Chapter 3

Carmine is punching my father. He's decking my father dead in the face at that moment. I jump in the way attempting to grab him away from my father. He's strong. I can barely get him off of my father. I have to literally tackle Carmine to the ground with all my weight.

At that moment Carmine starts punching me. He's punching me in the face and abs. This anger has gotten a hold of him and it's kicking in. I can feel my ribs flexing in from the pain. I don't know why I do what I do at that moment.

I turn around and I punch Carmine.

I punch him dead in his face.

He kicks me off of him and staggers backward. He's bleeding from his nose.

My dad for some reason decides to fucking scold me out of no where, “Cornbread! Damn. What the fuck did you do that for?”

He's looking at me like I've lost my mind. Carmine is looking at the blood coming from his nose. He's pissed off and he looks like he's about to attack again. Right now his mother is in between him and us though. If his mother wasn't holding him back Carmine would be trying to fight both my father and me. I'm holding onto the side of my stomach where Carmine hit me a couple times. My ribs are still burning from the pain.

“Carmine, listen. It's nothing, Nothing happened,” Isabella Fontana is telling her son.

She's full of shit. She's barely gotten her panties up and she's trying to convince Carmine that she isn't cheating on her husband...with my father of all people.

“Nothing happened Carmine. Sorry. I'm so sorry for me and my son,” my father is saying.

My father is literally ON HIS KNEES. He's literally begging for his life. I'm looking at him like a loser. What the fuck is the matter with him? Carmine attacked him.

That's when I see Patricia. Patricia must have come out of the building. She's with some staff. Danny is with her. Carmine notices Patricia and the others coming outside of the building. They are all staring and trying to figure out what's going on.

Carmine gives my father one look. Then he gives me one look. Then he grabs his mother and leaves.

I'll never forget the look on my father's face when he stares at me at when Carmine leaves, “We've just been marked.”


“We've just been marked for death,” my father tells me.

My heart is racing. Patricia has sat both my father and I in our living room. She's chewed us out for what seems like hours.

“You're going to have to leave Staten Island. Both of you,” Patricia is telling us, “Cornbread I called your mother and let her know.”

Great. She called my mother. My mother was already tripping about the fact that I wasn't marrying Kairo Thomas and that I left Mississippi.

“Calm down Patty,” my dad is saying.

“Calm down? Calm down! You are sleeping with the wife of an Underboss?” Patricia screams out and then turns to me at that moment, “And you. You HIT a made man. Do you have any idea what that even means.”

“All I know is I hit a guy who was attacking my dad.”

“No. You hit a made man that was hitting your dad. There's a big difference,” Patricia is screaming, “You don't attack made men. There's probably a contract on you right now.”

She's loud. She's voisterous. My father isn't even arguing with her like I am. He just keeps trying to get her to calm down but there is no calming Patricia down. She is freaking out. Right now it is also clear that she knows a lot more about the Mafia and it's dealings then she let on before. It's clear she knows exactly who the Fontanas are. She knows probably just as much about the structure of the Mafia as Danny does.

“Was I supposed to just let him attack my dad?” I ask.

“ were.”

That doesn't come from Patricia though. That comes from my father. My father looks down at the ground. He seems...sad. That usual smile that my father always has on his face has disappeared. It's been replaced with a sense of dread. He's afraid. I'd never really seen my dad afraid before. I'd seen him nervous. I'd seen him worried but right now this was fear. I can smell it on him. He is drenched with the stuff.

Patricia joins in at that moment, “You don't understand this life Cornbread. The sad thing is though Uncle do understand. You know that they are going to kill you. You know that right?”

“I get it.”

“Well then you need to run. Now.”

“They'll find me. No point in running,” Uncle Regis states.

“I'll deal with it,” I state.


“I'll go talk to Carmine,” I respond.

My cousin and my father look at me like I've lost my mind. My father shakes his head, “That's not a good idea. If there is a contract you're walking right into that trap.”

“I'll take the risk. Let me know where we'll find him.”


Patricia shakes her head, “You're dad's right. There is no talking to these people. The two of you have done things you shouldn't have done. The only thing that you can do is get out of New York.”

