Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Six


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 25:

"Andy you were the one that shoved me into Shane's bed, you practically gave me your blessing to be with him."  Daniel explained for all to hear.

"That was then and this is now.  I didn't think you two would fall in love and put me out into the cold."  Andrew whined.

"No one is putting you out into the cold Andy, but I don't love you and I'm going to divorce you so I can marry Shane."  Daniel said.

"And what of me, what am I to do now?  Dad's gone and who do I have in my life?"  Andrew continued.

"Andy with your talent, I hardly think that you'll be alone very long." Daniel said holding Shane close.

"Oh I forgot," he said completely changing gears.  "Coop says she's got a Carter Williams inside and she's holding him for questioning."  Mark said.

"What, he's got a lot of balls coming here after what he did to our dads," Shane said ready to kill the guy.

Mark and the others walk back into the funeral home, and were directed to the funeral director's office.  As they step through the door, Shane lunged at Carter.

With both hands fisted into Carter's shirt, holding on with all his might, Shane and Carter tumbled to the floor.

Now chapter 26:

Landing on top of Carter, Shane beat the daylights out of him before the cops could stop Shane and pull him off.  Carter was badly bruised and cut, but nothing worse.  Shane was yelling at the cops to let him go so he could finish the job.  Mark helped a handcuffed Carter stand and turned him towards Daniel.  Daniel was shocked as he looked at the person before him.

"Mark, this isn't the man that came to my home that morning posing as a state trooper.  This guy is just a kid our age and the guy that came to the house was older, about my dad's age."

"So who are you kid," Mark asked sitting him down on a chair.

"I'm just who I said I was, I'm Carter Williams from Tupelo Mississippi officer.  I lived in Boston for a while going to school and then I moved back to my home town after graduation."  Carter explained.

"So why are you here then?"  Mark asked.

"I read in our paper how a local boy was murdered in Boston and I noticed his name.  Michael Bradley was my half brother and I needed to pay my respects to him.  I never got to meet him because my father, who was also his, kept us apart.  He paid for me to go to school, and gave me a bank account to live on.  Shane, I'm sorry for your loss, but he was my brother and I just wish I could've met him.  Why you treating me like this anyways?"  Carter asked.

"Well Carter, the man that killed your brother and his partner is named Carter Williams also.  You can understand how we mistook you for the killer."  Mark told him as he unlocked the cuffs.

"If I had been the killer, would I have the balls to come walking into this place with it full of policemen?"  Carter asked astonished.

"Well he had the balls to come to our house dressed as a cop and told us all about the murder.  He even described the how it happened the sick bastard."  Shane said looking at Carter with contempt still in his eyes.

"Well Shane, I'm still sorry for your loss... nephew."  He extended his hand towards Shane who just stares at it.

"Well I guess I'm sorry too for whopping your ass Carter, and for your loss also... uncle." Shane gave him a hug.  The two stood there, holding each other - crying.

"I wish I could've known him Shane, I always wanted a brother, but your grandmother didn't like me and I guess she had a right to know that her husband cheated on her.  But that wasn't my fault and all I ever wanted was a family."  Carter said drying his eyes.

"My grandmother just died a while ago here from a heart attack.  She did want to find you and ask your forgiveness Carter.  She realized that it wasn't your fault being born and she wanted to apologize for the way she treated you."  Shane explained.

He left out the part of how hearing that a Carter Williams had killed her son was the result of her heart attack.  He figured that knowing he wasn't the Carter that they were looking for, but why give more pain to him.

"All I want to do Shane is go in and pay my respects to my brother and see what he looked like, and then I'll be out of your hair guy."  Carter said.

"The hell you will Carter," Shane said, then turned to Daniel.  "Do you think that he could stay with us tonight Daniel?"

Andrew was about to say something, but then thought better of it.

"I don't see why not, we certainly have plenty of room for him.  Do you have any luggage with you Carter?"  Daniel asked.

