Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Seventeen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in Chapter 16:

"We're not telling and we're just going to elope.  I always wanted a big family wedding and although I have a new family now, I just can't do it with Brad and mom gone.  Josh totally supports my decision and well... you tell them babe."

"We got married yesterday at the town hall, with Shane and Thom as our witnesses."

Everyone congratulated the happy couple, and then Andy and Michael sat back with tears in their eyes.

"Dad I'm sorry if I hurt the two of you," Clark said kneeling between Andy and Michael's chairs.

"You didn't son, we're very happy for the two of you.  It's just that we're losing our boys right before our eyes, aren't we Michael?"  Andy said.

"Yeah and I can't wait to have your hot ass anywhere in the house I want now," Michael replied provoking Andy to smack him hard on the arm.

"Michael Butler-Bradley, you just wait and see where you don't get my hot ass."

"What is he talking about daddy," Noah asked drawing attention to the fact that a child was present.

"You're too young to know those things son.  I'll explain it to you when you're older," Danny said as he shot a look at the others.

"Sorry Danny.... Andrew, we forgot that Noah was even here," Michael said.

When there meal was served, they sat eating their dinner.  Midway through their meal, an explosion rocked the restaurant.  Wood and glass flew everywhere as smoke and fire now filled the room....

And now Chapter 17:

"Daddy where are you," Noah yelled out in the smoke filled room.

"I'm here son, get down on the floor and come towards my voice," Daniel said over the din of screams, breaking china, and crackling flames.  "Andrew are you alright?" But there was no answer.  "Andrew where are you babe," he screamed as Noah reached him.

"We have him son," Andy yelled, "but I think something hit him on the head.  I think he's unconscious son.  Get Noah out of here.  Michael and I'll get Andrew out."

"Thom, Clark, Josh, Shane... are you alright," Michael yelled out.

"We're all here dad.... we're fine.  We have some minor cuts, but other than that we're fine," Shane shouted back over the chaotic noise.

"The exit is just to our left and if we remain calm, we can all make it out boys," Andy yelled above the noise and cries of the other customers and staff in the restaurant.

Together with Andy and Michael dragging Andrew by the armpits, the boys hurriedly crawled on their hands and knees through glass and burning pieces of wood to the safety of the outdoors, coughing and sputtering from the lack of oxygen and toxic fumes in their lungs.

Once outside the rescue workers along with the town firemen guide them to safer ground.  Andrew was immediately taken to another area where the medics could assess his condition.  After being administered fresh air from oxygen masks, each of the boys felt better.  The worst injuries were small cuts to everyone's hands from the shards of broken glass that they had to crawl through getting out of the restaurant. 

As soon as they could, Daniel and Noah made their way over to the paramedics that were attending to Andrew.

"Oh my God, how is he?"  Daniel asked biting his bottom lips, fighting to keep the tears from flowing from his eyes.

The medic glanced up.  "We don't know for sure," the medic answered, "His pulse is kinda thready and we're not sure about any brain damage.  There's an air evac helicopter on its way."

As soon as the words were spoken, the roaring blades of the helicopter were heard at the intersection.  The medics quickly loaded Andrew onto their gurney and started to take him to the helicopter.

"Dad," Daniel said with tears brimming his eyes, "Their going to air lift him to the hospital.  I want to go with him, but..."  Daniel was distraught over Andrew, but was torn whether to stay with Noah or go with Andrew.

"Go with your husband son," Andy said taking Noah from him.  "Noah will be fine with us and you can be there once he wakes up."

Needing no more encouragement, Daniel hugged Noah, and hopped into the helicopter and it immediately lifted off for Mass. General Hospital.  He sat and prayed as he watched the medics work on Andrew.  The scurry in the helicopter had him worried as they inserted another needle into his arm.

Although he didn't know everything that was being displayed, he did recognize the steady tone of the monitor. Andrew's heart had flat lined.  Daniel began to cry as he watched the medics work, desperately trying to get Andrew's heart beating again.

"Oh please God don't take him from me, you already have my dad and mom."  Daniel pleaded.

The medics continued to work feverishly pumping his chest for several minutes until they heard the steady `beep, beep, beep' of the monitor once again.

"He's back son," a medic announced.  Daniel looked up, tears running down his cheeks.

"Thank you," he said with a great deal of relief.

