Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-Nine


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 28:

"I love you Shane and not because of the sex, but because you're the man that I have longed for.  Now lover make love to me and let us be one in our love," he said as he lifted his legs in surrender to him.

Shane spits in his hand and rubbed it into Carter's virgin hole, and then some more on the end of his cock.  He positioned it to the rosebud and with a gentle push, popped it in and then stopped.

"Oh my God Shane wait," Carter said as the pain overtook his senses.

Shane waited for him to get used to the invasion and they kissed gently as they waited out the spasm.  Soon Carter relaxed and Shane gave him more of his cock until he'd bottomed.  He waited again until he was completely relaxed and began to find a slow rhythm.  Shane found a comfortable rhythm and soon they moved in harmony as Shane slowly took his lover to new heights in passion.  Never before had Shane felt a passion and love for a man as he does now for Carter.  He gave him all he had, as Carter met the forces with his own pushes, and the two moved hard and fast in their rhythm.  The sync of their bodies as they become lost to their passion carried them to the edge.

"I'm cumming again lover," Carter called out as he shot his second time onto the space between them.

"I'm cumming also my lover," Shane said as he shot his seed deep into Carter's cavity.

The two slowly ride their rhythm until they collapse together in blissful afterglow unaware of the eyes watching them.


Now chapter 29:

A knock on the door brought Carter and Shane out of their afterglow, and they scrambled to find their clothes, however just as they found them, the door opened, Daniel, slightly embarrassed, stared at them.

"Sorry guys, I hope I didn't interrupt you," he said looking at their naked bodies.

"We just finished Danny, what is it you want?" Shane asked pulling on his shorts.

"Mark wants to see you two when you are ready."

They were dressed and together with Daniel, walked down to living room where Mark was talking with Coop.  He glances quickly up at them, gave them a second look, only this time studying them closely.  He knew that they had taken their friendship to the next level by the look of love in their eyes and he smiled as he thinks about Thom.

"I've got the obit in the paper for tomorrow guys and..." a sound makes him stop.  "Did you hear that?"  He asked quietly before getting up and moving over to the wall.  "It came from behind this wall."  Concentrating, he tapped gently on the wall.

A hollow empty sound resonated from the wall as he shushed the guys with his finger.  He felt around the wall as the others did the same with the other walls.

"I know what I heard and it definitely came from behind here."  Mark said.

He ushered them outside with hand signals so they could walk around outside for a bit.  Mark waited until they were far enough away from the house, and certain that they couldn't be heard, before he spoke.

"These old southern homes had secret rooms and walkways to hide from Northern soldiers.  They used them to hide their personal belongings in, so that they weren't stolen.  I have a sinking suspicion that someone is watching us guys."

"Why would anyone want to spy on us Mark?"  Shane asked staring at the house.  That was when he noticed, for just a moment, a figure in the upstairs window.  "There!" he shouted pointing up at the window of a room.  "It looked like Jenkins standing there for a brief moment."

"I think we should use extreme caution and keep our conversations limited to anything but why we're here." Coop said still watching the window as an intuitive, cold chill ran down her back.

"That's a very good idea Coop and until further notice we only write what we absolutely need to say." Mark added.

They walked down to the edge of a lake and enjoyed its magnificent beauty.  Shane took Carter's hand in his as he walked down the path toward the shore, but Carter pulled his hand quickly away.

"What did I do Carter?" Shane asked feeling hurt by the action.

"Ya'll were showing gay affection in public that's what."

"Right... sorry Carter," Shane said, as he put his hands in his pants pocket.

Mark noticed a boathouse and they walked over to it.  It's locked, but with Shane's friendly persuasion and a paper clip he found on the ground, he opened it.  Once inside Mark went right to town wiring Carter up for his part in the plan.  An earpiece in Mark's ear allowed him to hear just what was being said around Carter.  It could pick up even a whisper and record it on a small recorder in Mark's pocket.

"There now Carter, are you ready to go do your thing?" Mark asked.

Shane pulled him over to a secluded area and kissed him, as held him close.

"I love you Carter, so please don't do anything foolish sweetheart." He whispered forgetting about the transmitter. 

"I love you too my love and don't worry about me, I can take care of myself."  Carter reassured him.

