Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Fourteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter thirteen...

The dance music started and Peter floated out to the dance floor, shaking his ass as he danced around the floor. He looked around the room at all the prospective partners, and chose a gorgeous blond to dance with. The floor was empty except for Peter and his partner, while the others watched them dance to the music.

"So why isn't anyone else dancing?" Clark asked.

"Pete always opens the dance floor and no one dances until he beckons them to dance." Josh said quietly.

"Whaaat? I'll be fucked if I came to watch some queen show off as if he was God's gift to gay men. Come on Josh, we're going to dance. You can dance can't you?"

"Yeah I can dance, but his highness isn't going to like it." Josh warned.

"Well his reign has ended and it's time to start a revolution Josh. Now are you coming or do I have to go alone?"

Clark walked toward the dance floor with Joshua in tow, and the room went quiet except for the music. All eyes were on the new guy and his partner Josh as they approached the dance floor.

Peter was unaware that someone else had entered the dance floor, until his partner pointed them out. He turned; his rage showing as he turned from red to purple, finally marching over to Clark and Joshua.

"Sweetheart," Peter said glaring at Josh, "you should have told this... this boy... who runs the dance floor," he said with fury at Josh, when he understood that Josh was going along with Clark.

"Listen Queenie," Clark said his hands on his hips, "your reign has ended, and I'm leading a revolution to open up this place to all who want to dance. Now if you don't get out of my face, I'm going to rearrange yours," Clark said lifting up his fists.

Now Chapter Fourteen...

The crowd started to applaud watching Peter march from the dance floor, his fists clenched rigidly at his sides. He shot Clark a dirty look as he stormed out the door. Clark and Joshua motioned to the others to join them on the dance floor. As the dance floor filled, several of the guys expressed their gratitude for putting Peter in his place. The evening passed, and although the evening was still reasonably early, Clark was getting tired; it had been a very long day for him.

"You look exhausted Clark," Josh commented.

"Sorry Josh, I am, it's been a long day and we had to get up at two this morning to drive down here."

"Come on and I'll take you home."

They drove back to Danny's house; the place was in darkness as Joshua put the car in park. He turned off the car and turned to Clark, taking his hand in his.

"I had a great time tonight Clark. I'd like to see you again if you don't mind."

"So did I Joshua, but one thing's bothering me," Clark said pausing to look at the house. "Ya see, not long ago, I had a great boyfriend who was totally committed to me and well.... he was murdered shielding me from the bullet. The whole thing put me in a psych ward.... it took me several months to learn how to deal with that and a few other things, equally tragic. For some reason, I got the impression that maybe you were a player. I'm sorry Josh; I'm not looking for someone that can't be true to just me Josh.... I want someone that will be there for me and me alone."

"Clark I'm not like that, I don't want you to take what Peter said to heart. I told you that was why I broke up with him. Please Clark give me a chance."

Clark looked out the window and he rethought what he'd heard. `Am I ready to commit already or will this just be a rebound from Blaine. I haven't had that much time to mourn him," he thought to himself as he turned back to look at Joshua.

`But then, after all he was the perfect gentleman this evening. And he didn't try to make a move on me either. I could see where this might lead to. I know Blaine wouldn't want me to be alone in life.'


"Joshua..." Clark finally said, "I guess we can see each other again. I do believe you about what Peter said. I'm just afraid that I might be on a rebound from Blaine. If you're willing to take a chance with me... then I want to take a chance with you too."

Josh looked at Clark with deep emotion in his eyes, as he leaned over and gave him a kiss. Their lips met only for a brief moment before Josh backed away, but Clark pulled him back to him. This time they pressed their lips together as they wrapped their arms around each other. Clark pushed his tongue gently against Josh's mouth. With complete acceptance, Josh opened his mouth allowing their tongues to intertwine, as they kissed their love's first kiss.

"You need help?" Shane asked banging on the window, scaring the hell out of Clark and Josh; making them jump from the surprise.

Clark lowered the window and told Shane to go back to bed, and he closed the window again.

"Now where were we Josh?" And Josh takes him in his arms and they kiss ever so passionately. Josh let his hands roam up Clark's leg, but Clark stopped him from getting to his crotch.

"I'm not ready yet for anything further Josh. I'm sorry if that's a problem for you then we'll stop before we go anywhere or get too involved."

"I can respect that Clark. It's just that you had me so fucking hot and bothered all night with that outfit. Your cock has been staring at me all night through that leather and I'm human and I just needed to try... I... I'm... sorry Clark."

"Don't be Josh, I knew what these pants would do, and I'd have been upset if you hadn't tried."

