Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Three


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 22:

"You've become a monster Danny, I don't know you anymore," and Andrew said as he turned crying, leaving the room.

"What the fuck is wrong with Shane and Andrew," Thom asked as he came into the study.

"I haven't a clue Thom, did you try asking them bro?"  Daniel said nonchalantly.

"They seemed alright until they came in here and when they came out they were crying.  So again Danny, what's going on that I am not privy to?"

"Not a thing except that we were talking about funeral arrangements.  I think it's the reality of your dad's death that has them upset." 

"I guess that could be it bro, sorry to bother you Danny."

"You are never a bother Thom, and you're most welcomed whenever you want a friend to talk to."

"Thanks bro and I love you so much for everything you have done for us."  Thom said.

"Love you too bro, love you too."  Daniel replied.  `You'll never know how much,' he thought after Thom left the room.

Now chapter 23:

With everyone assembled in the living room, Daniel told them what arrangements had been made for the funeral.  The wake would be from four to eight tomorrow at Ready's Funeral Home in Burlington. The burial would be at Lakeview Cemetery, following the funeral the next day.  A full honor guard from the Burlington Police Department and the Springfield Massachusetts Police Department would be attending. 

"I spoke to Andy's and Michael's lawyers," Daniel announced, "and they're going to meet you on Friday at ten for the reading of their wills.  They've asked that the following persons be present: Thom, Andrew, Shane, and Clark.  The rest of us will wait outside until called in.  We've been asked to be there for support of our respective partners, but the dad's wanted just them to be at the reading."

"Thanks Danny," Thom said looking around the room at the others.

"Yeah thanks," Shane added with no special inflection to his voice.

"We have enough accommodations for everyone here at the lake house.  If further accommodations are needed, then our apartment can be used. Corey and Derek...I'm putting you both in the apartment and the others will be at the lake house.  I feel that if we take the two SUVs, we'll have more than enough room for all us.  We should be leaving by this afternoon, because we should have a good nights rest before we hold the wake."

"Damn you are organized Danny," Clark said.

"Thanks Clark.  Corey would you mind keeping an eye on Noah during the wake and funeral?" Daniel asked.

"Not at all Dan, I'd be glad to do that for you and Andy."

"Thank you Corey, so if no one has any questions, I'd suggest that we get packed.  Shane may I speak with you in my office after."

"Sure Danny," he said hoping Daniel has changed his mind.

Corey, Thom, Clark, Derek, and Andrew went upstairs to pack.  Shane asked Thom to pack his things also, before he knocked on the office door.

"Come in Shane," Daniel called out.  Once inside, he directed, "Would you lock the door please?"

Shane locked the door and turned to Daniel who sat behind his desk. 

"Would you come over here please Shane?"

Shane walked over to behind the desk and he saw that Daniel was naked from the waist down.  Daniel he turned in his chair to face Shane. 

"I got horny watching you sit there holding Thom.  I want you to suck my cock Shane," and he said standing up, pushing Shane's shoulders, forcing him to his knees. 

Shane looked up at him with tears in his eyes, and reluctantly, took his cock into his mouth.

"And I want you to suck it like you love it Shane."  Daniel demanded.

Shane made love to Daniel's cock as the tears fell down his face; the salty tears mix with his spit.  He knelt there sucking Daniel's cock while Daniel watched his cock slide in and out of his mouth.

"Faster Shane and harder on the head," he demanded.

Shane picked up his pace, and sucked Daniel's cock even harder, as he held Daniel's balls in his hand.  Up and down his shaft, he moved until he had Daniel ready to pop.  Daniel held his head firmly as he shoved his cock down Shane's throat.  He shot his cum deep into his throat, causing Shane to gag as he tried to breathe.  Daniel released his grip slightly as he continued to shoot, but still held Shane's head to his cock.  Once he was spent, he pulled his cock from his mouth, wiping it on Shane's face.

"Thanks... now go pack," he said pulling on his underwear and slacks.

"You really hate me don't you Danny?"  Shane said sadly.

"Hate is too strong a word Shane.  What I feel is neither hate nor love, I'd call it indifference."

