Love in the Army

Chapter 13


Private Edward Garrison has finally rejoined his unit and was settling back into barracks life. He had his new boyfriend, Private Ian Talbot, with him and despite them trying to keep their relationship private, the members of the unit all knew about them.


Captain Matthew Taylor has also rejoined his unit back in Afghanistan. Rhys, his dad, was still worried about his son, but knew he couldn’t stop him.

Matthew felt like he had never been away. Matthew was in his tent at base camp, when a young man, Private Gary Monk, came in and said, “Sir can I speak to you please?”

Matthew always had time for his men and said, “yeah sure Gary.”

Gary sat down and said, “umm, I have a problem that I don’t know how to deal with.”

“Oh, what kind of problem are we talking about?” Matthew asked.

“It’s my wife. She has stopped writing and communicating with me. And the last text I got she sounded depressed. I am worried she might do something stupid. When I spoke to my mum earlier, she told me she doesn’t know where she is,” Gary said with tears in his eyes.

“Oh right,” Matthew replied.

“The last time I spoke to her, she was depressed. She recently lost her job when the firm she worked for went bust. And I am really worried she might do something stupid,” Gary said with more tears rolling down his face.

“Ok, what I am going to do is to speak to a friend of my uncles, who heads up the family support unit, and see if this is a case they can help with,” Matthew said.

“Ok thanks sir,” Gary said.

“Ok, now first thing, Gary, don’t call me sir unless I am with another commanding officer,” Matthew said.

“Ok, thanks Matthew,” Gary replied.

“Now leave it with me. I will try and contact Alex and see what he can do,” Matthew said.

Gary left the tent


Matthew used the satellite phone to contact Alex.


Alex was in his office when Todd buzzed.

“Yes, Todd?” Alex asked.

“Captain Matthew Taylor on the line from Afghanistan for you,” Todd said.

“Oh ok,” Alex said.

“Hi Matt. How’s things?” Alex said.

“Yeah I am ok, Alex, but I need your help for a young private of mine,” Matthew said.

“Oh, what kind of help do you need mate?” Alex said.

“Well, it’s his wife.She has disappeared from the family home, and has cut all communication with him. He is worried,” Matthew said.

“Oh, that sounds like a wife that’s left him. Doesn’t it?” Alex said.

“I am not sure about that. He showed me the last text he received and she sounded depressed. She has recently lost her job,” Matthew said.

“Umm, ok send me all his details and I will start an investigation for you. Ok?” Alex said.

“Thanks Alex. I will email the details straight away,” Matthew said.

“Ok Matthew, speak again soon. Take care,” Alex said and rung off.

Alex thought to himself, just like his adopted Uncle Tom. Always worrying about other people.


Matthew sent Gary’s information to Alex.


Alex took the case on himself and started to look into the case. He checked the Army home they shared, and using a pass key found all of Sally’s clothes were still in the wardrobe. Alex also noticed that there was a fridge full of food. The more Alex looked round, the more concerned he got.

Alex knew he needed to hand this case over to the military police, and called the barrack commander in. Colonel Philip Anderson had been the barrack commander at Highton Barracks for a few years, and knew the family well. His wife thought that Sally had gone away for a few days, but didn’t know where.



A local walker along the Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, spotted what looked like a woman jumping off the cliffs. He immediately contacted the police.

Sussex police responded, alongside the coastguard, and an hour or so later a body of a young female was brought up.

The police looked for identification on the woman, and found her pass to Highton barracks. The police realised that this woman was a military wife, and they immediately contacted to royal military police to take over the case.

Colonel Anderson contacted Alex, as soon as he was informed of the death, and Alex finally after trying a few times, made contact with Matthew.

Sally’s mum formally identified her the next day and was devastated.

Matthew was devastated when he received the news, and called his assistant private, Darren Reed, and asked him to find Gary, and ask him to come to his tent.

Darren found Gary in the mess tent with a group of lads and walked over and said, “Gary? Matthew wants to see you."

“Ok thanks Darren,” Gary replied.

“I d better go and see him,” Gary said. He left the tent and headed towards Matt’s tent.

Gary walked in and said, “any news sir?”

Matthew said, “Gary, please sit down.”

Gary sat down wondering if it was bad or good news.

Matthew then said, “Gary, I am sorry. There is no easy way to say this. Gary, but Sussex Police recovered a body off Beachy Head yesterday afternoon. And it was formally identified as Sally.”

Gary looked at Matthew and broke down crying.

Matthew called Darren and said, “Darren, can you find Robbo for me please?”

Lance corporal Robert “Robbo” Jameson is Gary’s best mate. They had grown up together in Birmingham and joined up the same day.

Robbo was in the mess tent with a few of the others, when Darren walked in and went over to Robbo and said, “Matthew wants to see you mate.”

“Ok, thanks Darren.” Robbo replied, and headed off thinking what have I done now.

Robbo walked over to Matthews’s tent and walked in and spotted the crying Gary.

Robbo immediately ran over and said, “what the fuck!”

