Officer Andy

Book Three The Next Generation

Chapter Eleven


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter ten...

"Good morning bud," he whispered kissing the back of Clark's head. "Are you trying to tell me something, love?"

"Yeah sweetheart, please make love to me," Clark said turning to face him.

They kissed sweetly before Clark pulled his lover on top of him thereby telling Blaine just what roll he wanted. Blaine sat up and reached for some lube in the bed stand drawer, then set it on the bed.

He looked down at Clark's hard cock and moved down to investigate it further. He held it in his hand and licked the head. He ran his tongue around the head before slowly moving down the shaft to the pubic hair. Clark moaned out in pleasure as Blaine moved his mouth up and down his cock.

Clark stopped him from sucking, turned him over and took Blaine's cock into his mouth. He sucked it down to the root and moved back up giving attention to the head. Clark had Blaine close so he dropped his cock and reached for the lube. He squirted some onto his fingers and worked it into his own rosebud.

Then he put some on Blaine's cock, moved up Blaine's torso and positioned Blaine's cock to his rosebud. He took a deep breath and then slowly began to sit down on Blaine's cock. He rested a minute when the head popped through, and then continued until he bottomed.

He leaned down and kissed Blaine as he got accustomed to the feeling of his full cock inside him. Once comfortable, Clark sat up and began to ride up and down Blaine's member.

"My God bud that feels great," Blaine said as he held Clark's cock.

He stroked Clark's member to the same rhythm Clark was fucking him by. Clark was in overwhelming ecstasy as he moved closer to his climax.

"I going to cum lover," he said as Blaine stroked even faster until Clark shot his seed on Blaine's face and chest.

As Clark's sperm shot from his cock, his rosebud and ass cheeks pulsated with each shot bringing Blaine to his own edge.

"Ride me love, I'm going to cum," he exclaimed with his eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy as he shot his seed deep into Clark's hot rectum.

Clark continued to ride his cock as he felt the warm sensation of being filled with his lover's cum. They rode out their passion in unison until they fell into each other's arms. They kissed passionately as their sweet afterglow permeated their whole being.

"I love you," they said in unison and they kissed again - this time to seal their love, their trust, their passion, their devotion to one another and their partnership together.

Chapter Eleven...


Jeremy woke up entwined in Brad's arms. He kissed Brad's nose, disturbing his sleep. Brad rubbed his nose, but was still asleep. Jeremy kissed it again, but this time a little harder. That was enough disturbance to wake Brad. He opened his eyes to see Jeremy smiling at him.

"Good morning sweetheart," Jeremy said brushing the hair from his face.

"Hey babe, what time is it?" Brad asked snuggling in closer to his lover.

"A little after eight babe why?" he asked.

"Just wondering what time it was that's all."

"How are you feeling this morning," he asks sitting up and letting Brad rest his head on his chest.

"Ok I guess... but I still can't believe what has happened to Clark and me babe. Our mom is dead, and our father's going to prison for killing her and molesting us."

"But sweetheart it wasn't your fault or Clark's."

"I know, but why does this shit happen to people like us. Why did my father feel compelled to have sex with Clark for years and then me? He was married and had mom to have sex with, so why did he need us?"

"I don't know babe, you'll have to ask the doctor that when you go this morning."

"And he's going to be able to answer that? How does he know what's going on in my father's head? He doesn't even know my father personally or professionally."

"Well just ask him this morning and hopefully he can give you the answers you need."

Jeremy rubbed his lover's back as he lay against him. Brad was quiet as Jeremy looked down. Tears were flowing down Brad's face.

"How can I help you sweetheart," Jeremy asked wiping the tears from his face.

"You can't babe... no one can at this point."

Brad got up and grabbed a robe, before heading off to the shower.

"Want me to go with you babe?"

"No sweetheart.... I want to be alone for a few minutes. I love you Jer... don't ever forget that," he said kissing him before he left.

After Brad left the room, Jeremy heard Brad's cell phone ring. He got up and answered it. It was Clark.

"Where's my brother Jer?"

"He went to take a shower... but Clark, he was acting very weird."

"How so Jer, what was he doing?"

"He woke up all depressed and then he tells me just before he leaves to shower, I love you Jer... don't ever forget that."

"Jer GO FIND HIM NOW, he's going to commit suicide," Clark yelled into the phone.

Jeremy dropped the phone and ran to the showers. He realized the room was vacant after he checked all the stalls.

"BRAD WHERE ARE YOU?" he yelled out.

"Hey Jer are you looking for a kid in a bathrobe?" Dennis asked coming into the bathroom.

"Yeah did you see him, he's Clark's brother."

"I just saw him heading down to the basement," Dennis said.

"Thanks," Jeremy said and ran out of the bathroom.

