Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Nineteen


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 18:

"Eeeew, you're kissing my daddy just like he did," Bri said pointing to Daniel.

All the heads turned to Daniel who was red with embarrassment now.

"It wasn't like that babe, it was a kiss in appreciation for his hospitality," he said to Andrew.

For the moment, Andrew let the incident drop, but he was not going to forget it either.  They had a great evening and when it was time to leave, Corey invited Derek to come home with him. 

When Daniel and Andrew were alone in bed, Andrew brought up the subject of the kiss again.

"So when were you going to tell me that you kissed Corey?" he asked with a jealous tone to his voice.

"Babe I told you it was a friendly kiss to thank him for his hospitality that's all."  Corey replied.

"According to Bri it was more than a kiss of friendship, it was more of a kiss of a cheating husband."  Andrew said snidely.

"Andy please, I would never cheat on you.  I can't believe you are taking some brat's word over mine." 

"A little kid wouldn't lie about a thing like that now would he?  Admit it Danny, you cheated on me."

"Alright I cheated on you.  Corey and I had wild sex all night.  I fucked his ass so many times I lost track of how many times we did it.  In addition, as long as I am confessing, I might as well tell you that his cum is much sweeter than yours.  There fuckhead... are you happy now.... I cheated on you."

"Oh Danny....

Now chapter nineteen:

"Oh Danny... do you take me for a fool or what?  I know you didn't do anything with Corey babe.  Why do you lie to me like that when you know I can see right through you?"

"You know how I hate it when you go and get all jealous on me.  You know you're the only one that I want in my life."  Daniel replied.

Daniel kissed his husband, thankful that he had gotten away with his indiscretion this time.  He thought to himself that he would never let himself get into a place of compromise like that again.  He looked into Andrew's eyes, but there was still a feeling of guilt in his heart.

"Andy will you make love to me tonight babe?"  He asked.

"What, are you serious sweetheart?  You're a virgin and I have never done that to a man before.  Why now all of a sudden do you want me to make love to you?"

"Because I love you and I've wondered what it feels like to have someone you love inside of you.  I also want to feel you fill me with your love juice babe."

"I guess so, but I know it's going to hurt the first time babe."

"I trust you sugar and I know you'll be gentle with me."  Daniel said.

Andrew got on top of Daniel and kissed his husband with intensity.  A new role had opened for him and he was beginning to like it as he took the upper hand.  He nibbled his earlobes ever so softly then worked his way down to his nipples.  He looked at the erect nubs and gently bit the right one.

"Oh fuck that feels great babe," Daniel shouted as Andrew moved to the left one.

He bit that one then sucked it some before going back to the other.  He alternated between the two until Daniel was beside himself with pleasure.  Sliding on down and then with one swallow he took his cock down to the pubes.  Lingering in the silky hairs, he drank in the sweet scent of his man.  He lightly dragged his teeth along the rigid shaft then moved up Daniel's cock, causing Daniel to jump from the exhilaration as Andrew sucked on the head with great pressure.

"Damn babe you turn me on," Daniel said holding his lovers head.

Andrew continued his repetitive motion until Daniel was close to his edge then he dropped his cock from his mouth.  He took Daniel's balls into his mouth and gently moved them around bringing him close to the edge again.  He licked and nibbled his way over to Daniel's virgin rosebud where, lifting his legs, he ran his tongue all around the virgin hole.  Never before had Daniel experienced such pleasure as Andrew was now providing.  Andrew licked the hole and then with a fast push, shoved his tongue right in.

"Oh my fucking word babe, please don't stop doing that," Daniel howled as Andrew fucked his virgin hole with his tongue.

Andrew presses Daniel's legs back to give his tongue more access to Daniel's now wet virgin rosebud.  Daniel was squirming and dancing all over the bed as Andrew orally assaulted his ass. 

"I going to cum babe," he shouted as Andrew moved quickly to catch each precious drop.

Andrew inserted his finger into Daniel's ass just as he shot his precious load into his mouth.  He wiggled it around until he finds that special spot of spots.

"Oh yeah do me babe, fuck my ass with that finger.  I've got so much to give you babe," Daniel said as he filled Andrew's mouth.

He continued to shoot until he had expended his voluminous load into Andrew's mouth.  Andrew pulled his finger from Daniel's ass, moved up, and kissed Daniel passionately.  When they broke the kiss, Daniel reached for the lube.  He put some on his hand and worked it into his virgin rosebud, before applying a good size portion to Andrew's cock.  Then he positions Andrew's cock to his ass.

"Are you sure about this Danny?"  Andrew asked looking into his eyes.

"Yeah babe, but just go slow," he said still feeling his guilt.

Andrew lifted up with his arms and looked into his husband's eyes giving a slow but strong push against the rosebud with the head of his cock.  The head of his cock popped into Daniel's virgin ass, and he screamed out as the pain overtook him.

"Oh fuck stop!" he screamed.  "I can't take the pain babe," he said as tears run down his face.

"Do you want me to pull out?"

"No just give me a minute, I wasn't expecting this much pain," he said gasping for breath.  "Kiss me lover," he said wanting to divert his mind from the pain.

