Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-One


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 20:

"Maybe someone that hates gays or cops," Josh surmised.

"How could anyone down here know that they were cops?  They never speak about their jobs and besides, they weren't in uniform or any other thing to give that away."  Daniel said.

"Well I want just five minutes alone with the bastard when he's caught," Shane said with seething hatred in his voice.

"Shane you've got to let that anger out or it is going to consume you bro."  Daniel said.

"I'll let it out on that fucking bastard when he's caught," Shane almost shouted as he slammed his fist down hard on the table.

"Well I'm going up and take a shower.  I can't sleep now and besides Noah and Andy will need me when they wake up."  Daniel said as Edward approached him.

"Master Daniel there's another police officer at the door sir," Edward said making the boys wonder.

Now chapter twenty-one:

With their curiosity peaked, all the boys followed Daniel into the foyer.

"Hello officer how may I help you," Daniel asked.

"Sir, I'm Officer Mark Jacobs and I'm looking for the family of Andrew Butler and Michael Bradley," the officer said.

"That's us officer, but why are you here again?"  Daniel asked wondering why there would be a second police officer here now.

"I'm terribly sorry sir to inform you, but the bodies of Andrew Butler and Michael Bradley were found shot to death this morning in the warehouse district," this second officer announced.

"A state police officer was already here this morning officer, not more than two hours ago and told us all this," Daniel said.

"That's impossible young man... we've just identified their bodies by fingerprints.  If they had not been in the police identification file, we would not have known who they were.  Also this is a local case and so far, the state police haven't been called in on the case."  Officer Jacobs said with some determined surprise.

"Danny, what the fuck is going on here and who the fuck was that police officer earlier?" Shane asks as his anger flares now, ready to explode at someone.

"I don't know but we're going to find out."  Daniel replied.

Daniel invited the officer into the living room and sit while they told him all about the circumstances concerning the previous officer.  Mark Jacobs called the station and within minutes, additional police officers and a sketch artist were there as well.

"This is Linda Bell our sketch artist," Mark began, "If you'd describe the man to our artist here, she can draw a composite sketch of the man."

Daniel and Shane described the officer as best they could. However, Edward's description was best.  He had an uncanny mind for details and he gave her a very in-depth description of the man.  When she was done, the drawing looked exactly like the man that was masquerading as a police officer.

"Yeah, that's the asshole," Shane shouted as Linda held up the sketch.  "I'd like a copy of that sketch if you please."

"Well that's for the police to decide young man, I only draw for the police and I'm not at liberty to give out the sketches."

While the others were watching Linda sketch, Daniel was talking to Mark.

"Mark, the man told us that Andy and Michael were found naked and had been having sex when they were shot."

"Damn, that was not suppose to be leaked out, Daniel.  That was something that only the killer knew and the CSI team that investigated the scene.  Now we know that he was the killer.  What else did he tell you about the murders, Daniel?"

"Well that a single black rose was left and a note.  Also that their clothes were missing from the scene."

"Other than their wallets, was there anything else that could have given our killer a clue as to where to find you boys?"

Daniel thought for a moment and then it hit him.

"I'd given Andy my address and the code to my gate keypad.  And Michael had gone out for the evening, and they didn't know what time that they'd be home, so I gave them directions to my house along with the key code so they could get in the gate."

"I don't like that... can you change the code, Daniel?"

"Yes I can, but it'll take me some time to get a security guy here from the company that installed it to change the code."

"I can arrange to have an officer watching your place until you can have it changed."  Mark said.

"Well no offense Mark, but seeing how a false cop got through our guard, don't you think he could get through again?"

"I see what you mean.  I'll arrange for one to be on the premises instead."

"I'd appreciate that, Mark. I have a child here and I'd hate to see anything happen to him."

"We're done here Mark," another officer said as they rapped up their investigation.

"Ok Larry, I'll meet you at the station," Mark said.  "Thanks Linda for the fine job once again."

"No problem, Mark.  Hey Daniel, that butler of yours has quite a memory on him.  He gave me quite a description."  Linda commented.

"Edward is quite a keeper, Linda, and thanks."

Mark watched them as they packed up their things and left.  He turned to Daniel, handing him a card.

"This is my personal home and cell number.  If you call my house and a guy answers it's just my partner Gabe. Just give him a message for me."

"Mark, are you gay?"

"Yes Daniel I am, does that bother you man?"

