Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Three

By Randy Howard and David of Hope


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From chapter two...

Thom closed his cell phone only to watch nurses and doctors rushing in many directions. Over the loud speaker, he heard Code Blue called out. Everyone was in a state of panic.

"I wonder what's going on," he asked to no one in particular.

"Code blue usually means someone died and needs to be brought back," Shane said apprehensively.

"Andrew no please, don't let it be you," Thom said getting up as he rushed into Andrew's emergency room cubicle.

He could see doctors and nurses all around Andrew and one doctor holding a defibrillator in his hands. Thom started to move further into Andrew's room, but a nurse stopped him.

"You need to go back into the waiting room young man," she said him holding him back.

"He's my brother and he can't die," Thom cried as he saw the doctor laid the paddles to Andrew's chest again.

Chapter three...

"Son we're doing everything possible to make sure he doesn't die. Now go back into the waiting room and the doctor will be out to speak to you shortly." The nurse said blocking his way.

Thom returned to the waiting room and rushed into Shane's arms. He clung to Shane sobbing on his shoulder while Shane held him, trying to comfort him. Danny watched the two and thought more about how they may be more than the friends they profess to be.

"What's going on in there?" Danny asked.

"He's flat lining and they're trying to bring him back," Thom replied between sobs.

"They'll bring him back guy, he's a fighter... you told me." Danny said trying to reassure Thom.

"He was always the weaker one Danny. His foster family was killed when he was a young kid and he really never got over the fear of being alone."

"But wasn't he was adopted by your mom and dad?"

"Danny, my dad's gay and we had two dads growing up."

Danny stood there with a shocked look upon his face. He looked at Thom and Shane still holding onto each other while questions were forming in his mind.

"Well then... are you and Andrew gay?" he asked rather quietly.

"Andrew.... I don't know about, but yes I am and I'm sorry if that offends you."

"No it doesn't offend me Thom.... I think my dad's gay or at least bi. I caught him once a while back kissing this dude in our basement. He doesn't know I saw him and I never wanted to admit that he might be."

"Would it bother you if he was gay?" Thom asked knowing that his dad and Barry had had sex together.

"I don't think so as long as he told me and doesn't hide it from me. I'm gay and always have been Thom, but I've never been with anyone, ya know...."

"Shit guy, does my brother know about you?"

"No I didn't know if he was and I didn't want trouble if he wasn't.... and really we didn't have a lot time to talk abut that stuff yet"

Thom and Shane hugged him tight as Danny started to cry. He lost all self control and sobbed deeply on Thom's shoulder, as the doctor came back into the waiting room.

"Is Mr. Butler here?" he asked.

"No, he went down to the police station. I'm Andrew's brother Thomas. Is he alright?"

"It was touch and go for a minute there, but we got him back. He's resting now and stable once again. Apparently he has a strong will to survive Thomas or he wouldn't have made it."

"My dad should be back in an hour or so. I'll be sure to let him know what you said."

"Well I'd recommend you boys go home and get some rest. We have your numbers if we need to reach you."

"I think we will doctor, and I'll call my dad and let him know."

Thom dialed Andy's cell phone, and told him all the details of what had gone on. He explained that they were going back to the dorm and that they'd see him later that morning.

They headed back to their dorm and Danny froze when they entered his room. The window is now boarded up and the glass and blood was cleaned up from the floor.

"I can't stay in here alone guys," he said looking at the spot were Andrew fell.

"Then come stay in our room Danny. I have a large bed and you can sleep in Shane's and he can sleep with me."



"Thanks guys I really appreciate it. He grabbed some clothes and they went down the hall to Thom and Shane's room. They were exhausted as they stripped down and hopped into bed. Danny watched the boys as they cuddled into a spooning position together, with Thom holding Shane close to him.

"Goodnight Danny," they both said as Shane reached over and turned off the light.

"'night guys and thanks again for letting me stay."

Within minutes, all three were fast asleep, but it was just as the sun was about to make its appearance above the horizon.


Andy and Barry sat and talked with detectives Burns and Putnam about the case. Detective Burns was less than hospitable and made it quite clear he didn't like Andy telling him how to do his job.

"I don't give a fuck what some small town sheriff thinks," Detective Burns said. "This is our case and we'll run it as we see fit."

"Ok then, have you determined where the shot was fired from yet?"

"We think it was from one of the building across from the dorm. Why?" the detective asked.

"I was just wondering and if it were your son, you'd want to know what was being done to find the person that tried to kill him." Andy answered with a voice full of authority.

"I'm sorry about your son sheriff, but we're doing everything we can. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of paper work to fill out." Burns declared as he stood and abruptly left the room.

Andy, Barry, and Casey sat there shaking their heads in dismay as Burns closed the door.

