Officer Andy

Book Three -- The Next Generation

Chapter Nine


Randy Howard and David of Hope

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From chapter eight...

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss Casey," he said hugging her.

"Thank you Andy, but he died like his father did. I just wish I'd fought to keep him when Ed and I divorced years ago."

"Don't blame yourself for what Ed did to Clay. Also Clay was old enough to know right from wrong. I have some special to tell you, if you're ready for some good news," he said with a slight grin.

"God yes, I could use some right now!" Casey exclaimed.

"Michael and I are going to be hired as detectives and we'll be working with you by next week Hun," he announced.

"Oh Andy that is good news," she said hugging him. "Listen, I need to go and get some things done Andy, you know.... funerals. Congratulations for your job," she said.

She walked away and headed to the stairwell. She went down the stairs to the basement and sat on the bottom stair. She pulled out her service revolver and put it to her head...

Chapter Nine...


Casey sat there holding the gun to her head as the tears ran down her face.

"I'm so sorry Clay for letting you down son," she sobbed. "If I'd been the mother I should have been to you, you might still be here and be a different person."

"You can't say that Casey," Beverly said coming down the stairs behind her. "Put the gun down sweetheart and let's talk about this."

She lowered her gun to her lap and Beverly hugged her partner. Casey cried uncontrollably as Beverly held her. Beverly removed the gun from Casey's lap and helped her stand up.

"Come on baby girl, let's take you home," Beverly said.

She took Casey out through the service exit and to their car.

"I'm taking you home and giving you some TLC princess."


Andy and Michael rejoined the guys at their apartment and shared the news of the job offer with the boys.

"Dad that's fantastic," Andrew said. "You love doing real police work instead of that hick shit you did for years in South Hero."

"Are you going to resign from the Springfield department dad?" Shane asked.

"I did already before I left Shane. I'm going to be working again with my old partner here."

"Great! You and I twenty-four seven," Andy exclaimed.

"Yeah ain't it great babe."

"I guess so, as long as you behave yourself," Andy said.

"Well I don't know about you babe but this boy is tired and needs a hot shower," Michael said.

"That's code for he's horny and wants sex Andy," Shane said grinning.

"I remember his code son, besides I could use a shower too. That's code for I don't think so," he said as he winked at Shane.

"Well we'll see who wins this one won't we lover," Michael said smiling at Andy.

"Yeah we'll see alright," Andy smirked.

They said their goodbyes to the boys and left for home. Michael turned on his cell phone to check his messages and saw a message from Trevor.

"Oh fuck, what does he want now," he said aloud.

"What is it babe?"

"Trev left me a message again."

He dialed his voice mail and entered his code. The voice mail operator told him he had one new message. He listened to Trevor's message and hit seven to delete it.

"Can you believe that fucker.... he wants to come back to me now."

"He wants to what! He can't be serious about coming back to you! Is he really? I thought you said he had another lover he was living with."

"He does... some male dancer or something. I think his name is Drew or Dewy," Michael said disgustingly. "Damn that man drives me to drink," he shouted.

"Calm down Michael, he's down in Massachusetts and can't bother you here," Andy said.

They pulled into their driveway and they noticed the strange car parked in it.

"Fuck! That bastard's here Andy!" Michael said. "That's his Mazda so he must be around here somewhere."

"Why would he be up here? He never called me or wrote me saying he was coming up for a visit."

"He's a spur of the moment guy. He gets a thought and moves on it instantly."

"I'm not going to let you go Michael. I gave you up years ago for Tom's sake, but I AM NOT willing to give you up now."

"I love you Andy and I refuse to go back with that man." Michael said firmly.

They got out of the car and walked to the house. Andy unlocked the door, and then turned giving Michael a passionate kiss. Michael pulled him as tightly to him as he could and kissed him almost violently as he held him. Andy gasped for breath when they broke their kiss. Michael brushed the hair from Andy's eyes.

"I love you babe with all my being," Michael said.

"I love you also sweetheart." Andy replied, grabbing tight to Michael, kissing him once more before going in.

They walked into the house and they can see the Trevor and Drew out on the deck. Trevor heard them in the house and got up. He was surprised to see Michael there with Andy.

"Michael, what are you doing up here?" he asked.

"Our son needed my help so I came up Trev," he said snapping at him. "So I'll return the question Trev, what are you doing up here?"

"I just felt like a little leaf peeping and it's none of your business anymore what I do."

"Like fuck it is when you leave a message on my cell asking me to take you back. Why would you even imagine I'd do that when you were the one that walked out on me?"