They kiss hard and long until Mark came over and cleared his throat, and they joined the others.  Once there, Coop gave Carter a long hug with her arms around his neck.  She looked directly into his eyes before releasing her grip.

"You just be careful handsome," she said before taking her place with the others.

Alone, Carter made his way to town and stopped at the local grocers, where he ran into his old friend Damien.

"Hey Car' how's it hanging these days," Damien asked as they knocked knuckles together.

"It's cool, `sup with ya'll homey?"

"Same old shit just a different day dude.  So what ya'll doing these days?" Damien asked.

"Nothing dude, just hanging around mostly.  Hey ya'll see my old' man lately?" Carter asked.  "I'd hate to run into the fucker."

"I did see him yesterday at the Smoke House bar," Damien replied.  "He was with this stuffy old dude who looked totally out of place."

"Really Dame, did he have a name or did ya'll catch it?"

"Naaah, not that I heard, but he had a strong accent like English or something."  Damien remembered.

"Well gotta go man, later." Cater said as they parted.

"I think that Damien might be referring to Jenkins," Mark said to the others.  "He has a very strong accent and he did look suspicious at the bunch of us earlier, especially when Carter got out of the car."

Carter walked on down the street until he reached the bar that Damien had mentioned.  He looked around before going in. He noted that the place was somewhat slow for this time of day.  He took a seat at the bar.

The bartender shouted at him, "Same old Carter."  Carter nodded his head yes and the bartender slid a bottle of Bud down to him.

"Thanks Larry," he said taking a long draw from the bottle.

"Ya'll just missed your papa," Larry said as he took the money Carter had laid on the bar.

"How is the bastard, sick I hope?" Carter snarled, not caring that his hatred for his father showed.  "And besides he's not my papa, he's shit to me and that's it."

"Now is that a way to talk about your old man son," Carson asked standing behind Carter.

"Sorry I must have been too kind with my insults." He said taking a draw without even acknowledging him behind him.

"Can we lay aside our differences for a moment long enough to talk Carter?" Carson pleaded.

"What've we got to talk about Carson, the way ya'll mistreated my mother or the way ya'll use to beat us?"

"Please Carter I know I was wrong, but give me just five minutes please?"

"Five minutes then," Carter replied looking at his watch.

"How ya'll like to have more money than ya'll know what to do with?"  Carson asked.

"How, did ya'll take out a million dollar life insurance and now you're going to kill yourself?"  Carter said snidely.

"Ya'll said five minutes Carter... now give me that at least."

"Ok pops go for it, I'm all ears," Carter said hoping to gain his confidence.

"Well my new gal friend Margie works for this lawyer downtown and she told me something last month that got my attention." Carson began.

"Really what's that pop?" Carter asked really working to control his anger.

"Ya'll see this old gal that just died here and left a large fortune to her son.  However, the thing is that son's kids get his money if he's dead.  Now here's the big thing Carter, her son got knocked off up north doing some fag shit with his boyfriend."  Carson explained.

"Now how do ya'll know that pops, with ya'll here and him getting bumped off up there," Carter quizzed.

"I'll get to that son just stick with me here.  Now his son is the only obstacle left to deal with.  Ya'll see if his son dies, you're the one next in line to inherit all this money.  Marge thinks it's over 19 million bucks and I say it should be yours son.  After all ya'll are a son of that old bastard Bradley."  Carson added.

"So dad how do I get the money with this kid still around?"  Carter asked.

"All you do is kill him son... after all; you are sleeping with him in a homosexual way." Carson said smirking at him.

Shane tried not to show his fear as he realized that the noises Mark heard earlier in the walls must have been his stepfather.

"I want you down in the vicinity of that bar Coop; I don't like what I'm hearing here."

"Is Carter in trouble Mark? Shane asked, thinking he may lose his lover.

"Just calm down Shane, he's fine so far.  Carson knows what you and Carter did earlier in your room." Mark said.

"Damn, if he knows that, then Carter could be in trouble Mark."

Shane left the group quietly, without Mark or Coop noticing.

"So Carson, what's in it for ya'll if I go along with your scheme?" Carter asked.

"Twenty percent son and I get out of your life forever."  Carson replied.

"If I knock him off, then I'll look guilty 'cause I'm next in line for the money."

