Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter One

By Randy Howard and David Booth

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From Officer Andy Revisited...


That weekend they took a trip up to Vermont. The kids loved the cows, which Andy and Tom discovered were not for hunting. They stopped on their way up at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory in Waterbury Vermont for a tour and a taste treat. Andy had an interview for the sheriff's position, and was told, after the interview, that he would hear the results in two weeks. They looked at the housing market and also checked into the schools before they headed back home.

Two weeks later Andy got a phone call at home.

"Hello Mr. Butler, this is councilman Clem Andrews in South Hero Vermont. I am calling to tell you that the council has selected you for the sheriff's positions. Congratulations young man."

"Well I thank you for calling Mr. Andrews. When would you like me to start," he asks.

"Well this is the first time that we have hired a flat lander, no offense kiddo, so we think you might need some time to get your things together. How about one month from this Monday," he asks.

"That would be good for me sir, I will see you on the Friday before," he tells him.

"I got the job babe, we are moving to Vermont," tells Tom who looks anything but thrilled. "By the way babe, what is a flat lander," he asks Tom.

"How the fuck do I know, must be something Vermontish," he says. "Well we have a lot to do before we move, I have to sell the house, and we need to find a place to live up there. Are you sure this is what you want to do babe," he asks putting his hands on both of Andy's shoulders.

"Babe, we talked about this already, if you don't want to move I guess I can still get my job back with the city," he says and Tom holds up both of his hands.

"No way babe, just go buy me some flannel shirts and overalls," he says going to find the boys. From the sound of the squealing and laughter he heard, Andy surmised that he had told the boys that they were moving. Andy then made a call to Trevor to see about legally adopting Mark.

"I have a judge that owes me big time Andy, and I also owe you for Mike," he says. "We have been so happy together; I cannot thank you enough for introducing him to me. Let me make a call and I will get back to you," he says and they hang up the phone.

"Mark can I talk to you for a minute son in private," he says and Mark gets very quiet. He takes him into his bedroom closing the door behind them as he goes in. Mark starts to undress as Andy turns around, and he is shocked to see this behavior.

"Mark what are you doing son," Andy asks as Mark climbs up on the bed with no clothes on.

"You are going to lay with me like my other daddy did," he says as he turns on his stomach.

"Mark please son, this is not what I wanted you for," he says handing him his clothes.

"Please son get dressed we do not do those things here," Andy says as he wants to cry because of this boy's abuse.

"You may have had this happen to you before, but you will never have to have it happen ever again," he tells him hugging him tightly.

"What I wanted you for is to ask you if you are happy here with us, and if you would like to be adopted by us and have our last name?" Mark jumps up and gives Andy a hug and a kiss, as his excitement says it all.

"Can I have your name also, Andy," he asks.

"Yes your last name would be Butler-Sullivan," he tells him.

"No I mean I want to be called Andrew like you," he says and Andy is taken by surprise.

"I would be honored to give you my name also son, if that is what you want."

"You are the best daddy I have ever had," he says hugging him again.

Trevor calls back and a court date is set, and Mark becomes Andrew the third. They find a nice farmhouse up in South Hero Vermont and they settle in to a new life of quietness, or so they thought...



Now Book Three... The Next Generation.

Andy and Tom settled into their home, a lovely three bedroom cottage on the shores of Lake Champlain. Tom took to the country life and was soon growing a garden and raising a calf for beef. The boys went to school at Grand Isle Elementary School and then on to South Burlington High School where they proved to be very good scholars, providing a great deal of pride for Tom and Andy.


Regrettably, Tom died of a heart attack eleven years after moving to Vermont. It was a difficult and sad time for Andy and the boys, but eventually life went on and a new routine of `normal' was found.


Andy devoted his time to his sheriff's job. The boys were now going to enter the University of Vermont where Thomas wanted to major in Criminal Justice and Andrew wanted to major in law.


Andy, now in his early forties and in addition to his job as sheriff, he tended the farm that Tom had loved so much. He never found another lover to take Tom's place, but then he never looked for one either. His memories of Tom and the raising of the youngsters kept him from the search for another partner.


Now, it was time for the boys to go off to university and Andy was helping them to move into the dorm in U-Heights on Redstone campus. The boys were assigned separate rooms, an oversight by the housing office. They tried to have it changed, but got nowhere with the administration.