"Yes sir, I put it out in the coat room out of sight.  I didn't want to come walking in carrying a suitcase and all."  Carter explained.

"Good then after the wake, you'll ride home with us and that way the two of you can get acquainted and share some stories."  Daniel said.

"Thanks sweetheart," Shane said giving him a kiss. 

Carter gave him a look of surprise, but he didn't say anything

The wake went on without any more drama.  Thom and Andrew knelt down at the side of Andy's casket with Shane and Carter at Michael's.  Once they said their goodbyes, they headed back home to the apartment. 

"Shane why don't you and Carter take our room upstairs and I'll stay down here."  Daniel suggested.

"Are you sure Daniel, I don't want to put you out," Carter said.

"I'm sure and it's no inconvenience at all Carter."  Daniel said.

Carter and Shane went upstairs and he introduced him to his dad.  All the gay couples took Carter back, and he didn't know what to make of it.  They sat and talked with Dennis and Trevor for a while, with Trevor showing him some pictures of Michael through the years.  Carter was amazed, by all the love that was exhibited in the photos, and between Dennis and Trevor. 

They finally decided to go to bed, but Carter paused as Shane strips naked for bed.

"Ah... do you sleep in the buff Shane?" Carter asked noticing him getting into bed.

"Hell yeah Carter, don't you?"  Shane asked.

"Well yeah, but not with no man in my bed," he said.  "I did notice that you are gay here, and I'm not Shane."

"Don't worry Carter I'm not going to rape you or jump your bones.  If you'd rather, I'll put on some gym shorts to sleep in for tonight."  Shane suggested.

"If you don't mind Shane, and I'll do the same.  Carter said.

Shane got up and grabbed his shorts, realizing that his gym shorts were downstairs.  After putting them on, he got back into bed, and watched Carter undress.  Carter dropped his pants and stood there nude without any underwear on.  Shane let out a whistle.

"Damn Carter that's some piece of meat you are packing," he said imitating Carter's accent.

"Dang it Shane stop that, it ain't right for a man to speak about another man's private parts," he said as he pulled up a clean pair of underwear.

"Well hell's bells Carter, I'm gay and cock is what I like dude.  And I've seen some cock in my life and besides my Daniel... you have one good size tool there."

"You mean that you and Daniel are a couple Shane?  Am I sleeping in his bed when he should be here with you?"  Carter asked.

"Not to worry Carter, he can sleep with his husband downstairs tonight."

Carter shook his head - confused.  "I don't want to know Shane, so please can we just go to sleep?"

"Sure Uncle Carter," he said.  "You have sweet dreams now."

"You making fun of me ain't you?"  Carter asked.

"I'm sorry Carter, but you're the first straight guy I've ever slept with."  Shane confessed.

"Well... you are the first gay guy that I've slept with also, now goodnight nephew."  Carter said emphatically.

"Goodnight uncle."  Shane replied as he closed his eyes.

Downstairs, Andrew just looked at his husband, as they were getting ready for bed.

"So husband, are you planning on sleeping with me tonight while your whore entertains a new man upstairs?"  Andrew snarled.

Daniel had enough of Andrew's attitude; he whipped around, and slapped Andrew across the face.

"Listen you fucking bitch, I've had all I'm going to take of your attitude Andy.  I want you to keep your mouth shut until this funeral is over, and we're back at home.  If you don't, I'm going to shut it for you." With that, Daniel stormed out of the room.

"I'm sorry Danny for what my brother's doing to you," Thom said hearing what had happened.  "Come on and sleep in my room tonight, it's going to be a rough day tomorrow and you'll need your rest bro."

"Are you sure Thom, I don't want to put a wedge between you and Andy," Daniel said.

"He's the one who's already done that Danny, besides I'm a big boy and I can handle my brother... now come on."  He took Daniel's hand as he led him into his room. 