"No not at all guy, we are also.  Andrew upstairs is my husband and the others in the other room are too.  Their dads were gay also, and knowing Michael, he probably wanted to go parking instead of coming home to make love.  He can, or rather could be really noisy when he came."

"Again Daniel I'm really sorry about what has happened and I'll do my best to keep their indiscretions from reaching the press."

"Thanks Mark and let's get together sometime when this is over guy."

"Gabe and I would like that.  We do not have many friends that are gay, seeing that I'm a police officer.  Drugs and shit like that in the gay scene keeps many away from us once they know I'm a cop."

"I can just imagine and we're totally against drugs in this family.  So let's do get together later and thanks again buddy."

 Daniel walked him to the door and bid Mark a good day.  He turns to see Shane standing right behind him.

"Rather friendly weren't you?" Shane commented.

"Shane he's gay and was just telling me about his partner.  I wasn't looking for a hook up so fuck off," Daniel said feeling pissed about being questioned.

"Sorry bro, I didn't mean to be an asshole," he said hugging Daniel.  "I just feel like lashing out and hurting someone."

"I know bro, but let it go buddy.  If you don't, you'll be consumed by your anger."

"I know Danny, but I can't let it go.  If I do... I feel like I'm letting my dad down."

"He wouldn't want you to be this full of hatred.  If you let it go, you'll be more clear-minded to think and help solve this insanity, my friend."

Shane just stood there staring at Daniel and slowly at first, tears started to trickle down his eyes before the damn of gut wrenching sobs poured out. Daniel held Shane tight to his body as he continued to cry uncontrollably in Daniel's arms.  Daniel held him tight and rubbed his back as the emotional pain drained from his psyche.

"That's it Shane, let it out my love."  Daniel cooed.

Shane cried so hard that he could hardly breathe.  "Oh God!" he sobbed, "Why does it hurt so much?  I loved those two men."  Finally, after twenty minutes, Shane's sobbing quieted and he finally calmed down.   Daniel slowly wiped away the tears and kissed Shane softly on the lips.

"There bro, doesn't that feel better to let it out?"

"Yeah it does, but it doesn't change the fact that I want to kill the bastard."

"We all do Shane, we all do."  Daniel said, "Go on upstairs and take a shower bud, it'll help you relax.  Then lay down with Thom and sleep a bit until he gets up.  I have some things to take care of and then I'm going to head up to lay down with Andy."

"Ok buddy," Shane replied as he kissed Daniel more passionately now.

"Shane don't, I'm not the one you should be doing that with.  Go upstairs guy and sleep for a while."

Shane headed upstairs reluctantly and crawls into bed along side of Thom who is out like a light.  Daniel turned the lights out and sat in the early morning twilight, thinking about the last few hours.  He looked around the room and saw yesterday's paper on the floor.  He picked it up and saw it turned to the horoscope section.  He looked for the prediction for Leo, then finding it he began to read:

"Your strength will be drawn upon today by those that are close to you. Events of this day will change the lives of those around you and they well need you to be strong for them. Your guidance and experience will be called upon in the next days and weeks to come."

"Damn fucking horoscope.  Why didn't I read this thing yesterday?" He said to himself as he threw the paper across the room.

He lowered his head and cried as he felt the pain for his husband and friends.  He sobbed uncontrollably into his hands.

Then he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

"Babe are you alright," Andrew asked sitting down beside him.

"Sweetheart... why?" was all he could get out as he now cried in earnest in his lover's arms.

With sobs that drained him of his strength, he gasped for more breath.  Andrew continued to comfort him in his arms while his tears joined Daniels. While Andrew had mostly cried himself out, he still hurt.  He lifted his husband's head and they kissed as the tears continued to flow.  When their sobs and tears had mostly subsided, Daniel decided to tell Andrew some of what he had learned from Mark.

"He was the killer, what a fucking masochist," Andrew said ready to kill.  "It's not bad enough to kill my dad, but he had to gloat over watching us grieve."

"We did a composite drawing with the police sketch artist and came up with his exact likeness."  Daniel said.

They talked some more and cried some more until the others drifted downstairs.  Mary made a small breakfast and fed Noah in the kitchen with her.  At this time, she felt a mother's touch is what he needed.  The boys just picked at their food and discussed what to do next.

"I think dad would want to be buried in Vermont with Thomas, but what about Michael?"

"If you don't mind guys, I'd like him to be with them.  He loved your dad for years, even when Andy was with Thomas."

"We'll have to call and tell Dennis and Trevor about their deaths."  Thom said.

