Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Ten


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter nine...

Once outside, Michael told Clark that his mother was dead and that her body was lying on the living room floor. He brought Clark in, but shielded him from seeing his mother's body on the floor. Once downstairs, Clark led them over to the room.

"The latch is hard to find because it's behind the oil tank. It looks like an ordinary pipe, but it lifts up to release that shelf unit over there to open that concealed door."

Andy looked behind the tank and saw the pipe Clark was referring to.

"Clark get behind me and stay down until we determine it's safe to enter." Andy warned.

Andy lifted the pipe and the tall shelf unit popped open slightly. Michael was aiming his gun at the shelf unit as Andy pulled it open. The room was dark and Andy shone his flashlight into the room. There on the bed was the naked body of Bradley, tied hand and foot to the bed.

Bradley's eyes were wide open and his mouth was taped shut. Andy sensed the danger from the way Bradley was looking at the corner of the room. He steps back slightly and motioned to Michael that Clark's dad was in the corner out of sight, by pointing toward the direction Brad had indicated. Michael pushed Clark back out into the basement and inadvertently closed the door sealing Andy inside.

Chapter Ten...


Michael panicked as he heard guns shots going off inside the room. He called for backup and pushed Clark to the floor and told him to lay there and stay put, hopefully out of harms way. Then he lifted the pipe that released the shelf unit covered door. Crouched with both hands on his weapon, ready for anything, Michael saw the doctor standing at the door, staring straight ahead. Michael held his revolver, ready to shoot. Just as he was ready to squeeze the trigger, the doctor fell forward onto the basement floor. Andy was positioned behind him, both hands on his revolver, still pointing at the doctor's prone body. Blood flowed from Andy's shoulder as Michael rushes in to help his partner.

"Andy are you alright!" Michael exclaimed putting his handkerchief to Andy's shoulder wound. "We have an officer down," Michael yelled into his shoulder radio.

"I'm fine Michael, it's just a flesh wound," he said placing his hand over Michael's.

Clark rushed in and went directly to his brother.

After cutting him free, Brad stood up, shaking from the experience.

"Are you alright Brad?" Clark asked covering him with a blanket.

"Yeah I guess. Mom's dead upstairs Clark," he said and he started to sob, gut wrenching sobs.

Clark held him in his arms as he cried uncontrollably. When he finally calmed down, an ambulance attendant came in to check him out. The attendant decided that it would be better if Brad went to the hospital to be checked out by a doctor.

"We have a pulse here," the other ambulance attendant yelled as he checked Clark's father.

Together, the attendants fought feverishly to stabilize the doctor, before they transported him to the hospital.

"Gerald," Andy motioned to one of the uniformed officers, "I want you to accompany the ambulance and doctor to the hospital. I don't want you to let him out of your site."

"Yes detective," Gerald said as he followed the stretcher up the stairs.

Clark follow Brad's stretcher upstairs and once outside saw Blaine standing in the crowd that had gathered. Blaine saw Clark and he gave him a nod. Clark motioned him over, telling the officer that it was ok.

"Clark what the fuck is going on here?" Blaine asked.

"It's a long story buddy but can I talk with you once I'm sure my brother's ok?"

"Sure bud, here's my cell number, just give me a call," he said writing down his number.

"Thanks Blaine and I'll give you a call."

Clark turned in time to see the CSI team bringing his mother's body out of the house. He stared at her covered lifeless form as it was transferred into the van. Emotionally distraught, he started to cry as he realized that his family had all but been destroyed.

"Why dad why!" he yelled. Blaine reached over, grabbing Clark, taking him into his arms to comfort him.

"Shhhh," Blaine said rubbing his back. "It's all over now Clark and he can't hurt us anymore."

"I know Blaine, but what now? How do I take care of Brad and me as well as provide a roof over our heads? I don't work and I barely have enough money to make ends meet at school. School... fuck, I'll have to drop out now. I can't afford to go to school and provide for Brad and me too," he said between sobs, crying in Blaine's arms.

"Calm down bud and let's get past today," Blaine said.

"Will you come with me to the hospital please?" Clark asked, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Yeah bud and I'll drive you. You're in no condition to drive. Just let me go get my truck and I'll be right back or would you rather come with me?"