Without Daniel noticing, Thom locked the door behind them before he started getting ready for bed.  Daniel walked over to the side of the bed, sat down and removed his shoes and socks, and then stands up to take off his shirt.  He put them on a chair and then undid his slacks and let them drop to the floor.  He stepped out of them and bent down to pick them up while Thom gave his ass a quick look.  Daniel placed his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and pushed them to the floor.  He gave them a kick with his foot and they landed on the chair, and then turned to get into bed.  Thom was still dressed as Daniel got into bed.

"You plan on sleeping like that bro or are you going to undress?"  Daniel asked with a smirk.

"Yeah right... undress," Thom said, coming out of his fog.

He quickly lost his shoes, socks and shirt before he slowly undid his pants.  He let them drop to the floor, just stepping out of them, and then pushed his shorts down to the floor.  Daniel lay in bed with his hands behind his head just watching his brother-in-law strip. 

"Damn Thom you give quite a performance," he said as Thom got into bed. 

"Well are you going to turn off the light Danny or do I have to do it?"

"Why don't you do it, it's your room guy."  Daniel said.

Thom got up slightly and reached over Daniel, letting their chests rub as he reached for the light.  As he reached to switch off the light, Daniel threw his arms around him.  Thom paused for a moment before he lowered his mouth down to Daniel's, kissing him passionately.  Daniel's hand slowly roamed down to the small of Thom's back, pausing before moving to his ass.  He ran his hand all over one cheek and Thom's crack, then back up his smooth back.

"Can I have you Thom?"  Daniel asked once they broke their kiss.

"Yes Danny, tonight only... I'm all yours lover."   Thom said and kissed him again as Daniel rolled the two of them over.

Daniel lifted up and stared at Thom, realizing he just couldn't do it.  He gets off him, lowered his feet to the floor, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong Danny?"  Thom asked rubbing Daniel's back as he sat on the side of the bed.

"I can't do this with you Thom.  I'm in love with Shane and I won't betray his love for me."  Daniel said quietly.

"That's what I wanted to hear Danny, because if you had gone through with this, I'd have made your life miserable.  I may not love Shane enough to marry him, but I'll be damned if I'll sit back and let you hurt him too.  Now come on back to bed buddy and I promise I'll leave you alone."

"Thanks Thom, and yeah I really do love him.  Thom, I'm sorry for cheating with Shane behind your back.  It was wrong of us, and I am sorry bro."  Daniel confessed.

"I knew what was going on Danny, but I didn't care.  You see I wanted out of our engagement and well... you just made it easy for us to end it.  I do hope that you'll both be happy together, and I just hope my asshole brother doesn't give you a hard time divorcing him."  Thom reassured Daniel.

"Well if he does, I look at like this, we're only married in two or three states, and we live in another state that doesn't recognize gay marriages, so we're free to live as we like."

"Well I for one hope it doesn't come to that bro, I love you and Shane as friends and I'd hate to see you leave."  Thom said.

They went to sleep cuddled up close together, with Thom snuggled against Daniel.

The next morning Shane woke up and he could feel Carter's cock pressing against his ass.  His uncle's leg was thrown over his and his arm was under Shane's, lying on his chest; his face nuzzled into Shane's neck.  Shane slowly rubbed his ass against Carter's cock.  Carter unconsciously responded, pulling him closer, rubbing his cock into Shane's crack.  Suddenly he woke up and realized where he was.

"Damn Shane why didn't you wake me?"  Carter exclaimed.

"Why Carter, you seemed to be enjoying rubbing my ass with your cock guy."  Shane said coyly.

"Fuck man that's wrong," Carter said getting up and realizing his underwear is off.  "You take my underwear off too," he asked looking around for it.

"Hell no Carter, I'd never disrespect you like that.  You must've taken them off during the night yourself.  I took mine off 'cause I can't sleep with clothes on."  Shane said.

