Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Seven


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 26:

Those assembled broke out in tears and applause, as Daniel came up to the caskets and placed a single red rose on each one.  He turned and walked over to his husband and with an outstretched hand, took Andrew's hand and led him up to the caskets.  Andrew placed his roses, one each, on each of the caskets, and finally bent to kiss them goodbye.

"I love you daddy," he cried as Daniel led him back to his seat and then took Thom up to do the same.

"This isn't goodbye dad only so long until we meet again.  I love you and will sorely miss you," Thom said as he placed his roses on each casket.

One by one, Shane, Clark with Josh, Dennis, and Trevor took their turns saying goodbye.  The end came and after saying goodbye to friends and family, the entourage of relatives got back in the car to go back to the funeral home.  The brothers were all in one car.

Dennis spoke for all of them when he expressed how his appreciation.

"Daniel, I for one want to thank you for the beautiful eulogy you gave.  You gave it from the heart and without notes or script, and when you were needed most."  Dennis said.

"Yes sweetheart, thank you for how you brought their lives into focus for those of us there.  I could almost feel my dad standing there as you spoke babe... and he seemed to smile on us.  I love you so much Danny," Shane said as he kissed Daniel.

"Hello, I'm still in the car here," Andrew said hotly, put out by Shane's show of affection for his husband.  "He's still mine Shane or have you forgotten that we are married?"

Now chapter 27:

"I'm only yours in name only Andy, but I'm Shane's with my heart and love.  I told you last night we were through, and I also told you something else I would do if you didn't keep silent."

"Boys please, remember what you said just a few minutes ago Daniel.  Let's lay aside our differences and love one another."  Trevor said looking at the two of them.

"I will if he will," a bitter Andrew said looking at Daniel.

"Whatever you say... sugar," was all Daniel could muster for a reply.

They got back home and changed into something more comfortable.

Thom and Carter disappeared into Thom's bedroom to change.

"Have you got something to wear Carter or do you want me to loan you something?"

"Well I can always put on the jeans I wore yesterday... and the day before," he says as Thom makes a face.

"Here, lets go shopping," he smiled as he threw open his closet doors.  "Now let's see what we got."

Carter came up behind him wrapping his arms around him. 

Thom turned in Carter's arms and they kissed with abandon, hard and fierce.  Carter pulled Thom over to the bed, turning slightly as they fell on the bed, with Carter lying on top of Thom.

"So I take it you are comfortable with us now Carter?"  Thom smiled.

"Comfortable may not be the right word here, but inquisitive is more like it Thom."  He kissed him again with as much power and passion he could envision.

"Damn man you sure can kiss for a straight boy.  So tell me Carter just what do you propose we do now?"  Thom asked.

"You're the one with experience Thom, why don't you teach me how the game goes."

Thom turned them onto their sides and then got up, pulling Carter with him.  Slowly, Thom undressed Carter, staring provocatively at his gorgeous body.  He quickly undressed himself and they came together in a kiss while Carter's hands slowly roamed along Thom's body.

"Carter, have you ever done this with a woman before?" 

"A few times why?"  Carter replied.

"Well its just like that except I'm a man and the equipment is different, and also where you put it.  So let your imagination run wild handsome and make me yours."  Thom said.

Carter lowered Thom down on the bed as they kissed, and climbed on top of him.  He spread Thom's legs apart using his own knees as he nuzzled the nape of his neck.  He nibbled and kissed all along his neck and ears, and then down to his nipples.

"Are these as sensitive to a guy as they are to a woman," he asked looking up at Thom.

"Shut up babe and just pretend I'm a girl, ok?"  Thom replied.

Carter tenderly sucked on a nipple and then nibbled on it, causing Thom to moan and sigh.  Carter could tell from the sounds that emanated from Thom that he was doing just fine.  He made love to each nipple until Thom pushed him down, letting him know they were too sensitive for more.  Carter slowly moved down to his navel, and ran his tongue all around it.  He sucked on the edge and he teasingly bit the sensitive knob before running his tongue deep into its slit.  Thom cooed like a dove as Carter turned him on, running his fingers through Carter's hair.  Carter moved on down to Thom's now dripping cock, taking it in his hand.  He looked up at Thom and then back at his engorged cock, slowly putting it in his mouth.  He starts to go down on it, but he gagged when it hit the back of his throat.  He quickly pulled off it before he wretched.