"Well boys I guess you'll just have to wait until next year and get your own apartment together," Andy suggested.


"Well at least we're on the same floor dad," Thom said.


"Yeah and there's only two rooms between us, so we're still close to each other," Andrew added.


"Well if you don't need me anymore I'm going to be leaving. I want to stop at the feed store to get some things before it closes."


"Thanks dad for your help," Andrew said hugging and kissing him. "I love you dad and you take care of yourself."


"Yeah dad I love you too and thanks for the help," Thom added hugging him also.


Andy turned to leave just as the door opened and standing there was Andy's roommate and his dad. Andy stepped aside to let the heavily burdened men into the room.


"Here, let me take those for you," Andy said grabbing the top boxes.


"Hey thanks man, I'm Barry Wilkes and this is my son Daniel," he said setting down his boxes.


The two shook hands as the boys introduced each other.


"You have anymore shit... err.... boxes to bring up?" Thom asked.


"Yeah a few dude," Daniel said. "And its Danny, not Daniel," he said glaring at his dad.


"Come on, we'll give you a hand and let the old guys talk," Thom said as Andy swatted at him.


"I'll give you `old guys' you little shit," Andy said missing him.


Andy and Barry laughed as the boys disappeared out the door.


"So which one is my son's roommate?" Barry asked.


"That would be Andrew... the slim blonde. Thom is two rooms down the hall."


"How come they aren't rooming together?"


"They were suppose to, but someone in the housing department screwed things up. They don't seem to mind it though and plan to get an apartment next year together."


"They seem like well behaved boys," Barry commented.


"Thanks and they are Barry... and Daniel appears to be as well."


"I've had my time with that boy ever since his mother died ten years ago, but he seems to have gotten his head together now and he's heading in the right direction. Is your wife here with you?"


"Oh no I'm not married, my mate died several years ago too, and now it's just me and the boys."


"Well I know how it is raising boys on your own. So are you from around here or from out of state?"


"I have a farm in South Hero where I'm the sheriff. Where are you from Barry?"


"Boston, my wife was from an old Boston family, so when we got married, I moved to Boston from Atlanta Georgia."


"My, a southern boy huh," Andy mused.


"Ya'll have a problem with us southern boys," Barry said laughing at his fake accent.


"Why no Rhett I don't," Andy retorted as the two of them started to laugh hysterically.


The boys returned with the boxes and found the guys laughing. They set the boxes down and looked at Andy and Barry smiling.


"What's so funny pops?" Danny asked.


"I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," and he and Andy continued laughing all the harder.


"Old guy humor I guess," Thom said.


"Hey pops don't you have to go and see if they have a room for you?" Danny asked.


"Yeah you're right son," Barry said getting up. "It was a pleasure to meet you Andy, and I hope we get to see each other again." He extended his hand as Barry stood beside him shaking his hand.


"The pleasure was all mine Barry and I hope we do get to hang together again." Andy said as Barry left the room. "Well boys, I have to be going myself," Andy said. "I'll see you two when you run out of clothes," he mused.


"Dad we know how to do laundry and they have washers and dryers just down the hall," Andrew said sarcastically.


"Nice to meet you Danny and I love you boys." He said as he closed the door and headed down the hall.


Andy got downstairs and saw Barry on the phone trying to find a room.


"Hey Andy, is there another hotel around here? It seems that the three I called are all filled up and can't accommodate me."


"If the better ones are filled, the cheap ones will be too Barry. How about letting me put you up for the night? That way we can have a good laugh and get to know one another."


"I couldn't impose on you like that Andy, but thank you for the offer," Barry replied.


"Listen Barry if it were an imposition, I wouldn't have offered now how about it?"


"Well if it's not an imposition... sure Andy... and thanks."


"Why don't you leave your car here and I can bring you back in the morning?" Andy suggested.


"I guess as long as it's no imposition guy."


They grabbed Barry's overnight bag and walked to Andy's car. The boys were watching as the two got in the car.


"I bet dad offered to let him stay the night at our house," Andrew said looking at Thom.


"Yeah and maybe they'll hit it off," Thom said giving him a nudge.


"What's that suppose to mean guys?" Danny asked, eyeing the little signs the two gave each other.


"Nothing Danny, it's just that dad's been alone for so many years, it'll be good for him to have someone his age to talk to."


