Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Thirty


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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Previously in chapter 29:

He looked inside and saw that the steering column through Carson's chest.  Shane continued lying there - still.  The paramedic searched for a pulse.

"Get him out of here now," the paramedic shouted as he readied the defibrillator.  "He has no pulse and we need him out now," he shouted, but the arm holding him in was attached to Carson by a handcuff.

Another firefighter rushed over with a set of bolt cutters and cut the link to the handcuffs.  The firefighters and Shane go flying outward as he is released from Carson.  The paramedic hurried over, ripped open Shane's shirt and applied the paddles to his chest.  He looks at the flat-line readout.  Carter stood there in tears as he continued to watch them try to save his the life of his lover.

"Clear!" the paramedic yelled just before he applied the paddles once again.

They all stood there staring as the flat line continued.

"Please Shane... live," Carter whimpered as the tears rolled down his face.

"I'm sorry, but we lost him," the paramedic said as he got up from the ground.

"Noooo Shane please," Carter screamed, as he threw himself on Shane's lifeless body.

Carter cried uncontrollably on Shane's body, as Mark tried to lift him up.

"Come on Carter, there's nothing we can do for him now," Mark said pulling him off Shane.

"No he can't die and leave me now Mark.  He's the only family I have left, and I love him."  Carter said sobbing.

The paramedics were reaching to take the sensors off Shane's chest when the monitor beeped.  Shane's heart started to beat.

"We've got a pulse," Scott, the lead paramedic shouted. 

He monitored the readout, and saw that they had a strong heartbeat.  They quickly got him ready for transport as Carter rejoiced in Mark's arms.

"I knew he wouldn't leave me, I just knew it," he said as his tears of happiness pour down his cheeks. 

They loaded Shane into the ambulance.  Scott asked Carter if he would like to accompany him to the hospital.  Carter just nodded, and then sat in the front with the driver as they rushed Shane to the hospital. 

"I think we'd better wait here for the coroner's office to arrive Coop, so that we can process this case, and get a close on it."

"I think the boys need it to close too Mark, they've been through so much this past month, and now they can get on with the process of healing."

Shane was rushed into the trauma unit, while Carter sat in the waiting area.  Forrest arrived a half-hour later, hoping to get some answers.  He saw his cousin sitting alone in the waiting room, and walked over to him.

"Hey Carter," he said quietly.  Carter looked up at him.  "So are you going to tell me what I just witnessed earlier?"

"It's none of your business Forrest, so why don't you just go home."  Carter said indignantly.

"Listen Carter, when I see a good friend of mine like you hurting, because he thinks he's going to lose his lover, well I'm making it my business guy.  Now please talk to me Carter."

"Alright, I'm gay Forrest," he said bitterly looking directly at Forrest.  "So now go home, and spread the news to the family that I'm a fag," and he turned away scowling.

"If I did that, then I'd have to admit I was gay also buddy," he said putting his hand on Carter's shoulder.

"What... you're... but Forrest, I thought you were engaged up there in Canada?"

"That was just a ruse to hide the fact I'm gay.  I've had a lover now for almost three years Car.  Spencer and I have been so happy together, and like me, his family doesn't know either."

"Damn Forrest!  I'd never guess you were gay... but... but what about that girl you brought home last year to the family reunion?"

"A good friend of ours, that posed as my fiancé Carter."

Just then, the doctor came out to speak to Carter about Shane's condition.

"Are you here with the young man that was in the automobile accident?" the doctor asked.

"Yes sir, I'm his uncle.  How is he doctor?"

"Well he should be alright in a few days.  He suffered a sever trauma to the head when the car flipped.  We had to remove a knife from his side that had lacerated one of his arteries.  If the knife had been removed, he would have bled to death almost instantly.  However, the knife seemed to act like a damn, holding back the flow. The unfortunate part is that it caused his blood pressure to drop, and he lost consciousness."

"So are you keeping him, or can he go home doctor?"  Carter asked.

"Oh we're definitely keeping him for at least a day to watch him.  If he improves, and does well, he can go home after that."

"Can I see him doctor?"

"Well he's still unconscious, and will be for at least several more hours.  Why don't you go home, clean up, and come back later."

"Thank you doctor," Carter said smiling as he shook the doctor's hand.

Forrest offered Carter a ride home, which Carter was thankful for.

"So where are you staying Car'?"  Forrest asked.

"I'm staying at the Bradley Plantation at the moment."

"Wow man!  How did you end up staying there?"

"Shane is a Bradley, and he's the heir apparent to the Bradley fortune.  We're going to be married, if he'll still have me Forrest."

"And why shouldn't he have you, you're a great catch?"

