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They say that if we saw the end of our lives, we'd never want to live it. I'd say that's somewhat true, but some people want to cheat and find their own way out and go ahead and get that done.

For me, I'd chosen a rope. The problem was I chickened out and sat there with it in my hands staring at it and realizing that a rope is made up of many strands... Each one is weak in it's own power, but with a bunch of them, it can become strong enough to support someone, or even pull a ship.

The next morning, I woke up, got dressed, and went and faced the music with my employer. I didn't know how the money was missing. All I knew was that it was, and it was supposedly through my window at the bank where I work.

When I got there, everyone stared like they were silently asking why I dared to show my face. When I put my lunch in the refrigerator, I turned and said, “Someone's going to have to demonstrate exactly how I took it to show me that I'm guilty. Until then, don't anyone come near my window or ask to exchange a thing with me. If you do, I'm considering you suspect.

Perhaps when it starts happening to you, you'll understand that I'm not guilty. When it happens, IF they fire me, we'll have that talk about how we thought it happened and put it together exactly who it was who helped us by costing us our jobs.

At that time, I'm going to tell you I'll hold no mercy. Right now, you're making me look guilty. For that, you'll never be forgiven.”

I gave a nod, “If you think that me standing up for myself is a moment of weakness, you understand one thing... They've got to prove me guilty, not suppose I'm guilty of a thing. I've not taken anything I've not had coming in my life. Perhaps, when they start suspecting each of you and checking out your purchases and sudden new wealth, they'll find the culprit.

Until then, I'm living in the same old apartment, doing the same thing day in and day out. I live frugally and can demonstrate every dollar I've managed to put away.”

I walked out and went to my position. Ted came over, “Casey, would you come with me?”

We went into his office and he said, “We're reviewing everything.”

Check the video. I'll tell you now that I've hired an attorney and he's going to be getting video for the last 2 months. If it's not given for my defense, it's not going to be used to prosecute.”

He gave me a sharp glance and I said, “Hey, you would have come out swinging if you weren't guilty AS HAVE I!” I shook my head, “I'm not going to take it laying down and I'll be damned if someone's going to put me away for you to suddenly find someone else guilty after smearing me, my reputation, and my credibility.

Think about that because when you look at all my banking records, how I live, and how frugal I am, you're going to see I've not done anything lavish.

You've got someone working back there who takes a cruise every three months, you've got someone else who buys a new car every year, and you've got someone else in there who happens to have more jewelry than a jewelry store.

When credibility comes into question, you're looking at the wrong dog to find the bark. Needless to say, without the bark, you're not going to find the bite. Making this a smear on me, I'm taking it personally.”

He smiled, “Oh, don't take it that way!”

I stared, and lowered my voice, “Oh, don't take it personally when he goes into yours either.”

He stopped in mid smile and glared. I gave a nod, “Oh, don't take it personally!”...

Well, with that said, I do think you can be investigated without you working here!”

I gave a nod, “Thanks, you just fired someone who has an attorney filing the lawsuit which will get answers. You can be investigated with or without me working here too! When you have no proof, please understand as a federal banking facility, you're supposed to keep the video and the proof. He's filing to have all that subpoenaed. I'll go clock out.”

“I'll have you escorted out.”

I pointed, “Do so. The video will be played for the jury.”

I stood up and walked out thinking, “You won't get that satisfaction!”

When I got outside, I dialed Brandon, “Hello?”

“I've just been fired.”

The regulators are about to roll in. I've got the paperwork filed already and he's going to be surprised when he understands that we've got a class action.”

I went to the bus stop and watched the two who were working drive thru watching me. That's when I saw the four black vans roll up and roll in like a swat team.

I said, “They're making their presence felt right now.”

“Good! I need to ring off. It's real interesting that I've got someone from up top on that bank already ringing my phone!”

“Ok. Have fun!”

I went home and by mid afternoon, my phone was ringing. “Hello?”

Brandon said, “Hey! Do you want the good news or the great news!”

“What's that?”

The good news is the person who called me this morning from up top in that bank got me the dates and the copies of the receipts. He got the surveillance footage for those dates in question and is getting me everything.

What I already know is the amounts were always the same...$9900 which always goes under the radar for taxes because that threshold is $10,000.”


He's finding it real peculiar because sometimes, your drawer came in less than that for the entire day of transactions and yet, you always had a transaction which was $9900.”

“I'll tell you now that in the last six months, I've not had a transaction for that amount. I've had some for $5000, but it's always the same old couple and I think they're losing it at a casino someplace.”

Ooh, really???”

It's not for me to judge or say anything if it's that person who is withdrawing the money him or herself. If it was someone who had someone coming in with him or her, I would report it, but since it's usually him, unless they're doing it through the drive thru, we can't say anything.

