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Number One

Alone and stretched out on my stomach I watched the same four surfers ride waves in - then paddle back out to ride in again... and again... and again.  My dark hair brushed up and out of my eyes to get a clear view.  The sun was hot on my back, shoulders and legs.  Just a few days into this vacation and already my tan was as dark as I wanted.  Keeping enough sun block applied is going to be a challenge. Propping up on my elbows I took a new round of photos as the surfers came in on another series of waves.  I was enjoying the opportunity to put to use my telephoto lens.  Watching these guys made me impatient for my surf lessons to start.  Today, I could only watch, study the surf and take pictures.  I smiled when Tame Impalas came over my headphones even though I created the playlist.  I was being lulled into a drowsy state but still trying to capture some great moments of these guys surfing in front of me.

One surfer was particularly good.  Even exceptional.   He had a style the others lacked.  He didn't ride a surf board.  He drove it.  His skill at picking waves, timing when to catch the wave and surfing the wave made him a stand-out.  Almost perfect execution every time.  His free-styling off the lip was thrilling to watch and he knew when to drop into the barrel and drive his short board fast along the wall.  If he saw an opportunity he could carve back up to the lip for another maneuver before dropping into the barrel again.  He had flair.  From my short time observing these four surfers he appeared to be the Number One the other three orbited.  Watching them surf and on the beach I knew they were all friends but he was the unofficial captain of the team.  I, too, paid more attention to him than the others.

I found myself fascinated by his movements and mannerisms.  His gifted athleticism showed both in his physique and in his abilities.  A few days ago he did a handstand on his board while riding a wave.  This was apparently a dare, or bet, from one of his buddies as I saw one of them look disappointed as he successfully made the move.  I smiled to myself remembering this particular scene.  Just one of many I had witnessed these past few days.  I even liked watching him put on, and take off, his wet suit.  His buddies would just strip them off unceremoniously, but he would peal himself out of his suit slowly, taking care like it was the most important thing he would do all day.  He struck me as a person who puts effort into caring for himself and his body.  Clearly not eating junk food.  His sleek but defined upper body shows he is doing more than just surfing.  His skin had a healthy looking glow from sun that complimented his light brown hair and light colored eyes.  To top it off his chiseled facial features gave him classic good looks.  The girls swoon I thought to myself. 

I was in great condition myself.  I'm sure I recognized in him some of the things I did for my own physique.  Stronger than I'd ever been before and feeling more comfortable in my body than ever before.  Leading up to this trip the cross training paid off and I felt ready to take on the challenges of learning to surf.  Still, watching this naturally gifted athlete made me feel like I need to step up my game.  He is one of those guys that every other guy wants to be.  Even me. 

My music played low so I heard the waves, too. The rhythm along with the warmth of the sun I started to succumb to the beach-nap that had become my daily ritual already.  I put my camera aside and laid my head down turning my attention to the warmth of the sun penetrating my skin, while the sound of the waves took me closer to sleep.  I stared at the long board from my rented apartment laying in the sand next to me.  I couldn't bring myself to even test it on these fast moving, fast breaking waves.  Even I knew a long board was wrong for this beach.  My thoughts returned to the surfers.  I hoped they wouldn't snub a guy just learning to surf.  I know I wouldn't... 

"Hey Fleetwood." 

I lifted my head slowly from dozing off and looked up to see all four surfers walking up to me.  They dripped from their wet suits and were carrying their short surf boards under their arms.

"You take us out cruising tonight on your papaw's board?"  His eyes tracing the expanse of the long board pitched in the sand next to me. 

"You be our Uber.  No problem, right?!" Said one of the others.

"And don't forget a cooler full of beer!" Chimed in a third.

I smiled and nodded agreement.  "Happy to oblige.  I'm sure the four of you will enjoy a lo-o-o-ng ride on my lo-o-o-ng board."

They all got the dick humor. A few quick laughs and one tossed out a feeble "You wish."

"What time shall I pick you up? I'll make sure I have it good and waxed."  I asked. Still laying on my stomach I propped up on my elbows.  Glancing from one to the next but then locking eyes with Number One the question seemed directed to him.

