Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Eight


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 27:

"Damn Mark I'm impressed!" Thom said, standing behind him with his hands resting on his shoulders.  Mark glanced at Thom's hand, so he pulled them away, but Mark was quick to smile his approval.

"They felt good there Thom, nice and warm.  I've had such a neck ache that seems to run clear down my back today.  I think it's from standing at attention for so long yesterday, and again this morning."

"Well when you're done here I can give you a massage if you like," Mark turned quickly and returned his smile.

"I'd like that very much Thom," Mark replied, before returning to the screen as the information he requested came on.

"Wow that was fast Mark... am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?"  Thom couldn't believe what Mark found.

"Yeah you are kid, and we've been looking for this guy, and he's been right under our noses," Mark said getting up.

"How did he fool us Mark when we saw him that night in Boston?"  Thom asked.

Now chapter 28:

Thom and Mark rushed out into the living room and looked around.

"Where are Shane and Carter?" Mark asked.

"They just left for the airport, why Mark?" Danny asked having joined Andrew, Clark and Josh.

"Carter's the guy we're looking for guys.  He just came up on my data bank profile."  Mark announced.

"No way Mark, you have to be mistaken 'cause he looks nothing like the guy that came to tell us about Dad that night," Daniel insisted, not wanting to believe he could have been taken in.

"Well believe it or not Dan, his step dad is a Carson Williams and he must have been the one you saw that night," Mark said, handing him a print out of the stepfather.

"That's him, but how could Carter be involved?  He seemed so caring and sincere Mark."  Danny asked.

"I'm not absolutely sure that he's involved, but until we know for sure, we have to treat him as an accomplice."  Mark said firmly.

"Well they can't be gone yet Mark, I think he said that the plane left at 9:25 and its now... 9:04 Mark."

"Can you get us to the airport quickly before they take off?"  Mark asked.

"Sure, but Coop has a cruiser and she could do it better, getting clearance through traffic," Danny said.

"Coop," Mark yelled, "can you get us to the airport stat?   I'll explain on the way, and I want you guys to stay here until you hear from me ok?"

"Sure Mark, but I'm coming with you," Danny says.

"Ok, but let's move it before they take off." Within two minutes, they were out of the door and on the road to the airport.

Coop threw on the siren and lights, as she took her directions to the airport from Daniel.  Mark called ahead to American Airlines, but all he got was a busy signal.  He tried the terminal security, and told them to stop the plane from taking off.

"Yeah right, and my ass is fired as soon as my boss hears I did it because of a phone call." the voice said on the other end.

"I'm a police officer with the Boston police force, and a man that we're looking for is on that flight."  Mark said.

"Boston eh and why are you calling Burlington when you should be calling Logan or whatever," the unknown voice snickered.  "I might have been born in the dark buddy, but it wasn't last night." The line went dead.

"Are all you the people up here hicks or what?  We've got to get there now, because that ass was no help."

Coop flew through the gates and up to the terminal, lights and siren still blaring.  Throwing the car in park, Mark and Danny jumped out, and rushed into the terminal.  They ran through the terminal, and were stopped, as soon as they tried to get past the check-in booths.

"Hey guys grab those two guys," a terminal guard shouted.  Three guards took off after Mark and Daniel.

They tackled them, and the five of them went crashing to the floor, sending passengers scurrying in different directions.  The guards pick up Mark and Daniel, and handcuffed them. 

"I'm a police officer, and I need to get to gate 14 before that plane takes off," Mark said as the guards led them back to the holding area.

Danny looked up at the clock.  It read 9:20 and his hope started to fade.  Just as they were about to the holding area, a familiar voice called out to them.

"Mark, Daniel!  What the hell are you doing here, and why the handcuffs?" Shane asked as he and Carter came over.

"Officer arrest that man," Mark shouted nodding towards Carter.

"Mark have you gone nutso or what man?" Shane asked, looking at him and then Carter.

"Shane his stepfather is the guy we're looking for man." Carter looked at them in shock, and wondered what was going on.

"Carson... but... for what, I haven't seen him in over three years Mark," Carter said.