"Would you at least kiss me sweetheart?"

"Ewww not with cum in your mouth, besides I kiss only those I love and like I said Shane, I don't love you, now go pack."

Shane was in tears as he left the room, and even Daniel started to feel some remorse for the way he'd been treating him, but it was the only way he knew how to drive him away.  He'd lost his love for Andrew for the moment and didn't know if he'd ever get it back.  He reasoned that his father had a gay lover he kept on the side from his mother, so why should he be any different. 

"Shane wait," Daniel said as he second-guessed his emotions.  "Come over here please for a moment."

Shane walked back over to the desk, expecting more abuse, but Daniel took him in his arms.

"Shane what I have to tell you is to stay strictly between the two of us.  I'm sorry for the way I've treated you and I want you to know that yes, I do love you as you love me babe."  Then with that said, he kissed him passionately on the mouth.  His kiss was tender and full of love, as he let his hands wander their way around Shane's body.

"I knew you would love me Danny if you'd only allow yourself to.  I won't say a word to no one lover, and I do forgive you for the way you treated me."

"I was trying to force you away, but you wouldn't go, so I figured that you must really love me.  When I listened to the feelings in my heart I found that I really loved you too, but now we must be careful to keep our love a secret."

"Am I still a whore to you Danny?"

"No Shane you're the man I love, and I'm sorry for ever calling you that."

They kissed again with deeper passion and love.  Shane left the room feeling completely happy and loved again, this time by Daniel. 

Daniel realized that he'd entered a new stage in his life as he started to take on his new role as head of this family, even though he wasn't a son of Andy or Michael.  He went upstairs and found Andrew crying in their bedroom; he took him in his arms and kissed him ever so tenderly.

"Forgive me sweetheart for being such a heartless bastard?"  Daniel whispered.

"Oh Danny I knew it was only a matter of time until you came back to me.  There's nothing to forgive my love, I love you so much and I'm glad you are back to yourself."

"I think it was the pressure of the deaths and it being so close to my own dad's death, that I just lost it Andy.  I don't want us to fight, but be the two loving men we were."

"I need you to be my strength babe, especially with the wake and funeral."  Andrew said.

They kissed passionately and Daniel held his husband tightly to him as he felt his man's heart beating strong against his chest.

`Forgive me God for what I'm doing, but it's the only way to keep my family together," Daniel thought to himself.

The drive to Burlington was long and sad, as Daniel drove one SUV and Derek the other.  They drove straight through, stopping only for gas, and arrived at their apartment just before dark.  Dennis and Trevor were there to greet them, and from the look of their eyes, one could tell that they have been crying a lot.

"Dad," Shane cried out when he got out, seeing Trevor standing on the front porch.

As Shane ran up to him, he hugged him and asked, "Shane baby are you alright?"

"No, but I will be once they catch this fucker."  Shane replied.

"Shane Bradley-Anderson, what have I said about your language?"  Trevor admonished him.

"Sorry dad but I've so much anger inside of me that it comes out of me that way."  Shane apologized.

"Well not in front of me please son."

They left Corey and Derek along with Josh and Clark in the apartment.  Daniel told them that they'd be back in the morning for them to go to breakfast.  Daniel, Andrew, Thom, and Shane, made the drive out to South Hero in silence.  As they turned into the driveway, they paused, looking at the dark form of the house, as it stood against the backdrop of the lake.

"It looks like it's in mourning too Andy," Thom said quietly.

"I don't know if I can go in Thom, there's so much of our dad in there."  Andrew said.

"You have me sweetheart to lean on and so do Shane and Thom," Daniel said he felt Shane's hand on his shoulder.

They drove down to the house and parked beside Andy's truck.  Thom started crying as he looked at the dark green Ford sitting alone in the drive.  Shane put his arms around his man and comforted him as they made their way into the house.  The house smelled of their dad's cologne and they all started to cry.

Daniel realized that he would have his hands full for the next few days giving his support to this family.  He turned on the lights and looked at the picture of Andy in his uniform over the fireplace.  Andrew and Thom completely lost control and drop to their knees crying.  Shane and Daniel helped them up and sat them on the sofa, while Daniel went to get them some water to drink.

