Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Four


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 23:

The two rocked to their love's lusty rhythm, as Daniel shot the rest of his sweet nectar deep into his lover.  He bent down and kissed his man with the passion and veracity, unable to stop his rhythm.  They clung to one another as their orgasms came to an end.  Daniel felt spent but elated.  He had never before experienced such beauty and emotion when making love to a man and in that moment, it caused him to make a decision.

"I love you Shane with such depth and emotion that mere words cannot convey.  I'm going to divorce Andy and marry you my love, but only if you will have me."

"Danny lets think this over lover and not let the sweet sensation influence our thinking."  Shane replied.

They kissed gently and deeply as they intertwined each other's arms, and soon their exhaustion overtook them.  They fell asleep holding each other, only as two men in love with each other could.

Now chapter 24:

The next morning Trevor opened the bedroom door to wake Daniel and Shane, but was shocked to see them intertwined in each other's arms.  He slowly and quietly stepped back out of the room closing the door behind him.

"Did you get them up snuckums?" Dennis asked.

"No... I didn't babe.  I...I think they made love last night."  Trevor said cautiously.

"Whatever gives you that idea?  You do realize that Daniel is married to Andrew right?"  Dennis asked.

"I know but last night Shane almost slipped and called Daniel babe, and now the two of them are so wrapped up in each other's arms that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins."  Trevor replied.

"So that constitutes love making.... God man you're such a conniver," Dennis said shaking his head.  "Just go wake them and ask them after they get up.  Oh... never mind here comes Shane now."

"Morning dad, Dennis," Shane said with a huge smile.

"Well don't we look all happy and satisfied this morning," Trevor said looking at Shane and then Dennis.

"What is that suppose to mean dad?"  Shane asked.

"Well you look like a man that just got a satisfying piece of ass that's all."  Trevor replied smiling.

"You're demented dad and you should really get a life."  Shane said with dejection.

"Well when I went to wake you and Daniel earlier, you were both so wrapped up together that one would think you were in love.  And then there was that slip last night when you almost called Daniel babe."  Trevor argued.

"Last night was just a slip of the tongue.  I was use to speaking to Thom and I call him that.  And as for sleeping all curled up together, well I guess we were just cold or something."  Shane retorted.

"Yes Shane or something.  Shane my son, what's going on between the two of you?  You know Daniel's a married man and you're engaged to be married to Thom."

"There's nothing going on between us Trevor, and I'd appreciate you keeping your devious mind and it's thoughts to yourself," Daniel said entering the room.

"Well I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions Danny, but if one had to judge by what they saw...." but Daniel cut him off.

"I was merely calming a crying Shane last night and if we fell asleep like that then it's our business isn't it?"  Daniel questioned.

"You're right Danny and Trevor, shut up and mind your own business," Dennis said ending this conversation.  "Now are we eating out or in this morning?"  He asked as a suggestion.

"I told the guys that I'd take them out to breakfast.  Of course the two of you are invited also Dennis."  Daniel announced.

"Well we've already eaten and we have a lot of errands to do before this afternoon's business.  But thank you Danny for thinking of us and maybe next time."  Dennis replied.

"Dennis, did Andy or Thom speak to you and Trevor about doing the eulogy tomorrow at the funeral mass?"  Daniel asked.

"Not yet, but I for one, would be honored Danny, how about you Trev?"

"Of course I would babe... after all we were married for almost twenty years.  Danny, are you sure that they want us to say the eulogy?"  Trevor asked.

"I'm very sure, but just to double check, I'll speak to them at breakfast and get back to you.  Shane, how do you feel about your dad speaking for Michael at the funeral?"

"I think he should because he knew him better than anyone."  Shane answered.

The boys showered and headed downstairs.  Daniel went into the bedroom to get Andrew up.  He and Thom were wrapped up in each other's arms.  Daniel sat on the bed beside his husband, and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Good morning sweetheart," he said as Andrew opened his eyes.

"Is it morning already?" Andrew asked as he moved away from Thom; however, Thom pulled him closer as he continued to sleep.

"Is there something that you want to tell me babe?" Daniel mused as Andy tried to escape Thom's grip.

"Thom wake up its morning already," Andrew said, as Thom opened his eyes then closed them again.

"Go away and come back in a few hours guy, I'm still sleepy."  Thom growled.

"Come on bro we have to get up and get going," Thom said as Shane came into the room.

He sat beside Thom and gave him a kiss, but Thom just made a face.

"You need to shave man you prickly," he snapped at him.

"It never seemed to bother you before," Shane said getting up from the bed.

"Well it does now, so go shave or leave me alone."  Thom retorted.

