February 14, 2015

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This story is based on real people but (unfortunately) not real events.

People's names have been changed.


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Luxury Beach Resort


I had managed to get a summer job at a luxury beach resort for the summer. Perfect I thought I can catch some sun and earn some money for University at the same time. Being as I was just 19, and came from a well off family this was my first experience working. I soon realized that work meant work not relaxing on the beach. Oh well I needed the money as my parents said that it was about time I learned the value of money.

I showed up for orientation the first day as instructed and was interviewed as to my previous work experiences. The shift manager just chuckled to himself when I told him this was my first job. He looked me over from head to toe and said he had thought I had not seen much Hard Work before judging by my preppie attire and tanned skin.

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself to help you understand his comment. I had just turned 19 three weeks earlier, and as I said this would be my first job. I came from a well to do family, had my own room in a rather large home. I wore the top designer labels and went to one of the better boarding schools in the country. I was 5'11" tall, weighing in at just under 65 kilos, so more on the slim built side. I had blue eyes with wavy blonde hair, not too long but not too short either. I was by no means muscular but was not skin and bones either. I had a fairly nice tan already for the summer due in part to my lounging around the pool most of the time, which is what prompted my father to strongly suggest I get a summer job and earn some money of my own so as to learn its value.

After a few questions about what I knew about gardening, cleaning, how handy I wasn't with my hands, Paul the shift manager decided maybe I should work the pool bar as a helper/waiter by day and pool maintenance helper by night. This was when I realized I really wasn't going to like this working idea, day and night? When was I going to have fun with my friends and work on my tan some more. I was assigned to work with Peter, at the pool side bar during the afternoon, and I would work nights with Sal cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Peter was 26 and had worked the poolside bar for the last few years, he explained to me that he had started out where I was now when he was 17. He said since he was not from a well off family like me he needed to work if he wanted money for cloths and needed to save to go to University as his parents were not able to afford that luxury. He told me that he expected me to work hard and keep up with my duties if I wished to keep working with him, he didn't seem to like the fact I was from a well off family and had never really worked before. My afternoons consisted of slicing fruit for drinks clearing the bar of dirty glasses emptying garbage's hauling heavy boxes of liquor as well as waiting on the guests at the poolside. It seemed like Peter was always telling me to do things at first. Cut more limes for me , get those dirty glasses off the bar area and bring me clean ones, there are guests who would like some drinks poolside you better make your rounds and find out what they want quick. I was not used to the fast pace and was running around in a state of confusion all afternoon. When Peter told me my shift was done and I had a few hours to rest and grab something to eat before my evening shift started all I could think of was resting my tired body. Peter asked me what I thought of my first day and I said I didn't know if I would be able to keep this up as I was exhausted and completely wore out. Peter fixed us a couple of fruit drinks and walked with me back to the staff lounge area. He told me I had done OK for my first day and that soon I would have a routine built up and today would seem like a walk in the park.

I told Peter I really wasn't keen on working and I thought he was a bit pushy a few times and sort of enjoyed ordering me around. Peter laughed then said "If you think I was PUSHY today wait until tomorrow and the next day Pretty Boy." Peter's look had gone from smiling to a scowl in a matter of seconds. "You are nothing but a spoiled little BRAT who has lived off mommy and daddy for so long you have no idea what the real world is like. It is no wonder your father sent you out to get a job and learn the value of money." I was completely shocked, I had never been talked to like this before not by my parents not buy anyone. I sat there in silence with a stunned look on my face. I felt like I was going to cry or explode in rage. I just sat there staring at Peter and started to think about what he said.

Peter looked at me then he started to apologize for being so harsh with me, he said he was wrong to judge me like that but that it made him mad that I had had an easy life compared to him.

Now I felt bad and explained that he was right in everything he said. I was a spoiled brat and I did need to learn that you must work for what you want in order to truly appreciate what we have. I stood up and shook Peters' hand and thanked him for his honesty and told him I would try harder tomorrow.

