a pair of garden shears here somewhere,” Ben said.

“Ouch,” Tom said laughing.

Ben leant over and kissed Tom.

The Next Day

Tom left his house around an hour or so after Ben, and headed to Coldbrooke Hall. He arrived at the rehab unit, just as an ambulance crew were bringing in a new case for the unit. Tom followed them in and saw Alice Bonner and said, “Hi, Alice.”

“Hi Tom. How are you?” Alice said.

“Yeah very well, thanks,” Tom said.

“I am here to see Private Edward Garrison,” Tom said.

“Oh, the no physio man,” Alice said.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Tom said.

“Yeah, he is in room 25,” Alice said.

“That’s Lee’s old room, isn’t it?” Tom asked.

“Yeah,” Alice said.

“Ok, I know where that is” Tom said.

Tom walked through the lounge and headed to room 25.

He knocked on the door and saw a young man sitting on the bed.

Tom walked in and said, “Good morning, Edward. I am Tom Rees Andrews from the Royal British Legion military support unit.”

Edward smiled and said, “Hi. What can I do for you?”

“Well, I have been reading your file, and was surprised that you are refusing treatment,” Tom said.

 “Well, not refusing treatment, just physio,” Edward replied.

“yeah, and you know if you do not undergo this course of physio, you might never get back to full fitness and back to your unit, or is that what you want?” Tom asked.

Edward started to tear up and said, “I can’t go through that shit again.”

Tom stood up and took hold of Edward and said, “Come on, tell me what is it with physio that causes you to get in this state.”

Edward shook his head and said, “I can’t. I just can’t,” with tears rolling down his face.

Tom just held Edward and said, “Edward, please talk to me. Anything you tell me will not go any further than these four walls. I promise.”

Edward finally composed himself and said, “Well, around two years ago, I was playing soccer for the units’ team and got injured. I was taken to hospital and I had to have physio and the man forced himself on me.  I will not let that happen again.”

Tom had tears in his eyes and said, “Oh fucking hell. Was this physiotherapist called Gary Timpson?”

“Yeah, why do you know him?” Edward asked.

“Yes, unfortunately,” Tom said.

“He doesn’t work here, does he?” Edward asked.

“Oh hell no. He will be struck off shortly. He is in prison and is due to face attempted murder and rape charges,” Tom said.

“What, he tried to kill someone?” Edward asked.

“Yeah, he shot me when he escaped recently,” Tom said.

“Oh fuck. Why did he do that?” Edward asked.

“Well, he tried to set my husband up on fraud charges, and when he finally got caught he threatened to get us. Well, he escaped and he hid in bushes near my home, and took a shot I think it was meant for Ben, but hit me instead,” Tom said.

“Oh shit,” Edward said.

“He then went and raped a young lad, before finally getting caught, and he is now back behind bars where he belongs,” Tom said.

“He is a nutcase. To be honest, he really hurt me when he raped me,” Edward said.

“Now Edward, please don’t let that idiot ruin your life. And please don’t tar all physiotherapists with the same brush. They are good guys and girls, believe me. I should know, I am married to one,” Tom said.

“Umm, I don’t know,” Edward said.

“Ok, what if I ask Ben, my husband, to take your case on? I will come and sit in on all sessions until you feel safe,” Tom said.

“What, you will do that for me?” Edward said.

“Yes, if that’s what it takes, I will,” Tom said.

“Ok, I will give it a go,” Edward said.

“Ok, let me ask the nurse to page Ben,” Tom said.

“Ok,” Edward replied.

Tom came out of the room, saw one of the nursing staff and said “Hi Owen, can you page Ben for me please? And ask him to come to room 25, please.”

“No problem, Tom,” Owen replied.

Owen went over to the PA system and said, “Ben Andrews Rees to room 25 please.

Ben was surprised to be called, and headed over. He knew that Tom was visiting a client here today, but wasn’t sure of the case, as Tom doesn’t always disclose all his cases to him.

Tom arrived at room 25 and knocked. Tom opened the door and said, “Hi Ben, come on in.”

Tom then said, “This is Private Edward Garrison. He needs physio.”

Tom looked at Edward and said, “Edward was a former Gary Timpson client at the hospital.”

Ben noticed the way Tom looked at Edward and said, “Oh ok.”

“He was reluctant to undergo physio, as you can understand, but has agreed to undergo a couple of sessions on two conditions. One, that you do the session, and the other, he wants me to be present for at least the first couple,” Tom said.