Shane gave Daniel a look, then left the room, his pride broken by the man he was supposed to be in love with.

"That was rather cold bro," Andrew said getting up and sitting against the headboard.

"To fucking bad bro, and I really don't give a rat's ass at the moment."  Then he also got out of bed with his morning erection tenting his white boxer briefs.

He walked out of the room and off to the bathroom as Andrew looked at Daniel.

"There's about to be a big change in their love affair babe.  Thom confided in me last night that he really isn't in love with Shane as he should be.  He wants to be single for a while before he settles down with one man."

"Does Shane know this babe, because he really should be told before he goes making plans to be married?"  Daniel said.

"I told him the same thing Danny and I guess he's going to discuss it with him later after the funeral."  Andrew explained.

`Mmmm, this is going to make things much easier for us Shane my love,' Daniel thought to himself.

"Did you say something babe, you made a strange sound," Andrew said looking at his husband.

"I just said Mmmm, because you look so delectable sweetheart."   Daniel said.

"Yeah right with my morning breath and hair in every direction.  But thanks baby doll for at least saying I do."  Andrew said.

Daniel bent down and gave him a kiss as his hand roamed beneath the sheets.  He found his husband's morning erection and started to fondle it.  It didn't take long before he had it out and was quickly moving down to suck on it.

"Babe we shouldn't, what if someone comes in?"  Andrew warned.

"Let 'em take a number and wait in line," Daniel said as he swallowed his husband's cock.  He quickly moved up and down on the cock as he inserted a finger deep into his man's tender ass.  He rubbed his nut as he sucked his cock and it quickly brought Andrew to the edge.

"Babe I'm going to cum," Andrew said quietly and then shot his first squirt of his cum into his mouth. 

He shots rope after rope deep into Daniel's mouth as Daniel swallows each luscious drop.  He was about finished when Thom came back in watching his brother getting a blowjob from Daniel.

"Wanna give me one when you're done Danny?" he asked now stroking his own cock.

Danny motioned to him to bring it on over and Thom lay down on the bed beside Andrew.  Once Andrew was finished, Daniel moved over to Thom and took his cock into his mouth.  He started to suck it as Thom looked at Andrew, giving his brother a questioning look.

"Are you cool with this bro?"  Thom asked as Daniel continued to suck his cock.

"Only this once Thom, but no more after this," he said jealously watching his husband sucking his brother's cock. 

Daniel continued sucking with all-consuming fury as he inserted his finger deep into Thom's ass.  He searched for his sweet spot and once he'd found it, he massaged until Thom's climax began.

"Damn bro I'm cumming," Thom said shooting his sweet nectar down Daniel's accepting throat.

He held Daniel's head as he fed him his cum until he had given it all.  When Daniel lifted his mouth from Thom's cock, Shane was standing at the door.

"Well I guess one brother wasn't enough was it, you had to go after mine," Shane said furious as hell.

"Oh fuck I didn't want him to see that," Thom said getting up quickly and rushing out the door after him.

He grabbed Shane just before he was about to leave the apartment.  A naked Thom stood there with Clark, Joshua, Derek, and Corey staring at him as he pleaded with Shane to wait.

"I guess I wasn't enough for you was I Thom, you had to go after your brother's husband as well."  Shane growled.

"It's not like that honey really... would you please just come back in to our room and talk with me?"  Thom pleaded.

"Why?  Does Daniel want me too, or do you now want to get it on with me Thom?  Have you no shame?  Do you like to let others see you naked?"

Thom turned to a silent group of guys staring at the two of them and now realized that he was naked.  He started to cry and walked back into his bedroom as Shane walked out the door. 

Daniel came from the hallway and went after Shane.  They walked in silence, down the street until they were out of view from the others.

"I think your little charades back there was quite good babe.  So what do you propose to do about this now?"

"I don't know lover, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.  When I saw you sucking Thom off, I got this impulsive idea to use it to break it off with him."

"Well I think you should rethink it a bit babe.  Here's how you are going to play it out.  I want you to come back and have a serious talk with Thom about your relationship.  If he does want out of your relationship, that's good, but if he wants to stay together, that's good too Shane.  Think about how it would look to your dad if you broke up now, especially after the two of us were just accused of making love together."

"Yeah you're right Danny; I never gave that a thought. I really don't want to get married to him babe.  It's you that I want and no one else.  If I can't have you, then I'm not going to settle for anyone else."

"As I told you Shane, I can't divorce Andy at this time.  If and when I do babe, it'll be you that I marry and no one else."

"I know my love and I can live with that.  I just want you so fucking bad that it hurts when I see you being affectionate with Andy."