Peter said he was sorry for losing his temper with me and that he was sure I would do fine tomorrow and that I should rest up and eat before my next shift.

He headed off to start his next shift and I found my way to the buffet taking a plate of fresh fruit and a piece of chicken as well as a bottle of water and returned to the staff lounge area.

As I sat in the staff lounge area eating then sitting relaxing a bit from my busy afternoon a Hispanic looking guy of about 28 came in wearing blue coveralls and white tennis shoes. The coveralls were opened from his neck to just above his crotch exposing a smooth neckline and a white wife beater underneath. He walked in with a cocky look to him looked around seeing no one else and gruffly asked if I was Ron. I sat there staring at him he was 6 foot with dark curly hair, dark skin. He had a goatee which was neatly trimmed, and from what I could see of it a well-muscled and toned body. Not beefy just well-toned. I felt a stir in my shorts and sat there in awe.

"Well are you Ron or aren't you?" he asked again waking me from my dream.

"Yes" was all I could squeak out, and that's all it was a squeak.

He laughed at me and said "just my luck a pretty boy to help" as he turned away he seemed to bellow out "follow me pretty boy we have work to do, you and I"

I sat there still in shock not really registering what he said for a moment.

"I don't like repeating myself pretty boy let's get the lead out"

I quickly stood up and started to follow him to the door.

"Not so fast Pretty Boy, there is no maid here to pick up after you so put your dished in the cart over there", and he pointed to a bus cart beside a trash can at the side of the door. "Make it quick and follow me we will get you changed into some work clothes." "We wouldn't want you spoiling those preppie things now would we Pretty Boy."

I didn't say a thing I just did as I was told and followed him out the door and down a corridor to a door leading outside. Once outside I realized we were not in the resorts guest area but in an area behind the buildings and between the villas. We walked down the pathways which seemed like a maze to me and came to a door with a sign reading "Pool Maintenance". Once inside it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darker room. I could make out pumps heaters pipes valves and other things related to the pools. I knew them from our own backyard pool but these were of a larger scale and there were more of them.

"What's your name Pretty Boy?"

"Jack" I replied a bit more confident this time, not just a squeak.

"Well Jack my name is Raymond and you will be working with me, if you haven't figured that out yet. What do you know about pool maintenance?"

"My pleasure Ray" I said extending my hand.

"I said Raymond not Ray and I'm sure it is your pleasure Pretty Boy. I'm here to work and you best be as well. I'm not looking for friends just hard workers. Now what do you know about pool maintenance?"

"Well I know how to vacuum our pool at home and how to backwash the filter as well as testing the PH and chlorine levels."

"That's a start. Here's your locker and 2 pair of coveralls. One pair you wear the other are for when the first pair are in the laundry. You will keep clean and neat at all times and will follow directions. As I said in the lounge I don't like repeating myself. Here is your schedule you will be here ready to start working at the times stated. This means already in uniform and ready to work do you understand Pretty Boy?"

"Yes Ray, I mean Raymond" I stammer

"Didn't your parents teach you manners Pretty boy? That's yes Sir and if I hear you call me Ray again you will regret it now get changed."

"Yes Sir Raymond". I open the locker and hang one pair of the coveralls in a hook inside I undo my belt and start to remove my shorts and just as I am hanging these on another hook inside I feel Raymond's eyes checking me out. I turn to see he is looking me over from head to toe. I start to get a bit aroused by the attention.

"Well it doesn't look like you work out at all or do much heavy work from the look of your scrawny body" Raymond looks at my crotch which is starting to bulge slightly as I begin to get aroused.

"No I don't work out and today was my first day of work Ray, I mean Raymond"

"Well Pretty boy I can see we are going to have to teach you some manners and how to listen, I told you I don't like repeating myself." With that he grabbed my shoulder and as he sat on the bench in front of the lockers he forced me down over his knee and started to spank my ass. Not a light spanking either but a hard firm spanking he spanked me 6-7 times and then stood up pushing me aside and bellowed "you will say Yes Sir and call me Raymond from now on or that will be nothing compared to what you get next time, Do you understand Pretty boy."