"Let me check with the police first," he said and went over to Andy and Michael where an ambulance attendant was dressing Andy's wound.

"I've got a ride to the hospital Andy if I'm not needed here anymore," Clark said.

"With who Clark, I don't want you getting hurt now that you're safe."

"Blaine's going to take me and well.... we've been friends for a long time," he says.

"The newspaper boy?" Andy questioned quietly.

Clark nodded, "Ye... Yeah."

"Ok, but go right to the hospital. We still need to get some information from you and hopefully from him also."

Clark walked back over to Blaine and the two walked down the street to his truck. Blaine opened the passenger door for Clark and helped him up into the jacked-up truck, before running around to get in himself. They talked mostly about the incident as they drove to the hospital. Clark came to realize this was a young man who understood and sympathized with his present stress.

"I really don't know much about you Blaine."

"What's there to know bud, I was your paperboy for some years until... well, for some years. I graduated from St. Michael's College last May, with a bachelor's degree in Economics."

"No I mean personally," Clark said staring at the blond blued eyed young man.

"Oh that, well I'm six foot five and weigh two hundred twenty pounds.... mostly muscle. I played football in high school and college until I broke my ankle in my sophomore year. My dad died four years ago in a car accident and mom remarried last year and moved to Florida with her new husband Danny. What else do you want to know bud?"

"Ah... you kinda hesitated some when you mentioned being our paperboy. I'm sorry Blaine, but I gotta ask.... well, it's embarrassing, but did my father ever sexually molest you?" Clark asked.

Blaine furrowed his brow and very quiet for five seconds. Finally he sighed deeply and said, "Yes Clark he did, just that one time when you saw me running from your house. I went over to collect for the paper and he was the only one home. He told me to come in while he got his money and I did. I had no reason to mistrust him Clark... you know, he was always nice to me. Once he left the room he was gone for about five minutes when he called me. I followed his voice down the hall to his bedroom. I asked if he was in there and he said to come in.... that he had the money for me. Like a na´ve fool, I went in and he closed the door behind me. I turned around and there he was.... standing there, naked and smiling. He started to approach me and I kept backing up until I was against his bed. He told me to just relax and that he wasn't going to hurt me unless I gave him a hard time. What could I do bud, I let him undress me and he knelt down in front of me and blew me. I thought it was over until he pushed me on the bed face down. He climbed on top of me and before I could do or say anything he had his cock in my ass. Bud.... I'm sorry, but the fucking pain was horrendous and he just fucked me without stopping. It seemed like he fucked me for almost twenty minutes until he finally came. I got dressed as soon as he let me up and ran from the house."

"Was that when I saw you?" Clark asked.

"Yeah, and I ran all the way home. When I got there I called the newspaper and dropped my route."

"I'm so sorry Blaine that you had to go through that. He's been doing the same to me for years. Then just last month he started doing it with Brad too."

"Bud I'm so sorry I avoided you all these years. You needed a friend to talk to and I turned my back on you. I hope you can forgive me bud," Blaine said looking over at Clark.

"Blaine I wouldn't have spoken to you about this, because I was too ashamed myself of what he was doing to me."

"I was feeling the same way. I never told my folks because my dad would have killed him if he knew."

They turned into the hospital driveway. The parking lot and driveways are full of police cars and ambulances. They found a place to park and went inside to find out about Brad.

"I hope this isn't bad news bud," Blaine said.

"I hope not either." Clark agreed.

They hurried into the emergency room and they saw Andy and Michael talking to a doctor. His shoulder has been rebandaged from the bloodied one that the attendants had used at the site of the shooting. Clark and Blaine stood beside Michael and Andy and waited for the three to stop talking.

"That's right detectives," the doctor said, "He should be out of the operating room and into recovery shortly. The bullet missed his heart, but it tore his left lung. He should make a complete recovery."

"Thank you Dr. Stone," Andy said, and then motioned to a uniformed officer. "I want him cuffed to his bed and a guard on him twenty-four-seven. I'll be up to read him his rights once the doctor says he's able to understand them."

The officer left the waiting area and headed for the recovery room to wait for the prisoner. Andy and Michael then turned to Clark and Blaine who were patiently waiting at their side.