Matthew said, “umm, Gary is going to need you mate. His wife has committed suicide.”

 “Why the fuck did she do that?” Robbo replied.

“She was depressed after losing her job, stupid bitch,” Gary replied breaking down again.

Robbo shook his head and said, “I am so sorry mate.”

Matthew stood up and said, “I'll leave you two alone for a while.  I need to tell the lads what’s going on.”

“Thanks sir,” Robbo said.

Robbo hugged his friend and said, “I am here for you mate.”


Matthew called Sergeant Jack Limington and informed him what had happened. He told him to get all the lads together. He also told Jack that Robbo was with Gary.

Jack got all the unit together in the mess tent, and the men were wondering what was going on.

The lads all stood up in the mess tent when Matt walked in.

“Attention,” Jack called out.

“At ease gentlemen,” Matthew said.

“Ok guys. I won’t keep you long, but I have to give you some news. Some of the guys here know that Private Monk has been trying to contact his wife for the past few days without any success. I received a phone call, earlier today, from Colonel Alex Mills, head of the family support unit, informing me that Sussex police had recovered a body of a woman from the bottom of Beachy Head. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that the woman was Sally Monk. As you can understand, Gary is in pieces and as soon as I can organise, he will return to the UK. I ask you all to try and support Gary in this sad time. Robbo is with Gary and will be returning home with Gary.”.

  Nearly all the lads in the unit were crying. Jack was also in tears and shouted, “dismissed.”

A group of the lads later went into the tent where Gary and Robbo were and sat down with Gary. Gary felt like he had good friends in this unit.


The next Morning

Gary and Robbo were dispatched to the airfield for the return journey home to the UK. Gary was still in a bad way and Robbo was finding it hard to help him. Finally they were on a plane and in the air.


Alex was waiting at RAF Brize Norton awaiting the plane.

The plane landed a few hours later and the two young soldiers were glad to be on home soil again.

Alex spotted the two young men and walked over and said, “hi I am Colonel Alex Mills, from the family support unit.”

Gary said, “Hi sir. I am Private Gary Monk and this is my best mate lance corporal Robert Jameson.”

“First of all Gary, I am sorry to have met you in these sad circumstances. Please accept my deepest condolences,” Alex said.

“Thank you sir,” Gary said.

“My car is over here. I will take you home to your mother. She is waiting on your return,” Alex said.

“What, she knows I am coming home?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, I have been in communication with her since yesterday,” Alex said.

“Oh ok. Is she ok?” Robbo asked.

“Yeah, she is trying hard not to break down completely, I think,” Alex said.

“That’s the way mum is. She bottles it up and then she will lose it afterward,” Gary replied.

Alex noticed that Robert had had his arm round Gary since they had landed and could tell that these two were really good mates.

“So Robert, have you know Gary long?” Alex asked.

“Call me Robbo, everyone else does, and yeah we grew up on the same estate in Birmingham and joined up on the same day and I was Gary’s best man,” Robbo said.

“Well, it’s good to see Gary will have someone to help him through this. How long are you home for, Robbo?” Alex said.

“Captain Taylor gave me two weeks compassionate leave,” Robbo said.

“Well that’s good,” Alex said.



Alex pulled up outside the house on the inner city estate in Birmingham. The front door opened to see Mrs Monk, standing there as her son and his best mate both got out of the car. Robbo put his arm round Gary, as he led him up the path to the door. Jackie Monk hugged her son and said, “I am so sorry, son.”

Jackie then said, “hi Robbo. Thanks for bringing him home.”

“No worries mum Jackie,” Robbo said smiling.

Alex carried the lad’s kit into the house and Robbo said, “oh mum, this is Colonel Mills from the family support unit.”

“Hi Alex, we finally meet,” Jackie said.

“Yeah,” Alex said smiling.

Jackie sat next to Gary and put her arm round him and said, “Sally’s mum phoned earlier. The coroner won’t release her body yet, so we have no idea when the funeral is going to be.”

Robbo said, “well, let’s hope it is in next two weeks before I have to go back.”

“What I hoped you would be home longer,” Jackie said.

“Well, Gary is on long term compassionate leave, but Robbo has to go back in two weeks,” Alex said.

“Oh ok,” Jackie said.

A couple of hours later

Robbo was enjoying being home, even if it was in these sad circumstances.

Robbo then said, “Alex are you staying for a while?”

“Yes why?” Alex said.

“Well, I was thinking I might need to pay a visit to my mum’s. She don’t know I am home, and would be angry if I don’t visit,” Robbo said.

“Well of course,” Alex said.

Robbo looked at Gary and said, “you be ok if I pop home for a while?”

Gary said, “Yeah I am ok mate. You go.”

Robbo walked over and hugged Gary and said, “I will be back later, ok.”

“Yeah ok,” Gary said.


Robbo left the house and headed around the corner to his mums house. Robbo’s mum, Paula, was in the front kitchen looking out the window. She gasped as she saw her oldest son Rob walking up the path.

Paula ran out of the kitchen and opened the door and said, “what the hell?”