Carter got up and he saw his shorts on the floor by the bed.  He put them on before going down the hall to the bathroom.  Shane laughed to himself, as he thought about how humiliating it must have felt for his uncle, to wake up naked, and have his cock nestled in another guy's ass.  When he came back, Carter refused to make eye contact with Shane.  Shane was just about dressed before he grabbed Carter by the arm.

"Listen Carter, I'm sorry for humiliating you like that.  It was wrong of me, and I didn't respect the fact that you're straight."

Carter sat on the bed and started to cry into his hands, his tears falling like rain down his face.

"God man I didn't realize I hurt you so much, I'm sorry uncle."  Shane said with true concern.

"It's not that Shane... you have no idea what's going through inside my head."

Shane sat beside him and rubbed his back; feeling sorry for the anguish that enveloped his uncle.

"Why not tell me then, maybe I can help you with your thoughts."

Carter turned and looked at Shane, then turned back, with his eyes staring at the floor.  The emotional upheaval within his brain was difficult to deal with; it had been instilled in him since childhood.

"No Shane it's something I need to work out for myself, but thanks for offering."  Carter finally said.

"Well I'm here if you ever want to talk, ok?"  Shane asked.

"Thanks and let's get something clear Shane, I may be your uncle but we're not that much different in age.  So how about you just call me Carter, ok?"  Carter said.

"Sure Carter I'd like that.  It's less formal and more like friends' bro.  You can be the brother I never had Carter, and I'll be yours."  Shane said smiling.

"That sounds good... brother," Carter said with some relief, giving Shane a friendly hug.

"Now let's go downstairs and see the guys... the funeral's at ten and we still have to get dressed in our suits bro."  Shane said.

"Shane, I... I didn't bring a suit... I...I wasn't planning to be accepted and staying," Carter said.  I'll just stand in the back and stay out of sight."

"The hell you will Carter!  You're my father's brother and you deserve to stand right up there with the rest of his family."

"God I wish I'd grown up with you, it would've been so nice to have a brother, even though you're my nephew."  Carter said.

They went downstairs.  Shane pulled Thom over to speak to him.  "Thom do you have an extra suit or sports coat that might fit Carter?  He wasn't planning on being here for the funeral, so he didn't bring one with him."

"I think I might have something that would fit him, and still be stylish babe."  Thom replied.

Thom walked over to Carter and took him by the arm.  "You come with me Carter; I've a suit that will just make you look hot." Thom said leading him into his bedroom.

Thom closed the door and opened his closet door.  He shuffled through his clothes until he found the suit he wanted, took it out along with a shirt, and then handed the whole works to Carter.

"Here Carter try this on for size and here's a nice cream colored shirt to go with it."  Thom suggested.

"Thanks Thom ah... would you have a pair of underwear I could borrow... I didn't pack enough for this length of time."  Carter said, embarrassed that he had to ask.

"Not to worry about Carter... you didn't realize that you were going to be staying this long.  Here's something that'll make you really noticed guy," he said handing him a pair that pushed any package up and to the front.

Carter undressed and stood there naked while Thom took in the view from the mirror.  He noticed how well endowed Carter was and he could feel his own manhood stir.  Carter pulled on the underwear, which did accent the fact that he was endowed.  Thom was beside himself; it was all he could do not to touch him.  Thom turned once Carter had slipped on his shirt, and he started to calm down.  Once Carter pulled up his slacks, Thom got all excited again because the underwear left nothing to the imagination.  Thom wanted nothing less than to take this handsome hunk into his arms.

"Damn Carter you do look hot man," Thom said as Carter zipped up the fly on his slacks.

"Thanks, but could you tie this tie for me?  I never learned how to tie one and I make it look like a knot."

"Sure guy," Thom said as he stood the collar up on Carter's shirt.

Thom stood a few inches from Carter's face as he slipped the tie around his neck and looped the tie into a full Windsor knot.  He straightened the tie as he pulled it up to Carter's neck and then folded down Carter's collar.  Carter had his hands on Thom's hips to steady himself and Thom paused with his hands around Carter's neck.  For a long moment, they stared into each other's eyes - then the inevitable happened. 