They kissed goodnight; Clark gets out of the car, and blew a kiss to Joshua. He went inside and up to his room, and was shocked to see the boys sitting there waiting.

"Why are you still up?" he asked.

"Think about it Clark," Thom said, "We're dying to find out how your evening went."

He told them about the evening and about his altercation with Peter, and they all marveled at how he handled Peter.

"Guys I think Josh was going to ask me to be his guy," Clark said. "I told him I wasn't sure because of his lack of monogamous ability."

"Clark, dad talked to his mom and she was telling him how his boyfriend up in Vermont had cheated on him constantly and that's why he left Vermont."

"Oh shit Shane, I just told him that I more or less couldn't trust him to be true to me. He is the faithful type and... I'm such an asshole."

"Clark how could you know," Shane said. "Besides you're still getting over Blaine's death bro."

"I know Shane and I also know that Blaine wouldn't have wanted me to be alone and mourning him for a long time. I was just concerned about rebounding instead of true love. Guys, Josh is so handsome and every bit a gentleman."

"Did you tell him that you didn't want to see him anymore Clark?"

"No, I told him that we could go out again, but I didn't know when. God I wish I knew then what I know now."

"Well guys we need to get to sleep because I'm getting married tomorrow and it's getting late," Andrew said looking at the bedside clock.

"Yeah bro and I'm totally exhausted too," Clark said. "I'll see you guys in the morning. Hey where's Danny?" he asked suddenly noticing he wasn't in the room.

"He is in your room because I didn't want any bad luck. It's bad luck for the couple to see each other before the ceremony. So I told him to sleep in your room."

"But there's only one bed in there bro," Clark said.

"Yeah I know and he likes to hog the bed, so make sure he stays on his side or you'll be on the floor." Andrew said with a grin.

Clark wasn't worried about sleeping on the floor, but sleeping beside Danny, that was another thing. He found Danny to be hot and very attractive. He went into his room and Danny was in bed already sleeping.

"Well at least he's sleeping and I won't have to worry about seeing him undress," Clark thought to himself.

Clark started to undress and he was standing in front of the mirror removing his earring. He looked intently at his ear and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Danny staring at his naked body. Clark pretended he didn't see him looking as he took out his ear ring. He turned to get into bed and Danny still pretended to be sleeping. Clark slipped into bed and reached over to turn off the light. He settled in and turned his back to Danny. He was just about to doze off when Danny snuggled up to him, and threw his arm and leg over Clark's chest and legs.

"Mmmmmm Andrew," he whispered into Clark's ear as he pushed his hard cock against his ass.

Clark's eyes popped open as he realized that Danny was pretending that he was Andrew. He wasn't sure what to do, so he lay there hoping that Danny would just spoon against him. Again he was about to doze off when Danny's hand roamed down to his cock, and started to fondle it. It didn't take long before it started to rise to the occasion. Clark became angry at the thought that Danny would think he could do this to his brother.

"I wonder how you would explain a handful of broken fingers Danny," he whispered turning his head towards Danny.

"Ah... Sorry Clark I didn't realize it was you. I thought Andrew was in bed with me and that he'd changed his mind."

"Riiiiiight Danny, now get the fuck over on your own side or I'll be speaking up when the J.P. asks if anyone objects."

"I'm sorry Clark, really I am," Danny said. "It's just that seeing you naked turned me on guy."

"Well naked or not, Andrew should be the only one to turn you on. Now the only question I have is... do I tell him about this or do you Danny?"

"Do either of us have to tell him guy?"

"Let's sleep on it and I'll ask you the same question in the morning, ok Danny?"

"Ok Clark and again I am really, really sorry."

"Yeah, sorry you got caught and not because you are truly sorry. Now go to sleep and we'll discuss this tomorrow."

Danny rolled over to his own side and soon he started crying. His tears flowed freely as he thought about how foolish it was to make a move on Clark. He lay there crying into his pillow. Then Clark could sense Danny's remorse.

"Listen Danny let's just forget this ever happened, ok?" Clark whispered in his ear.

Danny turned and his lips brushed against Clark's. He pulled Clark to him and kissed him hard and passionately. Clark pulled away and slapped his face, then got out of bed. He flipped on the light and pulled on his pants. He shot an angry glare at a shocked Danny and pulled open the bedroom door.

Andrew was standing there with a grin on his face. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed.

Clark looked at him in shock and then at Danny who was laughing.

He turned, slapped Andrew across the face, shoved him aside, and stormed out of the room. A few seconds later, Andrew and Danny followed right behind him as he went into Thom and Shane's room, flicking on the overhead light.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Clark asked angrily, waking a sleeping Thom and Shane.