“That is not a problem,” Ben replied.

Ben arranged the first session for the next day.


The Next Day


Tom arrived at Coldbrooke Hall, just in time for Edward’s first physiotherapy session. Edward was getting nervous that Tom wasn’t going to be there, but soon calmed down as Tom walked into the room the same time as Ben.

Tom walked over and said, “Sorry, I got held up but I am here now.”

Tom sat down and watched as Ben eased Edward into his first session. Edward was understandably nervous and tensed up whenever Ben touched his legs. Ben soon calmed him down and said, “Edward, I promise you whatever that idiot did to you will never happen here.”

Edward was surprised that Tom hadn’t told Ben the full story.

At the end of the session, Edward sat down and said to Ben, “Thank you.  I really think I can trust physios again. After what happened, I didn’t think I would, and I was crapping myself when I was told I had to have this treatment.”

Ben said, “Edward Gary Timpson was a rogue physio who shouldn’t have been practicing as long as he did.”


A few days later


Sergeant Tanya Grainger was going through a list of cases that have just landed on her desk. She was reading the names of the recent injuries in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, her commanding officer, Major Tim Jonson, was showing the unit commanding Colonel, Alex Reed around his office.

Tanya was looking at the files and picked up one, “Captain Matthew Taylor.”

Tanya was reading the file when Alex and Tim walked in, Tanya stood up and dropped the file on the floor.

Alex lent down and picked it up and saw the name and said, “Oh.”

Tanya and Tim looked at Alex and Tim said, “Everything alright, sir?”

“Yeah, I know this young man’s family well. I was on his late uncle’s case when he died out in Afghanistan a few years ago,” Alex said.

“Well, we have been having problems contacting his next of kin. Apparently they are out of the country,” Tanya said.

Alex said, “Ok, but I know someone who would know exactly where Rhys is.”

“Oh, who?” Tanya replied.

“Retired Colonel Tom Rees Andrews, and you can contact him at the Legions family support unit,” Alex said.

“Oh ok,” Tanya said.

“But, if you don’t mind, I would like to take this case on personally. Tom is a long standing friend of mine, and of course, was my predecessor in this role,” Alex said.

“Oh, that Tom Rees,” Tim said.

“Yeah, that one,” Alex said.

“So, how bad is Matt injured?” Alex enquired

“Well, his injuries are not life threatening. That’s really all I know at the moment. He was taken to Camp Bastian yesterday, and is due to be transferred to Selly Oak tomorrow morning,” Tanya said.

Alex said, “Ok.”

Alex took the file and said, “Ok, well I am off to see Tom and Ben.”


Alex arrived at the house where Tom and Ben lived, and was relieved to see both cars parked there.

Tom had just got in, and was sitting in the back lounge reading the local paper with Ben, when there was a knock at the door.

Ben got up and went to the front door. He spotted through the glass an Army officer in uniform. Ben went over and opened the door and saw Alex standing there.

“Hi Alex, long time no see,” Ben said.

“Hi Ben.Iis Tom in?” Alex said.

“Yeah come in,” Ben said.

Tom heard Alex’s voice and said, “Hi mate, what can we do for you?”

“Tom, it is not a social call, mate. I need to contact Rhys and Shaun. Matthew has been injured,” Alex said.

Tom said, “Oh fucking hell. How bad?”

“Well, not life threatening is all we know at the moment. He is due to be flown home tomorrow morning,” Alex said.

“Well, the lads are out in Spain at Shaun’s brother’s villa,” Tom said.

“Yeah, the hospital informed us that they were on holiday,” Alex said.

Tom said, “I will ring Rhys now.”

Tom picked up his phone and found Rhys’s number and pressed call.


Rhys and Shaun were enjoying one of their last days in the sun. They were due to fly back to the UK in two days. Rhys’s mobile started to ring. He spotted straight away that it was Tom and answered.

“Hi bro,” Rhys said.

“Hi Rhys,” Tom said.

“What’s wrong?” Rhys said straight way.

“Umm, no easy way to tell you on phone mate, but Matt’s been injured,” Tom said.

“Oh fucking hell. What you mean injured?” Rhys said.

Shaun spotted his husband getting upset and ran over and hugged him.

“Well, all we know is that he has been injured, but not life threatening injuries. He is due home tomorrow morning. We will know more then,” Tom said.

“Oh fucking hell. I knew he shouldn’t have gone to that godforsaken place,” Rhys said.

“Calm down,” Tom said.