"You don't have to take it all babes, just take what you are comfortable with."  Thom said reassuringly.  "When it hits the back of your throat, swallow as you take more cock into your mouth, and that way you won't gag."

Again, Carter took Thom's cock back into his mouth, running his tongue around the head.  He sucked hard on the head and then started to take more of it into his mouth.  When he felt like he was going to gag, he started to swallow as Thom's cock slid past the back of his throat.  He marveled to himself as he sucked up and down on Thom's cock and played gently with his balls.  He sucked more rapidly bringing Thom to the brink, but Thom didn't want to cum just yet.

"Oh God Stop Carter, you have me ready to cum," he said. Carter quickly pulls of his cock and moved to his balls, swallowing them one by one into his mouth.  He could feel them tighten up and he knew that Thom was close to cumming again, so he dropped them and moved back to his cock.  Again, he swallowed his cock and paused at Thom's thick luscious bush, to take in the scent of this man.

"Mmmm," Carter moaned as he made a memory of how Thom smelled before starting to suck him again.

He moved more slowly, pleasuring Thom's cock as strongly and deeply as he could, wanting to make it last.  He ran his finger along his thick bush playing with the hair. Thom couldn't hold back.

"Do you want it Carter.  Oh God, I'm going to cum," Thom howled, but Carter just kept sucking.  Past all control, Thom shot his first volley into Carter's mouth.

Carter swallowed it down as he shot several more volleys, trying to swallow each one.  He kept sucking on his cock like a straw for the last drop, until Thom was spent and went soft.  Carter sat up and looked at Thom with cum running down his chin.  Thom sat up to lick it off.

"Did I do alright Thom?" he asked.

"You did just fine babe, now it's your turn to have some fun."  A knock on the door killed that idea.

"Yeah who is it?"  Thom asked.

"It's me Shane can I come in?" He asked.  Carter jumped from bed looking around for clothes to put on.

"Not right yet Shane... give me a minute please?"  However, Shane opened the door just as Carter was trying to pull up a pair of underwear.

"I just wanted to talk..."  When Shane saw Thom naked on the bed and Carter beside it, he knew he had interrupted something.

"I asked you to wait a minute Shane, damn it can't you listen?"  Thom got up and grabbed a robe for Carter and himself.

"I'm sorry guys.... I didn't realize you were having sex," Shane said as he turned to leave, but Carter told him to wait.

"One minute Shane, please.  I should have told you what my problem was this morning when you asked me, but I was afraid to."  Carter said.

"Hey bro no problem," Shane said, a little hurt for not being trusted to understand, then turned and left the room.

"Shane wait please," Carter said but Shane had already left the room. 

Shane went upstairs and into his room, and lay on the bed to think.  Several minutes later, Carter came in, knocking as he opens the door.

"Hey bro can I talk with you please?"  Cater asked.

"You don't have to explain anything to me uncle.  I'm just your nephew and not some kind of friend that you can talk to or trust."  Shane got up and walked to the door.

Carter grabbed his arm and turned him around, hugging him close to his chest. 

"I love you Shane and I know I don't owe you an explanation, but I want to talk to you as a friend please." Carter started to explain.

Carter went on to explain how he felt about gay sex and God, and then told Shane how he felt about Thom.

"Shane, I didn't know that you two were engaged to be married.  It must have hurt knowing I was being intimate with your intended."

"No way Carter, Thom and I broke off our engagement, and he's free to love you or whoever he pleases.  But Carter, why couldn't you trust me as a brother or friend to share with me how you are feeling?"

"I was ashamed to admit it to you Shane, because you're my nephew.  I didn't think you would accept me if you knew I was fighting gay feelings inside me."

"Love doesn't judge bro, and I love you my brother.  So next time talk to me, ok?"  Shane asked.

"I will Shane and thanks."

"So tell me did you fuck him guy?"

"That's rather personal don't you think Shane?"


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"Well I did see you two naked, and it was obvious that you had just had sex.  So brother, did you or didn't you?" Shane asked.

