Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twelve


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter eleven...

"How could you even think, let alone do this to me Andrew Butler?" Danny said with tears clouding his eyes. "We're through you bastard!" he exclaimed as he walked out of the house.

Andrew stood there in shock and the guy he was talking to calmly tries to figure out what has just happened.

"Was that the young man you were telling me about?" he asked Andrew.

"Yeah it was, but now I guess he thinks I came here to pick you up for sex," Andrew said about to cry.

"Well it serves you right doing that to him when he stood by you all this time. And with his dad being murdered too, you've gotta a lot of nerve to come and pick up this guy," Thom scolded.

"Excuse me young man, but I'm a counselor here and we were making an appointment," the man said.

Andrew quickly explained the situation, then ran out the door. He looked around and saw Danny walking down the street. He ran after him calling his name and when he finally caught up to him, he turned Danny around, grabbing his own chest, and kissed him right there on Main Street.

"I wasn't cheating on you sweetheart. That guy was a counselor there and I was booking an appointment with him. I'm having a hard time waiting to be with you and I needed to talk to someone professional babe."

"I thought when you left you were going out to find someone to have sex with," Danny said. "So I just figured that you found someone in that man. Now I'm the one that feels like a fucking fool Andy."

"Come on babe take me home please. We can make love because I called my doctor like the counselor told me and he said that as long as I didn't experience any pain, I could have sex."

"You aren't lying to me are you?"

"No babe I wouldn't ever lie to you, now take me home sweetheart before I rape you right here."

Danny and Andrew walked up to the car and Danny asked Thom to borrow the truck. They drove up to the Sheraton Hotel and got a room for the night. When they arrived at the room, Danny carried Andrew across the threshold like a newlywed. He set him down on the bed and Andrew pulled Danny to him. They kissed long and passionately. Then Danny suddenly stopped when he felt something wet on his chest. He looked down at his shirt and it was covered in blood.

"Andrew you're bleeding babe," but Andrew was unconscious.

Chapter Twelve...


Danny was beside himself as he tried to revive Andrew. He rushed to the phone dialing the front desk.

"I need an ambulance in room 254," he told the clerk.

Within minutes, an ambulance arrived and they rushed Andrew to the hospital again. Danny called Thom and explained what happened and then Andy. Once again, they all headed to the hospital again. Once they got into the emergency room, Danny was pacing and waiting for them. He explained what happened and although Andy listened carefully, he was about to lose it when the doctor came out.

"Who's here for the young man that was just brought in with the chest bleeding?"

"I am, I'm his father," Andy told the doctor. "How is my son doctor?"

"He's resting comfortably now. It seems he reopened his wound somehow and we had to re-stitch it. Once the anesthesia wears off, he can go home."

Once the doctor left, Andy turned to Danny, ready to chew him a new asshole.

"Just what were you two thinking, having sex when the doctor told him explicitly not to?" Andy said in anger through gritted teeth.

"Andy I told him that we had to wait, but he said he called the doctor and he told him it was fine. As long as he didn't experience any pain with it, we could have sex together. He told me that when..." and Danny stopped mid sentence.

"What is it Danny?" Andy asked.

"I just remembered something. He ran from that rainbow house on Main Street down to where I'd walked three blocks down. When he got there, he was holding his chest and he kissed me, making me forget to ask him about it."

"The running must have opened up the wound." Andy concluded.

"It had to because we didn't have time to have sex yet Andy, honestly we didn't do anything."

They were still talking about Andrew, Clark and his brother when a nurse wheeled Andrew out.

"I'll get the car," Andy said giving Andrew a sharp look.

"He's mad at me isn't he?" Andrew asked.

"Not as mad as I am Andrew Butler."

"But babe please... I DID call my doctor and he DID say I could have sex. I guess the running I did earlier must have opened up the wound." Andrew said humbly.

"You guess, now what makes you think that? You and I are not even sleeping in the same bed until you're one hundred percent healed."

"But Danny please... I can't sleep alone knowing you're in the next room." Andrew pleaded.

"That's the way it's going to be, so don't even beg, whine or cry about it mister." Danny said firmly.

"You listen to him son or your ass will be at my house, do you hear me?" Andy threatened.

"This is a conspiracy if you ask me. I guess so, what other choice do I have anyways."

"You don't," both Andy and Danny say in unison.

Andy took Danny and Andrew back to their apartment, and Thom and Shane had finished painting their bedroom.

"Are you alright bro?" Thom asked when the trio walked through the door.

"Physically I am, but mentally I'm ready to jump off the Winooski Bridge," Andrew said remorsefully.

"What the hell is he talking about dad?" Thom asked as Andrew disappeared into his bedroom.

"He's not allowed to have sex for the minimum of six weeks," Andy announced.

"And I told him I won't sleep with him until he's fully healed."