"Carter he's the guy that came to our house that morning, and told us that our dads were murdered."  Danny said.

Carter stood there in shock, not wanting to believe that his family could get any worse, and he started to tear up.

"I'm so sorry Danny, and most of all for you Shane.  I don't know what he's been up to, but if I can, I'm willing to help ya'll catch him," he said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

The security guards brought the four of them to the security office, while they sat down to tried to sort the stories out. 

Coop had the presence of mind to call for back up from the Burlington police.  They arrived within ten minutes, and were brought to the office.  Beverly and Casey come in with the State police together with Coop.  Once Coop explained the entire story, Mark and Daniel were released with an apology.

"Carter were you serious about helping us catch your stepfather?"  Mark asked.

"Yes sir I was."  Clark began, "There's no love lost between the two of us.  I left home and he became jealous that my father was putting me through school and giving me stipend to live on as well.  He wanted me to blackmail my father out of a fortune.  My mama told me it was wrong to do it.  She always loved my real dad until the day she died.  He was even there when she died holding her to him telling her how sorry he was."

"OK then," Mark said thoughtfully, "We're going to go down for Shane's grandmother's funeral and just maybe he'll try to contact you Carter.  We'll have you wired so that we can hear and record every word he says.  Are you willing to help catch him even if it means the death penalty?"

"I didn't think ya'll have the death penalty in Massachusetts."  Carter said.

"We don't, but you can sentence him to death although there is none... he'll never be eligible for parole because he was originally sentenced to death," Mark said.

"I'm willing to do whatever ya'll want from me Mark.  I just don't want Shane to be hurt at all."  He glanced over at Shane who returned his words with a smile.

"Well the first thing we have to do is get us on a flight out of here as soon as possible.  I also want you staying were I can protect both you and Shane."  Mark said.

"I'm sure I could stay at my grandmother's house.  After all I was her grandson and she must have mentioned it to someone down there."  Shane suggested.

"Shane one thing ya'll must not do down there is to be so open with your sexuality.  Gays are looked at as blacks were in the fifties and sixties.  Ya'll would never make it out of town if people got wind of the fact that you're gay."  Clark said.

"Well I'm no drag queen and can hold my own with the best of the straight community.  Just let me be myself, and I'll not disappoint you uncle."  Shane said.

"I bet you can hold your own, but I've seen how you look at a hot guy... damn you literally undress him with your eyes and bed 'em down."  Clark snickered.

"So shoot me then, I can't help it if a hottie catches my eye.  I'll just have to be careful how I look at him, besides there can't be too many hotties there considering they're all hicks."  Shane said.

"Ya'll call me a hick nephew?"  Clark laughed.

"Hell no uncle but... oh I see what you mean.  Damn if there are more like you down there, then I'm in serious trouble."  Shane said.

"Amen and I rest my case," Carter said.

Danny and Mark were getting ready to book a flight when Coop asked to come along.  She felt that she had a score to settle because Andy was her partner at one time.

"Are you sure Coop, this could get messy and you're..." Mark started to say, but Coop cut him short.

"You weren't going to use the `w' word now were you?"  Coop smirked.

"Ah... never Coop and welcome aboard."  Mark said with an embarrassed smile.

They come back to the loading gate twenty minutes later, first with boarding passes in hand, and second with Andrew and Thom, their suitcases being pulled behind them.

"Sweetheart what are you doing here," Danny asked looking at the suitcase.

"I can't expect my husband to go off to Mississippi without clean clothes and a suit, now can I?"  Andy replied with a smile.

Daniel pulled him over to an alcove and he kissed him passionately.

"I love you Andy, and thanks for doing this for me."  Danny said.

"Well you just be careful and let the police be the heroes love.  I want my husband back home in one piece and healthy."  Andy replied.

"Thanks again Andy, for forgiving me.  I don't deserve a man like you as a husband."  Danny said.

"That's right sweetheart, and don't you forget it.  I love you and that's the only reason I keep your hot ass around my house."  Andy said slapping Daniel's ass as he left.

