Love in the Army   

Chapter 8

Tom Rees arrived at the offices of the Royal British Legion to start his new job as chief support officer. He was met by an old friend of his, former Corporal Andrew Thompson. Tom smiled and said, “well I never Andrew Thompson. It's nice to see you again.”

Andrew smiled and said, “yes, nice to see you again sir.”

Tom smiled and said, “you can drop the sir now Andrew we not Army anymore”

Andrew smiled and said, “I know that but you will still be my boss.”

“So how long have you been working here then?” Tom asked.

“A few months, I decided I wanted to give something back to the guys here who have helped me and my family through the crap,” Andrew said.

“Yeah  well, the Army family support unit can only do so much. It is these guys here who do so much more to help the bereaved families and the injured soldiers like yourself,” Tom said.

“I was really surprised when I was told that you had been appointed to the chief support officers job. I never thought I would see the day you would leave the Army, to be honest,” Andrew said.

“Well to be honest, in last few months I felt I had been isolated away from the day to day operations, and with the recent death of old friend, Tim Bonner, I decided it was now or never,” Tom said.

“Yeah I heard about Tim dying. I was out abroad at the time and couldn’t get back in time for the funeral,” Andrew said.

“Yeah. it was so sad. And Alice has recently moved back down from Scotland, to be near Greg and Tim’s mum,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I know. Tim’s case is one the department is dealing with at the moment,” Andrew said.

“Oh right, I didn’t know she had been in touch with the charity to be honest,” Tom said.

“Yeah, only in last week,” Andrew said.

Tom, let me introduce you to former Sgt Jonathan Dunnet. Jon was badly injured in an attack about two years ago. He lost two legs and an arm in the attack and he is one of our inspirational volunteers.

Tom walked over and said, “nice to meet you John.”

“Thank you sir. I started to volunteer late last year because the Legion support unit was there to help me through the bad times after my attack,” Jon said.

“Yeah, this unit does really good work. I hope I can carry on that good work,” Tom said.

“I am sure you will sir. I heard about the good work you did when at the Army FSU, from my assigned officer,” Jon said.

“Who was your assigned officer?” Tom asked.

“Major, but now Lt Colonel, Nicholas Green,” Jon said.

“One of my best men,” Tom said.



Tom was introduced to the team of volunteers he would be in charge of. His direct boss was Lady Jayne Dobson.

Andrew showed Tom where his office was and Tom smiled when he saw the sign on the door Colonel (ret) Thomas Rees Andrews.

“You did that, didn’t you?” Tom said.

“Well yeah, I know you always wanted to use that name, but wasn’t allowed,” Andrew said.

“Well, I wasn’t stopped using it as such, but they didn’t encourage me to use it either,” Tom said.

“Well, you are not stuck to Army protocol anymore,” Andrew said.


A few days later

Tom was really settling into his new role at the Royal British Legion. He had met his new boss yesterday and made the mistake of calling her your Ladyship, which she soon dismissed, and said call me Jayne.

Tom likes Jayne and soon they were like old friends.

Tom was visiting Coldbrooke Hall, which is one of the Legions rehabilitation units for injured soldiers. Tom met former Major Alistair Reed there. Alistair is the person in charge at Coldbrooke.

“Good morning, Sir and welcome to Coldbrooke Hall,” Alistair said.

“Good morning, pleased to meet you Alistair. I am Tom Rees,” Tom replied.

Tom was shown around the centre and he met a few of the staff and patients. One of the men he met was a young private, who had lost both his limbs in an attack. Private Stephen Allen told Tom that if it wasn’t for both the Army family support unit and the Royal British Legion, he didn’t think he would have survived.

“So, who was your attached officer at the Army FSU,” Tom asked.

“Major Philip Trent, a really good guy,” Stephen replied.

“Yes, one of the best. I know Philip. He was one of my men,” Tom said.

“Oh right, he has moved on now, though up the ranks I believe. He is Lieutenant Colonel now,” Stephen said.

“I headed the Army FSU until recently, but I didn’t know Philip had replaced Alex Mills, as Alex replaced me,” Tom said.

“So, have you been appointed a new officer or are you now just under RBL assistance now?” Tom asked.

“No, I have a new officer, Sgt Keith Vern. He is another good g,uy,” Stephen said.

“Yes I have met Keith once or twice,” Tom said.

Tom felt humbled talking to these young soldiers. He saw at firsthand what they had to go through on a day to day basis, just to get back as normal life they could. In the Army, you really didn’t get to know as much about the rehabilitation these people had to do, unless you were injured yourself.

Tom was talking to Alistair about the care some of these brave men and women had to have and Alistair said, “well, to be honest, Tom we need more doctors and physiotherapists and nurses and counsellors to function at full capacity. At the moment, we only function at 60%.”

“Oh, so what we talking about more money; or, is it we can’t get the people to fill the positions?” Tom said.

“Well, it’s a bit of both. We have been advertising for a doctors position for a while now, and so far, we only had two applicants, and they were both unsuitable,” Alistair said.

It was then that Tom thought about Alice and said, “I might know someone. She was a local gp, until recently. She has recently moved back to Cheedam, after her husband died in a road accident. He was ex Army, in fact, he was an inpatient here when he was injured a few years ago.”

“Oh right, well if you think she might be suitable, get her to put in an application for me,” Alistair said.

“I will speak to Alice later,” Tom said.

Tom left Coldbrooke Hall and drove to Cheedam. Tom always liked the village. Despite not living here for a few years, he  still treats it as home. He drove past his old house, and saw Lisa Mills in the garden. Tom pulled up and shouted, “garden looks nice, Lisa.”

Lisa smiled and said, “hey, what you doing round here?”

“Just going to see Alice Bonner,” Tom said.

“Oh OK, I saw her last week in town. She is trying to get a job. I can’t believe the local practice refused to have her back. Best bloody gp they ever had,” Lisa said.

“How’s Alex doing?” Tom said.

“Yeah he is great, but he misses having you there as support, I think,” Lisa said.

“I am sure he will soon get used to being the boss,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I am sure he will,” Lisa said.

“Well Lisa, I had better get going. I will see you soon. Give my regards to Alex, and tell him to stick in there,” Tom said.

“Will do Tom, and say hi to Alice for me,” Lisa said.

“Goodbye Lisa,” Tom said.

Tom drove off and drove up the lane towards the small cottage that Alice has rented until she manages to sell the house up in Dundee.

Tom locked up his car and walked to the door and knocked.

Alice opened the door and said, “hi Tom, nice to see you.”

“Hi Alice, nice to see you too,” Tom said.

Tom followed Alice into the kitchen and said, “how’s the job hunting going?”

