Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Seven

By Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter sex...

Andy freezes as he sees his son in danger. He is pissed that Clay is out on bail and now he is seeking revenge on Thom for his father's death.

"You faggot now who is in control," Clay asks holding Thom around the neck with the knife to it. "My father is dead because of you gays and I'm going to kill you all myself."

"Clay please I didn't kill your dad," Thom says panicking.

"Maybe not directly but your father did, and now I'm going to take you away from him," he says. "You fags are what are wrong with this world and dad and I were going to rid the world of you all until he killed him."

"Clay why can't we all co-exist man," Thom asks as Andy sneaks up on them.

"Because you are an abomination to our maker that's why," and Andy jumps him knocking the two to the ground.

Andy pulls the arm with the knife away and out as he pushes Clay and Thom to the ground. Clay is fast and he is up before Andy can regain his balance. He springs towards Andy as Thom rolls out of harm's way with the knife up in the air. Andy rolls as Clay plunges the knife towards his chest, catching his arm. Andy cries out as the knife cuts through his flesh and he quickly jumps to his feet.

"I can't believe they let a psycho like you out on bail," Andy says as the others come running out into the yard.

"Oh fuck its Clay," Shane says grabbing Thom to him. "Are you alright babes?"

"Yeah, someone call the cops," Thom shouts and Dennis flips open his cell phone.

He dials 911 and tells the dispatcher what is happening. She immediately sends the police and an ambulance. Michael lunges towards Clay catching him off guard. Clay spins around quickly and lunges also at Michael as Andy moves towards Clay. Clay trips on a rock and falls towards Michael cutting him in the leg just below the knee.

"Ahhh fuck you little shit," Michael yells falling to the ground in pain.

Andy leaps towards Clay and Clay rolls so that he is on his back with the knife up towards Andy as Andy is flying through the air.

Now Chapter Seven...


Clark was at home when his dad came home from the hospital.

"Hello son, how's the wounds doing?" he asked looking at the cuts and bruises on his face.

"They'll mend dad," he replied sarcastically.

"I met some guys today at the hospital that know you and they're gay also," he said. Instantly, he had Clark's undivided attention.

"You did... didn't tell th... them about me did you?" he asked with a panic stutter.

"They seemed to already know about it son. They're brothers.... Thomas and Andrew Butler-Sullivan and their friends... uh, I think it was Danny and Shane.

Clark went white as he heard the names.

"Damn dad, I wish you hadn't mentioned my name to them. I told you so many fucking times I'm not out to the whole fucking world!" he yelled.

"You watch your language and temper with me young man," he said to his son. "I'm not just one of your friends that you can bully," he said whacking him in the back of the head.

"I'm sorry dad really I am," Clark said getting up and accepting the hug his father offered.

"Well don't let it happen again son," he said kissing his forehead. "Now where's your mother off to?" he asked.

"She had some shopping to do and should be home around six," Clark replied.

Patrick looks at his watch and then at Clark smiling.

"That's over two hours from now Clark. How about showing me just how sorry you are," he said pulling Clark to him and kissing him passionately.

Clark kissed him back, but his heart wasn't in it. He'd been abused for years by his father and had kept it a secret from his mother and his younger brother. He knew if he didn't do what his father wanted; his father would just turn to his brother Bradley for satisfaction. So he allowed the abuse to continue to protect his brother and kept the secret to himself.

"Ok dad," he said holding his hand as they walked to his bedroom.


"I have a friend up here in the Champlain Islands," Trevor said to his new lover Drew Bennett.

"I hope he likes me lover," Drew said fondling his new lover.

"He'll like you... just be yourself Drew and don't act like a stripper," he told him. "You're respectable now love and I don't want you acting that way anymore."

"Old habits are hard to break Trev, and besides, I can always dance to earn us money," he replied with a smile.

"I keep telling you, we don't need the money. Now just relax and stop that before you have me all hot and bothered," he said, but Drew continued to fondle him until Trevor saw a rest area come into view, which he pulled into. He parked the car. Quickly, they got out and took a walk into the woods. Drew knelt down in front of Trevor and undid his pants, and exposed his manhood.

"Fuck I love that cock of yours," Drew said before he swallowed it down to Trevor's pubic hair.