"You did what?" Drew asked coming into the room. "I thought we were lovers Trevor," he said.

"Oh get out there and go back to sleep," Trevor snapped.

"The fuck I will, I want to know what you're going to do," Drew said about to pick a fight with him.

"Calm down everyone and lets talk this out," Andy said trying to regain some order. "Now Trevor, why exactly did you come up here to start with?"

"I felt like a small vacation and I wanted to see you again. I also wanted to talk to you about getting back together with Michael. I was hoping you could help me get him back."

"Fat chance Trev, I've already asked Andy to marry me," Michael said shocking Trevor.

"You what!" he screamed. "You might have told me this before I made a fool out of myself Andrew Butler."

"Well things were moving way too fast and I was going to but... well Michael beat me to it. I'd say that you have a very hot looking guy over there Trevor," Andy said pointing to Drew.

"Had is the operative word Andy," Drew said. "As soon as I can get a ride into what you call a city, I'm catching a bus back to Boston."

Drew stormed out of the house with all the drama of a diva as Trevor threw his hands in the air.

"Great, now I am all alone again," he said.

"Well you brought it on yourself Trev," Michael said. "I'm sorry, but I love Andy and I always have." Then he threw his arms around Andy's waist from behind.

"Ok fine, I'm taking Drew back to Burlington. I'm going to get a room at the Sheraton in South Burlington and leave you two love birds alone," he said as a knock came to the door.

"Great company, just what we need," Andy said as he went to answer the door.

He opened the door to find Dennis standing there.

"Dennis what are you doing here love," Andy asked looking at him with concern. "Is everything alright with the boys?"

"Yeah they're fine babe. They wanted me to come out and get some things for their apartment," he said giving a more than passing glance at Trevor. "Are you going to introduce me to the handsome one here?" he said giving him a second going over.

Trevor got all flushed at the compliment and blushed as Andy introduced the two.

"Dennis this is Trevor Anderson from Springfield. He's Michael's ex."

"Damn Michael why did you ever let him go?" Dennis asked, shaking hands with Trevor, while Trevor gave Michael a glaring glance.

"By all means Dennis take him, he's all yours," Michael said happily.

"It's a pleasure to meet a gentleman Dennis," Trevor said. "Besides I'm free to give myself to anyone I wish and you seem to be someone of interest stud."

"Damn Andy, my horoscope said I was in for a change in my love life today. I didn't know it was going to be would be this hot."

Trevor took Dennis by the arm and led him out the door explaining what had been going on when he arrived. The two drove off with Drew in tow, back to Burlington. Dennis completely forgot about picking up the things he came for, and as a matter of fact, his own truck also.

"Well husband I think your problems with Trevor are over. If he and Dennis hit it off, they'll make a great couple together." Andy observed.

"I hope so... so how about that shower sweetheart?"

"Let's hurry before someone else comes to the door," Andy said locking the door.


Thom, Andrew, Shane, Danny and Clark sat down in the house and talked about everything that has gone on in their lives of the last week together.

"First off Shane, I deserved that beating you gave me. And Thom I meant it when I said I was sorry for raping you. I was wrong to out you like that in front of the guys, especially when I was gay myself." Clark confessed.

"I accept your apology Clark, and I'm sorry for the abuse you and your brother have had to endure. My dad can do something about it, but only if you two are willing to get involved."

"I'll have to talk with Brad about it first Thom, but if it were up to me... I'd say go for it."

Andrew remained quiet sitting in between Danny's legs. Thom noticed his silence and asked him if anything was wrong.

"Yo bro what's bothering you?" Thom asked.

"It's something that happened in the hospital. Clark's dad came in to check my chart one evening and thought I was sleeping, and he lifted the sheets to see my cock."

"He did what!" Thom yelled ready to kill.

"He looked at my cock and then he started to fondle it. When I pretended to roll over in my sleep, he rolled me back over very carefully. Then he went down on my cock and sucked me until I came," Andrew said almost in tears.

"Did he know you were awake by then?" Clark asked.

"I think so, because he made a comment that he knew I liked it and that he'd be back later. He left right after that and I just cried."

"Did he come back again that night?" Thom asked.

"He came back that night and five more times after that before I went home. He even forced me to let him fuck me twice Thom," he said as tears formed in his eyes.

"That's all I need to hear," Clark said, "tell your dad to go for it, I'll testify against the bastard."

The guys all hugged Andrew as he sobbed, telling him that things were going to be alright.

"Come on let's go tell dad about this and let him handle it from here." Thom said.

