Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Sixteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in Chapter 15...


They bid goodnight and Danny headed upstairs to his room. He opened the door calling out for Andrew.

"Andy where are you babe?" he called out to his husband. "Sweetheart, are you in here?" he asked to the empty room.

He looked in the bedroom and there on the pillow was an envelope with his name on it. He picked it up and read the outside....



It read in bold black letters. Danny sat on the bed, his heart sinking as his introduction of Andrew to Alicia returns to him. He opened the envelope and took out the letter to read it.


To my darling husband,

It is with a heavy heart that I right this letter to you Daniel. I don't know if you realize it, but you hurt me deeply when you introduced me not only as your good friend, but also as Andrew Butler. You might as well put a knife in through my heart Daniel. In a million years, I would never now introduce you, my husband, either as a good friend or by your maiden name. I know she was someone from your past, but didn't I deserve more than what you showed me to her? I took our vows truly feeling that would be for life, but after tonight you have hurt me too deeply for forgiveness. I have arranged for a flight home in the morning and I will be divorcing you as soon as I get back home.

Your past good friend

Andrew Butler



"No.... Andrew.... my God what have I done to you?"

Now Chapter Sixteen...


Daniel lay on the bed crying, clutching the letter in his hand. His heart was breaking because he'd lost the one man that he loved and who had loved him.

"My God how could I have been so insensitive and embarrassed to not be proud of my Andrew," he cried out.

He got up and ran from the room hoping that he could still find his husband. Downstairs in the lobby, he ran into Alicia.

"Daniel, what on earth is the matter with you? You look as if you were crying love," she exclaimed.

"I have been because the love of my life has left me because I was afraid to let you know I was gay. You see Alicia, Andrew isn't my best friend, yeah well he is but, he's my husband and we're here on our honeymoon. Now if you still want me to take my son, then I think you'll have to think it over.... because once I find that man of mine, I must ask.... no beg for his forgiveness. You see, he means more to me than you or any son does in this world Alicia."

"You don't have to beg me sweetheart," Andrew said from behind Daniel. "I heard and I forgive you my husband." Daniel turned and they fell into each other's arms and kissed so passionately. They were totally lost to the rest of the world.

"I am so sorry Andrew for not introducing you as my husband. I let my feelings of shame and embarrassments cause me to shove aside how I truly feel for you. Alicia, I want you to meet my husband... Andrew Butler-Wilkes."

"It's a pleasure to meet you again Andrew, especially now... the way you should have really been introduced."

"Thank you Alicia and please forgive me for the way I left abruptly earlier, but I was hurt and couldn't contain my emotions."

"Andrew we need to talk about something that'll change our lives babe." Danny said.

"I heard Daniel.... you have a child.... a son. If Alicia still wants you - or rather us to raise him, I'd be proud to be a dad to him too."

"Are you sure babe, because it means being a dad twenty-four seven?"

"I'm sure because he's a part of you my husband. I love you and it means having a very special part of you in our home."

"Well Alicia.... now you know the truth about me, what do you say?" Danny asked.

"I think you both would make a loving couple for Noah, and I think he'd get use to having his dad... or rather two dads around. Let me talk with him when I get home and I'll give you a call Daniel. Now you two enjoy your honeymoon and I'll be talking to you in a week."

"Thank you Alicia for being so understanding, it means so much to me. Here's my cell number and Andrew's, call us in a week when we get back home." Danny said

"Are you still living in Boston love?" Alicia asked.

"Well at the moment we're considering moving to the cape, but if you'd rather I kept Noah in Boston, then Boston is where we'll live."

"You two live where ever you choose to live sugar, as long as you're both happy. Noah will be happy just being with his daddy and I'll be comforted knowing he's loved."

"You can believe he will be loved Alicia," Andrew said. "I have always wanted a child of my own."

"Well until next week love... have a great honeymoon guys" Then before leaving, Alicia gave both of them a kiss goodbye.

"Are you one hundred percent sure love, that you want my son as your own?" Danny asked.

"Sweetheart, if I didn't I wouldn't be here with you.... now take me to dinner before I pass out."

It was one week later when Daniel and Andrew flew into Bradley Airport in Hartford Connecticut. They rented a car and drove down to Simsbury - to the home of Alicia Barnett. Alicia had spoken to five-year-old Noah. He was excited to meet his real daddy, but he wasn't sure if he liked the idea of having two daddies, however he knew that if he wanted to live with his dad, and that was something that he really did want, he'd have to accept his dad's partner.

"Daniel, Andrew welcome and come on in," Alicia said as she greeted them at the door. "Noah's been excited all week about meeting you Daniel. I told him that the one condition for living with you is that he has to accept Andrew also. He's in the parlor watching Sponge Bob, his favorite cartoon."

