Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Eighteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in Chapter 17:

"Oh Dan, I so sorry for letting what happened last night, but when you called me Andy, I just went with the flow.  It's been so long since I've had a man make love to me the way you did last night.  Although it wasn't me in your mind that you were making love to, it was Martin in mine, which was there with me."  Corey started to cry as a result of the old memories.

Daniel held him close as he let loose of his emotions, crying on Daniel's shoulder.

"Corey shhhh let this be our little secret my friend."  Daniel cooed yet almost pleaded as well.

"Ok Dan our secret buddy," he said, wiping away his tears as Daniel gave him one more kiss.

"Now go get dressed handsome and we'll be off."

"How come you were kissing my daddy?" Bri asked from behind the breakfast island.

"Bri, where did you come from?  We weren't kissing... I... I was just looking into your daddy's eyes.  He thought he had something in his eye and I was looking for it."

"You were kissing him and I saw you," he said as he left the room.  "Daddy was kissing Danny.  Daddy was kissing Danny," he kept singing as he went skipping down the hall.

And now chapter 18:

Corey came back downstairs and Daniel told him about Bri, and how they'd been caught kissing.

"I'll speak to him once I get back home Daniel.  I don't need him saying anything about that when Andrew's here and neither do you."

"Oh God no, Andy would never understand.  He has a very deep jealousy streak and can be extremely difficult to live with when it flares up."  Daniel said.

"Don't worry, Dan. I'll speak to him and besides he'll soon forget all about it."

Corey dropped Daniel off at the hospital.  Daniel thanked him again, for his hospitality and for being such a good friend.  He took the elevator up to Andrew's room after asking for his room number at the front desk.

"Hey good morning sweetheart," Andrew said holding out his arms to Daniel.

Daniel rushed into his arms kissing him passionately.

"God you had me so worried last night Andy.  I don't like sleeping alone in a bed."

"Well you can take me home anytime now or do we have a way home yet?"  Andrew asked.

"Dad's supposedly coming to pick us...." but he was interrupted as Andy, Michael, and Noah came charging into the room.

"Daddy!"  Noah shouted as he ran into Andrew's arms.  "Look I got a Barney band-aide on my boo-boo."

"Wow, what a nice looking band-aide son, did it hurt getting your boo-boo?"

"A little, but I didn't cry daddy.... but I did cry when they took you away."

"Well I'm all better now son and ready to go home."

"Why don't we go over to my house here in town, I think it's opened up now and ready for occupancy," Daniel said to everyone.

"That sounds good son, I don't think a long ride would be too good for Andrew this soon."  Andy said.

"I'm fine dad really, but I do want to see our new home.  From what Danny says it's a modest home in the best part of Boston."

After the doctor gave Andrew his discharge orders, they followed Andy and Michael out to his truck.

"Look what Grandpa Mike bought me, a new car seat to sit in daddy."  Noah exclaimed.

"Wow Noah and it lets you look out the window too."

Daniel gave directions to Andy from the back seat, as they drove off to his house in Boston.  They turned onto the street where he directed him and Andy was stopped by a guard at a gate.

"May I inquire as to which residence you are going sir?"  the guard inquired.

"Larry it's me, Daniel Wilkes," Daniel said from the back seat.

"Oh Mr. Wilkes, I didn't see you there.  My apologies and please accept my condolences for your father's death.  He was a very nice gentleman and will be greatly missed sir."

"Thank you Larry very much."

Larry opened the gate and they drove on up the street, which was lined with old homes covered in ivy.  Each house was a mansion by itself and stood majestically on its own small hill.

"Damn son, I thought you said it was a modest home, these are frigging mansions!"  Michael exclaimed.

They drove a bit further and Daniel directed them to take the next right.  Andy turned into yet another drive with a gate, and then turned to Daniel as if he had a magic phrase to open the gate.

"Dad do you see that keypad, enter these numbers," Daniel said as he handed him a paper with some numbers on it.

Andy punched in the appropriate numbers, and like magic the gates swung open.

"Wow, I'm impressed son," Andy said sitting there.

"Well you'd better hurry because you only have twenty seconds to move on through the gate before it closes again," Daniel giggled.