Robbo smiled and said, “Surprise!”

Paula hugged her son and said, “so spill, why are you home then?”

Robbo smiled and said, “I have two weeks off with Gary. Sally has died”

Paula saw the tears in her son’s eyes and said, “oh fuck”.


Robbo’s younger brother Joe arrived home from school. He walked into the lounge and did a double take when he saw Robbo sat there.

Robbo said, “hey Scamp.”

Joe smiled and said, “what the hell are you doing home, Robbo?”

“Long story, Scamp. Come here,” Robbo said.

Joe walked over and Robbo hugged his younger brother and said, “god you are growing up.”

Joe laughed and said, “so why you home?”

“Well, Gary’s wife has died. I have come home with him for moral support, to be honest,” Robbo said.

“How long you home for?” Joe asked

“Just two weeks, Scamp,” Robbo said.

Joe smiled and said, “cool.”

Robbo laughed and said, “it does feel good to be home.”

Paula said, “yeah, it is nice to see you home safe, even if it is just for a short while.”

The two weeks were soon flying by.

Robbo was enjoying being home, but knew he would have to go back and leave Gary home.

Robbo spent most of the time with Gary, but also tried to spend some time with his mum and brother.

Robbo had his kit all packed and was ready to return to Brize Norton for his flight tomorrow. He wasn’t really happy, as he had hoped he would be home for the funeral. Robbo was sat with Gary and said, “you know mate, I don’t want to go back.”

“Yeah but you have to. You can’t go AWOL mate,” Gary said.

“Yeah I know,” Robbo replied.

The next morning

Robbo was up early, as was Gary. Alex arrived shortly after 8am to take Robbo to Brize Norton. Robbo’s mum and brother, and Gary’s mum, all stood and waved him off. Gary insisted on going to see his best friend off, so he was in the car with Robbo and Alex.

They arrived a couple of hours later, and Robbo hugged Gary and said, “I will miss you mate.”

Gary had tears in his eyes and said, “yeah me too, and thanks for being here for me mate.”

“Hey, you might be a shit but you are my shit, don’t you forget it,” Robbo said.

Robbo waved as he went into the plane.

Robbo sat down and felt the tears going down his face, as the plane taxied on the runway.

Gary watched, as the plane carrying his best mate back to Afghanistan, took off from RAF Brize Norton. Robbo didn’t want to go back, but as he was only given two weeks, he had no choice. The coroner still hadn’t released the body, so Robbo would miss the funeral.


Robbo arrived back at the base camp later that day.

Matthew saw him and said, “Robbo, how things with Gary mate?”

“Not good, to be honest. The coroner is being a pain and still hasn’t released the body for burial,” Robbo said.

“Yeah, Alex told me that when I spoke to him yesterday,” Matthew said.

“Gary is in pieces. I wish they would hurry up so that he can at least have some closure,” Robbo said.

“Yeah, but these things always take time. I suppose the coroner has a job to do and he doesn’t want to rush it,” Matt said.

“Yeah I suppose so,” Robbo replied.


A couple of days later

Things were starting to get back to normal in the unit, with a temporary replacement arriving for Gary, the unit was back up to full strength. Matthew still hasn’t been told when Sally’s funeral is. Robbo has started to get back into the thick of the action, as always. He was still missing his mate but as a popular member of the unit, so he was kept busy.


Gary, meanwhile, finally had the news he had been waiting for. The coroner has finally released Sally’s body, so now he could get the funeral arrangements sorted. He contacted a local undertaker to deal with the details.

Alex was informed that the funeral had been arranged for the following Wednesday, at the local parish church.


Alex knew that Matt would want to know, so he tried to contact him.



Matthew answered the satellite phone and said, “hello.”

“Hi Matthew, its Alex Mills mate,” Alex replied.

“Hi Alex, nice to hear from you. Is there any news?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, the coroner has finally released the body and the funeral is next Wednesday at St Matthews’s church, on the estate in Birmingham,”. Alex said.

“Well, ok thanks mate.  I will try and get there,” Matt said.

“He would like that. I am sure,” Alex said.

“Well, it depends if I can get back mate,” Matt said.

“Yeah, I understand that. So maybe I won’t tell him,” Alex said.

“Yeah, might be a good idea not to, just in case,” Matt said.

Matt left the tent and went into the mess tent. The men stood and saluted but Matt dismissed them. He walked over to Robbo and said “Robbo, can I speak to you in private please?”

“Sure sir,” Robbo replied.

Matt and Robbo went to a different part of the tent and Matthew said, “just had some news, mate. Sally’s funeral is next Wednesday.”

“Oh finally. At least Gary will get some closure then,” Robbo said.

Matt could tell Robbo was unhappy and said, “I am going to try to get back. So that I can go to the funeral.”

“Oh that would be good sir,” Robbo said.

“Well, Robbo, I thought I would let you know,” Matt said.

“Yeah thanks sir,” Robbo replied.


