Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Six

By Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter five...

The three sat there in the blood on the floor that came from the wounded Thom and Danny when they heard a familiar voice come from behind them.

"My God what happened here?" Detective Burns exclaimed.

Shane explained what happened pointing to Clay who was lying motionless on the floor. The detective froze with fright as he looked down at his son's lifeless body.

"Why you fucking fags! You killed my son!" he shouted turning on the boys. "Now you're going to die!" he shouted, pulling his gun from his shoulder belt, aiming it directly at the boys.

Three shots were fired in quick succession.


Then there was silence....

Chapter Sex...


Detective Burns dropped to the floor. Just as Andy had turned, coming from the stairwell, he'd heard Ed Burns' tirade and pulled his gun. In one swift, almost split second engineered movement, Andy took aim and fired his gun at the figure standing over the boys. Immediately, he, Michael, Casey, and Beverly rushed over to the boys. The two ambulance attendants were directly behind them and one went to attend to Thom and Danny as the other went to check Clay and Ed for a pulse.

"He's dead sir," he said referring to Ed Burns, "but the boy's still alive." He continued as he administered treatment to Clay. Once Clay's unconscious body is placed on a stretcher, Beverly handcuffed his arm to the rail. As they prepare to take Thom and Danny away.

"The boys will be fine sir," the attendant said. "They've lost some blood, but the knife missed their organs and arteries."

"I'll see you at the hospital," Andy said, kissing both Thom and Danny on the forehead as they took them away in the first ambulance.

Clay came to and saw his father lying dead, covered in blood on the floor. He struggled to get up but couldn't because the handcuffs are holding his wrists to the rail of the stretcher.

"What have you done to my father you faggot?" Clay shouted at Andy.

"I killed him before he could kill Danny and Thom," Andy replied.

"He's dead! NO!" he cried out as the reality hit him. "I'll get you for this you faggot. You should be the dead one.... ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS SHOULD BE DEAD," he shouted as the attendants wheeled him away.

Casey stood in the shadows, tears flowing down her cheeks as she watched the attendants take away a screaming Clay.

Andy shook his head as he watched them leave the corridor. Images of Barry filled his mind.

"I know man, you're thinking of Barry aren't you?" Michael said quietly as he placed his hand on Andy's shoulder, watching as another pair of attendants loaded Ed Burns' remains into a body bag.

"Yeah I am and how hatred caused him to die. This is so senseless.... this hatred for someone's sexuality. When is this society going to learn to accept us as equals Michael?"

"As long as assholes like him and his son are around.... probably never buddy. Come on, let's go to the hospital and see about your boys," he said, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "Just remember, I love you buddy, and I guess I always have," he whispered in his ear.

As Michael drove Andy to the hospital, Andy just sat there staring aimlessly out the passenger side window. He didn't say a word, but just continued to stare for the entire trip. Once there, silence prevailed inside the car. Finally, he looked at Michael who was now just looking at Andy.

"I love you too Michael," Andy said seriously and immediately got out of the car.

Michael sat there a moment longer wondering what had just happened. He got out of the car and ran to catch up with Andy and they walked silently shoulder to shoulder into the hospital's emergency room.

Andy inquired about his boys and they told him that they were being operated on and that the doctor would speak to him once he was finished. Andy told the nurse that they'd be up in his son's room and gave her the room number before going up to Andrew's room.

"Dad are you alright?" Andrew asked looking away from the TV. "I just saw about the shooting on the news and it said that a policeman was dead and three other men were injured. Please tell me that my Danny's alright dad," he pleaded.

"He's in the operating room, but he'll be just fine son. He had a wound to his arm and several cuts, but none were life threatening. Thom's injuries were a bit more serious.... he got stabbed in the side and he's undergoing an operation also. The attendant didn't think his wound got any of his organs, but no one knows until they look inside."

"He'll be fine dad you'll see." Andrew said confidently. "So tell me, are you two going to be getting together?" he asked looking at Michael and Andy with a slight smile.