"Yeah my dad too, he's a workaholic and been alone ever since mom died."


"Hey let's go get some grub," Thom suggested looking at the boxes. "You two can sort your shit out after; I'm so hungry I could eat a bear."


They took off to find a restaurant and ended up eating at Friendly's in South Burlington.


"Your dad seems cool Danny," Andrew said as the guys take a booth and sat down.


"Oh he is sorta, but he never spends anytime with me. He works all day until six or seven at night, and then he comes home and it's another four or five hours in his office. I more or less raised myself once mom died."


"Our dad went into a real tail spin when dad died," Thom said and Danny looks at him strangely.


"Ah guy... you said your dad died... you meant your mom died, right?"


"Ah... Danny there's something you should know," Thom said. "We were adopted, Andrew and I. We were raised by two gay men who loved us very much."


Danny just looked at him then Andrew.


"Your dad's gay dude?"


"Yeah.... is there a problem with that?" Thom asked rather defensively.


"Whoa guy I have no problem with it, I think it's kinda cool really."


"Yeah, but will your dad think so? We took our beds with us and the only bed at home is dad's king size bed. I hope your dad has an open mind dude."


"Oh fuck, I hope he does too," Danny said smiling.




Andy and Barry drove the long stretch of road out to the islands.


"God this is beautiful country Andy," Barry said watching the scenery pass.


"I think so and this bridge is the only access road to the islands. In the winter it can snow so bad that the road's closed and those of us that live here are stranded either in town or back in the city until the storm passes."


They drove along and Andy took the turn onto South Shore Road. He went a few houses down the road before turning down his long driveway. He pulled the car up in the back of the beautiful log home and then into the garage.


"Not too many windows," Barry commented.


"Wait and see my friend," Andy said as he unlocked the door and welcomed Barry into the house. They entered the kitchen and Barry froze as he looked into the living area. The front wall was wall-to-wall floor to ceiling windows overlooking Lake Champlain.


"Oh my God Andy this is beautiful," Barry said as he wandered into the great room.


"I told you to wait, why waste money on windows for the back when the view is in the front."


"And what a view it is," he said as Andy opened the French doors that led out onto the deck.


The deck overhung the ledge providing a view to the beach below. There was a dock with a large boat tied to it and an even larger one anchored out in the water.


"I take it that those are your toys Andy?" Barry said smiling.


"Yeah that's the `Thomas I' sitting out there. That was Thomas' pride and joy."


"Kind of expensive for a boy to own isn't it?"


"Ah... right.... yeah... it was his dad's boat," Andy said rather tongue tied.


"Huh? I thought you were his dad guy."


"I am Barry but he... oh fuck sit down Barry and let me explain."


Barry sat on a chair while Andy grabbed two beers before he sat down to explain what he was talking about.


"Barry I should have told you this before I invited you to stay," he said rather embarrassed.


"Stop right there Andy and don't say another word. If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to."


"No it's not that buddy, it's that I'm... I'm gay and Thomas was my husband."


"Ahhh.... I see," Barry said after taking a long draw on his beer. "And you had to tell me... why?"


"Ah... because I only have one bed and it's mine buddy," he said. "The boys took their own beds to school with them 'cause they didn't like to sleep in someone else's."


Barry sat there staring out at the setting sun over the lake. He took another long draw off his beer and set it down.


"I'll understand if you would rather I take you back to your car Barry."


"And stay where Andy.... in the backseat? Did you plan on seducing me when you asked me to stay here with you?"


"My God no Barry, I had all intentions of letting you sleep in my bed and I was going to take the pull out sofa."


"And that is as comfortable as...?" he asked.


"Well it isn't very comfortable, but I wanted you to have a good nights rest before you had to drive back to Boston. God I'm so sorry about all this Barry." Andy's eyes started to gloss over.


"Hey buddy come here," Barry said as he stood up extending his arms to Andy.


Andy moved to Barry's arms and embraced him. Barry lifted Andy's head by his chin and kissed him passionately. He pressed his tongue slowly against Andy's lips. Andy didn't hesitate as he opened his lips accepting Barry's tongue into his mouth.


"Barry... I don't understand," Andy said once they broke their kiss.


"Andy I've been bi-sexual for years, but never acted on it. I've always suppressed my gay feelings for my family' happiness and well being. Now, I guess I've needed happiness in my life too, and you just happened to draw it out of me."


