MILITRICITY - Christmas Eve

Copyright 2012 - Kane Armanis


Bloody Airlines! I had just landed at LAX after my 14 hours flight from Sydney. No drama with getting thru customs either, yah! It was a long year and I was looking forward to Christmas in New York City and New Years in Cancun on the beach. Since my parents passed in the last few years and as an only child I had decided to no longer celebrate Christmas. I am no Grinch though! I am a giver who loves to give presents during the festive season but Christmas has become more about numbers for the retail sector than the celebration that it should be. That was never the meaning of Christmas and all the retailers do in Australia is complain about no one coming into their shops when their customer service is at an all time low.

In Australia, Thanksgiving isn't something we celebrate but I spoke to all my friends and decided that I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year instead of Christmas. I held a great dinner with turkey and all the trimmings for all my friends on the first Saturday in December. We gave thanks for our friendships and gave each other a small gift to exchange.

I found myself again on US soil on Christmas. After collecting my bags and getting thru quarantine I made my way to the adjacent terminal to get my AA flight to New York.

I was looking forward to a quick shower in the lounge because I felt grungy from my 14 hours in an aluminum composite humidity crib. A shower always hits the spot before embarking on my next leg of my journey 5 hours of flight.

The first class check in queue was relative quick and I was soon in front of a bosom blonde named Candy whom proceeded to check me in.

"I am sorry Mr. Armanis but your flight has been cancelled ... We have put you on the next available flight at 6pm this evening getting you into JFK at around 1am tomorrow morning."

"You must be joking! Are you telling me AA has no flights available to New York until 6pm this evening", I was fuming. I couldn't believe that AA didn't give me any notice before I left Australia and no one bothered to call or text, or anything. Now at 8 am I was faced with a 10 hr delay. "There must be some way I can get to New York today, this is totally unacceptable."

After some time and lots of tapping away at her keyboard she finally spoke.

"I can get you to New York by 9pm."

"That sounds much better but what's the catch"

"Mmm. I can't get you a flight directly to JFK but I can route you thru Dallas. The flight leaves here in 50 minutes so you will have to go straight to the gate"

"Ok that sounds better than the other option", I said as I then rushed through TSA screening to my flight.


I deplaned in Dallas looking for signage to the Admiral lounge. I had close to a 2 hour layover and being a little worse for wear from the jet lag I was having trouble locating signage to the lounge. Oh my where the hell is it I thought? I finally found a floor plan of the airport and located the lounge, so after looking around me and getting my bearings I made my way in the direction of the lounge.

I was walking along not really watching where I was going when I ran into a rubbish bin and toppled over landing on my ass.

"Oh My God!" I opened my eyes to see if anyone saw my foolishness to find a number of people holding their hands over their mouths, aghast trying not to laugh at me and my predicament.

"Shit, how embarrassing." A concerned lady rushed over and offered me her arm to get up. She asked if I was ok but as I explained to her the only thing that was hurt was my pride. I thanked her for assistance and she double checked before leaving me to my own devices.

I brushed the dirt off my black dress shirt and pants as I composed myself. Fuck, can anything else go wrong today. I really need that shower to wake me up, where the hell is that lounge. I hate the mind fog that comes with hopping time zones and upsets ones internal body clock.

As the embarrassment on my face slowly faded back to its normal shade, I then began to feel the hairs on the back on my neck prick up and I thought, shit what now. I turned around to see this Marine sitting on the ground against the wall with a two other recruits. The Marine on the left was smirking as I made eye contact with him; the Marine on the right maintained a similar expression. I then looked in the eyes of the middle Marine and nearly lost my legs. Kismet!!! I continued to stare into the eyes and soul of the hottest man in uniform that I had ever seen. It was then I noticed the look of concern on his face. Shit how do I deal with this I thought for a brief second before I smiled at him. The cutest smile creep onto his cute face and I couldn't remove the smile of my face.