"No we didn't because you came in and interrupted us damn it."  Carter confessed.

"Oh sorry guy, so go back and get laid Carter."

"The mood and timing has past Shane."

Carter went back downstairs leaving Shane alone in his room.  Thom was sitting in the living room with Clark and Josh when Carter came in talking about his dad.  Thom's face lit up when he saw Carter, and he patted the seat beside him.  Carter walked over and sat down, as Danny joined the guys in their conversation.

"So guys we need to discuss why your dads were killed.  I'm not buying into the theory that it was a random robbery gone badly."

"I'm not buying inheritance either as a motive Danny," Thom said looking around the room at the others.  I think it's some kind of fanatic that is trying to make a statement about gays."

"Didn't dad work on a case in Springfield years ago where a guy was targeting gays also?" Andy asked, now joining the conversation.

"That's right he did, but they got the guy and killed him, why?" Danny asked.

"Well what if he had a relative that was out for revenge?" Thom said giving them something to consider.

"You might have something there Thom, but I don't think it's his descendants.  How would they know where to find our dads and besides, they wouldn't know we were in Boston either."  Andy said.

"He's right to a point Thom, but what if someone else in one of their past cases held a grudge against them, and tried to make it look like a hate crime," Daniel said.

The phone rang.  Daniel answered it and looked at the group for Shane.

"Anyone know where Shane is?  Ready's on the line for him about his grandmother," Daniel said

"He's upstairs changing in his room," Carter said.  Daniel gave them the number for Dennis's apartment.

"Thom, can you give Coop a call before she leaves to go back to Springfield tomorrow?" Danny asked.

"Sure Danny but why?"  Thom asked in return.

"Just ask her if she could come over tonight to talk with us, it concerns our dad's murder."

Thom left to look for her number, and then gave her a call on his cell.  Daniel asked Josh and Clark to speak to their moms about any cases concerning their dads as well.

"Danny I think the only case Andy and Mike worked on was the UVM shooter and my dad," Clark said.  "And as far as I can remember my dad's only living relative was ..." THEN he went white with shock.

"Was who, Clark... Clark... hello Clark," Danny asked until Clark finally snapped out of it.

"Dad had a half brother name Carson or Carter also."  Clark began.  "His last name wasn't the same as ours, but I can't remember what it was.  My dad caught my mom telling Brad and I about him once and he beat the shit out of her.  I never dared to ask her or him about him after that. However, I do remember my mom calling him Carson or Carter.  She also said that he was in an institution for the criminally insane somewhere in Rhode Island."

"Clark, have Josh's mom run a check on him if she can find out a name."  Danny suggested.

"Danny, Coop is on her way over now... she wants to help out in this investigation." Thom announced coming back into the room.  "Did I miss anything while I was gone?"

"Just that we figured out where the murderer lives that's all," Andy mused.

"Stop it Andy or leave the room," Daniel said giving him a look.

"Ooooooooo big bad man gonna get me if I don't," Andy said holding up his hands to fake an attack.

"Yes Andrew I will... and you know I can, don't you Andrew?"  Danny threatened.

Andrew went quiet as the others sat there wondering how Daniel controlled him.  Thom asked how he did it, but Daniel shot him a look, as much as to say drop it.  Shane came in and he looked upset after his talk to the funeral home.

"I've got to go down to Mississippi to bury my grandmother tomorrow guys."  Shane announced.  "The funeral home just called me and they told me that her lawyer called and that she had explicit instructions as to her funeral arrangements.  Carter would you come with me bro?"

"Sure Shane I'd be honored to go with you."  Carter replied.

"I was hoping you would, so I booked two flights on American for us tomorrow morning at 9:25 for Mississippi."  Shane said.

"Nothing like taking me for granted bro, and what if I said no," Carter asked.

"Then Danny would go with me, wouldn't you love?"  Shane asked.

"The hell he would," Andy shouted standing up and getting in Shane's face.  "I'm sick and tired of people acting like I'm invisible."

"Andrew that's enough now," Daniel shouted standing up, whereby Andrew instantly sat down again.  "I want you to come with me Andrew and I mean now," Danny demanded as he walked to their bedroom with Andrew in tow.

