Chapter 8.

“Nicky killed his own mother?” I ask.

“That shit is crazy...” Danny sighs.

Danny, Kairo and I are staring at Vincent. They are giving Vincent this cold look at this moment.

“Nuts is going around telling people that I was paid by Big Paulie to kill Isabella,” Vincent explains.

“That's ridiculous.”

Vincent nods, “Exactly. Why would Big Paulie want to kill Isabella? He loved that lady like a sister. We're all like one big family. A war is about to break out over Isabella. I'm sure. And I need to hide out.”

“You need to tell Big Paulie what you know?”

Vincent gives me a hard look, “I barely got out of this with my life the first time. I'm not telling Big Paulie anything. The Fontanas will kill me. Are you serious?”

“I'll talk to the Fontanas.”

“The Fontanas are killers. They don't care about anyone or anything.”

“Carmine's different. Listen. Will you go meet with Big Paulie and tell him what you know if you can be protected.”

Vincent shakes his head, “I can't be protected, that's the point.”

“They are trying to kill you anyway buddy,” Danny adds in, “I mean didn't you just say they shot up your house.”

“Which is exactly why I should be disappearing right now?”

I can't force this guy to talk. He was afraid. I get it.

“Fine. Can you help him disappear Kairo?” I ask.

Kairo thinks about it, “I can work on it. It may take a few days but I can see.”

“Thanks,” I tell Kairo and look over at Vincent, “You can stay here in the meantime. I'll find a way to talk to Carmine. I'll let him know it was his brother.”

“Do you really think you should be getting deeper involved in this?” Kairo asks me.

He was right. He had a point.

“My father died that day too. If Nicky Fontana is the reason I'm going to make sure everyone knows.”


I make sure I'm at work the next day. Nicky Fontana is there but Carmine isn't. I wonder where he is. Nicky Fontana is laughing it up with his people. I can see that he's trying to get close to them. He just looks so fucking smug there. He thinks he's above the world. I have to admit that I don't hate a lot of people but I HATE Nicky Nuts Fontana. He has these eyebrows that force over like he smells something bad constantly and this cocky little attitude. The boy really thinks he's the MAN with a M. The look on his face is the most annoying thing I've ever experienced in my fucking life.

Where's Carmine though?

I see Alessandra coming out of the kitchen.

“Hey Alessandra.”

She looks a bit scared when she sees me and I know why.

“Can I help you sir?”

“Listen I'm sorry about the other day,” I tell her.

I'm really not. She annoys me. The fact that she was on a date with the guy I was obsessed with bothered me. I can't be an idiot right now though. She is the last person I saw with Carmine. I needed to speak with Carmine.

“It's OK,” she states, “You're not the only one pissed with Carmine around here...I expected people to be mad at him.”


“Didn't you know?” she asks.

“Know what?”

Alessandra leans in, “So I was waiting some tables earlier and heard some interesting things. Rumor has it before the carnival yesterday Carmine disobeyed an order from Big Paulie and shot up this guy Vincent's house.”

My mouth drops.

“Carmine did that?”

I knew Carmine was a gangster but to shoot up someone's house. At first I'm shocked but then I sit there and think about it. This is personal for Carmine. He really thinks that Vincent tried to kill his mother.

“He's the only one who has the balls to do it. Lord knows Crazy wouldn't turn on Big Paulie, not yet at least. Between me and you I'm sure he did. That's why he reached out to me to use me as a date. He tells me that if anyone asks I should say I was with him all afternoon. He needed an alibi I guess.”

A part of me feels relieved. I mean Carmine sure did find the most attractive fucking Alibi in Staten Island but there was a reason he asked her on the date. He was just trying to keep his head down.

“If anyone asks were with Carmine the entire time.”

“Huh? Why would I do that?” she asks.

I look at her. This Alessandra girl seemed like a bit of a treacherous person. I shake off the thought though and force a smile.

“If you want to keep your job...that's what you're going to do.”

Alessandra smiles, “Sure thing boss.”

“Oh one more thing. You can go home early today.”


“I'm taking over your table.”


I spend the time taking over Alessandra's table for her. Honestly I want to know what's happening and where Carmine might be. It was unusual for him not to show up. The Fontanas don't seem to be talking about anything at first. Everything is real normal.