"Son we're friends and let's leave it at that," Andy replied. The words cut Michael to the quick and couldn't help but look dejected.

Andrew's phone rang and Andy answered it. It was the doctor. He told Andy that the boys were doing just fine, but he had to repair Thom more than Danny and that they both should be able to go home in a day or two.

"Good news son, the boys are fine and will be able to go home in a day or two." Andy announced after he hung up.

"That reminds me dad, the doctor says I can go home by tomorrow too. I can't wait to get out of this place dad."

"I know son, I can imagine you are getting antsy," Andy says.

"Ah... yeah dad... that's it, antsy," Andrew says looking away.

"Then my boys will be mending at home together. I'll have to have a celebration. How about I make that lasagna you both like?"

"God that would be great dad and where will we sleep seeing how we don't have beds at home anymore?" Andrew asked.

"Michael and I are going to go buy new beds after I buy a truck today. So you just rest. I'm going downstairs and see your brother and Danny. I'll be back tomorrow to pick you all up," Andy said as he gave him a kiss goodbye.

Andy and Michael left the hospital after seeing Thom and Danny. Michael was quiet throughout their visits at the hospital and Andy had picked up on it, but wanted to wait until they had a moment alone before asking why.

Once they were on the road, Andy asked, "Michael, tell me what's bothering you?"

"Well for sure something's bothering me," Michael said flatly, "and we need to talk about it," he said as he pulled over to the side of the road. "Andy.... is that all I am to you.... just a friend? What about what you said when we parked the car at the hospital?"

"Michael.... I don't want us to be each other's rebound," Andy began. "I do love you and although I've known you for years, I don't think you're ready for another relationship yet."

"So now you know what I'm ready and not ready for, huh Andy? Well let me tell you something buddy...." Michael sounded a little upset. "I've loved you ever since that day we did it in the precinct showers together. I stepped aside because you and Thom were so in love and I wasn't going to be the other guy and break you up. Damn it Andy, can't you see how much I love you?"

"I..." but Michael didn't wait for an answer. He pulled Andy to him and kissed him hard with all the passion and fury built up in his pent-up emotions.

"I love you Andrew Butler and I want you to be my husband. I'll give you just one minute to give me your answer," he said looking at his watch.

Andy looked out the window and stared at the sunlit field. The wildflowers were dancing in the breeze as butterflies moved about them. He turned back to Michael who was still looking at his watch. He cupped his jaw and turned his face toward him.

"Michael Bradley I'd be honored to be your husband, but give me some time to get over Barry," he said as a tear runs down his cheek.

"You would babe.... do you mean it, really? I know how much it tore you up losing Thom and now Barry, but damn I can't bear to lose you either babe."

"Yes Michael I mean it, really.... now kiss me before I change my mind." They kiss again, this time tenderly.

Once their lips parted, Michael restarted the car, and he drove Andy to the Ford dealership. After an hour of looking and haggling, Andy signed the papers on a full ton, four door pick-up truck.

"Now take me to Provencher Furniture so I can buy some bedroom furniture. We'll need two queen size beds and four nightstands with matching triple dressers. They'll have to be delivered by tomorrow morning or there won't be a deal," he told Michael.

"If they want to sell you the furniture bad enough, they'll do it." Michael reassured him.

They picked out the furniture and the salesman checked to see if they can have delivery tomorrow.

"You must have someone lucky looking after you sir, because we have a truck heading out to the islands this afternoon. The furniture should be there around four."

"That's fantastic Mark. I'll be there and expecting your guys around four." Andy was ecstatic with the news.

Andy and Michael drove out to the house and sat on the deck to have a beer. The warm September sun was shining bright on the deck as they sat beside each other on the deck. After a while and two more beers each, Michael looked at Andy and gave him a smile and nod.

"Michael we don't have time to do anything," Andy said sadly.

"It's just two-thirty babes," he says reaching over to fondle his lover. "Come on babes let's have some afternoon delight," Michael said getting up and pulling Andy up with him.