"Yes Sir Raymond Sir" I reply my eyes starting to water and my ass cheeks burning from the spanking. My crotch though has gotten larger and a more noticeable Bulge has formed pressing the fabric of my underwear out more.

Raymond is looking at my crotch and I can see it has not gone un noticed.

"So you like that Pretty boy? Do you want some more?"

"No Sir" I lie and turn away embarrassed to have been caught in such a predicament. I quickly grab the coveralls and pull them on and zip the up trying to get my now raging hard on to recede before I turn around.

I turn back around after a few moments and can't help but stare at Raymond's body. It seems so smooth and muscled. I love his dark eyes and his dark skin. I start to dream about what we would do together when I am awakened from my daydream by a slap across my face.

"I said what are you staring at Pretty boy? And what is this?" he grabs my crotch and I realize I had been staring for minutes not seconds and I now have a full blown hard on poking out in front of me.

"I'm sorry Ray, I mean Raymond Sir I'm sorry"

Smack his hand makes contact with my face again this time harder and he tightens his grip on my crotch crushing my balls in his viselike grip.

"You just don't learn do you? Well we will have to teach you the hard way Pretty Boy. You will address me with respect and you will never again call me Ray if I have to spend all night beating it into your scrawny ass." He starts to remove my coveralls undoing the zip. When he gets to my crotch he gives my balls another hard squeeze causing me to double over with pain and begins shouting at me. "Get those off now you scrawny little bitch". He releases his grip on my balls and pulls me upright by the hair.

I stare into those deep dark eyes with tears forming in my own and just stammer "Yes Sir" as I begin removing the coveralls. As I am doing this and hanging them up Raymond has sat down on the bench and lowered his own coveralls to the floor. I stare at his crotch with lust and fear in my eyes not sure what he has in mind. I can see his bulge seems slightly larger than it looked before but it is hard to tell as he had coveralls on before.

"Get over here" he yells as he grabs my balls and squeezes harder than before.

I have no choice but to comply and as I double over with pain he forces me over his lap again. This time he pulls down my underwear as he pushed me downward. I can feel my crotch getting harder as I await my punishment. Raymond pulls a belt from somewhere beside him, I'm not sure where exactly it came from as I never saw it on him.

"You want to do this the hard way it seems so here goes and not a peep out of you unless you want more and harder do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" is all I get out before the belt makes contact with my ass. The pain is just bearable but with each additional smack it seems to double in intensity. After what seems like an eternity I can no longer feel anything but the massive sting coming from my now welted and reddened ass cheeks.

Raymond stops and asks "Have you learned your lesson or do I need to continue?"

"Yes Sir Raymond Sir, I will do as you ask from now on the first time Sir, and I will not disrespect you or call you anything but Raymond or Sir".

"That is good Pretty boy and don't forget it now get up and get ready for work"

"Yes Sir" I reply. As I begin to stand up I realize I am sporting a full on hard on which is leaking pre cum like a faucet.

"Well what do we have here Pretty boy? Looks like you liked that. Did you?"

I turn away in shame but Raymond quickly spins me around and has my balls in his vise like grip causing me to double over in pain again.

"Stand up and look at me when I talk to you bitch" he yells as he squeezes harder.

Almost to the point of passing out from the pain I fight off the nausea and urge to black out and force my body to stand upright. "Yes Sir I'm sorry Sir I couldn't help it Sir it hurt so bad Sir."

"Well if you think it hurts now just act up again Pretty Boy".

"No Sir I will behave Sir."

"Well get yourself dressed we have work to do and now we are behind you best be good at your job tonight or there will be hell to pay later DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BOY?"

"Yes Sir Fully Sir" and I quickly get dressed and ready for work before I bring down Raymond's Wrath on me again.