He floored the gas and shot through the gate, just as the gates began to close.  He followed the winding drive and soon this huge three-story house rose before them - an old brick colonial covered in ivy.  Four huge pillars and an upstairs balcony are across the front, forming a portico, which was reminiscent of the old antebellum homes of the old south. 

"My God Danny, you lied to me," Andrew said gazing at the house.  "This is a mansion by any stretch of the imagination.  Just how many rooms are in this house love?"

"Well let's see.... there are nine bedrooms and six full baths on the third floor.  The second floor has six bedrooms each with their own bath and walk-in closets.  The first floor has a formal living room, dining room, office and den.... a kitchen, butler's pantry; grand ball room and two more baths that can each accommodate several guests at one time are also on the first floor."

"Ah sweetheart.... and who does the cleaning of this modest cottage?"

"You have a staff of ten, babe, and that includes a cook and the nanny Bridget."

"I have a staff.... you have got to be kidding me."

"Nothing is too good for my sugar babe," Daniel smiled.

Just as the SUV pulled up to the front, a servant came running out.

"Mr. Wilkes, how nice to see you back home again sir."

"Edward, it's nice to be back home.  This is my husband, Andrew and his dads, Andrew Butler and Michael Bradley. And this is our son Noah, the apple of our eyes.  Is the house ready for us James?"  Daniel asked.

"Yes sir, Beth has everything ready and waiting sir.  Do you have any luggage with you sir?"

"Not today Edward, we'll be going back to the cape house in a few days to close it up.  Then we'll be back home to stay here in Boston.  Now, if you will follow me guys, I'll show you to your rooms."

They entered the house and the first thing to greet them, was a formal stair case that curved gently up the wall.  A beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling.  Daniel pointed out several paintings that were originals.  The floors as well as the staircase are made of marble from France, and several pieces of period furniture grace the foyer. 

"Someone pinch me because I think I died and went to heaven," Andrew said.  "Sweetheart this is way out of my social standing babe, besides does everyone know about you being gay?"

"Those that matter do, and those that don't, I really don't care about.  Now dad are you two staying with us long?"

"Well we have to be back at work day after tomorrow, so I guess you have us until then.  But what are you going to do about a car son.... your truck is out at your summer house."

"Come with me guys," Daniel said leading them through the kitchen and out into the yard.

They walked across the yard to a very large building, and Daniel punched in a code into the keypad.  A door opened and they stepped in as lights went on automatically.  There inside this building were five beautiful cars and two SUVs.

"Damn son are these yours also?"  Michael exclaimed.

"Yep, each and every one of them are mine dad.  This one's a 1939 Lincoln convertible, and this is a 1964 Mustang Convertible.  This beauty is a 1955 Ford T-Bird hard top convertible.  This one is a 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster. And this baby is my personal favorite, a 2008 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible,dad.  The others are both Lincoln Navigators."

"Damn son, how about adopting me as you son?" Michael asked.

"Dad they're just things and nothing more."

"That is why I love you Danny.... you're so down to earth," Andrew said.

"I was raised with money and my mom and dad both came from money, but it was the love they taught me, that was of most value."

"Barry did a very good job with you son," Andy said hugging him.

They went back inside, where Claire had a lovely lunch prepared.  They sat in the formal dining room for lunch, and after Edward showed them to their separate bedrooms.  Noah's room was gaily decorated in the theme of dragons and knights, and every imaginable toy was in his room.  Daniel took Andrew by the hand and led him down the hall to the last room on the left.  He opened the door, and then lifted him into his arms, carrying him across the threshold into their bedroom.  The room was decorated in the late fourteenth century French style.  A complete Louis the XIV bedroom set furnished the room.  Off to the right of the room is a sitting room that is decorated in the French blues and mauves.  A beautiful fireplace graced each room, and its own private bath was just off the bedroom.  A gracious balcony overlooking the Charles River was accessed from either the bedroom or the sitting room.  The balcony was private and couldn't be seen from any other room in the house.

"Oh Danny this is more than I've ever dreamed of in my entire life."

"Do you like it sweetheart, because if you don't, I'll sell it tomorrow and buy you whatever your heart desires."

