Written By Angyl


My best friend Rachelle was in a bind. Her boyfriend Mick had come to visit her from his home town, and her mother decided when he got here he could not stay. Being the nice person that I am, I offered for him to come and stay at my place. Only down side to it was due to renovations he would have to share my queen size bed. I am not sure if Rachelle had an issue with it, but she never said boo about it. Mick was okay with it. I had not met Mick before, but he was my best friend's boyfriend.

Mick I think is about 6'3, and skinny. Well I guess not skinny he does have some definition to his lanky body. His hair was blonde, and he kept it messy. His skin was darker in complexion. His did have a good six pack on him. A benefit is he only slept in his boxers.

I met Mick and Rachelle at the Tim Hortons by my house. We had coffee, and then Rachelle headed home before she got in shit and I took Mick back to my house. It was a quiet walk home. Mick did not say too much. Once we got back to my place, we just chilled and watched TV. Mick was slowly beginning to talk. He mentioned needing to wash clothes. I took him downstairs and showed him where the washing machine was. I headed back upstairs and waited for him to return. I got quite the surprise when he came up in nothing but a pair of boxers with hole all over. I got a better look at his body. All though like I said, he was tall and lanky he did have good definition. I had to control myself.

Around 2 am I decided I needed to get some sleep. I told Mick he could stay up but I was tired. He followed me downstairs, and quickly threw his stuff in the dryer. I apologized for the sleeping arrangements once again. I did of course tell him I tended to move around, and occasionally would cuddle if someone was in bed with me. He just laughed and said it was all good. I grabbed an extra blanket for him in case he got cold. I admit I was a bit nervous. I knew sometimes I tended to forget and would get frisky in my sleep. I warned him of this as well. He just shrugged at it. I lay on my side of the bed, almost on the edge. I glanced back to see him lying flat on his back. I could see he had a nice bulge in his boxers. My mind was wandering, and I felt myself getting hard. I quickly looked away.

I ended up getting up half way through the night and going upstairs to sleep in a chair. When I awoke in the morning I went down to see if Mick was still asleep. He was, and I got a real surprise. He cock had slipped out from under the boxers and he was supporting a morning wood. As much as I wanted to play with it, I resisted. I went back up, and waited till he got up, about two hours later. I showed him the shower and after he was done he called Rachelle and invited her over, with my permission of course. The two of them spent most of the day in the basement, while I did work on the house. After a supper of Pizza, Rachelle said she needed to get home. Mick had decided to walk her home, and I returned to working on the house.

A couple hours later, Mick had returned. I was busy working. He offered to lend a hand. I think we ended up working till the wee hours of the morning. Both of us were sweaty and smelly by then. I jumped in the shower, and then head down to get ready for bed. Mick came down after a quick shower. He came down only in a towel. Every time he'd move I caught a glimpse of his cock. I tried to distract myself. It got worse when he dropped the towel, and just walked around with everything for all to see. I swear he was teasing me. I rolled so I was not facing him. I felt him crawl in on his side of the bed.

Sometime later I was restless and began to move. Unknowingly I turned and put my hand on Mick's bare chest. I forgot to mention he had a smooth body. I absently began rubbing his chest. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped. I noticed he made no move to stop me. For whatever reason I began running my hand over his chest again. I was slowly moving down towards his abs, occasionally stopping to see if I got a reaction. When I got none, I moved even further down. I was now down to his waist. It was then I realized he had gone to bed commando. I spread my fingers outs and ran them over his pubes. My fingers inadvertently brushed his cock a few times. There was a little bit of light coming in, so I moved a bit to see. He had not covered up at all. I got a good look at his hard 8 inch cock. He was uncut. He shifted a bit towards me. I quickly lay down and feigned sleeping. I waited a few more minutes before slowly placing my hand down by his cock again. I slowly moved my hand so it was resting on his hardness. He moved a bit, and I did not move my hand this time. Eventually I wrapped my hand around his cock. Slowly I began to stroke it. Now I was not sure if he was asleep or faking it. He never made a move to stop me.

Eventually after a bit of maneuvering I had myself in a position so my head was by his crotch. My arm was getting a bit tired. I raised myself up, and moved so I was over his cock. I went for it and slowly took him in my mouth. He let out a moan. I quickly pulled off.

"Fuck man don't stop it feels good." He said as he sat up slightly.

I looked up at him and he smile. Slowly I took his cock back in my mouth. Using my hand I pulled back his foreskin and sucked gently on the sensitive knob.