A half hour later, they landed on the helio-pad of the hospital, where a team of doctors and nurses were waiting to meet them.  They immediately rushed Andrew into the hospital and out of sight, as a nurse led Daniel to a waiting room.

"Once the trauma team has finished their work, the lead doctor will be out to confer with you," one of the nurses said.  "We have coffee and cold drinks in the kitchen over there if you wish for something to drink."  And with that she was gone, leaving Daniel now sitting alone in the small waiting room.

He sat and looked out the window that overlooked the skyline of Boston.  He thought about how quickly his marriage could come to a stop when it's only begun.  Again, he started to cry.  He felt a hand gently rest on his shoulder, making him look up into the face of an orderly.

"I'm Corey, are you alright sir?" he asked.  "Can I help you in any way?"

He sat beside Daniel, and listened to Daniel words as he told him about the events of the evening and how he was waiting to hear about his husband.

"I don't know what I would do if I was to lose him," he finished, drying his eyes.

"You take a deep breath each morning and go on," Corey said quietly.  "I know... I lost my husband, Martin, to cancer last year.  It seems like you can't go on without them, but you do.  Besides, don't go killing your man off just yet. That's the best trauma team on the east coast."

"Thanks, Corey, and the name's Daniel."

"Nice to meet you Daniel or is it Danny?"

"Either is fine, my Andy calls me Danny most of the time."

"Then I'll call you Dan, I think Danny should be just for the two of you."

"We just came home from our honeymoon in Aruba today with our son Noah, and now... this happens.  What a nice welcome home surprise."  Daniel said dryly.

"You have a son, I have a son too.  My Bri is six and does he ever live up to his name."  Corey said proudly.

"That's a very unusual name, Bri."

"It's short for Brisingr.  His father was a huge fan of the Eragon series, and a good friend of Christopher Paolini the author.  His name in dragon language means fire, and he certainly has the personality to go with the name."  Corey said.

"My.... our... Noah's five and is quite the opposite.  His personality is more passive.   He's quiet and peaceful, except when you get him involved in a prank.  Then watch out, he'll take over and God help the person who the prank is being played on."  Daniel said with a proud smile.

They talked for quite some time - Corey deliberately keeping Daniel's mind occupied.  About an hour later, a doctor came out into the waiting room to speak with Daniel.

"Are you here for the young man that was air lifted in," the doctor inquired.

"Yes doctor, I'm his life partner and my name is Daniel.  How is he doctor?"

"Well other than a severe concussion and smoke inhalation, I think he's going to be just fine.  He's awake and asking for you Daniel."

"Corey, would you take Daniel back to see his partner while I arrange for a room," the doctor instructed.

"Yes Doctor Jones.  Come with me Dan and I'll show you to where he is."

Corey took Daniel to the cubicle where Andrew was resting.  Daniel smiled when he saw his husband sitting up awake.

"Sweetheart, I thought I'd lost you my love," he said as he gave Andrew a kiss.

"Nice try, husband, but you aren't getting rich on me just yet."  Andrew said with a smile.

"Andy, this is Corey, and he's been sitting with me while they've been working on you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Andrew, and your husband here has been beside himself with worry."  Corey said.

"Thank you, Corey, for helping Danny when he needed someone, so guys just what did the two of you have to talk about?"

"Our son's babe.... Corey has a six-year-old son named Brisingr."

"What an unusual name, Corey. Isn't that from the book by Paolini?"  Andrew asked.

"Yes it is, Eragon.  Have you read the book?"

"Yes I have and it is one of my favorites.  Your son's name means fire, but then you must already know that."

"Yes, my late husband, Martin, named him that after he and Christopher talked about how he was writing this book.  He and Christopher were good friends, and Martin just loved that kind of story."

"I'm sorry for your loss, Corey.... it must be hard raising a son all alone."  Andrew said.

"It's very hard especially when you're working and studying to be a nurse.  I don't have much time for Bri, but he knows it's for our future."

"He sounds like a remarkable young man... we'll have to get our boys together for a play date."

"He'd like that considering he doesn't have any kids his age to play with.  Where do you two live?"

"Well at the moment we are staying at our home in P-town.  But we're going to be moving back to Boston as soon as we can get the house opened up," Daniel told him.

"Well I live in Cambridge and it would be nice for Bri to have a friend to play with."

"Who takes care of him while you are at work, Corey?"