"Who wouldn't like it, babe, but we're still going to keep the beach house aren't we?"

"Now you remind me of my mother.  She absolutely loved that beach house and was most at home when she was there.  You know babe it was there she died, because she loved it more than she did here.  This place was my grandparents and great-grandparents house.  It's been passed down in the family ever since 1847.  At one time our home and two others were the only homes here.  My ancestors built this house and it's been in my family ever since.  It's been rumored through the family generations, that my great, great grandfather was sexually involved with the young groundskeeper. They say that they were in love and that he kept him on until his death.  Then my great, great grandmother honored her husband and kept the groundskeeper on until he died a few months later of a broken heart they say."

"That is so romantic Danny, now I know where you get your romantic side from."

They headed downstairs and Michael told them that their brothers want to come for a visit.

"Clark and Josh have a friend they'd like to bring if it's ok with you Daniel."

"I've got no problem with that dad.... I'll give them a call and tell them to bring him along."

He dialed Josh's cell, who answered on the first ring.

"Yo bro what's up?"

"Dad told me you guys are coming for a visit and want to bring along a friend."

"Yeah if it's alright with you Danny, his name is Derek.  I've known him since I moved down to the cape and well he's single and lonely."

"I might just have the right guy for him.  Bring him along and I'll invite my friend Corey over for dinner tonight.  You're going to be here today, right?"

"Yeah bro, we are just about to Boston now.  Do you wanna give me directions to your house?"

Daniel gave Clark the directions about how to get there, and what to tell the guard.

"Damn bro, a guard.  So where do you live in a prison or something?"

"No asshole, it's a gated community and we have strict security here.  We like to keep the riff raff out, you know people like you," he laughed, teasing Josh.

"I got it jerk... see you in a bit then.  I'll make sure I keep the rest of these hillbillies out of site."

"You know I'm just kidding bro, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys."

He hung up and told the others that the guys should be there any time now.  Then he dialed Corey's number to invite him over for dinner.

"Hello this is Corey," he said answering the phone.

"Hey guy, it's Daniel and I would... or rather we would like to know if you could come for dinner this evening."

"Oh God Dan, I'd love to, but it's the nanny's night off and I have no one for Bri," he replied.

"So just bring him along with you, Noah would love to have someone to play with."

"Are you sure Dan, you know how much of a handful he can be."

"No more than Noah, guy, so bring him along.  I'm going to send my driver about six for the two of you."

"Damn, your driver, now I feel very important."  Corey replied.

"It'll be easier than trying to give you directions.  Besides you can totally relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving home."

"Ok Dan, we'll be ready for six."

About an hour later, Clark, Derek, and Josh arrived.  Right away, Daniel noted that Derek was a very handsome man; six foot five with curly blonde hair and green eyes, a football coach at a local high school on the cape and had the body of an athlete, together with a personality that's very out going that fills a room when he laughs strong and hardy.

"Danny, Andrew.... this is our friend Derek," Josh said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Derek," Andrew acknowledged.

"No the pleasure is all mine.  Thanks guys for inviting me to stay, I hope it wasn't an imposition."

"Not at all buddy, any friend of our brother's is a friend of ours.  You just make yourself right at home Derek.... my home is your home."  Daniel said.

"Thanks Daniel and you also Andrew."

"Ah Daniel, I hope you don't mind," Andy announced, "but Michael and I won't be here for dinner tonight.  Because tomorrow is our last day here, we'd like to go to some of the area bars.  Besides, you don't need two old geezers like us lingering around all evening."

"Dad, you know that you're both welcomed in whatever plans we have."

"We know son, but we'd really like to go out alone."  Michael added.

"Ok dad, have fun and be careful."

Around six-twenty Corey arrived with Bri, and they are introduced to the group.  Bri instantly took Noah into his charm, and was in control of him the rest of the night.

"Daniel, you and Andrew have such a beautiful home here.  You never told me it was one of Boston's old mansions."  Corey said.

"I'm not one to boast or flaunt it.  For me it's just a place to enjoy with my friends and keep the weather out.  But thank you Corey, it took Andy here a bit by surprise too."

"A bit by surprise, it damn overwhelmed me babe."  Andrew corrected.