I think we maintained our eye contact a bit too long as the two other Marines noticed us. The Marine on the right then elbowed him in the ribs. "Fuck", he yelled and I grunted at them both. I didn't want any trouble so I quickly picked up my carry one bag that I dropped and made tracks. I need to refresh myself quickly as I could and before the stirring in my 2xist became a full on hard on.

I noticed a men's toilet a few meters away and dashed in there for refuge and for a quick refresh. Once composed I was ready to face the public again, or so I thought. I pushed on the internal door as it swung back and looked into the eyes of that hottie Marine again. I lost my footing again and the Marine grabbed my waist to stop me falling down. I felt a surge of electricity go thru me where his hands held me, like it was going through my flesh from one side of my body to the other. The surge of energy instantly went straight to my cock and it hardened against the Marine.

"Fuck man, you sure having trouble staying on two legs today". The Marine said in his sexy Southern accent.

My mouth was wide open from the shock. My brain farted and I couldn't find any words to respond as I stared blankly into those gorgeous green eyes.

"Dude, you ok", he said as stopped smiling and a look of concern replaced it.

"Hot ... Fuck you hot ... eyes ... sexy eyes ... Marine ... yum." My mouth opened wide again as realized I had just verbalized my thoughts. "What The Fuck, again ..." I thought. I now seemed to have gained some form of turrets. The embarrassment rushed to my face and I turned red.

He stared and me for a moment and I could tell he was weighting a couple of things on his mind before he grinned at me and giggled this deep laugh in his sexy baritone voice, "You might want to close that mouths of yours before you start catching insects".

I slowly closed my mouth still staring into the soul of one of the sexy men I had ever seen. I looked at his features, his high and tight, his Spanish looking ancestry, his beautiful green eyes, his cute little nose and mouth, on his well proportioned body. Not too muscular, not too soft just right for him. I looked down at the name on his uniform, "Gonzales" I stuttered.

"Fuck I did it again!"

"Yes sir and you might be".

It was then I realized my hard on was resting against his thigh as he slowly released his grip on my waist and he looked down and then back into my gaze and raised an eyebrow.

"Embarrassed ... Fuck ", I was mortified but I had to get it together. "I am so sorry, and so fucking embarrassed. Fuck ... " I drew a breath "I'm Kane pleased to meet you".

He shook my hand and that electricity entered my body again and I came in my pants, "You can call me Adam ... Kane," as felt at least 5 jolts in my underwear. He glanced down at my bulge, and looked back into my eyes and then the look of shock of recognition. And then he winked!

"Why don't you freshen up and I will walk you to your gate?"

I smiled back, "Adam, thanks for your help, but I am so embarrassed and do not want to be any trouble".

"Kane .... "He stared at me for a second "I wouldn't offer if it was any trouble and frankly between us". He whispered into my right ear,"I think you will get into more trouble if I don't escort you to where you need to go."

"But ... oh my god ... fuck I can't even talk I am so out of it today"

"Kane ... Stop it ... He stared at me for what seemed minutes, "You feel it don't you ... "

I pondered what he said and then I nodded and looked down to my feet. I had never had this reaction before and I felt now very messy and sticky, thank goodness I wore dark colored pants.

"Kane ... " He grabbed my chin and the energy went thru the flesh straight to my cock again as it hardened, even though I had just shot off a few minutes earlier. Adam raised my head until our gaze meet. "Man, just relax dude and I will escort you where you need to be"

"I need the Admiral lounge. I need a shower and to change my clothes now" as I glanced down.

Adams gazed lowered for a second "Damn, you are trouble Kane" looking into my eyes once again.

"Ok, meet me outside when you're ready, I will just let my buds know where I am going and they can look after my stuff"


"Relax Kane ... I am the one back from the Desert" he smiled

I rushed into one of the cubicles with some tissues. I unbuttoned my pants and lifted my fluffed cock and balls over the top of my Aussiebum's while I cleaned up myself up as best I could.

I washed my hands and exited the toilet without any further incidents, thank goodness; I don't think my heart could take it any longer.