"I have a live-in nanny that's quite expensive, but she allows me the freedom to work as well as study for my nursing degree.  Martin left me quite well off when he died, but I'd rather have him here with me instead of the money," Corey related, almost in tears.

They talked a bit more until the doctor returned.  He told them that Andrew needed to rest and that he would be able to go home tomorrow.  However, they needed to keep him overnight for observation.

"I'll be back in the morning, Andy," Daniel said kissing his husband goodbye.

"Where are you going to stay tonight?"  Corey asked.

"I'm going to curl up on the sofa in the waiting room," he replied.

"If you don't mind, my shift is over in a half hour and you can stay in my guest room."  Corey offered.

"Why don't you babe, it'll be better than sleeping on a lumpy sofa in a waiting room."  Andrew said.

"If it's no imposition Corey, thank you, I will."  Daniel said smiling.

"I have some things to finish up and then I'll be back to get you.  Why don't you meet me in the waiting room.  Andrew, you rest now and I'll see you tomorrow.  Someone will be in to take you up to a room for the night."  Corey said.

"Thanks Corey for going above and beyond what your job calls for," Andrew said reaching out with his hand to take Corey's.

"Hey, I look at it as making a new group of friends for me and my Bri."  Corey smiled.

Daniel gave Andrew a kiss and he could tell that he was sleepy.  He tells him goodnight and that he will be back early in the morning.

"I love you Andy, and thanks love for coming back to me."  Daniel said in parting.

"I love you too sweetheart, and you know that I would've been lonely on the other side without you."  Andrew replied as he released their embrace.

Daniel went out to the waiting room and gave Andy and Michael a call.  He told them where he would be staying and that Andrew was going to be fine.  In turn, Andy told Daniel that they would be down to pick him and Andrew up and not to worry about Noah.... he was having a good time rough housing with his uncles. 

As he closed his phone, Corey came out and they left to go to Corey's home.

"It's a bit of a drive, but not much traffic at this time of night."  Corey said.

"You know, after everything that's happened today, I could use a good stiff drink of scotch," Daniel said.

"Wow, a scotch drinker.  I don't have any at the house Dan, just beer mostly.  I can stop at a bar if you like.... I could use a good drink myself."

"Hey if you don't mind I don't Corey."

Corey drove them to one of Boston's better gay bars, The Club Café.  After finding a parking place, they walked the short distance to the bar.

"This is a hugely popular video bar Dan and they have dancing as well as an area just for sitting."

"Cool, do you dance at all Corey?"  Daniel asked.

"Martin and I use to dance a lot until the cancer overtook him.  Now I just spend my free time with my Bri or studying."

They went inside and saw the place was crowded with guys dancing and having a good time.  A few guys came over to Corey and wanted to know who his new boyfriend was, but he was quick to dispel that notion.

"I'm sorry Dan for that, most of my so called friends haven't seen me since Martin's funeral.  So they think you and I are.... well I'm sorry for that."

"Don't worry about it Corey, anyone could make that mistake."

They grabbed a table and a waiter took their drink order.  They made small talk while they waited for their drinks to arrive.  Once their drinks arrive, they down them like they were water and quickly ordered another round.  They down that set just as quickly and order a third round and by then, they were giggling like a couple of teenagers.

"God theeese driiinks hit meee harrrd," Daniel said slurring his words.

"When was the last time you ate something Dan?"  Corey asked.

"What daaay is it haaandsommme?  Hey commme on I wannnna daaance," Daniel answered as he got up, grabbing Corey's hand.

He took him out to the dance floor as the song `All Summer Long' began to play.  He started to dance and rather quickly started dancing in a very provocative way around Corey.  He touched and rubbed up against him as the music continued to play.

"I think you're quite drunk Dan," Corey commented.

"Naaah not meeee, I cannn certainlllly hoooold me driiinks haaaandsommmme."  Daniel replied still swaying and gyrating to the music.

The music changed to a slow romantic song, and Daniel took Corey into his arms.  They slow danced, holding each other very close.  Daniel could smell the faint aroma of Corey's cologne and he began to kiss his neck, but Corey started to pull away.  Daniel pulled him tighter to him as he nuzzled him more, and then gave him a kiss on the lips.  It was a passionate kiss that was full of emotion, to the point where he offered Corey his tongue.  Corey reluctantly opened his mouth and their tongues intertwined, as they danced to the soft music.

"I think we'd better be going Dan, you've had way too much to drink," Corey said once they broke the kiss.