"Damn, no wonder he's in a sour mood." Thom said.

Shane went into the bedroom to talk to Andrew while the guys showed Andy their handiwork.

"Hey buddy can I help out in anyway?" Shane asked as he walked into the bedroom.

"Only if you are willing to blow me," Andrew said. "I'm so fucking horny and in need of a blow job. But will my guy give me one... no fucking way."

"Well he's afraid of hurting you or causing more damage to your injury."

"What hurt or damage? All I want is a blow job. I can just lie there and let him suck my cock."

"It seems harmless enough Andy, but what did your doctor say?"

"He knows I'm gay and said a blow job is fine as long as I am lying down. But will dad or Danny listen... no fucking way."

Shane looked at Andrew's crotch and is obviously sporting a ridged hard on.

"Damn Andy you'd better not let them see that wood you're sporting there."

"You noticed huh?"

"God how can anyone miss it?"

"I know you're Thom's boyfriend Shane, but would you blow me please?"

"What and risk losing my guy... no way man." Shane answered, actually embarrassed.

"I could tell Thom you made a pass at me..." Andrew said pausing to give Shane time to think.

"You're black mailing me Andy? If you meant that as a joke, I'm not laughing. We're friends and friends don't do that to one another." Shane was indignant.

"Don't do what," Danny asked coming into the room.

"I wanted him to blow me, but even he won't do it," Andrew said shocking both Danny and Shane.

"You asked him what?" Danny exclaimed, then walked out of the room, coming back in with Andy.

"I want you to pack your things now Andrew and go home with your dad. I can't believe you did that. I don't know if I can trust you anymore."

"What's he talking about?" Andy asked.

"I asked Shane to blow me as a joke and now everyone thinks I was serious." Andrew said picking up on what Shane had said before Danny walked into the room.

"If I'd dropped to my knees you would've dropped your pants faster than the stock market dropped." Shane exclaimed.

"Andrew get some things together now, you're going home with me." Andy ordered.

Andrew reluctantly packed a suitcase and Andy took it out to his truck.

"I won't forget this Daniel and we're over as far as I am concerned," he said slamming the door behind him.

"Why did you ever go in there Shane?" Danny asked.

"I thought he needed someone neutral to talk to. That was when he made a pass at me. He even threatened to tell you that I'd made a pass at him if I didn't."

"Well first he takes off to find sex and now he makes a pass at my friend's lover. I'm going to head back to Boston guys and live there where it's civilized." Danny proclaimed.

"Danny don't, give him some time to think about what he's done. Leaving won't solve anything, besides you love him don't you?" Thom asked. "Can you imagine how frustrated he must feel?"

"I thought I loved him, but now, I really don't know. I don't know if I can trust him again." Danny said sadly.

"Just think it over buddy and don't do anything irrational." Shane pleaded.

The next morning, the guys got up and found Danny gone. He left them a note with a letter for Andrew. Shane came out of Danny's room with the note and the letter in his hand. He opened the note and read it to Thom.


To my friends,

I'm sorry to just leave like this but it's the best way to do it. I've thought it over most of the night and since I don't have my dad or any family here, I'm going home to Boston where my family once lived. If you would kindly see that Andrew gets the letter I left for him I'd be forever in your debt. Good luck in the future and with your lives guys. I wish you love and happiness in all you do.

All my love and your friend forever,


"We should have talked more to him and maybe he would've stayed," Thom said.

"Not necessarily Thom," Shane said. "Well we might as well get dressed and take the letter out to Andrew."

They showered and got dressed and Thom was still wondering if he could have done something to stop Danny from leaving.

They got to the house and knocked on the door. Andy answered it in his boxer briefs and by his face they could tell they interrupted his love making with Michael.

"Damn if I do, and damn if I don't dad. I'm sorry for interrupting you and Michael again."

"Come in and don't worry about it, we can pick it up later," he told them walking away.

"Damn your dad has a hot ass," Shane said to Thom.

"I heard that Shane, and thanks guy," Andy said looking over his shoulder at him, smiling. "Like father like son," he commented.

"Where's Andrew dad?" Thom asked.

"He's down at the shore, why?" Andy asked with concern, picking up on the serious tone in Thom's voice.

"Well in a mouthful, Danny left and went back to Boston during the night. He left us this note and this letter for Andrew." Thom answered with some comprehension.

"Damn, your brother isn't going to like this. He's so sorry for the way he treated Danny yesterday. I hate to think how he's going to react to this news." Andy said.

"What news dad.... Thom what are you doing here?" Andrew asked. "Is Danny with you," he asked looking around.

"No son he's not, but Thom has something for you." Andy explained cautiously.

"Andrew..." Thom said quietly. "Danny left for Boston during the night and he left you this letter."

Andrew sat on the edge of the sofa, holding the letter as tears curled from the corner of his eyes. He took the letter and walked into his room, closing the door behind him. Sitting on his bed, he opened the letter. Taking a deep breath, he started to read it.