“Don’t go there. I applied for three practices and two hospital jobs and got turned down by four. And the other one didn’t even reply,” Alice said.

“Well, I was up at Coldbrooke Hall earlier. They are looking for a doctor,” Tom said.

“Really?  I haven’t thought about applying for there to be honest,” Alice said.

“Yeah, I guessed that. But seriously, Alice, if you want this job, I suggest you send your CV to Alistair there ASAP,” Tom said.

“Thanks Tom, I will definitely apply,” Alice said.


Ben arrived at home after a hard day at the hospital. He was finding it harder and harder, as the hospital has cut the number of physiotherapists from 6 to 4, due to cuts implemented by the government. His work load has doubled recently. Ben was home alone, as Tom hadn’t yet arrived back from Cheedam.

Tom pulled into the drive and saw Ben’s car parked there. Tom walked through the door and saw Ben fast asleep on the settee. Tom knew that the extra work was slowly driving Ben into exhaustion.  Tom walked over and kissed Ben. Ben jumped and said, “shit, you frightened me then, babes.”

“Sorry darling, didn’t mean to startle you,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I must have nodded off,” Ben said.

“Well, it doesn’t surprise me at all. You are working way too much at that hospital. You need to get out of there, Ben,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I know. I don’t think I will be able to carry on much longer,” Ben said.

“You know babes, you will know when the time is right to get out,” Tom said.

“Yeah, just like you and the Army,” Ben said.

“Yeah exactly,” Tom said.

“So, how was your day?” Ben said.

“Well, I had an interesting day, to be honest. And I might have found Alice a job,” Tom said.

“Oh really, where?” Ben asked.

“Oh shit, I just thought of something. They need physiotherapists as well,” Tom said.

“Where babes?” Ben asked.

“Coldbrooke Hall, babes,” Tom said.

“That’s the rehab unit where Tim was when he was injured, isn’t it?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, it’s owned by the Royal British Legion,” Tom said.

“That is a place I would like to work. It gets to put something back to the Army,” Ben said.

“Yeah, I think it would be a brilliant job for you,” Tom said.


Two weeks later


Ben had just left Coldbrooke Hall after having an interview for the job as a physiotherapist. He had met several soldiers while he was there. He could tell that this place would be somewhere he could do good work.

Dr Alice Bonner was just arriving at Coldbrooke, after starting here last week. She spotted Ben and shouted, “hi Ben.”

“Hi Alice, how are you?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, things are looking up now. I am working again, and this place is inspirational, to be honest. Some of these people really humble you,” Alice said.

“Yeah, I hope I will get the chance to work here as well,” Ben said.

“Of course. You had an interview today, didn’t you?” Alice said.

“Yeah it seemed to go well,” Ben said.

“Well, let’s hope so,” Alice said.

“Yeah, well I’d better be off.  I am due on duty at 1, so better run,” Ben said.

“OK Ben, and good luck,” Alice said.


Alice went into her office and left her bag there. She then walked off into the corridors, which led to the wards. Alice arrived at ward 5, and was met by staff nurse, Shane Hamilton.

“Morning Alice. We have had a difficult case transferred here today, Corporal Geoffrey Walls. He is refusing treatment and any help whatsoever, Shane said.

“Umm OK, sounds like this is going to be a fun case,” Alice said.

“Yeah, he has already thrown me out three times,” Shane said.

Alice walked through the door and said, “good morning Geoffrey. I am Dr Alice Bonner.”

“You can fuck off as well,” Geoffrey replied.

“Geoffrey, that's enough, young man,” the older woman sat there said.

“Well, why don’t you fuck off as well and leave me to die in peace,” Geoffrey said.

The older woman stood up and ran out crying. Shane followed her and said, “Mrs. Walls don’t take it personally. He is just hitting out at the person he loves. Believe me, I have seen it before.”

Alice said, “do you know, young man, I have met some right nasty pieces of work over my years, but what you just said to your mum was not acceptable, and you will apologise to her.”

“I fucking won't,” Geoffrey said.

“You know Geoffrey, you are one of the lucky ones. You are still alive and there are other people who are not here anymore, who would love to be in your position. Believe me,” Alice said.

“Some fucking life, no legs and one arm. What the fuck life I am going to have? I would be better off dead,” Geoff said.

“Don’t ever say that, Geoff. You are still alive, and instead of fighting us, let us help you. We will get you through this, and you will be a stronger person at the end,” Alice said.

“Yeah right, don’t give me that shit. It’s not you this has happened to,” Geoff said.

“No, but there are other people here who it has happened to, and believe me, some of those are in a worse state than you, but they are not wallowing in self pity and pushing away the people who love you,” Alice said.

“Well, like I give a fuck,” Geoff said.

“Well, I will leave you to wallow in self pity. I have patients who want my help,” Alice said.

Alice walked out and saw Mrs Walls sat there talking to Shane.

“Mrs. Walls, don’t take it personally. Believe me, I have seen this before,” Alice said.

“Yeah thanks, Dr Bonner,” Mrs. Walls said.


Tom arrived at Coldbrooke later that day, and was talking to Alice when she said, “we have a new patient in. He is a right one, wallowing in self pity. I don’t know what we are going to do with him, to be honest.”

“Umm, why is he being so pathetic?” Tom said.

“Oh, he feels now that he has lost limbs, his life is over,” Alice said.

“I have an idea,” Tom said.

“What idea?” Alice said.

“I have a volunteer who was a Sergeant and was injured. He lost some limbs, so maybe getting him to talk to this patient will help,” Tom said.

“Well, anything is worth a try, to be honest,” Alice said.

Tom phoned Andrew and asked if Jon was available. Jon was hesitant, but after Tom talked to him, he agreed to meet Geoff.


Jon arrived at Coldbrooke, later that day, and Alice took him to Geoff’s room.

Alice said, “wait here a minute.”

John said, “no problem.”

Alice went into Geoff's room. He was sat there reading a car mag and said, “what the fucks are you doing here?  I thought I told you to fuck off.”

Alice laughed and said, “yeah, and I told you I will not fuck off.”

“Now I want you to meet someone, former Sergeant Jon Dunnet. He was injured, like you, in Afghanistan. But unlike you, he didn’t wallow in self pity. Instead he moved on with his life, and now he works for the Royal British Legion,” Alice said.

“I don’t need to see some do gooder, thank you,” Geoff said.

“Well tough, because you are going to see him,” Alice said.

Alice walked over to the door and called Jon over.


Jon walked in and Geoff said, “fuck off.”