Matt went back to his tent and felt sorry for Robbo. He immediately spoke to Alex, and decided, after speaking to Alex, that he should let Robbo go home for the funeral. Matthew wrote out a three week pass for Robbo


Matthew called Darren and said, “Darren, ask Robbo to come and see me please.”

“No probs,” Darren said.

Robbo was sat in his tent, after just coming in from a patrol. He was thinking about Gary and felt a tear run down his face. He pushed it away and thought to himself, “come on, get yourself together.”

Darren walked in and walked over to Robbo’s bed and asked “you ok, Robbo?”

“Yeah, I am ok mate,” Robbo said.

“Matthew wants to see you mate,” Darren said.

“Ok thanks,” Robbo replied.


Since all this has been going on, Robbo had became quite good friends with his commanding officer. He arrived at Matt’s tent and said, “hi sir, you wanted to see me?”

“Yeah Robbo, take a seat mate,” Matt said.

Robbo sat down.

“Right mate.  I know how close you and Gary are, and after speaking to Colonel Mills and my commanding officers, it was decided that you should be granted leave to attend Sally’s funeral mate,” Matt said.

Robbo was shocked and said, “but I had two weeks when she died?”

“Yeah that was compassionate leave, and this time it is three week pass for leave,” Matthew said.

“Oh ok, thanks a lot Matt. I know it will mean a lot to Gary as well,” Robbo said smiling.

“Yeah, and I hope to be there for the funeral as well, but don’t tell Gary, just in case I can’t get back in time ok,” Matthew said.

Robbo said, “Ok, no problem sir.”


Robbo flew out of Afghanistan later that day.

Robbo arrived at Brize Norton and had to make his own way home. He was waiting at the station for a train to London, where he will catch another train home to Birmingham. Robbo was standing on the platform at the station when an announcement came over the PA system. “The next train to London has been cancelled due a train breakdown,”. Robbo was understandably upset, as this would mean that he would miss his connecting train to Birmingham.

Robbo sat on a bench and waited there. He was sat there for a while when a young man dressed in a suit sat down next to him. The young man said “I hate this when they cancel the trains.”

“Yeah, it’s a pain in the arse to be honest,” Robbo replied.

“I am James,” James said.

“Hi I am Robert, but most people call me Robbo,” Robbo replied.

“So you are in the Army then?” James asked.

“Yeah, i am a lance corporal. I just got back from Afghanistan this morning, going home to a mate’s wife’s funeral.” Robbo said.

“Oh ok,” James said.

“But it looks like i am not going to get home today, so i have just booked into that Travelodge over there for the night,” Robbo said

“Umm why, the next train to London is in two hours” James said.

“Yeah, but by the time that gets into London, the last train to Birmingham will have left, and i am not paying the prices to stay in London” Robbo said.

“Oh I hadn’t thought of that,” James said.

“So where was you going?” Robbo asked.

“Oh, I was going home to Manchester” James said.

“So, are you going to catch the next train up then?” Robbo asked.

“Well yeah,” James said.

Just as they were talking, an announcement was made. “Due to operational difficulties, all services to London have been suspended for tonight. All passengers with tickets, please call at the ticket office for further information. On behalf of first great western, we apologise for any inconvenience however caused.”

“Well fuck me,” James said.

 i haven’t got that much money on me, and I have maxed out my credit card. My ticket is valid for tomorrow as well, but I might just stay and sleep here,” James said.

Robbo laughed and said, “well, why don’t you come with me and stay at the Travelodge?”

“Well you need to get a room first. All the passengers will be headed there,” James said smiling.

Robbo laughed and said, “already booked it mate.”

“Umm, I don’t want to intrude,” James said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Robbo said.

“Well if you don’t mind,” James said standing up.

Robbo smiled and the two men walked downstairs into the concourse of the station to see chaos. The two men walked up to the barrier and Robbo spoke to the guy standing there. Robbo has a pass that allows him free travel and he showed it to the guy. The man checked James’s ticket and said, “this will be valid from 10am tomorrow.”

James said “ok thanks,” and the two men left the station and headed to the nearby hotel. They walked into the reception area to see more chaos as people tried to book rooms. Robbo walked over and one of the staff said “sorry sir, we are full.”

“i have a reservation. I booked it early online, Lance corporal Robert Jamieson.”

The receptionist checked the computer and said, “that’s right sir, a twin room.”

“Yeah,” Robbo said smiling.

Robbo accepted his key and the two men headed upstairs to room 48.

Robbo opened the door with his pass card and let James in first. The receptionist had made a mistake and had booked them a double room. James smiled and said “oh shit.”

Robbo closed the door and said, “well they are full, so this will have to do.”

Robbo felt his cock hardened, at the thought of sharing a bed with James.

James smiled and said,“don’t know what my wife would say about me sharing a bed with a strange man.”


