Luxury Beach Resort part 2


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I hope you enjoyed that boy. That was just the beginning of what we can have together. There is so much more for you to experience. If you want to that is.”

I found it hard to believe that anything could ever come close to that again never mind feel better.

I want to try it all Raymond.”

I want to try everything with you.”

I want to make you feel this good as well Raymond.”

I never knew anyone could feel this good or do half those things that was fucking amazing and I want to do it to you now”

I started to get up when Raymond pushed me back on the bed and said “It’s all good Tiger. Just lay back and enjoy the afterglow you will rest and have a good sleep we will talk more tomorrow. Then you can decide what you want to do and if we will continue, but for right now just rest.”

I leaned over and hugged him tight and kissed him deeply again before drifting into a blissful deep sleep.


I slept peacefully through the night dreaming of the wonderful things that Raymond and I had done, well more what Raymond had done to me.

I slowly awakened feeling rested but slightly confused.

Where was I?

Then as the sleepy fog in my brain gave way to consciousness I remembered the events of yesterday and realized I was in Raymond’s bed. I could smell a wonderful aroma drifting in the air and realized Raymond had awakened earlier and must be making breakfast.

Slowly I gathered my wits and made my way to the bathroom and relieved my aching bladder. I washed my face to help wake me up and cupped my hands under the cold water and rinsed my mouth out as best I could.  I took the robe from the hook where I had placed it last night and made my way to the kitchen where I found Raymond setting 2 plates of bacon and eggs on the small table just off the main kitchen.

Good morning sleepy head, I was just about to come and get you breakfast is ready. I hope your hungry?”

I’m famished. Thank you Raymond.”

You’re welcome Ron, now eat while the food is hot.”

We both ate quietly and as I finished the last of my meal I gathered the dishes from the table and started to rinse them in the sink. As I did Raymond watched quietly for a few moments.

Ron I would like to talk to you about last night” he said matter of factly.

I quickly spun around thinking I must have done something wrong or had upset him by falling asleep without looking after his needs.

Don’t look so worried Ron, you’re not in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about ‘Us’.”

Ron got up and took my hand before leading me into the living room and gesturing to the couch for me to sit.

I really think you are a good looking young man Ron and I would like to continue our relationship.”

I like you too Raymond” I quickly replied.

I gathered that from last night and well I just wanted to explain some things about me and what  I expect from a relationship, and a partner. Ron what you experienced last night was not my norm.”

I stared at Raymond with a puzzled look on my face, and a feeling of worry started to creep into my thoughts.

Don’t worry Ron you didn’t do anything wrong last night. I just want to explain to you that last night was not the way I would normally treat my partner, but since you are new to all of this I just decided to take things slow and make sure you were comfortable with me.”

Oh yes Raymond I was very comfortable. I hope I was OK?”

Raymond chuckled before he continued.

Ron what I am trying to say is that there are many types of relationships. I normally would play a much more dominant role from what you experienced last night.”

I thought you were the one in control as I’m not very experienced in man to man sex and as I said last night was my first man to man experience.” I quickly replied.

Ron you’re still not understanding what I’m trying to say, and I’m not quite sure how to explain it without scaring you off.”  Raymond stood up and offered me his hand. “Come with me maybe if I show you it will be easier on the two of us.”

I took Raymond’s hand and followed him down the hall. I was about to enter the bedroom when he stopped me.

No Ron. We are not going there just yet. I need to show you something else first.”

With that he took a key from his pocket and unlocked a door I had assumed was a closet or another bedroom. Upon opening the door he led me into the darkened windowless room and when we reached the center he stopped and reached up to pull the chain on the light hanging from the ceiling. The dark room suddenly lit up from the bright glow of the bare bulb.

My eyes were adjusting to the sudden change from the almost total darkness. As my eyes came back into focus I was shocked to see the interior of the room. The walls were painted black for the most part. There were no windows that I could see. There was an assortment of equipment, tables’ benches, chairs, and some other things I had no idea what they would be used for. Along the farthest wall there was a series of cabinets and hooks. On some of the hooks hung chains and ropes of assorted lengths and sizes. There were also pulleys and ropes on the ceiling. Along another wall there were what appeared to be two boards forming an X with ropes looped through each of the ends and another hanging across the middle.  Not far from that was what appeared to be a stockade from medieval times. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be another strange or scary looking device. I was amazed and shocked at what I saw.