I looked over to the Marines and caught Adams attention as he high fived his buddies and walked towards me again. That was a bit strange I thought. He has to be straight, he is so masculine.

"Feel better."

"Yes, thanks Adam".

"SEE YOU SOON LOVER BOY" yelled one of his buddies.

Adam turned to the Marine "SHUT UP YOU SMALL DICK FUCKTARD!"

Everyone in the vicinity stopped what they were doing and stared and the two Marines burst out laughing.

"Ok the lounge is this way ... let's go ..."

"Adam," I paused "he was taking the piss out you because I'm ... I am gay isn't he"

"Mmm ... maybe ... maybe not! You never know what Peter is up too, he just is trying to get a rise out of me which he did. When you see so much misery in the world you need to be able to laugh at yourself and each other. It the best form of medicine I know. He's not homophobic if that's what you're asking. His big mouth always gets us into trouble, though. "He laughed.

"Actually I went through boot with them and we have been stationed in the same unit since". We lost one of our friends ..."

I interrupted "I am so sorry Adam ... that must be tough", I empathized

"Well it's a bit raw but we are all coping the best way we can. Those two lugs are my rock. I am sure they feel the same though. I know they do," he smiled. "It won't be the same without Luke this Christmas though", a single tear formed in his right eye before he composed himself.

"Adam ..." tears welled in my eyes for a brief moment, as I sensed his pain "I really admire your strength"

"Thanks Kane, that's the exterior, trust me."

We walked for what seemed an eternity in silence. I really didn't know what to say to this masculine sexy yet sensitive man. I really just wanted to stop where we were and give me the biggest and tightest hug I could.

"Adam, you're on leave for the holidays aren't you." It upset me thinking Adam could be on his way back to Afghanistan for the holidays"

"Yeah my Mum and Dad are on holidays and that I am on my way to surprise them today. Mum was not coping with the thought of your her son being away for the holidays again. I have missed the last 3 Christmas celebrations and mum hasn't been coping with it very well the past few months. So Dad has taken her on a romantic getaway to take her mind off things. We only received advice a few days ago that we being rotated home a few weeks early. Neither of them knows that I am coming yet. I will call Dad tomorrow and set up the surprise for them".

"That is very sweet Adam", I smiled.

Then I noticed we were outside the Admiral Lounge and my heart sank.

"Looks like we're here Kane"

"Yeah ... "I said a little dejectedly as we stared at each other for what seemed an eternity.

"I should be getting back to my buddies Kane", as Adam put out his hand.

I reached out to my hand to shake his hand and the energy surged through me again. Fuck, fuck, fuck ... really ... again.

The electricity went straight to my cock and it fully hardened. Adam smiled looked down and I lost my legs again. Adam pulled me into a hug so I didn't fall and I came a second time as the Marine held me tight. I felt about 10 jolts hit the inside of my Aussiebum's, as my head rested on his shoulder. I held Adam as my life depended on it as I finished exploding. It took all my strength to let go, but I finally did.

"Kane, you are one mysterious and amazing man" he giggled, "you will make someone very happy one day" he winked.

"Adam ... I am still so fucking embarrassed and don't know what's happening to me today. This has never happened before."

"Where's your boarding pass Kane?"

I reached into the front of my carry on backpack and found my boarding pass and passport and showed him.

"New York, nice, enjoy the rest of your holiday Kane". Then he whispered into me ear again "you felt it again didn't you".

I nodded and tears welled in my eyes again at something I felt I had lost but couldn't explain. He straightened and looked into my eyes before leaning into my ear again and said, "I feel it too".

My mouth opened again in shock as he proceeded to walk away.

"INSECTS ... LOVER BOY ... INSECTS", smiling as he walked away looking at no one in particular.

I closed my mouth and walked towards the double glass doors of the lounge. As the doors opened that hot damn Marine walked out of my life.