Thom slowly, gently, pulled Carter toward him with the intent of kissing him.  Carter didn't resist, opening his mouth when Thom offered his tongue to him.  They kissed softly at first, as they allowed the passion of the moment to overpower them.  Carter pulled Thom tightly into the length of them as they kissed.

"I can't, I shouldn't, this is wrong," Carter said suddenly as he pushed Thom away abruptly.  "Men don't do this, and I'll burn in hell if I follow my fleshly desires."  Carter said as he turned to leave.  Thom grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Carter talk to me please, I want to know what's wrong with what we just did," Thom said looking directly into Carter's eyes.

"Thom I was raised in a southern Baptist Church where homosexuality and things of that nature were forbidden.  I was taught that they were an abomination to our God."  Carter explained.

"I guess that would confuse you Carter, but would a loving God send you to hell just because you were born different?"  Shane asked.

"We aren't born this way Thom, life and circumstances makes the determination as to how we develop sexually.  You have a choice once you become an adult as to whether you accept God's word or follow your fleshly desires with a man.  God gave us a free will and with that comes the responsibility of making the right or wrong choices."

"I accept that way of thinking, if that was how you were raised.  But what if you weren't raised in that manner and you didn't have those same opinions, would that be held against me?"  Thom asked.

"I don't know Thom, but at some point you hear the truth Thom, and what you do with it is what you are held accountable for.  It doesn't matter if what you choose to believe is right or wrong in your eyes, it's what is right in God's eyes."

"Damn, are you a preacher Carter?"  Thom asked.

"I was going to be, but these feelings of homosexuality I was having stopped me from going to Bible College.  I felt like a hypocrite if I was to preach one thing and practice another, so I just dropped out and even stopped going to church.  God I'm trying to fight this, but it's hard when there are all these gay couples all around me.  The hardest thing is when you see someone that you're really attracted to and you're afraid to act on it."  Carter said shaking his head.

"Is there someone that does that for you Carter?"  Thom asked.

"Yeah," he said after a long pause.  "You Thom...." Carter said staring at Thom's face; taking in all the features that he could; eyes, nose, jaw and cheekbones, sensuous lips.  "You really have my head in a tale spin guy." Carter said breathing heavily, and then throwing logic to the wind, he pulled Thom into him again, kissing him lustfully, astounding Thom.

"Damn Carter, that was a kiss and then some," Thom said gasping for breath.  "Why the sudden change Carter?"

"I find you so irresistible Thom, and I want to feel what it's like being gay.  Could you be attracted to a man like me," he asked slowly letting his head drop.

"Attracted, Carter I can't take my eyes off you," Thom said lifting Carter's head up, then kissing him.

Shane walked in and saw them kissing.  He slowly left the room, smiling to himself, thinking, `I guess you worked out your problems bro'.

When they exited the room, all eyes were on Carter, who looked like he just stepped out of GQ magazine.

"Damn Carter what a transformation," Daniel said giving him the once over, noticing his crotch even more.  "Nice job Professor Higgins," he said to Thom.  "You really made Elisa look ready for the ball."

"Stop Danny you'll embarrass him," Thom whispered, as Carter turns red from all the attention.

"Well guys we really need to get going," Daniel said, noticing that Andrew was pouting.  He hadn't been the same since Daniel slapped him last night and he wonders if Andrew is still upset.  The drive to the funeral home was quiet, as each of them realized that today they'd be saying goodbye to their dads forever.  Sniffling could be heard from each of them as they fought to hold back the tears that wanted to come.  When they arrived at the funeral home, a director opened the door, and told them that a limousine would be taking them from the funeral home to the gravesite.

"I don't think I can do this Danny," Andrew said grabbing a hold of his arm.

"I'm here Andy, so lean on me for support if you need it."