It isn't until Big Paulie and his guys show up that things seem to get interesting. I watch as Big Paulie comes to the table. Big Paulie doesn't even recognize me. He has this hard look on his face.

“Anything to drink sir?” I ask Big Paulie.


By the time I come back with Big Paulie's water him and his guys are sitting across from Crazy Fontana and his guys. Crazy Fontana is a scary looking guy but Big Paulie seems a little scarier. It may be because he's so calm and collected. It's almost like he feels like he's untouchable or something like that. I'm looking at Crazy Fontana and Nuts sitting right next to him. How Big Paulie can demand these guys respect I have no idea.

Nuts doesn't even start shit with me. He must be completely eyeing Big Paulie at that moment.

“Big Paulie...nice seeing you,” Crazy Fontana says, “I was just about to send my guys to invite you over to the White House tonight for Nicky's birthday.”

“I don't give a shit about your bitch ass son's birthday,” Big Paulie says.

Nicky damn near spits out his water. He chokes a little bit. I slowly make my way over to Nicky and refill his cup. I'm loving every fucking moment of this.

“Is there a problem?” Crazy Fontana asks Big Paulie.

“You know there's a problem,” Joe Bananas says.

“Was I talking to you?” Fontana asks Joe.

Big Paulie slams his hand hard on the table. The table damn near erupts a little bit causing some of the drinks to spill over. It was good enough for me because I had more of a reason to stick around and eavesdrop on these guys as I refilled the drinks.

“Fontana, Charming went after Vincent.”

“Says who?”

“The streets are talking Fontana,” Big Paulie states, “Charming went after Vincent. I gave a fucking order and Charming went after that.”

“So what? Vincent killed my mom!” Nicky screams at the top of his lungs.

There is silence.

Big Paulie's gaze is all that seems to be needed at this moment.

“Leave the fucking table,” Fontana tells Nicky.

“Pops you can't let---”

“You're not a made man. Leave the fucking table. You shouldn't be here anyway,” Fontana shouts at Nicky.

Nicky looks embarrassed but he gets up and leaves the table. It's clear that he's not really respected in the group. He isn't even respected enough for anyone to get offended by the shit he's saying. They are treating him like some kind of spoiled brat and to be honest I am glad. The only thing that bugs me about all of this is the fact that Carmine is being brought into it.

That is something that I don't like.

“Tell Carmine I'd like to see him,” Big Paulie tells Fontana.

Fontana sighs a little bit, “About?”

“A horse. What the fuck do you care what it's about. You're my Underboss. You get what that means, brainiac? That means you're under me. I don't give a shit what you did while I was locked up. Those days are over. I'm back now. I want to talk to Carmine and you're going to arrange it. You got that?”

The fact that he can talk to a guy like Crazy Fontana like that blows my mind. Crazy Fontana is scratching at the table. He doesn't hide his emotions well at all. While Paulie is calm and collected, Fontana looks like he is itching to do something wild.

Luckily he maintains himself and through a tight mouth he says, “I'll tell him.”

“Oh and Fontana. If I find out you helped that boy in anyway to try and get to and you are going to have some words.”

I don't know what that means. Paulie is so easy going that he could probably be threatening your life and you'd think he was just saying he was going going to wag a mean finger at you. I watch as Paulie gets up from the table and leaves. Paulie's people leave with him.

Crazy Fontana just sits there quietly digging at his finger nails, looking like he's about to lose his mind.

“What happens when a war starts?” I ask Danny, “Like in a La Cosa Nostra.”

I find Danny in the back. There is so much I don't understand about what happened at that table and I need an explanation. Luckily I have the authority to pull him away from his work to find out all that I need to know. Knowing Danny he was more than happy to feed me all the information that I needed if he could get some downtime.

“Depends on the kind of war.”

“What if a higher level guy. What are those called again?”

“Like Capos?”

“Yeah. Say a capo went against the word of a boss. What happens? What do they usually talk about?”

“Talk? There's no talk. He dies.”

My heart drops.

Holy fuck.

“No wait...he said he just wanted to talk to him,” I state.

Danny gives me a hard look, “You're talking about Carmine aren't you?”

“Doesn't he always talk about Carmine?” a voice says.