They followed Alicia into the parlor, and there on the floor watching TV is a beautiful blond haired, blue-eyed boy. He's the spitting image of Daniel who stopped in his tracks to take in the site.

"Noah your daddy's here son," Alicia said with her hand on Daniel's shoulder. Noah looked up at Daniel.

He jumped to his feet and ran to Daniel, who knelt down with his arms outstretched to Noah.

"Daddy!" he shouted with all the excitement that a five-year-old possesses. "You finally came for me!"

"Noah my son, it feels so good to meet you. I hope we all will be good friends together. This is my partner Andrew, he lives with me and we're married."

"Married.... like mommy and her last husband were?"

"Yes son, but the only difference is we're two men instead. Can you say hello to Andrew son?"

"Hello.... ah.... do I call you Andrew or daddy too?"

"You can call me whatever you want to Noah," Andrew said kneeling down also.

"Hi daddy... Yeah, I like that better than Andrew."

"I do too Noah, I do too." Andrew said with a warm smile as he too hugged Noah.

"Well how about lunch, Carl's prepared a marvelous lunch for all of us," Alicia began. "I also have the necessary legal papers for you and I to sign, making the custody transfer legal. I do hope I'm doing the right thing here Daniel. Noah's been my only link to you over the years. I always thought that once you knew of his existence, you and I would end up together. Can I ask you love, were you gay when we made love years ago?"

"I think so, but I couldn't admit it to myself. I thought that if I had sex with a girl, I'd be straight afterwards."

"Well I can see that I didn't possess the magic you needed to change you, now did I?" she asked smiling.

"It wasn't you Alicia.... it was me and well.... a matter of me accepting the fact that I was gay. Once I did, I never looked back at `what if'."

They had a marvelous lunch and all too soon it was time for their very emotional departure from the comfort Noah's present home.

"Goodbye mommy and I hope you'll be happy without me to bother you and your new husband." Noah said as they stood at the doorway.

"Oh sweetheart, you were never a bother to me. I love you Noah and I'll be coming to see you real soon once you have gotten settled ok." Alicia said fighting back the tears.

"Ok mommy and I love you to mommy," Noah said giving her a big hug and kiss.

Timidly he took Daniel and Andrew's hands and walked out to the car. Andrew strapped him into the car seat, as he waved to a teary-eyed Alicia.

"I love you mommy, don't forget me," he shouted before Andrew shut the door.

"I won't my love, I won't ever forget you," she said holding her hand to her face.

They slowly drove off, while Noah waved feverishly out the window. His mother waved back until they are out of sight. Daniel looked in the rearview mirror, and Noah has tears running down his small face.

"She'll come to see you real soon son," Daniel said.

"I know, but I'll still miss her daddy." Noah responded.

"It's ok to miss her because she's going to miss you too."

They turned the car in and took a shuttle to the airport. The short chartered flight from Hartford to the cape was comfortable. Then they had a long drive home and soon they were at Daniel's house.

Before they got out of the car, Daniel had to explain what he who he'll meet when he goes into the house.

"Now Noah, you are going to be meeting your grandpa's and some uncle's of yours. They don't know you're coming home with us, so it is going to be a big surprise for them."

"What if they don't like me daddy?" Noah asked rather intimidated at the thought of meeting so many people at once.

"They're going to love you just as much as I do Noah. Your grandfather Andy loves children and so does your grandfather Michael." Danny reassured him.

They went into the house, but no one is around, however, a note on the table tells them that they have gone out to dinner.

"Well I guess the surprise is on us son," Andrew said. "They all went out to dinner and won't be back for a while."

"Can we go out to eat daddy.... mommy didn't like to take me out to dinner with her and her boyfriends."

"Well Noah that sounds like a great idea doesn't it babe," he asked Andrew.

"And I think I know just the place to go Noah, do you like seafood Noah?" Andrew asked.

"Is seafood fish daddy?"

"Yes it is why?"

"'cause I like fish and mommy says it's good for you."

"Good then we're going to go out for fish son," Andrew said giving Noah a hug.

"Why did you do that.... hug me daddy?" Noah asked.

"Because I love you and you make me so happy just being you son." Andrew replied smiling.

"Really, you love me? Mommy's boyfriends never told me that they loved me, not even when they married her." Noah said sadly.

"Well in this family son, you're going to hear it everyday and many times a day, so get use to it sweetheart." Andrew said.

"I love you too daddy," he said hugging Andrew tightly.

Daniel stood there as tears glossed his eyes over as he watched the love that unfolded before him. His heart was touched by not only his son, but by the man he called his husband.

"Why don't you go wash your hands and we can go Noah," Andrew suggested.

"Ok daddy," and he marched off to the bathroom. "Daddy," then he motioned to Daniel and whispered, "I love my other daddy a lot, just as much as you daddy."