"Here guys have a drink," and they both took a sip.  "You have to realize that there's going to be a lot of your dads around here, it was their home.  If it's easier we can go back to the apartment to stay until after the funeral."

"Oh can we," they both asked in unison, and Daniel nodded his head yes.

"Come on guys we'll make room.  I'm just glad that we decided to leave Noah with Bridget instead of bringing him."  Daniel said with some enthusiasm.

They drove back to their apartment.  Naturally, Dennis, Trevor, Corey, Derek, Josh, and Clark were surprised to see them.

"Hey guys why are you back here?" Clark asked.

"It was too emotional for Andy and Thom, so I suggested we come back here. I think we can all squeeze in somehow."

"If you don't mind Danny, Thom and I would like to sleep together and talk tonight.  We just need to be together as brother's babe, you and Shane can bunk together if you don't mind."

"I guess if Shane doesn't mind I don't."  Daniel said.

"I'm good with it Danny as long as there is room for all of us."

"Why don't you two stay upstairs in my apartment," Dennis said.  "I have a guest room and it's on the other side of the house away from my room so if you two want to talk you won't keep Trevor and me up."

"That's cool Dennis and thanks.  Are you two alright with that Andy?"  Daniel asked.

"Yeah babe and that way no one has to sleep on the sofas in the living room."

Andrew pulled Daniel aside into their old bedroom and gave his husband a kiss.

"Are you alright having to share a bed with Shane?  I know what you had to go through earlier with him and well I just don't want you to go through it again sweetheart."  Andrew said nervously.

"No we're cool now and he understands how I felt about the situation earlier.  We're friends and I seem to be the only one that can reach his emotions concerning his dad's death."  Daniel said.

"I love you Danny and that's why I married you.  Because you always look out for the care of others before yourself," Then he kissed his husband, as he opened his heart with all the love he held within.

"I'll see you in the morning lover and we'll go to breakfast before we go to the funeral home with your dads' clothes."  Daniel said.

"Fuck I forgot about that babe, I can't do that Danny, I just can't."  Andrew said in a panic.

"Don't worry babe I'll take care of that after breakfast.  You just tell me what you want them to wear ok?"  Daniel reassured him.

"I want them in their dress blue police uniforms.  Better talk to Shane and see if he agrees with me babe."

"I will love... now you and Thom go to bed and get some rest.  I don't want you up all night talking because you'll have a very exhausting day tomorrow."  Daniel said.

"We will honey, and you also, get your rest because I'm going to need you too."

Thom and Shane said goodnight and then Shane went upstairs with Dennis, Trevor, and Daniel upstairs.  Daniel wasn't sleepy yet and decided to go for a walk.  Shane asked if he could go with him.

"Sure Shane if you feel up to it," Daniel said, "but I might be gone for a bit because I need to do some thinking," he added.

"That's fine ba... ah Danny," he said, hoping Trevor and Dennis hadn't noticed his near slip.

During their stroll, Daniel reached over and took Shane's hand.  Shane looked at Daniel and smiled.

Returning his smile, Daniel said, "I do love you Shane, and I'll always be there for you lover."

"I know Danny and I know that you can't divorce Andy too, but do you mind if I marry Thom?"

"Do you still want to babe, or is it just to cover our relationship?"

"I don't know babe, I love him, but not like I love you Daniel.  I want to be with you every minute of the day and night sweetheart.  However, with Thom...I don't know...he's just too demanding on me.  I want to lean on someone now instead of always having to be the strong one.  Am I being silly Danny, or wrong here?"

"No Shane you aren't, and you deserve to have someone to take care of you.  I'll take care of you as long as you know that we can't be a couple, as Andy and I are.  You'll never be a whore to me, and I'm sorry for ever calling you'll be my husband in my heart as long as I live darling."

They stopped walking and kissed in the shadows, cementing their love.  Right or wrong, they'd cast their lots together and there is no turning back. 