He was looking at me as if studying me closely but with a smile on his face.   It occurred to me this was the closest they had come to me, while I had the help of a telephoto lens to watch them over the past few days.  All four of them were probably close to my age or a few years younger.  Number One might be the oldest of the bunch which would explain him being Number One and the most skilled on the board. 

"Party on the Fleetwood!" The first guy called out and dropped into a surf riding pose.  Then he and two others turned and started to jog back to the water while chanting "Fleetwood!  Fleetwood!  Fleetwood!" with their boards tucked under their arms. 

I guess this was a good sign.  They seemed friendly.

"So is that your board?  You don't seem to be using it." Number One asked taking a seat next to me on the sand.  He watched his buddies paddling out to catch some more waves.

"It came with my rental.  I'm not sure where I could try a long board on these beaches.  These waves seem to close together and too fast for a long board.  Right?"

"True-true.  There are some waves up and down the cost for long boards if you're into that.  Fleetwood is right.  That is one long board.  You know what a Fleetwood is?

"An old Cadillac sedan?"

He smiled back and casually brought his index finger to his nose.  He brushed some hair off his forehead, looked out to the waves and judged the best of the day was over.  He stood, unzipped his wet suit and began stripping it off.

I moved to sit up, but then realized I still had residual boner that popped up during my nap.  How long had I dozed?  Cursing to myself as this happens ALL THE TIME - but REALLY?  Right now?  Trying to play it cool I reached under myself to make an adjustment then proceeded to sit up, spinning my legs around quickly to sit on my butt and rest my elbows on my bent knees.  I hoped this did enough to hide the unusual bulge in my shorts.  I liked these Chubby swim trunks but they don't leave room to hide boners. 

I saw him look me over while he continued to extract himself slowly and methodically from his wet suit.  Up close and facing me as he did this I couldn't help but compare his method to a practiced striptease.  Does he know the effect he has on those watching him?

"Those boys are greedy.  Its past peak but they always want to grab one more wave."  He said this with tired fondness in his voice.  After getting his wet suit off he dropped it on his board and returned to his seat next to me on the sand.  He wore a basic red speedo bathing suit under his wet suit which helped put a life-guard-on-duty image in my head. 

"Nick." He said looking back at me.  He extended his hand across his torso toward me to shake hands in introduction.  There was something oddly formal about this.  It made me wonder about his upbringing and education.  I extended my hand across my torso to shake his.

"You can call me Ray.  It's my middle name but what my friends and family call me."

"What's your first name?"

"Jamie."  He cracked a smile and nodded.  Most people who learned my first and middle name understood.

"Where are you from?" He asked looking me in the eyes and giving me his undivided attention.  In his eyes I saw a friendliness that made me relax a little. 

"Michigan.  Sort of here."  I did the hand and thumb thing everyone from Michigan does to show where in the state they live.  "Where are you from?"

"Maine mostly, then Arizona for school. I've been surfing Morocco to Port Elizabeth for the past year."

"Wow.  That sounds amazing."  I hesitated saying but thought best to get it out there.  "I'm starting surf lessons tomorrow.  That's why I'm here.  How long have you been surfing?"

"Since I was 15.  I caught the bug on a family vacation.  Now it's all I want to do."

Nick stood up, brushed the sand off his butt and then stuck out his hand to help me up.  I must have looked confused so he offered, "Time to go Jamie-Ray.  Want a ride?"

"I'm done, so yeah. Thanks."  He didn't say "Jamie-Ray" in a way that I minded so I gave him my hand and he pulled me up easily.  He kept pulling me until I was moving into him.  Our chests bumped then he stepped back and slowly lowered our clasped hands before letting go.  It was all so deliberate - like everything he does.  It reminded me why I was drawn to watch him - his movements and mannerisms.

I was wondering how he knew I didn't have my own transportation, but didn't ask.  True, I didn't, and hitched my way to the beach every day. Nick waited while I packed up my camera, slung my bag over my shoulders and grabbed that big board.  I thought to myself he doesn't fit the surfer stereotype at all too-cool-for-school attitude.  At least that was my stereotypical image.  Nick had natural charm that came from inside and he didn't create distance.  His effect on me was the opposite.  I felt drawn toward him.  Unlike most guys he didn't do anything to temper his charms to maintain distance. 

