Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 19:

Michael lifted up and began to aggressively fuck Andy's ass, each of them starting to move in a harmonious rhythm.  Michael was gently surging his strokes, feeling the love move between them, wanting the emotions to last for an eternity, when a deafening shot exploded inside the truck.  Michael immediately collapsed on top of Andy.

"Noooo Michael please talk to me," Andy yelled, as he felt for a pulse, but there was none.  "Michael don't you die on me please babe," he cried as another shot exploded. Andy too, now lay silent on the seat of the truck.

A gloved hand reached in through the shattered window, and felt the necks of the two silent bodies for a pulse. Another shot broke the silence - and now Andy was dead -- and now the generation had passed -- together with the fullness of love in their souls - and now a younger generation would deal with the future.

The gloved hand tossed a black rose into the truck along with a note, and then the shadow of a man disappeared into the night taking the clothes of his victims from the scene.

Now chapter 20:

The gate bell rang about a quarter to four, and the butler answered it.  A Massachusetts State Police officer was standing at the locked gate, and asked to speak to Andrew or Thomas Butler and Shane Bradley.

"Come on up officer," Edward answered releasing the gate lock.  When the officer came to the front door, he welcomed him.  "I'll get them for you," he said as he left him in the foyer.

Calmly, Edward went upstairs and knocked on Daniel and Andrew's door.

"Come in," Daniel said groggily.

"There is a state police officer downstairs to speak to Master Andrew sir."

"Tell him we'll be right down Edward," Daniel said as he woke Andrew.

"What is it, babe?"  Andrew asked as he yawned.

"There's a police officer downstairs to speak to you, babe."

"Oh my God no... it's dad.... I know it is Danny," he said frantically, jumping from bed and throwing a robe on.

They both rushed downstairs where the officer was waiting in the foyer as the boys arrived.

"What is officer, is it my dad?" Andrew asked with great apprehension in his voice.

"I'm so sorry to have to tell you young man, but your father's body and that of a Michael Bradley were found shot to death this evening."  His voice was even, somber and unmoving.

"OH GOD NOOOOOO! Andrew screamed.  Although he expected news of his dad, he did not expect this.  The shock of the reality hits his senses, and he collapsed onto the floor.

"Andy babe, Edward call Doctor Franklin and tell him to get right over here please," Daniel shouted as he lifted Andrew from the floor.

The officer helped him and they carried him into the living room, placing him on the sofa.  His screaming woke the other boys who came running; wanting to know what was going on.

"Guys please sit down," Daniel said looking at his husband's brothers, holding back his own tears.  "I have something to tell you that's going to hurt."

"What's wrong with Andrew, is he dead Daniel?"  Thom asked sitting beside him.

"No it's not about Andrew... it's about your dads.  Andy and Michael are dead, guys.  They were shot to death this evening and this officer just came to tell us."

"You're lying to us, our dad's are police officers and wouldn't have been caught in a position where they could have been shot," Shane yelled out at the officer.  Daniel grabbed Shane and held him back.

The officer asked Daniel quietly, "May I have a word with you in private."

Once out of earshot of the others, he said, "Ah... your dads were found naked in Mr. Bradley's truck, son.  It appears from the evidence at the scene that they were having sex at the time of the shooting.  I hesitated to tell you and I will leave it up to you how you handle this information.  Nothing will be mentioned about their circumstances in the press either, son.  Gay or not, we of the brotherhood protect our own."

"Thank you officer... uh... has there been any leads or arrests made in the case?"  Daniel asked.

"Well at the time none sir, but there was a black rose left at the scene of the crime along with a note, and it seems that it was left by the shooter.  In addition, their clothes were missing from the scene, however that information is strictly confidential, and I really should not have told you that.  So would you please keep that to yourself please sir?"

"I will and can I ask if they suffered at all?"  Daniel continued to feel the start of the anguish that was implied by his question.

"The coroner said that it appears that Mr. Bradley died instantly with a bullet to the right temple.  Mr. Butler took two shots to the head and died from the second one.  In his case, the first would have left him unconscious and unable to feel the second one... so I would say he also felt nothing sir."

"Thank you Officer Dunbar," Daniel said glancing at his nametag.

"If there's nothing more I can do here sir, I'll be leaving.  In addition, the Burlington Police department will be notified concerning their deaths.

"Thank you officer and thank the coroner for keeping this other information out of the papers."  Daniel said.

"You're most welcome son, may I ask you something?"

"Sure officer... what is it?"

"Are all of you here gay also?  I know it's none of my business, but well.... I'm gay and well...," Daniel answered Dunbar before he could finish his question.

"Yes we are officer, we're all gay couples and about to be married."  Daniel said.

"I thought so, but I was afraid to ask.  Well if you need anything you can reach me at the station Daniel."

"Thank you.... Edward will show you out."