We both turn to see my cousin Patricia walk into the kitchen at that moment. She rolls her eyes at the thought of Carmine but I'm taking this very seriously.

“Carmine may be in danger. He went against an order that Big Paulie gave. Big Paulie says he wants to talk to Carmine. For some reason Leo Fontana didn't like that.”

“Leo Fontana wouldn't. By talking...Big Paulie means he's going to kill Carmine.”

I swallow my spit.

“What if I talk to Big Paulie? What if I told that him that Nicky was behind it. He'd focus his attention on Nicky maybe. Maybe he'd leave Carmine alone.”

“Nicky Fontana is behind what?” Patricia asks.

I look over at her.

“My dad's death.”

“What?” Patricia asks and shakes her head, “Nicky Fontana? Listen. Leave Nicky Fontana alone. You are way out of your league here. You want to go getting involved with these mobsters you're going to die like those mobsters. Why don't you get with that nice boy Kairo.”

I roll my eyes. There she goes again.

Danny puts his arm on Patricia's shoulder, “I have to agree with your cousin. You open your mouth and you can be putting yourself in danger. Paulie might still end up killing Carmine anyway before going after Nicky. So its pointless.”

“Are you guys saying I should let Nicky Fontana get away with murder?”

Patricia shrugs, “I'm saying you should leave this alone. What is really going on with this obsession with the mafia. I just saw Alessandra out there talking to a mobster. Is this the hot new thing to sneak off in corners and do that?”

I pause.

“Wait Alessandra was where?”

“She was back there talking about leading someone somewhere tonight.”

Shit. Shit. Patricia had no idea Alessandra was dating Carmine. That's who she had to be talking about.

“Who was Alessandra talking to.”

“Does it matter? A gangster. That's who.”

“Patricia WHICH ONE!”

“I think they call the guy Joe Bananas,” Patricia explains, “Why? Cornbread! CORNBREAD!”

I can't stop at that point.

I'm long gone.

Alessandra is trying to set up Carmine.

I follow Alessandra's car several blocks. She pulls up to to a local dive bar. I notice one of the cars in the parking lot. It's his. It's Carmine's car. Yeah this bitch was definitely trying to set him up at this fucking dive bar.

I make my way into the dive bar and sit at the bar. I see them at a pool table not too far away from me. Alessandra is watching Carmine play pool. She is doing her little girly thing leaning over and feeling all up on his muscles as he plays. I'm fucking annoyed by this.

I have to wait damn near 15 minutes for Alessandra to finally say something about going to the bathroom. She walks past me without even seeing me.

As soon as she does I'm at that table.

“Follow me.”

Carmine gives me a hard look, “You got to be shitting me.”

“I'm not fucking playing with you,” I state, “Follow me...”

I pull Carmine out back at that moment. Before we get far Carmine grabs me and stops me. He looks like he wants to go back inside but I realize when he has the chance to go back inside Carmine doesn't. Carmine is actually raising an eyebrow at me at that moment.

“You really don't get the clue do you?” Carmine states, “I don't want nothing to do with you. You're not loyal.”

“And that bitch is?” I ask him.

Carmine shrugs, “Why do you care? Maybe I'll fuck her. Maybe I'm just using her to stop thinking about your dumb ass.”

I cross my arms. It kind of stings to hear something like that.

“Sorry you hate me so much. After today you don't have to see me OK.”


“I can't let you go back in that bar though. I don't care where you stick your dick after tonight. Just as long as it doesn't go in her.”

Carmine gives me a hard look, “I have a hard time believing you don't care where I stick my dick.”

“Carmine that bitch is setting you up.”

Carmine crosses his arms, “What?”

“She was talking to Joe Bananas back at the job. I also think she must have let him know that you weren't with her all afternoon when Victor's house got shot up.”

Carmine gives me a hard look, “You came to warn me...”

“No shit.”

Carmine puts his hands on his head at that moment. He brushes his hair and bites on that pink big lower lip of his. It drives me crazy when he does it. He gives me a hard look as though thinking about it.

“Damn I should get to my car let me um...”


I grab him and pull him back right before he walks around the corner to the front of the building. I point and a few feet away I see Joe Bananas. Joe Bananas isn't alone. He has a gang of guys with him. There has to be at least 10 of them and these guys are heavily armed. I'm talking shot guns...all that. Two of the guy are standing at Carmine's car while the others are heading into the building.

