Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Fifteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in Chapter 14...


"Come on Clark, I know where to find that drag queen." Josh announced.

They drove over to the club where Peter loved to hang out, and there in the parking lot is his pink custom jaguar.

"We have got to be quick and unseen Clark. He always has eyes on his car. That is why he parks it under that light." Josh warned.

"I've got an idea Josh," Clark said driving over to a darker area of the parking lot. They got out of the truck surveying the situation. "You see that dead tree just to the left of his car...." Josh nodded as he glanced at its height. "How about we fasten this chain around that branch just on the right...." Immediately, Josh saw the plan and grinned at the ingenuity of the consequences.

Josh snuck on over to the tree and fastened the chain to the strategic branch, then stealthed back with the other end, which Clark fastened to the hitch at the rear of the truck. He put the truck in first, and stepped on the gas. The tree didn't budge until he stepped harder on the gas. Slowly at first, the tree began to move and within seconds it toppled down on the sparkling pink Jaguar. Josh quickly undid the chain and ran back to the truck. They watched from the shadows through the crowd of onlookers, Peter come running out.

With a quick grin and giggle, Clark and Josh left as Peter was having a spoiled boy conniption, shoving people angrily out of his way.

Now Chapter Fifteen...


"What an adrenaline rush," Clark said as they sped away with Josh at the wheel.

"You're telling me dude.... did you see how fucking mad he was?"

"Yeah and the way he was shoving people left and right.... most of them were laughing their asses off at his misfortune." Clark added.

"So where now handsome?" Josh asked, looking over at his handsome date.

"How about your place, the night is still young and why not go for a stroll along the beach."

"Now that sounds romantic, and you did promise me that you'd work some of your magic didn't you?"

"We'll see Joshy, now drive like the wind," he said moving over next to him.

He ran his hands up and down Josh's leg as he drove. Josh squirmed in his seat as Clark got ever closer to his crotch. Suddenly Clark rubbed his hand around Josh's cock and then unzipped his fly taking out his large manhood.

"Damn Clark, how am I going to drive with you doing that to me," Josh asked lifting up so Clark could slide his pants down.

"I'm sure you'll find a way sugar, but just remember this truck belongs to my dad."

Clark looked around and then went down on Josh's exposed cock that was now sticking straight up. He swerved as the sensational thrill rushed through his groin.

"Oh fuck babe that feels so good," Josh said, regaining control of the truck.

Josh reached down and moved the seat all the way back so that Clark has plenty of head room. He continued sucking his cock with fury and lust.

"I'm real close Clark... oh fuck suck that cock I'm going to cum," he shouted and he shot his cum into Clark's waiting mouth.

"Mmmmmm," Clark said as he swallowed each precious drop.

Josh was beside himself with ecstasy as he shot load after load of his hot seed into Clark's eager mouth. He couldn't stop - the rhythm had taken over his body. He pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the truck, just as Clark was starting to sit up. Josh pulled him up to his face and they kissed hard and violently, as Josh continued to ride out the afterglow of his climax.

"Fuck me Clark, right here and right now," he said removing his jeans.

"Are you sure babe, we don't have any lube," he said, but Josh reached into the glove box and retrieved a bottle of KY gel.

"Damn, you come prepared don't you," he said as they removed their pants.

They recline the seats and Josh lies down across the bench seat with Clark between his legs. Clark raised Josh's legs and placed them on his shoulders, as he put some lube on his fingers. Gently, he worked it into Josh's tender rosebud, and then added some to his own cock.

"Are you sure about this sugar," he asked positioning his cock to Josh's rosebud.

"Yeah Clark, now give me it all at once and fuck me like I was the last man on earth."

Clark gave a hard push and entered Josh's ass and he kept going until he bottomed. Josh let out a slight moan as he pulled Clark down for a kiss, and they continue to kiss deeply until Josh was accustomed to Clark's size. Clark broke the kiss when he felt Josh start to relax, then he began to fuck him aggressively.

"Yeah babe, fuck me hard and deep. Make me beg to cum again sweetheart," Josh yelled as Clark slammed home into Josh's tight ass.

Soon he had a rhythm that became deep and almost violent, and was fucking Josh with the fury of a wild stallion. It didn't take long, because Clark hadn't had sex since he was it with Blaine, and now is at his edge.

"I'm going to cum stud, should I pull out?" he asked.

"I'll kill you if you do.... now fuck me for all you're worth superman."

Clark slammed his cock deeper into Josh's ass, and soon was shooting his seed.