"How you doing Clark?" Andy asked.

"OK I guess considering everything," he said. "My big concern is Brad.... have you heard how he's doing?"

"Why don't you turn around and ask him yourself son." Andy replied smiling. Clark turned and there was Bradley walking towards him.

"Brad!" he shouted and ran to him giving him a hug. "Are you alright bro?"

"I'm fine Clark, just some bruises and I have to see this shrink for the mental shit," Brad replied. "I agreed, but I know we can't afford it, so I won't bother going Clark."

"I'll find the money somewhere," Clark reassured him.

"I'll pay the cost if your dad's insurance doesn't cover it." Michael interrupted. "It should cover it because you're his sons. In the event it doesn't boys, I'll make sure you have it paid for."

"Thanks Andy, but we can't accept that kind of charity." Clark said. "I'll have no way of paying you back. Besides, first we have to be concerned with a place to live and eat."

"I have a plan for that bud, if you'll give me a chance to talk to you later Clark," Blaine said standing at his other side.

"Ok Blaine, but first I want to set up this appointment for Brad," he says taking the card from Brad and opening his cell phone.

He dialed the number and got a receptionist. He told her that he needed an appointment for his brother. She checked the doctor's schedule once she got Brad's name from Clark, she saw a note that had been given to her.

"Dr. Wood has a note here for a Bradley and a Clark Simpson to see him. Are you the Clark Simpson sir?"

"Yes I am, but why me?" he asked.

"That I wouldn't know sir, but I have an opening tomorrow morning at ten for the two of you," she told him. "I'd appreciate it if you'd bring your insurance information with you and any medication you're taking also to the appointment."

"Ah... ok I guess we'll see you tomorrow morning then," he said and hung up. "This doctor wants to see me too Andy, but why?" he asked.

"He probably feels that with what you both have gone through, you might need someone to talk to as well."

"I'm fine and I have Blaine to talk to if I need to talk," he said looking at Blaine. "Don't I buddy?" he asked.

"Yeah you do bud.... I'll be here for you and Brad anytime."

"Andy if you don't need us anymore can we leave?" Clark asked.

"Well we do need your statement and I have Brad's already. Why don't you come down to the station after your appointment tomorrow morning? I'll be there and you can give it to me then."

"Thanks Andy," Clark answered, giving him a hug.

The boys got in Blaine's truck and Brad stuck to Clark like glue. Clark knew his brother was still traumatized and that their house was no place for them to be at the moment.

"Blaine I hate to ask you this, but do you have room for Brad and me to stay just for tonight?" Clark asked.

"That was what I was going to talk to you about bud. I have my folk's old place ever since Mom moved to Florida. She sold it to me for a song and it has enough room for the three of us. The only thing is, I have just a twin bed in the guest room and my king bed bud. I turned the third bedroom into an office."

"Hey we've slept in the same bed when we were kids buddy, so one night isn't going to matter."

"Do you need anything from your place Clark?"

"No!" he said quickly. "But I do need a change of clothes from my dorm if you wouldn't mind."

"No problem bud." Making a quick turn, Blaine took them over to the dorm.

Clark and Bradley went upstairs to his room while Blaine waited in the truck. They got upstairs and saw Jeremy slipping a note under Clark's door. As soon as Bradley saw Jeremy he ran to him embracing him tightly.

"Let's get inside my room guys," Clark said looking around for others who might see them.

Once inside, Brad and Jeremy hugged and Jeremy gave Brad a kiss.

"I heard on the news about what happened and I want you to know that I'm here for you Brad." Jeremy said quietly as they continued their embrace.

"I was hoping you'd be here lover. I need you to protect me and hold me tonight," Brad said.

"Brad we're staying at Blaine's house and I can't just invite another person to stay."

"I'll ask him then, and if it's alright with Blaine, can he Clark?"

"He doesn't know about us being gay or you having a lover," Clark said. "Besides, you need a good night's sleep alone bro?"

"Could he stay with me here in my room Clark? My roomy's gone home for the week and I'll make sure no one gets to him."

"Please Clark, can I please," Brad whined.