We leave the Pool Room and head out to the pools and begin vacuuming them one by one testing the levels and adding chemicals as required. The night passes quickly and before I realize it Raymond says pack up let's get our stuff back we are finished. The shift passes uneventfully with me doing as I was asked and Raymond seemed pleased. Nothing like what I experienced in the pool room. As we entered the pool room and I open my locker I can feel Raymond's eyes on my body. I try and ignore the feeling but I can feel myself getting aroused again and I don't want another round of punishment so I just go about getting dressed. I can't sit as my ass is still burning from the beating Raymond gave me hours earlier.

"That looks sore Ron, how does it feel?" Raymond asks with a gentle and tender voice that I wasn't aware he could be capable of using after the beating I had endured earlier.

"It's OK Sir I deserved it."

"Yes Ron you did but that's not what I asked you".

"Sorry Sir Yes it is still sore it hurts but I will live".

"Get dressed and come with me Ron I should have something at home to help that."

"That's OK Sir I will live" I repeat not sure if I want to go to his house out of fear but at the same time the soft gentle tone he has now makes me want to fall into his arms and just kiss him and love him.

"I really think you should come with me Ron. You will be glad you did." He says with that soft inviting tone.

"OK Let's go then Sir"

"Raymond is fine when we are not working or Playing" he says with a wink.

I'm not sure just what to make of this but follow him out the door "OK Ron" I reply.

After a short walk to the bus we ride a few stops I stand even though the bus is almost empty. Raymond sits and just seems to stare at my crotch as we ride along. I can't help but start to get a bit aroused as I wonder what he has in mind and why the sudden change in his attitude. We arrive at his place and he hands me a cold beer from the fridge and shows me around his apartment. We come to his bedroom and he says why don't you take those shorts and underwear off and lay face down on my bed I will get something that should have you feeling better in a few minutes. He disappears into the bathroom and I can hear him rummaging around in there. I remove my shorts and underwear and lie face down as instructed before he can come out and see I have a full on erection happening.

Raymond emerges from the bathroom with a tin of some kind of balm or salve. He opens the tin and the pungent smell hits my nose. "I know smells terrible doesn't it but it works great and y9ou can wash it off in the shower after your beer is done." Raymond begins to dab his fingers in the tin getting a generous amount on his hand and slowly starts to apply the salve to my exposed welted and very red bottom.

"Ouch" I jump at his touch more from the cold salve than from pain.

"Sorry Ron, this will help in a few moments you will no longer be in pain".

As Raymond applies the pungent cream my tender ass cheeks begin to numb. I no longer feel the heat or the burn or any pain. Raymond tenderly rubs the salve all over my ass cheeks then he stands up and as he turns toward the bathroom he says "you can put you clothes on now if you want or there is a robe in that closet there that you can wear for now".

I slowly get up and walk to the closet as I pass by a mirror I look at my ass expecting to see a terrible mess of welts and redness. I am surprised to see very few welts remaining and most of the dark red has turned a bright pink already.

Raymond returns having washed and dried his hands. I have already put on the robe and am awaiting his return when he comes into the room.

"Let's go finish those beers and get to know each other" he says.

I follow Raymond to the living room and am hesitant about sitting on the couch when he says "It's ok the pain should be gone it will be OK now". I trust him his voice is so calm and reassuring now nothing like the start of our night.

"So you like men do you Ron?"

I'm startled by this sudden question out of the blue.

"Well I'm not sure what you mean Raymond"

"I think you do" he says "judging by your reaction earlier. I think you like me anyway, and you also seemed to like what I was doing to you".

"I, I, I'm not sure what you mean I didn't want to be beaten and hurt." I stammer.

"Oh I think you do know what I mean and I also think you did like it when I beat you." Raymond says tenderly. "You don't have to be ashamed Ron I like men too, and I really like you. Would you like another Beer?" he gets up to get us each another beer.

"I have never had anything like that happen before" I say.