"Sheriff Bradley, can I assume that you didn't agree with my partner?" Casey asked.

"Yes your right... I don't agree with where the shooter shot from. We did our own investigation and I found evidence that proves our shooter fired from the water tower at the Burlington reservoir. I have a shell casing, finger prints and shoe print castings here."

"My God Andy how did a small town sheriff, pardon the expression, learn so much forensics material?" Casey exclaimed.

"I was a Springfield Massachusetts detective for years before taking the sheriff position here. I don't mind giving you the evidence, but I'll be damned if I'll give it to your partner."

"I don't blame you Andy.... he's rather opinionated and even I don't matter to him. He likes to take the credit for everything, even if I do the work. I just wish I could get the credit only once."

"I tell you what Casey, I'll work with you and I'll give you what I find if you'll keep me abreast of what you get at this end."

"That's a deal Andy and I'll get the evidence processed once Burns leaves," she said smiling.

Andy handed the evidence over to Casey and she locked it in the evidence room. She walked out with Andy and Barry to their car wishing them a goodnight.

"Andy once we get back to the house can we talk about last night?" Barry asked.

"I was wondering when you would want to talk about that Barry."

"I don't want you to be alarmed because I really enjoyed what we did. Are you alright with our love making Andy?"

"Yeah I am and I was wondering the same thing about you. I haven't been with a man since Tom died. I don't want you to think that I brought you out there to seduce because I didn't Barry."

"I believe you Andy and I appreciate your honesty. I've been trying to deal with my gay feelings ever since Daniel's mother died. Now I've decided that I'm gay and well.... I want to live with you Andy," he finally blurted out.

Andy remained quiet, thinking about what Barry has just said.

"I'm sorry Andy, I shouldn't have assumed you'd have wanted me as a lover," he said, turning and staring out the window.

Andy pulled over to the side of the road and threw the car into park. He pulled Barry to him and gave him a kiss so passionate that Barry realized just how Andy felt.

"Barry, I'd be honored to have you as a life partner. My only concern is what will you tell Daniel now that you're ready to come out?"

"I've thought about that and I'm going to tell him the truth now that you and I are going to be a couple."

"I must tell you though, I won't move out of Vermont Barry. I love living here and I just can't take living in a big city anymore."

"You won't have to love.... I'll sell my place and move here too. I can establish a practice here very easily."

They drove into the driveway and couldn't wait to get into the house. They are removing their clothes as they made their way to the bedroom.

"You know after Tom died, I never thought I'd find someone to love again. I can't believe that a guy like you has come into my life," Andy said as he pulled Barry closer into a warm embrace to kiss.

"I loved my wife," Barry declared, "but there was always that side of me that needed a man to hold and make love to. Someone that knew what it meant to be a man and how a man wants to be loved. I know we've just met Andy, but I have a good feeling about us."

"Me too Barry, and by the way, Thomas knows about us. He figured it out and said something to me."

"He's not going to tell Daniel is he? I really want to be the one to tell him."

"No love he won't say a word, now take me to bed and make love to me," he said as they kissed lustfully as the passion overwhelmed them.


The next morning, the Burlington Free Press hit the streets, and there on the top of page one is the caption:


University of Vermont Student shot in his dorm...

Story by Todd Mathews


A UVM student, Andrew Butler-Sullivan was shot last night in his room at the Redstone dorms. He was moving in when a shot came through his window striking him in the chest. At press time his condition was listed as critical and unknown if he would make it. The police have no suspect yet and are pursuing all leads in the case.


Detective Ed Burns was the lead detective investigating the incident and he interviewed several witnesses. Among those interviewed was Mr. Sullivan's roommate Daniel Wilkes and Thomas Butler-Sullivan brother to the shooting victim.


When interviewed by Detective Burns about his whereabouts, Thomas Sullivan said he was involved in homosexual activities with another unnamed man. Although he was not a suspect, he was interviewed in case he may have witnessed something. Thomas and Andrew are the sons of South Hero sheriff, Andrew Butler.


See Student Shooting on Page 7...



An evil set of eyes was the first to read the article.

"So he's alive and we have another two also," the shooter said to himself as he read the paper. "Well next time, I won't miss and the world will be rid of more homos," he snarled out of the corner of his mouth.



Thom got up and headed to the shower. The bathroom was full of fellow students.

"Hey queer boy, you and your boyfriend have sex again last night," a student said to him.

"What the fuck are you talking about asshole?" Thom snapped, ready to kick some ass.

"It's in the newspaper how you were having sex with some dude while your brother was getting shot," the teen retorted.

Thom lunged at him and started to pound his face. The other students joined in to protect their friend. They grabbed Thom by the armpits and dragged him into the shower.

"Well gay boy, you're not so tough now are you? Let's show the queer how a real man fucks guys," Clark said yanking Thom's boxer briefs off him.

