Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Eight


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter seven...

"Damn I forgot my soap and shampoo," Brad said.

"Here you can use some of mine," Jeremiah offered.

"Thanks Jer," he said as he took the shampoo from him.

He poured some into his hand and rubbed it into his wet hair. He lathered it up and then stuck his head under the water. While he's rinsing off the lather, Jeremiah checked out Brad's body. Brad glanced slightly to his left and noticed Jeremiah checking him out.

"You like what you see Jer?" he asked catching him off guard.

"Ah... sorry dude, I didn't mean to stare," he said.

"Are you gay or what?" he asked taking a chance.

Brad loved the looks of this handsome fellow. Tall - taller than he is - and his looks are exotic.

"Why... what if I was, you going to beat me up or something?" he asked defensively.

"No I wouldn't beat you up Jer, but I would do this," and he kissed him intently and lustfully.

Jeremiah stood there with his arms at his side as Brad kissed him. When Brad offered his tongue, Jeremiah opened his mouth to let it in and then his arms wrapped around Brad tightly.

"Damn I can't let you out of my sight for a minute can I?" Clark asked entering the shower.

Jeremiah jumped suddenly, shoving Brad away from him.

Chapter Eight...


"Ah... Clark... I was just showering," he stammered as the two boys laughed.

"Jer relax dude, it's ok, he's my brother," Clark said.

"But I didn't want you to get the wrong idea Clark." Jeremy continued to defend himself.

"You like my brother Jer, or are you just out to use him?" Clark asked suspiciously.

"No Clark, I'd never do that to you or him. I don't know him, but he is sure some specimen of manhood," he said moving closer to Brad.

"Thanks Jer... and you're one handsome dude yourself," Brad said smiling. "How about we get to know one another better?" he asked.

"My roomy's in my room Brad, sorry."

"How about my room, I have to go find someone and do some apologizing," Clark suggested.

"Sounds like a plan, thanks Clark. And Clark I hope you know I'd never just use your brother for sex. I'm not that kind of person dude."

"I know you're not Jer, so don't worry about it. If I do find out you hurt him in anyway shape of form, you're dead meat dude," he said slapping Jeremy's ass. "So have fun boys and I'll see you later."

He took his shower and left the Jeremy and Brad in his room. He went down the hall to Thom's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer, but a guy coming down the hall stopped to talk to him.

"Hey Clark, looking to beat some fags again?" George asked.

"No I'm looking to apologize," he said seriously.

"What!? You're kidding me right?!" he asked in shock.

"No George I'm serious.... and what I did was wrong. Now I have to find Thom and apologize for what I did to him."

"Well he and his brother and their boyfriends moved out." George replied sarcastically. "I heard that they live on Loomis Street now."

"Thanks George," Clark said over his shoulder as he ran along the hall and down the stairs.

Clark drove over to Loomis Street hoping he could see a sign of Thom, Shane, or Danny. As he approached he saw police cars all over the street in front of this one apartment house.

"Shit, now what the fuck is going on in this town?" he asked to himself.

He parked his truck and walked down to the house. He saw Thom and Shane standing on the street talking to a police officer in tears. Two ambulance attendants were wheeling a covered body away. Thom turned slightly and saw Clark coming towards him. He immediately took a defensive stance with his hands on his hips. Shane turned to see why.

"We don't want any trouble Clark," Shane said coming between Clark and Thom.

"I'm not here to cause trouble Shane, but to honestly apologize to Thom and you for what I did the other day to him. What's going on here guys," he asked as the stretcher went past him. As that point, Thom's crying became more verbal.


"How much further do we have until we get to your friend's place?" Drew asked getting antsy from sitting.

"We're almost there lover, just another twenty minutes," Trevor said.

"Damn, my ass fell asleep an hour ago babe and I need to piss badly," Drew said.

"Well you'll just have to hold it because if we stop, you're just going wanna fuck around again."

"Oh please lover I really have to piss," Drew whined.

Trevor saw a pull off at the side of the road and turned into it. He parked the car and Drew exited almost before the car stopped. He ran into the woods whipping out his cock as he ran. As he pissed, he let out a loud sigh expressing his relief.

"I guess I've gotta go too," Trevor said coming up beside him.

He takes out his cock and let out a steady stream of piss. Drew shook his cock and watched his lover urinate. Once Trevor finished, Drew dropped to his knees taking Trevor's cock into his mouth.

"No Drew, damnit, I told you this would happen... oh man, but that feels great," he said as Drew moved seductively up and down Trevor's cock. "Yeah babe suck that cock," he said grabbing hold of Drew's head.

Drew stopped just long enough to undo Trevor's pants, letting them drop to the ground, and then swallowed his cock again. Trevor moaned as his lover pleasured his cock. It didn't take long and his juices were stirring in his balls.

