Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Thirteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter twelve...

Andrew turned to Danny and they held each other as the plans unfolded, looking into each other's eyes, ending slowly with a passionate kiss.

"I love you Daniel Wilkes... hey! Just in passing babe, what is your middle name?" Andrew questioned.

"I'd rather not say ok."

"I want to know love, now come on tell me."

"It's Rupert, after my grandfather." Danny announced.

"RUPERT!" shouted Michael and everyone laughed except Andrew.

"I like that name sweetheart, so stop laughing guys," he said indignantly, kissing Danny again.

The phone rang and Michael answered it. It's was the hospital calling and they don't have good news.

"When... how... fuck he's not going to like this," Michael said and slamming down the receiver.

"What is it Michael?" Andy asked with deep concern.

"That was the hospital and..." Michael began....

Chapter thirteen...


"Doctor Simpson escaped this morning, killing a nurse and the officer on duty."

"HE WHAT! BUT HOW!" Andy exclaimed. "He was suppose to be handcuffed to the bed. "We need to alert Clark and Blaine. I think Brad will be ok in the psyche ward, but I'm worried about those boys."

"I'll call the station and have them send a cruiser over to Blaine's house until we get there," Michael said as Andy went into the bedroom to dress. Michael made the call, and then went to get dressed himself.

Thom called Clark's cell phone, but he got his voicemail immediately. Leaving a detailed message about what had happened, Thom warned them not to open the door until the police got there.

"Dad I can't get Clark on the phone," Thom announced. "He may have shut it off so he wouldn't be disturbed."

"We're heading there right now. I want you boys to remain here until you hear from me. I mean it guys, no one leaves this place until I say so." Andy demanded.

Andy and Michael headed out the door, and a few seconds later the guys could hear their sirens blaring. Thom dialed Clark's phone again and this time it rang through.

"Hello," Clark said still a bit groggy from sleep.

"Clark, this is Thom. Your dad's escaped from the hospital and they don't know where he is."

"Then he's coming for me Thom because he knows I can hang his ass."

"My dad's on his way there and the police should be arriving shortly too," Thom continued, "Clark... he killed a nurse and a police officer during his escape."

There was a long silence before Clark could respond. Finally, he said, "I'm so sorry Thom for what he's done to this community."

Thom could hear him crying as he dropped his phone. Confused, Blaine picked up the phone.

"Thom what's wrong?" Blaine asked.

Thom explained everything from the beginning again.

"Oh my God," Blaine whispered into the phone. Then all Thom could hear was silence, and then a clatter as Blaine dropped the phone to the floor. Thom could hear voices in the room. He put his cell on speaker so Andrew, Danny and Shane could hear.

"Hello son, bet you never thought you'd be seeing me again now did you," the voice of Clark's father said venomously.

"Dad! How did you get here? Why are you doing this to me?" Clark asked.

"So you and your brother thought you would testify against me didn't you?" the deranged doctor said in a rage.

"Dad we wouldn't have done that to you, honestly dad." Clark pleaded.

Blaine continued to hide in the outer room listening to the conversation, while Thom, Shane and Danny listened at home. Thom grabbed another cell phone and called his dad. He explained what was happening at Blaine's house and that Clark's dad was there.

"Now I am going to make sure you never get the chance to testify against me." Doctor Simpson declared. "I killed your mother when she tried to stop me from hurting your brother, now I've taken care of him also.... they'll be finding him anytime now."

"Dad no, you didn't kill Brad too did you?" Clark asked as the tears of grief rolled down his face.

"I had to son, he went crazy you know. I wasn't going to have a son of mine living in a loony home all crazy. Don't you understand, he's much better off now. Now all I have to do is finish you off and then I'm free to leave this fucking place for good."

The doctor started raising the gun to take aim at Clark.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Blaine rushed in from his hidden position in the outer room and grabbed Clark around the waist. The gun went off, the bullet striking Blaine in the back. His eyes widen as Clark grabbed hold of him.

At that moment, the front door burst open. Clark's father turned and raised his gun again.

Clark held on tight to Blaine's wounded body. Through drooping eyelids, he looked down into Clark's wet eyes, gasping, he said, "I love you Clark.... forever my love.... my husband." Blaine closed his eyes for the last time as his body went limp in Clark's arms.

The officer was quicker than Clark's father, firing three shots, dropping Simpson to the floor. He kicked the gun away from his hand as he entered the room.

Clark screamed out in agony at the sound of the gunfire, cradling his dead lover to him.

The officer knelt down to feel for a pulse, and then shook his head no.

"My God son is he... dead?" the officer asked rushing to catch Blaine before he hit the floor.