Robbo laughed and said “well I don’t make a habit of picking up strange men at train stations either”

Robbo put his kit bag down and sat on the bed. James went into the bathroom. Robbo thought to himself “fuck”

James looked at the mirror and thought “shit how the hell am i going to keep my hands off him”

James even though he had married his childhood sweetheart two years ago had always knew he was gay. He managed to keep his thoughts in check until recently he met a man and they had the most amazing sex. He saw the man a few times after that and it was on one of those occasions that his wife Dawn caught them in bed. That was three weeks ago and James was now going home to visit his parents to tell them that his marriage was over.

James came out of the bathroom.

Robbo was undressing and James stood there watching as the hunky six foot blonde haired soldier stripped down to his boxers. Robbo looked up and smiled and said “like what you see?”

James just nodded as Robbo walked over and grabbed him and the two men fell into the bed. Robbo soon had James naked and was kissing him. James was in heaven as Robbo sucked on his rock hard six inch uncut cock. James groaned louder and louder as Robbo expertly sucked his cock more and more. James screamed “fuck!"  as his cock throbbed and sprayed a huge load of his cum into Robbo’s mouth. Robbo tried to swallow as much as he could, but some escaped and ran down his face. Robbo pulled his mouth off just as James’s cock gave one lat throb, landing another load of cum onto Robbo’s face and hair.

James soon returned the favour and was sucking on Robbo’s cock.

The two men were exhausted after their coming together, and soon drifted off to sleep.

Robbo woke up early next morning, and looked at James as he slept and thought, “wow, what a sexy fucker.” James opened his eyes and saw Robbo looking at him and said, “morning.”

Robbo smiled and went and kissed James and said, “morning sexy.”

James laughed and said, “thanks, but you are the sexy one, not me.”

Robbo laughed and said, “you need to go to specsavers.”

James smiled and kissed Robbo and then slowly went down and started to suck on Robbo’s cock. Robbo was moaning louder and louder, as James sucked his cock. Robbo gave out a loud groan as his cock throbbed and sent load after load of his cum into James mouth. James pulled off just as Robbo’s cock gave one last throb covering James’s face with a load of cum. Robbo laughed and said, “wow, you are too good at that.”

James laughed and said, “so you going to return the favour then?”

Robbo laughed and said, “no.”

James looked surprised but the saw Robbo stand up and bend over the bed and Robbo said “I want to be fucked.”

James said, “wow.”

James moved behind Robbo and lined his cock up and slowly pushed into Robbo’s arse. Robbo groaned, as he felt James‘s cock push into his arse. James soon started to push his cock in and out of Robbo’s arse. Robbo’s cock was now rock hard again. Robbo was moaning and groaning as James fucked his arse faster and faster. Robbo’s cock was dripping precum. James shouted “fuck, this arse is tight” as he pushed his cock in and out. James then screamed, “oh fuck,” as he felt his cock throb, sending a huge load of his cum up into Robbo. Robbo’s own cock throbbed sending a huge load of his cum flying all over the bed.

James pulled Robbo up and kissed him and said, “fuck, you are one hot fuck.”

Robbo laughed and said, “yeah, been a while since I had a good fucking.”

The two men headed to the shower and soon were getting ready to catch their train to London.

Robbo and James headed to the nearby McDonalds, to get something to eat, and then went into the station..

The train to London actually arrived on time and the two men started their journey sitting next to each other.

The train pulled into London a few hours later and James and Robbo had to move to a different station for an onward journey to Birmingham new street and Manchester Piccadilly.

They joined the train and again they sat next each other and were laughing and joking all the way. Too soon, it seemed, when the guard came over the pa next station stop is Birmingham New Street. Robbo looked at James and said “well babes, it’s time to say goodbye.”

James said, “yeah”

Robbo smiled and lent in and kissed James and said, “keep in touch, ok.”

James laughed and said, “will do, babes.”

Robbo grabbed his kit bag off the overhead and headed off the train. He waited on the platform and waved to James, as the train pulled off. Robbo was really happy and left the station and got a taxi home to his mums.

James was in tears as the train pulled off. He had felt that he had met his soul mate with Robbo.

Robbo paid the taxi driver and thanked him.

Robbo walked up the path and let himself in. The house was empty, but Robbo knew his mum was probably at work and Joe would be in school. Robbo took his kit bag upstairs into his bedroom and put his stuff away into the wardrobe and drawers. Robbo went back downstairs to make himself a cup of tea and smiled when he saw he had a text from James.

Hi sexy

Missing you love James xxx

Robbo laughed and replied, “missing you too sexy”

Robbo then left the house, grabbing his keys and headed down the road to Gary’s house.

Robbo walked up the path and knocked on the door.


Gary was sat at his PC when he heard the door. He listened but couldn’t tell who his mum was talking to, thinking it was another neighbour saying how sorry they were Gary went back to his email. Gary had sent an email yesterday to Robbo and was concerned that he hadn’t replied.

Jackie was happy to see Robbo. She had been trying to get Gary out of his room for nearly two days, and he had refused.

“So, when did you get back?” Jackie asked.

“Well, I landed yesterday, but couldn’t get a train home until this morning,” Robbo said.

“Oh well, I am glad you are home now. Get up there and sort him out for me please,” Jackie said.