Adam walked back to the boys who were sitting down near their flight to New York at Gate H3. He was so happy he would Kane again very soon. There is something about him Adam can't explain. Not unlike when you're in a crowded bar, your eyes wander and you lock onto that special someone that you know you have to meet. It has only happened to Adam a couple of times in his life. Like two souls colliding! And damn what was that thing that happened every time our bodies touched. He came twice, that last one was a shocker and how was Adam going to hide the damn wet patch on his thigh. Fuck they will never let this one go the assholes.

"What's that" Jim asked.

"Oh here we go" I thought

"Did you piss your pants?"

"I didn't piss my pants you ass, just shut the fuck up would you"

"Hey, calm down you two and don't get your panties in a twist. So is lover boy ok?"

"Yeah, he's an Aussie just noticed the passport. That blonde hair and blue eyed guy is fucking hot, well I think. A bit shy and reserved but ... "Adam said.

"TMI man, just because you're the only gay in our village leave it rest please" Peter said in his campiest impersonation.

Peter quickly reached out and traced the length of the wet patch on Adams thigh, before raising his finger to his nose.

"You sick fuck, that's smells like cum," then licked his finger, "tastes like cum too!"

"And I'm the gay one! How you know what cum tastes like jizzboy. "

"I've been down on a bitch after I've blown before, you know that"

Adam dry wretched "you know not to talk about pussy in front of me; oh gosh I am going to barf"

"PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY" both straight boys yelled.

"Shut up you, two, COCK, COCK COCK." Jim & Peter looked at each other in silence. "I knew that would shut you two hetros up"

Jim looked at me strangely, "He came twice? Wow that's impressive"

"Yeah close to 8 inches too and very impressive I would say"

"Hey!! No more cock talk either ... That is impressive though" Peter laughed loudly.

Adam went on to recount the story to the boys and their eyes were wide with fascination about walking Kane to the Admiral Lounge, the energy he felt when we touched and how he seemed to cum as soon as they touched.

"Adam you are going to see him again aren't you?"

"Jim, I can't tell yet it's too fucking weird and I don't know what to think of it. " Kane went into my own little world as he pondered the developments of the last hour.

"Hot man falls over, gets up, collision, cum, walk and talk, hug, cum,' he thought.

The silence troubled Jim "Adam, man you ok?"

"Yeah Jim," I paused. "You're not going believe this but Kane's on our flight to New York"

"What", Jim said.

"What did Adam just say Jim", asked Peter.

"You heard right Peter, don't be a dickwad", Adam whispered.

"I'm not being a dickwad, of all the flights today and he's on ours"

"I know, I know that's why I am struggling with it. What do we do?"

"You have to fuck him Adam!"

"Do you always think with your cock Peter?"

"No its ok, Jim, man it's more than fucking with this one. I can't explain it. The connection is really strong and it scares me. I don't seem to be able to control myself."

"Mmm, I have an idea boys, let's surprise Adams new fuck."

"He not just a fuck Peter, don't be dickwad you know his name use it!" Adam sneered.

"Fuck your insensitive Peter" Jim added.

"Can I continue ... this is good. Let me chat to the rep and see if we can sneak onto the plane. He's in the lounge isn't he?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, so! Actually his boarding pass said 2D so I guess he's in first."

"All the better ... so this is what I think we should do ..."


Kane quickly checked into the lounge, drank a quick coffee and rushed for the shower amenities. His underwear was very messy and uncomfortable and he desperately needed a shower. He walked into the shower, locked the door and stripped before adjusting the water and finally getting his shower.

Kane always carry's a change of clothes and a few pairs of underwear and toiletries in his carry on. You just can never trust an airline to get your luggage their when you most need it. Better to be safe than sorry.

"Kane what the fuck is wrong with you today, you meet this guy and as soon as you touched him you basically came. What the hell is wrong with you! You have never had a problem like this before." he thought.

Kane scrubbed all over until he felt semi human again, paying to special attention to his messy crutch. His mind wandered as he thought of Adam, the sexy Marine and instantly became hard. So fucking hard that it was pulsing in time with his heart beat.