It's clear they aren't going to tell me where I can find Carmine. After meeting Carmine it's also clear that I have no intentions of returning home.

“Is this the place?”

“Yeah. They call it the White House. It's the home of Crazy Fontana,” Danny tells me.

The white house is on hills. It's a huge mansion looking house painted white. It is regal to say the least. These people have some serious dough. The only person that I trust to take me to where I need to be is Danny. Danny knows a lot about the Mafia. He just so happens to know where to find them as well. I tell him what happened with my father and me outside of the restaurant. I don't know whether it's the fact that Danny has a little crush on me but he seems willing to drive me over here.

I pull the handle to his car, “Thanks Danny.”

“You sure you want to do this?” Danny asks me, “This isn't Mississippi. No offense. These people live by a code and you guys broke two cardinal rules yesterday. Rules that people in New York get body bagged for.”

Don't hit a made man. Mafia women are off limits.

I wasn't from the streets though. Hell I spent the last year of my life engaged to an attorney. You don't get more legit than that.

“Should I wait for you?” he asks me.

“I'll catch an uber back.”

“You don't have to do that. I'll wait for you.”

“I'll be fine man,” I tell him, “I'm a grown man.”

He's reminding me a lot of my ex Kairo right now. The overprotective nature was kind of annoying. Danny was even giving me that look that made me think he didn't completely trust my judgement. Maybe I didn't trust my own judgment right now but I had to do this for my father.

Danny gives in and nods. Something that Kairo would have done too if I pushed back on him. I get up and walk out of the car towards the mansion. It's huge. The gates open.

I walk straight up to the gates.

“Fuck is going on here?” a voice says.

I turn and notice someone walking around from the side of the house doing god knows what. It's Nicky Nuts Fontana, Carmine's brother. He gives me a hard look with this sickened look on his face. He has another Italian boy with him that seems to be around his age.

“Excuse me,” I say, “I was looking for Carmine.”

“What the fuck? Speak up,” he says.

“I'm looking for Carmine.”

“You don't walk up to my doorbell and knock on the fucking door. Who the fuck do you think you are you dirty mulignan. I should take you out back and put a fucking bullet in your fucking forehead right now.”

“I'm sorry I—-”

He's in my face. He's left the other boy at the bottom of the front staircase. The young teenager has the fucking nerve to walk up to me and put a finger on my forehead. He pushes the finger up against my forehead. He's shorter than I am by a little but and looks up at me with this condescending grimace. I want to hit him so bad and in a way I think he wants me to hit him. He's not a made man. I know that much but I don't think it matters. This boy is itching to get into some shit with me.

“Can you believe this guy Nicky?” the boy next to him says.

“Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill your black monkey ass right now,” he states.

“Listen---you aren't all the way white yourself,” I tell him noticing his darker skin tone.

“What the fuck did you say to me? Nigger!” he says.

He takes out his gun at that moment. I don't know what his issue is with me. For some reason he seems to be itching to get at me. He takes a step back and for a moment I swear I think this guy is going to kill me right here in his front lawn.

I swear this guy is going to just take my head off with a bullet. He seems to want to do it. I'm breathing hard. I'm scared to fucking death right now.

“Do it. Kill the fuckin' mulignan nigger,” the boy next to him says.

These boys weren't old enough to drink but they were sitting here about to commit murder. It's crazy when your life flashes before your eyes. I think about begging. I think about trying to hit the gun out of his hand. I'm ready to even make my move. I am ready to lunge forward when the door opens and it's Carmine.

“What's this?” Carmine asks.

He's in a towel. He must have just gotten out of the shower.

“This Mulignan just knocked on the door. Can you believe that? Carmine? He just comes up. He knocks on the door. Can you believe that?” the boy asks.

“Relax. Will you?” Carmine says, “I invited him. You want me to point a gun at your guests, because you now I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. What about it Carmine? Should I pull my gun on your boy Vince here.”

Carmine points his head at the guy who was with his brother. The guy Vince seems nervous just by the mention of it. All of a sudden Nicky isn't so funny anymore.

“Who is this guy? Vince is about to be a made man.”