Now, I say we there because sometimes it's not me who has that man or woman, but one of the other tellers.”

“I understand.”

“Let me state this... There's always money enough to cover it in their account, so that's not causing them any damage financially.”

“Which is being seen.”

Right. You know and I know that it is, but I'll tell you this... If I had that kind of money, it'd be spent wiser.”

How would you spend it?”

First of all, I'm single. If I had someone else in my life, I'd spend it at the theater, opera, or ballet. I'd make memories and would go places which when I'm looking back upon it, I'd be able to say, “Remember when...”.”

He said, “I understand.”

My problem is this... There's not an extravagant bone in my body. When you're poor as a church mouse, you think about how you'd want to live, but you never get the opportunity.

First of all, I'd have to find the right person and that takes money. I can't drive a car because I have none. I can't go to a place which costs money, because I have none. Then, I can't say, come back to my place because I have no place of which would impress. Add it all up, and I'm stuck in a rut.”

“Where do you put your money?”

Retirement savings. My Great Aunt was a spinster and died penniless and broke because she hadn't put enough away for a proper nest egg. Of course, when she was broke, she didn't go ask for assistance because that would be admitting the circumstances she was in, so she lived a very social life having one party a month and being invited to many. Her problem was she bought ketchup and made tomato soup more than she'd admit.”

I understand.”

“With me, it's exactly opposite. I'm putting away 35% of my pay and that's an awful lot. Just the same, if I budget it, it works and I've got no complaints except it leaves me being alone and solitary.”

He was quiet, “Perhaps when you win your lawsuit, you'll have it different?”

“When I win my lawsuit, I'll probably buy a house. That way, my insecurities of finding myself without a place to live are done. Of course, with a house, I'd need furniture because I sure don't have much now!”

He chuckled, “No car?”

Yes, I must have a car. Either that, or I've got to live near the subway and find another job near a subway.”

“I think you're going to be offered a very good job as soon as you're found to be in the right.”

“I know I'll be found in the right, so don't worry!”

“I know it will too. I think everyone outside of that place sees it. I find it ironic that some of the former tellers who have had the same situation have endured the same embarrassment. And I've noticed they've all had the same amounts taken from them and all have had it happened after everyone had been there ten years.”

And all of us had Ted Overton as a General Manager because no one else has been there that long.”

Right. Now, who checks out your cash drawers after you're done for the evening?”

Uh, our head teller checks us out. I should be the head teller, but I was told that he had to give it to a woman. I wanted to say that was discrimination at that time, but decided it'd do no good.”

Why not?”

When you make waves, don't cry when they come in. If you file a discrimination suit, you tend to get fired. I needed the job too much.”

I'm filing on behalf of that too. It's all pointing back to Ted Overton.”

Yes, and I think that when you do a search of the rest, you're going to see a lot of things happening in that room. I sometimes wonder if it's a conspiracy because everyone's seeming to have a lot of extra spending money.”

Interesting.” He said, “Uh, I'll call you back. I've got the FBI calling.”


I rang off and sat back thanking my lucky stars I'd called him and gotten the whistle-blower status.

It seemed that I'd no sooner bared my soul than the shortage got accused. When that didn't get me fired, the next, and the next happened. That's when I was told to act like everything was normal, but to hold on as long as I could.

What they didn't want happening was they didn't want local police getting involved. That's why when I was threatened, I quit and went out without them.

Little did I know they were planning on getting in before anything else was done. I imagine that because I hadn't checked out a drawer, but had gotten on the clock, they'd probably say I took some money.

Why I kept saying 'they', I don't know. I suppose that if it's Ted Overton, he'd have the ability to do it himself, but parts of me thought subconsciously that with that much involved, it'd be a complex undertaking.

When my phone rang, it was Brandon, “Hello?”

Would you go with me to the bank?”


Do you want to drive, or have me stop by and pick you up?”

Stop by. I don't have a car.”

“Oh, that's right!”

“I'll be waiting.”

I went down and waited. When he got there, I got in the car. He said, “They already know it wasn't you. I'm finding this really interesting because they've looked at all the reported thefts and have happened to know it's not anyone whom has gotten in this lawsuit.”

Why are we going to the bank?”

They want everyone there so that when you're sitting there, and you're cleared, everyone else who works there who isn't getting arrested will see you weren't arrested with them.”

Ok. So, they'll be arrested while we're there?”

Yes. I'm not supposed to know that, but that's what's going to happen.”

“One or more people?”

I as told several.”

“Ok. I suspected that.”

When we got there, they allowed us into the building. Ted Overton yelled, “YOU GET OUT!”

I smiled and Ted was physically taken into his office where I recognized several of the heads of the bank.