"Here's your boarding passes guys," Mark said handing out the passes.

"Hey we aren't even sitting together?" Shane asked, and noticed that he and Carter were assigned seats in separate rows.

"I had to get what was left Shane, it was the last minute and I had to pull police business for these as it was."  Mark said.

"Shane if you want, I'll switch with you, at least you'll be across from Carter," Coop suggested.

"Thanks Coop and I owe you one," Shane said switching boarding passes.

They sat and waited at the gate for their turn to board.  Shane looked at Carter quite intensely.

"What's bothering my nephew now?"  Carter asked looking at Shane with a concern in his eyes.

"Carter, are you alright with all of this that they have planned?"  Shane asked.  "After all, Carson is your step father and all." 

"Listen Shane when I was a young boy and my mama married him, he didn't like me because I was your grandfather's son.  All the while I was growing up he'd badger my mama about milking your grandfather for money.  She'd never do it and he'd beat her when I wasn't around.  I knew because I could see the signs on her face.  Your grandfather saw her one day at the market and he just about blew a gasket.  He went up to Carson and told him in no uncertain terms that if he ever laid a finger on her again he would see to it that it was his last."

"Damn that must have pissed your stepfather off."  Shane remarked.

"It did and he decided right there and then that he'd get even with the Bradley family."

"He did too, didn't he Carter?"  Shane said sadly.

"Yes and do ya'll know that my surname was Bradley until Carson decided that day to have my mama legally change it to Williams?"

"That I didn't know Carter and I bet my dad didn't either."  Shane said.

"I saw your dad once when I was about ten.  He and your grandfather were looking at hunting rifles and my mama pointed him out to me.  She squatted down and said to me...  `Ya'll see that handsome young man with your father over there, that's your brother Michael.'  My mama stood up and dad saw her and came right over.  He ruffled my hair, gave me a hug, stooped down, and said to me...   `So how is my boy doing these days?' I just looked at him and said, `I'm doing quite well sir, and how are you father?'  Shane, he roared with laughter so loud that the whole store looked in our direction.  He gave my mama an envelope, and then kissed her on the cheek.  Your daddy... well he looked over and smiled at me, but I knew he didn't know I was his brother."

"God Carter, I feel so lousy that you had to miss out on a dad as well as a brother."  Shane said, genuinely shocked.  "Well you have a family now Carter, and as soon as this is over, I'm having Daniel arrange to have your name changed to Bradley." 

An announcement came over the speaker that boarding of the plane was beginning.  Once on board, Shane was so nervous that it was all he could do to sit still.  The woman beside him noticed his discomfort, and she asked him if there is something wrong.

"It's my first time flying and I'm alone here.  My brother's over there because we couldn't get two seats together."  Shane confessed.

"Well if he doesn't mind son, I'd be glad to exchange with him."

"I would be ever so grateful ma'am, and I know that he would be as well." 

Shane motioned to Carter who came over to see what he wanted.

"Why don't ya'll take my seat here with your brother young man, and I'll take yours back there."  The woman said smiling.

"I'm right grateful ma'am, and thank ya'll for your kindness ma'am."  Carter said.

"What nice polite southern gentlemen," she said as she meandered back to her new seat.

"How'd ya'll get her to do that?" Carter asked looking at a smirking Shane.

"I told her it was my first time flying and that I wanted my brother to sit with me.  She just offered to change and here you are Carter."

"Ya'll should run for congress ba... I mean Shane."  Carter said, but Shane notices the near slip.

The plane took off and soon the seat belt sign is off.

"I've got to use the bathroom," Carter said getting up and walking back to the bathroom.  He waited his turn in line, as a flight attendant came over, and told him that he can use the one in the back.

He walked to the other bathroom, and he noticed that it was occupied, and decided that he didn't need it that bad.  He was just about to leave when the door opened, and out walks a familiar face.

"Well I'll be damn, Carter, what are you doing on this flight?"

"Forrest what are ya'll doing here?"  He said to his cousin. 

"I was up in Montreal for business and got snowed in yesterday.  Therefore, I caught this flight after getting one from Montreal to Burlington.  I see you still have that silly hick accent Carter."  Forrest commented.