Robbo laughed and said, “yes maam.”

Jackie laughed and saidm “please Robbo, he has been like a bear with a sore head for the last few days.”

“Well, I suppose you can understand it, but I will try my best,” Robbo said.


Robbo walked upstairs and went to Gary’s room and knocked the door

“Mum, leave me alone and go away. I don’t want to talk to some neighbour, thanks,” Gary shouted.

Robbo opened the door and said, “that’s nice. I travelled thousands of miles to see you and that’s the welcome I get.”

Gary jumped and hugged Robbo and said, “I was worried. I emailed you yesterday.”

Robbo laughed and said, “well I was on way home.”

Gary smiled and said “so,how come you got home again?”

Robbo smiled and said, “Captain Taylor organised it for me.”

“He is a good guy,” Gary said

“Yeah, he is,” Robbo said.

Robbo’s phone bleeped and Robbo pulled it out of pocket and saw it was from James, He smiled and opened it and saw, “love you xxx James”

Gary noticed Robb smiling and said, “fuck, you got laid.”

Robbo said, “shut up.”

“You did, didn’t you?” Gary said pushing Robbo.

Robbo said, “fuck off.”

Robbo didn’t know that Gary knew he was gay. He was careful not to tell him anything. Gary decided it was now or never and said, “so what was he like?”

Robbo looked gobsmacked and said, “umm how did you know it was a bloke?”

Gary smiled and said, “come on Robbo, I really don’t care who you shag. You are my best friend and you can’t hide anything from me, Mr.”

Robbo was in tears and said, “fuck, I thought I hid it well.”

Gary said, “nah, I always knew you were mate. I remember the way you and Simon Harris were in school.”

Robbo looked surprised and remembered Simon with a smile.

“You did, didn’t you? I can’t believe you actually shagged Simon Harris?” Gary said laughing.

“Mind your own business,” Robbo said laughing.

Robbo then said, “yeah, he was a good fuck.”

“Wow, too much info but, where did you manage to get somewhere to do it?” Gary asked.

Robbo said, “Well, you remember my aunty Helen, mums late sister? We did it at her house.” 

“Fucking dirty bastard,” Gary said smiling.

Robbo laughed and said, “you can shut up. Remember Tina Deeley?”

Gary laughed and said, “oh fuck. I forgot about that bitch.”

Robbo said, “Yeah, I really thought she was the one for you,” 

“Fuck off. She was shagging six others behind my back,” Gary said smiling.

“Yeah,” Robbo said.

Robbo then smiled and said, “oh, and her sexy brother, Carl? What a stud.”

Gary laughed and said, “what, you fucked Carl?”

Robbo smiled and said, “not when we at school, no but a year or so ago, I bumped into him in town and we fucked like bunnies all night.”

Gary laughed and said, “so what about lover boy, what’s he like?”

Robbo smiled and showed Gary the photo of James he taken on his phone. Gary smiled and said, “well he seems ok.”

“He is lovely, and a good fuck,” Robbo said.

Gary laughed and said, “I am glad you are happy. So are you to see lover boy again tonight?”

“No he is in Manchester,” Robbo said.

“Oh ok,” Gary said.

“But I am hoping to see him again before I return to hell,” Robbo said.


Two days later


It was the day that Gary finally gets to say goodbye to his wife. Gary was up early and was sat downstairs staring out of the window, looking across the estate where he grew up. Robbo was getting dressed in his full dress uniform. He walked downstairs to see Joe and his mum, Paula sitting there dressed in black.

“Morning son,” Paula said.

“Hi mum,” Robbo said.

“You look nice in that uniform,” Paula said.

“Yeah, it is the dress uniform for the regiment. Don’t wear it much,” Robbo said.

Joe smiled and took a photo on his phone.


Robbo said, “I better head down to Gary’s and make sure he is ready.”

“Ok love, we will see you later,” Paula said.

“Bye,” Robbo shouted as he left his house and headed down the road towards Gary’s.


Jackie left Robbo in and said, “thank god you are here. I don’t know where he is. He disappeared earlier.”

Robbo smiled and said, “don’t worry, I know where he is.”

Robbo left the house and headed for the nearby parkland. He walked over to the children’s play area and spotted Gary sat on a swing. Robbo walked over and said, “don’t you think you are a little old for this place mate?”

Gary laughed and said, “fuck off.”

“Well mate, time to get back and into uniform for the service,” Robbo said.

“Fuck, is it that time already.” Gary said.

“Yeah mate,” Robbo said.


The lads walked back to the house and went in. Jackie spotted them and said, “where the hell have you been?”

“Just needed sometime on my own for a while,” Gary said.

“Ok son, go and get ready,” Jackie said.

Robbo walked upstairs behind him and found Gary’s dress uniform while he showered.

Gary walked into the bedroom with a towel round his waist. Robbo smiled and said, “I leave you get dressed.”

“Come on, you seen me starker’s many times,” said Gary.

Robbo laughed and said, “yeah, nothing special.”

