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11 Sep 2001

Robstown, Tennessee

13 year old Andrew woke up from unconsciousness . How long I have been unconscious? "Where is Mikey" He suddenly saw the body next to him .

Andrew check the pulse . No pulse .|He is dead"!! Andrew Panicked . "But where the hell is Mikey"?

Andrew [ran outside of the house]: :Mikey ! Mikey ! Where are you?

Andrew shouted but got no response . He opened the front door of the house . And he saw little Chris was lying unconscious on the floor just outside the front door.


Andrew: OMG!! Chris !!What happened to you? Are you all right? Somebody please help !! Somebody please help us !! Mikey. where are you?

Andrew screamed for help.

Chapter 1 [Ian Clark and Madeline Clark]


Present day [2019]

Characters in this chapter

George Clark[55 year old : .A self-made billionaire businessman living in Tennessee but have business enterprises all over USA and even outside of America too. Currently in oil and coal but want to expand it in the hotel industry too ]

Madeline Clark[55 year old . Wife of George. Socialite ,though she is not a business woman but she is as ambitious as George. Always push her husband and sons to excel and achieve high in life]

Andrew Clark[30 year old , soon to be 31 . Eldest son of George]

Fiona Clark [28 year old wife of Andrew Clark. She use to be a waitress before marrying Andrew]

Christopher Clark[3rd son of George Clark, 22 year old , Senior in Faber University]

Ian Clark [4rth son of George Clark,18 year old ,High school senior]

Patrick Clark[5th son of George Clark, 14 year old ,]


Minor characters:

Hilda Gaveldon [50 year old head of the mansion staff , close confide of Madeline]

Todd and Gabe [Friends of Ian ]


Madeline: You are going to Howard or at least Yale

Ian : Ha ha ha . Have you seen my grades? I have not even filled SAT form and no intention of doing so.

Maddy : No need of that . We will find a way out of this . But you are going to one of the Ivy league universities this year

Ian : No way Mom. How you are going to do that ? FYI . Billionaire theses day are dime a dozen . Not every billionaire son or daughter goes to Howard or Yale. So don't nag me .

Maddy: I am not nagging . I am telling you . YOU HAVE To GO TO AN IVY League University! Period! I won't allow you to waste one year

Ian : [little irritated ] Why? I don't want to go to college this year. I want to travel the whole world with Todd and Gabe . I want to take a break. Todd and Gabe are also taking one year break

Maddy: I am not interested what Todd and Gabe want to do with their lives , And I am concerned about what is good for you . And you really need to stop hanging with Todd and Gabe .

Ian: Why? Because their parents are not as rich as you? Look Hilda, That what my mom thinks about people like you

Maddy: Shut up Ian ! Don't mind him, Hilda. And Ian, Hilda is a hard working self made woman just like me and your dad. Remember , nothing was given in platter to your dad, he has made the this huge empire on his own .

Ian [getting bored] Yeah Yeah. Now don't against start the lecture about all the hard work of you and dad and this god damn empire . I am not against going to college. I just don't want to this year . After completing high school I want to travel the world with Todd and Gabe . Thats it. Next year I will go wherever you want me to go .

Maddy[in compromising tone[ Look son, I am not against your plan to see the whole world . But if you want to do it then do it during summer time with Sarah and her brother Gavin . Gavin is already a sophomore student in Yale . he will be an excellent influence on you

Ian: Ew Ew I am not going anywhere with that frigid Sarah and he older bambo stick brother . their relationship is really creepy

Maddy[yelled]: Watch your mouth son!

Ian: Mom Please, Don't push me to do something which I don't want to do

Maddy[again to make Ian understanding tone ]Look Ian . I am not pushing you. Remember, Chris also didn't want to go to college after he graduated high school? But look, how fine he is doing in collage.

Ian: But Chris didn't went Howard or Yale or any premier university. He went to that Faber university where useless spawn of rich kids can easily get admission irrespective of their academic record

Maddy: That doesn't matter. What matter is that he is doing good in collage . And this fall he may either join your dad in business or or prepare for masters in Howard

Ian : Haa Haa Ha . He is NOT DOING GREAT in collage. Don't take his grades too seriously. You have no idea how he gets it. He has fucked almost all his female professor to get good grades and for the males one he copies from his best friend Keith . And Keith does all his assignments and projects.

Maddy: Watch your mouth , son! I am not your friend . BTW . Do you have Keith's phone number? I want to invite him too for your brother's birthday.

Ian: Really Mom? Chris, Patty and me are not enough for you that now you are bugging Andy too?

Maddy :[in high voice[I am not bu... bothering him . I just want to cheer him up after his company got closed in West Virginia.

That is why I am throwing a small party for his 31st birthday

Ian: Mother, If you really want to see him happy then you will leave him and Fiona alone . Those two has not spent quality time ever since they have married .

Maddy totally lost her composure and yelled at Ian .

You don't need to take side of that bloody waitress! I know what is good for my son . And she stomped out of Ian's room . []She turned back for a second .If you have Keith's number then give it to me . I want to invite him too for this party.

Ian : Mom, I am not sure whether I have his number . Why don't you directly call Chris and take Keith 's number from him?

Maddy: I did . He is not picking up his phone

Ian : Then take it from Patty . he regularly talks to Chris . He probably has it .


Madeline went her bedroom and . She was mentally tired and frustrated with her son . Hilda ran behind her .

Hilda: Mam, should I go and take phone number of Mr. Keith from Mr. Patrick? I have send invitation card to everyone .