He headed to the staircase and ran down them - sometimes two, and once three at a time - before passing a student.

"Did you see a kid in a bathrobe," he asked still moving.

"Yeah and man what a strange dude. He was just walking like in a daze toward the furnace room man."

"Thanks man," Jeremy said hurrying to the bottom of the stairs.

He ran down the hall until he reached the furnace room. The door was locked. He banged on the door and yelled out Brad's name.


"BRAD PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR BABE," he yelled while banging on the door.

There was no answer, but he continued to slam his fist against the door. The janitor came running when he heard the commotion.

"What the hell's going on here?" he asked Jeremy.

"There's a kid in there that may be trying to commit suicide." Jeremy replied.

"You're kidding me right?" he asked pulling out his keys.

He unlocked the door and they rushed inside. Jeremy looked around and tried to find Brad. The janitor went over to the switch room and then he yelled out.

"HEY KID OVER HERE," he yelled out to Jeremy.

Jeremy ran over to where the janitor stood and there on the floor, lay Brad, covered in blood.


"Blaine get up babe," Clark yelled from the hall as he ran into the bedroom. "Brad's going to commit suicide," he said in tears.

"What! Are you sure Clark?" Blaine exclaimed.

"I just called him on his cell and Jer answered. He told me that Brad told him to never forget he loved him and then left the room. YES, he's going to do it Blaine. Jer said he woke up all depressed and quiet."

"You call Andy and I'll call the police and ambulance."

"Hello and this better be important," Andy said still half asleep.

"Andy this is Clark, I think Brad's committing suicide," he told him.

"What makes you think that son?" Andy asked.

Clark told him the entire morning saga and that he was convinced that Brad was going to do it.

"Did you call the police yet?"

"Ye.... yes, Blaine did and an ambulance," Clark said.

"I'll meet you at the dorm and if they find him and take him to the hospital then meet me there son."

"Ok Andy thanks so much." Clark said as he hung up.

Andy woke Michael and briefed him about the boys. They were up and dressed hurriedly, skipping a shower, and on their way to the dorm.

Clark and Blaine dressed just as quickly before Blaine drove them over to the dorm. They got there just as the police and ambulance arrived. The janitor was outside waiting, and then anxiously led the first aid team down to the boiler room. Clark tried to follow them, but a policeman stopped him.

"He's my brother officer," Clark pleaded.

"You need to wait here until they determine his condition." the officer replied firmly.

Andy and Michael arrived twenty-five minutes later and saw Clark still arguing with the officer.

"Phil let me handle this," Andy said to the officer, and then he took Clark aside.

"Andy please I need to see him," Clark pleaded; begging him to go inside.

"Let the medics do their thing and you can see... here they come now," Andy said.

The ambulance paramedics brought out Brad's still body on a stretcher. He was barely clinging to life because of all the blood he'd lost. When Clark saw his brother's color, he lost control. He cried hysterically while Andy held him as they watched the medics load Brad into the ambulance.

"Andy why, why did he have to do this?" Clark asked between sobs.

"With everything you boys have gone through, I can't begin to understand why he didn't try this sooner. I just hope that he lives so the doctors can help him son."

Andy took Clark to the hospital and they sat and waited for the doctor to come and tell them how he was doing. The wait was torturous for Clark as he paced back and forth. Jeremy arrived and he joined Andy and Clark's vigil, impatiently waiting to hear word of Brad's condition. An hour and a half later, the doctor finally came out to talk to them.

"I'm Doctor Dan Stebbins, and I operated on your brother. He's resting now, but he's not too happy that we saved him. If you wish, you can go in and see him, but only for a few minutes. He'll be transferred upstairs to the psychiatric unit for thirty days for observation and treatment. This is what the law demands when a person tries to commit suicide."

"Thank you doctor," Andy said as the doctor led Andy and Clark to Brad's cubicle.

Clark asked to go in alone first, so Andy waited outside while he went in to see his brother.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Brad yelled at Clark when he came into the room. "You had no right to stop me from killing myself Clark."

"Brad I love you bro and come on... you would've done the same for me," he said trying to give him a hug.

"The hell I would... I would've respected your wish to die Clark. Oh by the way, tell that asshole Jeremy that we're through also. I don't want to see him ever again!" Then he turned his head away from Clark, refusing to look at him.

"Brad please listen to me....." but scowling, Brad just shot him the finger.

Clark started to cry as his brother rejected his love and affection. From outside the cubicle, Andy could hear what had transpired in the cubicle and came in to take Clark back to the waiting room.

"Son he's bitter now because he's ashamed of what he did." Andy explained with his hand around Clark's shoulder. "He doesn't hate you and you'll see that, once he's recovered."