"Well if you two promise not to go out anywhere... and listen.... I'll be by in the morning to pick you up at 9:30 for our appointment."

"Thanks bro, I love you Clark," Brad said giving him a hug.

"Yeah thanks Clark and I'll make sure he's safe."

Clark grabbed a change of clothes and hugged his brother goodbye. He got downstairs and found Blaine talking to a campus cop. He told the cop goodbye once Clark got in the truck and then looked around for Brad.

"Where's Brad?"

"He's staying with a good friend of his for the night. I thought he might like it better than being alone in your guest room."

Blaine smiled and drove off to his house, stopping for some beer and food at the local market first. Once inside Blaine's house, Clark was surprised at how formal and well kept the place was for a young man.

Blaine took Clark's clothes to the guest room. After a great meal of steaks and baked potatoes, they relaxed in the living room to talk and have a beer. They sat on the sofa with their shoes off and feet up. Clark was still upset over letting Brad stay with Jeremiah, but Blaine assured him everything would be alright.

"Can I ask you something Clark, and I'll understand if you'd rather not answer. Is Brad gay.... and is Jeremy his lover?" he asked."

"Why would you ever ask me that Blaine?"

"I'm sorry bud.... I just got that impression from what you told me about the two of them. I know it's none of my business."

"No Sticks," Clark used the familiar name he'd called Blaine since childhood. "Yeah, he's gay and yes Sticks, the two of them are boyfriends, why.... is that a problem for you?"

"No bud, I was just wondering. Is he having a hard time dealing with what your dad did to him?" Blaine asked.

"What do you think? We're both suffering from the effects of his abuse. I've had to endure it ever since I was fourteen and he'd just started to move on Brad."

"Why so long bud, why not leave or tell someone?"

"Because I thought if I stopped he'd turn to Brad sooner, and I wanted to spare him that abuse. Besides, whom could I tell; my mom hid herself from the fact.... and see where it got her? Brad told me that she was there when he came home and dad knew he and I were going to tell on him. He planned to kill both of us to shut us up. That was when my mother stood up to him and he shot her, right there in front of Brad. Brad tried to run, but dad grabbed him and brought him down to his secret room in the basement. When we found them, Brad was tied to the bed, naked. My father had already sexually abused him and was probably minutes from death. I'm glad we got there in time...."

"That poor kid.... how can a parent do that to his own child?"

"Well he did and I hope he rots in prison," Clark said, his voice, full of venom.


"How are you doing sweetheart?" Jeremy asked Brad holding him tightly to him.

"Alright now honey, now that I have you holding me."

"Do you want to talk about it or would you rather not Brad?"

"No I don't mind talking to you, because you care about me," Brad said kissing him.

Brad relayed the entire saga of what he'd gone through, from the time of the first rape by his dad to the abduction by his father. He was in tears when he finally finished. Jeremy pulled him into his arms again, held him close and whispered that he was safe now.

"I love you Brad," he whispered in his ear.

"I love you too sweetheart." They kissed passionately as Jeremy continued to hold him.

They talked for a little longer, and then decided to call it a night. They got undressed and once in bed, Jeremy pulled Brad to him, spooning into his back, and soon they were both asleep. Brad was exhausted from the events of the day.


Blaine and Clark talked well into the night. It seemed that Clark had so much to get off his chest and Blaine realized that was something he had to do for the sake of their friendship.

When Blaine noticed that it is after one in the morning, he suggested, "I think we need to hit the sack bud, you have to get up in the morning and I have to go to work."

"I'm sorry I kept you up so late buddy," Clark said getting up.

"Hey don't worry about it bud, I enjoyed catching up and listening to you talk. I just wish it was under better circumstances."

They put their bottles in the kitchen and headed down the hall to the bedrooms.

"I'll see you in the morning bud," Blaine said as he left Clark at the guest room door.

"Yeah buddy... in the morning," Clark said hoping that Blaine would offer to let them sleep together.

However, after they had quick separate showers, they went to their separate rooms and got into bed. Clark lay there thinking about Brad and all they'd been through, not just today, but in the months and years before. He started to cry softly and soon was sobbing out of control. He cried into his pillow not knowing what the future was going to have in store for him and Brad. In part, he was frightened at the thought. Then he felt a hand gently touch his back. He lifted his head and saw Blaine sitting beside him with a robe on.

