This story features sex between men of legal age; okay, one of them is only just legal. If you don't want to read or should not read this type of material, look away now. I've tried to do something different by switching the `point-of-view' between the two protagonists, clarified by whether the text is justified to the left or right. I hope it works.



He's so young, quite a bit younger than the guys I usually fall for. Late-teens? Mid-teens? Something like that. He's very cute though, or maybe I should really say `beautiful'. Slender and not too tall, almost petite. Floppy black hair. Smooth flawless skin. Sky-blue eyes. Bright sky-blue eyes that look at the clubbing crowd like a rabbit in the headlights, or perhaps more like a child in a sweetshop.

My loins are tingling and I cannot help myself.

"Hi, I'm Tom. Never seen you here before."


I hadn't really registered the guy leaning next to me against the bar. I was too engrossed watching what was happening around me. Men dancing together. Men with clothes so tight you can see pretty much everything. Men kissing. Guys! Kissing! I've never seen two guys kiss in real life. And here I am, surrounded by men unashamedly fondling and kissing each other. Men who love other men, like I do!

And now the guy next to me starts a conversation. I swallow the nerves away.

"I am Simon. And yes, it is the first time I've come here. Don't live in London."

"Your first time in any gay club, right? It is visible," the guy, Tom, smiles. "Don't worry, we were all like you once."

I'm a bit miffed that he has seen through my inexperience that quickly, but I will forgive him, because Tom is really attractive. Built like a rugby player, with beautiful warm brown eyes and a natural smile that melts my heart.

"You should be proud that you're ahead of the game already. I didn't dare come here when I was your age, I'd guess. How old are you?"


His smile widens.


Sixteen! So if anything were to happen between us, at least he is legal.

`Jesus, Tom, he is 9 years younger than you,' my inner voice objects. `Do you really want to jump into bed with a child?' But if I am honest, this man-child I do wish to bed. I cannot exactly tell you what it is, but to me he is the most gorgeous man among about 500 gay guys here. A fresh young male who can hold all my attention just by existing.

"I was quite nervous when I came here," he sighs, "I still am a bit."

"But excited too, surely? Seeing for the first time that you are not alone. That loving other men is normal. I remember that feeling so well the first time I saw so many gay guys enjoying themselves – enjoying each other."

Simon nods eagerly. "How old were you when you came to a gay club for the first time?"

"About 18 or 19, I think. I'm 25 now. Can I buy you a drink?"

"May I have a Coke, please?"

God, he really still is a child.


Tom is so easy to talk to. We've been here for hours, but it feels like seconds. We started about 5 feet apart, now I am within a foot of him ... and he hasn't moved an inch. He casually touches my back, he touches my arm, tiny touches that send shivers down my spine – I move a couple of inches closer yet. I cannot even remember what we have been talking about.

Calmly, he turns around until he is facing me, his hands on the bar on either side of me, `trapping' me between his body and the bar. My heart is beating wildly, but in excitement rather than fear     


I've had maybe 50 or 60 guys, some of them really cute and kind, some built and buff, yet I never considered starting something long-term with any of them. I really have never been into twinks, but I've only known this boy for an hour or two and I already despair at the thought of losing him. Oh God, I'm in love. For the first time, I am actually properly in love.


His fingers lift my chin and his lips meet mine. Gingerly we kiss, his lips are surprisingly soft. His tongue gently probes, opening my mouth. His hand now wraps round behind my neck, locking us together. I am kissing a man: a long loving kiss with a handsome hunk of a man.

"I am about to go home," Tom whispers after a couple of minutes, "are you coming with me?"

My heart skips a beat. I am not so naοve that I don't know what he means with that question. With a slight hesitation I nod.

"Yes, I am"

My mouth is so dry, the sound barely comes out.


We are walking to my flat, through a surprise inch of snow that fell while we were inside the club. Simon is excitedly darting around next to me, like a puppy. From any of my previous dates that would immediately have annoyed me, but from him it only adds to his attraction. My own loving little puppy.

"Please be honest, Pup. You genuinely are 16, are you? I could get in massive trouble if you are not telling the truth and are still under age."

"I am," he answers, digging into a pocket and handing me an ID card.

It takes a moment before it sinks in. "Your sixteenth birthday was three days ago! You really are an eager little puppy."

I pull him towards me for a long tender snog.

"There you go, Pup, you kissed a man, out in public where everyone can see you."

"No way back," he smiles. "I am gay, people, deal with it!" There is nobody close enough to hear his quiet words, but the pride in his eyes is no less for it.

The rest of the walk, I have my arm around his shoulders, he has his around my waist.