Daniel held the door open until Andy was inside.  He closed it quietly and locked it behind him.  Then Danny turned to Andy who was about to say something, but Danny struck him across the face with the back of his hand, knocking him to the bed.

"What have I told you Andrew, have I got to repeat myself or are you going to listen to me this time?"  Danny seethed.

"I'll listen Danny, but don't hit me again, please babe."

Daniel raised his hand and then reconsidered before he took Andrew's shoulders and held him at arm's length, almost shaking him.

"I'm not your babe, understand...  and I'm never going to be again Andrew.  Now I want you to compose yourself and come back out there and apologize to Shane and the others for being so rude."

"Yes Danny." Shane said almost whimpering.  Daniel let go of his shoulders and went back into the living room.  You could hear a pin drop as he walked over and sat beside Shane.

"Is everything alright Danny," Thom asked looking back at the bedroom door.

"Everything's fine Thom, now what were we discussing?"  Danny asked.

Andrew came back to the living room few minutes later; the evidence of Daniel's slap still present.  They all looked at Andrew, then at Daniel, who looked up at Andrew too.

"In your room Andy, now," Daniel said firmly, to which Andrew turned and went to his own room.

"Did you hit my brother Danny?" Thom asked staring boldly into his eyes.

"I just lost my temper, and he got in the way," Daniel said.

"In the way Danny, my God you could see your entire hand print on his face man." Josh says.

"I know he can be a real bitch Danny," Thom said, "but I'm not going to let you beat on him, do you here me.  He's still my brother and I'm all he has left now.  I think if you need help Danny, you had better get it and get it soon."

"I'm sorry Thom, but I've had this anger problem ever since my dad got killed.  I know it's wrong to hit others, especially the ones you love, but when I get angry I just can't help myself."  Danny confessed.

Danny got up and went to the bedroom.  Andrew was cowering on the bed, and he held up a pillow when Daniel came in.

"Please Danny don't hit me again," he cried. Daniel stood there with tears in his eyes.

"Oh Andy my love, I'm so sorry for the way I've treated you, and I'm going to go and get some help with my anger.  Will you forgive me sweetheart for the terrible abuse I've put you through?"  Danny pleaded.

"Danny you've come back to me," Andrew said putting down the pillow and falling into Daniel's arms.  "I never really stopped loving you Danny, because I always knew you would come back to me."

Daniel lays his head in Andrew's lap and cries, sobbing hard and deep.  Andrew held his husband and tenderly stroked his hair, as he lay there uncontrollably crying.

"I don't want Shane lover, it's you that I want and married.  Please forgive me for doubting your love Andy.  I'm going to tell Shane that we are through, and ask him to forgive me for using him like I did." 

They lay there cuddled up together and Daniel soon fell asleep.  Thom came in to check on his brother.

"Everything alright Andy," Thom asked looking at the two laying there.  Andy nodded yes and smiled. Shane knew that he'd lost Daniel and was upset. However, he realized that it was right, and he went upstairs to pack.

When Mark and Coop arrived, Carter, Thom, Josh, Clark and Andy filled them in about what they thought.  Clark told Coop and Mark about his dad's half brother, and that he thought his name was Carson or Carter.  Coop plugged in her police laptop, while Mark hopped on Thom's computer in his room.  He entered codes once he got to the Boston Police website, and soon he had full access to their data banks.

"Damn Mark I'm impressed!" Thom said, standing behind him with his hands resting on his shoulders.  Mark glanced at Thom's hand, so he pulled them away, but Mark was quick to smile his approval.

"They felt good there Thom, nice and warm.  I've had such a neck ache that seems to run clear down my back today.  I think it's from standing at attention for so long yesterday, and again this morning."

"Well when you're done here I can give you a massage if you like," Mark turned quickly and returned his smile.

"I'd like that very much guy," Mark replied before returning to the screen as the information he requested came on.

"Wow that was fast Mark... am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Thom couldn't believe what Mark found.

"Yeah you are kid, and we've been looking for this guy and he's been right under our noses," Mark said getting up.

"How did he fool us Mark when we saw him that night in Boston?"  Thom asked.

To be continued:


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