"You felt it didn't you" Adam kept saying it over and over in his head. He felt up his cock, slowing running his hand along its length. Slowly running its length with his tight grip, the more he thought of that handsome Marine, the more he jerked off. Kane couldn't believe how quick he came but when it did the explosion hit the wall with such velocity and around 6 ropes of cum. He lost my legs again and slowly folded to the floor of the shower, passing out.


"Kane, Kane ... Wake up Kane! You need to get to your flight. Kane it's really important you get your flight", who the fuck was that he thought as he came too.

"Shit I am going to miss my flight" he thought. He quickly changed into loose gym shorts, a t-shirt and pair of Nikes. Kane would usually prefer to dress up for first class but he didn't have a choice this time as he had soiled his pants. As he made the Gate he heard his name being paged over the airport as the last person to Board my flight to New York. Kane rushed to check in, rushed down the air bridge and boarded the plane. The stewardess offered him a cocktail so he quickly accepted and drank a gin and tonic and then stored this backpack under the seat in front of him. Kane let out a sigh as he relaxed into his seat on the aisle.

When the plane pushed back he can felt the hairs on the back of his neck again.

"Damn what does that mean?" He turned around and looked around into the cabin but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so went to back to his pre-flight vigil. When he's jet lagged or hung-over he becomes a nervous flyer. He closed his eyes, gripped the handles on the seat, the plane taxied to the runway and took off.


"That was fucking close"

Jim straightened up from their ducked position "Too close I think. Adam, hello, Adam. You with us?"

"Yeah, I don't know if this is a good idea. What if the stewardess is a `phobe?"

"Well fuck her and I will ask to speak to the Captain" Peter scowled.

"Relax it's all going to work out just fine."

"Boys I hope so I am really nervous about this. He's so jittery I don't want to cause a mid air emergency"

"Ok drama queen, now take a breath and I will call the flight attendant," as Peter reached up and pressed the button the ping went off in the crew area.


"Fuck, already Mandy what do the cattle think this is?"

"No rest for the wicked Kevin, you old bitchy queen"

"Well my careful whom you're calling old, I may be bitchy but I am younger than you, you dirty whore".

"I'll go".

As Kevin walked thru the cabin he spotted 3 Marines seated below the illuminated light. He turned it off as he asked "How can I help you gentlemen"

Peter battered his eyelids as Kevin blushed. This will be easy thought Peter.

"Sorry to trouble you Sir. My friend here has a little problem, well not so little really, but I digress. We have snuck on board incognito to surprise Adam's boyfriend whom is up in First class. We were wondering if I could pay for an upgrade to first class for Adam so he can surprise Kane. Actually we were hoping he might be able to help with meal service and surprise Kane that way."

"Peter you can't pay that's too expensive" Adam sputtered.

Jim kept quiet. He knew when to shut up when Peter was in a wheeling and dealing mood.

"You did say this cute young man's boyfriend?"

"Adam here bats for your team I do believe but Jim and myself don't I'm afraid."

"Gentlemen, leave it with me for a few minutes. There is plenty of room up in First Class but I need to speak to my Manager upfront, as he walked up to front of the cabin to speak to Buffy.


Kevin discussed the situation with Buffy and explained that the Marine seated in 32D seated with his buddies in 32E & F wanted to pay for the upgrade of one of them to First class to be with his boyfriend. Buffy raised an eyebrow, surprised as customers usually tried to scam a free upgrade but didn't usually offer to pay. Buffy loved supporting the servicemen so it was an easy decision for her. Stay here and let's wait for Mr Armanis to nod off as he has come thru from Sydney by the details on my pax list so it won't take long.

Kane's eyelids became heavy and he nodded off to dream land. The clever little surprise was put into action. Buffy and Kevin quickly served dinner to the other passengers in First Class.

Kevin then rushed down to the Military men and asked Adam to follow him back to the galley up into the First class Cabin.