We stood on opposite sides of his 80s Jeep Cherokee strapping our boards to the roof. I followed his lead with the ropes and continued to be fascinated by his physicality.  He pulled on some board shorts and we hopped in.  As soon as the engine started I suddenly heard the Tame Impalas' song `Let It Happen' play over the speakers.  I smiled big as we drove out onto the 2-lane road that snakes its way up from the beach.

"Have a beer." Nick reached behind my seat to pull one out of a cooler sitting on the floor and popped the cap from an opener mounted on the dashboard.  He pulled one for himself but poured it into a Solo cup before taking a giant gulp inhaling half the contents.  "Ahhh.  Fuck I was thirsty."

"Cheers. Thanks a lot."  I too took a big swallow of beer. 

"You get any good pics of us with your camera?" He asked glancing sideways then quickly putting his eyes back on the winding road.

"I have."  Then added more specifically, "I think there are some good ones.  Especially of you."  

"Are there?"

He glanced back at me with a smile and look I'd describe as flirty.  I could imagine a girl sitting where I was being completely disarmed by this smile and this look.  I was thinking you're perfect so how could they not be?

"Yeah.  I've taken some time to go over them on my HD monitor.  There are a couple that I got really excited about.  Like this one where it's you in the foreground up on the lip of the wave and your buddies are visible but blurry sitting on their boards in the background.  It's one of my favorites so far.  I still need to go through yesterday's and today's pics.  I'll only keep the best ones so it takes a lot of time to cull down the couple hundred pics from each day." 

 "A couple hundred?  Each day?" 

"Yeah.  Its digital so that isn't hard to do.  The shutter captures a picture every 10th of a second if I press and hold.  I can do HD video too, but I'm not into full motion.  I get really excited when I capture that perfect moment, or object, in a single photo."

"Which one am I?  The perfect moment or the perfect object?"  He gave me that smile and that look again.  His voice definitely had a flirty tone to it.  I thought of that imaginary girl again.  Sitting where I'm sitting and becoming hopelessly charmed by this guy.  It occurred to me that he probably doesn't know how NOT to be charming.

"I'd put you in the `all the above' category.  I mean, come on.  Look at you.  And your skill on the board.   I have some skill with the camera, but a perfect subject in a perfect moment makes my job a lot easier."

"Oh! So this is your job?  You selling these photos?"


He shot me a dirty look.

"Ha!  Just kidding!"

"Jamie-Ray..." He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and sort of smirked.  "You better be." 

We both took another drink of our beers.

"Seriously.  It's just a hobby, so... not angling to sell photos.  I post a select few to Instagram.  The rest I keep to myself.  I think of it as my diary, and you don't show everyone your diary."

He nodded thoughtfully but didn't offer anything verbal.  We both took another big gulp of our beers.

 "Yeah, but you're going to have these pictures of me... in your diary?  Seems like I should get to see it."

"Well, it's not just of you.  Like I said it's of all the places I've been and seen.  You know, I'm not the only one taking pictures of you surfing.  But, hey, if you want to see my pictures of you I'm happy to show them to you.  You'll have to come in when we get to my place so I can show them to you on my HD monitor.  That's the only way to see them properly.  Sound good?"

He nodded thoughtfully again, but didn't say anything. 

We approached the first opportunity for me to give Nick some directions to my rental, but just before I started to offer those directions Nick asked if I want to come hang at his place.  He told me that he just moved into this great new spot and wanted to show it to me.  I said sure since I had nothing else going on. Nick headed through an intersection and further up the coast until we turned onto a dirt road for a few hundred feet.  The house ahead stood alone and had a commanding view of the ocean below. Nick got out, grabbed his bag and cooler from the back seat and walked toward the garage instead of the house.  He stopped at the base of stairs on the side of the garage.  I grabbed my bag and headed toward him while taking in the view. 