"Oh fuck yeah feels good!!"

I moved down on his cock, taking it to the hilt. I had my hand under his ass and started to run my finger over his fuck hole. He lifted up so I could better get at his fuck hole. I wet my finger and slowly inserted it.

"Oh shit, keep doing that feels fucking awesome!!"

I stopped sucking his cock and was now sucking on his balls. I took each in my mouth and swirled them around. Them I licked them gently. He had lifted his legs and was holding them. I began licking down between his legs, and as I arrived at his fuck hole stopped fingering it, and ran my tongue slowly around his pucker, and then pushed it in as far as I could.

"Fuck me already!!" He yelled.

Now I am always prepared for anything when it comes to sex. Right at arm's reach I had a bottle of lube. As I rimmed his hot ass I reached down and grabbed the lube. I squeezed a generous amount on my cock, and then some on his waiting hole. I use two fingers to work it in his hole. I got up and positioned myself between his legs. I guided my cock in. There was some resistance as I pushed in. My cock head finally pushed in. He let out a yelp, and I stopped.

"You want me to pull out?" I asked.

"Fuck not just get it inside me!!"

I was quick to push my cock in. I rammed all the way, til my pubes were brushing his ass. His face was screwed up in pain.

"Oh fuck that hurts man!!"

"You want me to stop?"

"Fuck no, fuck my tight ass!!"

I slowly pulled out, and then quickly slammed back in. His face began to relax as I slowly plowed his tight hole. I reached down and tok his cock in my hand and stroked him as I loosen his tight hole up. He was moaning quite loudly.

"Fuck yeah that feels so good!!"

I was ramming him pretty hard. His whole body shook as I drove my cock deep into him. My hand was giving his cock a good work over as well. He was squeezing and pulling his balls as I stroked and fucked him. He was panting pretty heavy.

"Oh shit, gonna cum soon!!" He moaned.

He had no sooner got the word out, and he was shooting his seed all over. I was amazed at how much he shot too. I kept stroking him til he went limp. I knew I was getting close.

"Oh yeah gonna blow soon. Want me to pull out?"

"No way, fill my ass."

I pumped his ass a few more times before I let loose. I filled his hot hole. I kept fucking him until I want limp and my cock plopped out of his hole. I collapsed on him. He pulled me in and kissed me on the lips. Then he moved and I lay beside him. He rolled over and looked at me.

"Dude that was fucking hot, I only wish you had done it last night like I was hoping."

I was a bit dumbfounded by this. I looked at him.

"Rachelle told me you were gay man, what I have never told her was that I am bisexual."

I can be a dumbass sometimes. It never dawned on me that he was trying to get me to do something the first night he was here. I guess he finally resorted to being naked in bed to get me to do something. I rolled over and kissed him. We were both covered in his spunk and decided to jump in the shower and clean up. Mick washed me all over, paying close attention to my cock. It did not take him long to get me hard again.

"Dammit I may have to jerk off now...hahahaha" I said.

Without a word Mick got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue over the tip and then took me to the hilt. I could tell he liked the cock. He was up and down on my cock, and was massaging my balls at the same time.

"Damn feels good man don't stop!!"

Mick did not need any encouragement. He was bobbing up and down on my cock. His free hand was playing with my hole. He had his long finger inside me and was pushing it in and out. I had no warning as my cock erupted and filled his mouth. He did not pull off of it, but kept suckling it until I was empty. He let my cock fall from his mouth. He sat back and looked up at me, as he licked his lips.

"How was that?" He asked.

The grin on my face told him all he needed to know. We finished showering and dried each other off before going and crawling on the bed. He lay down with his head on my chest, and was soon asleep. I lay there for a long time just running my hand on his back.

The next morning I awoke to him still lying on my chest, but awake. He sat up and kissed me on the lips. We spent the day in bed, just cuddling. He made no attempt to call Rachelle. I did not say anything. When she called it was a short phone call.

By the end of the week something was definitely up. He had gone for coffee once with Rachelle, and then never contacted her after that. Things became apparent when at the end of the week he asked if I wanted to date him. He said something about enjoy the sex we had better than with any girl he had ever been with. So I guess he was totally gay for the time being. Who knows what the future would hold.

For those of you wondering I did say yes, but only after we talked to Rachelle about it. I found out he had told her about it during the last coffee they had together. Of course Rachelle had suspected something. Although she was a bit upset, she was happy for us.

The End...

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