He sucked his cock hard and slow, wanting to make it last as he savored the taste of his lover's cock. Trevor moaned softly as he enjoyed the pleasure his lover was giving him. Drew rose up to the head and sucked it hard and licked all around the corona, then plunged back down again. Trevor held Drew's head as he shoved his cock more rapidly in and out of his mouth. He was very close, but wanted to hold off, so he pulled it out and offered his balls to his lover. Drew sucked them in and moved them around tenderly as he sucked on them. He pushed a finger deep into Trevor's ass and massaged his sweet spot sending Trevor close to the edge.

"Fuck lover you're going to make me pop," he said as Drew took his cock into his mouth again.

He sucked his cock hard and fast as he continued to fuck his ass with his finger. He sucked down to the root and sucked continuously twirling his tongue around it. Trevor was over the edge.

"Fuck I'm cumming love," he cried out as he shot his cum deep down Drew's anxious throat.

Drew drank in every drop Trevor offered him as he continued to finger fuck his ass. He swallowed as he continued to suck until Trevor was spent. Drew drops his cock from his mouth. He stood up and got behind Trevor and bent him over. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. Positioning it to Trevor's rosebud, he pushed in, burying it deep inside with one push.

"Damn can't you ever go slowly," Trevor said as he tensed up from the invasion.

"Sorry but I'm horny and ready love," he said as he grabbed Trevor's hips and started to aggressively fuck his lover.

He fucked him hard, deep and fast with the fury and lust overwhelming his desire. Soon he was close to his own climax as he leaned forward onto Trevor's back.

"I'm going to shoot babe," he said and shot his load into his lover's ass.

He fucked him hard and deep, filling his ass with his sweet elixir, pumping until he had no more.

"Damn your ass is hot man," Drew said as he pulled out of Trevor's ass.

"And your cock is fucking big love," Trevor said pulling up his trousers.

They walked back to the car and got back inside.

"Now can we go without you getting me all hot and bothered?" Trevor said with some exasperation.

"For now lover, but give me a few miles and Mr. One Eye will be up and wanting more," Drew said smiling.


Clark lie in his bed as his dad walked from the room. He hated the way his dad had abused him over the years, but he endured the abuse to protect Brad, his brother.

"I hope you know how much I love you Brad," he said to himself and he turned over and cries into his pillow.

He could hear the shower going on in his dad's bathroom. He cried for a while and soon, he fell asleep.

"Yo bro why are you naked," Bradley asks seeing him lying on the bed.

Clark woke up slowly and then realized he was naked and that the bottle of lube was still on the nightstand. He turned over quickly, but Bradley was holding it and looking at him.

"What the fuck is this for bro?" Bradley asked as he showed the bottle to Clark.

"That's mine for jerking off, now give it to me," he answered, reaching out for the bottle.

"Clark where is everyone, Mom and dad are both gone," he said.

"Dad was home earlier," he said sitting up and covering himself with his blanket.

"Clark can I talk to you.... man to man?" he asked with concern.

"You know you can always talk to me bro."

Clark loved his little brother who was seventeen with a lean build like the swimmer he was. His hair is brown and so are his eyes.

"When are you going to tell him to stop abusing you?" he asked shocking Clark.

"What the fuck are you talking about bro?"

"Come on bro, I know what dad's been doing to you. I've known for a few months now.... ever since I caught you two last spring."

Clark started to cry uncontrollably and Bradley took him in his arms. He hugged his brother and rubbed his fingers through his hair to calm him. Clark sobbed hard and deep as he let out years of abuse. When he finally cried himself out and wiped his eyes, he couldn't look his brother in the eyes.

"Clark don't be ashamed of what he's done to you. It's not your fault he's a sick bastard and abuses us."

"WHAT!" Clark shouted. "He's been doing it to you too?"

"Yeah, once last week when you left for college and I was just getting out of the shower. He followed me into our room and sat on the bed as I dried off. I could feel his eyes on me and I knew he wanted me like he did with you. So when he made his advances, I just didn't fight him and figured that if he did me, he'd leave you alone now."

"Oh Brad I was doing it because I wanted him to leave you alone... damn bro, why didn't you fight him off?"