"I'm going to cum Drew," he said and shot his load into Drew's accepting throat.

Drew took it all and swallowed it until Trevor had no more to give. Drew dropped Trevor's cock from his mouth and stood up. Then Trevor dropped to his knees and returned the favor and soon Drew was purring like a kitten.

"I'm going to shoot lover," Trevor purred and he let loose with his load of cum into his lover's mouth.

He held his lover's head tight and fucked it hard and deep as he pumped his juices down Trevor's throat, until he was spent.

"Damn that was fucking awesome babe," Drew said, putting his cock back into his pants.

"Good, now let's go before someone sees us," Trevor said.

They got back into the car and drove off. They got to Andy's place thirty minutes later. No one was around and Drew got rather irritated that he had to get back into the car again.

"We'll wait here for him.... he should be home or at least one of the boys should be soon enough," Trevor said.

"Boys? He has some boys here?" Drew questioned getting all excited.

"Yeah Andy's sons and they are OFF LIMITS to you. I don't like the way you're always cheating on me Drew." Trevor said with some anger in his voice.

"I'm just one horny bastard babe that can't be satisfied by just one guy," he said giving his lover a kiss. "I see a cock and my cock's head takes over my thinking for me."

"Well you better start minding your P's and Q's mister or your ass is going to be back out on the street." Trevor threatened.

"Now babe you wouldn't do that to me would you now?" Drew asked, giving him a kiss again.

"In a New York minute so don't push me," he answered emphatically.

Together they went around to the front and up onto the deck and sat on the patio furniture. The beauty of the sun on the lake was breathtaking. Before long, Drew fell asleep on the rattan sofa.

"Damn what did I get myself into," Trevor said to himself looking at Drew sleeping - a person he knew was crude, untrustworthy, with debatable intelligence. He was truly missing the solid comfort he'd had with his balanced and loving relationship with Michael.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Michael's number.

"Hey you got the damn machine, so leave me your name and number and maybe if I feel like it, I'll call you back," his voice mail said.

"Hey Michael, it's me, Trev," he said. "I'm probably the last person on earth you want to talk to babe, but I just wanted to hear your voice. Well I guess I did that with your voice mail so I'll hang up. No wait babe... I'm sorry for leaving you and I want to come back to you," he said with tears in his eyes. "I was wrong to ever give you an ultimatum and I'm sorry pet. So, if you could give me another chance, I won't ever ask you to leave your police job again until you're..." but the voice mail beeped, signaling `out of time' for a message. "Fuck I hate these damn machines!"

"Did you say something?" Drew asked, only half awake.

"No, go back to sleep," Trevor replied rather sharply.


Jeremy and Brad left the room and went for something to eat. All the sex they'd had, had given them a big appetite.

"So are you and your brother twins?" Jeremy asked.

"No Jer he's my older brother," he explained.

"How old are you?"

"I just turned seventeen last month, why?"

"Damn, I thought you were legal age Brad," Jeremy said worried.

"Listen Jer, I'm legal for giving consent for sex, so don't worry about it.... or are you going to ditch me now after fucking me?" he asked.

"No way Brad, I was going to ask you to go out with me. I want to be your man and I want you to be mine," he said smiling.

"Damn you move fast Jer, but yeah, I'll be your man as long as you can say those magic words lover."

"What words babe, I love you?" he asked. "I may not know you all that well yet, but one thing I do know, is that I am falling in love with you Brad."

"And I'm falling in love with you Jer," he said taking his hand in his. "It won't bother you that I'm still in high school Jer?"

"Damn now I feel old Brad.... no, just kidding. No, I don't care at all if you're still in high school. I love you and that's all that matters. So why are you staying with Clark and not at home?"

Brad got very quiet and his demeanor changed. He looked uncomfortable and his brow furrowed.

"You don't have to tell me lover, I don't need to know," Jeremy said squeezing his hand.

"It's not that Jer, it's just embarrassing for Clark and me," Brad replied.

"Then never mind sugar, let's forget I even asked, ok?"

"No you have a right to know if you're going to be my life partner Jer." Brad took a deep breath before he continued. "Our father was molesting us, mostly Clark for the last few years and then me for the last month."

Brad broke into tears as he, for the first time, told someone outside his family about the sexual abuse. Jeremiah took him into his arms and held him tightly in a protective embrace.

"No one is ever going to hurt you again my love. I promise, as long as there's a breath left in me, I'll protect the man I love."

"Thank you..." Brad said as he sobbed uncontrollably into Jeremy's chest. "I love you sweetheart," he said through his sobs.