“We will try and get a flight back tonight,” Rhys said.

“No, don’t do that. You are due home on Saturday anyhow. I will go to Selly Oak tomorrow, and will be there with him,” Tom said.

“Ok, thanks Tom,” Rhys said.

“No need to thank me. I have always said I will always be here for you and I mean it,” Tom said.

“I know Tom,” Rhys said.

Shaun took the phone and said, “Thanks Tom.”

“No probs, Shaun,” Tom said and rang off.


They will be home on Saturday. No point them rushing home tonight,” Tom said.

“No, true,” Alex said.


The Next Day


Tom and Ben arrived at Selly Oak, and were met by Alex.

“Hi both,” Alex said.

“Hey Alex,” Tom said.

“Right, Matthew arrive

d here two hours ago, and has been assessed and he’s now in ward 6,” Alex said.

“What are his injuries?” Tom asked.

“Well, mainly shrapnel wounds. It’s nothing life threatening or life changing, thank goodness,” Alex said.

“Yeah, that is good news,” Tom said.

“Anyway, he has been told that Rhys and Shaun are abroad until Saturday,” Alex said.

Tom said, “I take it he knows we are coming to see him as well?”

“Yeah, he said straight away I bet Uncle Tom will be here,” Alex said.

Tom laughed and said, “He knows me too well.”

Tom and Ben went to the ward and saw Matthew lying on his bed.

 Matthew smiled and said, “I knew you would be here.”

Tom said, “Well, nothings too much bother for my favourite nephew.”

Matthew laughed and said, “Well, I am your only nephew.”

Tom smiled and said, “Not strictly true, I have young Jason, Ben’s brother Tyler’s son.”

“Oh yeah,” Matthew said smiling.

“I spoke to your dad yesterday, and he wanted to come home straight away but as they were due home on Saturday anyhow, I persuaded them to stay,” Tom said.

“Oh ok,” Matthew said.

“He isn’t amused about you getting injured,” Tom said.

“I bet he isn’t. He never wanted me to join up,” Matthew said.

“I know, but as I told him, it is a good career. And just because your uncle died in combat, doesn’t mean you will,” Tom said.

“Yeah, he told me you said that,” Matthew said.

“Well, it is true. I went out there three times and never got injured, and Ben, well he had two      non-life-threatening injuries, but he went out there more than me,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I just can’t wait to get back to my unit, to be honest,” Matthew said.

“Yeah, you sound like Ben did when he was injured,” Tom said smiling.

Matthew laughed and said, “I suppose it is that way for all soldiers.”

“Yeah,” Tom said.

“Well, you have had a crazy few months as well,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I have, but things are finally getting back to normal now. Well, as much as normal as our life is,” Tom said.

“So, the unit are still out there or are they home?” Tom asked.

“No, they’re still out there, and as soon as I am fit, I am going back to join them. I don’t like leaving my men out there while I am home,” Matthew said.

“Matthew, you are not the first commanding officer to be injured out there and I am sure you won’t be the last. Now don’t think like that, ok?” Tom said.

“Ok. I know, but I am a new unit commander, and I get injured on my first tour, doesn’t look good on my record,” Matthew said.

“Typical soldier,” Tom said.

 “Yeah, I suppose,” Matthew said.

“Look Matt, listen to me. The Army wouldn’t have put you in command if they didn’t think you couldn’t do the job, and getting injured is just one of those things. If I remember correctly, my friend Brad was injured on his first tour, and it didn’t do him any harm,” Tom said.

Tom said, “Anyway, Matthew, I am going to go to dad’s place for a while. I will be back later, ok?”

“Ok, thanks Tom,” Matthew said.


Tom and Ben left the hospital and rang Brad.

Tom explained to Brad on how worried Matthew was about possibly losing his command, and asked if he could go and talk to him.

Brad told Tom he would.

Tom and Ben arrived at the house where Rhys and Shaun lives, and opened the door and went in.


Tom made a cup of tea for Ben and him and sat there reading the evening paper, which he had bought in the hospital shop. He rang Jon and filled him onto the condition of his cousin.

Ben said, “You think Brad will help Matt?”

“I hope so,” Tom said.


A Couple of Days Later


Tom was waiting at Robin Hood airport, as Rhys and Shaun landed from their holiday. Tom smiled, as he saw Rhys looking tanned and relaxed, come through from arrivals. Tom had kept Rhys informed on the condition of Matt. Tom knew that the men would want to go straight to the hospital.

Tom said, “Hey nice holiday?”