"Go for it first Clark," one of guys urged with a big smile. "Give it to him good!"

"Hold him over the bench Randy," Clark said slipping his own boxers off.

He got behind Thom and positioned his hard cock to Thom's ass, and without any lubrication, he gave a great shove as he buried his cock all the way in.

"Aaaaaaaaagh fuck stop please Clark," Thom screamed out in pain.

"What's the matter queer boy never had a real man up there?" Clark asked as he started to fuck Thom aggressively.

He continued to pound his ass hard and deep as Thom cried out in pain. The others are cheering and urging Clark on watching intently as the pleasure expressed itself on Clark's face.

They didn't see Shane and Danny come charging into the room. Shane grabbed Clark and pulled him off of Thom, slamming him against the shower room wall. Clark hit his head, giving him a gash that bled profusely. In the same moment, Danny took on two other guys that had been holding Thom in position.

In spite of the dizziness he felt, Clark got up and charged at Shane, who sidestepped him, kicking him in the ass as he stumbled passed him. He rushed to Clark grabbing him around the neck and pounded his face until he was bleeding from his mouth and nose.

In the meantime, Thom got up and he, together with Danny was fighting two guys, as two of the others ran from the room. Within several minutes the fight was over and Thom, Shane, and Danny walked back to their room, only to find, taped to the door was the front page story for all to read. Shane grabbed it off the door and went inside the room to read it.

"I never told a reporter I was having sex with you Shane," Thom exclaimed as his anger rose over the article.

"Either that peckweed cop did or he overheard you talking to him." Danny said.

"Shit! Wait until my dad sees this, he's going to kill me," Thom said now realizing he was bleeding.

"No he won't man, he loves you and besides, where are we going to stay now? We can't live here and go through this everyday," Danny said.

"I know man, but can we afford an apartment and go to school?" Thom added.

"If the three of us pool together we can Thom. And once Andrew recovers, he'll be able to help out too," Shane suggested.

"Thanks guys, but I can't ask you to take on my problems as yours."

"What asking, we're offering to be a part of your life. Besides dude you and I are lovers man... aren't we?" Shane asked.

"Are we Shane? We never talked about it after the blow job."

"Well... we really didn't have time Thom, but I just assumed that if I got your virginity, I got you as a lover too."

"Damn guy you might have proposed or something," he said. Shane immediately dropped down on one knee in front of Thom.

"Thomas Butler-Sullivan... would you do me the honor of being my husband?" Shane asked holding Thom's hand.

"You peckweed get up and kiss me.... of course I'll marry you!" Thom exclaimed as he kissed Shane deeply and passionately while Danny watched.

"Shall I go for a walk guys," Danny asked once they broke their kiss.

"Hell no buddy, we just wanted to seal it with a kiss," Shane said reaching over and kissing Danny too.

"Damn Thom, if you ever DON'T want him, throw him my way please," Danny said fanning himself.

"Fat chance buddy, he's all mine. Let's get dressed and go out to my house and talk to my dad, he'll know what to do about this reporter." Thom suggested.

They drove out to the islands and the house was still dark. Thom used his key to open the door and ushered Danny and Shane quietly in. Once inside they heard a noise like someone in pain.

"Oh my God something's wrong," Thom said as the three rushed into Andy's bedroom.

There in bed was Barry and Andy making love with Barry on top of Andy. The two men jumped as the boys came rushing into the room.

"Dad! What the fuck are you doing?" Danny asked in shock.

"Daniel... oh no... wait son," Barry said getting up as Danny rushed from the room.

He grabbed his jeans and slipped them on as he rushed to catch up with his son.

"Daniel stop and listen please," Barry pleaded as Danny turned to look at him. "This isn't the way I wanted you to find out about me son. I was going to tell you today about Andy and me, but now you've caught us instead."

"Dad I always knew about you," Danny said. "I saw you a few years ago in the basement with your partner Michael kissing."

"Why didn't you ever say anything to me Daniel?"

"Because I was hoping you'd say something to me first. Do you know how hard it is to know your dad's gay and not be able to talk about it with him? Dad, I'm gay too.... I'll bet you didn't know that now did you?"

"No I didn't son and I am so sorry for not trusting you to tell you the truth. Please forgive me son for not coming to you and telling you," he pleaded with tears in his eyes.

"Of course I forgive you dad, I love you," and opened his arms and hugged his dad tightly.

"What the fuck are you doing here Thomas?" Andy asked, getting out of bed, annoyed by the intrusion.

"Now I know where you get that huge cock from dude," Shane whispered in Thom's ear.

Thom ignored Shane's remark and answered his dad, telling him about what happened. Then Andy noticed the cuts on his face.

"Are you alright son?" he asked looking at the cuts more closely.