Jon laughed and said, “no, listen to me. You are not alone. There are hundreds, no thousands, of men and women who have lost limbs, and believe me, there will be more. But what you don’t do is turn over and let them win mate. Don’t wallow in self pity because, believe me, it doesn’t work. I should know. I tried it and I hit the booze and pushed my family away. You have a huge support network with your family and the Army FSU and the Royal British Legion behind you. I promise you it will get better. but you have to help yourself as well. The guys here at Coldbrooke are the best in their fields, and they will get you back on your new legs soon.

Jon sat down next to Geoff and Alice left them to talk.

A hour or so later

Jon emerged from Geoff’s room and asked Shane to page Alice.

Alice arrived back at the ward and said, “OK, what’s happening?”

“Well, he has finally agreed to start treatment, but he has asked if I can be with him. It turns out this young man wasn’t brought up by his mum, and that’s why he doesn’t want her here. He is missing his best friend, Harry, who is still out in Afghanistan,To be honest, reading between the lines, they are more than friends,” Jon said.

“Oh OK, that explains why, when his mum mentioned Harry earlier, he told her to shut the fuck up,” Alice said.

“What I thought is, that I will take his case on for the Royal British Legion. That way we can build up a relationship, and if that helps him accept his injuries, it can’t be a bad thing,” Jon said.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan, Jon,” Alice said.

A couple of days later

Ben had just left the local hospital, after finishing his shift. It was another shift from hell, as one of his colleagues had called in sick, and he was dumped with his cases, as well as his own.

Ben was walking towards his car when his mobile rang, “Ben Andrews Rees,” Ben answered.

“Hi Ben. This is Alistair Reed from Coldbrooke Hall, I am ringing to offer you a position with us,” Alistair said.

“Wow, that’s great news! I will have to work a three week notice period at the hospital, but I definitely want the job,” Ben said.

“That’s fine, Ben. I will send you all the details in the post today, or I can give it to Tom for you, if you like” Alistair said.

“Yeah, that would be fine. I m sure he wouldn’t mind,” Ben said.

“Ok mate. I am looking forward to working with you,” Alistair said.

“Yeah, me too” Ben said.

Ben rang off and walked back into the hospital and walked into the physiotherapy dept. Ben typed out his notice, onto his compute,r printed it off, and headed upstairs to the administrative office.

The head of physiotherapy dept, Dr. Gary Thimpson’s office, was on this floor. Ben walked into the outer office to see his secretary there. “Hi Julie, is Gary in?” Ben asked.

“No Ben, he has left for the day,” Julie replied.

“OK, well I am off tomorrow. Can you make sure he gets this first thing tomorrow morning? Please, it’s my resignation,” Ben said.

“Oh, you going? That’s a big blow to the department,” Julie said.

“Yeah, I have had enough of the NHS. I am going to work at Coldbrooke Hall,” Ben said.

“Oh, that’s the rehab place for injured soldiers isn’t it?” Julie said.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Ben said.

“OK, I will make sure he gets it Ben,” Julie said.

“Thank you Julie,” Ben said as he walked out and headed for the lift.

Ben walked out of the hospital and rang Tom.

“Hi sexy,” Ben said.

“Hi babes,” Tom replied.

“Have you heard my news? I got the job,” Ben said.

“Yeah, Alistair just told me and handed me the information for you,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I just handed in my resignation,” Ben said.

“Oh, bet Gary loved that,” Tom said.

“He wasn’t there. He had left for the day, as per usual,” Ben said.

“Well, he might have to pull his weight more, babes,” Tom said.

“Yeah right. It will just be more work piled on the others, but that’s not my problem anymore,” Ben said.

“No babes, anyway I d better get moving. I will be home soon,” Tom said.

“Ok babes. I love you,” Ben said.

“Yeah, love you too,” Tom said.

The next day

Ben spent the first part of his hard earned day off, talking to the trust managers about his accrued leave, and it worked out that he could leave straight away, as he had 4 weeks to take. Ben agreed with the trust that he won’t return to the hospital.

Ben was sat reading through the information about his new job, when the phone went.

“Hello,” Ben replied.

“Oh, you are so funny. Do you really think I am going to accept this resignation?” Gary said.

“To be honest, Gary, I really don’t care. I will leave at the end of my notice period whether you like it or not,” Ben said.

“Well, I have ripped it up, and I am not accepting it, so you won’t be going anywhere mate,” Gary said.

“Gary, who the hell do you think you are? Well, it’s a good job. I sent a copy to the trust then, isn’t it? So you won’t have any choice, and I spoke to the trust this morning. I have 4 weeks leave to take, so I am officially on leave until the end of my notice period. So I won’t be back,” Ben said smirking.

“You what?” Gary said.

“You heard me alright. It means you might have to get off your arse and see some patients for a change, doesn’t it,” Ben said.

“You really don’t give a shit about the patients, don’t you? I wish I got rid of you when I had the chance last year,” Gary said.

“Like you do. When did you actually see a patient last? Not that I care anymore, as I just said, I don’t work there anymore, so it’s not my problem,” Ben said.

“Well, I will see what your new employer says when I speak to them about the way you deal with patients, and how you treat them with contempt, shall we,” Gary said.

Ben put the phone down.

Ben then rang Tom.

“Hi babes,” Tom said.

“Hi Tom,” Ben replied.

“You OK? You sound pissed off?” Tom said.

“Yeah, I just had Gary on the phone. To say he pissed me off, is an understatement,” Ben said.

“Oh, what did that idiot have to say?” Tom said.

“Well, he threatened to tell Alistair that I am crap at my job babes,” Ben said.

“Right, well I am with Alistair I will speak to him now. OK?” Tom said.

“OK babes,” Ben said.

“Alistair, can I speak to you a minute please?” Tom said.

“Yeah sure,” Alistair said.

“It's about Ben, mate. He is worried his boss at the hospital is threatening to give him a bad reference. Th boss is a lazy shit who doesn’t want to see patients, so he dumps the workload on his underlings, while he sits up in his office and goes home at 2 everyday,” Tom said.

“That’s OK. I know Gary Thimpson. He used to work here. He wouldn’t dare phone me. He was sacked for being lazy, and how the hell he got that job is beyond me,” Alistair said.

“That’s interesting. I didn’t know that,” Tom said.

Ben never heard anymore from Gary, and he received a goodbye card and gift from his colleagues.


Ben was soon in the swing of things at Coldbrooke Hall, and really found his job rewarding. Ben was helping a young private who was paralysed from the waist down. The doctors have said that the paralysis was temporary, and with time, the lad should get a least 90% of mobility back.

Private Maurice Baker has been in hospital for a few months and his mobility was coming back slowly, but it is only since he has been at Coldbrooke, that he has felt that he might eventually walk again.