He feels for a pulse and again he slowly shook his head no.

"I'm sorry son, but he's gone too." He said with as much compassion as he could.

Andy and Michael came running in a ten minutes later, as the coroner's office was taking out the two bodies. Andy went over to the sobbing Clark and took him in his arms.

"Let it out son, it'll help if you do," Andy said as he rubbed his back.

"He killed Brad too Andy," Clark said through his tears.

"I know son, I just heard it from the station. I'm so sorry for your pain Clark," Andy said sadly.

"I have no one Andy. My entire family is gone now and now.... my husband too...." Overcome by gut-wrenching grief, Clark collapsed in Andy's arms.

Andy held him gently, and let Clark cry himself out.

Michael could hear the boys yelling from the phone and he picked it up. "Easy boys, easy," he said holding the phone from his ear, "It's Michael."

"Michael, is Clark and Blaine alright?" Thom asked.

"Clark's fine son, but.... I'm afraid that Blaine and Bradley are dead. Clark's dad killed them both and the first officer that got here shot Simpson just after he shot Blaine."

"Oh my God Michael, can dad bring Clark home to us?" Thom asked.

"I think he needs to go to the hospital first son. We'll see what happens from there."

Clark appeared quietly catatonic now as he seemed to be sleeping on Andy's chest. Andy was gently rubbing his hair.

"I think he needs to be checked out by a doctor," Michael said quietly pointing to his own head.

"I agree Michael," Andy said as an ambulance pulled up in front. A few moments later, the attendants came in and Andy had them look at Clark.

Michael and Andy continued to stay within eyeshot of Clark constantly reassuring him as the attendants examined him. Clark remained silent throughout the whole procedure staring blankly, never making eye contact, his lower lip trembling. Although not physically injured, the attendants wanted him on a stretcher to be taken to the hospital. Quietly, Andy and Michael reassured Clark that he was going to be all right, as they guided him onto the stretcher and covered him up with a blanket.

While the ambulance crew took him to the hospital, Andy and Michael headed back to the station to fill out the reports needed to finalize the case. Once they finished their work, they headed back up to the hospital. The attending intern was waiting to see someone concerning Clark.

Andy and Michael introduced themselves before explaining what had happened during the past few days. The intern explained Clark's prognosis.

"Well physically he's fine detective," the intern began, "but mentally he's unresponsive. I'd recommend that he be transferred upstairs to the psychiatric unit for treatment. This young man has been through a lot in his short life time."

"I'll sign the necessary papers if you wish." Andy explained. "He gave me power of attorney over his brother and him in case something happened to either of them."

Andy signed the papers to transfer Clark to the psychiatric unit for treatment. He also sat and wrote a letter to the doctor that would be treating Clark. He explained in detail, the events that Clark had suffered at the hands of his father, and how he lost his lover as well. He included everything he could remember, and then closed the letter, sealing it in an envelope.

"If you'd give this to the doctor treating Clark, I'd appreciate it Doctor. It should help him to know all this when he's treating him."

"I will detective and thank you for caring about this young man. I wish more people were like you," the intern replied.

"Thank you doctor and I'll be keeping in touch with his doctor."

Andy and Michael left after they stopped by to see Clark. He just lay in the bed and stared.

"He didn't even know we were there buddy," Michael commented.

"I know love.... his mind has shut down to protect itself from the horror of his situation."

Once they got home, they brought the boys up to speed. They all stayed at the house for the night.


During the next several months, Clark learned how to cope with the disasters of his young life. Psychiatry, not being the exact science as other areas of the medical field, it was difficult at first to get Clark to open up and say something, or even react to anything - whether it be a word or gesture. His sessions with the psychiatrist were numbing at first. It wasn't until the end of his first month, that Clark heard the word `husband' at one of his sessions, with that the damn broke. From that moment on, together with a few mild behavioral medicines, the psychiatrists were able to bring him further and further out of his mind-numbing cocoon. Every day after that, he learned little by little how to deal with the mental pain, anguish, and grief.

Clark was well on his way to recovery. He'd come to terms with the death of his brother and his mother. He'd also forgiven his father for the terrible things he'd done to him. All this was necessary in order for him to heal mentally.

At the beginning of February, the Friday before Valentines Day, the doctors declared that they had Clark back to a new reality where he could cope with his day-to-day life. This was the day he was to be discharged. Clark was beside himself, anxious to once again be reunited with Andy, Michael, and the boys.

Also, during those arduous months, preparations had been made for Andrew and Daniel's wedding on the following Sunday.

Clark was on tenterhooks, waiting for Andy to pick him up. Clark paced the floor impatiently, waiting for him.