Kevin helped Adam put with Kane's Dinner tray together and suggested how to wake him and serve the meal.

Buffy and Kevin watched as the story unfolded.

Kane was dreaming of New York and the Broadway shows and the shopping. He also dreamt of a delectable Marine named Adam. "I know you can feel it" he heard in his dream and the hairs on back of his neck pricked up again, and in his sleep.

Adam slowly crept down the aisle to where Kyle was snoozing, reached over and lowering the tray table and placed Kane's meal on it. Crutching down he slowly whispered into his ear, "Kane ... Kane"

"Hey sleepy head, you need to wake up ", it was that voice from the shower.

"No stranger ... too tired ... need sleep", Kyle mumbled in his sleep.

Adam quickly held his hand over his mouth so that he wouldn't laugh.

"Kane Armanis! you will get your shit together and wake up now your happiness depends on it" the voice scolded him.

"Kane ... Kane ...," Adam tried again.

Kane slowly opened his eyes and a saw a beautiful salad, is looked like chicken, mom his favorite come into view out of the fog. Kane smelt something familiar as the hairs on the back of his neck continued to prick out. How strange he thought as he moved his head slowly to left.

Out of the fog came the familiar face of Adam. Kane blinked, closed and opened them, but the image was still there. He rubbed his eyes and the image was still they. Kane felt as if he had completely lost his mind.

"HOLY FUCK", Kane yelled at the top of his lungs as Adam touched his hand with his and the surge ran thru.

Buffy and Kevin hugged and the high fived. Peter and Jim heard Kyle shout and laughed and then high fived for a job well done.

"Adam ... Adam is that really you", as he traced Adams jaw line staring into his eyes.

"But, but what are doing here, I don't understand. Am I dreaming or have I really lost my mind. I don't understand what's happening.

"Insects ... lover boy ... Insects"

Kane closed his mouth. "Is it really you Adam, I feel so confused".

Adam hugged Kane and the energy surged thru him and went straight to his cock and it hardened.

"Fuck, it is you." Kane broke the hug off before he had another accident in his shorts.

"Yep, in the flesh." He stood to attention, "Pvt. Adam Gonzales reporting for duty, SIR!" as he saluted.

Kevin approached, "Mr Armanis would you kindly pass me your meal for a moment so your boyfriend can take his seat". Kane looked at Kevin like he was an alien.


Adam leaned over and whispering in to his ear, "Long story, so will explain to you later".

Adam took his place next to Kane and buckled his seat belt.

Kevin lowered his tray table and placed his meal in front of Kane and then returned to the Galley. Buffy moved down the aisle with another meal for Adam and lower his table and placed it in front of him.

Kane looked up at Buffy "Ms, thank you!"

"You are most welcome Mr Armanis but please call me Buffy".

"Um Buffy, I am so sorry I swore, it's a little rude of me and don't want to upset the other passengers."

Buffy looked at the other passengers in the First Class as they watched what was going on, "Mr Armanis you have nothing to apologize for and if the other cretins in the main cabin have an issue then they can kiss my grits". The other passengers in the vicinity laughed.

"Thank you again Buffy"

Kane turned to Adam and stared into his beautiful green eyes. Adam stared back into Kyle's blue eyes with the same intensity.

As they ate and finished their meal they chatted


"Yes, Kane"

"I am so confused today."

"Why don't you try and explain to me when you are ready"

"I don't think I can explain it though"

"Give it a shot"

Kevin approached "Sorry to interrupt Gentlemen but can I take these meal trays away for you please so you can make yourself more comfortable. We are dimming the cabin lights shortly so everyone can have a rest so I will be back with some pillows and blankets.

"Ok one question first why are you on my flight"

"We are off to New York"


"Yeah, the boys are down back. Peter, you remember the small dick Marine. The quieter one is Jim!" Kyle laughed.