As Edward is showing the officer out, Doctor Franklin arrived at the front door.  Daniel greeted him, told him briefly what had happened, and led him into the living room to see Andrew.  The doctor opened his case and broke open a tube of smelling salts, which he waved under Andrew's nose.  After a few moments Andrew revived, letting loose gut wrenching sobs.  Within moments, the room was filled with the cries of sorrow.

"Cry babe and let it out," Daniel said holding him close to him.

"Why Danny, what could they have done to anyone?  I wish they'd have stayed here for dinner instead of going out tonight."

"They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time babe."  Daniel said.

"Andrew not our daddy," Thom said coming over to sit with his brother.  "Why Andrew why?" he sobbed.

They clung to one another as they cried on each other's shoulder, while Daniel held Shane.  Shane was not crying, but his steely silence portrayed the anger in his heart instead.

"Shane let it out bro... it isn't good to hold it in."  Daniel said quietly as he embraced Shane.

"Not until I see their murderer brought to justice, then I'll cry," he seethed, gritting his teeth together just as Noah came sleepily wondering into the room.

"Why is everyone crying, daddy?"  Noah asked.

"Come with me, son," Daniel said as he picked him up and carried Noah back up to his room.

Lovingly, he tucked Noah back into his bed and kissed him on the forehead, then sat down to tell him about his grandfathers.

"Noah son, your uncles are crying because a terrible thing happened tonight that caused your grandpa's to go to heaven."  Daniel explained.

"My grandpas died daddy, but how?"  Noah whined.

"A very bad person shot them, and they died from what he did."

Noah started to cry in earnest and Daniel took him into his arms.  He lets him cry until he could cry no more.  Daniel lays him down and tucks him in again, then sat on the side of the bed until he fell asleep.  Bridget came in and told Daniel that she would sit with him, then gave Daniel a strong protective hug.

"Such tragedy this house has seen Master Daniel, first your mother and father, and now those poor boy's daddies."  Bridget said quietly.

"I know Mary, and yet we keep this house in the family don't we?"

"Aye, and if it be my house Master Daniel, I'd be selling it, that I'd be doing sir," Bridget replied.

Daniel left the room, going downstairs to the others as Bridget's words echoed in his mind.  He watched the sadness as it unfolded and it touched his heart.

The doctor comes up to him.  "I've given Andrew and Thomas a shot to calm them and help them sleep.  I would recommend that you get them to bed within the next ten minutes.  As for Shane over there, I fear he's bottling it up inside, and that's not going to be a pretty picture when he releases it."

"I've tried to get him to cry or do something, but he refuses to let it out.  He is very much like his father Michael... he would channel his anger and emotions into other outlets.  Some were good, but most were not doctor."

"Well keep an eye on him and get those two up to bed soon.  They should sleep for about six hours.  I'll check back with you later today and see how they are doing."

"Thank you doctor and thank you for coming over at such a bad hour."  Daniel said.

"A doctor is always on call, my lad, so don't worry about it."  Doctor Franklin replied.

Daniel walked the doctor to the door and said goodbye, and then had Shane take Thom up to bed, Clark and Josh helped Daniel take Andrew upstairs and get him into bed.  Clark went to bed as well; because he was feeling depressed and that, this was just another tragedy in his life.  Josh told him that it had nothing to do with him personally and that it was probably a robbery gone badly.  Once Andrew was asleep, Daniel met with Shane and Josh downstairs. 

"Guys what I am going to tell you are for your ears only.  Andy and Michael were found naked in Michael's truck.  It appears, the officer says, that they were having sex when they were shot."  Daniel said somberly.

"What, are you kidding us Danny?  I can imagine my dad doing this, but not Andy.  Andy was too conservative to do anything like this in public Danny.  I just wish they'd stayed here instead of going out."

"Well I don't want Thom and Andy hearing this, ok guys?"

"Sure Danny, but won't the newspaper print it?" Josh asked knowing how cold reporters could be.

"He told me that it was being kept from the press and that no one had access to that information."

"Well thank God for that at least.  Do they have any leads or clues as to who might have done it?"  Shane asked.

"Nope, not a one except for a single black rose and note that was left by the shooter."  Daniel replied.

"What kind of sick fucker does that?"  Shane asked.

"Maybe someone that hates gays or cops," Josh surmised.

"How could anyone down here know that they were cops?  They never speak about their jobs and besides, they weren't in uniform or any other thing to give that away."  Daniel said.

"Well I want just five minutes alone with the bastard when he's caught," Shane said with seething hatred in his voice.

"Shane you've got to let that anger out or it is going to consume you bro."  Daniel said.

"I'll let it out on that fucking bastard when he's caught," Shane almost shouted as he slammed his fist down hard on the table.

"Well I'm going up and take a shower.  I can't sleep now and besides Noah and Andy will need me when they wake up."  Daniel said as Edward approached him.

"Master Daniel there's another police officer at the door sir," Edward said making the boys wonder.

To be continued: and