"I can't take anymore rejection Andy," Clark said wiping his eyes. "He's all I got left in this world and I don't want to lose him."

"You'll see son, he'll change once he's better." Andy reassured him.

Andy and Clark went back out to the waiting room where they'd left Jeremy.

"Does he want to see me?" Jeremy asked.

"No and I'm sorry, but as a matter of fact he `doesn't ever want to see you again', were his exact words." Clark said quietly.

"Well fuck him then, I don't need a drama queen in my life. I've enough to worry about with my studies. Besides he was just a good fuck for me anyways." Jeremy proclaimed.

Clark couldn't take that verbal abuse Jeremy directed toward his brother. Angered, he gave Jeremy a hard right to the face. Jeremy went crashing against a chair and down to the floor, blood flowing from his nose. Clark was ready to lunge at Jeremy as he lay on the floor, but Andy grabbed him, holding him in a tight bear hug from behind.

"YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKIN' LOONIES," Jeremy yelled as others in the room watched the drama unfold.

Jeremy stood up and quickly left grabbing some tissue from a desk as he went. Andy held a still angered Clark back from chasing him, trying to calm him down.

"He isn't worth it son, let the prick go."

"Brad loved that kid and now... this is how he treats my brother."

"Come on Clark, let's go home.... you need some rest," Andy suggested. "My boys can help you relax and talk with you."

"No, but thank you sir.... please.... take me back to Blaine's house Andy. He knows me better and besides we're growing kinda close. Andy, do ya think they'll let me see Brad once they transfer him to the psych ward?"

"Not for the first few weeks or at least until he shows signs of improving. They have your cell number and mine, so they'll call you when you're able to visit him."

Andy took Clark back to Blaine's house. Blaine rushed outside when he saw the car coming into the driveway.

"Clark is Brad alright?" he asked taking Clark into his arms.

"Physically yeah, but mentally, no babe. They're transferring him upstairs to the psyche ward later today. He wants nothing to do with me or anyone else," Clark said resting his chin on Blaine's shoulder.

"Blaine I'm Andy Butler, a friend of Clarks and also a detective with the Burlington police department. I was hoping to talk to you about what happened to you at Clark's house with his father."

"Yeah Clark told me you wanted to see me about that. Come on in and I'll make us something to drink."

Andy, Clark, and Blaine went into the house and Blaine immediately started a pot of coffee. Once finished, he poured three cups. They sat in the living room to talk. Blaine told Andy all about what happened to him at the hands of Clark's father. His face was expressionless as he told him of the experiences, at times, his voice cracking.

"Would you be willing to testify in court against him Blaine?" Andy asked quietly.

"In a fucking heartbeat," Blaine replied squeezing Clark's hand. "I can't imagine a father doing that to his son's friend let alone his sons too. You'll have my testimony any time you want it sir."

Andy went to the dining room table and wrote down the conversation from the tape recorder he'd used to record their conversation. When he finished writing the statement, he had Blaine sign and date it. He also had Clark witnessed it, hopefully to make it stand up in court, even though he'd been a victim himself.

"I think we have a good case against your father Clark. I hate to say it, but now with Brad's attempted suicide they'll surely hang his ass. If the psychiatrists do their job right, maybe we can get Brad to testify too. If not, then one of the doctor's will have to explain his condition to the court to tell the court why he's in no condition to testify."

"God I hope he gets better," Clark said dejectedly, "I want my brother back."

Blaine got up and walked Andy to the door; Andy gave him a hug before he left, telling him to watch over Clark.

"I'll guard my man with my life Andy," he said smiling back at Clark.

"Can I get you anything bud?" Blaine asked sitting down beside Clark.

"No babe all I need is for you to hold me."

Blaine took him in his arms and grabbed a blanket from the back of the sofa. He threw it over the two of them and pulled his man to him.

"I love you Clark," he whispered into his ear, and then kissed the back of his head.

"I love you more Blaine," Clark said kissing Blaine's hand.


Bev and Casey sat and talked about what happened at the precinct as they sipped a cup of tea. Casey leaned against Bev who had her arm around her shoulder.

"I know you want to blame yourself for Clay's death and his rotten upbringing sweetheart, but Ed would never have let you keep that boy even if you were out of the academy. I don't know why he never gave him his name if the two of you were married."

"We weren't legally married Bev, we just never got around to doing it. I kept mentioning it, but he always had an excuse. So I eventually gave up and seeing how I was technically single when Clay was born, he got my last name. Ed never protested that and I figured he just didn't want people to know he had a kid. I was never allowed to mention our relationship to others, especially at work. When I found out that I was going to be his partner replacing Joe Franklin, I could have died. He just loved out-doing me and making me look like an idiot. He took all the credit even when I did the work. I really grew to hate that man, sweetheart."