"Whooo meeee, neverrrr babe, I caaaan hold mmmy liquorrrr." Daniel said from the depths of his stupor.

They walked off the dance floor with Corey supporting Daniel, but Daniel grabbed his drink that was still on the table.  He downed it in one breath before Corey could stop him.

"Let's go tiger.... I think I need to get you to bed."  Corey said as he pulled Corey towards the exit.

"Yeah sugar, I waaant to maaaake sweeeeet love toooo yoooou," Daniel whispered into his ear.

"Daniel you're a married man, and I don't date married men, much less go to bed with them."

"I knoooow sweeeeeetheaaaart, but weee are marrrrried baby... nooow let's go hoooome," where his last words before he passed out against Corey.

With a struggle, Corey was able to get Daniel into the car.  They drove on in the night to Corey's house, with the car windows down; Corey hoping the fresh air would help revive Daniel.  Once parked, Corey helped Daniel inside, got him into the guest room where Daniel flopped on the bed.

"Come on Dan you can't sleep in your clothes," Corey told him.

He stood Daniel up and removed his shirt, and then unbuckled his belt.  With a slight shove Daniel fell back on the bed.  Corey unzipped his jeans and wiggled them off, noticing that Daniel wasn't wearing any underwear.  Corey's eyes took in the size of his cock, when Daniel reached up and grabbed him.

"Come to daddy buttercup," Daniel said as he pulled Corey down to the bed.

Daniel rolled on top of him and planted a long romantic kiss on his mouth, which took Corey's breath away.  Daniel sat up on his haunches and removed Corey's shirt over his head, in spite of Corey's struggles to keep it on.

"Heeey baaabes why you fiiiightinnng yourrr husbaaand, yooou know howww horrrrny yooou maaake meeee?" Daniel slurred.

Corey was about to tell him that he wasn't his husband, but Daniel kissed him again.  He began kissing him, almost violently now, as he undid Corey's pants.  He slipped them down and off with his foot, all the while he continued kissing him.  Then Daniel nuzzled his neck before moving to Corey's erect nipples, tenderly nibbling on them.

"Oh God this isn't right for us to be doing this," Corey thought to himself, but the feelings of love making had long been absent from his life and he surrendered to Daniel's advances.

He held Daniel to his breast as he made love to his nipple, and he sighed as the sensations carry him away.  Daniel moved slowly down to his cock, and took it in his hand, as he looked it over.

"Andy love, your cock has grown some since we last did it babe," and he swallowed it down to the pubes. 

He moved up and down slowly on the ridged shaft, giving special attention to the head.  It wasn't too long before Corey was at his edge, and he pushed Daniel off his cock.

"I'm so close to cumming Dan."

Daniel moved to his balls and took them into his mouth, swirling them around with his tongue.  He sensed Corey was close so he kissed his way down to his sweet rosebud, and ran his tongue around this new found treasure.  Corey lifted his legs to give Daniel better access, allowing him to plunge his tongue deep inside.

"Oh fuck Dan stop, I can't do this," Corey moaned, but Daniel continued his assault. 

Daniel continued fucking Corey's ass with his tongue and soon had him at the edge once again, however this time he cannot hold back.

"I'm going to cum Dan," Corey cried out in ecstasy as Daniel took his cock into his mouth.

He shot his first volley deep down Daniel's throat, as he held his head tenderly.  He kept shooting his sweet cream, until he had surrendered the entire voluminous amount he had to give him.  Daniel moved up for a kiss, positioning his stiff cock to Corey's well lubed rosebud.  With a firm but gentle push he enters his rosebud, and Corey cried out as the initial sting ran through him.

"Oh my God stop Dan it hurts," Daniel cried out taking a deep cleansing breath. 

He took several breaths before he was completely relaxed, then Daniel shoved his cock all the way in.  He kissed Corey as he waited for him to become accustomed to the invasion, and then he started to fuck him.  He rose up on his arms and slowly searched for a rhythm before they were fucking in harmony. 

"Yeah Dan, fuck me harder now and deeper," Corey cried out as he pushed to meet Daniel's thrusts.

Daniel pounded Corey's ass with fury and aggression, until all too soon he was at his climax.

"I'm cumming sweetheart," he whispered into Corey's ear, as he shot his seed into his ass.  "I love you so much Andy," he said as he continued to fill Corey's ass with cum.  Once he was spent he collapsed on top of Corey; the two kissing tenderly.  Daniel was near to passing out as he pulled out of Corey's ass, then he did pass out on the bed beside him.