Ben was assigned to his case, and took over from another colleague, who had too many cases to cope with. Ben was helping Maurice with his exercises, and Maurice stumbled and fell onto the floor. Ben ran to him and slowly helped Maurice up. Maurice said, “fuck, I will never get back to normal.”

Ben slowly led Maurice to a chair nearby, and sat him in there.

Maurice said, “fuck it. I cannot believe I am such an invalid.”

Ben said, “now come on, no need for that. You will get there, I promise. Now listen to me a minute, I have never told you this. A few years ago, I was in the same boat as you. I didn’t think I would ever get to walk again, but look at me now.”

Maurice said, “what? really? how?”

“I was out in Afghanistan, mate, and like you, I got blown up,” Ben said.

“Oh fuck, I didn’t know you were ex Army,” Maurice said.

“Yeah, I was a Corporal in 4th company, based at Cheedam,” Ben said.

“Wow, I trained with a few guys who joined that unit,” Maurice said.

“Yeah, it was a great time, but after getting injured, I decided to move on from the Army,” Ben said.

“I miss the camaraderie of Army life, to be honest,” Maurice said.

“Yeah, I made a lot of good friends when I was in the Army, but lost a few as well, sadly,” Ben said.

“Yeah, one of my best mates died in the same attack I was injured in,” Maurice said.

“So, have any of your mates visited you?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, they have. But the unit has been redeployed, so they are back out there,” Maurice said.

“Yeah, that can be hard when your mates are on the other side of the world and you are stuck in this place. But don’t let it get you down,” Ben said.

“No, I won’t. My partner would go nuts if he thought I would be letting it get me down. He is determined that I walk down the aisle in six months time, when we have our civil partnership ceremony,” Maurice said.

Ben smiled and said, “yeah, you sure he doesn’t know my husband? Sounds just like him, when we had ours.”

“What, you are married to your gay partner?” Maurice asked.

“Yeah, and my husband used to be a Colonel in the Army. He headed the Army FSU, until recently, and now he works as the chief support officer for the Legion,” Ben said.

“Oh, wow.  I never met another gay Army couple before,” Maurice said.

“Well, Tom will be here later. I will bring him to meet you, but promise me no saluting. Tom is really down to earth,” Ben said.

Maurice laughed and said, “no problem.”

Ben soon had Maurice doing his exercises again, but he was taking it slowly. Maurice’s mobility was improving and he was feeling a little happier.

Tom arrived at Coldbrooke Hall later that day.

Ben was having a few minutes in his office, catching up with some paperwork. Tom walked up and towards the offices and spotted Ben's office. He noticed the sign said Benjamin Andrews Rees, head physiotherapist. Tom knocked on the door.

Ben shouted, “come in.”

Tom walked in and said, “hey, since when have you been the head physiotherapist?”

Ben looked at Tom and said, “umm, what you mean?”

“Well, the sign on the door says head physiotherapist,” Tom said.

Ben laughed and said, “no idea, the first I have heard of it.”

Tom said, “what time you finishing today?”

“Oh, around 3ish why?” Ben said.

“Just wondering, that’s all,” Tom said.

“Oh, I want you to meet one of my patients, Maurice Baker” Ben said.

“Oh, why?” Tom asked.

“Well, he is a young private who has been paralysed temporarily, like I was, and I thought if you spoke to him and tell him how much I went through, it might inspire him a bit. Oh, and he is gay and is planning a civil partnership,” Ben said.

“Sounds a good kid,” Tom said.

“Yeah, been dealt a bad blow. Though you remember how down I got when I first thought I would never walk again,” Ben said.

“Yeah, I remember the depressed little soldier,” Tom said laughing.

Ben laughed and said, “yeah, and I still remember your face when I walked down that aisle, babes.”

“Yes, you swine. I still haven’t forgiven you for that,” Tom said smiling.

“Come on, lets go see him,” Ben said.

Ben and Tom walked down the corridor towards Maurice’s room, laughing and joking as they did. Ben knocked on the door and walked in. Maurice was sat there reading a book when he smiled and said, “hi, Ben.”

“Maurice, let me introduce you to my husband and soul mate, Tom Rees Andrews,” Ben said smiling.

Maurice smiled and shook Toms hand and said, “nice to meet you, sir.”

Tom smiled and said, “and you Maurice, but drop the sir. I know you are still in the Army, but I am not, So there isn't any need to address me as sir.”

“I know, Tom, but I have always addressed senior officers, like yourself, as sir. So it will be hard not to, but I will try,” Maurice said.

Tom laughed and said, “no problem.”

Tom and Maurice chatted for about an hour. Tom assigned Maurice’s case to himself, so that he can be involved in his rehabilitation. Tom was sat there when another young soldier knocked on the door and walked in. Lance Corporal Adam Harrison met Maurice around two years ago, when they both joined the same unit. Adam was then attached to another unit but found that he missed Maurice. They met up shortly before Maurice was deployed, and they fell in love. Adam was devastated when he was informed of Maurice’s injuries and was really worried that his fiancé might not ever walk again.

Adam was surprised when he opened the door to see him talking to someone else.

Tom saw the way Maurice smiled at Adam and said, “I take it you are the lucky boy who is getting this one as his husband.”

Adam laughed and said, “yes, that’s me. I am Lance Corporal Adam Harrison.”

“Pleased to meet you, young man. I am Tom Rees Andrews. I am with the Royal British Legion,” Tom said smiling.

“Tom used to be a Colonel, Adam,” Maurice said.

“Oh, pleased to meet you sir,” Adam replied.

“Like I told this one, no need for the sir” Tom said.

“OK Tom,” Adam replied.

“Tom is married to my physiotherapist, Ben,” Maurice said

“Oh OK, that’s coo,l” Adam said.

“That’s why I was talking to Maurice. I was telling him not to give in and work hard, but not too hard on getting himself fit for your wedding,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I would love to see him walking down the aisle, but to be honest, as long as he is there, I don’t care,” Adam said.

“Well lads, I will leave you two alone now. Behave, because we don’t want the nurses to catch you two in a compromising position, now don’t we,” Tom said laughing,

Adam blushed and Maurice said, “oh, he’s blushing.”

Adam laughed and said, “shut up.”

Tom said “well lads have fun. I'll see you again, I hope.”

“Yeah, thanks Tom,” Maurice said.

“You are welcome, young man,” Tom said.

Tom walked out of the room and smiled, remembering the time he and Ben got in on in the bathroom at the hospital.


Tom called at Ben's office and saw he was talking to Alistair. So he went to the lounge room and spotted a young man in an Army uniform who sat there alone. Tom walked over and said, “mind if I join you?”

The young man said, “free world.”