"Are you waiting for me son," Andy said walking into Clark's room smiling.

"Dad!" Clark exclaimed running into Andy's arms for a welcomed bear hug.

Clark had started calling Andy and Michael dad about two months ago, and they never stopped him from doing it. Andrew and Thom both truly accepted Clark as another brother.

"I've been waiting for you ever since I got up this morning. Is dad downstairs waiting for us?"

"Yes he is son, now let's go see your doctor and get you out of here," Andy said smiling.

"Dad I want to ask you something before we leave. If Andrew, Thomas, and Shane don't mind, can I change my name to Butler-Sullivan-Bradley?"

"You'll have to ask them that yourself son, I can't speak for them." Andy said proudly - nothing would have pleased him and Michael more.

They walked down the hall to the doctor's office, and Clark knocked on the door.

"Well Clark I see your dad's here to pick you up. I have all the papers here for him to sign and your prescriptions also."

Andy signed the papers and they all shook hands. Clark was all smiles as Andy placed his arm around his shoulder as they walked to the elevator. Once downstairs, Michael took him in his arms, and gave him a big hug and kiss.

"God it's good to have you back with us son," Michael said hugging him tight.

"I've missed you so much dad," Clark said still smiling as he felt a new freedom.

They drove home and in Clark's mind, it seemed to take forever until they turned into the driveway. As they drove down towards the house, Clark saw a twenty-foot banner hanging on the house.


Clark's eyes got all wet with tears as he read the banner, wiping them with the back of his hands.

"It says brother dad, not Clark, but brother!" he yelled.

They parked the car and went inside, but there was no one around to greet them.

"Where is everyone dad?" Clark asked with disappointment in his voice.

"SURPRISE!" Each of the boys yelled in unison as they came running out of a bedroom smothering Clark with hugs and kisses.

Clark burst into tears as he became overwhelmed with surprise by the guys and their affection towards him.

During the commotion with the boys, Andy and Michael went into the kitchen and brought a cake into the living room.

The icing on the cake read:


Then Andy and Michael along with their sons handed him a large envelope. He opened it and pulled out an official document. Once he'd read it he lost all control and began crying tears of happiness again.


This hereby certifies that Clark Randolph Simpson

On this 7th day of October in the year of 2oo8

Is hereby now known as:

Clark Randolph Butler-Sullivan-Bradley

I hereby declare it legal

Judge William J. Thompson

First Circuit Family Court

Of Burlington, Vermont

Witnesses Present:

Thomas Andrew Butler-Sullivan

Andrew Thomas Butler-Sullivan

Shane Shaunesy Anderson-Bradley

Clark couldn't believe his eyes as he reread the adoption document.

"Dad," he said, looking from Andy then to Michael, "I'm officially your son now."

"Yes you are son, and welcome to our family."

"Yeah bro, welcome to our family," the three boys said hugging him close.

"I have a special favor to ask of you bro if you don't mind," Andrew said, looking at Thom who was nodding his head yes. "Would you do me the honor of being my best man at my wedding this weekend?"

"Your wedding... but what about Thom?"

"I'm asking you Clark and he's alright with it."

"You mean... you and Danny are getting married? I... I'd be honored... Yes Andrew I would love to be your best man." He jumped up, hugging him. They kissed on the lips, however Andrew slipped him some tongue and Clark willingly opened his mouth in acceptance.

"Alright there," Danny said grinning, "I think that's called incest now that you two are brothers."

Everyone laughed as Clark's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Well as nice as this party is boys, we still need to pack. We're leaving at three a.m. in the morning." Michael announced.

"I don't have any clothes that fit me anymore dad. I've lost so much weight, that nothing I have fits."

"Not to worry bro, you're my size now, and I have more than enough clothes for the two of us," Danny said.

"We'll go shopping once we get the wedding out of the way. I know a great set of shops in Wrentham and we can stop on our way home," Andy said.

Danny took Clark into his room and they started hunting through his closet. Clark chose several outfits to take with him for the weekend.

After a little sorting, Danny held up another pair of pants. "Here try these on Clark; I can't fit in them anymore." he said as he handed Clark a beautiful pair of Giorgio leather pants.

Clark's eyes just about popped out of his head. "Holy shit Dan, these are fucking hot looking," he said holding them up to his front.

"Try `em on and see if they fit you. Only thing is, you don't wear underwear with them. The shorts will show like crazy."

Clark removed his jeans and then his shorts, as Danny stared at his huge cock. He slipped on the pants and zipped them up. Then Danny took off Clark's shirt.

"Here throw this on, it goes with the pants." Danny said smiling.

Clark put on the leather vest and turned to look in the full-length mirror. He was shocked by the transformation the leather look made to him.