My dearest Andrew.

I've given a lot of thought to this decision to go back to Boston. I hate the way we ended our relationship, but after all, sweetheart you were the one that ended it for me. I was willing to wait for you to heal, knowing how hard it would be on both of us. I have wanted you since the day we met my love. I can't continue like this, wondering if you will run to another man's arms each time we have an argument. I want a man that will be true to me and me alone.


I wish you love sweetheart and hope that you find someone that can make you truly happy. I have family in Boston and my dad left me very well off.


So my love, take care of yourself and be happy. I will always love you my love.


Eternally yours, Danny


Danny sat the letter down on the bed and sobbed uncontrollably into his pillow. The bedroom door opened and Michael came in.

"Son can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.

"If you want to dad, but I don't see how it can help." Andrew said between sobs.

"Many years ago," Michael began, "I was in love with this fellow police officer named Shane. Yes, my Shane was named after him. Well Shane and your dad worked together as partners on the force and during a chase one night they were in a terrible accident chasing a serial killer. The killer walked up to the upside down cruiser and shot my Shane at point blank range. I was devastated and thought I'd die without him. I couldn't eat or sleep.... my life was upside down, without my Shane. Well I became your dad's partner and we finally caught the bastard that killed Shane. It gave me closure and I was able to move on after I mourned him."

"But my Danny isn't dead Michael," Andrew sobbed.

"He is to you as far as he is concerned. It's over son, so call him and get your closure and move on. If you don't, you'll always wonder if you could've done something to win him back." Michael said as he left the room.

Andrew dried his eyes before he reached for his cell and dialed Danny's number. Danny picked it up on the second ring, but there was only silence on the line. Andrew remained quiet for a moment.

"Danny it's me Andrew," he finally announced.

"I know babe and I'm sorry for not saying goodbye in person." Danny said finally.

"No Danny, I'm the one that's sorry. I should never have acted like I did. That wasn't me, and I know it, but the thing is you didn't know it baby." Andrew confessed.

"I did as soon as I left babe." Danny said sadly.

"What can I do to bring you back sweetheart? My life is so empty without you and I don't want any other man."

"Then turn around love and kiss me," Danny said standing in the doorway.

Andrew sat up on his bed and saw his Danny standing at his door with his arms wide open. Andrew rushed into his waiting arms. Danny held him tight as they kissed. Their love and passion exploded through their kiss as Danny kicked the door close.

"I love you too much to let you go my love."

"I am so sorry my sweetheart.... please forgive me for being so cruel to you." Andrew panted in his ear.

"Andy babe that's behind us now," Danny said as he lifted Andrew's shirt over his head.

"What are you doing sweetheart?"

"I called your doctor.... now just lie down and enjoy my love for you," Danny said pulling Andrew's boxer briefs down and off.

Andrew was still in tears as Danny gently laid him on the bed. He removed his own clothes and gingerly lay beside him. They kissed tenderly as Danny ran his hand down to Andrew's cock. Still kissing him, he started to slowly stroke Andrew's cock to hardness. They broke their kiss and Danny moved his lips and started kissing his ear, carrying on to gently nuzzle his neck. Andrew moaned as Danny brought him to the edge of ecstasy. He nibbled and kissed his way down to his nipples, nibbling on one before moving over to the other, always alert to be careful of Andrew's wound. He kissed his hard and erect nipple before he bit it gently, sending electricity through his lover.

"Oh Danny stop.... you have me so close and you haven't even touched my cock yet," Andrew moaned.

Danny moved up and they resumed kissing as Andrew calmed down.

"Danny stand up beside the bed please," Andrew said as he rolled over unto his stomach.

Danny stood beside the bed and Andrew pulled him closer and took his cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck babe that feels so good," he said as Andrew took his cock down to the base.

Danny placed his hand on Andrew's head as he slowly sucked his cock. He moved up the shaft and swirled his tongue around the head before going back down. He did this for several minutes bringing Danny close to his edge.

"I'm going to cum Andrew, oh God, you better stop," Danny exclaimed, but Andrew kept up his pace on Danny's cock.

Danny shot his love potion down Andrew's throat, both releasing moans as he shot. He held his lover's head as he continued to shoot until he had given all he had. He pulled his softening cock from Andrew's mouth and Andrew rolled over on his back.

"Damn babe I was suppose to do you," Danny said getting between Andrew's legs.

"That was just to say `I'm sorry'," Andrew said holding his arms open to his lover. "Now come give your baby a kiss."

Danny moved up to his lips and they met in the sweet taste of love. Danny kissed his lover with all the passion that overwhelmed his being.

"All I want is for you to hold me and let me sleep in your arms sweetheart." Andrew gushed as he turned and pushed his back and ass into the front of Danny, who wrapped his arms around his lover.