If Carmine didn't believe me about getting set up then this was definite proof.

He is speechless.

All he does is stare at the ground and say, “Fuck.”

“Follow me,” I tell Carmine, “My car's out back.”


I take Carmine home. He isn't shaken up but we go to the back of his house where his private entrance is. There is some Italian music at the other side of the huge white house.


“My brother's birthday...”

“I should probably go so you can go celebrate with him,” I state.

“No,” Carmine stops me grabbing my wrist, “Come hang out with me for a while. That's the least you can do. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be celebrating anything...ever...”

Carmine's apartment in the white house looks the same as I remember it. When we get in there he is drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. He seems to be a little on edge. I guess that would happen if he barely just escaped out of a place with his life. The look on Carmine's face says it all. He's scared as fuck and he probably has all reason to be.

“Can you go easy on that?” I ask him.

“What are you, my grandma?” Carmine asks, “You look good for a 70 year old Italian women with bad kidneys, I must say.”

I sigh a little bit watching Carmine, “Whatever suit yourself. I was leaving anyway.”

Carmine stops me.

“Quit. Stay...”

“Now you want me to stay?” I ask Carmine.

Carmine's face transforms at that moment. He's not that tough guy anymore. He has more of the Charming part to him. His deep dark eyes settle on mine as his muscular body shadows me. He is close to me and as I'm sitting on the tool he makes his way in between my legs.

“You going to make me beg?” Carmine asks.

“Maybe,” I state shrugging,” I haven't decided yet. You've been a dickhead to me.”

“I just thought you weren't loyal.”

“Me not wanting to kill someone isn't being disloyal,” I state.

Carmine sighs, “In my life it is. I ain't grow up around squares. No offense. If a guy I ride for doesn't a pull a trigger for me I feel like they aren't there for me. That's where the love is. The love is in the trigger.”

“Well that's not me. I'm not ever going to pull a trigger for you,” I tell him, “If that's the kind of thing you are looking for then I can't give it to you.”

“I know that now. You rode for me today. You were there for me,” Carmine states, “No if, and or buts. You just showed up when I needed you. You were there. You have no idea what that kind of loyalty means to a guy like me.”

“No I don't.”

“Let me show you,” Carmine says.

I don't expect Carmine to start kissing me so quickly but his tongue is down my throat. He is stripping off my shirt while he continues to kiss me. The strong kiss gets to me. I can feel his hands all over my body. He touches every crevice and I can't help but to give into it.

“I'm still mad.”

“Good. That's going to make the sex better,” he says.

He gives up on the buttons and just rips my shirt completely off and throws it to the ground. It hits the floor. Carmine throws me on the floor in the next minute and mounts me before I have a chance to continue resisting. By the time Carmine takes off his own shirt any sense of resistance is out of the window. His powerful body domes over me and my dick sprouts faster than a pimple on a teenage boy.

I'm sucking on Carmine's nipples and licking that broad chest of his. Carmine lets out deep moans several times and starts sucking at my neck.

His pants comes off. His dick is hard. His pink head stares at me with a slight curve to it. Carmine plays with the head a little bit working it with is dick and letting out a long stream of precum into his palm. He uses the precum to slowly jack his dick as I play with his nipples.

“You taste so good,” I tell Carmine.

“I feel better...”

He turns me around and lowers my pants. I'm doggy style on the ground. My ass is pointed to the sky. My head is lowered across the ground as if I'm listening to his floorboards. I can feel the pressure of his fingers first and I moan. Luckily the music on the other side of the house is loud.

Then Carmine comes up over me. His strong body grabs me from the back. He uses his hands to begin working my hips until I'm positioned perfectly next to his dick.

I exhale, “Oh sh---”

I can't even finish my word. Carmine shoves his dick in me. He humps me a few times opening me up and I can feel my body getting weak as he picks up a rhythm only matched by a black man on the dance floor.

“You're so fucking tight. Tighter than any pussy,” he grunts.

He's choking me from the back and pounding me out. When I try to run away Carmine grabs me and pulls me back. He's aggressive slamming himself deep into me every chance he gets. He's not soft. He's not romantic. He's fucking the shit out of me with more passion than Christ. I feel my heart get heavy. My head gets a little dizzy. My mouth is getting dry as I'm am loving every moment of this.