"Me too son, me too," he said smiling at Andrew.

The three of them headed out to their favorite seafood restaurant, and were seated immediately.

Daniel was looking over the menu when he looked up and saw his dads and brothers all eating over in the corner.

"Sweetheart look over in the corner by the big window," he said to Andrew who turned to glance in the direction Daniel indicated.

"Its dad and the guys. Can we go over and see them or would you rather wait Daniel." Andrew said.

"I have a better idea... Noah you see those guys over in the corner," and he said pointing in Andy's and Michael's direction.

"Yeah daddy, the ones with the red shirt and the blue ones on you mean?"

"That's right son, they're your grandfathers. How about we play a trick on them.... you do like tricks don't you?" He asked.

"Yeah daddy I do.... Carl said I was too good at them though. I'd play them on mommy's boyfriends all the time and they'd get soooo mad. Would my grandpas get mad at me?"

"No way son, this is going to be a good trick. I want you to wander over and pretend you're lost and hungry. Once they start talking to you, ask them if you can have something to eat with them. Your Grandpa Andy can't resist a sad face, so give them your best sad face son."

"This is going to be fun daddy," he said getting down from his chair.

Daniel motioned to his waiter and he explained what they were doing. The waiter was amused by the joke and more than willing to go along with them. As it turned out, he was Andy and Michael's waiter also.

Slowing Noah wandered over towards Andy's and Michael's table and started to whine once he was in ear shot, rubbing his eyes together with tears of sadness.

"Hey little boy are you lost," Andy asked turning to talk to Noah directly, although Noah was turning away, pretending not to notice them.

"I don't have a home," he said finally turning towards Andy, "my mamma threw me out when she came home drunk, and I'm very hungry mister." he said still whining.

Andy and the rest of the guys were shocked by the news and shocked that a mother could just abandon a very young child like this on the street.

"Waiter," Andy called out and motioned their waiter over to them. "Do you know anything about this boy?" he asked.

"Only that he was sitting against the building earlier sir, and that he looked like he would freeze to death. So the head waiter brought him in to warm up.... why do you ask... is he your child?"

"No, but he claims his mother tossed him out after she came home drunk." Andy replied.

"Yeah that was the same thing we got from him. Maybe you can get him to tell you his name, we haven't been able to." Then the waiter turned and walked away stifling a smile and pretending not to be interested.

"What's your name young man," Michael asked, now turned around and interested.

"Why, you gonna have my momma taken to jail for leavin' me mister?"

"I should, but no kid, I just wanted to know who you are." Andy explained.

"Noah.... but you said you wouldn't do anything." Noah replied.

"Noah what, son, what's your last name." Andy inquired.

"Don't got one, so don't ask mister."

"Smart ass little shit isn't he," Michael said turning back to his plate.

"Michael Bradley! What do you expect from a kid that's probably had to raise himself? Would you like to have something to eat with us Noah?"

"That would be nice as long as I don't gotta sit next to him," Noah said, pointing at Michael. "He hates kids.... I can tell."

"No I don't hate kids' buster, I just don't like fresh ones." Michael added.

"Hey Noah, come on over and sit with us," Shane said making room between him and Thom.

Noah walked cautiously around the table and over to where Shane and Thom were sitting. When he crawled under the table to get past Thom, he noticed Clark fondling Josh.

"Hey mister why are you touching his peepee," Noah asked Clark who immediately turned many shades of red as did Josh.

"Ah.... sorry Noah," Clark said apologetically, "you weren't supposed to see that. Sorry dad, really I am."

Andy shot Clark a sharp look, then asked Noah, "What would you like to eat Noah?"

"Fish, I love fish." Noah said shyly.

Andy called the waiter over and ordered a fish and chip dinner for Noah. The waiter glanced over at Daniel who was signaling him over. He put in the order and then went over to Daniel's table.

"When the order's ready let me know, I want to deliver it to the table. There's a good size tip ah.... Mark, in this for you," he said smiling.

"Thank you sir and I'll signal you over once it's ready." Mark acknowledged.

About fifteen minutes later, Mark gave Daniel the sign that the dinner was ready. Daniel carefully maneuvered his way over to the kitchen. Noah saw him walking and created a mild disturbance to make the guys at his table look at him instead of the kitchen area.

"Damn that kid is good, I'm glad he is on my side," Daniel said to himself.

Daniel put on an apron, took the tray with the fish and chip dinner on it, and headed out into the restaurant. The way he held the tray it blocked his face.

"Give me the dinner young man.... I want to cool it down so he doesn't get burned." Andy said.

"Sure thing gramps," Daniel said smiling as he set the plate in front of Andy.

Daniel! When did you get back! Andrew son!" he exclaimed as he stood up.