"I'm fine dad, they're just a few cuts and they'll heal."

The five of them sat in the living room and Thom re-told them exactly what happened. He showed Andy and Barry the newspaper article that was taped to his dormitory door.

Andy was incensed with the news. "Well first I'm going to go see this fucking reporter Todd Mathews and then I'm going to take care of that asshole Ed Burns. Now we need to find you boys a place to stay that's safe and yet close to school."

"Dad, first off, don't you have something to tell us about you and Barry," Thom asked smiling as he looked at the two men.

"Oh that.... yeah, well son, Barry has asked me to marry him and I said yes," he said looking at Thom first, then Barry.

"You did what dad!" Danny shouted and Barry began to get alarmed. "It's about time you started living again dad," and he jumped up and gave his dad a big hug.

"That's great dad and I'm so happy for you. I've always hoped you'd find someone to love again after dad died."

"Funny thing is son, I wasn't looking for another partner and it just kind of happened for Barry and me."

"Don't believe him Thom, he seduced me with that hick charm of his," Barry said kidding his lover. Andy looked down at the floor and then up to Andy with a very hurt look.

"I seduced you..." Andy countered, now with a smile, "why you were the one that kissed me first guy, using your big city ways on me."

They all laughed as Andy and Barry hugged giving each other a short kiss. The phone rang and Andy got up to answer it.

"Hello Sheriff Butler speaking."

"Yes this is Councilman Bennett and we need to talk sheriff."

"Ok Gerry, what do we need to talk about?" Andy asked sensing the anger in Gerry' voice.

"About your son that's what.... haven't you read today's headline in the Free Press?"

"Yes I have, and just what business is it of yours Gerry?"

"I'll tell you what business it is.... it makes us look like a fucking gay loving community here in South Hero."

"Now listen to me Gerry you bigoted old fool, what my son does in his bedroom is his business and doesn't concern you or anyone else in this community."

"It does when it mentions that he's your son and that you're our sheriff."

"Well I tell you what Gerry, I'll have my resignation on your fucking desk within the hour," Andy said, hanging up on him.

"Dad what was that all about?" Thom asked.

"Fucking Gerry Bennett, he wanted to discuss you and the article in the newspaper this morning. He didn't like it that you were quoted as saying that you were having sex with a guy while your brother was being shot."

"God dad I'm sorry for that. I let my temper get the best of me when he insinuated that I may have had something to do with Andrew's shooting."

"Don't worry Thom, I'm a lawyer and I know just how to handle assholes like him," Barry said.

"Dad are you really going to resign your job?" Thom asked with concern.

"Yes I am son, I think it's time I retired and learned to enjoy myself again. After all, I have a husband now to look after and keep happy," he said with a smile, looking at Barry.

"That's right guy and I want you barefoot and pregnant.... oh, better make that barefoot and naked sweetheart," he said as they kissed passionately.

"Eeeew! Get a room dad," Danny said looking at his dad.

"Hey, does this make Danny and I brothers now?" Thom asked chuckling.

"Lets not get carried away now guys. We still have some serious business at hand," Andy replied.

He went on to tell them about the water tower and the evidence he'd found as well as how he was working with Casey on the case without Ed Burns knowing about it.

"Now as for living accommodations for you boys, I have a friend that has an apartment building on Loomis Street that may be able to help us. I'll give him a call as soon as we're finished here." Andy said.

"And not to worry, boys I'll pay the rent so you don't have to work and can concentrate on your studies," Barry added.

"I'll help out by providing you with the necessary things to live son." Andy added.

"Thanks dad and Mr. Butler for all you're doing for us." Danny said.

"Please call me Andy," he smiled looking at Danny.

While Barry and the boys made breakfast, Andy sat and wrote out his resignation effective immediately, then gave his friend Dennis a call to inquire about an apartment.

"As a matter of fact Andy, I do have one available. It seems the kid that was going to rent it, decided on another college and just called me yesterday to tell me. Is there someone you have in mind for it?" he asked.

"Yeah my boys need a place together with their friends," Andy replied.

He continued to explain about the shooting and the beating in the dorm bathroom. Dennis, who is gay as well, told Andy that if they were willing to clean the place and paint it, they could have with the first month free.

"Thanks Dennis and I owe you a big one," Andy said.

"Yeah, well your big one would make me a happy guy," Dennis said laughing.

"Sorry Dennis, I got a new partner and as a matter of fact he just proposed this morning."

"Damn I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I hope you're both happy and I wish you two the best my friend."

"Thanks Dennis and I'll send the boys over later today to see you."

He hung up the phone and it rang before he could walk away.

"Hello Sheriff Butler speaking."

"This is Doctor Van Buren, the doctor on your son's case and I hesitated to call you but...

To be continued...

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