Just then, they were called to dinner and each guest had an assigned seat, with Corey sitting beside Derek.  Noah and Bri ate in the kitchen, so the adults can be free to enjoy themselves, and the youngsters could carry on with their likes and dislikes as they got to know each other.

"So Corey, I hear you are studying to be a nurse," Derek said trying to start a conversation.

"Yes I am Derek and I've just three more courses to finish.  Tell me though; just what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a football coach for Chatham High School.  I've been with the school for six years now."  Derek replied.

"Wow a football coach.  I bet the eye candy is quite plentiful in your job."  Corey said trying to warm up the subject matter.

"Yeah but its also don't touch."  Derek said quietly.  "Now tell me Corey, where do you get that beautiful auburn hair and those green eyes from?"

"My mother was from Ireland, and had the same auburn hair and green eyes."  Corey replied shyly.  "Dad was English and when they decided to marry, they eloped to America.  You see the Irish and the English don't get along over in the old country."

"Well I'm English and I hope that you don't hold a grudge against me for being English."

"A handsome stud like you.... never."  Corey replied, embarrassed by his own forwardness.

"I think we may have started something," Daniel whispered into Andrew's ear.

"Wouldn't it be nice if they hit it off together?"  Andrew suggested quietly.

The dinner went great and the conversation seemed to flow fabulously between everyone at the table, especially Derek and Corey.  Corey told him about his late husband, with Derek telling him about how he had never been with a man sexually yet.

"You're kidding me, right?"  Corey asked, shocked that a man as handsome as Derek could still be a virgin.

"No Corey I'm not.  I've always felt that one should wait for that special person that they're meant to spend their life with.  So up until now, I haven't found the right man."

"Until now...?" Corey asked coyly.

"Well something tells me I just might be in for a change."  Derek said smiling.

 "I don't normally don't put much stock in these things, but my horoscope said this morning that my love life was about to change.  I had a new person coming into my life that would change my world around."

"I can't believe you said that.  My horoscope said I'd meet a Sagittarius that would be my perfect mate."

"My birthday is December 19th Corey, and you're not a Leo are you?"  Derek questioned.

"August 14th why?"  Corey asked.

"Because Sagittarians and Leos are supposed to be sexually compatible according to my horoscope."

"I can't believe this is really happening, Derek.  I usually don't pay attention to horoscopes either, but today's just seemed to catch my attention."

"You want to go for a walk or something.  I could use some exercise after that fabulous dinner."  Derek suggested.

"Good idea," Corey replied.

Derek asked Daniel about a good place to go for a walk.  Daniel gave him direction to a brick path that led down to a small pond with a gazebo.  Derek grabbed his coat and helped Corey on with his.  They stepped outside; the night breeze off the Charles River was brisk, giving Derek an excuse to put his strong arm around Corey's shoulder.

"Is that better, my little leprechaun?"  Derek asked.

"Yeah coach; it's a lot better thanks."  Corey smiled in return.

They walked slowly close together down the path and soon came to the gazebo.  They stepped inside the enclosed structure to get away from the breeze.

"Goodness Corey you're shivering," Derek said pulling Corey into his arms.  "Here let me warm you for a bit."

Corey snuggled close into his chest, and the warmth of his body felt so soothing to him.  He looked up at Derek, who was looking down at him, as if he was about to say something.  However, as their eyes met, they linger without movement and stare, until the moon and stars move them.  Within moments, Derek lowered his mouth to Corey's, who is lifting his up towards Derek.  They met and in an instant they were savoring their love and it's first kiss.  Derek pulled him in tighter as he pressed his mouth to Corey's, persuading Corey to offer him his tongue.  Derek opened his mouth and together, magic began to happen.  Their kiss became infectious as they clung to one another, neither wanting to let that first kiss end.

"Corey did you feel it or was it just me," Derek asked looking into Corey's pool of green eyes.

"Yes Derek I did, it was magic when our lips were together.  I felt it only once before in my life and that was with my late husband."

"I've never believed in fate, Corey, because I always felt that we determined our own paths in life.  But damn babe, tonight I feel like someone or something has stepped in and brought us together."