They got into Clark's SUV and drove out to Andy's house to tell him what had happened. Again they get there and the house is dark and quiet. Once inside, they can hear the sounds coming from the bedroom, and they know that their dads are making love.

"We gotta wait for them to finish fucking," Thom whispered to Clark. "I'm not getting yelled at again because I stormed in on them and caught them fucking like I did the last time."

"Your dad's gay," Clark whispered back, surprised to hear this.

"Yeah, but he's never ever touched Andrew or me Clark."

"Damn you're lucky Thom.... I wish my dad had just been a gay man and not a pedophile."

"I just wonder how many boys he's done this to through the years," Shane whispered.

"I don't really know, but there was our paper boy who's now twenty-two. He stopped delivering the paper after my dad began chatting with him when mom wasn't home. I came home from football practice one night and he was running from our house."

"Do you think we could ask him if your dad ever touched him?"

"I can ask him, I see him all the time, but he avoids me like the plague," Clark whispered.

Andy and Michael's bedroom noises intensified and the boys knew that Michael is ready to cum.

"Fuck babe I'm cumming," the boys heard Michael shout from the bedroom.

They make faces at each other as they imagine their dad getting fucked by Michael. It was all they could do, not to laugh. After several minutes and an announcement from Andy that he too was cumming, the sounds from the bedroom became quiet. Several more minutes and the door opened, and out walked two naked men.

"Oh fuck, what are you guys doing here?" Andy shouted turning around and pushing Michael back into the bedroom.

"Fuck, I'm in for it again," Thom said.

Andy and Michael returned a few moments later, wearing a pair of jeans each. And by the expression on his face, Thom knows Andy wasn't happy.

"Thomas Clarence Butler-Sullivan, how many times are you going to barge in here on unannounced?" Andy asked in anger. He hated getting caught having sex again.

"Dad I'm sorry but I didn't go into your room again. We sat and waited until you two were finished this time."

"Yeah Andy we didn't hear anything except, `Fuck babe I'm cumming' from Michael," Danny said with a smirk, trying not to laugh.

Michael just grinned and Andy gave him a jab in the ribs. He looked at the boys, but his anger was quickly washed away.

"You were awful loud with your announcement Michael." Andy said smiling.

"Well it's your hot ass that makes me so turned on." Michael returned.

"Ok enough, so what is it you boys want that couldn't wait until tomorrow?" Andy asked.

The boys told Andy and Michael about what happened to Andrew at the hospital and about the possible incident with the paperboy. Andy sat there taking notes on a pad as each one related what he knew.

"Andrew son, did he ever hurt you physically to make you have sex with him?"

"Well not really, he told me that he could make it very painful for me if I didn't go along with his wishes, and then he looked at the IV bottle. I kinda got the picture from that look."

Andy wrote that down, while Michael paced the floor, remembering the pain and emotional agony Andrew went through at the hands of his step-dad when he was just a boy. Andrew was about to cry, but Danny took him in his arms and comforted him, holding off his tears. Andy watched the calming effect Danny had on Andrew. Michael wished his dad was still alive.

"So Clark, what's this paperboy's name and address?" Andy asked.

"His name is Blaine Conrad, and he lives at number seven Woodside Drive in South Burlington. I can talk to him for you first and see if he'll come forward and testify against my dad?"

"I'd appreciate that son, but if it's too hard for you, I can do it."

"No it's no problem sir, we use to be good friends and then he just stopped hanging around with me."

"I can understand why Clark, if your dad tried... or if he did molest him, he'd be afraid of coming around you and your home." Michael observed.

Clark's phone rang and he looks at the caller id.

"It's my brother Brad calling," he told them as he answered the phone.

"Clark where the hell are you, I've been waiting here for you for hours," Brad said.

"I thought you were with Jer," Clark said.

"I was, but he had homework to do and guys have been knocking on your door ever since I've been back."

"Just don't answer the door bro and I'll be back as soon as I can. I'm out at Thom's dad's house in South Hero. We need to talk.... you and me.... about dad and prosecuting his sick ass."

"Fuck Clark, I don't know if I dare do that. He'll fucking kill us before he lets us testify against him on sexual molestation charges."

"Shit Brad I never thought of that. Stay where you are and I'll be right there to get you." Without a `goodbye', he hung up.

"What's going on Clark?" Andy asked noticing the worried look on his face.

"I gotta go get my bro. He's worried dad may try to come and harm us if he realizes we might testify against him."

"Come on son I'll take you," Michael said. "You both can stay here until this shit hits the fan so to speak."

"I'm going with you," Andy said as the three headed for the door.