"Yeah I reckon I do and I was up here for my brother's funeral," he said then realized Forrest didn't know about Michael.

"Your brother, when did you get a brother man?"  Forrest questioned.

"A college brother of mine," he said thinking very fast.  "We were very good friends, and he died in an accident up here."

"Damn Car, you must have been really good friends to just fly up for a damn friend."  Forrest said.

"He was like a real brother to me Forrest, and I wanted to be here for him and his family."

Shane noticed his uncle talking to this person, and, so does Mark and Daniel.  Shane started to get up, but Mark put his hand on his shoulder, pushing him back into his seat.

"Hey what did you do that for?"  Shane asked trying to get up again.

"Because I'm not going to let you blow Carter's cover," Mark said motioning to the two of them.

Carter noticed the switch in seats and he went into the bathroom, and then dialed Shane's cell phone.

"Oh God please let this dang phone work up here," he prayed just before it started ringing.

Shane's phone vibrated in his pocket and he took it out to see who could be calling him, and noticed that it's Carter.

"Here, Carter is calling," he said to Mark still sulking and passed his phone to him.

Mark answered the phone and Carter told him that was his cousin Forrest that he was talking to.

"I'd never have guessed that he'd be on this flight Mark.  Now what do I do, I told him a huge lie as to why I was up in Burlington and he bought it."  Carter said.

"He's your cousin Carter, how is he related?"  Mark asked.

"His dad and my mama were brother and sister.  We didn't live close to each other and only saw each other once or twice a year at family reunions.  His daddy didn't like my stepfather and would avoid coming over if he could."

"Well go back and sit in my seat and don't notice any of us."  Marl instructed.

Carter went back and took Mark's seat across from where Danny was sitting.  Forrest was just off to his left and he gave him a nod, before Carter settled down for the flight. The flight went smoothly including the landing.  Mark, Danny, and Shane avoided talking to Carter.  Forrest and Carter chatted a bit before Forrest headed his separate way.

"Well that went well," Carter said to the others.  "He wants me to hook up with him while he is home."

"Is he someone you can trust Carter," Mark asked watching Forrest as Forrest walks away.

"With my life Mark and he's the only one that I would trust down here."  Carter responded confidently.

The four of them grab their luggage as it came onto the belt, and slowly maneuvered their way out to the sidewalk.  The hailed a taxi and went to Shane's grandmother's house.  When they arrived, Jenkins, her butler, who extended his hand to Shane, met them at the door.

"I was just made aware this morning that you would be coming to stay, Master Bradley.  My deepest condolences for you grandmother's death sir, and if there is anything I can do to make this time easier for you please don't hesitate to inform me."

"Thank you Jenkins I will."

Jenkins shows the four of them to their rooms, and apologized for the fact that they must double up.

"Your grandmother was having the house remodeled and we have just two bedrooms available for occupancy at this time sir."  Jenkins informed Shane.

He had Shane and Carter in Shane's grandmother's room, and Mark and Daniel in the other bedroom. 

"The bed is king size in your grandmother's room, while the other has two queen size beds sir."

"That's alright Jenkins, we'll manage just fine.  Carter here is my uncle and we won't mind having to share the bed.  After all we are just going to be sleeping and we won't be staying here all that long Jenkins."  Shane said.

"Yes sir," he said leading Mark and Daniel down the hall to their room.

Once settled, the four of them re-gathered in Shane and Carter's room to discuss their plans for the funeral and reception to follow.

"I'll see to it that her obituary is large and that an informal reception will follow the funeral immediately after the funeral."  Mark said as he sat to write out some plans.

"What do ya'll want me to do Mark?" Carter asked sitting beside him.

"Well at the moment I'd like for you two to get rest, and then Carter, I want to get you wired and make yourself visible around town.  If your step dad is here, I want him to know that you are too."

"What do I do if he confronts me Mark?"  Carter asked.

"Just pretend you know absolutely nothing about what's gone on up north Carter.  Let him do the talking and give himself away.  But most importantly Carter, don't act any different towards him that you normally would act."  Mark said.