"I'm feeling the same way sweetheart... I always felt that I was in control of my life, but tonight I feel that we were brought together by a force.... a power that's beyond us.... that's not a part of us."

They kissed again, and this time more magic exploded as they held each other.  Tears flowed from Corey's eyes as his conscious mind, although not his memories quietly let go of Martin allowing him to open his heart to Derek.

"Corey," Derek said as he dropped down on one knee, "I'm not a man of means, Corey, and I'm not rich nor do I have a mansion like Dan and Andrew do.  But I do make a decent living.  I can promise you here and now I'll be true to you and will not stray to another's bed as long as we are together.  I know here and now, that I am falling in love with you than I have any other person on earth.  You know I'm a virgin, but I'm offering myself to you and you alone.  I know it's way to early for us to even think about marriage, but Cor, I don't want to lose you sweetheart.  Will you please consider a man like me for your mate someday?"

"Derek, please get up you sweet man," he said pausing to think.  "I was married to Martin for some years and when he died, I consciously thought I'd never find a man like him again.... that was until tonight, Derek.  I find you to be everything he was and yet.... so much more.  I don't know what magic happened here tonight, but dear love, right now, I'd be honored and happy to not only consider, but to accept you as a mate for the rest of my life."

Again, they kissed, now sweetly and tenderly, both letting their tears fall down their cheeks.  They sat in the gazebo, holding each other as the moonlight filtered through the windows.

"I've fallen in love with you Cor, and I want you to be my husband if you'll have me.  I'll love you and your son as long as I live my dear."

"I'll love you forever and with all that is within me until my last breath."  Corey replied.

They sat there just cuddling and kissing until the voice of Daniel interrupted their reverie.

"There you are guys; I was beginning to think you got lost."  Daniel said announcing his presence.

"We did Dan, lost in love with each other," Corey said.

"Daniel this evening I not only found me some new friends, but God has given me my mate.  I asked Corey to be my husband and he said yes."  Derek announced.

"What.... are you two serious?  I... we're so happy for you!"  Daniel said excitedly.  "You may not pay any attention to these things, but I knew today was going to be a special one, because my horoscope said that I was going to have a hand in changing someone's life.  It just happened that when dad called and said you were coming with my brothers, I decided to give Corey a call."

"Thank you so much for inviting him, Dan, because if you hadn't I would never have met my future husband."  Corey said.

Derek gave Daniel a strong hug and a kiss on the cheek to thank him for inviting Corey.

"We're really so happy for you two," Andrew said giving them both a hug.

"Let's go share the good news and celebrate with some champagne."  Daniel said with a lot of exuberance.

They walked back to the house and shared the news with the others.  Joshua and Clark were ecstatic for them as well as Thom and Shane.  Daniel broke open a bottle of champagne and they toasted the happy couple.  Derek gave Corey a kiss just as Noah and Bri walked in.

"Eeeew, you're kissing my daddy just like he did," Bri said pointing to Daniel.

All the heads turned to Daniel who was red with embarrassment now.

"It wasn't like that babe, it was a kiss in appreciation for his hospitality," he said to Andrew.

For the moment, Andrew let the incident drop, but he wasn't going forget it either.  They had a great evening and when it was time to leave, Corey invited Derek to come home with him. 

When Daniel and Andrew were alone in bed, Andrew brought up the subject of the kiss again.

"So when were you going to tell me that you kissed Corey?" he asked with a jealous tone to his voice.

"Babe I told you it was a friendly kiss to thank him for his hospitality that's all."  Corey replied.

"According to Bri it was more than a kiss of friendship, it was more of a kiss of a cheating husband."  Andrew said snidely.

"Andy please, I would never cheat on you.  I can't believe you are taking some brat's word over mine." 

"A little kid wouldn't lie about a thing like that now would he?  Admit it, Danny, you cheated on me."

"Alright I cheated on you.  Corey and I had wild sex all night.  I fucked his ass so many times I lost track of how many times we did it.  And so long as I'm confessing I might as well tell you that his cum is much sweeter than yours.  There fuckhead.... are you happy now.... I cheated on you." Daniel said raising his hand but then thinking better of it.

"Oh Danny....