Raymond let me take in the room and its contents and when I turned towards him with a look of shock and fear he chucked and with a reassuring tone said “Not to worry Ron I’m not a serial killer.”

Thank God” I replied as I wasn’t sure there for a moment. Do you collect medieval weapons and torture devices?” I asked.

No Ron, this is my ‘Play Room’, this is what I want to explain to you. You see I am what is known as a Dom or Master and I practice BDSM.”

Raymond I’m not sure what you mean.”



Raymond chuckled before saying “let’s go back to the living room, where it is more comfortable. I will explain everything to you over a coffee.”

 With that said le led me back to the couch and went into the kitchen and prepared us both a cup of coffee.

Cream and sugar?”

Just one sugar” I replied.

When Raymond returned he handed me my cup sat down on the couch beside me and took a long sip of his coffee before placing the cup on the table in front of us and sat back for a moment before he said anything.

Ron you really don’t know about Dom/Master relationships?”

I sheepishly looked at the floor not sure how to reply.

And BDSM?” he asked, “You have no idea what I’m talking about there either?”

Again I silently looked at the floor not sure how to reply thinking that here it goes I just blew what I thought was a great thing with Raymond. He is going to think I’m a stupid kid who doesn’t know anything and will tell me to get lost. I finally looked up towards Raymond with a puzzled and sad look on my face.

Whoa Ron don’t look so down.” Raymond said softly as he moved in closer and took my hand as if to reassure me it was OK. “I just figured a guy your age would know about BDSM and DOM/Master relationships. I thought that with the way you  reacted yesterday afternoon that you were a sub and were aware of this type of relationship.”

What do you mean by the way I reacted yesterday?”

What’s a Sub?”

Raymond Picked up his cup drinking the last mouthful. “How’s your coffee? This might take a while.”

Thanks” I replied as I handed him my empty cup.

Raymond took the cups to the kitchen and returned momentarily. He handed me my cup and once again sat down beside me on the couch and looked at me before saying anything.

You know how I spanked you when you didn’t listen yesterday?”

Yes” I replied

Well I noticed you were aroused afterward, and that’s why I thought you were a Sub”

I finished taking a drink of my coffee and as I set the cup down gave a puzzled look towards Raymond.

Raymond paused for a moment and I could see he was looking for the words he was going to use next.

OK Ron let’s start off with BDSM. Have you ever heard of bondage?”

You mean tying up people I replied”, thankful that I at least was starting to understand something.

Yes, tying people up. Well there is a group of people that like to tie people up for sex, they are Dom’s. There are also people that like to be tied up, these are Sub’s.”

I nodded to show Raymond I understood. He looked at me and gave a slight smile as if to show he was proud of me.

BDSM is an acronym referring to Bondage, Dominance, Submissive, and Masochism. Do you know what all of these terms mean?”

I’m not sure about them all.”  I reply. “I mean Bondage I know Dominance and Submissive I think I know but Masochism, that one I’m not sure of.”

OK you know what Role Play means I take it?” Raymond asked


Good, well BDSM involves role play between partners where one of the partners is the Dominant or Dam and the other is Submissive or the Sub. Bondage you know involves the Dom tying the Sub up and controlling the act of sex. Do you follow me so far?” Raymond asked.

I think I do, the Dom is in charge and ties or controls the Sub.” I reply with a smile happy that I am understanding this so far.

Very good Ron you are a quick study. Now bondage is not only about tying a Sub up but about restraining a Sub or controlling what a Sub can do, say, or see. It is about having total control over another person using different restraints not just rope or chains but cuffs, harnesses, gags, blindfolds and other things.”

Raymond paused as if to make sure I followed or to see if I had any questions before carrying on.

Masochism involves pain and or punishment. It can be anything from a spanking to a punch, or torture to mutilation.”

I looked at Raymond with surprise in my eyes. “You mean people want to hurt other people on purpose?”