"How do you think I feel when you kiss Thom and I'm around?"

"Why did you marry Andy?"

"I was truly in love with him when I did Shane.  However, he's so fucking moody and jealous of me.  If I even smile in the wrong direction, he accuses me of flirting with someone.  I don't need a mate like that.  I want a mate that'll support me in my work and life, not be a hindrance or distraction."

"So why are you staying with him then?"

"Because at the moment he needs me babe, even I couldn't be that cruel.  Besides, he's a man of ambition also and he'll be a great help in my climb up the ladder of success. Someday I want to get into politics, and he has a way of influencing people... and I need someone like that."

"So why did you fall in love with me then Danny?"

"You're strong like your dad was... impulsive and willing to follow through with what you think is right.  When you love someone, you totally give yourself over to him.  I love that in a man babe, you are my equal.  On the negative side, you can be a hot head like your dad also.  You don't think things through when you're angry and that's something that could hurt me as I climb."

"I know Danny and I've a hard time controlling my temper, but I love you Danny and I'm willing to be your secret lover until the day we can declare our love in public."

Danny pulled Shane into an alcove between two buildings, kissed him with passion and force.

"Now let's go back and get you to make up with your man."

"Ok lover, but I love you Danny and please don't ever forget it."

They walked back to the apartment and Thom was sitting in the living room waiting for Shane.  He ran to him once he came through the door.  Shane hugged him and gave him a kiss. 

"Are we ok Shane?"  Thom asked looking into his eyes.

"Yeah babe we are.  Danny told me everything and I'm sorry for not listening to you."  Shane replied.

"You're so much of a peace maker sweetheart," Andrew said to Daniel.

"I know babe and it was just a matter of calming him down long enough to get him to listen to me."  Daniel said.

"Well that is why I love you so much... now go get showered and let's go to breakfast."  Andrew suggested.

"Oh before I forget babe, Dennis and Trevor are willing to do the eulogies tomorrow.  I had a chance to talk to them and so I just asked them if they would do it."  Daniel said.

"Thanks, but that wasn't up to you to ask now was it?  Thom or I should have done that.  But what's done is done, now go shower."  Andrew said dryly.

"What the fuck are you saying... ordering me around you ungrateful bitch?  I was just doing you both a favor because you were too emotional to do it yourselves.  God damn it Andy I just can't win with you can I?"  Daniel said with revulsion in his voice.

"Oh get over yourself Daniel and go take your shower.  Like I said, what's done is done." Andrew said turning to leave the room, but Thom was standing there.

"How can you be so cold and mean to him Andy?  He loves you and yet you treat him like a piece of furniture or something.  I wish Shane was more like him and maybe then I wouldn't be hesitating marrying him."  Thom said.

"Well he's mine to do with as I wish, and do you even know what he did Thom?"  Andrew said defiantly.

"Yeah I heard, he asked Dennis and Trevor to do the eulogy Andy.  So why not just thank him and be grateful?  You know how we didn't want to do it ourselves, but now you have to be this fucking drama queen.  God you don't deserve Danny" Thom exclaimed as he left the room.

"Oh fuck you too!"  Andrew said as he went to his closet to see what he was going to wear.

"Does this look appropriate Danny?" Andrew asked when Daniel came back into the room.

"Why ask me... you're going to wear whatever you choose anyway?" Daniel replied as he walked over to his dresser to grab some underwear.

"Oh babe I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier, will you forgive me?"  Andrew said sadly.

"Don't I always, it's easier than fighting with you Andy."  Daniel sighed disgustedly.

"Oh go fuck yourself Danny and see if you get anything from me in the near future."  Andrew said.

"Like you're the only fish in the sea bitch," Daniel mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" Andrew snapped back at him.

"Nothing, nothing at all.... I was just muttering to myself."  Daniel said flatly.

They finished dressing and joined the others in the living room.  Thom looked at Daniel and he could tell that things were strained between him and his brother.

"I want to thank you Danny for straightening out that situation this morning with Shane and I."  Thom said.

"Don't worry about Thom; I was more than happy to help you and Shane."

"Well I just wish I could help you now, and I know how it is between you two.  I heard you two talking earlier, and I for one, am thankful that you asked Dennis and Trevor to say the eulogy."  He gives his brother-in-law a kiss on the cheek.

"I wish Andy was more like you Thom, he just seemed to change once we were married."  Daniel said sadly.

"I'll talk to him if you want Danny, but I don't think it would really matter.  He's always been a diva sort and needed to be the center of attention.  He never cared too much for our dad Thomas as much as he did Andy.  Andy seemed to dote over him more and give him whatever he wanted.  I just contented myself with my dad's love and was happy to have it."  Thom explained.