"Well it's got to be quick, 'cause Mark said to expect the movers around four."

They went inside and Michael was stripped down before he reached the bedroom and he helped Andy undress. Andy took Michael in his arms and they kissed passionately as the lust of the moment overtook them.

"Oh fuck Michael some kid's looking in the window," Andy said seeing a very handsome young man starring at them.

They quickly slip on their jeans and Andy ran out to the front door, and there stood a handsome young man with his young partner.

"Sorry man for interrupting you, but no one answered the door and we're here to deliver your furniture," he said giving them both a look.

Michael gave them a look and both were sprouting wood.

He whispered in Andy's ear. "Hey babes you in the market for some candy?" he asked. "These boys are both sprouting wood and man they're hot."

"I don't know Michael, they don't look more than eighteen or nineteen years old," Michael replied.

"Just follow my lead buddy," Michael said and unzipped his jeans exposing his pubic hair as the boys headed back to the truck.

"What the fuck you doing Michael?" Andy asked.

"Baiting the fish," Michael said with a smile.

The young men came by carrying a nightstand each and one noticed Michael's zipper.

He nearly dropped the nightstand as he looked at Michael's crotch, then glanced over at his partner and smiled. They vanished inside with Andy showing them where to put the furniture and come out to retrieve some more. Andy unzipped his fly and he too exposed his pubes. Both Andy and Michael were wearing no shirts so that their muscles are showing.

"Damn we look hot," Michael said giving Andy a glance.

"Yeah and the boys are sure interested too," Andy said with a smile.

They leaned against the picnic table as the boys unloaded the furniture, making five more trips into the house. Once they finished, Andy asked them if they wanted a drink. The young hunks were quick to reply yes.

"So are you finished delivering today?" Michael asked.

"Yep done for the day," he replied. "By the way, my name's Chad and this here is Jordan," he said.

"Nice to meet you both," Andy said. "I'm sorry you had to see that scene earlier," he said to Chad.

"Well I'm not.... you guys are really hot for older dudes. Do you know your both unzipped," he mentioned.

"Yeah we know and how come you know?" Michael asked. Quickly, Chad and Jordan blushed red - too flushed to answer. "Hey guys it's alright if you look.... we like it. So are you two up for some afternoon delight?" he asked.

"Sure we're guys and we're young, man," Chad said smiling, standing up and undoing his jeans.

He dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them; Jordan was quick to follow suit.

"So what do you guys do for a living," Jordan asked.

"We're police officers and you're both under arrest," Michael said and the two boys go white with fear.

"Hey man, you were the ones that baited us," Chad said bending to grab his jeans.

"I think we can find a suitable way to handle this situation," Michael said kneeling down in front of Jordan.

Andy did the same in front of Chad and they both take the boys cocks into their mouths. Chad and Jordan soon return to their erect state and are moaning with delight. Michael and Andy worked on their cocks until they were close to cumming and drop them from their mouths.

"Oh come on guy don't stop now I was just about to cum," Chad said.

"Yeah man, god ya gotta finish me off." Jordan added.

"Let's go into my bedroom," Andy said leading the way taking Chad by the hand.

Once in the bedroom, Andy and Michael removed their jeans. The boys were already lying on the bed and waiting for the fun to begin again. Michael climbed on top of Jordan and spread his legs with his knees as he kissed him. Andy was doing the same to Chad, and then he reached for the lube. He sat up and put a glob of lube on his fingers and handed the bottle to Michael who did the same. They worked the lube into each of the boys' asses and line up their cocks to the boys' rosebuds.

"I've never been fucked before," Chad said worried it will hurt.

"Neither have I man," Jordan said to Michael who reassured them that they'd be gentle.

They gently but firmly push into each boy, and their cock's heads pops through.

"OH FUCK STOP!" yelled Chad as the pain overtook him.

"HOLY FUCK THAT HURTS!" Jordan screamed as the pain rushes through him also.

"Just relax and breathe," Andy said to each of them as he and Michael waited for the boys to relax.