They sat up and rubbed their eyes looking at Andrew and Danny standing naked at the doorway.

"I haven't a clue what you're talking about bro," Thom said squinting his eyes.

"Clark we were just playing a trick on you bro," Andrew said. "You don't think I was going to seriously let you sleep with my man naked in the same bed now do you?"

"Why would you even think I'd have done anything with him?" Clark yelled.

In tears, Clark left the room and ran into Andy who was just entering Thom and Shane's bedroom.

"Get the fuck out of my way," Clark said, not even thinking as he rushed by Andy.

He went into his room and locked the door behind him. Andy knocked on the door, but Clark refused to answer.

"Son would you please open the door?" Andy asked once again.

This time Clark opened the door and walked away without a word. He got back into bed and turned his back to Andy. Andy walked around the bed and sat on the bed beside him, tenderly brushing his hair from his eyes.

"Son, what your brother did was terribly wrong," he said, "and I don't blame you for being angry."

"Well they can find someone else to be their best man tomorrow for all I care. What did I do to give Andrew the impression that I wanted to bed down Danny. I wasn't even happy with the idea of sleeping in the same bed with him. Tell them to go fuck themselves dad," and again he rolled over away from Andy.

Andy got up and left the room, and he marched directly into Andrew and Danny's room.

"You had better find another best man tomorrow guys, because Clark just told me he wasn't going to be yours." Andy said with all the authority a father needed to have in a situation like this.

"But dad we apologized and we really are sorry for what we did. I really want him to be my best man dad. If he doesn't, who can I get.... Thom said he won't because he and Shane are pissed at us for what we did."

"Well son, you two made your bed so I guess you have to lie in it now." Andy said with contempt.

"Thanks, you're a lot of help dad," Andrew said turning to pout in his pillow.

"Well my guy is waiting for me and I'll see you two in the morning," Andy said as he walked out of the room, leaving them alone to ponder the results of their actions. Danny took Andrew into his arms and kissed the back of his neck, snuggling his man to him.

"He'll come around in the morning sweetheart." He whispered.

"I don't think so Dan.... he was extremely hurt by what we did. I had no idea it would've had that kind of affect on him. Damn I need to think more and impulse less," Andrew said.

"Well go to sleep and you'll see things will work out in the morning babe."

They fell asleep and all too soon, the morning of the wedding was upon the household. Andrew rushed to get up to find Clark. He knocked on his bedroom door, but no one answered.

"Clark can I come in to talk to you please?" he asked turning the doorknob.

He opened the door, but the room was empty. The bed was made, but Clark was no where around. Andrew looked in his closet, but Clark's clothes were gone.

"Dad!" he yelled as he ran downstairs. "Clark's gone... his room is empty!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah we know son," Andy says handing him an envelope.

"What's this for," Andrew asked as he read, `Andrew and Danny' written on the front.

"I'd say it's a card from Clark son," Michael said as Andrew ripped it open.

Inside he found beautiful wedding card addressed to the happy couple. He opened it and a check fell out. He picked it up and looked at the face of the check. It was written out to `Andrew and Daniel Butler-Wilkes' in the amount of five thousand dollars. A letter was also included, which he handed to Danny to read.

Andrew and Daniel,

I know this is your wedding day and I also told you that I would be your best man. But after what you did to me last night I cannot in sound mind, be your best man. That joke was not only in bad taste, but was cruel considering what I have been through over the past few months. I want to wish you both a very happy and fun filled wedding day, even though I won't be there to share it with you. I hope you both learned a very valuable lesson from all this.

A once dear friend


Andrew was in tears as Danny finished the letter.

"Danny, what did we do to Clark?" Andrew asked.

"I guess we deserve losing him as a friend. It was a cruel joke and Thom and Shane told us that it was."

"I told you guys that it was not the right thing to do. But would you listen to me, noooo not one bit." Thom said as he came into the kitchen.

"Well now is not the time to worry about it," Andy said, looking at both Danny and Andrew. "We have to get to the hall and get you two married."

"But dad what are we going to do for a best man?"

"You'll just have to make do without one. Now let's get going before you're late."

After a quick breakfast, they got into the car and drove the short distance to the hall, where the guests are already starting to assemble."

"I'll see you up front babe," Danny said giving Andrew a quick kiss.

"I don't like this dad.... I wanted Clark as my best man. Now I have none."

"Well we'll do just fine.... Thom's going to stand in for Clark. I asked him if he would do it for you and he said he would."