"So you aren't upset with me for not telling you before hand?"


"No buddy... I'm not angry at all, but I will be if you don't take me to bed soon."


Smiling, they walked hand in hand through the house and into Andy's bedroom, stopping only to close the door.


"I feel like a kid on a blind date," Andy said holding Barry close. "I don't know anything about you, like.... what do you like in sex."


"How about we just get into bed and see where things go?"


They eagerly stripped off their clothes and got into bed. Barry was much taller and had an athletes' build. Andy ran his fingers through his auburn red hair as he gazed into his sparkling green eyes.


"You're extremely handsome Barry." Andy said as he started to unbutton Barry's shirt.


"Well you're no slacker yourself stud. I love the blonde hair... the way it curls around your neck. And your eyes are as blue as ice my man." He said as he started to lift Andy's shirt over his head.


Andy pulled Barry into a kiss as Barry moved on top of him. Nature had taken over and they found roles. Barry kissed Andy's neck leaving a mark as he moved down to his hard nipples. He ran his tongue around each hard nub before he gently nibbled on it, sending Andy into an emotional high. Andy held him to his breast and Barry suckled on his nipple until Andy was out of control.


"Fuck guy, you have me in a place I haven't been in years." Andy panted as they both yanked and pulled each other pants off.


Barry kissed and licked his way down to his cock that was now hard and dripping. He ran his tongue along the tip tasting the sweet elixir. He continued to lick before he ran his tongue around the sensitive head. Swallowing his cock, he took it all down to the pubes before slowly moving back up to the tip. He had Andy at the edge before he moved on to his balls. Taking each one into his mouth, he moved them around, arousing Andy to new heights. He slowly moved his way down to his rosebud and Andy could barely take anymore as Barry plunged his tongue deep into his ass. He tongue-fucked his ass with equal intensity and vigor as their passions collided at Andy's crotch. Andy was soon at his edge as he moaned in pleasure.


"Oh fuck love I'm going to cum!" Andy exclaimed as he started to shoot his load.


Barry moved up quickly and took Andy's cock into his mouth and got his juices as Andy pumped them out. He gave Barry his seed as he thrashed in ecstasy releasing years of pent up passion.


"God I needed that Barry," he said, barely able to catch his breath.


Barry slid up and kissed Andy hard and passionately overwhelmed by the lust of the moment.


"Please fuck me Barry," Andy said looking into his eyes as he caught his breath.


He handed him the lube from the nightstand and Barry sat up, putting a glob on his fingers. He worked his fingers into Andy's relaxed rosebud then added some to his own cock. He lifted Andy's legs onto his shoulders as he positioned his cock to his rosebud. With a gentle but firm push, the head of his cock popped past Andy's sphincter. After a slight pause, Andy eagerly pulled him all the way in. He lifted his ass and looked into Barry's eyes as Barry started to fuck him, taking his time to find just the right rhythm. Soon the two were moving in unison as their rhythm carried them to new heights of ecstasy. Barry slammed hard at Andy' ass and Andy met each thrust. All too soon, the two were close to the edge.


"Oh God Andy, I'm going to cum!" Barry exclaimed. Let me cum inside you?"


"Stay in me and fuck me love hard and deep," Andy said as he held onto Barry's ass.


Barry slammed his ass like a stallion in heat and within a moment he was shooting his seed. He blasted rope after rope of his hot seed into Andy's sweet ass as Andy came once again.


"Oh fuck I'm cumming love," Andy panted as Barry bent down to kiss him while Andy shot his seed between them.


They continued their rhythm until they'd surrendered their all. Barry gently allowed his spent dick to slide out of Andy's ass and lay down beside him.


"That was fucking incredible man," he said trying to catch his breath.


"That it was Barry, that it was," Andy said as the two moved together to kiss.




"Well guys we need to get back to our rooms to sort out our stuff," Danny said once they paid the check.


"Yeah I just dumped my things when you came," Andrew said.


"I have to see who my roomy is and if he's taken over the room yet," Thom added.


The boys headed back to their dorm and Thom said goodnight to Andrew and Danny before heading to his room to find his roommate there.


"Hey guy I'm Thom Sullivan," he said once inside the room.


"Shane Bradley, glad to meet you," he said offering his hand.


"So what's your major?"