"it's OK Ron, I am a good judge of people and what they want and I think you want the same things but just might not be sure of it just yet.

"I, I, I do seem to be attracted to your looks Raymond but I have never been with a man before."

"Have you ever thought about it?"

Blushing and looking down at the floor I reply "Well I have had some thoughts".

Raymond places his hand on my shoulder instantly reassuring me as he says "there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about you are a handsome guy and it is perfectly natural to at least be curious about your sexuality."

Leaning in he moves his hand behind my neck and pulls me closer to him. As he does our lips meet, his tongue slipping past my lips and into my mouth. I pull back quickly and he draws me back towards him again and I lean in and engage in the kiss wrestling his tongue with my own. My breathing starts to get rapid and I can feel a warm rush take over my body I also feel a stirring in my groin and feel my erection starting to grow bigger by the second.

Raymond takes my renewed enthusiasm as a as a signal that I am willing to venture down this path of exploration. Slowly he begins rubbing my neck while slowly working his hand across my shoulder and down my chest and into the robe pulling the front of the robe open. I gasp at the gentle touch of his hand on my smooth chest and again as his fingers caress my sensitive nipple. Ever so gently he rolls my nipple which like my cock is now fully erect and standing out from my chest between his thumb and finger. I let out a small gasp as he twists the tender nub gently pulling as he twists. Our tongues battle in a tangled mess like serpents locked in a fight to the death. Slowly he pulls away. I feel a pang of sadness starting to creep over me as he does.

"Ron would you like me to stop or would you like to explore further?"

I just stare lustfully into his eyes my mouth unable to form the words my brain is trying to say. Signals are lost between my brain and my mouth my lips open but only a faint garbles breathe comes out. I try again and surprisingly I manage a "Yes please".

Raymond gives a silent chuckle and asks "Well which is it? Stop or Go silly".

"Go please" I manage to get out.

"Well we better head into the bedroom where we can get comfortable and maybe you should have that shower now to wash that cream off. If you like I can shower with you and we can explore each other's bodies as we clean up as I probably smell a bit after work as well."

I just nod my head yes like a mute all the while thinking this feels so good and so right.

As we enter the bathroom I notice the huge shower off to the side. Raymond reached in and set the water temperature and started to undress. I took off the robe and hung it on a hook outside the large shower and stepped inside and began to soak under one of the massive rain heads. Raymond soon joined me inside and turned another tap, 12 body jets started to spray us with nice warm water from every angle hitting every part of our bodies. The feeling of the warm water against my skin was exhilarating. Raymond stepped closer to me and started to lather up my body and wash me from head to toe. He ran his hands and the wash cloth over every inch of my body paying particular attention to my groin and ass. As Raymond washed my cock and balls I started to get hard. He slowly washed my lengthening shaft and gently pulled back my foreskin to clean under it and around the rather large mushroomed head. I was feeling pure joy and ecstasy. No one but I had ever touched my manhood before and it felt great. I thought my balls were going to erupt spewing their built up load but Raymond stopped just before this happened, almost like he knew just when it was about to happen.

"Now you wash me, take your time and explore my body as long as you wish", Raymond whispered in my ear as he handed me the soap and wash cloth.

I started at his neck and shoulders and worked my hands over his muscular chest and abs. I worked my hands around his groin and ass cheeks which felt firm beneath my fingers. I moved back to his groin and lathered his pubic hair and began to gently stroke his cock. He had more control than I did as he was not fully hard yet. His cock was not totally flaccid but was just starting to sswell to the point of lifting off his massive balls. I ran my fingers under his sack and back around his stiffening member. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and gently pulled his foreskin back so I could wash under it and saw his glistening cock head. It wasn't mushroom shaped like mine but rather tapered from the shaft to tip more like a torpedo. Sleek and streamlined I was thinking, while wondering what it would feel like entering my tight hole.