"I already took care of his old man and his boyfriend.  Now ya'll have to do your part in this also.  I know just what to do to make it look like an accident son.  So are ya'll in or not son?"  Carson asked.

"Do I have to give ya'll my answer right now pops?"  Carter asked in return.

"Yeah 'cause I trust ya'll as much as ya'll trusts me kid, so what's it going to be?"

Carter was thinking the proposition over as he saw Coop come into the bar.  She took a seat across the bar from them, looks directly at Carter, giving him a wink.  He looks back at his stepdad and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Shane as he entered the bar.  He froze with fear as he watched him walk right towards him.

"Hey babe, sorry I'm late," he whispered loud enough for just him and Carson to hear.  "I wanted to do some more shopping and... I'm sorry Carter; I didn't know you had company."

"Shane this is my stepdad Carson Williams, pops Shane Bradley," he said as the two shook hands.

As they were shaking hands, Shane threw a set of handcuffs on Carson and then himself.

"Now you sick fucker, you and I have a very large score to settle," Shane said looking directly into his eyes.  "I know you killed my dad and his husband.  Now it's my turn to kill your ass... fucker."

Carson went white with fear as he felt the tip of the knife against his stomach.  He stared directly into Shane's eyes as Shane led him from the bar.  Coop followed them at a distance trying not to give her cover away.  Mark and Daniel were now outside waiting for them to exit.  They exited slowly trying not to draw attention to themselves.

At that moment, Forrest was entering as they were exiting.  Carson grabbed the chance and pulled Shane with him into a car as the driver was getting out.  He grabbed the knife from Shane putting it to his throat.

"Now asshole I'm in control so drive," Carson said as Shane threw the car into drive and took off.

Mark, Coop, Daniel, and Carter watch as the car headed south out of town.  Mark flagged down a cruiser coming up the road.  He showed his credentials, but the officer took his time looking at them.

"I need for you to go after them.  Carson Williams is the man we're after for the murder of two police officers in Massachusetts."  Mark all but shouted.

"Well why didn't ya'll tell me police officers were involved?"   They got into the cruiser, except for Daniel, who was left behind to call the others back in Vermont.

Daniel called his husband back home to tell him what had happened and almost lost control of his emotions.

"Danny what's wrong?" Andrew asked.

"The guy that killed your dad and Michael just took off with Shane in a stolen car." Unable to control himself any longer, he cried into his phone.

"Sweetheart calm down please," Andrew said trying to calm his husband down.

Eventually Daniel calmed down and told Andrew what had happened over the last few hours.  Andrew knew how sensitive his husband was to death, and then told him that he was coming down to be with him.

"I'll take the first plane out babe and be there in a few hours."  Andrew said

"No Andy I'll be fine babe. It's just hard dealing with all this death alone sweetheart.  I need you with me, but I just can't take anymore with this death happening all around me...where are you dad..." Daniel sobbed before he collapsed on the ground.

"Danny.... Danny please answer me babe," Andrew yelled into the phone.

Daniel lay there mumbling to himself as he shook and quivered on the ground.  A crowd formed and an on looking man picked up the phone lying beside Daniel on the ground.

"Hello," the stranger said into the phone.

"Is Daniel alright?" Andrew asked.

"Is he the guy laying here on the ground?"

"Would you call an ambulance for him please?  His name is Daniel Wilkes sir and he's probably having a nervous breakdown."

"Sure mister," Then he hung up the phone leaving Andrew in the dark about Daniel.

The man called 911 and asked for an ambulance.  It arrived a few minutes later, and found Daniel semi-conscious there on the ground, staring into space.  They took his vital signs, and except for his extra fast pulse, he seemed fine.  They took him to the emergency room, where a doctor evaluated him.  The doctor determined that he was having some kind of mental breakdown, and had him transferred upstairs to the psychiatric unit. 

"Do we have a history on him?" the attending doctor asked.

"No doctor, just a name from some man at the scene, a Daniel Wilkes from Massachusetts."

"That's it... just a name and state?" he asked.

"Doctor Smyth, I have a man on the phone asking about this man here."  A triage nurse said to the doctor.

The doctor took the call, hoping to learn more about his patient.

"Hello this is Doctor Smyth, who am I talking to?"

"This is Andrew Wilkes, and you have my brother there."  He said hiding the fact that it was his husband.