"I just have to remember not to show my jealousy when you're with Andy lover.  It's hard seeing you two together and not being able to openly show you the same kind of love."

"I know sweetie and I'll find a way to keep us together more."

They walked hand and hand down to the waterfront park and sat on a bench watching the moonlight dancing on the water.  Shane rested his head on Daniel's shoulder as they sat there, without a care is in the world.  No one was around as they sat, watching the water. When suddenly a cool breeze started to blow and Shane began to shiver.

"Hold me lover I'm cold," Shane said snuggling closer to Daniel who holds him in a tight embrace.

They sat for a while just staring out at the water, until the cold caused them to move on.

"I think we'd better get going back home babe," Daniel said getting up and taking Shane's hand.

"How are you doing Thom?" Andrew asked as they lay in bed.

"Ok I guess, but I really miss our dad Andy.  I keep thinking that he'll come walking through the door again each time a door opens."

"I know what you mean bro, I feel the same way.  How are you and Shane doing?" Andy asked, but Thom was slow to answer.

"Can I tell you something in confidence Andy?"

"Hey I'm your brother and you don't ever have to ask me that."

"I don't know if I really love him like I should, you know like you and Danny do.  I know we're engaged, but I think it was because you had gotten married and then Clark and Josh were engaged.  You know, I just feel like I want to live some more as a single guy before I settle down with just one man.  Don't get me wrong bro, Shane's a terrific guy and all, but he just doesn't do it for me like Danny does for you."

"Have you talked to Shane about it Thom, this is something you should discuss as a couple together."  Andy suggested.

"I was going to bring it up this weekend, but when dad and Mike got murdered, I just put it on the back burner."

"Well don't wait too long to discuss it with him, you never know... he may just feel the same way.  Danny and I were having a few problems recently, but we've since worked them out.  I think all the pressure between the murders and then to making the funeral arrangements took a toll on his nerves."

"I can understand that bro... we've all leaned on him during the last twenty-four hours.... and tomorrow is going to be just as bad for us all with the wake and then the funeral the next day.  I was going to ask him if he'd give dad's eulogy at the funeral mass, do you think I should?"

"I guess we could both ask him and he can always say no if he doesn't want to."

"But that's it Andy, he doesn't ever say no to you or me, not when a true need is involved."  Thom said sadly.

"What about asking Dennis, he was dad's best friend for years.  Trevor can give one for Michael because they were married for quite a few years."

"That's a great idea Andy, and that way Danny won't have to feel like he has to do it."

They kissed goodnight like the one close brothers do, and snuggled close as they fell asleep.  Their love for each other had always been strong, and now there was no feelings of guilt as Thom held Andy as they slept.

Shane and Daniel arrived back at home; the place was dark except for a lone lamp in the living room.  Daniel turned off the light and they walked down to their room, closing the door behind them.  Daniel turned to Shane and asked if he wants to make love, and Shane said he was more than willing.  They slowly undressed each other taking breaks to kiss, and then hopped into bed with Shane holding Daniel on top of him.

"I love you Shane Bradley, with all my heart," Daniel said as he kissed his lover passionately.

Their love was strong and although forbidden, their hearts told them yes.

"I love you so much Danny and I want you to make love to me as your lover babe, not like you did the first time."

"I will my love and I need you to forgive me for raping you like I did.  It was wrong and cruel Shane and you didn't deserve it."

They kissed ever so softly as they gave themselves to one another. Daniel was more than gentle as he moved about Shane's body, making love to each part he touched with his mouth.  He sucked on Shane's nipples then gently nibbled on them, sending electrical charges throughout his body.

"Yes lover make me your man," Shane sighed from the relief and contentment as Daniel gently nibbled on his tender nipples.

Daniel took his time as he made love to Shane, trying to drive him crazy with desire.  He teased his nipples until Shane couldn't take anymore, then he slowly moved down to his navel.  He ran his tongue around his navel and Shane giggled from the sensation.

"Honey that tickles," Shane said but Daniel continued.

Shane pushed him from his naval and Daniel got up.

"I'm sorry babe, please don't leave Danny," Shane whined as Daniel quickly looked around the room.