"I love you too.... with all that is in me sugar." Jeremy said as he kissed Brad tenderly and passionately. "Come on lover dry those tears and let's get something to eat," he said wiping away the tears with his fingers.


"Why the sudden change of heart man?" Shane asked Clark. "And just how did you find this place anyhow?"

"George told me you guys moved to Loomis Street, so I just figured I'd look for your cars. Shane.... listen dude.... I'm really sorry for what I did and I'm willing to do anything to prove to Thom and you that I'm sincere."

They continued talking as the sheet covering the body snagged on a piece of fencing, pulling it from the body's head, exposing the victim's face.

"Oh my God Shane!" Clark exclaimed, seeing who it was.


"Casey you should have never let Clay out on bail knowing how he and his father felt about gays," Beverly began as they sat in Casey's office.

"I know, but what could I do, I'm his mother also and he got a bondsman to post bail. He wasn't a flight risk or at least that's what his lawyer told the judge."

"But you knew how demented he was and how much of a danger he was to the Butlers and Sullivan's sweetheart." Beverly explained.

"When I left his father, or rather he left me.... he took Clay with him and said a boy needed his father to make him grow up right. I was young and still in the academy, so I didn't protest it. I got to visit him, but as he grew he started to resent me for not keeping him. So he eventually stopped wanting to see me and I gave up trying to see him. I hated Ed for making him into a clone of himself, but he'd just laugh at me. Then to make matters worst, have gave Clay, Parker as his last name. He didn't want others to know that he had an illegitimate son. Parker was his mother's maiden name and thus it became Clay's. "

"Well Ed's dead now and Clay's going to need his mother's love and understanding.... even more now that he faces prison Casey."

"I hope his lawyer can get him an insanity plea instead of murder one," Casey pondered.

"Well the lawyer you got him will do the best he can love."

Casey's telephone rang, but she just let it ring until it went to the answering machine.

"Hi this is Casey and you know the drill," Casey's voice on the machine said.

There was a brief silence and then a click.

"Couldn't have been too important," Casey said glancing at the caller id. "That's strange," she said looking at Beverly, "the city morgue's calling me."

"Must've been about Ed," Beverly commented.

"Fuck him.... they probably want to know what to do with his body," she mused. "How about we give it to science or rather just flush it down the toilet? He's not my worry anymore and I'm not responsible for his fucking remains," Casey said sarcastically.

They both laughed at the misfortune of Edward Burns - that he had died - as he had lived.


"Oh god Thom how did he die?" Clark asked.

"He died by a knife Clark.... but it was hate that killed him."

"Thom, I'm really so sorry. I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling."

"Thanks Clark and thanks for apologizing too. Now I can see what hate can do to a person when it gets deep seated in their head. How come... like.... why did you suddenly have a change of heart concerning me being gay?"

Clark pulled Thom and Shane aside and began his explanation. "Thom, I'm gay too.... ya see.... I've been molested for the last six years.... by my dad," he choked out the words as the tears formed in his eyes. "Now my dad's been turning to my brother Bradley.... well.... we moved out today. Brad... he's staying in my room at the dorm until I can figure out what to do."

"Doc has been molesting you and your brother dude!?" Thom asked, totally shocked to hear the words.

"What kind of man does that to his own son?" Shane asked.

"Does what? " Andy asked coming out of the house - his arm bandaged from the knife wound - the bandage still oozing a small stain of blood. Clark's mouth dropped at the sight of the wound.

"Ah... nothing dad, it was something we were talking about concerning ah... a professor," he stammered lying to his dad.

"I know you're lying Thom, Andy looked at him regretfully, but I'll let it go for now. I have to go downtown and give a report to the police on how Clay died," he concluded.

"Dad can I ask you something off the record?" Thom asked.

"Sure you can, what is it son?" Andy asks as Michael, Danny, and Andrew came out. Again, Clark's face dropped as he showed his concern - now for the limp and bloodied bandage on Michael's leg.

"If you know someone is committing a crime, should you report it, even if it might cause someone pain and embarrassment?" Thom asked.

"Can I ask you if this has anything to do with what you were talking about when I came out, because I did hear more than you think?"

Thom, Shane and Clark look at one another in shock as they look back at Andy.

"Just what did you hear sir?" Clark asked. "S... sir, did Clay do that to your arm?"

Andy put his good arm around Clark's shoulder and walked him away from the boys.

"Yeah, I'm afraid he did, but the medics stabled my arm and Michael's leg wounds, so we'll be OK. Now Clark, I heard you tell the boys how your father's been sexually molesting you and your brother. Now son, I want to.... no sorry, I need to ask you this.... just what do you want to do about it?"