"I love you Andrew Butler Wilkes," Danny said making Andrew turn to face him.

"Did you just ask me to marry you Daniel Wilkes?" Andrew asked smiling.

"That would be Daniel Butler Wilkes, and yes my love, I did."

"I accept my love," and after they separated from another passionate kiss, Danny reached for his pants.

From one of the pockets, he pulled out a small box, opened it, and turned it towards Andrew. Andrew was staring at a beautiful gold ring with six diamonds in it. Danny got out of bed and down on one knee, taking Andrew's right hand into his.

"Andrew Butler, would you do me the honor of giving me your hand in marriage?" Danny said solemnly as tears crested from Andrew's eyes.

"I will, my love," Andrew said smiling with the tears of happiness, now streaking his cheeks. With sincere deliberation, Danny slipped the ring on Andrew's finger.

Andrew sat on the edge of the bed enthralled by the moment, but now, Danny saw Andrew's limp cock sitting there. He placed his hands, one on each knee, and spread them and swallowed Andrew's cock. Slowly, he moved his cock around in his mouth, quickly arousing it to a turgid hardness. He moved up the hard shaft and sucked hard on the head; the whole time, Andrew moaned in pleasure. Danny moved slowly back down the shaft and took Andrew's balls into his hands and gently maneuvered them around as he continued to suck Andrew's rod.

"You have me so close babe, I can't hold it back," Andrew said, feeling his sperm rise from his balls.

Danny sucked faster and harder making Danny cry out in ecstasy as he shot his seed into his lover's mouth.

"Mmmmmm yeah sweetheart, suck my cock," Andrew moaned.

He kept shooting his cum down Danny's throat until he was drained, but Danny kept sucking until he was sure he had every drop.

"Fuck you got every drop that I had baby doll," he said as Danny moved off the floor and up to Andrew's lips.

"I love you my husband-to-be and will until the day I die." Danny said looking deep into Andrew's eyes.

"Your husband, I can't believe I'm your husband Danny. Let's go tell my family and show them the ring."

They got up, threw on their underwear and shirts, before Andrew pulled him out the door.

"I'm not dressed yet sweetheart," Danny said, but Andrew wasn't listening and pulled him into the living room.

Andy, Michael, Shane and Thom stared at the two of them in their underwear, as Andrew called them to see his ring.

"Look guys, I'm engaged," he said holding out his hand to show them his ring.

"Damn look at those rocks," Thom said gazing at the ring.

"Congratulations son," Andy said hugging his son. "Welcome to the family Daniel," then he hugged him and squeezed his ass. "Nice buns there kid."

"Hey let me see," Michael said grabbing Danny and pulling down his briefs. "God Andrew you sure got one hell of a man here," he said fondling Danny's genitals.

Danny, all embarrassed, grabbed for his shorts as Shane slapped on his ass.

"Hey Andrew if you ever tire of him, let me have a whack at that boy's ass," Shane said now rubbing it.

"The hell you will mister, you're mine and I don't share," Thom said pulling Shane away from Danny.

"Oh come on bro, let's keep it in the family," Andrew said pushing Danny towards Thom.

"I can always go back to Boston for real," Danny said pulling up his shorts.

"Not without me you're not sweetheart."

They all laughed including Danny, then sat around talking about how nice it was, now that the two of them had made up.

"Danny I want to go to Cape Cod and get married," Andrew said.

"If that's what you want babe, then that's what you'll get. My family has a home in Provincetown that we can use for the ceremony. All I need to know is when you want to do this."

"When can we love? Do I have to be a resident of Massachusetts to get married there?"

"Not any more babes, as long as one of us is a resident, they'll let us get married there." Danny said.

"Then I want to get married on Valentines Day weekend."

"Good!" Danny exclaimed. "I'll call the caretaker of the house and have him open the place up. I know a justice of the peace that can do the ceremony too."

"I'll have my friends there decorate the place for the wedding," Shane added.

"I have a friend that does catering and I'll give him a call to have him cater the affair," Andy said.

Andrew turned to Danny and they held each other as the plans unfolded, looking into each other's eyes, ending slowly with a passionate kiss.

"I love you Daniel Wilkes... hey! Just in passing babe, what is your middle name?" Andrew questioned.

"I'd rather not say ok."

"I want to know love, now come on tell me."

"It's Rupert, after my grandfather." Danny announced.

"RUPERT!" shouted Michael and everyone laughed except Andrew.

"I like that name sweetheart, so stop laughing guys," he said indignantly, kissing Danny again.

The phone rang and Michael answered it. It's was the hospital calling and they don't have good news.

"When... how... fuck he's not going to like this," Michael said and slamming down the receiver.

"What is it Michael?" Andy asked with deep concern.

"That was the hospital and..." Michael began....

To be continued...

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