I'm speaking in strange phrases, “Oh yes. Do it daddy.”

Calling him Daddy seems to make him stroke it even harder. He bites down on my upper back. He grunts as he fucks me. He goes round and round in and out.

And just when I can't take anymore I hear him let out this deep, masculine grunt, “Uhhhhhh fuckkkkkk.”

That's when Carmine nuts inside of me. He doesn't pull out. He keeps it in there and he collapses on my back.

I can feel his heart beat through my spine.

“That was...amazing...”

“It was just what I thought it would be,” he explains at that moment.

“So does that mean I'm your boyfriend now?”

Carmine rolls his eyes, “Don't push your fucking luck. I hate the gay ass terms. And by gay I don't even mean homosexual. I've never been anyone's boyfriend. How about you are my...rider right now?”

I laugh at the thought, “What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means if I see that square ex boyfriend around you he's going to end up missing,” Carmine says, “It also means, I guess I'm not going to be, you know...messing around with anybody else either. Or whatever...”

I smile.

“You seem like your in a good mood.”

He looks down. His dick is still wet. It's still nutting a little bit. The after sperm leaks out onto his abdomen and nestles in his belly button. Carmine doesn't even bother removing it.

“You think?”

“Well since you are in a good mood I have to tell you something,” I tell him, “Vincent showed up at my place.”

Carmine is setting up, “The fuck for? You must really want to piss me off. What is this? I'm starting to actually really like you and you pull some shit like this? Fuck did he show up for, Bread?”

I hesitate.

“He says he didn't kill our parents. He told me who he thinks did...”


“Your brother. Nicky.”


I assumed all hell would break lose but I didn't think it would break loose right then. I'm not sure if Carmine believed me or not but right after I break that news to him he doesn't say another word. He gets dress relatively quickly and exits out towards the front of the house. A part of me wants to leave but another part of me wants to make sure that Carmine doesn't do anything crazy.

It is expected that I choose to follow after Carmine.

He crosses throughout the house ignoring every word that I say.

That's when I see the party going on. It's local gangster looking guys or what not. They are all gathered around playing cards and listening to music. There are strippers in the house. There are more women then men and they are all walking around completely naked.

I don't see Nicky but Carmine does spot his father.

“Where's Nicky?” Carmine asks.

“What's he doing here?” my father asks looking at me.

I don't say anything. I feel more than awkward. His father still dislikes me strongly for not pulling the trigger on Vincent when I had the chance.

“Pops it doesn't fuckin' matter what he's doing here,” Carmine tells his father, “I got to talk to him.”

“No time.”

“POPS! This is important.”

“You want Nicky...come on.”

Carmine gives me a hard look, “Stay close to me.”

Carmine doesn't seem to give a shit that his father is giving us weird looks. The weird look is definitely coming. His father is giving me a look as though suspicious but something else has his interest and it seems a little weird.

Everything seems a little weird especially when we get into the room.

“Carmine look whose showed up to Nicky's party after all,” Crazy Fontana says.

We are in a private room. Nicky Fontana is getting a lap-dance by a girl on one side of the room. Nicky is out of it. He is STRUNG out on something and I can tell. If Carmine wanted to have a conversation with Nicky he definitely picked the wrong time.

“Nicky...wake up,” Carmine is slapping him around. Nicky barely reacts.

“You don't see me sitting here?” a voice says.

On the other side of the room is Big Paulie surprisingly. Carmine and I look at each other. My mouth drops open. The last place I expect Big Paulie to be is here.

Carmine looks at his father, “What the fuck is going on here?”

His father smiles, “Big Paulie came over a few minutes ago. He says he made a mistake. He says he apologized and we're all good now.”

Big Paulie just stares at Carmine, “Carmine...sorry for the confusion. I had an interesting visit with Vincent about an hour ago. He says it wasn't you who shot up his house. He said it was some local guys he had problems with.”

Carmine takes a look at me. I look at Carmine.

Vincent punked out. That's had to be what happened. Vincent must have thought about telling Big Paulie that Nicky had something do with this but instead he punked out.

“So Vincent must have visited you AFTER you sent your guys to kill me,” Carmine tells Big Paulie.