"You're a good man Thom and I think that you need someone that'll love you as you need to be loved."

"Can I talk to you candidly Danny?"  Thom asked.

"Sure you can Thom... you don't have to ask me that."

"Well the fact is I don't love Shane like I should.  You know, enough to marry him and settle down for the rest of our lives together.  I want to experience life some, before I settle down with just one man."

"So why did you get engaged to him if you weren't ready Thom?"  Daniel asked.

"Well you and Andy were married, and Clark and Josh had gotten engaged, so I just got caught up in the spirit of the whole thing.  Now I wish I hadn't, but I don't want to hurt Shane either."

"Have you discussed this with Shane yet?"  Daniel asked.

"No I haven't because I am afraid it will devastate him, especially now that he's just lost his dad too."  Thom explained.

"Do you want me to do, breach the subject with him, and see how he feels?" Daniel asked.

"Oh would you Danny, I'd be so grateful if you would.  But tell him that I do want to speak to him about it too, and that I'm not using you to just dump him."  Thom said.

"Leave it to me Thom and I'll find an appropriate time to bring it up with him."  Daniel said.

"Thanks Danny."  Then Thom gave him a kiss on the lips.

"This morning wasn't enough bro; you decided you want more of my man?"  Andrew said snidely coming up behind him.

"I was just thanking him for helping me out with Shane this morning and also for asking Dennis and Trevor to do the eulogy."  Thom explained.

"Are you conspiring behind my back Daniel Wilkes, if you are it going to be even longer before you get anything from me?"  Andrew snapped at Daniel.

"My God Andy, you are so full of yourself that you can't even see how much this man loves you," Thom snapped back and walked away.

"You going to let him talk like that to me sugar?"  Andrew said to Daniel.

"He just did and it's about time someone did," and then he too walked away from Andrew.

"Let's go eat before world war three breaks out," Daniel said ushering the others out to the cars.

"Is everything alright with Danny and Andy?"  Clark asked Thom as they left the house.

"All I'm saying is that my brother is skating on thin ice and he can't swim."  Thom replied.

Together, Thom, Shane, Daniel, Andrew, Dennis, Trevor, Clark, and Josh had breakfast at Friendly's restaurant in South Burlington, where they ran into some old friends from school.

"Clark I didn't know you were out of the hospital buddy," Jamie said coming up to him.  "Wanna get together later handsome?"

"Jamie I'm engaged now and this is my guy Josh, Josh this is Jamie."

"Hey good to meet you Jamie," Josh said as they shook hands.

"Mmmm nice to meet you also Josh," Jamie said giving him the once over.

"He's the school slut and an old fuck buddy I use to fuck with," Clark whispered in Josh's ear.

"Andrew, Thom... and of course I can't forget you Shane, how you guys doing?"  Jamie said as a point of introduction.

"We're kinda ok... we're just up here to bury our dads," Thom explained.

"Yeah I read about in the paper and God.... I'm sorry guys.  So where is that handsome one... ah Daniel?"

"He's in the bathroom.  He'll be back in a few."  Andrew replied.

"Well you guys have a good one and I'll see you later at the wake guys.  Again, I'm terribly sorry about your dads' guys."  Jamie said.

"Thanks Jamie and see ya later."

Jamie left, and made a direct path for the men's room, hoping to catch a glimpse of Daniel's big cock.  He walked in and Daniel is standing at the urinal just finishing up.

"Hey Danny boy, how's it hanging these days?"  Jamie asked coming up beside him.

"Of course Jamie, who else could it be but you?  So how ya doing buddy, are ya still sucking cock these days?"  Daniel asked with a smile.

"Ya know Danny, I was hoping to get a whack at yours," he said kneeling down beside him.

"Are you crazy guy or what?  At least go in the stall where there's some kind of privacy," he said walking over to the handicap toilet stall.

Jamie followed him into the stall and Daniel locked the door behind them.  He undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor.  Jamie knelt beside the toilet and took Daniel's cock into his mouth. 

"Mmmm," he moaned as he savored the taste of his friend.

He quickly went to town sucking Daniel's cock, while Daniel held onto his head.  Daniel forcibly fucked his face, shoving his cock all the way down his throat.  Jamie loved the rough treatment, he sucked even harder, and soon Daniel was about to cum.

"You want it babe, because I'm going to blow," he exclaimed. Jamie just moaned his yes.

Daniel shot his cum deep into Jamie's throat as he held Jamie's face to his crotch.  After his first shot, he began to fuck his face with vigor and heated lust.  He shot his hot cum until he had given Jamie his all, then he pulled out of his mouth and pulled up his pants.