"Criminal Justice, what's yours?" Shane asked.


"Same thing, my dad's a sheriff, so I thought I'd go into the family business."


"Yeah I know what you mean; my dad's a cop in Springfield Massachusetts."


"No shit! What's your dad's name? I use to live there and my dad was a cop there for years!" Thom exclaimed.


"Mike Bradley... why?" Shane asked.


"I know your dad Shane, I use to call him Uncle Mike when I was a kid," Thom said smiling at the memory.


"Fuck! Your dads are Andy and Tom then," he said catching Thom off guard.


"You know about my dads then?" he asked.


"Shit yeah.... my dads are gay too Thom. My other dad is Trevor Anderson."


"Damn what a small world this is," Thom said with a shake of his head.


The boys went quiet staring at one another before Shane decided to ask the obvious.


"So I guess we need to ask this and get it out in the open.... Thom... are you gay?"


"I don't know Shane, I've never been with a guy and as far as that goes.... a woman either. Are you gay?"


"Oh yeah definitely.... I'm gay. I love guys and had a boyfriend until I left for school. He wanted me to stay in Springfield and go with him to the community college there. I just didn't want to, so he got mad and broke it off."


"Shit man that's awful."


"Well we'd have broken up eventually 'cause he had a roving eye and I caught him once with another guy. I didn't break it off 'cause I needed him to help pay the rent. But I didn't give him any for quite a while either."


"I see what you mean.... I want someone that will be faithful to me whether it's a guy or a girl. I guess I'll have to determine if it's one or the other soon because jerking off isn't much fun."


"You telling me that you're still a virgin dude?" Shane asked, surprised.


"Well yeah.... 'cause I want to give my virginity to the person I marry."


They dropped the discussion and went about unpacking their things, but Shane keeps eying Thom.


Thom looked at Shane when his back is to him and he liked his cute ass. Shane was much shorter and built like a swimmer, with long brown hair and eyes. Thom began to think that he must be gay because his dick kept stirring in his pants.


They finished their unpacking and Thom decided to go take a shower because he was all sweaty from the heat and unpacking.


"I'm heading to the shower Shane... if my brother stops by; tell him I'll be right back."


"You have a brother here as well! Damn! is he as cute as you are?"


"Fuck no, I'm the cute one," Thom said smiling as he grabbed a towel headed out the door.


Thom walked into the bathroom and two other guys were just finishing up with their showers.


"Hey guys how's it going?" he asked glancing at their manhood.


"Fucking hot for this time of year," one said.


"Yeah and for Vermont at that," the other said.


They finished up their business and left as Thom turned on the shower. He let the warm water fall over his hot sweaty body and he relaxed as the steam filled the room.


"Mind if I join you?" Shane asked turning on the shower next to him.


"Not at all Shane," he replied, looking down at a seven-inch cock.


"Like it buddy?" Shane asked noticing Andy's intent glance.


"Ah... sorry Shane, I didn't mean to look," he said blushing profusely.


"No problem Thom and man that's quite a weapon you have there," he said looking at Thom's nine incher.


"Thanks man I guess I was blessed in that area huh," Thom said giving it a tug.


"I'll say.... here let me do that for you." Steadily Shane knelt down in front of Thom and took his cock into his mouth before Thom could say a thing.


The warm sensation soon had Thom's cock standing on end, as Shane moved up and down on the shaft. He ran his tongue all around the bulbous head before swallowing it back down. He played with his balls as he quickly sucked his cock. Soon Thom was at the edge.


"Fuck Shane I'm going to cum," Thom exclaimed, but Shane continued to suck harder and faster.


Thom shot his cum into Shane' hot wet mouth while he held onto his head. He continued to fuck his face as he shot rope after rope of hot cum, while Shane swallowed each precious drop.


"Damn that was fucking incredible man, thanks," Thom said after Shane got up from the shower floor.


"Damn you had a lot of the stuff guy. I thought you were gonna drown me," Shane said, then filled his mouth with water from the shower and spit it out on the floor.


"It's been a while since I jerked off and you were my first blow job."


They dried off, dressed and were just about to leave when someone came running into the bathroom.


"Is there a Thom Sullivan in here?" the kid yelled.


"Yeah that's me why?" Thom asked.


"Your brother's been shot and he's on the way to the hospital," he explained excitedly. "He looks like he's dead man."


To be continued...


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