"Well he's dead now and out of your life."

"I guess I couldn't help the way Clay grew up, could I babe?"

"No sugar you couldn't, now let's not have another episode like today, ok?"

"Ok love.... I promise," Casey said giving her lover a kiss.

She felt much better having talked to Bev who had a knack of always making her feel better when she was upset or worried. She felt that Bev was the best thing that ever happened to her.

"I love you sweetheart," Casey said turning to look at her lover.

"Not as much as I do sugar." They kissed tenderly, meaningfully, knowing that if their love had endured this episode, it would last for the rest of their lives.


Thom, Andrew, Shane and Danny busied themselves painting their new apartment. Dennis gave them a free months rent if they were willing to clean and paint the place. He'd just bought the place that summer and although it there were two apartments in the building, one up and one down, theirs was the biggest.

"Do you really like this shade of blue Danny?" Andrew asked standing back and looking at the wall.

"Yeah why, don't you like it?"

"I guess so.... it doesn't look like the swatch we picked out at the Home Depot. I seems to be lighter than I wanted."

"It always does until it dries babe. Give it some time to dry and it'll be darker. Besides our bedroom is facing the north side of the house and there isn't much sunshine coming in the window. You wouldn't want it too dark."

"I guess not, besides, I've got you to light up my life Danny," Andrew said pinching Danny's ass.

"Don't start something you can't finish babe. You know what the doctor said, no sex until your wound heals more."

"Yeah, but he didn't mean I can't give you a blow job now did he," he said fondling Danny's crotch.

"Andy please darlin', we've got to finish this room before it gets dark babe." Danny protested.

"Ah come on sweetheart, I've wanted to be with you ever since I first saw you in our dorm room. Now give me your cock babe," he said kneeling down in front of him.

"No Andy not this way. I want our first time to be special and not some quickie in a smelly room."

"Fine then, I'll get someone to give me a blow job then. I need to have some sex bad and I need it now. If you don't want me then I'm going to find someone that does." Andrew said pouting.

Andrew walked out of the room and told the guys that he'd be back. He grabbed Thom's keys, went out the door and into the truck. Danny came out of the bedroom shortly thereafter and asked where Andrew was.

"He just left with my truck, why Danny?" Thom asked.

"He wanted to have sex with me, but the doctor told him not until his wound healed. So he said he was going to go find someone to have sex with and out the door he went."

"Damn he's impatient," Thom said wiping his hands. "Let's go find him before he does something stupid."

"Where would he go, I don't know the places around here?" Danny asked.

"He's probably gone over to the Allen House on Main Street," Thom said. "It's a place for us to hang out and meet others like us."

They drove over to the Allen House and found Thom's truck parked in the parking lot. They parked the car and went into the house where they found Andrew talking to another guy.

"How could you even think, let alone do this to me Andrew Butler?" Danny said with tears clouding his eyes. "We're through you bastard!" he exclaimed as he walked out of the house.

Andrew stood there in shock and the guy he was talking to calmly tries to figure out what has just happened.

"Was that the young man you were telling me about?" he asked Andrew.

"Yeah it was, but now I guess he thinks I came here to pick you up for sex," Andrew said about to cry.

"Well it serves you right doing that to him when he stood by you all this time. And with his dad being murdered too, you've gotta a lot of nerve to come and pick up this guy," Thom scolded.

"Excuse me young man, but I'm a counselor here and we were making an appointment," the man said.

Andrew quickly explained the situation, and then ran out the door. He looked around and saw Danny walking down the street. He ran after him calling his name and when he finally caught up to him, he turned Danny around, grabbing his own chest, and kissed him right there on Main Street.

"I wasn't cheating on you sweetheart. That guy was a counselor there and I was booking an appointment with him. I'm having a hard time waiting to be with you and I needed to talk to someone professional babe."

"I thought when you left you were going out to find someone to have sex with," Danny said. "So I just figured that you found someone in that man. Now I'm the one that feels like a fucking fool Andy."

"Come on babe take me home please. We can make love because I called my doctor like the counselor told me and he said that as long as I didn't experience any pain, I could have sex."

"You aren't lying to me are you?"

"No babe I wouldn't ever lie to you, now take me home sweetheart before I rape you right here."

Danny and Andrew walked up to the car and Danny asked Thom to borrow the truck. They drove up to the Sheraton Hotel and got a room for the night. When they arrived at the room, Danny carried Andrew across the threshold like a newlywed. He set him down on the bed and Andrew pulled Danny to him. They kissed long and passionately. Then Danny suddenly stopped when he felt something wet on his chest. He looked down at his shirt and it was covered in blood.

"Andrew you're bleeding babe," but Andrew was unconscious.

To be continued...

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