They went inside and took some time alone as they said their final goodbyes.  Each boy leaned over and kissed his father as their tears fell from their eyes.  Coop, Mark and the rest of their contingent arrived to stand guard in respect to Andy and Michael.  Beverly and Casey arrived shortly after to join the others in standing guard.

After the priest arrived, and said a brief message of hope for the living, he recited the 23rd Psalm along with other prayers as comfort for the dead. The family and friends once again filed by the open caskets to give their last farewell.

"I'm never going to see you again dad," Thom cried as he bent and kissed Andy's forehead.  "I love you dad and I'll miss you so much."

"Goodbye daddy, you where my most favorite of all," Andrew said crying.  "I'm never going to forget how much you loved me, and how you accepted me into your home to be your son.  I'll also remember the look on your face when I asked you if I could take your name as mine daddy.  I don't really understand why that man had to take you away from Thom and me, but I hope that someday I'll see you again."

Shane and Carter stood at the casket of Michael, each holding onto each other for support.

"I'm going to miss you dad, and I promise you that I will get that bastard that killed you and pops.  I know I never said it much when you where alive, but dad I was so proud to be your son, and I love you.  I just..." Shane started to say, before he broke down into tears, his words sticking in his throat.  "Goodbye dad, and take care where you are, and remember that I love you." He finally gets out between sobs.

"I never got to meet you Michael, and that is something I wish had been different," Carter began.  "I do know that your son, if he is anything like you, is one terrific guy.  I intend to make this family mine brother, and I'll live up to the standards you set.  I'll see you in the future my dear brother, and I pray that our Lord has you with him."

 "Yo Andy," Dennis said quietly as he took his turn to say goodbye.  "I know we go back a long ways my dear friend, and that I was always trying to hit on you.  Nevertheless, Andy, I had the deepest respect for you my friend, and I just wish you were still here.  I love you man and I'll never forget you, and I thank you for being my friend.  Goodbye man and God bless you bro."

He walks over to Michael and he looked down at Andy's partner, who looks peaceful laying there in his casket.

"I know I didn't know you very long Michael, but you were a good friend of Andy's, so that made you one of mine.  I wish it had been me, which won his heart instead of you. However, fate gave me Trevor to love.  Thank you for giving your ex to me man, I love you too Mike and God bless you."

Trevor stood between the two men in his life that he'd loved. It was all he could do to maintain control.

"Andy oh my sweet man, how can I say goodbye to a friend that I've known for so long?" Trevor began. You and I have been friends since we were in our twenties babe, and I never thought I'd live to see this day.  You survived through many narrow escapes on the force, only to become a victim of what you stood against.  I love you Andy and I'll certainly miss you my baby boy."  He walked over and kissed him softly on the forehead, before walking over to say goodbye to Michael.

"My dearest Michael, God how I'm truly going to miss you lover.  I know that we fought a lot, but I never stopped loving you my big hunk of man."  Trevor confessed.  "You were always my Prince in silver armor, and you'll always live on in my heart my dearest.  Goodbye my sweetheart, and please don't ever forget me babe, because I will certainly never forget you Michael."  He bent down and kissed him softly on the lips.

Clark and Josh were the last of the family to pay their tribute.  They stand there between them and looks from one to the other.

"Andy, Michael, where do I begin to tell you how much you meant to me?"  Clark began.  "You took me in and adopted me, making me your own true son.  If it hadn't been for both of you, I might not be here today saying goodbye to both of you.  I love you so much that my heart is breaking from your love that has been taken away from me.  I love you dads and will forever be grateful to you for your love for me.  Goodbye my loving fathers."

Josh helped Clark as he too kissed his dads goodbye.  Clark's emotions got the best of him as Josh led him from the room. 

The long procession wound through many streets and avenues on its way to the cemetery with police cars leading the way their lights flashing throughout the journey.  They turned into the cemetery and came to a stop, just in front of a tent that had been set up over the cemetery plots.  The family and friends sat in the cars as the pallbearers took their dad's caskets to their final resting spot and the honor guard stood at attention behind the priest at the head of the caskets.