"He knows I don't like him at all, but he was always trying to get me to go after the Bradley money," Carter responded.

"Well then if he approaches you with a scheme to get it, then play along with him and see what is up his sleeves."  Mark suggested.

"Ok Mark I'll do my best then," Carter said afraid he might blow the whole operation.

"OK then, why don't we all get some rest and we'll start our operation in an hour or so.  Right now I want to make sure the obituary is in place so if you two want to rest go ahead."  Mark said.

Shane and Carter decided a nap might do them well, so they laid down for a short nap.  They laid there talking about how they might catch Carson and how he might try to kill Shane.

"Why would he want to kill me Carter?"  Shane asked now realizing for the first time, he himself could be in danger.

"Because with ya'll gone, the entire fortune would pass to me Shane, as the only natural heir left alive."  Carter answered.

Shane lay there thinking.  Soon the events of the last few days hit him like a ton of bricks and came crashing down on him.  He started to cry and soon his sobs were uncontrollable.

"I didn't mean to upset you Shane," Carter said as he took Shane into his arms comforting him.

Carter held him to his chest rubbing his nephew's back as Shane cried.  He kissed his hair lightly as he held him until Shane regained control.  Shane lifted his head to see Carter was teary eyed also.

"What's the matter Carter?"  Shane asked when he realized his uncle had been crying also.

"Now that I finally found me a family, I'm afraid that I might lose you... them." 

Shane realized that this was first time he didn't say `ya'll', and the second time his uncle had slipped concerning a reference to him.  Now he wanted to know why.

He pushed himself away to stare at Carter, but Carter just pulled him back to into his chest.  Shane now knew that he meant more to Carter than just being his nephew.  He snuggled into his chest securely, comforting himself knowing that Carter may be in love with him. The realization overwhelms his senses.  Quietly, he cried as Carter held him, who couldn't help but feel the same.

Finally, Shane said quietly, but loud enough to be heard, "I love you Carter."

"I love ya'll too nephew."  Carter answered, but Shane wondered how to take his reply.

"No I mean I love YOU," Carter repeated, emphasizing you, hoping he'd get the message.

"I know ya'll do nephew, I'm your uncle."  Carter said quietly.

Shane sat up on the bed and stared at his uncle lying there, then lowered himself down and kissed him.  Their lips meet softly for just a moment before Carter pushed his nephew away, and stared at him, a bit confused.

"Why'd ya'll do that Shane?" Carter asked now looking at him in a different light.

"Because.... God damn it Carter... I love you as a man and not as my uncle." Shane moved his mouth quickly forward to Carter's, kissing him hard and convincingly, offering Carter his tongue.

Carter opened his mouth and together they kissed almost violently, as their pent up emotions flow freely between them.

"I can't Shane," Carter said gasping for breath.  "This is so wrong and unnatural," and he jumped up from the bed and went to the window.

Shane lay there for a moment looking at his uncle, then got up and stood at his side.  He put his arms around Carter's waist, and whispers softly into his ear.

"I know you love me Carter and not as kin, but as a man and that's what's bothering you.  Well remember uncle that I was adopted, and that does that make a difference."

Carter turned in Shane's arms; his eyes are red from tears.  He gently pushed the hair from Shane's forehead and studied his face.  He looked at him as if he was seeing him for the first time.  Slowly, he traced his face with his fingers.  Neither of them said a word as they drank in each other's beauty.  Slowly, gently, Carter pulled Shane into him, kissing him affectingly.  Then Shane added pressure to the kiss as passion redefines their relationship they're free to love one another without any fear of being incestuous.  They broke for just a moment as they gasped for air, and then Carter kissed Shane with all the passion and fury he'd been feeling towards him for so long.

"I love you Shane and I have since that day you tried to kill me at the funeral home.  I knew that a man that felt that much love towards someone that he was willing to kill for the loss he was feeling.... I wanted a love like that." Then he kissed Shane again hard and holding him tightly to him for fear losing him.