I was taken into a conference room and asked to remain seated. I saw one other woman, Rhonda, who was in on the lawsuit and smiled. I rolled my chair over and hugged her. “Hi hon! How are you!”

She smiled real big, “You too!”

I gave a nod, “I quit this morning. Three different times money was taken from my drawer. I finally called my attorney and we got me into the whistle-blower system.”

She gave a nod, “I wish I had. I did sign up for the lawsuit. I know I did nothing wrong!”

“I know you didn't either. After you, it's been terrible. First you, then Nanette, and then me. It sounds like someone's been robbing the bank from the inside out.”

Brandon whispered, “Keep it down! Not everyone coming into this room is going to be innocent!”

I looked surprised and asked, “Why would they allow them to come in here? Have they checked everyone's purses?”

I'm sure they have!”

“I hope we don't get blown away by hoping they don't!”

He got up and walked out. I smiled and turned to her, “As I was saying. When it happened to me the first time, I thought, “Nah, someone's got something wrong!”

She nodded, “ME too!”

Cheryl Lee came in. She gave me a look and threw up her nose. I turned to Rhonda, “I have a feeling they're going to want to settle the lawsuit by giving us our jobs back.”

Cheryl Lee said, “Fat chance!”

I turned to her, “It sounds to me like you know more than you're saying? Are you innocent?”

Her eyes bulged out, “It looks to me like they've found the guilty parties and have them here to be arrested!”

I nodded, “Yeah, it does! Which jewelry are you going to wear with the orange jumpsuit?”

Rhonda laughed and Cheryl Lee sputtered, “You asshole!”

I rolled my eyes, “Since I don't work here now, are you calling a customer of this bank an asshole?” I fluttered my fingers in pointing, “The heads of the bank are here, would you like to retract that before my attorney gets called back in?”

She gave me a look and I smiled, “If your husband is involved, I suppose he's willing to risk your house being sold once it's confiscated. If not, I imagine he'll be surprised that some baubles and costume jewelry cost him all he's worked for... That is, if you're married!”

She nearly stood up she was so upset, “BAUBLES!”

“Tinsel goes good with them.... Does the star hurt? I doubt if the angel would stay there!”

Rhonda giggled and Cheryl Lee said, “OH my God! I'll have you know everything is real?”

I rolled my eyes, “Teeth, fake. Tits, fake. Tan, fake.... Facelift, real!!!”

Rhonda laughed out loud, I said, “You know, me not working here is refreshing because it's not costing me a thing to actually tell the truth for a change!”


“Sexually harassing a customer... Tut, tut...” I turned to look for Brandon and dialed my phone, “Yeah?”

I need you in here. You'd be amazed at how one of their employees is giving you fodder for the lawsuit!”


Sexual harassment, cussing a customer like she's a high class hooker down on the wharf!”

He laughed, “Oh my God! I need to get in there!”

I rang off and Cheryl Lee glared at me, “Yeah, I said fuck you... faggot!”

I rolled my eyes, “You aren't man enough to be my woman!”

Rhonda laughed and Brandon came in just in time for Cheryl Lee yelled, “Here comes your man. I hope he fucks you up the ass!”

Brandon looked shocked, “Is your recorder on?”

I gave a nod, “Oh yeah. And so are my wearable video cameras! Want to hear and see?”


“You might want to tell them there's at least $500,000 worth of names being called to a customer in here! It might've took that much to liposuction the hips off that one over there, but I'm not willing to guess the real price of her.... work... The duck bill lips, or is that a mule's lips looking for a carrot???”

He smiled real big and she said, “HEY, I don't take dicks up my ass!”

I gave her a look, “Who's to say you don't??? If I were guessing the amount of lifting they did to your face probably yanked it from there to there. You definitely should wipe with toilet paper when you talk!”

She gave a look and I gave a nod, “It just goes to show you can put clothes, lipstick, and jewels on a jennet mule and she still shows you she misses the barn yard occasionally!”


Brandon said, “I'd say she's up to another million. I'll go handle this!”

Kim came in giving Cheryl Lee a look and sat down by her. She asked, “What's going on?”

Cheryl Lee said, “The faggot over there is going to get his mouth slapped!”

Rhonda said, “The gutter mouth over there is paying him a fine retirement by talking to him while she's still employed. He's no longer employed, so she thinks she can talk bad to him. With having money in this bank, he's STILL a customer, but she's forgotten her manners.”

Cheryl Lee yelled, “FUCK YOU TOO!”

I said, “There, we're getting you paid now!”

Cheryl Lee said, “You just shut the fuck up faggot!”