After a few minutes they relaxed and the guys start to fuck them, each entering further each time they push in. It didn't take long before they found their rhythms and the four are fucking like crazy.

"Fuck me man hard and deep," Chad yelled out as he rose to meet each thrust Andy gave him.

"Yeah Michael fuck me faster and harder," Jordan said as he too pushed to meet Michael's thrusts.

Andy and Michael continued fucking the boys and soon were about to cum.

"I'm going to shoot," Chad said as he shot his cum all over his chest and stomach.

He shot over and over as Andy pounded his tight ass and soon Andy too was ready.

"I'm going to cum Chad," he said and shot his seed deep into the young boy's burning ass pounding his ass as the rhythm took over with every shot of cum.

"Oh fuck Chad, your ass is so tight," Andy said as he continued to fuck him.

"I'm cumming," Jordan yelled as he too shot his cum all over himself and Michael.

"I'm going to blow," Michael said as he started shooting his load as Jordan continued to empty the rest of his load on his stomach.

"Yeah man fuck my ass," he shouted as Michael pounded his ass hard.

"Ride my cock boy like it's the last one on earth," Michael said still filling the boy with his juice.

They both start to slow down as they spent their load and collapsed on their partners in a kiss.

"Man that was a fantastic fuck," Jordan said, then kissed Michael again.

"Yeah Andy I'm glad you were my first fuck man," Chad said as he too kissed Andy matching the passion that enveloped both of them.

They both pulled out of the young men and lay down beside them, with their asses touching each other.

"That was fucking incredible Jordan," Michael said giving him a quick passionate kiss.

"I hope I didn't hurt you to much Chad, but your ass is so fucking hot," Andy said.

"It really hurt at first, but once I relaxed it felt fucking awesome Andy."

"I hope we didn't get you in trouble holding you up here," Andy said.

"Oh fuck Jordan it's time.... we need to get the truck back before the warehouse closes."

They jumped from the bed and looked for their clothes. Once they find them, they got dressed quickly and gave Andy and Michael a kiss goodbye.

"Hope we see you again," Chad said as they rushed out to the truck.

"You bet boys," Michael said as he and Andy stood naked in the doorway watching the truck leave.

"That was different Michael," Andy said closing the door.

"Yeah but nice, don't you think," he replied.

"Listen Michael, I don't know what kind of relationship you and Trevor had, but once we're committed to each other, this kind of stuff is a no-no." Andy said firmly.

"Of course sweetheart, whatever you say," Michael said giving him a kiss.

"I mean it Michael, if you can't be satisfied with just me, then let's end it before we begin."

"Listen Andy I want you and you alone love, this was just a spur of the moment thing that happened. It was fun, but that's all it was... fun nothing else my love."

"Ok Michael I can accept that. I love you lover and I don't want to share you with others. I didn't like sharing Tom so I'm not going to share you."

"Ok love and I love you also and I'll be true only to you my husband. But damn that was some fucking hot sex wasn't it buddy," he said as his dick started to rise.

"Yeah that it was and it looks like you're ready for more," Andy said grabbing hold of his stiff cock. "Shall we, my love," he asked pulling him by the cock into the bedroom.

He took him into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed. He climbed on top of him and gave him a deep passionate kiss that told Michael that he is his alone.

"Hey aren't we in the wrong position here," Michael said looking up at Andy.

"Just this once, you're going to bottom for me mister," Andy said giving him another kiss.

Andy broke the kiss and moved down to Michael's nipples and slowly sucked, then nibbled them. He sucked and nibbled until Michael was beside himself in ecstasy.

"Fuck love I forgot how good your mouth was," he crooned as Andy now engulfed his cock. "Oh fuck yeah," Michael howled as Andy took it all the way down his throat.

He sucked hard and slow and gave special attention to the sensitive head each time he came up. It didn't take long and Michael was howling that he was close to cumming.

"Suck me lover... I'm going to cum," and he shot his seed into Andy's waiting mouth who gulped down every drop.