Andrew and his dad stood at the back of the hall, behind a set of closed doors. Thom was standing right behind him, as the music started to play. Andrew held his dad's arm as the doors swung open, and they started their walk down the aisle. Andrew smiled on the outside, but was torn up on the inside. Once they get to the front, Andy handed him over to Danny, and together, Danny and Andrew walked up to the Justice of the Peace. As the ceremony began, he asked if there are any rings.

"Yes sir, two," the voice of Clark said.

Andrew turned around quickly at the sound of his voice and saw Clark standing there all smiles. Quickly, Andrew gave him a quick hug and a brief kiss.

"Gotcha back," Clark whispered in his ear.

The wedding proceeded without any other hitch and the J.P. finished the ceremony when he pronounced the happy couple legally married.

"I now, by the power given to me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pronounce you legally married.... you may now kiss your partner."

Daniel took Andrew into his arms and their lips met in sweet delight, as he kissed his mate with all the mixed emotions of relief, love, and passion.

"I now, for the first time in public, present to you Mr. Andrew and Daniel Butler-Wilkes," the J.P. announced.

The guests applauded as the happy couple and their best men walked down to greet their guests. Clark was standing just off to the side watching the couple, as a pair of arms surrounded his waist. He turned around quickly to see Joshua standing there, and Clark gave him a kiss that caught Joshua off guard.

"Wow, what was that for Clark?" he asked when they broke their kiss.

"That's to say I'm sorry about last night."

"Sorry, about what guy?"

"For doubting you Josh.... and because I didn't give you the benefit of the doubt.... and your faithfulness," Clark said quietly.

"Oh... that. Well you can make it up to me by going out with me after the reception, if you really want to?" he asked.

"Only if you dance with me today handsome."


"I'll dance with you whenever and where ever you want superman," he said giving him an obvious association to his name.

"What's with the superman stuff Josh?" Clark asked.

"Well think about it Clark... Kent," he replied smiling.

"Well maybe if you're a good boy, I'll show you my super powers later," Clark said giving him a quick kiss again.

"Daaaaamn Clark, aren't you full of surprises today." Josh said smiling.

Andrew and Danny came over to Clark, and asked if they could speak to him privately. They went outside and took a short walk, each holding an arm in theirs.

"Clark," Andrew said, "what we did last night was not only in bad taste but it was heartless. We want to tell you just how sorry we are, and although it can't begin to amend the hurt we caused, I hope that you can forgive us."

"Of course I can forgive you guys, I'm here aren't I? Remember Andrew, you're my brother. We're family and we gotta look out and stand up for each other. Now, I have a date tonight and if things work out, I'll be home late so don't wait up for me." Clark said with the widest smile. "Oh sorry, you'll be on your honeymoon won't you? I'll let the others know and have a great honeymoon."

He walked off toward the kitchen where he knew that Joshua would be working. He saw him at the stove doing some last minute cooking. Clark smiled to himself as he thought what a great, handsome man he was.

His thought was distracted when a voice whispers in his ear, "He's mad about you Clark," the female voice said.

He turned around and saw Casey and Bev standing there. He was surprised to see them and then asked, "How could you know anything like that?"

"Well for one, he's our son." Bev explained. "Two, he's done nothing but talk about you ever since we got here. Three, he smiles whenever your name is mentioned."

"Can I talk to you both for a few minutes?" Clark asked, now walking with them outside. "I want to know all there is about this guy. I'm so taken by him and I can't explain why. I'm not one to just fall in love after one date, and yet I find myself thinking of nothing but him."

With constant smiles, Casey and Bev told Clark all about their boy, from the time they had him, up to the present. They told him about how his last partner broke his heart by cheating on him, and how he vowed never to fall in love again.

"Well that was one vow that didn't last too long, that is unless `never' just got here," Beverly said.

They continued talking about Josh until his warm, strong arms, embraced Clark from behind.

"I see you met my moms," he said nuzzling Clark's neck.

"Yeah and they just told me all about you," Clark teased.

"Mom how much is all?" he asked looking at his moms.

"Well Josh, lets just say I know when you had diaper rash and then when you had jock itch," Clark said laughing.

"Oh mom how could you?" Josh said, fully embarrassed.

"Now, now son, this is how moms pay back for all the things you put us through over the years." Casey said.

Resigned to his fate, Josh nodded his head slowly and smiled, "I love you both," he said as he grabbed Clark's hand and took him back inside.

The guests were now ready to eat.

"You sit and eat Clark and then once dinner's finished and desert served, I'll be free for the evening." Josh said as he went back into the kitchen.