Maddy: No No. don't go to Patrick's room . And Hilda , one more thing. Instruct the cleaning staff to knock before going into Patrick's room . He is not a kid anymore

hilda: Sure , Mam

Maddy: And Hilda, one more thing .

Hilda: yes Mam?

Maddy: Nothing, you go and do your job . I am a bit tired . I am going to take a nap . So unless there is some really important thing or call comes up don't wake me for couple for hours.


Hilda : Sure Madam.

Madeline went to bed . Feeling extremely mentally tired .

Maddy[to herself] Am I too pushy? All I want is best for my sons I want to see them happy , successful and well accomplished. Thats how me and George has live our lives .And how come no one understand my disdain for Fiona? It is not like I hate waitress or poor women . I just don't want one as my daughter in law

Maddy was also very worried about her 3 young sons[Chris, Ian and Patrick]

Maddy : Is Patty really gay ? He is only 14 . He may be just curious . But I saw him kissing his best friend Zeb . I really need to have check on Zeb's sleepover in Pat's room I have to make sure no one finds about Patrick


Maddy was not a homophobic woman. He knew many gay men . Her hair dresser and stylist were gay men . She and her husband has donated to various LGBT causes . Their social groups consist of some gay men [specially her social circle in Newyork and LA]

However for her own son, Maddy wanted a "regular " normal" life.


Maddy[to herself]: Is it too much to ask to have a normal regular son? I wouldn't mind if Chris or Ian turn out to be gay. Hell I would even prefer if they were gay considering number of girls they have sex with . It is some miracle that neither of them have knocked up a girl yet. But for how long? Sooner or later some gold digger would come with a swollen belly and claim that she is carrying our grandchild . Speaking of gold diggers I really hope that none of those women turned out to be as bad as Fiona. I never understood what Andy saw in her? Perhaps it was her coarse he was attracted to. Bloody bitch!! He trapped my son. I could really accept if Ian Chris or Andy were gay but not Patty . He is so delicate . This world is already going to be difficult for him regardless as he is so sensitive and kind . I don't want other complication in his life due to his sexual orientation . I saw him kissing his best friend Zeb. Should I bar Zeb to come over our place? Nah, that would be counterproductive . I have to handle this issue very carefully , so that Patty wouldn't get hurt.


Maddy was feeling even more stressed out.


Maddy: [intercom]Hilda ! Hilda!

Hilda: Yes Mam?

Maddy: Look, I am going to take a long nap so until and unless there is some real emergency comes up, please don't wake me up

Hilda: Sure Mam.


And Maddy went to sleep


Just 30 minutes later


Hilda: Madam! Madam! Please wake up. Sorry to wake you up

Maddy: What happened Hilda? Any problem?

Hilda : Mam umm

Maddy: Ya, tell me quickly!

Hilda : Mam, two men have came . umm actually one... one man came to meet you .

Maddy: Where? Who is he? I don't have any appointment for today.

Hilda : Robert[head of mansion security] turned them away.

Maddy: Okay Fine . So why you wake me up ? Who were they? Someone asking for donation?

Hilda: No Mam.

Maddy: Someone from press?

Hilda: No Mam.

Maddy[impatiently]: Then who the hell were they and if it is not important then why the hell did you wake me up? Don't talk in circles.

Hilda: I really don't know how to say this . But, but the guy was saying that he .....

Maddy[totally annoyed]: What? Tell me quickly or get out!

Hilda : Mam , I really think you should see this



Ian was ready in uniform to play baseball with his best buddies Todd and Gabe . He loved to play and spend time with those two. Todd and Gabe didn't study in same school as Ian . They attended some public high school in Robstwon. But they were still Ian's best buddy. Neither parent were super rich like Ian's . Todd and Gabe's parent were decent middle class people.


Ian [thinking while tying his shoe laces] Since when Mom has become such a snob? What problem she with Todd and Gabe? Is it because they are not rich like us. Well Mom should remember that she and dad were middle class people not too long ago. So this rich snobbery doesn't suit on them . Whatever be the case I am not going to change my friends because of her and I am certainly not going to collage this year. I am going to take a break this year and travel whole world with Todd and Gabe


Ian came out of his room and he was going downstairs to go outside . Suddenly out of nowhere somebody crashed into him .

Ian just got thrashed and fell to the side.

Ian : What the hell, Mom?

Maddy didn't even respond to him . She ran downstairs barefoot in her sleeping gown , yelling like a crazy person .

Maddy: Mikey , Mikey! Mikey ! Mikey ! Mikey ! Mieky !

Ian stood up and Hilda came from behind .


Hilda: Are you okay, Sir?

Ian: yeah, I am fine. But what is wrong with her?? Has she totally lost her mind? And why they she is screaming and running like a lunatic . And who the hell is Mikey?


Hilda : Sir, I really don't know how to say this.

Ian : Tell me Hilda! Don't create unnecessary suspense . What the fuck is wrong with her?

|Hilda: Just few minutes back two gentlemen came . One of them came near front gate and asked the security's permission to meet Mrs. Clark. When security team asked him to leave then he told them that his name is Michael Clark and he is second son of sir and Madam

Ian : What? WTF? Is she crazy ? Her son? I mean Mom and Dad have another son ? What ? Who the hell is this scamaster and how come Mom is believing him? We fucking don't have any more brother !. I have only two elder brothers Chris and Andy . Thats it. We don't have a fucking long last brother! Who the hell is he? And has mom gone totally insane ?

Hilda : Sir, I need to show you something.


To be continued