From Nick's apartment above the garage the view was all sky and ocean horizon.  The whole back of the carriage house was windows and a glass door led onto a large deck with a dining table, gas grill, lounge chairs and outdoor living room setup new modern wicker sectional sofa with built-in chase at one end, matching chairs opposite the sofa, matching coffee table and end tables.  Behind the sofa there was a hot tub.

"Nice!" and swallowed the last of my beer. 

"I know, right? I stumbled across this guy one day and we started talking.  He asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to do house and yard work in exchange for a free apartment above his garage."

"No shit?!"

"No shit.  I came up here to check out his story and the situation.  Its him, his wife and one kid and their dog.  They aren't slobs.  The dog's not even messy.  I didn't know much about cleaning so they showed me what they wanted, gave me the specific cleaning products they want used and we agreed on a cleaning schedule.  Michael, the husband, has been showing me what I need to know about the landscaping.  The hardest part has been carrying heavy bags of yard trimmings.  Michael has even helped me with the heavy lifting a few times.  Everything else has been a breeze.  As long as I'm keeping the place clean I can come and go as I please."

"You lucky bastard!  How long have you been here?"

"Going on three weeks.  I'm working on turning pro, so not sure how long I'll stay... but it's swank for now, right?  I'm going to shower off and jump in the hot tub.  You coming?"


Nick walked over to the far end of the deck to an unscreened outdoor shower.  It was just a shower head on a copper pipe coming up from below the deck.  He turned on the shower, kicked off his sandals and then stripped revealing his tanned ass.  An all-over tan?  This guy is full of surprises.

He stepped into the spray of the shower rinsing the front of his body first then turning around to face me.  He tilted his head back to rinse his hair.  His eyes were closed so I didn't shy away from taking a good long look at him showering naked in front of me.  Again I thought he is a beautiful male specimen.  His sparse body hair is even lighter than the hair on his head.  I felt a tingle throughout my body and my blood began to pump a little faster.  I was just standing there wondering what to do with myself when Nick looked at me, flashed his bright white smile and issued a command.

"Get us some beers from that refrigerator and put them in the cup holders on the hot tub."

As soon as I put the beers down Nick stepped out of the spray and said "It's all yours."  Then he walked a few feet to a stack of folded towels, grabbed two and carried them to the side of the hot tub.  He planted one hand on the edge and then vaulted his body over the side and quickly sank up to his chest in the bubbling water.

I stripped off my trunks and showered naked as Nick had.  It seemed normal - as in a typical gym shower situation.  It's just that my heart rate went up another couple beats per minute.  

After facing the shower spray for a short time I turned my back to the spay, tilted my head back to rinse my hair and my backside. 

Lifting my head and using my hands to press the excess water from my hair I opened my eyes to see Nick looking at me.  Now I was the one on full display for him.  Reflexively my brain ran down a mental list of my perceived short comings - average male height 5'9", average male shoe size 9, average male hair and eye color brown well my hair and eyes are real dark.  Why was I so average?  Being in great shape, good skin, good hair, strong jawline... these hard-won six-pack abs have to count for something.  I rubbed my hands over them.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts? 

As these thoughts went through my head Nick was still watching.  Something happened and my dick began to chub up.  Quickly I shut off the shower and went over to the hot tub.  I vaulted the side into the water while Nick continued to watch.  I couldn't sit down fast enough.

I began to sit down opposite of Nick which seemed the logical thing to do.  As my butt started to drop in that direction Nick grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward the seat next to him.

"Don't be an idiot.  You don't want to sit facing a wall when you have THIS view, right?"

I spun around and sank into the seat next to him.  "Ha.  Right."

"Cheers." Nick raised his beer to me.  I grabbed my beer and clinked it with his repeating "Cheers."

"I have some pot too... if you're interested.  Goes great with bubbles and beer. Ri-i-i-ght?" faking a stereotypical surfer affectation and I think making fun of us both for overusing the word.  

"Uh. Yeah, sure..."  He looked at me because of my hesitation.  "Never got big into it.  Not opposed.  Just prefer keeping it to special occasions." 

Nick gave me another smile like he did from the shower when telling me to get the beers. 

"I declare this Jamie-Ray Day." He announced to an imaginary crowd.  "There.  Now it's a special occasion."  He said unceremoniously.  I smiled wide and nodded. 