"But now that he's a multi-millionaire, he may want to play the field, and find someone in his own social standing."  Carter said sadly.

"That's a bunch of horseshit Carter and you know it.  If you two are in love, then he'll still love you."

"I don't think so Forrest, he's going to inherit millions now, and I am just a poor relation of his."

When they arrived at the plantation, Forrest asked, "Carter, let me know how things go with Shane and you.  I love you cousin, and I know you'll be fine with him."

"I hope so Forrest, and yeah... I love you too."

Carter got out of the car and went inside.  Coop and Mark had just gotten back, and they were still wondering what happened to Daniel.

"Carter is Shane alright?"  Mark asked concerned for him.

"Yeah, he's going to be fine.  He had a bad head trauma and a knife wound, but he's going to be all right.  So where's Daniel guys?"

"We were wondering the same thing Carter."  Mark said.

Carter pulled out Shane's cell phone, that he recovered from the scene of the accident, and gave Thom a call.

"Hey Carter how's everyone there?"  Thom asked.

"We can't find Daniel, and we were wondering if you have heard from him?"

"Andy did, and he's on his way down there now.  It seems he had a very bad mental breakdown, and they rushed him to the hospital."  Thom said.

"He's at the hospital guys," he said covering the phone with his hand.  "It seems he had a mental breakdown, and Andy's on his way down now."

"So how are you and the others doing?"  Thom asked.

"Well we caught Carson, but he got away with Shane in tow, in a stolen car.  They ended up in a very bad accident, Carson was killed, and Shane nearly died too.  He's doing better, but he's still in the hospital Thom."

"My God Carter, can we help in anyway?"  How about we come down there too, ya know... to lend you some emotional support love?"

"I'd love it, but I couldn't impose on you like that."  Carter said.

"We'll be there tomorrow morning guy, and it's no imposition at all."  Thom declared.

They talked a bit more before saying goodbye, and Carter gave them the address of where they were staying.

Later that evening, Andrew called, and asked for directions to where they were staying.  He arrived just before midnight, having taken the first available flight out of Burlington.

"Carter... Mark," Andrew said after he arrived at the plantation.

"Andy, why did you come here instead of the hospital?"  Carter asked.

"Because they wouldn't let me in to see Daniel... you know... him being in the psychiatric ward, so I decided to come here."

"Well he's going to be alright Andy... you just wait and see."  Mark said hugging him.

"So where's Shane guys?"  Andy asked.

"He's in the hospital recovering from the accident Andy."

"What accident... is he going to be alright?"

"We hope so, but he got pretty banged up, and they're keeping him for observation."  Carter said.

"He's strong, and I know he'll make it too sugar," Shane said hugging Carter.  "Shane has a stubborn streak a mile wide, and he'll refuse to be in that hospital any longer than he has to."

"Well I hope so Andy, because I love him so much, and well... we're planning on getting married."

"What... that's fantastic Carter, but what about you being his uncle?"

"Well, as he said to me yesterday, he was adopted so there is no blood relation between us.  He made the most beautiful love to me Andy, and then we admitted we loved each other."

"Does Danny know this, about you two?"

"Yeah he does, we told him, or rather he caught us yesterday after we just finished making love."  Carter confessed.

"Did he seem upset or angry?"

"No, and why should he Andy?"  Carter asked.

"No reason, I was just wondering," but in reality Andy wondered if Daniel was over Shane.  "Well I'm exhausted, and I'd like to get some sleep."

"Come on with me, and I'll show you to my room.  The place is being remodeled and there are just two bedrooms open."

Carter took him upstairs to his room, and helped him put away his things.  He is sitting there watching Andrew hang up his clothes, thinking about his Shane.  Andrew started to undress, and was completely naked, before Carter realized that he is starring.

"Well are you going to sit there starring, or are you going to go to bed?"

"Huh... yeah, bed right," he said getting up, and getting undressed.

Cater got into bed, and he turned over, facing away from Andrew.  Andrew puts his hand on his shoulder, and rubbed it slightly.

"I don't bite Carter and I won't rape you," he said.

"I know Andy, but I feel better over here."

Andrew shrugged his shoulders, rolled over, and got comfortable.  Soon, both he and Carter were asleep.

The next morning they get up, showered, went downstairs, and had some breakfast, but the others noticed that he was quiet.

"Is something wrong Carter?"  Coop asked.

"No, I just miss Shane that's all."

"I have to do some errands this morning Carter, and if you like, I can drop you off at the hospital on my way?"

"You don't mind Coop, I'd really like to see Shane," he said perking up at the offer.

"Sure love, so as soon as you're done we can go."