We exited the shower and took turns drying each other off. This task was performed without the same erotic stimulation as our showering. We were more interested in getting back to our exploration of each other's bodies or at least I was.

As we entered his bedroom and climbed on the large King sized bed Raymond turned to me and asked, "Are you sure this is what you want? I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to".

"Yes Raymond I think that I would like to continue our exploration and maybe try some new things with you tonight. Will you show me how to enjoy another man's body? How to bring him pleasure and be pleasured by him? There is so much I would like to learn and I am not sure where to begin.

"Yes Ron I will help you learn how to please and be pleased by and with a man. I will help you explore you feelings and try and allow you to experience your feelings. Just be aware that I am not the know all or end all to man to man love making but for tonight I will be your guide on what I hope is a very pleasurable journey for you. One where you can learn to let go and feel free about who and what you are and want to become. Just lay back and let the ride begin and if at any point tonight you wish to stop just say so and I will stop. Tonight is all about letting you feel pure joy and sexual freedom. We are just 2 people enjoying each other's company, and bodies tonight. Tomorrow we can discuss future arrangements but for tonight we live and love."

I wasn't totally aware of Raymond's meaning about other arrangements but for now we settled into a loving embrace and began our lengthy session with a very intense sensual kiss and embrace. My mind started to drift off to a blissful place as I explored Raymond's body and he mine. All tension and worry left me as my hands roamed his smooth warm body, exploring his firm pecs. My fingers caressing his chest and taking his hard nipples between my fingertips I gently squeezed and rolled each one as if tuning his body to the same frequency as mine was on. I pulled away from our tongue battle of a kiss and leaned my head against his chest. Slowly I let my tongue trace around his areola and nipple before I took the tip of his nipple between my teeth and gently bit down before suckling on it like a new born takes to its mothers tit for nourishment.

Raymond let out a sign as I bit down and was beginning to let his hands wander over my body. Starting with my neck it was like he was massaging the tension and anxiety out of me while caressing my slim frame. He played briefly with my nipples and chest before leaning in and running his warm moist tongue down my neck following the center of my not so defined chest and slowly coming across to take first one then the other nipple into his warm waiting mouth.

I was in Heaven. My body was experiencing all kinds of new exciting feelings for the first time and I never wanted it to end. I gasped as Raymond gently blew on my now super sensitive nipples. It was like electricity was flowing through them. They also felt as if they were connected directly to my balls and scrotum. For as he blew on my wet nipples I could feel his breath down below it seemed although I knew this to be impossible.

Raymond whispered "Are you enjoying the ride so far Ron?"

All I was able to muster was a weak moan of approval.

"Well buckle your seatbelt because the excitement has just begun. You aint seen nothing yet sunshine."

With that Raymond's tongue began the journey downward once again much to my delight and pleasure. I wasn't sure how much more I could take before my balls released their hot steaming load, as they were aching for release but Raymond wasn't ready for that yet and he seemed to know exactly when to slow down and let me relax a bit before taking me farther on this most magnificent journey I was on. He was driving and it was all I could do to hang on and stay on the ride.

Raymond's tongue reached my belly button and he started by licking around the outer edge before sticking his tongue in and then continuing downward following the light trail of hair downward towards my throbbing manhood. He stopped to lick and drink up the large amount of precum that had leaked out of my raging boner. Not once though did he touch my throbbing cock. He followed the edge of my pubic hair toward my thigh and gently he spread my legs so he could follow the curve of my thigh downward and under my now tight ball sac.

Again I gasped and let out another moan of approval as he worked his magic.

Raymond lifted my legs as he placed his mouth over my taint and gently sucked as his tongue ran along the area of my shaft below my balls. He then ran his tongue up the other side performing the same magical tongue techniques on his way back up my inner thigh towards my pubic bone and belly button. Then he lowered one leg to the bed and the other he held behind my knee bent at a 90 degree angle and ran his tongue down the top of the leg while massaging the calf with the other hand.