He noticed the silk tie backs on the drapes and he took them off.  He held them up.  Shane suddenly felt very frightened.

"Oh no you don't, you're not going to use those on me Danny," he said trying to get up.

However, Daniel was quicker as he tackled Shane and sat on his chest.  He tied his left hand to the headboard and then does the same with the right.  Shane starts to make noise so he stuffed his underwear in his mouth.

"Not so tuff now are we sweetheart," Daniel said tickling his underarms.

Shane squirmed from the attack to his underarms but to no avail, as Daniel now returned his tongue to Shane's navel.  He ran his tongue all around Shane's naval before plunging it into the naval.  He attacked it with the same force as he had his nipples.  Shane squirmed with all his might against the chords.  Daniel lets up his attack and moves down to his cock that was now dripping with pre-cum.  He noticed a feather quill pen sitting on a table and he reached for it.  He shows it to Shane who shook his head no, but Daniel wanted Shane to realize all the pleasure that he could administer.  He started tickling all around his cock with the feather.  He ran the feather up and down the inner parts of his thighs and then back up to his balls.  Shane closed his eyes as a new sensation overtook him.  He continued moaning in delight as Daniel dropped the feather and took his cock into his mouth.  He reached up and removed the underwear from his mouth.

Shane let's out a great sigh.  "Oh yeah lover, do me babe suck my cock," he said as Daniel made love to his tool.

Daniel swallowed it down slowly and when he reached the base, he took in the scent of his lover.  He smelled of the soap that he'd used to shower mixed together with sweet cologne.  He placed his finger deep into his ass, and massaged Shane's nut inside.  Shane was beside himself in ecstasy as Daniel continued to give his cock a powerful sucking.

"I'm about to cum Danny," he moaned and then shot his seed into Daniel's waiting mouth.

"Mmmm," Daniel said as he drank in every drop until he has gotten it all.

He slid up to Shane's lips and gave him a gentle kiss, giving him a taste of his own cum.  Daniel took the lube that he'd brought with him and while sitting up he applied it to Shane's ass.  He rubbed a good deal into his rosebud, and then lubed his own cock before he positioned his cock to Shane's ass.  He gave a firm but gentle push until the head popped in, causing Shane to cry out from the pain.  Daniel kissed his lover, giving him time to relax, before slowly applying additional pressure continuously until his cock bottomed.

"Oh damn babe that feels good," Shane said as Daniel continued to kiss him.

"This is the way I should have done Shane," Daniel said as he lifted up on his arms and started to fuck him slowly.  He soon found a rhythm that had them fucking in harmony.  Pausing, Daniel untied his lover's arms.  With his arms freed, Shane held his lover as he fucked his ass, both making love to the beat of their hearts.  Daniel rode his lover as a man in love until Shane was about to cum.

"I'm going to cum again Danny," Shane moaned as he started to shoot his love juice all over his chest and stomach.

Daniel continued fucking Shane more aggressively now, as he quickly approached his own climax.

"I'm going to cum lover," Daniel said as he felt his balls about to give up their sweet nectar.

"Fuck me sweetheart hard and deep."  Shane said with a husky voice.

Daniel fucked Shane's ass like a dog in heat, until he could feel his balls about to explode.

"Here is comes lover, fuck my cock," he howled as he shot his the first spasm of cum deep into Shane's anxious ass.

The two rocked to their love's lusty rhythm, as Daniel shot the rest of his sweet nectar deep into his lover.  He bent down and kissed his man with the passion and veracity, unable to stop his rhythm.  They clung to one another as their orgasms ended.  Daniel felt spent but elated.  He had never before experienced such beauty and emotion when making love to a man and in that moment, it caused him to make a decision.

"I love you Shane with such depth and emotion that mere words cannot convey.  I'm going to divorce Andy and marry you my love, but only if you will have me."

"Danny lets think this over lover and not let the sweet sensation influence our thinking."  Shane replied.

They kissed gently and deeply as they intertwined each other's arms, and soon their exhaustion overtook them.  They fell asleep holding each other, only as two men in love with each other could.

To be continued:

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