"Thank you Dan for making love to me, even though you thought I was Andrew."  Corey said quietly.

Corey quietly got up and headed to the shower, then crawled into his own bed.  He softly cried as he remembered his nights with his Martin, plus now, he felt deep remorse for what he had just allowed to happen.

The next morning Daniel woke up; his head is pounding, as he remembered the many drinks he'd had.  He got up and went to the bathroom, took a warm shower, then headed downstairs.

"Good morning Dan, and how do you feel this morning?" Corey asked knowing by looking at him just how bad he felt.

"Like I just got hit by a train or something close to it," Daniel said surveying the surroundings.  "I don't remember even getting here last night... I must have had way too many drinks."

"You had three, but it was on an empty stomach Dan.  Sit down and I'll get you a coffee."

"BANG! BANG your dead!" shouted a very cute little red headed boy as he came running into the kitchen with his toy gun.  "Hey!  Who are you mister?" he asked.

"I'm Daniel and you must be Bri," Daniel said as he felt like his head was exploding.

"Yeah I am, but how do you know my name?"  Bri asked.

"Because your dad told me your name last night and I have a little boy your age also."

"Can he come over to play with me?"

"When we move here he can Bri," Daniel answered as Corey came over with the coffee.

"Now why don't you go play for a while Bri, and we'll come and see you in a bit."

"Ok daddy, see you later mister.  Don't forget to bring.... what's your boy's name?"

"Noah and I won't forget to bring him over to see you Bri."

Bri ran out of the room just as noisily as he was when he came in.

Daniel grabbed his head.  "Damn I deserve this headache for drinking on an empty stomach."  He confessed.

"Here I brought you two aspirins to take.  They'll help to kill the hangover."  Corey said sympathetically.

"That's all I need, to go pick up Andy with a hangover."

"So what do you remember about last night Dan?"

"I remember going into the bar and having two drinks.  Then I remember getting up this morning.  God Corey, I hope I didn't embarrass you last night, or make a fool of myself."  Corey moaned.

"You were the perfect gentleman Dan," Corey said, happy that Daniel didn't remember their love making session.

"How come I don't believe you Corey?"  Daniel asked.

"I don't know... why would I lie to you Daniel?"

"Well I woke up this morning and I smelled of sex... did we have sex last night," he asked in all seriousness.

Corey was silent for a minute before he answered.  "You tried Dan, but then you passed out.  We never got to first base together.  You kept on calling me Andy and then you were out."

"I'm so sorry Corey.  It was wrong of me to take advantage of your hospitality like that.  But somehow I still think you're lying to me, but thank you anyway Corey.  You're a good friend and a gentleman."

"So are you Dan, now what would you like for breakfast?"

"Oh God, I couldn't eat a thing yet.  How about I just finish this coffee and we go to the hospital."

"Ok then, if you'll excuse me I'm going to get dressed.  I have a few errands to run and I'll drop you off on the way."

Daniel reached out as Corey passed him, grabbing him by the hand.  He got up and took Corey into his arms, giving him a passionate kiss.

"That's for last night, because I feel it went further than you are letting on."

He kisses him again, but with more intensity this time.

"And that's because you are deserving of so much more, Corey."

"Oh Dan, I so sorry for letting what happened last night happen, but when you called me Andy, I just went with the flow.  It's been so long since I've had a man make love to me the way you did last night.  Although it wasn't me in your mind that you were making love to, it was Martin in mine that was there with me."  Corey started to cry as a result of the old memories.

Daniel held him close as he let loose of his emotions, crying on Daniel's shoulder.

"Corey shhhh let this be our little secret, my friend."  Daniel cooed – yet almost pleaded as well.

"Ok Dan our secret buddy," he said, wiping away his tears as Daniel gave him one more kiss.

"Now go get dressed handsome and we'll be off."

"How come you were kissing my daddy?" Bri asked from behind the breakfast island.

"Bri, where did you come from?  We weren't kissing... I... I was just looking into your daddy's eyes.  He thought he had something in his eye and I was looking for it."

"You were kissing him and I saw you," he said as he left the room.  "Daddy was kissing Danny. Daddy was kissing Danny," he kept singing as he went skipping down the hall.

To be continued...

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