Tom smiled and said, “I am Tom Rees Andrews from the Royal British Legion military support unit, and you are?”

“I am Corporal Lee Thomas, from 1st battalion Welsh guards,” Lee replied.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Lee,” Tom said.

“So what part of Wales are you from Lee?” Tom asked.

“A small town in the south, called Pontypridd,” Lee replied.

“Oh, not too far from my neck of the woods then. I am from the Rhondda valley,” Tom said.

“I miss my family being stuck in this place,” Lee said.

“Yeah, I can imagine. They don’t get to visit that often. It’s a fairly long way to come,” Tom said.

“Yeah, it is,” Lee said.

“I also miss my mates in the unit. A few of them have visited me, but they are back out there and I wish I was out there with them,” Lee said.

“Yeah, that can be difficult for any injured soldier, Lee,” Tom said.

“It doesn’t help that my girlfriend dumped me a couple of days after I got injured,” Lee said.

“Oh, that is sad. Why did she dump you?” Tom asked.

“She said I wasn’t manly enough for her, with one leg,” Lee said.

“Well, it sounds like she is a right cow, to be honest,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I always knew she was a bitch, but didn’t think she would dump me like that,” Lee said.

“Well, that's her loss, mate. When you leave here, you will soon find someone else, I am sure,” Tom said.

“What, with only one leg?” Lee said.

“Yes, Lee. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, if you meet miss right. She will take you whether you have two legs or one, mate, and it sounds like your ex wasn’t the one,” Tom said.

Lee smiled and said, “wow, you really know how to cheer a man up.”

Tom laughed and said, “believe me, you can’t be an officer in the Army FSU, and not learn to cheer up people.”

“What you were in the Army?” Lee said.

“Yes, young man, until recently, I was a Colonel, and headed up the Family Support Unit,” Tom said.

“Oh wow, sorry sir. if I knew, I would have saluted,” Lee said.

“Listen to me. In all the years I worked in the FSU, I never expected my lower ranks to salute me, unless we were on formal duties, and I am not going to start now,” Tom said.

“Oh OK,” Lee said.

Tom chatted to Lee for about an hour and, told him about his Army career and even told him how he met Ben and fell in love. Ben is Lee’s physio and Ben had already told Lee about Tom.

Tom spotted Alistair and said “right young man I will leave you in peace it’s been nice talking to you”

“Yes it has thank you Tom” Lee said

“You are welcome young man I will pop in and see you next time I am here OK?” Tom said

“Yeah I would like that “Lee said


At Cheedam Barracks

Major Andrew Brenton was in the officer’s mess, enjoying some drinks with a few of the other officers based at Cheedam. 4th company is due out on combat in a few weeks and Andrew was getting apprehensive about it.

Colonel Alex Mills and Lt. Colonel Philip Trent were also in the mess discussing FSU cases. Colonel Jonathan Harris arrived shortly after, and sat down talking to Alex.

“Have you heard how Tom is getting on then?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, he is really enjoying it and he has a good team under him. Actually, one is a former Corporal from 4th company,” Alex said.

Andrew walked over and said “which former Corporal?”

“Andrew Thompson, he replaced Tom and Ben replaced him,” Alex said.

“Yeah, I remember him. He was a good guy that got badly hit, and never returned,” Andy said.

“Yeah, he was in a wheelchair for a long time, but did eventually walk again, albeit with a stick,” Alex said.

Yeah, I know a guy that works for the Legion. He is a Sergeant at my old barracks. He lost his legs in a bad attack, Sergeant Jon Dunnet,” Jon said.

There was also another Corporal who was called John Harris. He was a good guy and he ended up losing limbs in a terrible attack. They were always getting us confused when we were both Corporals,” Jon said.

“I think I dealt with his case. I think he was an old training colleague of Toms,” Alex said.

“Not sure, to be honest,” Jon said.

 “it’s funny, you said that about people with the same name. We had a case recently who was a Corporal. Alex Mills felt really scary as he had been badly injured in a training accident, just like I was. It was like Déjà vu, ” Alex said.

“That would put the creeps up me,” Andy said.

“Yeah, it did a bit.  I didn’t deal with the case personally. I left it to Major Brooks,” Alex said.

Alex said, “well guys, time I made a move.”

“Yeah me too, or the misses will be sending out a search party,” Philip said.

Philip and Alex left, said their goodbyes, and headed home to their wives.


Jonathan and Andy sat there talking for a while longer, and Andy said, “well sir, time I made a move too. I need to get to the take away before they shut.”

“That sounds like a good idea, Andy. I will join you,” Jon said smiling.

The two men left the mess and headed off to the onsite takeaway outlet. They ordered their meals and waited while they were made for them.

Jon received his meal first, and said, “Andy, why don’t you join me at my place and we can eat there.”

“OK sir, that sounds OK,” Andy said.

Andy received his meal shortly after and the two men headed over to the Colonels quarters.

The two men sat in the kitchen diner, and ate their meals and Jon opened some lagers. The two men spoke about Army life as they ate, and as Andy was getting ready to leave, Jon lent over for a kiss. Andy tried to resist, but as soon as Jon kissed him, he returned the kiss. Jon smiled and said, “come on,” as he led Andy upstairs into his bedroom.

Andy and Jon soon stripped out of their uniforms, and Jon slowly went down onto his knees and took Andy’s 6 inch uncut cock into his mouth. It felt strange, at first, but soon Jon got used to having Andy’s cock in his mouth.

Andy was soon returning the favour as he took Jon’s uncut 6 inch cock into his mouth. Andy nearly gagged as Jon’s cock hit his throat, but soon got used to it. Jon was groaning as Andy sucked more and more. Jon gave out a huge groan as his cock throbbed, and started to fill Andy’s mouth with a huge load of his hot sticky cum. Andy tried unsuccessfully to swallow the cum, and some escaped down the side of his mouth. Jon pulled Andy up and kissed him and said “fuck, that was hot.”

Andy laughed and said, “yeah, never thought I would take another man’s cock in my mouth, but yeah it was hot.”

Jon smiled, and went back down and took Andy cock into his mouth again, and started to suck on it. Andy was groaning loudly as he felt the hot Colonel suck on his cock. Andy soon gave out a loud groan, as his cock throbbed and started to fill Jon’s mouth with a huge load of his cum. Jon tried, like Andy, to swallow as much as he could, but like Andy, some escaped down the side of his mouth. Jon pulled off Andy's cock and went up and kissed Andy.

The two men then drifted off asleep, in each other’s arms.

The next morning

Andy woke up and looks around and realised that he wasn’t in his own bed. He looked over and saw Jon lying there naked. Andy started to remember what had happened last night and leant over and kissed Jon. Jon woke up and smiled and said, “morning.”