As his tongue progressed down the calf his hand followed on the underside. As he reached the ankle and top of my foot he stopped and just seemed to stare at my foot as his hand slipped under the sole of my foot. Slowly he massaged the underside of my foot with one hand as he brought the other down across the top of my foot in a gentle caress. He massaged the sole now with both thumbs as his fingers danced magic across the tops as if playing strings on a harp. He then leaned in opening his mouth and too my big toe into his warm wet mouth.

Again I gasped only loudly this time while slowly exhaling the air from my lungs I let out an almost silent "YES".

Once again I could feel my balls tighten up as if he were sucking on one of my balls instead of my toe. He continued nibbling and sucking on each and every toe before returning to once again pleasure my big toe. He repeated this whole scenario on the other leg foot and toes with exactly the same result.

"OH MY GOD" I managed to get out when he finished working over my feet. "That felt fucking awesome Raymond".

"I told you, you aint felt nothing yet boy", was all he said before grasping my neck and bringing my head off the pillow and my mouth fell open as his lips met mine and once again our tongues started that dance of desire. My whole body was tingling as if it was super charged with electricity running through it. My balls were pulled up tight inside my groin aching for release and all I could think of was Please Lord don't ever let this stop.

Raymond eventually broke the kiss and once again his tongue made its way down my neck towards my nipples nipping on first one then the other quickly before tracing downward over my belly button again. This time he just ran his tongue across it on the way to the rather large pool of pre cum that had accumulated once again in the dip below my belly and above my throbbing cock. The precum was running out of my piss slit like a leaking faucet a ribbon of it connected the pool on my belly to my cockhead.

Raymond sucked up the pool that had collected on my belly and his tongue followed the ribbon to the tip of my cock before he pulled away sat upright on the bed and said "Get up on all fours with your ass in the air and your head on the pillow".

I had no Idea what he wanted me to do that for and was just about to ask him what he had in mind when he grabbed my hips roughly and started to flip me over.

I quickly rolled the rest of the way and did as he said for fear of making him mad where he might hit me or worse yet stop the pleasure he was giving me.

"That's better. Now reach back and spread those cheeks of yours for me boy".

I quickly did as I was told and could feel his hands on my hips and then felt his breath on my ass. I felt him lean in and was surprised when his tongue rested against the base of my cock where my balls should have been. His tongue traced upwards towards my quivering hole over it and up the crack of my ass. His hands seemed to kneed my ass cheeks like they were putty to be squished and formed. His tongue moved downward and this time circled my tight hole gently pressing the opening as if he were trying to stick it up my ass. Then I felt his tongue continue downward and his whole muth wrapped around the base of my shaft as he slowly sucked and nibbled and sucked some more. As he applied more suction I could feel my balls slowly being pulled down out of their hiding place deep in my groin and back into my ball sac. Once he was satisfied they were there to stay he took first one into his mouth gently rolling it over his tongue before letting it plop back out then he moved in and took the other and treated it to the same tongue washing the other had experienced. As the second nut fell free of his warm mouth and soft lips I felt his suck both into his hot mouth. This time he sucked for all he was worth. I moaned in both pain and pleasure not sure whether at ask him to stop or beg him to suck harder. Finally he let both slip out and his tongue found it's was back to my quivering hole. He now sucked and licked my hole as if he was eating an ice cream cone that was melting fast on a hot summer's day. His tongue was applying more and more pressure and spit which seemed to serve as lube. Before I could even get out how good this felt I felt my hole open enough for his tongue to slip past the tight outer ring and enter where nothing before had gone in. The sucking and slurping seemed to increase and then it was more slurping and no sucking. His tongue was quite a ways in and it was like he was spitting more and more saliva into my hole. My asshole felt great and I was enjoying the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of my hole. It was starting to feel as if my ass were opening up to allow him in farther if that was even possible.

Suddenly he pulled out and said "roll over and lay back".

I was in shock why had he stopped this was feeling great I didn't know exactly what he was doing to my ass but I didn't want it to stop.