"Damn you are hot Clark," Danny said looking at his cock showing profoundly in these pants. "Go show the guys and get their opinion."

Clark walked out into the living room and everyone goes silent. Michael's mouth dropped open as he checked out his new son.

"Damn the thoughts I'm having," he said looking at Clark.

"Michael remember, he's our son now," Andy said giving him the twice over himself. "He's right son you're fucking hot in that outfit."

"I'm thinking I just might be marrying you stud," Andrew said giving Clark's ass a quick rub.

"The hell you are, I can see I'm going to have my hands full with this wench," Danny said with a grin.

"Not if you keep me satisfied in bed sweetheart," Andrew said hugging his intended.

"I'm thankful I got you bud," Shane said giving Thom a quick kiss. "Our new brother is a tad too hot looking for my liking."

The guys all enthusiastically told Clark that he was hot and that he should bring the leather outfit to the Cape with him. They finished their packing and got to bed early.

It seemed that they were no sooner asleep, when their alarms were going off to get up again.

"Damn I just went to sleep," Shane said cuddling closer to Thom. "I told you we shouldn't have had sex and just went to sleep."

"Whine, whine, whine, you didn't seem to be bothered by it when you were fucking me," Thom said giving him a kiss.

"Come on boys... time to get up!" Andy yelled from the living room.

They all got up, showered and into the car before five minutes to three. Andy rented an extended oversized van to travel in because of the number of them that were going. He still had to pick up Dennis and Trevor before they left town. Once all nine of them were aboard, they hit I89 and headed south for the long drive to I495 that would take them to the route into Cape Cod. Six and a half hours later, with a few stops for coffee and washroom breaks, they arrived at Danny's home on the Cape.

Mr. Boone was there to greet them, and he offered his condolences for Barry's death.

Quickly, they unloaded the luggage, and set about claiming rooms for sleeping when the caterer showed up to go over the last minute details.

"Hello, I'm Joshua Parker the caterer," he announced to Andy.

"I'm Andy Butler, come in and have a seat. I'll get the lucky couple," he said.

Clark came out to the kitchen, and Andy introduced him to Joshua.

"So you must be the groom," Joshua said as Andy left the room.

"Who me... not a chance, his name is Daniel Wilkes. I'm just a guest here."

"I'm sorry Clark, so are you a friend of his or the bride's?" Joshua asked.

"Hasn't anyone told you about this wedding Josh? The lucky couple are both male and their names are Daniel Wilkes and Andrew Butler-Sullivan."

"Oh, I wasn't aware that it was a gay wedding. I got this gig from a friend that got in a car accident yesterday and called me to fill in for him. Does that mean you're gay also?"

"Hey, you're pretty nosey for hired help Joshua," Clark snapped and left the room feeling an old anguish return to the forefront of his mind.

Danny, Andrew and Andy came into the kitchen and Andy introduced the couple to Joshua. He explained how he came to get the job, but that he needed to apologize to Clark for offending him. He told Andy and the boys just what he'd said. Although subdued, they all laughed.

"Yeah he's gay Joshua, now.... are you?" Andy asked looking at him intently.

"Yeah I am, that's why I'm living down here. I'm from Vermont originally and moved here after I graduated from culinary school. My mom's a detective in Burlington," he revealed.

"Beverly Parker is your mother?" Andy asked grinning with surprise.

"Yeah why, do you know my mom?"

"Know her, son I work with her and her life partner Casey."

They talked for a while about family and what had been going on in Burlington the past few months, when Clark came back into the kitchen to get a drink.

"Clark, I want to apologize for upsetting you," Joshua said quietly to him at the refrigerator. "I was wrong to question you so personally and would like to take you to dinner as a peace offering."

"Joshua, I accept your apology, but you don't have to take me to dinner. Let's just let it drop and forget about it."

"I know I don't have to Clark, but I'd like to. We could go clubbing after."

"Why don't you go son. It's been a while since you've been out and it would do you good to party a bit," Andy coaxed. "Besides you can wear that hot outfit you tried on last night," Andy said giving him a wink.

"Dad, I don't know this guy, and besides how do I know he won't try something with me?" Clark said, almost whining.

"That's the thing son, maybe he will try something. It's been awhile since you have had sex with a guy. Go on son and have a good time. He's Detectives Putnam and Parker's son, so how bad can the kid be?"

"Well he is a hot one dad, and I kinda like his polite forwardness. Ok Joshua, I'll go out with you tonight," he said turning to him. "What time should I be ready?"

"I'll pick you up at seven Clark. Don't bother on dressing up too fancy; go casual because that's how everyone dresses here."