As soon as we step through the front door of his flat – a large and obviously expensive flat – Tom bends over me to continue the kiss that started back in the club. More eager now, hungrier, his tongue pushes between my lips, instinctively mine comes out to meet it. He grunts with pleasure and with his hands around my waist pulls me against his chest. Through his trousers I can feel his ... thing. I have never touched another guy's before, now I cannot stop myself from riding up against it.

Without interrupting our kiss, my lover (Yes, my LOVER!) takes off my coat and shirt, letting them drop to the floor. His hands meet underneath my backside and lift me up.


A minute later, Pup is topless in my bed, his eyes filled with a mix of worry and excitement.

"I'll be gentle," I say for reassurance, knowing full well that he will be in for a rough time, if he lets me go all the way. "Tell me to stop and I will." My fingers are already unbuttoning his jeans.

To my surprise, Pup has a nicely sized cock, for some reason I expected him to be still underdeveloped. I am sitting astride his naked body leaning over him while he takes off my shirt.

"You're beautiful," he sighs running his hands over my torso. "I wish I had a chest and arms like you."

"Nothing wrong with your body, babe." I bend forward and we kiss again. "I adore you, I adore your body and your youth, and I want to make love to you. Will you let me do that? Will you let me make love to you?"


"Yes! Yes, please!"

I want to do it now, I want it so badly. I can't believe how quickly things have gone. This morning I nervously decided to risk a trip to a London gay club, afraid to be spurned by a sophisticated urbane crowd. Now I am in bed with a gorgeous man, begging him to take my virginity.

Unexpectedly, Tom kneels down next to the bed and licks my cock from the base to the tip. I was already semi-hard, but it responds immediately to achieve a rigidity I've never felt before. His moist mouth envelopes my cock: warm, soft and slick.

"Ohhh ... Oh God that's good."

Without interrupting his ministrations of my manhood, he is taking off his trousers and shorts, and greases up his fingers from a bottle that must have been strategically hidden. Gently one of them pushes into my backside, slowly opening me up all the way to the knuckle. I'd expected pain, or at least discomfort, but it turns out this is really quite pleasant.


I know how the prepare a man. I've sucked more cock that you can shake a stick at, so I get Pup all hot and sticky, without pushing him over the edge. For a first-timer, he is reacting promisingly well to my invasion of his arse, quickly relaxing around my finger. I rub along his prostate, causing him to groan and arch his back in ecstasy. I take that opportunity to slip a second finger into him. He needs to be open and horny if he is going to take my monster.

It takes 15 minutes more to get him to that state. Three fingers in his loosened arse, his aroused cock harder than ever, his balls bursting with cum. Despite his hands on the back of my head, I take my mouth off his dick.

"Please let me come," he begs, but I am unmoved.

"You will, Pup, when I fuck you hard, you will come like a firehose. Now scoot over to the end of the bed and have your arse hang over the edge."

I stand up and get between his legs, positioning them over my shoulders. It gives him the first clear view of my manhood.


"Oh fuck! Oh, I don't know that I can take that."

"You can, Pup. I'll help you. Trust me."

Tom doesn't just have the biggest cock I have ever seen; it must be twice the size of the biggest I have seen. As long as my forearm – and as wide.

A couple of his fingers are back inside my hole. "Keep this relaxed. Tell me to stop when you want me to. And remember that once I'm in and you have had time to adjust, you'll feel like you are in heaven."

Slowly he pulls out his fingers and I desperately try to keep my arse from clasping shut in a panic. His dickhead is at my hole and it feels as big as it looks – or probably even bigger. His hands are on my hips, stroking me, then holding me firmly. Suddenly the pressure ramps up fast and his cock forces open my hole. Before I can clench to fight back, he bursts into my gut.


Pup screams as my monster cock pops into him. Immediately I follow through with another 3 or 4 inches and grab hold of him to avoid him trying to wriggle free.

"Take it out! Please, take it out."

I hold still. "I am not going any deeper, Pup. Try to relax."

"I can't. Take it out, Tom. Please."

"Yes, you can. Deep breaths, calm down. You will adapt to my girth in a few minutes and when you do, I'll start to enjoy how fucking big I am."

I have been here before and they almost all need time to accommodate. Simon is the first virgin I have had, though, but I am sure by tomorrow night I can get him to beg me to ravage him repeatedly, as long as he gives me a chance to break him in this first time. Fortunately, he does, panting and groaning but no longer begging me to stop. I would have stopped, had he insisted, you know; I don't rape people.


The pain does subside, although not as quickly as I would have liked. I don't know what I expected having sex would be like, but my imagination didn't involve feeling like you're being torn apart. Then again, I didn't envisage to get fucked by a titan hung like a prize stallion.

But the pain does subside, and when it does, I notice with astonishment that my cock is still rock hard with excitement.