"Ahhhhhh fuck ride my cock Joshy," he shouted as he slammed hard and fast into the bucking Josh.

He kept shooting his seed as the rhythm took over, as the smell of sex filled the cab.

"I can't stop shooting babe," he shouted as he continued to fill Josh's ass with his cum.

"Give me every drop you got babe."

He shoots it for several more seconds and then he starts to slow down, and he collapses on top of his man.

"That was one terrific fuck Josh," Clark said pulling his cock out of his ass, when a knock on the window bounced them into reality.

A flashlight lit up the interior of the cab and the boys scramble to get their pants on, however the state trooper doesn't allow them the pleasure.

"Out of the truck now boys," the trooper said in a cold military tone. "We have laws against this kind of behavior in public, even here in Provincetown," he added.

He flashed the light into their faces and noticed that it was Andy and Michael's son.

"You're Andy's boy aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes officer, I'm Clark Butler and you must be Dan."

"What the fuck are you two doing out here fucking for? Don't either of you have a room somewhere?"

"Yes sir but we just got carried away and didn't make it home," Clark explained.

Dan shone his light down at the boys' manhood's, and he can't help remark on their size.

"Damn boys even soft you've a pretty impressive package there. Clark you must take after your dad, I remember seeing him in the showers and I know he's well endowed."

Clark looked over at Josh and gave him a wink, then moved closer to Dan.

"So Officer Dan what else do you remember about the showers?" Clark asked as he rubbed the officer's crotch.

"Boys please this isn't right," he said stepping back against the truck while Josh rubbed his ass.

"Now what isn't right Officer Dan, I can feel you rising in that handsome uniform of yours," Clarks said and dropped to his knees.

He unzipped Dan's pants as Josh planted a hard and passionate kiss on the officer's mouth. Josh pushed his tongue against Dan's mouth until he opened it to let Josh's tongue in. Clark now had his cock deep down his throat, and is working it up to its full hardness.

"Oh fuck boys this isn't right... but damn... please don't stop." Dan said breathing heavily.

Clark sucked up and down on Dan's now ridged member, and Josh knelt down beside him. Clark offered the cock to Josh who swallowed it down, and slowly moved back up the shaft. He ran his mouth and tongue all around the sensitive head, putting Dan beside himself with pleasure.

"Oh fuck boys I'm going to cum," he moaned as he shot his first volley into Josh's mouth. Clark hurried and took the next two volleys in his mouth, before he passed Dan's cock back to Josh. Dan finished cumming and slumped against the truck, as Clark stood up and kissed him. Josh stood after he'd gotten all he could get of Dan's juices. Then he too, kissed Dan, then Clark.

"God damn boys, I surely didn't expect that when I stopped here tonight. Ah.... could we keep this between us and not your dads?" he asked Clark.

"Sure thing Dan, but remember you owe us one." Clark replied.

"Fuck anything, anytime boys. Is gay sex always like this?"

"Yep and more officer.... sometime you'll have to come by our place and let us show you how we make love." Clark said giving Josh a smile.

"I just might take you up on that boys, now get dressed and go home."

Slowly, Dan walked back to his car on wobbly legs muttering something to himself, while the boys dressed, got in the truck and continued their journey home.

"Man that was hot... doing a state trooper Clark."

"Yeah but what's hotter is that he owes us a favor. I like having a cop, especially a state trooper in my corner."

"Did you know he'd go along with us before we made a move on him?"

"Hell no, I was just hoping that his hormones from seeing our naked bodies were doing their thing to his head. When I touched his crotch and felt his erection in full bloom, bam, I knew we had him. I don't like doing things like this, but I had to get us out of this scrape and get him into our corner."

"God after tonight, I'm glad you're on my side. Hey wait a minute.... what you said to Dan just hit me. You invited him to stop by `OUR PLACE'."

"Yeah I did didn't I love," Clark said.

"So Clark, will you be my guy forever and for keeps?" Josh asked glancing over at Clark.

"Only if you can be my guy and mine alone sweetheart.... contrary to what happened tonight love, I'm not one to have multiple partners. Nor do I tolerate my man having them either."

"I'll be true to you as long as there's a breath in my lungs Clark. I fell in love with you the night you came down those stairs with those smokin' leather pants on. I knew I had to make you my man."

"Then yes sweetheart, I'll be your mate and life partner. Because I fell in love with you when you asked me if I was gay. That took some balls to ask a total stranger that Josh."

"Welcome to our home baby, I hope you like it," Josh said as he threw the truck in park. "Don't move stay right there," and he rushed out his door and ran around to Clark's side.