Michael pumped his mouth until he had none left to give and slowly started to calm down. Andy dropped his softening cock and slid up to give Michael a kiss and a taste of his own cum. He slid back a little, then lined up his lubed cock with Michael's ass, then penetrated his rosebud and waited for him to get use to the intrusion.

"Damn that fucking hurts," Michael said as he stiffened from the invasion. "Give me a minute love... I gotta get use to you being in there."

Once he relaxed, Andy slowly starts to fuck his lover and soon found a rhythm that both were comfortable with. Michael started pushing to meet every thrust that Andy was giving to him.

"Yeah babes fuck me, fuck me hard and fast," Michael howled as Andy started to aggressively fuck his ass.

He puts all the love and passion he was experiencing into his assault on Michael's ass and soon he was at the edge of his climax.

"I'm cumming love, ride my cock baby," Andy moaned as he shot his first volley.

Michael grabbed hold of his man's hips and he pumped against Andy with all his might as Andy filled his ass with his seed. He pushed harder and deeper until he was finally spent. He collapsed on top of Michael, trying to catch his breath as he gave him a kiss.

"I love you Michael Bradley," Andy said then kissed him again.

"I love you more," Michael said once they broke their kiss.

"Now you can be the top lover and I'll be your bottom," Andy said.

"I think I like being your bottom Andy, I've never been a bottom and that was quite an experience."

"You were a virgin?" Andy asked.

"Yep, I never gave Trevor the pleasure babe."

They hugged each other as Andy let his softening cock slide from Michael's ass. He rolled to his side and they kissed for a while until they fell asleep.


The next morning Andy and Michael got up and showered then headed to the hospital to pick up their boys. Once there, they found the boys together waiting in Andrew's room, anxious for a ride home.

"Here are my guys," Andy exclaimed seeing them together. "Are you all ready to go?" he asks.

"Dad, Michael.... we're more than ready to get out of here," Andrew said, all dressed and ready to go.

The doctor came in with his discharge papers and handed them to Andy.

"I have a prescription here for pain relief if he needs it, and an anti-biotic to fight infection as well. I want him in a state of complete rest for the next two weeks at the least, and that means sex as well," he told Andy. Andrew made a face of protesting disgust.

"What about my classes' doc?" Andrew asked

"I'm sorry young man, but they will have to wait because I don't want you out and about for at least four weeks. You are still mending from that gunshot wound. I could have you stay here for that time period," he says to Andrew with a smile.

"NO!" he shouts in protest. "Damn I'll be a whole semester behind now and I won't graduate until after the others," he said pouting.

"Better late than not at all kid," the doctor said. "I could tutor you here if you wish to stay," the doctor asked.

"I'll help you catch up with your classes and get you on track again Andrew," Danny said looking at the doctor. "Together we can get you up to par with the class guy."

"Thanks love... ah sorry doc," he said realizing the doctor was still present.

"Don't worry about it Andrew, my son's gay also," he said. "Maybe you know him, Clark is his name," he told them.

Thom got angry again as he recalled the shower incident.

"I know him doc and I do believe he'll remember me for a long time," Thom said.

"He had a bad incident the other day at school. It seems someone jumped him in the dark and beat the daylights out of him," the doctor told them relating a lie that Clark must have told him. "Will this prejudice ever end towards people that are different from the main stream?"

"Not until their mindset is changed," Andy said, not knowing that Clark was the one that beat up his son. "Well guys, we have to get going if we're going to get you home... I have some business to attend to."

He shook the doctor's hand and herded the guys out the door. Once in the car, Thom started explaining just who Clark was and what exactly he did.

"Dad, Clark's the guy that jumped me and tried to fuck me in the shower," he explained. "Damn, I wish I'd known he was gay when it happened, I'd have certainly made him look real bad in front of those friends of his."

"Well you beat the shit out of him sweetheart and that made him look bad enough," Shane said hugging his lover.