"I am going to push in further now. Try to relax, I'll go slow," Tom says and I nod my agreement – fearfully.

Short slow strokes, each probing a little deeper into me. Tom is surprisingly gentle for a big man with a huge tool. He was right, though, because as my arse gets used to the sheer girth of him, I am beginning to enjoy the sensation. Somewhere deep inside my belly, he finds an empty space of some sort, because suddenly he slides several more inches into me. The feeling of that massive slab of meat slipping deep into my body is overwhelming.

"Eurghhh Yes! ... Oh Tom, fuck me!"


The fear that had been in his eyes immediately after I entered him, has been replaced by unadulterated lust now. It is astonishing how quick Pup has transformed from puckered-arsed virgin to cock slut. I am well into his colon now and with a few longer thrusts I bottom out.

"Well done, Pup. You've taken every inch of me. Now I am going to give you a fuck you'll never forget." He just growls in response.

I am building up slowly, both to preserve my stamina and because, despite his excellent performance thus far, Pup is still a virgin. Slow strokes, lengthening over time. Three inches, 6 inches. After 20 minutes, I am slowly long-dicking him with almost my whole considerable length, leaving just the head inside him. By now, Pup is begging me to ram it in hard with every stroke, and I must give him what he wants. I pull out entirely and he whines in disappointment.

"Turn over," I tell him, "onto your knees with your head on the mattress."

His arse up in the air; this is my favourite position for a power fuck.


He enters me again, easily now.

"Brace yourself, Pup. You're in for a ride."

Before the words have sunk in, every inch of his massive pole smashes into my gut, driving the air from my lungs. I don't have to time to recover from the shocking pain and the soaring ecstasy: he has pulled back and rams it in again. The thrusts are following rapidly, one after the other, deep and hard into my body. My organs are getting pummelled, my gut is torn from its base. I didn't know it was possible to experience something like this and survive. But my prostate is sending signals to my brain that it wants this to go on forever, and my cock, still hard from Tom's unfinished blow-job, is finally ready to fire its load.

"I am coming, Tom. Oh God, I am coming. Harder, fuck me harder."

I have the mother of all orgasms as my balls empty themselves onto Tom's mattress. Seconds later, I feel how shot after shot of his seed fills my gut.

Tom, having vacated me, soon stretches out exhausted against to my equally drained body. "I hope you enjoyed that, Pup," he whispers. "I certainly did."


I wake to memories of the young man who stole my heart last night, and the sight of said man lying against my chest. His fingers stroke my pecs, play with my nipples. He gently sucks on of them. His fingers trace my six-pack, slowly meandering towards my groin and its trophy. He cups my balls and looks up towards my face.

"Morning, handsome."

"Did I wake you?"

I reassure him that he can wake me up like that every day, gently kissing a him good morning. My cock reacts to his caresses.


I cannot believe how big his tool is, so close to my face. How big and how beautiful. It's so fat that my fingers don't fit around it. I had that up my arse yesterday, all of it. I am still sore back there, but have no regrets letting Tom take me. His cock has an irresistible attraction on me. I run my tongue the entire length from slit to balls. I try to fit the head in my mouth, wanting to please Tom the way he had got me hard me yesterday, but his hand on my shoulder stops me.

"Just suck on my balls for a bit, Pup. I'm too large for a novice. I'll teach you to give head properly another time."

I follow his lead, taking a testicle into my mouth, rolling it around, squeezing between tongue and palate.


He licks and sucks, eagerly rather than skilfully, but I am impressed with his rookie performance. I let him play with me for a while. My cock, hard and erect, the focus of his attention. His hands cannot leave me alone, stroking, probing, kneading my tool, balls, belly and thighs. When he threatens to set me off, I raise and steer him into the bathroom.

The hot water cascades over Simons back as he leans face first against the side of the shower cubicle. I push his feet a little further apart and kneel between them. I am not a fan of this, but I'll do anything to give Pup an experience that will remain with him forever.


Tom's hands push my arse cheeks apart, he buries his face between them and licks down the crack. His tongue wriggles at my hole, teasing it to open up. I cannot believe that this is happening, the sensation of a guy rimming my hole. After a little while, his fingers join in, further stretching my arse.

"Are you okay for some more fun, Pup? Not too sore from yesterday?"

My backside does hurt, but not so much that I will refuse his attentions. Like last night, he takes his time, opening me up as much as possible before he gets on with destroying my arse with his gargantuan cock.

When he pushes in, I manage to stop a cry, barely. I lean against the wall panting, relaxing; well, trying to relax. My gut it not ready yet, but my mind needs this.


I am not giving him much time today, sliding in deep, gently but without hesitation. I know Pup can take me and he does too, so I dare to force it down, only stopping when the root of my cock has entered him.