"You all wait here until we get back, do you hear me?" Andy threatened as he left.

"Yeah pops we'll wait," Thom said giving the others a look.

Andy, Michael and Clark drove back to the dorm, and arrived in record time. Clark took the guys upstairs to his room and found the door slightly opened. Michael had Clark step aside and he pulled his gun before entering the room. The lights were out, so Clark pointed to the switch. Michael used his elbow to flip it on and the three of them were shocked at the sight before them. The room was torn apart as if a fight had taken place, but there's no sign of Brad.

"Brad where are you?" Clark called out in fear. "Bro please answer me," he said almost in tears.

Andy searched under the mattresses and the upturned beds, but there was no sign of Brad.

"I bet your dad has him," Michael said to Clark.

"We need to call the captain and get on the force now, so we can proceed with this case Mike." Andy said firmly.

"Give `em a call Andy and tell him what's happening. Don't leave anything out. I want everything on the table so that bastard's lawyer can't fault us for anything." Michael replied.

Andy dialed his cell phone and got the captain on the line. He briefed him about everything and the captain agreed to add them to the force immediately.

"I'll need you to stop by the station and pick up badges and a service revolver Andy. I want everything by the book on this. If we're going to hang this prick, we have to go by the book. I want his ass and I want it on a silver platter for the grand jury."

"Yes sir, we're on our way captain."

Andy watched Michael comfort Clark who was crying, fearing that his brother could be dead.

"Listen Clark we're stopping at the station to get our badges and guns. Then we're going right to your dad's house and arrest him. If he has your brother there, we'll get him also son."

"We'll find him son," Michael said holding him tight.

They drove the short distance to the police station, and the captain swore them in. He gave them their badges and services guns before briefing them on how he wanted them to proceed.

"Can we leave Clark here with you captain?" Andy asked, but Clark's protested.

"I'd rather you did Andy." Andy said.

"But I'll stay out of your way Andy, please let me go."

"No son, it could get to dangerous and you could get hurt."

"But I know dad's hiding room in the basement Andy. It's impossible to find the latch to get in unless you know where to look."

"Just tell us where it is son, we'll find it Clark." Michael said.

"No, you have to take me with you or I won't tell."

"You would jeopardize your brother's life because of stubbornness?" the captain asked him.

"Call it what you want, but I'm not going to tell you."

The captain decided to let him go to save time and against Andy's better judgment. The captain had him fitted with a bullet proof vest to protect him and they drove out to Clark's house. They parked just down the street from his house and waited for the assigned back up to get into position. Once they were in position, they proceeded towards the house.

"Clark you stay with the patrolmen until we call you to come in," Andy commanded.

"Ok Andy I'll wait," Clark replied.

They went up to the door and knocked loudly, announcing that they were the police. No one answered so they tried the door and found it unlocked. Michael opened the door and stepped aside with his gun aimed forward.

Andy and Michael looked inside the living room, and there on the floor was Clark's mother. She was covered in blood and appeared to be dead. They proceeded slowly into the room. Michael covered Andy as he felt for a pulse.

"She's dead Mike," Andy said shaking his head. "Now we have him for murder as well."

They proceeded throughout the house, but there's no sign of Clark's dad or Brad. They proceeded down to the basement looking for the mystery room.

"I haven't a clue where to find this room," Andy whispered to Michael. "We need to bring Clark in to show us."

"I'll go and get him, will you be all right here or do you want to come with me?" Michael asked.

"Just go.... I'm fine babe."

Once outside, Michael told Clark that his mother was dead and that her body was lying on the living room floor. He brought Clark in, but shielded him from seeing his mother's body on the floor. Once downstairs, Clark led them over to the room.

"The latch is hard to find because it's behind the oil tank. It looks like an ordinary pipe, but it lifts up to release that shelf unit over there to open that concealed door."

Andy looked behind the tank and saw the pipe Clark was referring to.

"Clark get behind me and stay down until we determine it's safe to enter." Andy warned.

Andy lifted the pipe and the tall shelf unit popped open slightly. Michael was aiming his gun at the shelf unit as Andy pulled it open. The room was dark and Andy shone his flashlight into the room. There on the bed was the naked body of Bradley, tied hand and foot to the bed.

Bradley's eyes were wide open and his mouth was taped shut. Andy sensed the danger from the way Bradley was looking at the corner of the room. He steps back slightly and motioned to Michael that Clark's dad was in the corner out of sight, by pointing toward the direction Brad had indicated. Michael pushed Clark back out into the basement and inadvertently closed the door sealing Andy inside.

To be continued...

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