"I'm done now Coop," and he stood up waiting for her.

They walked out to the car, and he can't stop talking about Shane. 

She dropped him off at the hospital, and he saw Andrew as he arrived there, waiting for him.

Carter took the elevator to Shane's floor, after he got the room number from the front desk.  He peaked in the door at his man lying in the bed. Shane smiled, when he saw his lover peaking around the doorway.

"Carter sweetheart," he called out to him and held out his arms.

Carter closed the door behind him, and ran into Shane's open arms, kissing him ever so tenderly.

"You call that a kiss my love, now give your husband-to-be a real kiss," Shane said. Carter kissed him passionately, channeling all the emotions he felt into the kiss.

"Wow!  Now that's a kiss," Shane said gasping for air.  "Are you still my man sweetheart?"

"You know it lover, and nothing, or no one; will ever take you from me."

"I can go home you know... the doctor was just in, and granted me a clean bill of health, but I need some clothes love, or do you want me to go naked?"

"As much as I love you naked, I think it would cause quite a stir with the masses downstairs."

Shane pushed his call button, and shortly a nurse came in.

"Yes Sir Mr. Bradley, what can I do for you?" she asked politely.

"I'm being discharged and I don't seem to have any clothes to wear home."  Shane said.  "Would you be a sweetie and get me a set of scrubs to wear?"

"Right away Mr. Bradley," she said disappearing immediately out the door.

"Well call me impressed... Mr. Bradley.  What brought that about lover?"  Carter asked.

"Haven't a clue, but I like it, don't you babe?"

"No one has ever called me mister, unless they were ready to bash me."

Shane patted the bed beside him and told Carter to sit.

"I want you to know one thing Carter, from this day on you are, and always will be, a Bradley.  In addition, with that name comes the respect it demands here, and everywhere else we go.  I won't ever tolerate anyone disrespecting you sweetheart."


"There will be no buts babe, you're my equal and with that, due the same respect."

"Ok Shane.... I'm in love with you Shane," Carter replied, "with all my trust, faith, honesty, and understanding.  I want our life together to last another sixty years."

The End of a New Beginning

"Carter, what should we do with our lives?"  Shane asked.  "We probably won't have to worry about money for the rest of our lives.  Gram has left us well off."

"Money doesn't satisfy my need to accomplish... my need... to help people."  Carter replied.  "There are so many people in this country that could use our help.  Actually, I'd like to get into a social services area, where I could guide people into proper employment, and make them proud of themselves."

"I'm glad you said 'our help' Carter," Shane smiled.  "I want to tag along with that ambition.  Do you think that Daniel and Andy will be able to stick it out together?"

"Oh for sure love, they're both social climbers... they just love that bumping elbows with the social elite.  I think Danny wants to get into politics, and who better person to back him up, than Andy and his background.  Maybe they don't realize it, but that's a match made in heaven."

"Well since you put it that way, I think you're right.  I'll bet Daniel will make governor some day."  Shane laughed.

"It would be good for both of them."  Carter said.  "I wonder if Thom is going to follow in Andy and Michael's footsteps and become a detective."

"He'd sure be good at it especially with Mark at his side."  Shane responded.  "Ya think that Josh and Clark would be interested in our future?"

Carter thought for a moment.  "Hmmm... now that I think of it, they DO have the right charitable personality for it.  We should talk to them about it."

"Yes I think we should!"  Shane exclaimed.  "Now the doctor's gonna be here at any moment to let me out of here."

"Good!"  Carter added. "Then once we get Daniel out of the psyche ward, we'll all be together again.  I think we’ll make a great family."

"Yup," Shane replied with a smile, "and I think we're a family that's going to make our space count in this world."

Time, diligence, and the right application of love was the perfect recipe for all of Andy's and Michael's descendants – their ambitions were fulfilled, all of them remaining together in their fellowship through the fullness of time – bringing comfort to the strangers they met throughout their professional careers.  At every family celebration, each of them remained thankful to Andy and Michael's love and guidance.

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A Note from Randy & David:

There comes a point in everyone's life that we reach a plateau.  Such was the case with Randy and I... and the characters in this story. 

Although the characters of this story had many adventures to experience in their lives; so it has been with David and me. 

Our ambitions in this part of our lives, need more attention than we've ever felt before.   In addition, it would not do this story justice, if we couldn't devote all our efforts into it.  Therefore, we ended this storyline, with the hope that our future ambitions, will be as fulfilling as the peace we seek in our lives.

We wish to thank all the readers, and the responses they've given us, to Officer Andy, The Next Generation.  Your encouragement has been well appreciated.  May your life be filled with the happiness, which we intend to fill our lives with.

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