Clark started to sob hysterically as the years of pain and emotional damage flowed out of him. Andy held him to his chest as he cried, at times, unable to catch his breath.

"Calm down son and relax, I'm not going to do a thing unless you give me the go ahead. You take all the time you need to think it over and discuss it with your brother. Clark, I'll get back to you in a day or two son, and see how you want to handle it. Will that be OK?"

"Thanks sir.... I'll find out what my brother thinks."

"Also.... the name's Andy son, not sir," he said as they walked back to the others.

"Ok Andy," he said.

"Everything alright love?" Michael asked. Clark had to do a double-take; surprised that Andy was also gay.

"Yeah, things are fine, let's head down to the police station," he said nodding goodbye to the boys.

When they arrived at the police station, both Casey and Beverly saw them walking in.

"Andy my god, what happened? Why are you two here?" Casey asked. "You're both bandaged up!"

"You haven't heard the news then have you?" Andy asked in return.

"No! God, what's wrong now?" she asked not really wanting to know.

"Clay showed up at the boy's house and tried to kill Thom this afternoon. He put a knife to Thom's throat and was holding him, threatening to kill him and I kinda caught him from behind when I jumped him. Michael tried to kick the knife out of his hand, but Clay slashed his leg. Then we had a struggle and he ended up plunging the knife into his own chest. He died almost instantly."

"No please not my son!" Casey exclaimed weakly as she collapsed to the floor.

Andy, Michael, and Beverly rushed to catch her before she hit the floor.

"Clay was her son?" Andy asked, shocked by the revelation.

"Yes he was, but it's a long story Andy.... one that only she should tell you."

Casey came to and sat up blinking her eyes and then started to cry. She couldn't comprehend the news of losing her son.

"Andy please tell me.... did he say anything before he died?" she asked.

"He said, `tell my mom I love her... tell her... I forgive her'," he told her as she put her hand to her mouth.

"He did Andy?"

"I wouldn't lie about something like that honey," he said hugging her, but honestly, I didn't know you were his mother. Casey, I'm so sorry," Andy said tearing up.

"Thank you so much for telling me. I'm so sorry for all the misery he and Ed caused you and the boys Andy." Casey said.

"Casey, I'll come back and talk to you in a while.... I have a report to do on the incident." Andy said as he left her office.

Andy went and filled out all the paper work he needed to do to cover him, Michael and the boys for the incident. He was just leaving when the captain came out of his office.

"Andy may I speak with you for a few minutes?" he asked.

"Certainly sir, what can I do for you?" Andy asked as the captain held the door for Andy to enter his office.

"Have a chair son and let's talk. I won't beat around the bush here, I want to hire you as a detective for the Burlington Police force," he said. "With Ed Burns gone, I actually have an opening for two detectives, but I can't find another applicant."

"Well I know someone who's a detective already with the Springfield Police Department or rather he's a retired detective. I think he could be persuaded to take it if I did too."

"Where do I find this mystery guy?" the captain asked.

Andy got up and opened the door. "Michael could you come in here please?" he beckoned.

Michael came over to the captain's office and asked, "Yeah Andy what's up?"

Entering the Captain's office, still standing before the captain, Andy asked, "How would you feel about joining me and be a Burlington police detective?"

"You're fucking kidding me right?" he said excitedly. "You gotta know I'd do it in a fucking heartbeat!"

"Well captain, I'd say you have your two detectives," Andy said shaking hands with the captain. "Do your investigation of our backgrounds and let us know when we start."

"I've done yours already Andrew, I just have to do your buddy there and get back to him."

"When he starts, that's when I'll start also captain. Now, if you don't need me any longer I have two sons that are in a very distraught way and need me to be with them."

"Of course Andy you go and be with the boys. I'll get back to both of you once I have Michael's background check back. Michael if you'd fill out this form for me, I'll expedite the process and have you both on the roll call by next week."

"Yes sir and thank you captain," Michael said taking the form from him.

Michael sat outside and filled out the form as Andy stopped in to see Casey.

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss Casey," he said hugging her.

"Thank you Andy, but he died like his father did. I just wish I'd fought to keep him when Ed and I separated years ago."

"Don't blame yourself for what Ed did to Clay. Also Clay was old enough to know right from wrong. I have something special to tell you, if you're ready for some good news," he said with a slight grin.

"God yes, I could use some right now!" Casey exclaimed.

"Michael and I are going to be hired as detectives and we'll be working with you by next week Hun," he announced.

"Oh Andy that is good news," she said hugging him. "Listen, I need to go and get some things done Andy, you know.... funerals. Congratulations for your job," she said.

She walked away and headed to the stairwell. She went down the stairs to the basement and sat on the bottom stair. She pulled out her service revolver and put it to her head...

To be continued...

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