Andy smiled and said, “morning sexy.”

Jon laughed and said, “you know I haven’t felt this happy in a long time.”

Andy smiled and said, “no, I haven’t either.  I can’t explain the reason I suddenly turned gay, but I know this is where I want to be Jon.”

Jon laughed and said, “yeah, me too. I could get used to waking up in bed with you every morning.”

Andy laughed.

Jon leant over and kissed Andy.

Tom arrived at his office, and started to look at the new batch of clients they had. He noticed that one was a young Major, who had been injured and had been declared unfit for active duties. Major Stephen Williams had headed 8th armoured division, and had suffered terrible injuries. Despite the fact he has been declared as unfit, Stephen refused to quit the Army.

Tom decided that he would take this case on, and saw that Stephen was currently undergoing treatment in Birmingham. Tom hadn’t been to the hospital since he had left the FSU, so he decided a visit was overdue. Tom left the office and headed up to Birmingham. Tom arrived a couple of hours later. He found out that Stephen was in ward 3 and Tom headed there.

Tom walked into the ward and spotted Rhys behind the nurse station. Tom walked over and said, “morning bro.”

Rhys laughed and said, “hey what you doing here?”

“Come to see Major Stephen Williams,” Tom said

“Oh OK, he is in room 4, but I warn you Tom, he is a bit of a pain, to be honest,” Rhys said.

“Don’t worry. I will be fine,” Tom said smiling.

Tom walked over to room 4 and knocked the door and walked in.

Stephen looked up and said, “who are you?”

“Good morning Stephen, I am Tom Rees and I am from the Royal British Legion military support unit,” Tom said.

“Oh, I already get support from the Army FSU, thanks,” Stephen said.

“Well yes, they are great people, but they can only do so much and your case has been handed over to us now,” Tom said.

“Oh, I didn’t know they did that,” Stephen said.

“They don’t actually hand the cases over totally to us, but they ask us to support them in the role,” Tom said.

“Oh OK,” Stephen said/

“Now, I understand that the Army medical officer has declared you unfit for active service?” Tom said.

“Yeah, he did,” Stephen said.

“How do you feel about that?” Tom asked.

“To be brutally honest, I think the guy was wrong, but there is nothing I can do about it,” Stephen said.

“Well, it isn’t the end of the world Stephen. And neither does it mean the end of your Army career,” Tom said.

“Well, it does. I don’t want to be stuck in a desk job pushing paper around in some stuffy mod office to be honest,” Stephen said.

“Well, yeah. Non active soldiers can be pen pushers in offices, but there are also ones who do good jobs in support roles,” Tom said.

“Like what?” Stephen said.

“Well, there is the Family Support Unit, for one, You could head up a unit there running it day to day, and believe me, there is some paperwork involved. But most of the time, you are visiting hospitals or families of soldiers, so there is no time to be bored,” Tom said.

“I wouldn’t be no good at that job, to be honest, it would be crying all the time,” Stephen said.

“Believe me, that is a good strength to have, and in the years I was at the FSU, I cried buckets loads of tears,” Tom said.

“What you used to be in the FSU?” Stephen said.

“Well, I finished my Army career in the FSU, yes; but I was also an active solider, as well. I served in 4th company, based at Cheedam Barracks,” Tom said.

“So, you weren’t fit to be on active service then?” Stephen said.

“Well, I was fit to be active solider, but after a close family friend of mine died out in Afghanistan, I decided to quit the active role,” Tom said.

“Oh, so you just quit,” Stephen said.

“Believe me, it was the hardest decision for me to make, but my 5 year commission was over, so I was going to leave the Army. But I was persuaded by a young private, from the FSU, to join that unit instead and I eventually rose up to head the whole unit. And now, since I quit recently, that young private is now in charge of the unit, after being promoted to Colonel,” Tom said.

“So, you had a good career in the FSU then?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah, and believe me, since moving on to the Royal British Legion, I have realised how much I have seen in the years. To be honest, not a lot upsets me these days, but when I joined the FSU, I used to find it difficult,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I can imagine that. I think maybe the FSU is a possible move for me, Tom,” Stephen said.

“Well, first, who is your assigned officer from the FSU?” Tom said.

“Some wet behind the ears private, Private Mason Illand, I think he said his name was, he is due here shortly,” Stephen said.

Tom had never met Private Illand, but said, “I am sure he is efficient.”

“Yeah, he seems OK, but a bit inexperienced, to be honest. But I know he was assigned to FSU after he had been injured, so maybe I got him wrong. I don’t know,” Stephen said.

Tom was there when Private Illand arrived.

Mason opened the door and saw someone was with Stephen. Mason recognised the person, but couldn’t put a name to the face.

Tom smiled and said, “good morning, Private. I am Tom Rees, from the Royal British Legion care unit.”

Mason realised straight away that this was his ex commanding officer and said, “good morning, sir. Nice to see you again.”

Tom smiled and said, “sorry Mason, I don’t recognise you, but I guess you do me.”

“Yes sir, I remember you. I was at the parade when you stood down, sir,” Mason said.

“Anyway Mason, I would like you to tell Stephen all about the FSU and the good work you do,” Tom said.


By the end of the meeting, Stephen had made his mind up to join the FSU.

Tom felt he had got through to Stephen. When he left the room, he spotted Alex talking to Mason and walked over and said, “good morning, Alex.”

Alex turned round and said, “morning Tom.”

“What brings you here?” Tom asked.

“Well, Major Williams has asked for a meeting about joining the unit, and I was asking Mason if he thought he was suitable,” Alex said.

“Wow, he has applied quickly. Then I was only just talking to him about the FSU,” Tom said.

“Yeah, that’s what Mason said,” Alex said.

Alex met with Stephen and left the room, an hour later, with Stephen assigned to the FSU.

Tom was sat in the canteen at the hospital, having a coffee with Rhys and Shaun.

“So lads, what you planning for Matt’s birthday?” Tom said.

“Yeah, we are planning a trip to Alton towers, with him and his mates,” Shaun said.

“That should be fun for you all. I will give that a miss though. Screaming kids on rollercoasters. no thanks,” Tom said laughing.

“Not my idea of fun either, to be honest, but that is what he wants to do,” Shaun said.

“So, what you and Ben doing for Jon’s 18th birthday?” Rhys asked.

“Actually, I haven’t given it much thought,” Tom said.

“I suppose with the new job and all, that you haven’t had much time to organise something,” Shaun said.

“No, and with Ben changing his job as well,” Tom said.

“How is he getting on?” Rhys said.

“He really enjoys it so much better than that hospital,” Tom said.