"I'll do that.... Trevor's my dad and he'd expect me to call him."  Shane said pushing his plate away.

"Well the Burlington police know about it so you might want to call them before it hits the papers.  Josh, could you call your moms in case they haven't heard yet?"  Daniel suggested.

"Yeah Danny, but I doubt that they haven't heard already."

They discussed the plans for the funeral and were about to make their calls when Josh's cell phone rang.  He looked at the caller id and saw that it was his mom.

"See I knew she'd have heard already, this is her...  Hello mom." he said answering the phone.

"When were you going to call me son and tell me about Andy and Mike?" She asked angrily that she had to call him.

"Mom please, it's been hell here ever since four this morning.  I was getting ready to call you just before you called me."  Josh replied.

"I'm sorry son, how are the boys doing son?"

"Not too good mom, this was quite a shock to all of us.  It wasn't bad enough that they were killed, but the killer came and told us they were murdered himself.  He was posing as a cop and stayed watching us grieve and all."

"What!  Is everyone all right babe?  I want you to get someone there to guard you until that bastard's caught."

"Calm down, mom, we're all fine and the police are providing protection until Danny can get the key code changed.  His place is a fortress and unless you have the code you can't get into his house."  Josh reaffirmed with a nod to Daniel.

"Even though, I want you all on your guard until he's caught.  Would you like us to come back down and stand guard over you?"

"No mom that won't be necessary, we're going to be going back to Vermont to hold the funeral.  Andy, Thom, and Shane want them buried together in Vermont."

"Ok son then we'll be here waiting for you when you get here.  I love you Josh and just want you to be safe and careful."

"We will be mom and right now, we are.  I'll let you know when we're coming home and give my love to mom also."

"I will and I love you son, goodbye."

They hung up and he told the others how much of a cop and a mom she was.  Shane got up and went into the living room to call his dad and Dennis.  He dials his dad's cell and it went directly to his voice mail.

"Fuck that guy never has his cell turned on."  He said as he walked back into the dining room.  "Anyone know Dennis' phone number, my dad has his cell off again?"

"Yeah I do," Thom said, "hang on..." getting up and disappearing upstairs.

He came back down within moments with this book.

"My life line as dad use to call it.  I keep all my phone numbers and addresses in it," he said as he flipped through the pages.  "Here it is... its 802-555-4752."

 "Thanks Thom," Shane said as he dialed the number walking back into the living room.

"This had better be good," a groggy Dennis snapped as he answered the phone.

"Dennis I'm so sorry for waking you, but I have some bad news to tell my dad."

"Shane?  What is it son, your dad's in the shower at the moment."

"Dennis.... Andy and Michael where murdered last night."  There was a long silence on the other end of the phone and then sobs.

"Who, how?" Dennis asked through his tears.

"We don't know who exactly yet.  It was a guy and he shot them to death, apparently while they were parking and making love."

"Oh my God son, I so sorry," he said still sobbing tears.

"Sorry about what babe," Trevor asked coming into their bedroom.  "What's wrong Dennis you're crying?"  Dennis just held out the phone to him.

"Hello, who is this?"  Dennis demanded.

"Dad... it's me, Shane.  I called to tell you that dad... was murdered last night along with Andy."

"Oh God son, not Michael and Andy," and he dropped the phone as he lost control and started bawling.  Dennis grabbed him into his arms and they sobbed together.

"DAD! DAD!"  Shane shouted into the phone.

"It's me Dennis.  Shane, your dad is in a bad way right now and I need to take care of him.  We'll call you back later when we're more in control."  He hung up the phone so abruptly that Shane couldn't even say goodbye.

He went back into the dining room and told the guys about the phone call with his dad.

"This is a terrible shock to all of us sweetheart," Thom said hugging his man.  "Are you alright babe?" Thom asked.

"Yeah babe, I finally cried it out this morning."

"Well I'm going to get my dad's guns out and I want us all to learn how to use them.  I think that we should be able to protect ourselves in case that murderer comes back.  If this is a hate crime against gays, he knows we're gay and might be gunning for us next."  Daniel explained.

"How the fuck would he know we are gay anyhow?" Shane asked now getting angry again.

"Ah.... I told him when he asked me."

"You fucking what!" they all shouted together.

Daniel explained how and why he told him, and they seem to calm down.

"I personally want a gun for protection."  Thom said because I'm shooting first at that bastard, then later I'll ask questions."