"Thanks Jamie, I really needed a good blow job.  And as everyone knows you give the best guy."  Daniel said.

"Thanks handsome, and send Shane in.... I could use some more.  I'm down a few pints and need a refill babe."  Jamie answered.

Daniel went back to the table and Shane gave him a look knowing what went on in the men's room.  Daniel gave him a subtle nod to go on into the bathroom.

"Danny how's the bathroom is it clean?"  Shane asked.

"Yeah Shane, but I would use the handicap stall, it's the cleanest."

Shane got up and headed on into the bathroom.  He opened the stall door and there was Jamie waiting.  Shane locked the stall door, dropped his pants and wordlessly offered his cock to Jamie.  Jamie just smiled as he knelt down and swallowed his cock.

"You were right the handicap stall was the cleanest," Shane said coming back several minutes later.

"Good because I have to go now," Clark said getting up and heading in.

He went into the bathroom and it was empty so he went right to the handicap stall.  When he opened the door, Jamie was kneeling and waiting.

"I was hoping that you'd come in sugar," Jamie said looking up at a stunned Clark.

"Did you just do Shane and Daniel?"  Clark asked.  Jamie nodded yes, as he reached for Clark's crotch.

"I don't think so Jamie, I told you I was engaged and I'm not cheating on my Josh."  Clark declared.

He turned and left.  When he got back to the table, he gave a harsh stare at Shane and Daniel.  They could tell by his look that he didn't do anything with Jamie. 

After breakfast, Clark pulled the two aside.  He was very upset that they'd had sex with Jamie.

"I'm shocked Daniel at you especially, a married man and cheating on your husband with the school slut.  And you Shane, how could you do that on Thom and of all days... this one?"  Clark said walking away from them.

Clark was terribly hurt that his friends could betray their mates like that.  He went back to Josh who noticed that he was upset, but waited until he was alone to ask him why.  They got back to the apartment and Josh took Clark for a walk.

"So darling' are you going to tell me what it is that has you so upset," Josh asked stopping and looking into his Clark's eyes.

"Will you keep it between us babe, I wouldn't want it to get back to my brothers?"  Clark replied.

"I think I know Clark, does it have something to do with that slut Jamie?"

"Yeah it does Josh.  He gave blow jobs to Danny and Shane in the washroom... with their partners sitting just outside in the restaurant."

"Well I knew something upset you because you came back to the table too quick to have used the bathroom and you looked pissed."  Josh said, now understanding Clark's reason for being upset.

"I went into the stall they said and there was Jamie naked from the waist down waiting for the next cock to suck.  I asked him if he'd done Shane and Danny and he said yes.  Then he reached for my cock and I just turned and left."  Clark confessed.

"Thanks pet, I love you for not cheating on me especially with a slut like that Jamie.  I guess our standards aren't the same as Danny's or Shanes.  But then we aren't engaged to marry either of them, are we?"

"No babe we aren't and I for one am thankful that you're devoted to me."  Clark said.

Josh took him into his arms and they kissed passionately.  His felt his love for Clark was something that was strong and tangible.

"I love you Clark and I'll never cheat on you as long as I am with you.  When I give myself to my man, I keep myself pure just for him."

"And I will do the same my love, because you're my life and family now."  Clark said.

They kissed again as a knock came to the door.  Josh answered it. 

Thom stood there.  "Hey guys can I speak to you for a minute?"

Josh stood aside and let him in.

"What's up bro?" Clark asked as they sat on the side of the bed.

"I want to tell you something that you'll need to keep to yourself."  Thom stated.

"Ok Thom, what is it?"

"Well for a while now I've felt like breaking up with Shane," he said and waiting for their reaction.

"Why bro, you two just got engaged," Clark said while Josh stood there in shock.

"That's the whole thing Clark.... I'm not ready to settle down with Shane yet.  I like him, but I don't love him as you love Josh.  I want to live some before I give myself to one man for life.  Am I wrong to feel like this bro or should I just go ahead and marry him?"  Thom asked.

"No fucking way Thom," Josh said stepping into the conversation.  "Why marry someone that you don't love like you should?  Have the two of you discussed this at all Thom?"

"No we haven't, because he doesn't know I feel this way yet Josh.  I was going to tell him the other day, and then we lost our dads, so I decided to wait.  I sleep with him and he's so awesome in bed... but that's it, he makes great love but I don't love him."

"Then talk to him after the funeral Thom, let him know how you feel.  It's not fair to you or him to keep playing along like you're in love," Clark said.

"Let me know what babe?" Shane asked standing at the door listening.

To be continued:

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