"Good enough for me."  This was my big surfing vacation after all.  Sitting here in a hot tub with a spectacular view of the ocean in a tropical setting...  This felt pretty special. 

As he took the first drag I looked out over the ocean to the horizon and thought this is more than I hoped for.  I wanted to make friends with these guys and already I'm sitting here drinking beers and about to get high with Number One.  My emotions seemed to be racing ahead of me so I was glad to get buzzed and a little high.  Hoping I would calm the fuck down.

We were sitting low with the water coming up to our armpits.  Nick, on my right side, moved to put the joint to my lips for me to drag on it.  Both of my hands were wet so I couldn't take the joint from him.  His right hand reached across his body and I tilted my head toward him to make it easier.  His left shoulder and arm pressed into mine as he leaned closer.  Nick had already turned his head toward mine.  Now he only had to move his hand a short distance back and forth to reach each of our lips.  We were slouched down and against each other like two best buddies. 

After taking another drag himself he brought the joint back to my lips.  I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to his finger and thumb holding the joint firmly.  It felt like I was kissing them. 

Softly he said, "I like your buzz cut.  I've been thinking of buzzing my hair short."

I opened my eyes to see he was looking at the side of my head only inches from his own. 

"The girl who cuts my hair would correct you.  It's actually called a Fade, you know, because its long on top.  But I know what you mean.  Low maintenance.  You have great hair.  I wouldn't mess with it."

"Yeah?..."  He took a drag.

I nodded looking at his hair just inches away.  He pressed the joint to my lips again.  He pressed his finger and thumb further between my parted lips this time.  I took a drag and his hand lingered a few seconds then slowly moved away. 

"This is a great spot for tanning." I said through held breath.   "I'd tan naked all day up here and never worry about being seen."  I was remembering seeing his tanned ass. 

"And I do." He said mildly and gave me a sly grin.  The joint was gone but neither of us moved apart.

We each grabbed our beers and took big swallows to ward off the cotton mouth.  I was already feeling the pot.  My body felt relaxed, but my blood was still pumping.  The chubby that started while in the shower never fully subsided, and I was having one of those highs where my cock wants to come alive.  My cock grew a little larger and unfolded from hanging down over my balls to lying flat against my stomach. Under the water I became aware of Nick's knee against mine.  Then I realized I could feel his calf and the side of his foot all pressed against mine.   Over half the side of my body was in contact with his.  He was totally relaxed and didn't seem to notice. 

Nick's head was back resting against the built-in pillows.  After a minute or so of silence I heard a quiet snicker escape his throat.  Without lifting his head he turned to look at me and said "I have a confession."

"What?" I asked as I dropped my head back onto my pillow and turned my head toward his trying to appear as relaxed as him.

He smiled and gave me a mischievous look.  He turned his face back toward the sky, pressed the back of his head into the pillow and lifted his hips until his torso breached the surface of the water showing me his full erection.

"Oops.  I have a boner." He dropped his hips back into the seat. 

I tried to be unaffected, but my own cock went to full hardness within a few seconds.  What was happening?  I couldn't seem to get control over myself.

Nick turned his face back toward me.

I looked him in the eyes, smiled my own big smile and lifted my hips.

"Yes!  I knew it!"  He said excitedly as he looked across the water at my hard-on.  "Dude, you don't know how bad I want to rub one out right now.  I'm about to leap out of this hot tub and just say `Fuck it!".

"I know right?  It's the pot, right?  Just before you lifted your hips my cock said `HELLO!'.  I was thinking I got to get out of this hot tub to cool down but now I have this boner.  What's a guy to do?" I asked rhetorically.

Nick found my hand under water and grasped it with his.  He stood up, crossed to the far side of the tub and hiked one leg over the side so he was half in and half out of the tub.  His cock's full hardness wagging at my eye level.  He tugged me half out of my seat.  He began to pull me up just like when we were on the beach.  I gave in and let him bring me to my feet.  He glanced down at my erection then back to my face smiling so wide he looked like the happiest person in the world. 