They all agreed, but Daniel insisted that they have to get ID cards to carry a gun.

"We have one, each of us," Thom said.  "Well at least Andy and I do."

"I have one also, because I use to go hunting in the Berkshires." Josh said and pulled his out of his wallet to show them.

"I've got one from Springfield, so I guess that leaves Clark and you Danny boy." Shane said looking at the two.

"I don't have one and really I don't want a gun guys.  I'm afraid of guns so if you don't mind, I'll leave it to my husband to be defending me."

"You bet sugar, I'll take care of you," Josh said hugging his lover.

"Then it's settled, come with me and I'll give you each a gun.  I've had a firearm id card since I was sixteen."

He took them into the den and pushes a button on the desk, a picture over the fireplace slid to the left revealing a safe.

"Damn guy, what else have you got hiding in this place?" Thom asked.

Daniel dialed the combination and then he pushed the handle down.  He pulled on the handle and the door opened.  A small arsenal sat inside the safe along with papers, and boxes of ammo.

"Help yourselves guys," he told him as he took a .45 magnum automatic for himself.

"I think I'd better give Derek a call to let him know that I won't be going back home today," Josh said as he dialed his cell phone.

"Hello... what time is it," a sleepy Derek asked as he answered his cell phone.

"Derek it's me Josh.  I need you to wake up so I can tell you something important buddy."

"I'm awake already, so tell me."

"Derek.... Thom, Andy and Shane's dads where murdered last night," he said quietly.

"What! No fucking way man, by whom?" Derek asked, now fully awake and sitting up.

"We don't know his name but we have a description of him.  The bastard had the balls to come here and tell us himself that they were dead, can you believe it."

"Damn guy, I'll be right over as soon as I wake up Corey.  Can you ask Danny to send his driver for me so I don't have to get Corey and Bri out in the cold?"

"Sure Der and I'll see you in a bit buddy, bye," and he hung up.

Derek told Corey about what happened as soon as he hung up.  Derek's shouting had wakened Corey and he was just lying there waiting for him to hang up.

"Oh my God Derek, those poor guys.  I didn't know Andy's dads, but from what he told me, they were super guys and dads."

"Daniel's sending his car to pick me up so you don't have to take Bri out in the cold."

"The nanny's here babe and we don't have to take him out.  Besides today's my day off so I'm going with you."

They got up and headed to the shower, grabbed a quick bite to eat and were ready when the car arrived.  Corey told the nanny where they would be and that he would call her when he knew more about his schedule.

Once they arrived at Daniel's home, a battery of police were sitting at the gate.  They cleared the car to enter and it drove up to the house.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry Andrew," Corey said hugging his friend once he was inside.

"Thanks Corey and I appreciate you being here."  Andrew replied.

"That's what friends are for love, to help out when needed."

"Josh, I take it we aren't going back home today are we?"  Derek asked.

"No Der and I hope you don't mind." 

"Mind, what kind of guy do you take me for bud?  My place is here helping anyway I can, buddy.  Now what can I do to help out around here?"

"Nothing really, we're just waiting to hear from the coroner's office as to when they will release the bodies.  Once that's cleared, Thom said something about having them sent to Vermont for burial."

"Are you planning on going to the funeral, because if you are, I'd like to go too buddy?"

"We're all going... so yeah you can go also.  Now tell me buddy, how'd it go with you and Corey?"

"Hey man that's rather personal and besides I don't kiss and tell."  Derek replied.

"Come on, buddy, I'm not asking for intimate details, I only want to know if you two hit it off or not."  Josh asked with a grin.

"Yeah we did, and let's just say we are a couple also."  Derek confessed.

"Damn you're a fast mover, Der."

"Well we both know that we were destined to be together.  Our horoscopes were so matched yesterday that one would have to be an idiot not to see it."

"I'm happy for you buddy... you deserve some happiness in your life.  Just remember, I want to be your best man if you two ever get married."

"It's not if bro, it's a matter of when I would dare say."  Derek smiled.

"Oh my God are you that sure Der, really sure that he's the one?"

"I have never been surer of anything in my life."  Derek said.

A man sat at a table - pasting an article from the morning newspaper into a scrapbook.  The article told of the double murder of two Burlington, Vermont detectives.  Then he glued a verse of scripture just below the article as a remembrance.  He felt that vindication was now -- at last - his.  He closed the book with a smile, and then slowly went through the contents of Andy and Michael's wallets again.

To be continued:

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