"I wanted him to leave you alone bro. It was killing me that he was sexually abusing you like that and I couldn't do anything to stop him. I did think of telling mom, but when I felt her out about the subject she more or less told me that there are things she rather not know. So I took it as she must have known and didn't want to get involved confronting dad."

"So what are we going to do Brad, you can't stay here because he'll use you constantly. I can't take it, knowing that I'm safe at school while you're being abused at home."

Clark was very quiet for a few minutes and Bradley quickly picked up on it.

"I'll be ok Clark, really," he said.

"It's not that Brad, it's what I did to a guy at school the other day."

"The guy that caused those cuts and bruises?"

"Yeah, Thom Butler-Sullivan, this gay guy that's in my dorm," Clark explained. "I was really cruel to him and had my friends gang up on him and I did to him just what dad's doing to us Brad."

"Why bro?"

"Jealousy I guess was the reason. I was jealous of the fact that he was gay and out and I wasn't," he said, glancing at his brother.

"You're gay Clark?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, after years of getting fucked by dad, I guess I just turned gay. I do like to be with a guy more than with a girl. They know what a guy wants and how to please him, where a girl hasn't a clue."

"I've fucked Heather Lawrence twice, but she doesn't do it for me. Something's always missing and I feel like there should be more."

"Well try a guy Brad and see if that's what you want. I have several times and man... what a feeling when it's because you want to and not because you are being forced to."

"Well maybe... I wouldn't know how to go about picking up a guy anyways."

"When you're ready bro, let me know and I'll fix you up with a friend of mine. He'll be slow and gentle with you."

"Why not you and I try it bro," he said, placing his hand on Clark's leg.

"Are you asking me to do to you what dad's been doing to us bro... no fucking way?"

"Like you said, it's because you want to and not because you're being forced to," he said as he lay down beside his brother.

The boys stared into each other's eyes and Clark started to cry. Brad took him into his arms again, holding him tight as he cried into his chest. Bradley lifted Clark's head by his chin and lowered his lips to his and kissed him. Clark wrapped his arms around his brother as they share a forbidden kiss.

"Well now look at what I've created here," their father said standing in the doorway.

"DAD!" they both shouted as they jump up.

"Don't get up boys. Just give me a minute to get undressed," he said as he left the room.

The boys got up and Clark dressed quickly. They were about to leave the room when their father came in.

"I told you not to get up, now get undressed boys," he demanded.

"No dad we are letting you do this to us anymore," Clark said standing in front of Brad. "You've abused us for the last time dad," he continued defiantly.

"And just what are you going to do about it Clark?"

"We're leaving and never coming back if that is what it takes."

"And what about you Bradley, do you feel the same way?"

"Ah... yeah dad I do... and if Clark says we.... go... then we go," he said stammering with his words.

"Then go and don't think you're ever coming back, you thankless pieces of shit," he said turning and going back into his room.

They packed their clothes into duffle bags and headed out to Clark's truck. They threw their things into the back and got in.

"Now where do we go Clark?" Bradley asked.

"My room at the dorm, I don't have a roomy so you can use the empty bed. I'll think of something, but in the meantime you'll be warm and safe bro."

"I'll drop out of school and get a job bro and that way I can help with expenses."

"The fuck you will, you'll finish your senior year and graduate. I'm not going to have you being a bum on the streets. You'll go to college if I have to pay for it myself."

Brad looked at his brother and he started to cry. He sobbed deeply as he realized how much Clark loved him. Clark pulled over to the side of the road and embraced Brad, holding him tight.

"Don't worry Brad, we'll be just fine," he said. "I love you bro and I'll protect you with my life if necessary."

"I love you also Clark. You're the best big brother a guy could ever have," he says looking into his eyes.

He lifted his face and planted a kiss on his brother's lips. Clark hesitated, but then they wrapped their arms around each other tightly as they kissed.

"This isn't right Brad and it's no different from what dad was doing to us," he says once they separated.

"But this is different Clark, I love you and I want to give myself to you bro."

"No Brad please, I could never live with myself if I did that to you. Please let me find you a guy to make love with you ok?"

"Fine.... if you don't want me then... that's just fine," Brad said hurt as the rejection of his brother stirred a hate in his heart.

They got back to the dorm and took their things into Clark's room. About an hour later, a knock came to the door. Clark opened the door to find James standing there.

"Jamey what are you up to?" he asked suddenly getting an idea.