Thom remarked, "You know its funny guys that in life the three of them were friends, lovers, and co-workers, and now they are going to be together in eternity."

They all got out and took their seats in front of the flower-draped caskets.  The priest came forth and sprinkled holy water on both caskets as he recited the Catholic rites of burial.  When he finished, he called on Dennis to say the eulogy.  However, Dennis was too overcome with grief and he couldn't get up to speak, so Daniel stepped forward to speak.

"My dear brothers, friends, and fellow mourners... welcome.  We are not gathered today just to say goodbye to our fathers, brother, or friends, but we gathered to celebrate and remember the lives of two men we all held dear.  My remembrance of Andy was when I met him, when I had just arrived for college.  My father, like Andy and Michael, was tragically taken away from me because of hatred.  Andy and my dad quickly became lovers, and they had planned to marry.  However, on a sunny fall day a man, out of hatred and ignorance, shot and killed him.  Andy was grieved, but he set aside his own pain to comfort me in mine.  He was always like that... putting others before himself.  He was generous to a fault and his capacity for love was beyond measure.  He opened not only his home to others in need, but also his heart.  He took me in and treated me as his own, and never once did I feel like an outsider.  When tragedy struck our community once again leaving my adopted brother Clark not only homeless, but also without a family, Andy and Michael once again opened their hearts and took him in making him their son.

"Michael was a partner of Andy's from years ago on the police force in Springfield Massachusetts.  They were friends and although Michael loved Andy, he graciously stepped aside so Andy and Thomas could be happy in love.  They lived their lives together for over twenty-five years until a heart attack claimed Andy's love... Thomas.  Then when, after losing my dad, Michael came back into his life once again.  After a while, their love from the past re-flourished, and soon they took up where they had left off so many years ago and became lovers again.  They lived to see their son marry, and to see a grandchild also, but again an evil hatred has robbed them from us.

"So my dear brothers and friends let us remember Andrew Butler and Michael Bradley not for what could have been, but the forever gracious people that they were.  Remember them for their love and kindness that they gave without measure to all in need.  Let us also remember how they lived also, hating the hatred that filled our world.  If anything comes from their deaths my friends, let it be these.... let us strive to put an end to hatred and intolerance for those who are different from us, and be tolerant and accepting to them instead.  Let us embrace them not because they are different, but because we are all part of the family of God.  For as the Bible says... we are all made in His image, so let us show respect and love to each other.  If you do this, you will not only honor God's law, but you'll also reflect the love that Andy and Michael had for all of us.  Thank you my friends and may God bless you."

Those assembled broke out in tears and applause, as Daniel came up to the caskets and placed a single red rose on each one.  He turned and walked over to his husband and with an outstretched hand, took Andrew's hand and led him up to the caskets.  Andrew placed his roses, one each, on each of the caskets, and finally bent to kiss them goodbye.

"I love you daddy," he cried as Daniel led him back to his seat and then took Thom up to do the same.

"This isn't goodbye dad only so long until we meet again.  I love you and will sorely miss you," Thom said as he placed his roses on each casket.

One by one, Shane, Clark with Josh, Dennis, and Trevor took their turns saying goodbye.  The end came and after saying goodbye to friends and family, the entourage of relatives got back in the car to go back to the funeral home.  The brothers were all in one car.

Dennis speaks up for all of them when he expressed how his appreciation.

"Daniel, I for one want to thank you for the beautiful eulogy you gave.  You gave it from the heart and without notes or script, and when you were needed most."  Dennis said.

"Yes sweetheart, thank you for how you brought their lives into focus for those of us there.  I could almost feel my dad standing there as you spoke babe... and he seemed to smile on us.  I love you so much Danny," Shane said as he kissed Daniel.

"Hello, I'm still in the car here," Andrew said hotly, put out by Shane's show of affection for his husband.  "He's still mine Shane or have you forgotten that we are married?"

To be continued:

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