Rhys said, “Yeah, it was great, but since the news of Matthew, it wasn’t so good.”

Tom said, “Seriously bro, he is ok. Just a bit of a bruised ego, to be honest.”

Shaun said, “Oh, not happy is he?”

“To be honest, I think he is worried that he might be lose his command,” Tom said.

“Oh, is that all he is worried about? Wait till I see him,” Rhys growled.

Tom laughed and said, “Yeah, he knows that as well.”


Tom drove to Selly Oak hospital and said, “Right guys, he is in ward 6.”

Rhys and Shaun said, “Thanks Tom”

Tom smiled and said, “Right guys. I will drop your suitcases at the house for you, then I have to get to Coldbrooke Hall for a meeting. I will ring you later, ok?”

“Yeah, thanks Tom,“ Rhys said.

“No probs, bro,” Tom replied.


Tom drove off.

Rhys and Shaun walked upstairs, and went into ward 6 to see charge nurse Alison West.

“Hi Alison, we are back,” Shaun said smiling.

“Oh, hi lads. I take it you want to see Matt?” Alison said.

“Yeah, I know its outside visiting time but can us” Rhys said.

“Of course you can. He is in there,” Alison said.

“Thanks Alison,” Shaun said.

“No probs lads,” Alison said smiling.

Rhys walked into the ward and saw Matt sitting there listening to his iPod

Matt saw his dad and smiled, and pulled his headphones out and said, “Hi dad.”

Rhys hugged Matt and said, “Don’t you hi dad me. You had me worried sick when your Uncle Tom phoned me.”

“Sorry dad,” Matt said blushing.

Shaun smiled and said “So, you ok, son? Tom said you were worried about your command.”

“Yeah, but Uncle Toms friend Brad came by last night. He spoke to me and I think I should be ok,” Matt said smiling.

“Well that’s good then son,” Shaun said.

“Yeah, I hope so,” Matt said.


Later That Day


It was visiting time at the hospital, and Matt sat there, when he spotted his commanding officer, Lt Colonel Gregory Thompson, walk in. Matt was nervous as Greg walked over.

“Good evening, Matthew. How are you?” Greg asked.

“Yeah, getting there thanks sir. I should be out of here by the weekend,” Matthew replied.

“That’s good, because we need you back in command ASAP,” Greg said.

Matthew smiled and said, “So, I will still be in command then sir?”

“Absolutely, Matthew, you did everything by the book, so there is no reason to remove you from your post, young man. Just because you got injured on your first tour doesn’t mean you are a weak commander,” Greg said.

“Well, thanks sir. I hope I prove you right,” Matthew said.

Tom arrived at the hospital with Rhys and they walked into the ward to see the Lt Colonel  there.

Rhys said, “Who is that with Matt?”

Tom smiled “Looks like his boss.”

Rhys and Tom walked over and Greg said, “Sorry, I was just leaving.”

“No, that’s not a problem, Lt Colonel,” Rhys said.

“I was just telling Matthew we are looking forward to have him back,” Greg said.

Tom smiled and said, “Yeah, Matthew will be glad to go back, to be honest.”

Greg looked at Tom, and then realised who he was and said, “Sorry sir. I didn’t recognise you.”

Tom laughed and said, “Not a problem, Lt Colonel.”

Greg said, “Matthew is one of the best unit commanders we have had for a long time and we don’t want to lose him.”

Rhys smiled and said, “He must follow his late uncle.”

Tom laughed and said, “Doubt that. Matthew never wanted to be a unit commander.”

“No, I suppose not then, maybe he follows his adopted uncle then,” Rhys said smiling.

Greg said, “Could well be. Tom was a good commanding officer.”

Tom smiled and said, “Maybe he does follow me.”

Greg then said, “So, you had an uncle in the Army. I didn’t know that.”

Matthew said, “Yeah, I never met him though. He died just before I was born.”

“Yeah, he died out in Helmand,” Tom said.

“Oh, one of our heroes then,” Greg said.

“Yeah, I was in the same unit as Matthew’s uncle, and was there when he died,” Tom said.

“Who would have thought that was nearly 21 years ago, though,” Rhys said.

“I know,” Tom said.


A Few Days Later


Rhys and Shaun had now returned to work at the hospital, and Matthew was finally discharged yesterday. He was granted a few days leave, but will return to his barracks later in the week.

Tom was at Coldbrooke, with Edward and Ben, as Edward underwent his latest physio session. At the end of the session, Edward spoke to Tom.