The dinner went great, and desert was the wedding cake. Andrew and Danny cut the cake, feeding each other the ceremonial piece. Then they danced their dance and soon the desert was served. By the time desert was finished, Joshua was out of the kitchen, now dressed for an evening out.

"Damn you look hot Josh," Clark said when Josh gave him a kiss as he sat down.

"Yeah, gotta look my best for the best looking guy on the cape," he said. "Besides, Superman only deserves the best," Josh continued as those around him looked at both of them in wonderment.

"What's the Superman thing about? I thought you two didn't do anything last night?" Thom asked quietly to Clark.

"Think about Jimmy, and then you'll get it." Clark said.

"What the fuck is he talking about?" he asked looking at a grinning Shane.

"Think about it Lois, Clark... Jimmy... Superman, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out." Shane said with a big smile.

"Ooohh, now I get it, Clark Kent ... Superman, duh."

They all laughed at Thom's reaction.

Joshua asked Clark if he wanted to leave. As they stood up, Josh asked, "Can we use you car, I only brought the company van. The guys are doing clean up and will need it to bring the things back to the house."

"Sure Josh I don't mind as long as you drive it for me."

They said their goodbyes and Clark told Andy and Michael not to wait up for him. Josh threw his arm around Clark's shoulder as the two walked out to the parking lot. Clark gave the parking stub to the valet and he ran to retrieve the car. It took some time before the valet came running back with a disturbed look on his face.

"Ah sir," he said pausing, looking for the right words. "I'm sorry, there's no good way to put it, your car has been trashed," he said.

"What do you mean trashed?"

They followed the valet out to where the rental car was parked. Clark stared at it, shocked at the apparent damage. It had four flat tires, smashed lights all around and the convertible roof was slashed. The valet took out his cell and called the police, who arrived in a matter of minutes. Clark and the valet gave their statement to the police officer. Joshua told the officer about the incident the previous evening with Peter Balthazar and how angry he was. Joshua gave him Peter's home address and he wrote down any other information that may be needed. Clark called the car rental agency, and after explaining all the details, and listening to the officer's report, they sent a tow truck to take it to their contracted auto repair shop.

"Thank God I took out the insurance on it, or it would've all come out of my pocket." Clark said.

They were just finishing up, when Andy and Michael come out to see what was going on.

"No fucking way can it be you!" Andy exclaimed as the officer turns around.

"Andy fucking Butler! My God I can't believe it's you! Oh shit not Michael Bradley also."

"Dan how the hell have you been, and look at you... a state police officer now." Andy laughed.

"Yeah I got fed up with the walking beat, so I applied and got accepted into the academy. I've been on the force now for nine years. I even got married too, to my old partner Diane Moser."

"No way, you married, and how did she manage that one?" Michael asked.

"She got.... I guess I should say we got pregnant... twins... so we got married. You've got to come over and see her and the boys. They're fifteen now and quite a handful."

They talk about the past and Andy tells him about Thomas's death. Michael and Dan talk about those that are still on the force.

"So how come you two are here, I know about you Andy but why`s Mike here?"

"Let me babe," Michael said. "Andy and I are going to get married legally and our boy got married today."

"Not this one... Clark Butler something, something," he said.

"No that's our other son, my other son, Andrew got married today."

"Never mind Andy, its hard enough to keep straight people figured out, never mind trying to keep up with gays," Dan said laughing.

They all exchanged phone numbers and Dan let the boys leave the scene. Michael loaned them his truck and said that they'd all ride home with Thom.

"Come on Clark, I know where to find that drag queen." Josh announced.

They drove over to the club where Peter loved to hang out, and there in the parking lot is his pink custom jaguar.

"We have got to be quick and unseen Clark. He always has eyes on his car. That is why he parks it under that light." Josh warned.

"I've got an idea Josh," Clark said driving over to a darker area of the parking lot. They got out of the truck surveying the situation. "You see that dead tree just to the left of his car...." Josh nodded as he glanced at its height. "How about we fasten this chain around that branch just on the right...." Immediately, Josh saw the plan and grinned at the ingenuity of the consequences.

Josh snuck on over to the tree and fastened the chain to the strategic branch, then stealthed back with the other end, which Clark fastened to the hitch at the rear of the truck. He put the truck in first, and stepped on the gas. The tree didn't budge until he stepped harder on the gas. Slowly at first, the tree began to move and within seconds it toppled down on the sparkling pink Jaguar. Josh quickly undid the chain and ran back to the truck. They watched from the shadows through the crowd of onlookers, Peter come running out.

With a quick grin and giggle, Clark and Josh left as Peter was having a spoiled boy conniption, shoving people angrily out of his way.

To be continued...

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