He didn't release my hand as he stepped out of the tub.  He pulled me into following him out of the tub.  Our dicks wagging in front of us he walked us over to the edge of the deck overlooking the ocean.  The sun was getting lower now and the light was this amazing gold color.  The warm ocean breeze felt cool after being in the hot tub.  

His grip on my hand was firm so I felt compelled to let him keep holding on.  Without changing his gaze outward his right hand moved to his cock to stroke it up and down. I felt his left hand squeeze my right hand communicating to me that he expected me to do the same.  I have never experienced anything like this.  We were holding hands and about to masturbate together and it felt like the manliest thing I could do.  I was into it.

I grasped my own cock with my left hand and started stroking myself.  An intense wave of pleasure mixed with excitement washed over me.  I let out a deep breath from my lungs and tight chest.  I had been holding my breath and didn't know it.  I started to relax.  Our breathing began to sync up as did our strokes on our cocks.  Our eyes looking out at the wide ocean sparkling in the sun.

As beautiful as this was I couldn't help myself and had to look down at him pumping his cock.  I was curious does he masturbate the same way I do?  How do our cocks compare?  I dropped my gaze without moving my head and tried to see his cock in hand.  I could see the big mushroom head of his cock out of the corner of my eye and thought it looked huge.   I would need to drop my head if I was going to get a clear look at the rest of him and what he was doing.  How bad could it be if he saw me looking at him masturbating considering we are standing here holding hands and masturbating together?!  Still I didn't want him to think I was queer.  `Fuck it' I said to myself.  I lowered my head and turned my gaze to his rock hard cock. 

His hand wrapped around it loosely and glided up and down the shaft.  I found myself taking in every detail.  The way his hands curled around his shaft. My shaft was thicker than his.  His stood up at a steep angle its long length slightly curving upward so his big mushroom head with piss slit pointed to the sky.  The opening of his piss slit seemed double the size of mine and I thought he must produce a heavy stream when he goes to piss.  Then I thought what's it like when his cum shoots out of that hole?  His swollen dickhead protruded beyond the width of his shaft truly capping off his cock.  His fingers glided down then back up over the head.  It was kind of cartoon-like when taken all together.  My own cock perfectly straight.  My swollen mushroom head also protruded beyond the girth of my shaft and it felt very distinct as my fingers and thumb glided over it.  My cock went even harder in my hand as I thought about us both feeling the same thing at the same time. 

I moved my fingers around the fat base of my head feeling up the sensitive skin then gliding up over the gradually tapered head to the rounded point where my piss slit faced out at the very top.  My fingers glided down my shaft as I watched Nick's fingers move down, his strokes matching my own.  For some reason I liked looking at his cock while I stroked my own.  Watching his fingers glide over his shaft then up around his huge mushroom head I felt what he was feeling.  His mushroom head became even more swollen as I continued staring at it. The swollenness made the skin so tight it shined like polished metal.

"Jamie-Ray, you have a text-book-perfect penis." I heard Nick say.  I looked up to see him studying my cock as I had been taking in the details of his cock.  "It's like the drawings I remember in sex ed books of a penis.  Perfectly straight shaft.  Perfectly shaped head.  They could make dildos from your cock.  Your kinda thick though."

It gave me a thrill that I felt in my groin and it spread up my shaft. 

 "Thanks."  I said quietly.  I felt compelled to return the compliment.  "You've got a good one too.  That head is..." I trailed off. 

Nick squeezed my hand tighter and smiled wide. It made my cock even harder and my strokes more deliberate.  Nick too started stroking more intensely.  I was suddenly aware our shoulders were rubbing and I could feel his body heat. The skin of our arms touching all the way down to where we still held hands.  The hair on my arm stood up and it felt like every skin cell was having a party. This sent a shiver up my spine and the sensation spread to my groin and made my hard-on even harder how is that possible?!

"Damn Jamie.  You produce a lot of pre-cum."  I looked down to see I had a good bit of the clear liquid already running off the tip of my cockhead.  A few drops had fallen to the deck floor.  Nick watched me stroke my own cock and pump out more pre-cum. 

"Can I touch it?" I heard him ask and I could hear the genuine curiosity in his voice.