“Thanks mate. You really know how to knock a man when he is down,” Gary said.

Robbo walked over and hugged Gary and said, “only joking, you look as good as always.”

Gary took the towel off, and grabbed a clean pair of white briefs, and put them on, as Robbo sat there.

Gary was soon in his uniform.

Gary and Robbo were walking downstairs when the undertaker arrived, Jackie came out of the lounge and said, “wow, look at you two.”

Gary, his mum Jackie, and Robbo got into the black car as another black car pulled up behind, with sally’s family in. The two cars left Gary’s home and followed the hearse as it made the short journey to the nearby church. Gary had been in regular contact with Sally’s mum and dad, since he had got home. He got out of the car and walked over and spoke to them.

Robbo noticed a BMW with military plates parked and thought, “I am sure that’s the captain’s car.”

Robbo walked into the church and saw Matthew standing there with Alex. Robbo walked over and said, “thank you for coming, sir.”

Matthew said, “well, I did say I would try and get home.”

“Yeah you sure did,” Robbo replied.

Just then the bearers lifted the coffin and Robbo joined Gary behind as they followed it into the church.

Gary was surprised to see Matthew.

The service started and finally, after a while, the coffin was led out to the nearby cemetery for burial. Gary had been in tears all day. Robbo had held onto his mate. Gary walked up to the graveside and dropped a single red rose into the grave. Gary then collapsed onto the floor. Robbo ran to him and pulled him up.

Matthew helped Robbo walk Gary back to the waiting car.

Robbo said, “sir, will you join us back at the house?”

“I don’t want to intrude, and to be honest Robbo, I have to be back at Brize Norton by 06:00 and i want to visit my dad before I return,” Matthew said.

“Well thank you for coming, and I will see you when I return sir,” Robbo said.

“Sure will lance corporal,” Matthew said.

Robbo laughed.

Matthew went over to Gary and said, “take care, Gary and I hope to see you soon.”

“Sure will sir. I will be back on duty soon,” Gary said.

“Don’t rush, ok?” Matthew said.

“I won’t sir, I promise,” Gary said.

Matthew shook Gary’s hand and said, “you take care.”

“And you sir, and say hi to the lads, and thank them for the flowers sir,” Gary said.

“Will do,” Matthew said.

Matthew got into his car and drove to the nearby hospital. He went into ward 4 and spotted Shaun with his back to him. He walked up and said, “excuse me.”

Shaun spun round and said, “what the .... Are you doing here?”

Matthew smiled and said, “I am home for a funeral, but I go back tomorrow am.”

Shaun hugged Matthew and said, “wait there.”

Shaun went over to the PA system and said, “charge Nurse Rhys Taylor to ward 4 please.”

Matthew smiled and said, “he will be happy.”

“Well, when he sees why i called him, he will be,” Shaun said.

Rhys walked through the door and said, “what is going on?”

Matthew laughed and said, “hi dad.”

Rhys looked round and said, “what are you doing here?”

“i am home for a colleagues wife’s funeral, but I go back out tomorrow on a supply plane,” Matthew said.

Rhys smiled and said, “well it’s great to see you,” and hugged his son.

“Yeah, I can say it is good to be on home soil,” Matt said.

Rhys smiled and said, “well, give me ten minutes and we can get out of here.”

Matt smiled and said, “ok, I will go to the cafeteria.”

“Ok,” Rhys said.

Matt walked into the cafeteria and bought a coffee and sat down. Matt was looking out of the window. He looked round when a woman and man walked over. Excuse me are you Captain Taylor? The woman asked.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Matt replied smiling.

“I am Alice Gregory. Our son Jason is in your unit,” Alice said.

“Oh yes, how is he doing?” Matt replied.

Alice said, “Yeah, he is getting there. He is hoping to be transferred to an rehabilitation centre soon.” 

“That’s good. So what ward is he in then?” Matt asked.

“Ward 4,” Mr Gregory replied.

“Oh, so he must know my dad, Shaun Weston Taylor,” Matt said.

“Yeah, the charge nurse?” Alice said.

“That’s the one. He is married to my dad Rhys,” Matt said.

Matt said, “maybe I can visit him before I leave with my dad.”

“That would be nice,” Alice said.

Matt left the cafeteria and headed to the ward and saw Rhys headed the opposite way. “Dad, I will be back. I am going to visit one of my men in ward 4.”

“Ok son, I'll wait for you in the cafeteria,” Rhys said.

“Ok dad,” Matt replied.

Matt and Alice arrived at ward 4 and walked into the side room, which Jason was in. Jason was surprised to see his commanding officer standing there with his mum.

“Hi Jason. How you doing?” Matt asked.

“Hi sir, I am ok but what you doing home?” Jason said.

“I am home for Gary Monk’s wife's funeral. I am going back in the morning,” Matt said.

“Yeah I heard about that. How is he doing?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, he is ok and hoping to get back on frontline soon,” Matt said.

“Knowing Gary, he will be back,” Jason said.

“You too, Jason.  I hope to see you back soon too,” Matt said.