“Well that’s good,” Rhys said.

“Yeah, so how is this place? Still as mad as ever?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, gets its quiet days and other days it is crazy,” Rhys said.

“So, do you miss the Army then?” Shaun asked.

“To be honest, no I don’t. All that protocol, now I am glad to be plain old Tom Rees again,” Tom said smiling.

“No, you never are plain old Tom Rees,” Rhys said.

“No, it is Tom Rees Andrews, actually.” Tom said smiling.

“We will have to get together and get something organised for Jon’s birthday. Maybe we can come to Coninton for the weekend,” Rhys said.

“That would be nice. It’s been a while since the four of us spent time together,” Tom said.

“Yeah, it has been a while,” Shaun said.


A few days later

Lee was sat in the lounge at Coldbrooke Hall, when he spotted a black haired woman come in. She spoke to one of the nurses who took her to one of the side rooms. Diane Baker was visiting her brother, Maurice, who had been injured out in Afghanistan.

Maurice smiled, as his younger sister walked in and said, “hey Diane, lovely to see you.”

“Yeah, nice to see you too,” Diane said.

“So, what brings you here?” Maurice asked.

“Well, mum isn’t very well and she was going to come today, so I thought I would come and see my brother instead,” Diane said.

“It’s stuffy in here. Isn’t it?” Diane said.

“Yeah, it gets like this. Tell you what, ask the nurse to move me into my wheelchair, and we can sit out in the lounge. It is not as warm in there,” Maurice said.

The nurse helped Maurice in the chair and Diane wheeled him into the lounge. Diane spotted the cute blonde haired soldier sat down reading a book and said, “I bet you will glad to get out of this chair soon.”

“Yeah, you bet. But I am a lucky one. Some of the guys here will never walk unaided again,” Maurice said.

Maurice noticed Diane looking at Lee and said, “he is cute, isn’t he?”

Diane blushed and said, “shut the fuck up, he might hear you.”

Maurice laughed and said, “awww, my little sister is blushing.”

Lee looked up and saw the black haired girl looking his way and he smiled.

Diane turned her head and said, “shit, he smiled.”

Maurice called over and said, “hey Lee, come here mate.”

Lee took hold of his crutches and slowly walked over.

Maurice said, “Lee, please meet my little sister, Diane.”

Lee smiled and said, “hey princess.”

Diane smiled and said, “hi Lee.”

“Sit down and join us,” Maurice said.

“No, I would be intruding,” Lee said.

“Nonsense,” Maurice said.

Lee sat down and soon Maurice felt like he was a spare part, and slowly he wheeled his chair away from Lee and Diane.

Lee spotted Maurice had gone and said, “looks like your brother has left us.”

Diane said, “yeah, I think he has.”

Diane and Lee were chatting for about two hours and Diane couldn’t believe it, when Lee told her the way his ex had treated him. Diane felt that Lee was the man for her and said, “you know, I don’t care less about your injury. You are one sexy lad, and don’t let that bitch win.”

Lee laughed and said, “thank you, princess.”

Diane then leant over and kissed Lee. Lee smiled and said, “wow, you are beautiful.”

Diane blushed and said, “thanks.”

“Well, I had better go and find that brother of mine,” Diane said.

“Yeah, I hope I will see you again,” Lee said.

“Oh, you will. I will be back to see you,” Diane said.

Lee was on top of the world, after Diane left, and felt that he could finally move on from the bitch from hell.


Diane visited Lee nearly every day, for the next month and finally Lee asked Diane to be his girlfriend. Diane said yes, straight away.

Maurice always thought it was funny, seeing his sister sitting down talking to Lee. But Maurice knew these two were meant to be together, just like he was meant to be with Adam. Lee felt that Maurice didn’t like the fact he was dating his sister.

Maurice was sat in the lounge and saw Diane leaving. She walked over to Maurice and said, “hi Maurice, you OK?”

“Yeah, thanks. How’s mum, by the way?”Maurice said.

“Yeah, she is OK now. Just a bug, she will be in to see you tomorrow,” Diane said.

“Ok Diane, sees you tomorrow, then,” Maurice said.

Diane leant in and kissed Maurice on the cheek and said, “yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Diane looked over at Lee and waved as she left.

Lee slowly walked over to Maurice and said, “hey mate, can I speak to you a minute?”

“Yeah, of course, Lee. What’s a matter?” Maurice asked.

“I want to make sure you are OK with me dating your sister,” Lee asked.

“Lee, sit down,” Maurice said.

Lee sat down on the chair and said, “so, are you OK?”

Maurice smiled and said, “of course I am OK. I am glad Diane has finally found a good guy to be with. Her last few boyfriends have been wasters, to be honest.”


“That OK then, because I wouldn’t want you to think I wasn’t good enough for her, mate,” Lee said.

“Oh Lee, believe me, if I wasn’t taken, and you weren’t straight, I would have been trying it on with you myself, mate,” Maurice said smiling.

Lee laughed and said, “what you like?”

“Well, you are hot mate, and don’t you forget it,” Maurice said smiling.

Adam walked in and saw Maurice talking to Lee and walked over and said, “hey.”

Maurice laughed and said, “shit, the boyfriend has caught us.”

Lee laughed and said, “yeah, looks like it.”

Adam laughed and said, “what you two silly buggers on about?”

“I just told Lee if I wasn’t taken, I would be hitting on him,” Maurice said.

“Oh yeah, definitely. You are one sexy soldier,” Adam said.

Lee laughed and said, “you know, lads, if I was gay I would be happy to have either of you.”


Tom was at home with Ben, trying to get the 18th birthday party organised for their son, Jon. Tom had hired the village hall at Cheedam for the event. Tom’s mum had arrived earlier that day, to help him get the hall ready for the party.

Tom left the house with his mum and headed over to Cheedam. They pulled up outside the hall and saw Alice Bonner walking towards the entrance.

“Hi Alice,” Tom said.

“Hi Tom, just dropping off some food for later,” Alice said.

“Thanks Alice,” Tom said.

“Hi Lucy, how are you?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, I am fine. How’s the new job going?” Lucy asked.

“Oh, I love it. Such inspirational young men and women,” Alice said.

“Yeah, I bet they are,” Lucy said.

Lucy soon had the hall in ship shape and had it all ready for the party.

Jon, meanwhile, had no idea that Greg and his dads had organised the party, and also that his Uncle Rhys and Uncle Shaun would be there with a bug surprise for him.


Later that evening, Rhys, Shaun, Matthew and his girlfriend, all arrived at Cheedam Village Hall. A lot of Jon and Greg’s friends from college were already there.

Lucy was there, as well as Alice, and they were making sure that everyone was ready for the arrival of the guest of honour.