It’s a bit more complicated than that.” Raymond says as he takes my hand and with a reassuring look he continues. “Ron I am a Dom and I thought you were a Sub when you behaved the way you did yesterday. You seemed to enjoy the spanking and punishment and you seemed to be role playing with your compliance to my demands.” He gently pushes a lock of hair that has fallen across my forehead back in place before he continues on. “I realized last night in my room that you were a virgin, at least as far as gay sex went, so I put aside my preferences and decided that I would pleasure you and show you  just how good a man can make another man feel. I realized afterward that you were falling in love with me, and I was attracted to you as well. I knew that if we are to continue that I would need to explain to you how I feel as well as what I am, so that you can make up your mind if you want to continue a relationship with me. That is why I stopped you after you had your orgasm. You wanted to please me but I had to be sure you understood what I wanted, and need to be pleased. So last night was all about you and your pleasure, which is something I rarely offer to anyone. It has been a very long time since I have thought only of my partner and his needs, but I do have feelings for you and didn’t wish to harm you in any way before I was sure you understood just what a relationship with me involves.”

Raymond leaned in and gave me a tender kiss on the lips and then sat back as if giving me time to process what he just told me.

I sat there and thought about what he said and thought back to the events of the previous afternoon. I never had thought about anything like BDSM before. I never even thought people could enjoy something like causing pain top another person, or that someone could derive pleasure from receiving pain. My mind was trying to grasp all of the information I had just heard and make sense of it as well as applying it to yesterday’s events with Raymond. I did become aroused after the spanking even though it hurt. I did call Raymond Sir and Raymond not Ray as I would have normally. Did I really enjoy being dominated? Was I truly a Sub? Could I have been all along without really knowing that I was?

Raymond seemed to be reading my mind as his next words were tender and comforting.

Ron I understand that all of this is new to you and there is a lot of things to consider after what I have told you. I do like you and would like to continue in a relationship with you but only if that is what you want. I will give you time to think about what  we have discussed and I will take a shower and afterward you can as well and afterward we can discuss things further if that is what you would like.”

Raymond then stood up and left the room heading for the bedroom leaving me to think about what was discussed.

I had so much to think about. Yesterday morning I never even realized I may be gay, last night I never realized I may be a Sub. I was trying to make sense of all that had happened as well as all of these new feelings I was experiencing. I looked out the window and was thinking how did life get so complicated so fast? I really did enjoy the sex with Raymond even though it was one sided. Would I be able to please another man in the same way as he had me? Would I enjoy pleasuring a man sexually?

Raymond returned with a robe on and said the shower was free if I wanted to use it now.

I turned and walked past him without talking. It was as if he wasn’t even there. I was so caught up in my thoughts and feelings it was as if he didn’t exist. I got into the shower and adjusted the water to as hot as I could stand and just soaked under the rain head and turned on the body jets to help me retreat into my thoughts. After a long shower I dried off put the robe back on and went back out to the living room where Raymond was finishing his coffee. I sat beside him looked him in the eye and leaned in for a kiss.

Raymond you have given me a great deal to think about and I must admit some of it has me wondering and a bit confused. I never realized I could have feelings like this about another man before yesterday. I have to admit that I did get aroused when you spanked me but I don’t know if it was because I enjoyed it or just that I was attracted to you. I did believe that I was and still feel attracted to you but I’m not sure if I am gay or not. Was last night just a thing?”

Do I love you?”

Can I love another man that way?”

Will I like pleasing a man the way you pleasured me?”

Ron Stop right there. I understand that you have these questions and I am not demanding an answer right away. What I think you should do is go home and think about all of this on your own time. Take your time to process your feelings. I will be here to answer your questions as best I can and will accept whatever you decide. I am not trying to force you into making a decision right now and I will accept whatever you decide you want to do. Understand this I do care about you a great deal and no matter what I will be here for you however you need me to be.”

Raymond stood up and led me back to where my clothes were laid out and left me to get dressed.

After I was dressed I went out said good bye and said “I will call you later if that’s OK”

I will await your call Ron, take care and feel free to call if you have any more questions.” Raymond opened the door for me so that I could leave and waited until I was out of sight before closing it and going about his day.


To be continued

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