"Well he offered to pay for an upgrade to First Class so I could be with you"

Kyle was shocked, "He did what. He paid for an upgrade so you could be with me"


"Wait a second Adam. I need to do something." Kane reached into the front of his back pack to retrieve his credit card from his wallet before he reached the flight attendant call button.

"Hi Buffy, sorry to be more trouble today but it seems my "boyfriends" Marine buddies down the back have done a very nice deed today and I always think good deeds should be rewarded".

"What are your doing"

"Trust me Adam, ok"

Adam nodded his head.

"Sorry Buffy, here is my credit card, can you please upgrade his two mates to 5A & 5C please. Oh any charge for Adam as well please."

"Yes Mr Armanis, no problem", as she retreated to the Galley.

Kevin quickly ran down to the Marines and asked them to gather their stuff as Mr Armanis had upgraded them to First Class. Kevin was very touchy feely as he settled the Marines in their new seats. Bringing them beers and a meal.

"Kane, that was too generous."

"Hey lover boy, don't worry your sexy self what I can afford and what I can't do. I am not rich but some things need to get done. Ok!"

"Ok, but you are crazy you know"

"Well I still think I have lost my mind today"

Kevin brought them a blanket and pillow each and lifted the separating arm between their two seats. Kane and Adam put the blankets over them and reclined their seats turning towards each other gazing into each other's eyes.

The cabin lights dimmed.

"Adam", Kane whispered.

"Yes Kane"

"You are gay aren't you?" Kane continued to whisper.

"Yes Kane"

"I am struggling to find my words today. I fell over a rubbish bin, then get a strange feeling, and see you. I then literary run you coming out to the bathroom, but you stop me falling and I ... mmm

"You what Kane?" Adam whispered back.

Kane looks around and leans over to whisper in Adams ear.

"You touch me and I cum."

Adam let out a little giggle, the whispered, "I seem to remember ... continue"

"Um, then you walk me to the lounge, we hug and I cum again"

"Ok, I remember that too. The boys gave me lots of grief from that huge wet spot on my leg"

Kane groaned, "I shower and think you cum again and then collapse"

Adam moves his head to look at Kane once again, "Did you hurt yourself" with concern on his face.

"I don't think so"

Adam turns his head again to let Kane whisper into his ear.

"I then heard this strange male voice that told me I had to wake up and I come to on the floor of the shower get changed and rush for the plane. I sit down on the plane and get that strange feeling again and fall asleep and then the strange voice tells me to wake up, then you are here".

Adam turned and looked at Kane with a perplexed look on his face. He raised his finger to place it on his lips.

"Shh ... Kane it's not important now is it". Adam then removed his finger.

Kane looked at him with doe eyes and then Adam leaned forward and kissed him. Just a gentle kiss on the lips, which soon turned erotically French as their two tongues dueled with each other for a number of minutes as they lost themselves in each other and their kiss.

Kane and Adam broke their kiss and both sighed as they both sat back in their seats both looking into space.

"Wow" they both said in unison.

Adam turned to Kane and grabbed his hand under the blanket and held it.

"That was hot" Adam sighed

"It sure was."

Kane moved his head and rested it on Adams shoulder. He broke their hand holding and moved his hand to Adams left thigh under the blanket as he massaged it.

"Kane what you doin?"

"What do you think lover boy!"

Kane rubbed up and down his thigh with this palm slowly moving his hand further into his groin until he bumped into his hard target.

"Kane you need to stop that"

Kane stared at him and kissed him. Adam moaned into his mouth as Kane found unbuttoned his MCCUU trousers. As they continued to kiss Kane found a hot uncut tube of Marine meat. Kane guessed a respectable 7.5 inches only slightly smaller than himself. As Kane released Adams cock from his pants but he was surprised his underwear was missing and pubic hair and cock were very wet.

Kane broke the kiss and looked at Adam, and raised an eyebrow for an explanation.

Adam leaned over and whispered in Kane's ear, "You weren't the only one that came Kane! I had to get rid of them after I came the second time as they were a mess"

A look of utter shock crossed Kane's face.