“But he's not yet and neither are you. Both of you can go fuck yourselves. This is my guest. You hear me? Go fuck yourselves before I get my baseball bat up stairs and stick it so far up your guest's ass it comes out his mouth, tie you up and fucking dump you in the Hudson.”

I never heard a threat so literal. Nicky seems a little irritated but none the less he leaves for the garage area with his friend Vincent. I just look at them and notice the stares that both of these boys give me. It's very clear that neither Nicky nor Vincent are going to really be fans of mine.

I have the bad feeling that I'd be seeing more of them.

“Carmine, I---”

“Get your ass in here before you end up rat food,” he responds.

Carmine's room is luxury. After he walked me past this grand foyer he takes me to the back of the house where there is a second wing to the house. There is a grand bar in the area, a private bathroom, a private living room area and a private entrance to this part of the house. I'm assuming it's all his because he used a key to get into this area of the house. Everything is ivory white and beautiful. The most beautiful thing in the room is Carmine.

“You're lucky,” he tells me, “I just got out the shower and I had this crazy urge to go to the front of the house. I don't know where it came from. Weird. Let me tell you. You one lucky guy. Two seconds later and my brother would have killed you.”

“Maybe it was meant to be,” I stated.

I don't know why I say it. I mean what are the chances that he gets this urge to come to the front of the house out of no where.

Carmine shakes his head uncomfortably and struggles to change the subject, “You want a drink?”

I can hardly think with Carmine standing in front of me in this towel. This towel drafts over his body. His abdomen is stunning. Kairo looked amazing too. I'd always been around guys with dope sexy bodies but Kairo was on his own level. I'm talking about shaved abs that looked like they were designed in the Italian Renaissance but a guy who wore a fucking robe. He has that chiseled face and pecs. There are droplets of water on his body.

“I um...sorry. I have to be honest, I can't concentrate,” I say.

Surprisingly Carmine laughs, “What? The gay thing?”

“Yeah the gay thing.”

“Listen. This is my house. If it makes you uncomfortable oh fuckin' well. I'll put something on when I'm good and ready. Now. Why the fuck are you hear? What the fuck do you want?”

He leans up against the bar and has a drink in his hand. Bourbon. It's the same as the day I met him. He drinks it slower now. His eyes focus on me and I focus on not trying to see the wrinkles in the crotch area underneath the towel. The towel barely clings to his small waist. I am under the impression his waist is too small to hold the towel up and it'll fall down. My imagination starts to wonder if there is something else holding that towel up.

“Well with what happened in the alley last night. I was wondering, well...”

“Take your shirt off.”


“I don't trust you,” Carmine says, “Take your shirt off and then we can discuss what we have to discuss.”

“You think I'm wearing a wire.”

“I think either you're fucking crazy for coming in my house or you're a pig looking to get me to snitch on myself,” Carmine explains, “For your sake you better plead insanity. Now take your shirt off. I won't say it again.”

Carmine reaches behind the bar. He has a gun. He places it on the bar. He isn't pointing it. He's just letting me know it's there. The look in his eyes is one of anger.

I slowly take my shirt off, “Is this OK?”

He stares at my bare chest for a minute, “You're not as scrawny as I thought you were.”

“Well usually guys take me to dinner before I take my shirt off,” I joke.

Carmine surprisingly smirks at this. It is more than I was hoping for. I am pushing it with this guy and I don't know what my limits are. I don't know what offends these people and what doesn't. I don't know if I've gone too far with these people. I'm not from this world.

The smirk is revealing that at least he isn't offended by anything.

“Do I look like the type of person to take guys on dates?” he asks.

“If you're asking me if you look gay then the answer is no. Then again you don't look like the kind of guy to take girls out on dates either.”

He laughs at that moment, “Nah. Romance is for faggots. No offense. You sure you don't want a drink.”

“I'm good.”

“Suit yourself,” he responds, “I'll have one for you. Now tell me. Now that I've confirmed you aren't a pig and you're just crazy what do you want?”