"Don't worry I'm not finished with you yet by any means boy so roll over if you want to continue?"

I was on my back faster than you can say "Yes Sir"

Raymond smiled down at me and once again came in for a kiss.

I was afraid that he would taste gross but once again I was surprised there was no nasty taste just a musky aroma nothing nasty or harsh just a manly scent and flavor to his lips and mouth. We kissed for a while before he pulled back and said "are you ready to experience the most intense feeling you have ever felt in your life?"

"Yes oh God Yes" I replied.

"Not quite god but you are about to feel like you're in heaven" he chuckled.

With that he moved downward taking a few minutes to suckle on each nipple causing my rock hard cock to spew forth pre cum as if I was pissing the stuff. My balls felt electrified as well as sore and to the point of exploding if they didn't soon release their rather large pent up loads.

Raymond once again slipped lower and licked at the pool of pre cum that was on my belly but before sucking it up he rolled his middle finger through the pool coating it in a slick shimmering layer of pre cum.

Strange I thought why would he do that? I soon had my answer as he put his lip[s to my foreskin and started to slowly suck my cockhead into his warm wet mouth he also slipped his pre cum slicked finger up my previously loosened ass. His finger easily slipped in past the first knuckle as my cockhead passed his lips. By the time the first third of my shaft was inside his warm mouth the second knuckle has passed my outer ring on its way up inside my hole. I was surprised there was no pain just a strange feeling like I was passing a turd. Meanwhile I was in heaven as he sucked the rest of my cock into his mouth and down his throat. As he did this he wiggled his finger almost in a come here type movement and I could feel it rub across something deep inside my ass which sent waves of pleasure through my cock and entire body.

"OH GOD, OH MY GOD, DON"T STOP, PLEASE DON"T STOP, GOD, OH GOD, OH, OH, OOOOOHHHhh, fuck yeah, fuck that feels so fucking hot oh god" I could hear the words but didn't realize it was me screaming them. My body was wracked with overwhelming spasms and an intense feeling of joy pleasure excitement and a feeling of electricity surging from my toes through my groin and straight out of my cock.

It felt like I was pissing pure pleasure in multiple waves straight up from my toes and out my cock.

I felt Raymond's finger pressing against what felt like the most intense pleasure organ ever created.

Raymond was right I did feel the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life. I felt 10-12 massive spasms surge through my groin and out my cock. I don't know how he didn't drown on the cum that flew from my balls. He was still swallowing the last of my load and sucking my now softening cock dry of the last few pearls of my warm seed.

"That was fucking awesome Dude" was all I could manage before collapsing back on the pillow in pure bliss.

Raymond slowly let my cock slip from between his lips as he withdrew his finger from my still quivering hole. I was starting to squirm as my now super sensitive cock slipped from his warm mouth. He slide up beside me and pulled me close and kissed me. I could taste my seed on his tongue and he let a huge mouthful slip into my mouth as his tongue wrestled with mine. I tasted the warm salty cum and was not repulsed by it but rather enjoyed the taste and feel of it as we passed it back and forth between us as we kissed. Finally we both swallowed what we had as we broke the kiss and for the first time since my massive orgasm Raymond spoke to me.

"I hope you enjoyed that boy. That was just the beginning of what we can have together. There is so much more for you to experience. If you want to that is."

I found it hard to believe that anything could ever come close to that again never mind feel better.

"I want to try it all Raymond."

"I want to try everything with you."

"I want to make you feel this good as well Raymond."

"I never knew anyone could feel this good or do half those things that was fucking amazing and I want to do it to you now"

I started to get up when Raymond pushed me back on the bed and said "It's all good Tiger. Just lay back and enjoy the afterglow you will rest and have a good sleep we will talk more tomorrow. Then you can decide what you want to do and if we will continue, but for right now just rest."

I leaned over and hugged him tight and kissed him deeply again before drifting into a blissful deep sleep.



To be continued...


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