"Insects ... lover boy ... insects ..."

Kane continued to stare at Adam.

"You going to hold that forever or are you going to do something with it as I still need to catch up to the horny hot fucker sitting next to me," Adam giggled very quietly.

"You have me so fucking horning now you bastard" Adam added.

Kane closed his mouth and stared at Adam for a few minutes before he leaned in and kissed him again.

While they kissed, Kane slowly started slowing tightened his grip on Adams cock, felt him shiver, as he his hand slowly ran its length. He slowly played with the hard cock paying special attention to its sensitive head and foreskin. Kane picked up the pace and Adam moaned into his mouth. Kane felt Adams ball draw up as he felt Adams heart pump thru the cock in his hand. Kane wanted to bring Adam off quickly so applied more grip, more pressure and increased his speed. Kyle broke the kiss and stared into Adams green eyes. He wanted to see the look on his face when he blew.

Adam stared back and knew the impending climax was going to be epic. He yelped quietly try to hold his gaze with Kane as he came. Kane quickly let go and moved his hand of the end of his cock catching his cum as he exploded. Kane looked around to make sure he hadn't disturbed anybody and pulled his hand out from under the blanket.

Adam had a look of contentment and bliss on his face. Never had he been brought off by another man's hand like that before.

Kane brought the hand back to the mouth stuck out his tongue and licked up the mess.

Adam looked on with his mouth wide open, shocked as Kane swallowed all his cum.

Kane looked at him and then said, " Insects ... lover boy ... Insects".

Adam closed his mouth and smiled before kissing him.

Kane and Adam were exhausted. Kane rested his head on Adam's shoulder, reached over and put Adams cock back in his pants, buttoned them up before grabbing his hand and held it. Within minutes they both fell into a blissful sleep dreaming of making love to each other.


"Kane, kane ..." he heard in his sleep again.

"Kane, kane ..." the masculine stranger continued.

"Who are you and what do you want" Kane said in his dream state.

"Who I am is not important Kane but I had to bring you and Adam together"

"But, I don't understand, why,"

"Because you need each other at the time and this place in your lives, there is no time to explain as you will be landing soon."


The cabin light flickered back on waking both Kane and Adam. Adam reached over and kissed Kane on the lips.

"MMM. I like waking up with you."

"Me too." Kane thought. `I would rather go to sleep with you in a real bed though. I think that would be fun."

Adam laughed and said "No Kane that won't be fun", then paused, "that will be hot!" and kissed him on the lips again.

"Adam when will I see you again?"

"How about tonight Kane, does that suit you"

"Oh yeah that is great."

"Let's swap numbers by SMS when we turn on our phones when we land."


The plane landed and Kane and Adam grabbed their mobile phones, turned them on, programmed their numbers into each other's phones before send each other a SMS to make sure they worked.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. A message received on each phone as they both smiled at each other.

As the plane landed and taxied to the gate and aerobridge, Buffy walked up to Kane with his credit card in hand with an envelope.

"Mr Armanis, it has been a pleasure having you on board. Your receipt is in the envelope. Have a great stay in New York gentlemen".

Buffy winked and moved back to the galley to oversee the end of the flight,

Kane and Adam waited for the boys to deplane. In the lounge Adam introduced Kane to Peter and Jim and they shook hands. The Marines thanked Kane for the upgrades. Kane still had the envelope that Buffy had given him so he should inspect the damage he made to his credit card.

In the envelope was a letter from the Captain which he read.

"Fuck me", Kane said.

`Maybe later stud", Adam replied.

Kane blushed and elbowed Adam in the ribs. Peter and Jim laughed.

"So what's up"? Adam asked.

Kane passed the letter to Adam to read out loud;

Dear Mr Armanis,

Today we witnessed an honorable act which we do not see very often in our industry,

I have advised the crew to comp the Marines upgrades.

We will not be debiting your credit card for the flights.

It has been a pleasure having you on Board our flight today.

Please thank the boys for their service to the United States of America.


The Captain


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