"Come on to my bed Clark, you need a buddy tonight," Blaine said softly.

Still weeping, Clark got out of bed and Blaine observed his nakedness before he grabbed a robe. With a hand on his shoulder, Blaine guided him across the hall to the master bedroom and immediately the two got into bed. Blaine extended his arms to Clark who slid over to Blaine and let their naked bodies touch. He is still softly sobbing as Blaine ran his fingers through his hair. Clark rested his head on his chest as he took in the scent of his old friend. As Clark lay there, just being held, he absent mindedly circled Blaine's nipple with his finger as his weeping finally ebbed.

"You might get us into trouble bud," Blaine said looking down at Clark.

"Huh... what do you mean?" Clark asked completely oblivious to what he was doing.

"You're kinda getting me excited rubbing my nipple like that bud," Blaine said.

Clark gave it a tender pinch as he looked up at Blaine who was now looking down at him. They both are a bit apprehensive, but nature and emotions were guiding both of them and soon took over as Clark moved up hesitantly to give Blaine a kiss. Their lips met gingerly for just a brief moment, they broke apart, staring intensely at each other, each looking at the other for acceptance. Again, they slowly moved their lips closer together, this time without any hesitation, in one smooth motion. This kiss began with a light touch, and then ended with a loving melt of their lips and tongues, now reaching a new level of passion. This kiss set their hearts on fire as years of friendship moved up to the next level.

"Clark is this right what we are doing?" Blaine asked clinging to his friend.

"I know in my heart that it feels right for me Blaine. I can't answer that question for you... only you can..."

"My heart's telling me that you are the one I've been waiting for Clark."

They kissed again and Blaine pulled Clark's back into him, spooning his chest into Clark's back, his groin into Clark's bubble butt, his legs nestled into the back of Clark's legs, and soon they slept, wrapped together.

The next morning Clark snuggled his butt up against Blaine's hard cock that was pressing against his ass.

Blaine pulled him to him and whispered in his ear, "Good morning bud," he whispered kissing the back of Clark's head. "Are you trying to tell me something, love?"

"Yeah sweetheart, please make love to me," Clark said turning to face him.

They kissed sweetly before Clark pulled his lover on top of him thereby telling Blaine just what roll he wanted. Blaine sat up and reached for some lube in the bed stand drawer, then set it on the bed.


He looked down at Clark's hard cock and moved down to investigate it further. He held it in his hand and licked the head. He ran his tongue around the head before slowly moving down the shaft to the pubic hair. Clark moaned out in pleasure as Blaine moved his mouth up and down his cock.

Clark stopped him from sucking, turned him over and took Blaine's cock into his mouth. He sucked it down to the root and moved back up giving attention to the head. Clark had Blaine close so he dropped his cock and reached for the lube. He squirted some onto his fingers and worked it into his own rosebud.

Then he put some on Blaine's cock, moved up Blaine's torso and positioned Blaine's cock to his rosebud. He took a deep breath and then slowly began to sit down on Blaine's cock. He rested a minute when the head popped through, and then continued until he bottomed.

He leaned down and kissed Blaine as he got accustomed to the feeling of his full cock inside him. Once comfortable, Clark sat up and began to ride up and down Blaine's member.

"My God bud that feels great," Blaine said as he held Clark's cock.

He stroked Clark's member to the same rhythm Clark was fucking him by. Clark was in overwhelming ecstasy as he moved closer to his climax.

"I going to cum lover," he said as Blaine stroked even faster until Clark shot his seed on Blaine's face and chest.

As Clark's sperm shot from his cock, his rosebud and ass cheeks pulsated with each shot bringing Blaine to his own edge.

"Ride me love, I'm going to cum," he exclaimed with his eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy as he shot his seed deep into Clark's hot rectum.

Clark continued to ride his cock as he felt the warm sensation of being filled with his lover's cum. They rode out their passion in unison until they fell into each other's arms. They kissed passionately as their sweet afterglow permeated their whole being.

"I love you," they said in unison and they kissed again - this time to seal their love, their trust, their passion, their devotion to one another and their partnership together.

To be continued...

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