Big Paulie has that calm demeanor. He could care less.

This guy thought he was untouchable. He was gives a slight shrug, “Shit happens.”

“Shit happens?” Carmine says, “I could be dead now. Shit happens?”

“Shit happens,” Big Paulie shrugs, “Like I said. I apologize. Get over it.”

I have to admit he was a boss. I watch as a stripper walks over to Big Paulie. This stripper pulls down his fucking pants. I'm shocked. And right in front of all of us in this fucking room this stripper starts sucking Big Paulie's dick.

It's Carmine's father who starts laughing, “Shit happens. How about a lap dance Carmine? Maybe some head from one of these chicks.”

Carmine looks uncomfortable, “Nah. I'm leaving. Tell Nicky once he sobers up I need to talk to him.”

“You sure you don't want some head?” Big Paulie asks, “This bitch has a Hoover.”

Carmine ignores Big Paulie clearly not feeling the guy.

Big Paulie is too drunk to be offended. I watch at that moment as Crazy Fontana laughs it up with Big Paulie. Just not too long ago these guys looked like they were ready to kill each other back at the Sicilian and no they were laughing it up? I didn't get it. Big Paulie and Crazy Fontana seem like just some two older guys bent on having the time of their life.

This shit was just weird. It seemed to annoy the fuck out of Carmine as well. Between Crazy Fontana being so forgiving to Big Paulie, Big Paulie getting his dick sucked, Nicky too fucked up to realize he's getting a lap-dance and Carmine being angry at damn near everyone in the room I just want to leave.

“I'm leaving,” Carmine says.

Luckily he can read my mind.

“What about your friend? He want some of these girls to come suck his dick?” Crazy Fontana asks.

“He's good. Come on Cornbread,” Carmine says.

“What is he? Your girlfriend. You speak for him or something?” Fontana asks.

Fontana is being a smart ass but he has no idea how close he is to the actual truth. Or...maybe he does. Carmine has his hand on my shoulder as he's leading me out and he doesn't remove it even after his father gives us that suspicious looking stare.

“He's leaving,” Carmine explains, “I love you pops but if you want to kiss this fat fuck's ass. Go ahead. I'm not sticking around for it.”

“Wait who the fuck you talking to guy?” Big Paulie says.

Fontana is laughing. He is laughing as though this is the funniest thing he's ever heard. Carmine and I stop in our tracks and we are just staring at Crazy Fontana. I am figuring out how he got his name. It must either be on some hallucinogenics or he was simply crazy. Maybe it was a little bit of both.

Just at that moment there is a knock on the door. Carmine is grabbing my hand. Maybe he thinks Crazy Fontana is fucked up and he won't notice me grabbing my hand. Maybe Carmine just doesn't care if his father sees him holding another man's hand.

Carmine grip get's tighter.

What's happening?

“Carmine you may want to stick around for this. You may enjoy it,” Crazy Fontana states when the second knock comes on the door.

If Crazy Fontana doesn't notice Carmine and me holding hands Big Paulie definitely does.

Big Paulie gives me Carmine a hard look, “Fontana your faggot ass son is going off at the mouth. You better check him.”

Crazy Fontana is laughing. This loud...loud laugh.

“Nah. I won't check him.”

Crazy Fontana opens the door.

“Get the fuck behind me Cornbread!” Carmine says.

I'm not sure why he says that until I see the guys walking into the room. There are all these gangsters and they have guns. My heart is racing. Carmine pulls me to the corner of the room but they aren't here for us!

They turn their guns towards Big Paulie.

Big Paulie stares at them, “You wouldn't dare...”

Crazy Fontana is laughing, “You come back out of jail and you think you run things. You let my wife die in vain. You disrespect my family over and over again. You think I let you walk away with this.”

Big Paulie looks at the gun men. The stripper sucking his dick runs out of the room tits jiggling behind her.

“What's happening here?” Big Paulie says raising an eyebrow probably realizing this shit was real at this point.

“Shit happens right?” Crazy Fontana states and points at Big Paulie.

No. I look at Carmine.

Gunshots ring out.

Within seconds there is nothing left of Big Paulie.

Crazy Fontana's face gets serious all of a sudden and he looks over at Big Paulie and says one last time, “Shit happens...”

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