Michael got up as well as the others leaving Noah sitting alone.

"We came in about two hours ago dad. We saw your note so we decided to surprise you."

"Helloooo, I'm still here," Noah said holding his hands up in the air as he stood around the group.

"And who is this little guy?" Andrew asked, stifling a grin.

"Just some fresh mouth brat that's taken over the table. The only cute thing he did was catch Clark fondling Josh under the table. Other than that he doesn't have any manners." Michael answered.

"Michael please, he's had a bad start to his childhood." Andy said.

Andy explained what the kid told them.

Then Daniel looked at Andrew. "Well if his mother doesn't appreciate him, I guess we'll just have to keep him for ourselves. What do you think Andrew?"

"I think it's a great idea. So how about it kid, you want to be our little boy and live with us?" Andrew asked.

"Will I have to live with that grouchy old man?" Noah asked pointing to Michael.

"Hey I ain't grouchy and I ain't old," Michael snapped.

"Of course not little guy, just Andrew here and me." Daniel replied.

"Sure mister that sounds cool, can I call you daddy too?" Noah asked.

"Sure can Noah," Daniel replied, but then he then realized no one had told him his name.

"How did you know his name was Noah, Daniel?" Andy said suspiciously.

"Ah.... someone called him that... I think." Danny said hesitantly.

"Noooo, no one ever said his name." Michael said, equally suspicious.

"SURPRISE GRANDFATHERS!" Noah shouted and everyone turned suddenly staring at Noah with surprise on their faces.

"Daniel what's going on here?" Andy asked.

"Surprise dad, Noah's our son," he said putting his arm around Andrew.

"I'm sorry Grandpa Michael for acting like a little shit, but daddy wanted me to play a trick on you and well.... gotcha good grandpa," and he threw his arms around Michael's neck.

"Damned if you ain't a chip off the ol' block Noah. Welcome to the family." Michael said laughing.

Andrew and Danny sat with the others and they explained how they came to get Noah and how they were going to be living at the cape from now on.

"But what about your education son, you'll need it one today to get ahead in this world."

"I have a degree from the University of Phoenix I got online in Criminal Justice. I'm going to try and get on a police force here on the cape."

"Not a cop son please, it's not a pleasant life for you or your husband. I know, your dad Thomas and I fought over it for years, and now Michael and I wish we hadn't gotten back into it. And what about you Andrew, how are you going to get a degree living here on the cape?"

"Online dad like Daniel did. It'll allow me to stay home with our son and get my degree also. Come on dad instead of fighting us on this; why not just be happy for us."

"He's right Andy, it's their life, so let them live it how they want," Michael added in their defense. "No one told you how to live your life did they?"

"Ok.... ok, I know when I'm beat. I just hope you're happy here and don't regret your choice. I love you both and want only for your happiness my loves, and if this is where you find it, then I'm truly happy for you."

"Hey bro look at this," Thom said holding out his hand. "I'm engaged to be married to Shane."

"Well it's about time you proposed bro, and made my brother an honest man. So when is the big day guys?" Danny asked.

"We want a small wedding Memorial Day weekend on the beach."

"That's a nice time to get married bros and I wish you both the best." Andrew added.

"Well they aren't the only one that got engaged while you were gone bro," Clark said holding out his hand.

"No fucking way Clark, who are you marrying bro?" Andrew asked.

"The fucking governor.... Josh here of course."

"I know, I was just kidding you bro. So when were you two planning on getting married... Oh my God, look at that ring Daniel," Andrew shouted.

"We're not telling and we're just going to elope. I always wanted a big family wedding and although I have a new family now, I just can't do it with Brad and mom gone. Josh totally supports my decision and well... you tell them babe."

"We got married yesterday at the town hall, with Shane and Thom as our witnesses."

Everyone congratulated the happy couple, and then Andy and Michael sat back with tears in their eyes.

"Dad I'm sorry if I hurt the two of you," Clark said kneeling between Andy and Michael's chairs.

"You didn't son, we're very happy for the two of you. It's just that we're losing our boys right before our eyes, aren't we Michael?" Andy said.

"Yeah and I can't wait to have your hot ass anywhere in the house I want now," Michael replied provoking Andy to smack him hard on the arm.

"Michael Butler-Bradley, you just wait and see where you don't get my hot ass."

"What is he talking about daddy," Noah asked drawing attention to the fact that a child was present.

"You're too young to know those things son. I'll explain it to you when you're older," Danny said as he shot a look at the others.

"Sorry Danny.... Andrew, we forgot that Noah was even here," Michael said.

When there meal was served, they sat eating their dinner. Midway through their meal, an explosion rocked the restaurant. Wood and glass flew everywhere as smoke and fire now filled the room....

To be continued....

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