"Well I do need some background on him. First of all, does he have a history of mental disorders?"

"No he doesn't doctor, but he did just lose his father to a murderer and his two best friends to another one.  Now he may be losing his best friend to a murderer there."  Andrew replied.

"Damn no wonder he snapped." He explained to Andrew.  "I'm having him transferred to the psychiatric unit sir.  Will you be coming down here to be with him?"

"I will doctor and should be there by tomorrow morning."

They talked a bit more about his medical history before hanging up. 

The officer flipped on his lights and siren as he took off after the car.  Shane and Carson had a slight lead on them and the officer knew it.

"I want the fucking key Shane," Carson said holding the knife to throat.

"Go ahead and slit my throat, you're hooked to me and I'll take you with me.  How does it feel knowing you're going to die you motherfucker?"  Shane yelled.

"Why don't you tell me, because you'll be dead before I will?"  Carson threatened.

Shane floored the accelerator and the car sped down the road.  He had some trouble holding the curves with one hand cuffed to Carson, but he wasn't about to give him the key.

"I'm going to say it one more time kid, give me the fucking key," Carson yelled.

Shane reached into his pocket and pulled out the key.  He showed it to Carson, and then tossed it out the window.

"Stop the car you fucker," but Shane kept his foot pressed firmly to the floor.

The car was moving close to 80 miles an hour, and Shane knew a crash at this speed would kill them both.  He saw the faint flashing of the cruiser's lights off in the distance; he sat back, and took his hands off the wheel.

"What the fuck are you doing," Carson asked as he grabbed the wheel, but Shane pulled his arm away.

"I'll see you in hell," Shane said, as he grabbed the knife and stabbed Carson's arm.

Carson screamed out in pain, and hit Shane in the face.  Carson struggled with the steering wheel, as he noticed a sharp curve approaching.  He screamed for Shane to take the wheel, but Shane just sat there praying.  With the curve approaching rapidly, Shane reached down for the lever to release the driver's seat back.  He pulled the lever up, and the back of the seat reclined, just as the car left the road, and headed into the trees along the roadside.  The sound of crashing metal and glass filled the air, as the car careened off a grove of trees.  It flipped over several times, before it came to a rest on its top.  The cruiser pulled up beside the upside down car, which had its wheels still spinning.  They rushed from the stopped cruiser, and over to the car, the roof of which was flattened to the top of the seats.  An arm stuck out through the window, and when the officer checked for a pulse, there was none.

"This one is dead," he said stepping back from the car.

He calls for the fire department to extricate the bodies from the car. 

"Help please," a voice called out to them.

"Shane is that you?"

"Yes, and I can't move guys, get me out of here," he yelled with panic in his voice.  "I can't feel my legs at all Carter, please don't let me die like this," he said now crying.

"You are not going to die sweetheart," Carter said, not caring who may hear him.  "I finally found someone that loves me unconditionally, and I'm not about to lose him to a car accident, so hold on lover."

The fire department arrived within minutes, and they quickly began to extricate Shane from the car.  Smoke started forming under the car.  The firefighters blew foam all over the car, hoping to prevent a fire.

"The fire department will have you out shortly babe," Carter said.  "Shane talk to me," but he didn't get a response.  "Shane please babe, talk to me," he yelled, now panicking himself. 

They get the door open, and the smoke rushed out.  They try to pull him out but he is stuck because of Carson, to whom he is still cuffed.

"He's cuffed to the dead man," Mark told the firefighter trying to get him out.

He looked inside and saw that the steering column was through Carson's chest.  Shane continued lying there... still.  The paramedic searched for a pulse, and then shook his head no.

"Get him out of here now," the paramedic shouted as he readied the defibrillator.  "He has no pulse, and we need him out now," he shouted, but the arm holding him in was attached to Carson by a handcuff.

Another firefighter rushed over with a set of bolt cutters, and cut the link to the handcuffs.  The firefighters and Shane went flying outward, as he was released from Carson.  The paramedic hurried over, ripped open Shane's shirt and applied the paddles to his chest.  He looks at the flat-line readout.  Carter stood there in tears as he continued to watch them try to save the life of his lover.

"Clear!" the paramedic yelled just before he applied the paddles once again.

They all stood there staring as the flat line continued.

To be continued:

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