Andrew bent down and kissed him long and loving, until he felt Daniel relax the pressure on his sphincter.  He slowly started to fuck him as he pushed a little more cock in with each push, until he had bottomed.  He continued kissing Daniel as he waited for his lover to relax from the full invasion.

Daniel looks up at his lover and said, "Ok babe fuck me, fuck me slow and easy babe."

Andrew began with a slow gentle rhythm that has the two of them moving in harmony, but soon they were moving faster.  As Daniel got accustomed to having his lover inside him, he met Andrew's thrusts with pushes of his own.

"Yeah lover fuck me hard and deep," he said as the pain turned into pleasure.

Andrew lifted up again and was now riding his lover with all the fury he could muster.  Soon he had Daniel to his edge.

"Oh fuck Andy, I'm going to cum again," he howled as he shot for his second time that night. 

He shot repeatedly onto his chest, as he bucked like a bronco trying to throw its rider.  His ass tightened up and soon Andrew was ready to cum, and he quickened his thrusts into Daniel's ass.

"I'm cumming lover," Andrew moaned as he shot for the first time into his husband's burning ass.

Their love making rhythm took over and soon had Andrew riding Daniel like a cowboy breaking his bronco.  He shot his seed deep into his ass until he filled him to the point of overflowing.

"Oh fuck babe I can't stop cumming," Andrew shouted as he rode Daniel's ass. 

He continued to pump his ass until he could give no more, then he collapsed on top of his man.  Gasping for breath, they clung to one another, as they rode out their blissful afterglow.

"Fuck babe, that was fantastic," Andrew said as his softening cock fell from Daniel's ass.

"Andy babe you're a born topper.  Once the pain eased off... what a feeling I was having, with your cock sliding in and out of my ass.  And wow... when you came, I could feel every shot you gave be sugar."

"So are you saying we can be more versatile in our love making now Danny?"

"You bet we can, and I kinda like being a bottom too.  Do you know that you make a funny face when you cum?"

"Well you should see your face lover.... I have all I can do not to laugh sometimes."

They both laid there laughing as they cuddled together, and soon, fell asleep.

Andy and Michael were having a great time dancing at the area bars, and finally they decided had to go home.

"I don't know about you babe, but this old man's whipped."  Michael said wrapping his arms around Andy and nuzzling his neck.

"Me too Mike, so let's hit the road and go home.  If you aren't too tired, maybe we could have some fun when we get home big boy."

"I'm never too tired to make love to your hot ass babe.  How about we go parking like we did as teenagers Andy?"

"What!  Are you out of your mind?  Do we look like teenagers to you and besides where in the hell would we go?"

"If you're willing, I'll find a place handsome.  I never had a problem as a teenager finding a place to fuck." However, their conversation was not between them alone as another set of ears listened.

"Oh what the hell Mike, lets do it babe."  Andy finally conceded.

They walked back to Michael's truck and headed out of Boston. They drove along looking for a place to do it when Michael spotted a side street in a warehouse district. 

"Mike this doesn't look like a very good area," Andy said looking around.  "These are all warehouses and what's that over there... water?"

"Oh come on babe, it's after two in the morning and besides who the fuck is out and about in this part of town?"  Michael coaxed.

"Well against my better judgment, I guess this is as good as any a place to do it.  The thing is.... I've never done it in public before Mike, and this just makes me nervous."

"I know, but it's the thrill of being caught that makes it so thrilling babe, now lets get naked and do it."

"Do we have to get totally naked Mike... can't we just pull down our jeans?"

"How can I make love to you with your jeans around your legs Andy, now lets get naked?"  Michael continued to goad Andy.

Michael had his clothes off before Andy could get his shirt off, so Michael started helping Andy remove his pants.  After a lot of kissing deeply and passionately, Michael was sucking on Andy's cock and had him close to cumming.

"Oh suck me babe... I'm cumming," Andy howled shooting his load down Michael's throat.

Michael sucked his cock down to the root, and Andy gave him all the love juice he had.  Once he surrendered his all, Michael directed his cock to Andy's ass.  With a gentle but firm shove, he entered his lover's ass.

"Oh fuck Mike wait," Andy said feeling the pain without lube.

Michael gave him a minute to adjust to the invasion, and then he pushed his cock all the way in.

"Damn babe you're still tight after all these years," Michael exclaimed as he started to fuck Andy.

Michael lifted up and began to aggressively fuck Andy's ass, each of them starting to move in a harmonious rhythm.  Michael was gently surging his strokes, feeling the love move between them, wanting the emotions to last for an eternity, when a deafening shot exploded inside the truck.  Michael immediately collapsed on top of Andy.

"Noooo Michael please talk to me," Andy yelled, as he felt for a pulse, but there was none.  "Michael don't you die on me please babe," he cried as another shot exploded. Andy too, now lay silent on the seat of the truck.

A gloved hand reached in through the shattered window, and felt the necks of the two silent bodies for a pulse. Another shot broke the silence - and now Andy was dead -- and now the generation had passed -- together with the fullness of love in their souls - and now a younger generation would deal with the future.

The gloved hand tossed a black rose into the truck along with a note, and then the shadow of a man disappeared into the night taking the clothes of his victims from the scene.

To be continued...

Sorry people but we just had to... a new generation is being raised up to carry on. and