My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed hard.  I shrugged and nodded yes.  I released my cock.   Nick reached for my hand and pulled it over to his cock then wrapped his fingers around my shaft.  I shivered with excitement, tingling head to toe.  He moved his feet and turned himself to face me.  I turned to face him.  He began a practiced stroke up and down my shaft.  His fingers gliding across the sensitive underside of my shaft.  His fingers and thumb exploring the surface of my skin, the size and shape of my cock.  At the top of each slow stroke his thumb rubbed up and over my throbbing dickhead making my cock jump in his hand.  He smeared my precum around with his thumb.  I was letting him jack me off and I didn't question it. I already knew that I didn't want to go back.  I attempted to stroke his cock as good as he stroked mine. 

Both of our heads were dropped to watch each other's action.  Facing each other made our clasped hand-holding uncomfortable but at this point I didn't want to let go.  Nick, thinking and acting faster than me, loosened his grip and let our hands separate.  He placed his hand on my hip. I followed his lead.  Our heads were only inches apart.  I felt his grip on my hip get stronger as he moved our heads closer until our foreheads touched.  An image sprang into my head of two football players doing a head-butt in their helmets and I half chuckled out loud.


I shared the image with Nick.   

"This is a lot more fun."

"True-true."  Came out of my lips in a whisper then pumped my hips twice to butt our cockheads together.  That brought a big smile across his face. 

"Goddamn your hand on my cock feels good." 

"Yeah?  Right back at'cha."

I swallowed hard.  Nick's hand on my hip very slowly, tentatively, started to glide up and down.  Each time expanding the range along my side.  He was making sure I was okay with this new development.  I began to move my hand up and down his hip.  I'm okay with what you are doing. 

We both felt up each other's sides our fingers gliding over our firm muscled torsos.

When Nick's hand glided up into my armpit he spread his thumb out and let it glide over my nipple.  My cock jumped in his hand and my toes curled.  The next time Nick brought his hand up my side he spread his thumb again and rubbed over my erect nipple 3 times before gliding back down to my hip.  Wow, I was so fucking turned on I couldn't wait to do the same to him.  I caressed up his side and flicked his nipple with my thumb a few times.  He gasped and I felt his entire body stiffen.  I thought for a moment he was going to cum right then but he didn't.  He just pulled us closer together.

Nick moved his hand over my chest, spread his fingers and now worked both of my nipples one with his thumb and the other with his pinky finger.  My sensitive nipples shot waves of sexual pleasure through my body and his expert massaging of my cock sent me racing toward orgasm.  I both wanted to and didn't want to cum.

"Fuck, I'm about to cum.  It's too much."

He took away his hand from my chest and stopped his strokes on my cock. 

"Not yet."

He put his hand back on my hip, caressed my tight torso muscles briefly then let that hand glide around the front of my leg to brush first the side of my ball sack then his fingers extended under until his palm cupped my sack in his hand. His fingers curled to brush all over the surface of the sensitive skin that contained my balls.

"Your balls feel heavy.  When was the last time you jacked off?"

"Uh. Yesterday, maybe..."

Continuing to just hold my cock with one hand he used the other to cup my balls in his palm and extended his middle finger between my legs along that sensitive skin behind the balls.  I almost rose up on my toes.  Instinctively I widened my stance.  He correctly understood I just gave him permission to continue.  His middle finger massaged back and forth while his other fingers brushed the sides of my ball sack.  I tried to stay still.  I was finding it harder to focus on what my own hands were doing.  I struggled to keep them moving.  Everything he did to me took me higher and higher.

Forcing myself to focus on his cock I intensified my strokes up and down its shaft.  My other hand went up his side and I rubbed across his chest and hard nipples with no hesitation.  I wanted him to feel as much as I was feeling.  No holding back.

Nick pulled his forehead away from mine and then rested it on my collarbone.  I put my head next to his and the sides of our heads pressed against each other.  Our gaze fully downward glued to the action happening between us.  Our cocks pointed upward to our faces.