"I don't know if people will say we are right or wrong Carter, but I love you and want the whole world to know that you're my man.  I know that you are my dad's brother by birth, and some may look upon us as evil or sick, but I'm not blood related Carter... and I'll die to protect you and our love from anyone that may try to harm you."

They kissed again as Shane now walked his lover slowly backwards to the bed, and gently lowered him on it.

"I want to make love to you Carter like I've never wanted to make love to anyone else before."  Shane said quietly.

Carter looked at him and pulling Shane's shirt over his head staring at his nipples.  He pulled him towards him and sucked on one as Shane held him to his breast.  He bit it gently sending passionate electrical charges through Shane's body.  Moving over to the other nipple, he bit it a bit harder.  Shane moaned pleasurable groans as he swept away in ecstasy.  He lifted Carter's shirt up and off him, exposing a chest of thick hair.  Shane ran his fingers through the silky softness and found the hard nubs hiding within.  He pinched them hard making Carter throw his head back as the passion flowed through his body.  He reached for Shane's belt and unbuckled it, as Shane continued to torture his nipples.  With his pants undone, Shane sat up to let him pull them down.  Carter removed them and then did the same with his own pants before Shane moved back on top of him.  Carter's wrapped his legs around Shane's waist.

"Are you sure about this Carter, because once I make love to you, you're mine forever?"  Shane said looking deep into Carter's eyes.

"Please take me Shane, and make me yours forever.  I could no more give myself to another now, than I could cut off my right arm."

Shane moved down to Carter's dripping hard cock, and he took it into his mouth.  Slowly he moved down the hard shaft until his nose was buried in his pubes, drinking in the scent of his lover.  He held his cock in his throat as he sucked it hard, then moved slowly back up.  He massaged Carter's balls still molesting his hard cock with his mouth.  Soon Carter was squirming, trying to hold back his climax.

"I so close Shane please stop, I don't want to cum just yet," he moaned as Shane let go of his cock.

Shane sucked his way down to Carter virgin rosebud, running his tongue all around it.  Carter pulled his legs up with his hands to give his lover more access.  Encouraged, Shane pushed his tongue into the virgin treasure.

"Oh fuck Shane fuck me with that tongue," he cried out in pleasure as a new sensation now floods his senses.

Shane made love to his rosebud inserting a finger bringing Carter beside himself with pleasure.  He inserted a second finger and moved them around until he finds his love nut.  Shane continued massaging it gently until Carter was thrashing in total ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum Shane," he said as he shot his first volley out onto his chest.

Shane took each of the next volleys as Carter held his lover to his cock.  He fed him his sweet love juices until he was spent.  Shane continued to suck although he couldn't get anymore, and at last, Carter released his hold.  Shane licked up the cum he had missed, as he moved back up to Carter's lips, and then passionately kissed his lover. 

"I love you Shane and not because of the sex, but because you're the man that I have longed for.  Now lover make love to me and let us be one in our love," he said as he lifted his legs in surrender to him.

Shane spits in his hand and rubbed it into Carter's virgin hole, and then some more on the end of his cock.  He positioned it to the rosebud and with a gentle push, popped it in and then stopped.

"Oh my God Shane wait," Carter said as the pain overtook his senses.

Shane waited for him to get used to the invasion and they kissed gently as they waited out the spasm.  Soon Carter relaxed and Shane gave him more of his cock until he'd bottomed.  He waited again until he was completely relaxed and began to find a slow rhythm.  Shane found a comfortable rhythm and soon they moved in harmony as Shane slowly took his lover to new heights in passion.  Never before had Shane felt a passion and love for a man as he does now for Carter.  He gave him all he had, as Carter met the forces with his own pushes as the two moved hard and fast in their rhythm.  The sync of their bodies as they become lost to their passion carried them to the edge.

"I'm cumming again lover," Carter called out as he shot his second time onto the space between them.

"I'm cumming also my lover," Shane said as he shot his seed deep into Carter's cavity.

The two slowly ride their rhythm until they collapse together in blissful afterglow unaware of the eyes watching them.

To be continued:

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