Jon knew nothing about the party, but was expecting to go to Greg’s mothers for a family meal.

Ben and Tom, along with Greg and Jon, arrived in Cheedam and Jon realised that something was going on when they didn’t go up the lane towards Alice's house. Instead, they pulled into the village hall car park.

Tom smiled and said,” Jon, be a good lad and drop this off to Mrs James from the village WI for me. She should be in the hall,” handing Jon an envelope.

“Oh OK,” Jon said, getting out of the car and headed into the hall.


Greg Ben and Tom quickly followed behind as the guests shouted, “SURPRISE!” as Jon walked through the door.

Jon turned round and saw his smiling boyfriend and his dads and said, “you swine’s.”

Then the room started to sing “Happy Birthday to you.”

Jon was soon enjoying the company of his mates and his family when Rhys stood up and called for quiet.

“Ladies and Gents, I want to thank you on behalf of the family for joining us tonight in celebrating the 18th birthday of one special young man. Jon is my nephew, the son of my late elder sister Katherine, or as she liked to be called Kathleen. Kathleen, along with my mother, died a few years ago in a road accident. That death could have pushed Jon into despair, but it didn’t. Instead, he took it in his stride. He had already lost his dad in a motorbike accident, when he was 2. And later, at 5, his favourite uncle, my older brother, died in Afghanistan. At first, he lived with me and my son Matthew, but later, close family friend, Tom, took him in. Since then he has turned into the special young man we see before us today. My husband and I invite you all now to raise your glasses to Jon Taylor Rees.”

Tom smiled and walked up and said, “my husband and I have had the pleasure of bringing up Jon, and it has been hard at times, but I am so proud of him. And I know whatever he decides to do in the future, we will support him. Ladies and gents, to Jon. Happy Birthday, son.”

Rhys walked over to Jon and said, “I have something for you outside. Come with us.”

Jon smiled, and noticed that Tom, Ben, and Greg were following him, Rhys, and Shaun, outside.

Jon’s face lit up as he saw the brand new Ford KA parked outside.

Rhys said, “happy birthday, Jon.”

Jon said, “hold on, you cannot afford to buy me a car.”

Rhys smiled and said, “well that’s true, but your trust fund can, and this is from that fund.”

“Oh? What trust fund? I didn’t know anything about a trust fund,” Jon said.

“Well, when your mother died, we found out she was insured, and with the money we had from the insurance company, Tom and I had invested into a trust fund for you. Tom has been paying money into the fund ever since,” Rhys said.

“Oh wow!” Jon said.

Tom smiled and said, “when you are 25 you will be able to cash it in, but until then only Rhys and I can withdraw money and we both knew you needed a reliable car to get back and for college, as that rust bucket you got at the moment won’t last much longer.”

“Oh dad, that’s fantastic,” Jon said running to Tom for a hug.

A couple of days later


Tom was at the hospital, visiting a young soldier who was due to be transferred to Coldbrooke Hall. He left the young man when he spotted another young soldier in an adjoining room. Tom realised that he recognised this young man and he walked through the door and said, “Justin.”

Lance Corporal Justin Brecon was a young private that Tom helped when he was with the Army FSU. He had been slightly injured in a fire fight and had been keen to return to his unit asap. Justin looked up and said, “wow, Tom long time no see mate.”

“Yeah, so what you doing back in here?” Tom said.

“Oh, I have some bad news, mate. i have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and I left it too late. They think it has spread,” Justin said tearfully.

Tom was gobsmacked and walked over and took hold of Justin’s hand and said, “i am so sorry, Justin.”

“Its my own fault, Tom. I felt the lump there ages ago and ignored it,” Justin said.

“So, how come you decided to do something about it now then?” Tom asked.

“Well, I had a medical and the Army doc found the lump and he made me face up to it,” Justin said.

“You know, you are a stupid man, but there again, how many young virile men would want to own up to it,” Tom said.,

“Yeah, that’s my problem,” Justin said.

“Justin, i am not with the Army FSU anymore, but i work for the Royal British Legion, if you need anything, and i mean anything, you can contact me on this number, OK?” Tom said.

“Yeah, thanks Tom,” Justin said.


Tom felt really sad about Justin and he hoped that Justin’s fears of the cancer spreading were unfounded. It turned out, sadly, that they were true and despite putting up a fight, Justin sadly died two weeks later.

Tom attended the funeral of Justin and stood there as his unit did their duties. He also spotted Lieutenant Colonel Trent there. Tom walked over and said, “hi Philip.”

Philip smiled and said, “hi Tom, what you doing here?”

 “Well, Justin was one of my cases when I was with the Army FSU and I met him recently, when visiting a client at the hospital - a real sad case,” Tom said.

“Yeah, real sad.He had his whole life ahead of him. But as soon as they said it was inoperable, and was terminal cancer, we knew it was only time. But you know he returned to the unit to say goodbye. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. The whole unit was in tears, and since then, two other members of the unit have had treatment for testicular cancer,” Philip said.

“Well, that can’t be a bad thing. Maybe he saved the life of others,” Tom said.

“Yeah, and his family has given permission for Justin to be used on a poster, telling soldiers to check themselves regularly,” Philip said.

“Yeah, that is something we all should do really.” Tom said.

“Yeah, true,” Philip said.


Tom arrived home and saw Ben was already home. He also spotted that Jon's car wasn’t there. He pulled into the drive and walked in the house and saw his husband sat there reading a magazine. “Hey sexy,” Tom said.

Ben laughed and said, “hey gorgeous.”

Tom walked over and kissed Ben and said, “that was a sad funeral.”

“Yeah, how old was Justin?” Ben said.

“23 babes,” Tom said.

“No age to die,” Ben said.

No, definitely not,” Tom said.

Ben kissed Tom and said, “we got the house to ourselves tonight. Jon and Greg have gone to see Alice.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Tom said.

Tom stood up and took hold of Ben's hand and pulled him up and led him upstairs to their bedroom.

Tom took hold of Ben and said, “you know I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you. I am so glad we are now out of the Army.”

Tom then sat down on the bed and slowly unzipped Ben’s work trousers. He pulled out his cock and started to suck on it. Ben looked down at Tom and said, “god you are so hot.”

Tom laughed and carried on sucking on Ben’s cock. Ben started to groan, as Tom expertly sucked his now rock hard cock.

  Ben groaned loudly, as he felt his cock throb sending a huge load of his hot sticky cum all over Tom’s face and hair. Tom laughed and stood up. He kissed Ben, and the two men stripped the remaining clothes off and got into the bed. They held each other and Tom said, “I love you.” Ben looked at Tom and said, “I love you too."


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