He opened the door and offered his hand to Clark. Clark took his hand as he got out of the truck. Josh pulled him into a passionate kiss.

"I love you Clark Simpson with my entire heart." Josh declared

"I love you Joshua Putnam-Parker more than my life and with each beat of my heart."

They went inside the house, and Clark was immediately taken by the beauty of the place - a quaint cape that was furnished in the old New England style, with each piece in its place. Josh had Clark wait in the living room while he disappears into another room, soon appearing with a box. He got down on one knee and opened the box in front of Clark asking...

"Clark Simpson would you marry me?" he asked holding up an exquisite platinum and diamond ring.

"My God Josh.... this is totally breath taking and O God yes sweetheart, I'll marry you."

They kissed passionately after Josh slipped the ring on Clark's ring finger. It's a perfect fit and Clark was surprised by that fact.

"How did you know my ring size sweetheart?"

"I didn't.... I bought that ring many years ago in Burlington from Lippa's Jewelry. It only came in that size and was a one of a kind. So I said that my future husband would have to fit that ring and.... well there you go.... it fits babe."

"Oh Josh how sweet and romantic of you," Clark said as tears started to fill his eyes. "I can now feel like my life is going in the right direction sweetheart. You've made me a truly happy man."

Josh stood up and took his future husband up to his bedroom. They undressed and got into bed. Soon the two were fast asleep holding each other close.


Shane and Thom were sitting in their bedroom talking about how much they loved the cape.

"What would you think about moving down here to live Shane?"

"Are you serious.... I was just thinking the same thing today. But what would our dads say?"

"It's our lives now and we can live wherever we want to live. Besides I hate living in Vermont, it's so boring and there are no bars where we can hang out with our gay friends. We can find jobs here and besides, we have the money my dad Thomas left me too."

"Babe that's for your education and your dad wants you to get a degree."

"I will, but I can get it online babe and while I'm working. Besides, you have to get your degree also mister."

"I have one already from an online school in criminology sweetheart."

"When did you get that? I've never seen you online working on an online degree?"

"I had it when I got to UVM Thom, my dad had it on his computer and I signed up for the courses and took them. I graduated in August before school started. So I can work for a police department somewhere."

"I don't know if I want you to work where you could be killed love. What would I do without you in my life?"

"Don't worry Thom.... this is the cape and nothing ever happens here very dangerous."

"Still I don't want you to be a cop. I worried every time my dad went out to work. My dad that I'm named after use to listen to a scanner all the time. But when my other dad got home he had to hide it. I guess it goes back to the time before I came along and they almost broke up over a scanner."

"So I'll get you a scanner to listen to babe. That way you can keep tabs on your husband."

"What... what did you just call me.... I mean you?"

"Your husband sweetheart.... why? Thomas Andrew Butler-Sullivan, would you marry me and be my husband?"

"Shane you're being serious here, aren't you love?"

"Of course I am and here my lover, just to prove it...." he opened up a box and held up a diamond and gold ring. "I love you Thom and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I want to spend it with you also my lover. Yes I'll marry you Shane Bradley and be your husband."

They kissed passionately as they sealed the next step to their union. But are they both convinced about this choice?

"I guess we'll have to tell our dads about our wanting to move here."

"Yeah, but we can wait until the morning because right now I want to make love with my husband-to-be."

"I love you Shane, but do you mind if we just cuddle tonight.... I'm tired and really not up for a lot of sex."

"If that is what you want sweetheart. You just bring yourself over here to me and let me hold you tonight while we drift off to dreamland."

"I love you Shane with my entire being lover."

"I love you more sugar," he answered kissing the back of his head as Thom looks at the ring on his finger.

They cuddled together and soon they are off to dreamland.


Danny and Andrew were off on their honeymoon to the beautiful island of Aruba. The plane landed just before dark. After a short taxi ride, they entered their hotel.

"Good day Mr. Wilkes and Mr. Wilkes. Your room is ready and if you'll just sign here, I'll have the bellhop take your bags up."

They signed the register and then followed the bellhop up to their room. Their spacious room overlooked the blue waters of the Caribbean. They tipped the lad and Danny took his new husband into his arms.

"I love you so much Andy Wilkes."

"I love you also sweetheart and I love the sound of that name."

"I love the ring you picked out for me with the diamonds and sapphires. What made you decide on sapphires babe?"

"It's our birth stone so I thought it'd be good to add it to your ring. Do you really like it Danny?"

"I love it, but not as much as I love you my husband. Now let's go get something to eat, I'm famished."

"I am too babe and then I want to make love with you all night."