“Yeah, once I have my rehab at Coldbrooke Hall, I should be back,” Jason said.

“Well you couldn’t go to a better place. Alice Bonner and the team there are the best,” Matt said.

Jason said, “What, you know them sir?” 

“Yeah, of course. My adopted uncle’s husband is the head physio there and I was one of the guys who walked from john o’Groats to lands end to raise money for the royal British legion,” Matt said

“That’s right. I remember seeing that,” Jason said.

“Well you take care Jason, and when the guys get back we will come and see you,” Matt said.

“Thanks sir. I would like that,” Jason said.

Matt shook Jason's hand and said, “well, I need to meet my dad and go home for a few hours.”

“Enjoy the rest of your day sir,” Jason said.

“Thank you Jason,” Matt said.


Matt met Rhys and Shaun and left the hospital and went home for a home cooked meal.


Matt rang Robbo.


Robbo was sat in the lounge at Jackie’s house when his phone rang.

“Hi sir,” Robbo replied.

“Hi Robbo. How’s Gary?” Matt asked.

“He is ok sir,” Robbo replied.

“Well reason I am ringing mate, I was wondering if you two could do me a little favour?” Matt asked.

“Yeah if we can sir,” Matt said.

“Well Jason Gregory is in Selly Oak ward 4, and I was wondering if you could visit him before you go back, mate. I am sure he would like it,” Matt said.

“Sure sir. I was wondering how he was yesterday, so it would be great to see him,” Robbo said.

“Thanks Robbo. Well I'll let you get on and I will see you in two weeks,” Matt said.

“Yes sir, have a safe journey back sir, and thanks for coming to the service. I know it meant a lot to Gary,” Robbo said.

“No problem Robbo,” Matt said.

The next morning 

Matt boarded the supply plane and waited as it was filled up with supplies for the troops in Afghanistan. Earlier he had said his goodbyes to his family. The plane started to taxi along the runway and then started to speed up as it took off.

A few hours later, the plane landed at the airstrip at camp Bastian. Matt left the plane and headed out straight to his base and his unit. He met up with sergeant Limington and was briefed about any operational information from the day before.


Jack had the men on parade and Matt walked in front of his men and said, “guys, yesterday I attended Gary Monk’s wife's funeral. Gary has asked me to say thanks for the flowers which we sent. After the funeral I visited my dad at Selly Oak hospital. While there I visited Jason Gregory, who I can now tell you is on the long road to making a full recovery. When we return to the UK in a few months, I promised that the unit will visit him at the rehab unit he will be shortly transferred to.”

“Unit dismissed” Jack shouted.


Robbo was sat in the lounge at his mums, when his phone buzzed. He picked it up and looked and it said, “James”

Robbo opened the text and saw it said, “I am on my way back down south mum and dad are pissed with me so I think it is better to get away”

Robbo pressed reply

Leave train at new street and i will meet you” and pressed send.

 Two minutes later the reply came back


Robbo then thought, shit how am i going to tell mum where I am.

Paula came home just after and Robbo decided it was now or never.

“Mum, can I talk to you a minute? I need to tell you something,” Robbo said.

“Oh, is everything ok?” Paula said.

“Well, mum I have met someone and I want you to meet them,” Robbo said.

“Oh, so I take this is serious and where did you meet him?” Paula said.

Robbo looked at his mum and said, “what? how did you know it was a man?”

“Oh come on Robbo, you don’t think I am stupid. You have never had a girlfriend, and always had close friendships with other lads, and if I didn’t know that Gary was as straight as a day, I would have suspected that you two were a couple,” Paula said.

Robbo laughed and said, “oh hell, Gary wouldn’t like that.”

Paula said, “No, I doubt he would. So where did you meet this lad?” 

“Would you believe at the train station on the way home to here” Robbo said.

“Wow it must be love,” Paula said.

“Well I have asked him to come here on his way home from Manchester,” Robbo said.

“Well that’s fine,” Paula said.


Robbo left the house and headed to Birmingham New Street station. He waited on the concourse as the train from Manchester Piccadilly arrived. He spotted James straight away and waved. James smiled and ran into Robbo’s arms. Robbo led James out of the station to his nearby car and they headed home to James house. On the way Robbo said “i want you to meet someone before we go and meet mum and Joe”

James smiled and said, “ok babes.”

Robbo pulled up outside Gary’s and got out. James followed Robbo as they went in. Jackie was in work so it was only Gary there.

Gary spotted the lad with Robbo and said, “well, I take it you are James. I am Gary.”

“Pleased to meet you, Gary and i am sorry to hear your news mate,” James said.

Robbo was happy, sat there with his arm round James talking to Gary and then said,“well mate, we better get going. Mum is waiting.”

Gary smiled and said, “come by later ok.”

Robbo said, “ok mate, we will.”

Robbo hugged Gary and then Gary took hold of James and hugged him and whispered in his ear, “hurt him and I will hunt you down.”

James smiled and whispered, “I won’t. I promise.”

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