"I was horny and was hoping you were too handsome," he said before he saw Brad sitting on the other bed. "Oops! Sorry Clark I didn't know you already had company," he said.

"That's my brother Brad and he's staying with me for a while," he explained. "Come on in gorgeous," he said pulling James into the room.

He pulled him into his arms and gave him a kiss that was full of lust as Jamey looked beyond Clark and at his brother Brad.

"Ah... is this cool with your bro?" he asked.

"Yeah and I want you to do it with him instead of me Jamey. The only thing is he's a virgin and be gentle with him."

Jamey smiled as wide as Texas as he offered his hand to Brad. The boys shook hands and Jamey pulls Brad to his feet and gave him a kiss. His hands roamed all over Brad's body as they kissed as Clark sat and watched them. Once they broke their kiss, Jamey undressed Brad, then himself. Clark took his clothes off and started to stroke his cock as he watched his brother get it on with Jamey. Brad lay on his back and Jamey started sucking his cock slow and easy. He took it all the way down and slowly moved back up, paying special attention to his cock's head.

"I'm real close Jamey," Brad said and Jamey stopped sucking.

"Then fuck me stud," Jamey said getting up and positioned his body doggy style. "Clark get over here and let me do that for you," he said. Clark moves over to the bed and rested against the headboard. Jamey handed Brad a bottle of lube. After Brad lubed his cock, he positioned it to Jamey's rosebud. He gave it a firm but gentle push until the head popped in.

"Damn that feels fucking fantastic dude," Jamie said before swallowing Clark's cock.

Brad buried his cock into Jamey's ass and soon he's fucking to a rhythm comfortable to both. Jamey sucked Clark's cock to the same rhythm that Brad was fucking him. The boys were rocking and rolling and soon Jamey was shooting his seed onto the bed. Rope after rope of cum came from his throbbing cock as he sucked his friend in unison with Brad's rhythm.

"I'm cumming," Clark said and shot his load into Jamey's willing mouth. Jamey swallowed each drop as it pumped from Clark's cock.

"Ahhh fuck Jamey I'm going to cum," Brad said as he grabbed tighter to Jamey's hips, slamming his ass with the fury about to explode from his groin. He shot his seed deep into Jamey's ass as the rhythm took over.

"Fuck, I can't stop cumming dude," Brad moaned as he continued to shoot.

He was so turned on watching his brother getting blown that it intensified his own orgasm.

Clark finally slowed to a dribble and Jamey drained every drop as Brad also stopped his flowing and pulled slowly out of Jamey's ass.

"Damn dude that was hot," Bradley said getting up. "Thanks for the fuck man," he said looking for the bathroom.

"It's down the hall to the left bro," Clark said. "Put that towel around you before leaving the room," he told him.

Brad threw the towel around his waist and headed down the hall to the bathroom. There was only one other guy in there and Brad took a piss before hitting the shower. A few moments later, the other guy entered the shower.

"Hey you new here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm Clark Simpson's brother Brad," he replied as he turned on the water.

"I'm Jeremiah Franklin and I know your brother," he said as the two shook hands.

"Damn I forgot my soap and shampoo," Brad said.

"Here you can use some of mine," Jeremiah offered.

"Thanks Jer," he said as he took the shampoo from him.

He poured some into his hand and rubbed it into his wet hair. He lathered it up and then stuck his head under the water. While he's rinsing off the lather, Jeremiah checked out Brad's body. Brad glanced slightly to his left and noticed Jeremiah checking him out.

"You like what you see Jer?" he asked catching him off guard.

"Ah... sorry dude, I didn't mean to stare," he said.

"Are you gay or what?" he asked taking a chance.

Brad loved the looks of this handsome fellow. Tall - taller than he is - and his looks are exotic.

"Why... what if I was, you going to beat me up or something?" he asked defensively.

"No I wouldn't beat you up Jer, but I would do this," and he kissed him intently and lustfully.

Jeremiah stood there with his arms at his side as Brad kissed him. When Brad offered his tongue, Jeremiah opened his mouth to let it in and then his arms wrapped around Brad tightly.

"Damn I can't let you out of my sight for a minute can I?" Clark asked entering the shower.

Jeremiah jumped suddenly, shoving Brad away from him.

To be continued...

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