He knows exactly what I want. Here I am with my shirt off in front of him and I feel a little stupid to say the least. Kairo hadn't seen my chest in almost 3 months. It took 5 for us to have sex. He wanted to wait. He said something about virtues or blah blah blah. I guess that is the right thing to do. I guess that's what I should have wanted but I instead I was just horny all the fucking time and bored out of my mind. This thing with Carmine s different. My heart never beat so much as when I'm talking to this Italian Stallion. He is taking his time to probe me and all I feel is fireworks. That's why he asked to make sure I wasn't wearing a wire.

“Do I have a reason to be afraid?” I ask.

Carmine sighs, “You know who I am?”

“I've been told.”

“Then you know I'm dangerous. This thing that your father is doing with my mother is a very serious thing. If I told my family what was going on between them your father would be dead within the hour. You understand that don't you?”


“Tell them it can't happen again. Ever. Your father can't even look my mother's way. You hear me? I don't deal with disrespect but I got other issues I have to deal with. I can't have these stupid distractions.”

“What about me hitting you?” I ask him, “I heard that was pretty bad too.”

He laughs.

“You got more balls than I thought you did. It kind of hurt. I kind of liked it.”

“Does that mean I can do it again?” I ask.

I am flirting. I'm not even hiding it. I'm biting my lower lip. I've never been this aggressive before. I normally never had to. Usually guys just were attracted to me and they came. It was different with this guy. First off I was scared to death of him and every time I pushed a limit it excited me a little bit more.

“You getting a little too comfortable,” he says raising an eyebrow and adding, “How about you get your shirt and leave while I'm feeling generous?”

“That's it? We're done already? I'm free to go? I just take your shirt and run out? Just like that? You won't tell anyone about my father and your mother?”

I'm stalling. I don't want to put my shirt on. I don't want to go.

“No. Take your shirt and run out.”

I grab my shirt at that moment. I turn away and start walking towards the door. There is some feeling that I have. It crawls up my spine. It's this urge. It tells me to turn around. I wonder if it's the same urge that Carmine got that made him go to the door. I wonder if he felt that when he saved me. Right now this is telling me to turn around.

I listen to that feeling.

I turn and I see his eyes. They aren't looking at the back of my head. They aren't looking at the bar or anything else. Carmine is staring at my ass...for the second time.

“You sure you want me to leave?” I ask him.

“I'm not a fucking homo,” he says looking a little irritated.

I hadn't even mentioned anything about him staring at his ass. He must have realized that it looks gay as well. One thing was coming out of his mouth but his actions were something completely different.

“Never said that.”

“I'm not some sissy.”

“Listen I know stare at girls asses all the time. I'm not straight. I'm not saying that.”

He shrugs, “Yeah I wasn't staring. I was just...noticing. A nice butt is a nice butt. It's nothing homo about that.”

I laugh, “ think I have a nice butt?”

Carmine grabs his gun. He's angry at that moment for me even saying something like that. He walks forward and I'm shaking in my fucking spine. He yokes me up with one hand and pushes me up against the long bar. I can feel the edges of the bar dig into my back. Carmine puts the barrel of the gun to my face.

“You really aren't scared of me are you? Don't you know who the fuck I am?” he asks, “You don't fucking say things like that to me. What is this? Aren't you scared of me?”

“I'm terrified.”

And through my fear I do something stupid. I put the barrel of the gun in my mouth. I begin to suck on the metal...slow at first. It's a stupid thing to do. It's reckless to do. I bob up and down the barrel of the gun allowing it to almost touch the back of my throat. I suck slowly, licking the head of the barrel of the gun and kissing it slowly.

“You're fucking...crazy...” he tells me.

“And you're fucking hard...”

I look down at that moment and notice it. His towel gives him a way. He isn't semi hard. He is brick. He is harder than cement. His dick has tented out his towel to the point that there is no way he can talk his way out of this.

So he doesn't try to. He takes the gun away from my mouth.

All I hear him whisper is a loose murmur, “Fuck it.”

Then he's kissing me. It happens so fast that I don't see where it's coming from. The kiss drags on with Carmine putting his tongue deep into my throat. It's intoxicating how he does it. It is intoxicating how he presses his mouth up against mine and holds it there. We kiss for what seems like forever, massaging our tongues against one another. I've never been so much of a kisser. Now was different though. Now I couldn't get enough of him.