They headed downstairs to the restaurant and Philippe, the maître D, showed them to their table. They were reading their menus when a lady from Danny's past came over to their table.

"Daniel.... Daniel Wilkes?" she asked.

"Alicia, my God how nice to see you," Danny said standing up and giving her a hug. "What are you doing here in Aruba?"

"I'm here on business for my law firm.... my God Danny how long has it been.... five years?"

"At least that.... maybe six Alicia."

"And why are you here and who is this young man with you?"

"Ah.... this is a good friend of mine, Andrew Butler, and well.... we're here on vacation," Danny replied. Andrew was rather shocked and hurt by the way he was introduced.

"Nice to meet you Andrew, Danny and I go way back," she offered.

"Well we seem to have a shorter `FRIENDSHIP' and one that is about to end in the very near future. If you would both excuse me, I have to go to my room." Andrew said with some distain in his voice and then abruptly left the restaurant, while Danny and Alicia watch with some questioning stares.

"A rather strange duck isn't he," Alicia added as Andrew walked away. "Danny what ever happened to you after that night we made love in my daddy's boat house?" she asked.

"My mother died and dad took me away for an extended trip. He had an extremely hard time dealing with my mother's death. We eventually settled in Boston and have been living there ever since. Did you ever marry Alicia?"

"Twice, but neither seemed to work out with my schedule. I'm working on number three now and next month's the wedding. What about you, did you ever marry?"

"Me.... why no Alicia, I never met the gal that could do it for me."

"Well can we have a heart to heart talk love? There's something I think you should know." Alicia said quietly.

"Sure Alicia, you sound so serious."

"Let's go sit in the lounge.... it'll be more comfy and private there."

They left the restaurant, with Danny telling Philippe that he would return. He and Alicia strolled over to the small lounge and took a seat at a corner table.

"You remember that night we made love in the boat house Danny?" she began.

"Of course I remember, it changed my life forever, why?"

"Well it changed mine also.... I got pregnant from that first time and had a baby boy. My daddy and mama were furious at me because I was single and only sixteen."

Danny is quiet for a minute before he spoke. "Did you keep the baby Alicia?"

"Yes and I was asked to leave my parents house because I refused to... one, tell them who the father was, and two, to give up the baby. I moved in with my mother's sister who mama never got along with. I finished school and graduated from Harvard Law School. I married fresh out of high school, but that lasted just three months. I then married a guy from law school and again that lasted one year. Each time both husbands hated the fact I had a son. Now I'm about to marry again and this husband to be wants me to put Noah in a boarding school."

"You named him Noah?"

"Yes, Noah Daniel Wilkes, I listed you as his father Danny. Well to make a long story short love, I don't like the idea of putting Noah into a boarding school, but I really want to make this marriage work Danny. Troy is a fantastic man and he really loves me but.... Noah doesn't like him. He tried with Noah, really he did, but Noah refuses to let him get close to him. They fight constantly when they're together, and all I do is referee. So now.... I think fate has brought us together Danny.... I want you to take your son and raise him. He needs a father's guidance, his real father's guidance. So would you consider it snuckums?"

"Wow.... a son Alicia. Can I talk it over with my..." but he cuts his words short.

"Your what? I thought you said you weren't married?"

"I did, I mean my friend Andrew."

"Why would you want that flakes advice? I don't care, but I leave tomorrow at two, so let me know early love."

"I will Alicia.... I'll let you know in the morning."

They bid goodnight and Danny headed upstairs to his room. He opened the door calling out for Andrew.

"Andy where are you babe?" he called out to his husband. "Sweetheart, are you in here?" he asked to the empty room.

He looked in the bedroom and there on the pillow was an envelope with his name on it. He picked it up and read the outside....



it read in bold black letters. Danny sat on the bed, his heart sinking as his introduction of Andrew to Alicia return to him. He opened the envelope and took out the letter slowly to read it.


To my darling husband,

It is with a heavy heart that I right this letter to you Daniel. I don't know if you realize it, but you hurt me deeply when you introduced me not only as your good friend, but also as Andrew Butler. You might as well put a knife in through my heart Daniel. In a million years I would never now introduce you, my husband, as either a good friend or by your maiden name. I know she was someone from your past, but didn't I deserve more than what you showed me to her? I took our vows truly feeling that would be for life, but after tonight you have hurt me too deeply for forgiveness. I have arranged for a flight home in the morning and I will be divorcing you as soon as I get back home.

Your past good friend

Andrew Butler



"No.... Andrew.... my God what have I done to you?"

To be continued....

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