Tom pushes me up against the wall. I am on tip toes but he is so tall that gravity is pulling me down onto him, forcing his cock deeper into my body than ever before. He starts fucking me, long slow thrusts. In and out, like a metronome, out and in deeply, intensely.

"I can keep this up for hours, Pup," Tom whispers, "can you?"

The water cascading down my back is scolding hot now.

"I can too," I manage to reply manfully, despite him ripping up my backside. "I can take anything you can give."

He picks up the pace. "Unfortunately, I cannot afford the water bill that comes with an hour long screw in the shower."

Soon he is fucking me hard, long powerful thrusts that reach the very centre of my being. He rams his manhood in so forcefully that every time he bottoms out, I am lifted off the floor. Surprisingly, the tough fuck helps my arse relax and I am enjoying this more and more, begging Tom to drive it in deeper and harder. As if he isn't already giving me everything he can.

It doesn't last nearly long enough. To soon he is filling me up and while that feels good, I now know that that means that this wonderful moment is about to end.


We spend a long leisurely day. Brunch in a lovely local Italian place, followed by a long shopping trip around Bond Street. I have decided that he doesn't look sufficiently flamboyant in the clothes he went clubbing in yesterday. So I buy him some designer jeans and T-shirts, tight enough that they show off his beautifully boyish body, not so tight that it alarms him. I buy him a suit that fits him so well that I can only assume that Hugo Boss himself handstitched it specifically for my boyfriend. Pup protests that it is all too expensive, but I ignore him, because I want to encourage him to look good, to look gay, feel gay, be gay. Admittedly, it does help that I earn enough that I don't need to worry about the occasional splurge.


On the sofa back at Tom's flat, I wrap myself against his shoulder, an arm around his chest, my legs across his lap. I love to feel his chest raise and fall with every breath. I love to feel the warmth radiating from his body. I am worried about the clothes he bought me. I love them, don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous and really show off the new me. But I don't think I can take them with me.

"Can I leave my new stuff here, Tom?"

"If you want to, why?"

"I don't want my parents to see them."

He is quiet for a moment. "They don't know you're gay?"

When I shake my head, he kisses the crown of my head. "Of course you can leave them here ... but you may want to come out sooner rather than later. It only gets harder with time, I think."

"They will throw me out if they knew."

I slide my hand down his trousers and touch the might of his massive tool. Hot, firm, full of power.

"Will you stay here with me tonight?"

I wish I could. "I have to leave at 5. Mum and dad are coming back from a trip tonight, they will worry if I am not there."


Time and time, I am reminded how young he still is. Having to be home before his `mum and dad' return is the most childish thing he's said in a while, until his next words: "... and I have school tomorrow morning."

"But you will come back, won't you? If only to change into your new clothes."

He looks up towards me and kisses me. The first time, I think, that he takes the initiative for a kiss. His fingers have unbuttoned my trousers and uncovered my manhood.

"I'll find an excuse to come back next weekend. Not for my new clothes, but for you, because I want to spend another Saturday night in your bed."

He slowly massages my cock and balls to get me hard. The boy is insatiable.

"I'll come back to get fucked, fucked and loved ... repeatedly."

I let him play with me for a little while. I'd like to give him free rein to do with my body whatever he wants, but time is running out and I need to give him a going-away present.

I pick him up and carry him to the kitchen, where I bend him over the table. With my left hand I pull down his pants, while I spit in the right one to slick up my tool.

"You're coming here to get shagged, you said?"

I line up my cock and push it hard at Pup's behind. He can't keep me out for more than a couple of seconds and I drive in half my tool in a single thrust. Despite the previous experiences, Pup squeals in shock. With a couple of more thrusts, I impale him and begin to fuck his arse with all my force.

"Slower, please, not so hard," Pup pleads, but when I hold still and feel underneath his body, his dick is rigid as a poker. Knowing that he is enjoying the suffering, I continue to abuse his backside without restraint.


For the third time in less than 24 hours, my lover shoots a massive load in my gut. Seconds later, I myself empty my sack on his kitchen floor. He collapses onto my back and pins me to the kitchen table.

"That is what you can look forward to next weekend, Pup," he says when he has regained his breath.

There is no time to shower, so I will need to make the journey home smelling of sex. Will other people notice it? Will they know it is another guy's seed, they smell? I don't care ... although I will shower as soon as I get home.

At the front door, Tom pulls me against his chest and we kiss, a long warm tender kiss between two men who are in love. My hip presses against his big cock.

"You really will come back next weekend, won't you?" Tom asks with an endearing wobble in his voice.

I grind into his tool and give him another quick kiss.

"I will. Whatever it takes, I'll be here to see you again."