Every second he kissed me was another second that I couldn't believe was happening.

When he pulls back I almost collapse to my feet, “Damn.”


I wondered if I was the only one who felt them.

“I've never done this before...” he explains.

I assume he's talking about kissed a guy. I look him up and down and I realize that this confident man has something that he's insecure about when it comes to me.

“I'll take care of you,” I promise him.

A devious smile crosses my face. Carmine doesn't find it funny, “Now don't fuckin' get crazy motherfucker.”

He drops his towel. His dick is out. It's pointed at me. I let my eyes stroll up and down his body. His small waist and his muscular thighs both transition dramatically into his crotch area. He has no hair on his balls. It's completely shaven. His dick is at full attention pointing out. The thickness scares me for a minute but I don't care.

I drop to my knees.

All of a sudden Carmine seems very comfortable and very forceful as he shoves his dick into my mouth. I suck his dick steadily allowing it to fill out my mouth. At first his dick is so big that my jaw hurts. It's the thickness that is getting into me. I can hardly fit the dick into my mouth. After a few tries though my jaw relaxes. I fit it in my mouth. I allow him to slowly move his hips in slow circles.

As I suck Carmine's dick he has a deep reaction to it. His knees buckle a little bit and he jerks a few times. He begins to shiver at each time I pull at his mouth. He is looking down at me and biting his lip.

He says, “Yes. God. You're great. Oh my god. I've never had it like that. Damn. It's like that? Really? Oh're going to do that? Fuck you're mouth is so warm.”

He lays on the floor. I take his dick into my mouth and I can feel him squirming as he gets comfortable. I use my hands, cup them in a v-shape and work the shaft of his dick. He shivers slowly.
After about ten minutes he let's go. He lets warm white nutt flow into my mouth. It's more nut than I expect and the nut is overflowing from my mouth. He doesn't care though.

He leans over and kisses me, sucking up the nut with his own mouth!

We lay there on his floor. Both of us are exhausted. We are both breathing heavily.

“Do you do that to a lot of guys?” he asks me.

“I've been in a relationship for years.”

Carmine turns around. He looks at me. He looks so sexy laying there naked. His body is glistening and it's a sight to see. I can't stop looking at him and the sexy part of it all is that he's staring at me with the same longing eyes.

“And he let you go after you did that?” Carmine asks seeming extremely confused.

“Not really. I spent years trying to be this perfect home body. He actually asked me to marry him. And I ran.”

“And now your single.”

“Yup and free to give head to as many guys as I want.”

“From now on that changes” Carmine states.

“What changes.”

“You don't give head to anyone else. Ever.”

I'm not sure what that means specifically. I don't put too much into it but I know that the sparks between Carmine and I weren't just on my end.

And whether he wanted to believe it or not. I wasn't crazy.

I leave Carmine's house shortly after. He doesn't ask me to leave but I have a feeling that I don't want to push things with him. I am afraid he's going to turn over and realize that he just let a guy suck his dick. I have a feeling he's going to just get upset. I just leave him my number and take off as fast as I can hoping that it doesn't end up going left.

By the time I get home though I am realizing this may not be a one night fluke with Carmine. He sends me a text message.

It reads:

Why am I still laying butt naked in front of my floor? What did you just do to me? I've taken out hits on guys for less.

It's cute. As usual with Carmine I can't tell if he is really mad at me or if his humor is just a little morbid. Either way I am smiling at it. I'm smiling so hard that I am not even paying attention when I get home.

“Dad! Dad you here?” I scream out, “Dad! I got good news!”

I'm excited to tell my father that Carmine isn't going to tell anyone about the affair. Instead of my father though I see another figure standing there.

“Someone's making you smile I see...too bad it isn't me.”

My heart stops when I see him.

This couldn't be happening.

I can't forget him. 6'4” with muscles, brown skin the color of a Twix, low hair cut into a Ceasar and teeth that were so white he could light up a dark room. His has on his suit as usual and his piercing eyes that I remember way too well.


My ex fiance who I left at the alter is in Staten Island.

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