Joshua finalized the dinner plans with Danny and Andrew, and he said goodbye to everyone. Several hours later, he was back again to pick up Clark. He knocked on the door and Shane opened it, letting him in.

Shane closed the door, then grabbed Joshua's arm to hold him back, explaining that he wanted to talk to him for a moment.

Although he spoke softly, Shane's voice and message was very threatening. "I'm going to tell you this as a big brother protecting his little brother. If you hurt or mistreat my brother tonight in any way Joshua, I will personally hunt your ass down and kill you. Do I make myself clear here?"

"Ah... yes sir," Joshua said turning white with fear as he stared into Shane's eyes.

"Good, I'm Shane and glad to meet you Josh. My brother will be down in a moment. Come on in and meet his other brothers."

Shane introduced Thom to him and he already knew Andrew. Michael and Andy stood side by side just watching the boy, coyly smiling.

At that moment, Danny and Clark came downstairs. Joshua's mouth fell open as he looked at Clark in his leather outfit. He couldn't believe the transformation Clark had made in just a few hours.

"Damn... I mean.... God you look sensational Clark."

"Thank you Joshua," he said looking around at the others.

"Shall we go.... I have reservations for seven thirty babe... I mean Clark," he said turning red with embarrassment.

"Sure handsome," Clark said as he kissed his cheek, walking towards the front door.

"Ah Josh," Michael called, "Ditto what Shane said to you earlier."

"Ye.... yes sir," Josh answered as he opened the door for Clark. Suddenly he felt very intimidated; as if he was taking a king's princess on her first date.

Josh took Clark to a nice restaurant for dinner and to the Atlantic House Dance Club for some fun afterward. As soon as the two of them walked in, Peter, a friend of Joshua's, came over to meet the new guy.

"So Josh, introduce me to your new catch of the week," he said giving Clark the once over.

"Fuck off Pete, his name is Clark, and he's not my catch of the week, got it?" Josh fumed.

"Ooooh touchy aren't we now," Peter said extending his hand to Clark. "So are you his new flava of the night Clark?"

"Listen ass wipe, you may be Joshua's friend, but to me you are nothing but shit. So take a flying fuck somewhere," Clark said grabbing Joshua's arm and walking away toward a table off to one side of the hall. Josh started to grin as he followed Clark. Suddenly he realized that Clark was no delicate princess, but a man who could stand up for his rights and never is intimidated.

Peter stood there with his mouth wide open, as the two walked away. Peter was one of the regulars at the dance club and the one man that everyone wanted to dance with. But tonight his luck just changed as Clark gave him the cold shoulder.

"Are all gays here like him or is he an exception?" Clark asked.

"I'm sorry Clark, he thinks because he's the most popular and the best dancer here, everyone should fall at his feet."

"Josh.... what he kinda said.... are you accustomed to having a new guy each night? Because if you are, I'm not the type of guy you should be wasting your time on."

"No Clark, I'm not, as a matter of fact, Pete and I were lovers a few months back, but he wanted me to understand that he had his public and I needed to be tolerant of his antics. I was at the beginning, but I tend to lean towards a monogamous relationship.... so we broke up. No one has ever broken up with him before me.... it was always the other way around."

The dance music started and Peter floated out to the dance floor, shaking his ass as he danced around the floor. He looked around the room at all the prospective partners, and chose a gorgeous blond to dance with. The floor was empty except for Peter and his partner, while the others watched them dance to the music.

"So why isn't anyone else dancing?" Clark asked.

"Pete always opens the dance floor and no one dances until he beckons them to dance." Josh said quietly.

"Whaaat? I'll be fucked if I came to watch some queen show off as if he was God's gift to gay men. Come on Josh, we're going to dance. You can dance can't you?"

"Yeah I can dance, but his highness isn't going to like it." Josh warned.

"Well his reign has ended and it's time to start a revolution Josh. Now are you coming or do I have to go alone?"

Clark walked toward the dance floor with Joshua in tow, and the room went quiet except for the music. All eyes were on the new guy and his partner Josh as they approached the dance floor.

Peter was unaware that someone else had entered the dance floor, until his partner pointed them out. He turned; his rage showing as he turned from red to purple, finally marching over to Clark and Joshua.

"Sweetheart," Peter said glaring at Josh, "you should have told this... this boy... who runs the dance floor," he said with fury at Josh, when he understood that Josh was going along with Clark.

"Listen Queenie," Clark said his hands on his hips, "your reign has ended, and I'm leading a revolution to open up this place to all who want to dance. Now if you don't get out of my face, I'm going to rearrange yours," Clark said lifting up his fists.

To be continued...

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