I kept my hands working his cock and nipples.  I enjoyed the feel of his strange cock in my hand combined with the feel of his hand on my cock.  I started to deliberately move my fingers and thumb to maximize his pleasure knowing where those sensitive spots are on my own cock.  Nick's hips began moving slightly back and forth.  His hand on my cock started moving.  I felt the glorious pleasure of his strokes again.  His other hand went quickly to my chest and he again spread his fingers to work both nipples at the same time. 

"Fuck!" I said out loud.

"This fucking cum is going to be epic."  He growled back at me.  His body hunched, his hips thrusting into my strokes.  I drove my cock into his hand.  We were sweating and I could smell our hot bodies.  Every sensory input adding to the high. 

Nick's mouth suddenly made contact with my skin.  He worked his lips to the base of my neck then up to my ear.  I tilted my head to expose more my neck to him.  He responded by kissing, sucking then biting my neck.  Every hair on my body suddenly stood on end.  Reflexively I jerked hard on his cock and he liked it.  I did it again and he bit harder on my neck then went back to sucking and kissing below and behind my ear.  His teeth nibbled lightly on my earlobe.  His tongue went into my ear canal.  In response I squeezed and pulled on his cock with one hand and pinched his nipple hard with my other hand. 

He pressed our cheeks together then turned his lips to kiss hard against my face.  He ran his lips along my cheek and I knew he was headed to my mouth.  The thought gave me a thrill that I wanted him to kiss me.  That I wanted to know what it feels like to be kissed by a man.  THIS man.

Nick lingered and I turned my mouth to kiss his cheek.  We weren't looking at our cocks anymore.  I raised my eyes to look into Nick's.  Our hands had to work by touch and feel alone not having our eyes to guide them.  I began to see the full image of Nick's cock in my head as my fingers ran over the surface of his rock hard cock.  I see the size of his big mushroom head in my mind as my curled fingers glide up and over its surface while my thumb grazes the super sensitive ridge of skin at the top of his shaft.  My other hand moved back and forth across his sweaty chest tweaking each nipple as I felt their firm nubs and pictured them in my mind. 

Nick's hand tightened around my own cock as he pumped then pulled in turns.  His other hand dropped to cup my balls.  He curled all of his fingers around my ball sack except his middle finger which extended between my legs and tickled the skin of my scrotum.  At this moment Nick chose to plant his lips fully on mine.  He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and grazed the inside of my lip with his teeth. 

My balls pulled up tight and Nick's middle finger pressed further to touch the puckered skin of my sphincter.  I thought I was going to pass out.  Our cum rocketed from our cocks as we both exploded into orgasm at the exact same time.  We grunted and groaned into each other's mouths.  I felt the explosion of his cum rise up his shaft under the touch of my fingers.  I felt the solid stream of my own cum pass by under the pressure of his fingers on its way up and out. 

We both rose up on our toes.  We hunched and gripped and grabbed at each other.  Then Nick let go of my balls and brought his hand around the back of my neck.  He pulled me tight against his lips for a final passionate kiss.  I wrapped my free hand around his waist pulling us tightly together and kissed him back.  We parted just enough to look down.  Cum splattered and clinging to our necks, chests and stomachs.   There was cum in our pubes, dripping around our balls and running down over our fingers still wrapped around each other's cocks.  We looked up into each other's eyes and busted out laughing.

"Fuck!" we both said at the same time.

I started to feel like I was going to sink to the floor of the deck.  Nick removed his hand from my cock and wrapped his arm around the small of my back to keep me standing. 

"You okay?"  He asked quietly.

"Yeah...  Just... Wow..."

"Didn't I say it would be epic?"

"Yeah.  Thanks." I exhaled with a quick chuckle.  I was coming down.

"Uh, no, thank YOU."  He said smiling at me and gave me a squeeze with his arm around my back.

For a split second I wondered to myself WTF did I just do?  But seeing that smile made me feel instantly better.  How could I feel bad looking at that face?  Having this orgasm with Nick has to be the single best orgasm I have ever experienced.  This was absolutely the best high of my life. 

"God, I'm starving.  You?" He asked me.

"Yes..." I said still thinking about what had just happened.  I glanced at his lips then looked back into his smiling eyes.  I took a breath and moved in to kiss him.