“Thanks for being here for me for the last few days, Tom. But I think I will be ok now. I know you have other clients to see,” Edward said.

“Hey, I really don’t mind. It has been nice spending a bit more time with Ben,” Tom said.

Edward smiled and said, “Glad I can be of ass


Tom laughed and said, “But if you are sure you will be ok now, I will leave you to it.”

“Yeah, but thanks Tom. I mean it. I doubt I would have gone through with this without your help,” Edward said.

“Only doing my job,” Tom said smiling.

Ben laughed and said, “He always says that.”

Tom blew a kiss at Ben

Ben laughed and said, “You are an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I am your idiot, and don’t you forget it,” Tom said laughing.

“Yeah, the one and only,” Ben said.

Edward laughed and said, “I don’t know about young love. You two are very much in love.”

“Yeah, love at first sight,” Ben said.

Tom laughed and said, “Yeah, sure was.”

“I wish I could find a special person to spend my life with, but I always attract the wrong type,” Edward said.

Ben smiled and said, “I am sure miss right is out there for you, Ed.”

“Nope, no miss right. Maybe a Mr. Right,” Edward said smiling.

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Ben said.

Edward laughed and said, “Well, I don’t flaunt it. I am in the Army you know.”

“Yeah, we know exactly what you are saying,” Tom said.

“So, you got anyone who you have your eye on?” Ben asked.

Edward blushed and said, “yeah, we have a cute new private just come into the unit, Ian. God, he has a cute arse.”

Ben and Tom laughed and Tom said, “And is he gay?”

“Well, I think so. We made out one night, but then I got injured, so it hasn’t gone anywhere since,” Edward said.

“Oh, ok and I take it he hasn’t been here to see you either?” Tom said.

“Well, the unit only got home yesterday,” Edward replied.

“Right. Well I am sure he will visit,” Ben said.

“I hope so,” Edward said.

Edward said, “I am not sure if I am ready for a sexual relationship yet, after the rape, but I hope I will get over it.”

Ben, of course hadn’t been told about the rape, and said, “What rape?”

Edward said, “Oh, I thought Tom had told you, sorry.”

Tom said, “Client confidentiality. I am not allowed to.”

“Oh ok,” Edward said.

“I knew you were a former Gary Timpson patient, but didn’t actually know he raped you,” Ben said.


“Yeah,” Edward said.

“I am so sorry, Edward,” Ben said.

“Hey, it is not your fault. I just wish I was brave enough to report it at the time, and then maybe he wouldn’t have raped those others,” Edward said.

“What? You haven’t reported it?” Ben said.

“No, I don’t want to either,” Edward said.

“Well, that’s your choice, Ed,” Ben said.

“Yeah,” Edward replied.

“And, like Tom, I am not allowed to disclose anything. Patient confidentiality is key at all times,” Ben said.

Tom walked with Edward back to his room, when Edward stopped in his tracks and said, “Shit, Ian.”

Tom spotted a young lad dressed in his full combat uniform. Tom could see why Edward liked him he was well hot.

Ian spotted Edward and ran to him and hugged him and said, “Thank god, I thought I had lost you.”

Ian then kissed Edward in the corridor.

Edward blushed and said, “Hey, it’s so good to see you.”

Tom just stood there smiling.

Ian spotted Tom and said, “Oops, didn’t realise you had company.”

Edward smiled and said, “Ian, meet retired Colonel Tom Rees Andrews.”

Ian said, “Pleased to meet you, sir. Sorry about that.”

Tom laughed and said, “Don’t apologise, young man. Just think there is a place for everything, and maybe next time at least wait until you are in his room.”

Ian blushed and said, “What, you don’t mind if I kiss him?”

“Hell no.  I remember when my husband was injured, and we made out in the toilet in room 3 at ward 5 at Selly Oak,” Tom said.

“Oh wow, so you are gay?” Ian said.

“Yes, Ian. I am gay and my husband is Edwards’s physiotherapist,” Tom said.

“Oh, so you are finally having the treatment then?” Ian said.

“Yeah, after Tom spoke to me,” Edward said.

“Well, I am glad,” Ian said.

Tom realised that Ian knew the full story and whispered, “he knows then?”

Edward nodded yes.

Edward then said, “Ian, that guy who raped me is in nick.”

“That’s good news, babes,” Ian said.

“Yeah, and hopefully he will never come out for a good few years,” Tom said.


Tom left Ian and Edward in Edwards’s room.