"Thanks Shane, but I'm gonna get my revenge on him sooner or later," Thom said bitterly.

"Son let it go, bitterness will only eat you up like a cancer," Andy said. "He'll be exposed soon enough by himself."

"Well revenge is still sweet served cold and I want to be the server," Thom said laughing.

Andy took them over to their apartment, and Dennis was there waiting for them. The apartment was a nice two bedroom with two full baths, but it needed a good coat of paint.

"Andy you hunk of man flesh," Dennis exclaims giving his friend a hug and kiss.

Michael watched and is beside himself with jealousy as Dennis grabbed Andy's ass.

"Hey man watch the goods there," Michael said. "They belong to me and I don't like to have them man-handled."

"Ooohh the jealous type," Dennis said holding his arms up.

"Michael cool it, Denny and I go way back and he always likes to squeeze the Charmin," Andy said smiling.

"Well I bought the Charmin and like Mr. Whipple I don't like it squeezed."

"Denny this is my guy Michael, but with his attitude he may not be too much longer," Andy said shooting a glare at Michael.

"Nice to meet you Mike and sorry if I got you upset there."

"I got to realize that babes here has friends like I do I guess," Michael said shaking hands with Dennis.

"That's better snookers now kiss and make up," Andy said.

Dennis grabbed hold of Michael and kissed him hard and lustfully slipping him his tongue. They kiss for a moment and Dennis grabbed Michael's ass causing Michael to get an erection.

"Damn maybe we should become Mormons and add him to our marriage babes," Michael said once he broke the kiss.

"Sorry love, but this guy is a one man guy, no offense Denny," he said hugging Michael.

"Damn it, I'm always on the loosing end," Dennis said throwing his hands up in the air. "Well come on and let me show you the apartment."

They walked inside the apartment. Andrew, Shane and Danny were already there scouting out the layout - but something is wrong.

"Where's Thom?" Andy asked.

"I thought he was outside with you dad," Andrew said.

Andy looks around the apartment then went outside and froze - there in the backyard was Clay Parker with a knife to Thom's neck.

Andy froze when he saw his son in danger. He's pissed that Clay got out on bail and that now he's seeking revenge against Thom for Ed Burns, his father's death.

"You faggot now who's in control," Clay snarled, holding Thom around the neck with one arm and with the knife only inches from an artery. "My father's dead because of you gays and now I'm going to kill you all myself."

"Clay please I didn't kill your dad," Thom said panicking.

"Maybe not you, but your father did, and now I'm going to take you away from him," he said. "You fags are what's wrong with this world and dad and I were going to rid the world of all of you all your old man killed him."

"Clay why can't we all just co-exist, man?" Thom asked as Andy snuck up on them.

"Because you're an abomination to our maker that's why." He barely had the words out before Andy jumped him from behind, knocking the two to the ground.

A split second before he struck him, Andy pulled the arm with the knife away and out as he pushed Clay and Thom to the ground. Clay was fast and was up before Andy could regain his balance. He sprung towards Andy with the knife up in the air as Thom rolled out of harm's way. Andy rolled as Clay plunged the knife towards his chest, catching Andy's arm. Andy cried out as the knife cut through his flesh, but he quickly jumped to his feet.

"I can't believe they let a psycho like you out on bail," Andy said as the others came running out into the yard.

"Oh fuck its Clay!" Shane said grabbing Thom to him. "Are you alright babes?"

"Yeah, someone call the cops," Thom shouted.

Dennis flips open his cell phone immediately. He dialed 911 and explained to the dispatcher what was happening. She immediately dispatched the police and an ambulance.

Michael lunged towards Clay catching him off guard. Clay spun around quickly and lunged at Michael as Andy moved towards Clay. Clay tripped on a rock and fell toward Michael, cutting him in the leg just below the knee.

"Ahhh fuck! You little shit!" Michael yelled falling to the ground in pain.

Andy leapt towards Clay, but Clay rolled so that he was on his back with the knife pointed up towards Andy just as Andy was flying through the air.

To be continued...

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