I gave a nod as Kim looked shocked. I said, “Kim, I'm wearing video and have two of them on me besides having two voice recorders. She's been told, but I guess she thinks the board of the bank is gathering to support her instead of seeing if my hiring an attorney was a big joke.

Instead, the dime store jewelry princess thinks if the tiara fits, she's going home with one of them! I keep telling the scandalous barn yard ass that none of them are named Charming, but she's sure gonna be needing Charmin!”

I rolled my eyes and Kim laughed out loud. Cheryl Lee yelled, “FAGGOT!”

I turned to Rhonda, “Girlfriend, you need to get her to yelling at you! I think she's got me another million by using that word twice!”

Anna Beth Thompson came in and looked stunned. She looked at Cheryl Lee, and asked, “DO you think they're going to catch us?”

Cheryl said, “Oh, shut the fuck up! He's already saying he's wearing wires and video! You just admitted you're a part of it!

You and your cruising every three months. I told you that would give you away!”

I smiled, “At least she got away from you! Lord knows once you cast in with sin, you've laid with the wrong crowd!”

Cheryl Lee said, “At least I'm not taking it up the ass!”

I pointed at myself, “I hope you're talking to me. You didn't make yourself clear on that one, so I think it's an implied sexual harassment of one by including everyone... I'll have to ask if that's legal!”

Rhonda said, “It's not legal. She's already got a rapport going with you by calling you gay and including it several times in the diatribe she's yelling.”

Cheryl Lee said, “FUCK YOU RHONDA!”

I said, “Wonderful, you have a sexual harassment also! I'd ask for a bunch since she went to lesbianism with you and those earrings will probably turn your thighs green!”

Kim laughed and Anna Beth smiled real big. Cheryl Lee got up and I smiled, “Bitch, sit it back down. The second you connect with this masterpiece I call my face. I'm head butting you in yours just to see if your lips blow out upon impact!”

She came over and Brandon walked in with an officer. Cheryl Lee smacked me and I mean it stung. The officer ran over and cuffed her.
I said, “Yeah, I'm in fear for my life. It's a forcible sexual assault!..” I paused and turned to Brandon, “I hope you didn't hold yourself back because I'm up to $5 million and Rhonda's in on another million. She's got threats of sexual assault and I've got that forcible thing happening.”

Cheryl Lee was led out with her yelling and cussing me. I said, “If you want the video, it's going to be great! It didn't hurt as much as it made me wonder how she treats the women in her life! I mean, when she gets to prison, she'll be a real wife beater if you don't watch her!”

He smiled and Rhonda and Kim laughed. Anna Beth said, “You need to hope you're not going to prison!”

I said, “Oh, they won't send me. I made it out of seminary in one piece! Once you get past some future priests, they know you'll make it past hardened and tatted up muscular specimens of manhood inside some fences..!!!” I turned to Brandon, “Are you sure they won't send me if I'm innocent? I keep talking myself into it somehow!”

Everyone laughed and he smiled real big, “No, they won't send you! I keep telling you that!”

I gave a nod, “I keep hoping. Do you think they'd let me sponsor a few from the halfway house?”

He started laughing and Kim said, “Nah, but my brother in law would probably be interested! He's just gotten out!

I did that head spin thing, “Really!”

She laughed, “He's a babe!” She gave me a funny look, “You really ought to let me set you up!”

“I don't have anything! My place is a rundown furnished apartment and who wants to see something like that and think about romance!”

She smiled, “Hon, he's living on a sofa and had a 6' x 10' cell in there he shared with another guy! When your roommate is going to the bathroom within inches of your head, you'd better like him!”

“I'd put my head at the other end!”

“That's up by the walk and they stab you as they walk buy!”


“It was terrible.”

“What was he in there for?”

His so-called boyfriend had dope on him and ditched it in his car when the police pulled them over because his boyfriend had a warrant. Jax thought that was the end of the relationship because the guy would be going to jail, but the guy got 30 days in county and Jax got 5 years for having the drugs in his car!”

I shook my head, “That sounds like my luck with a guy!”

She asked, “Tell me about your relationships?”

I shrugged, “I've only been with one guy. He was a friend of mine in high school. He was the jock, the buff guy, and the apple of my Dad's eye. Of course, my Dad didn't know we were together, so that was weird.

What happened is from the age of 9 years old until 18, we were boyfriends. When it came time for him to go to college, our agreement was that he'd go first and then, I'd help him. I used my college money to help him, and then, he up and totally forgot about me! Needless to say, after 3 years, I finally caught on that he was screwing around on me with someone else and decided to take a bus there to see. When I got there, he wanted to beat the hell out of me and how dare I embarrass him!!!
Well, that was the day I shut off the money. He wanted to threaten that he'd tell my Dad about me and I said, “Go ahead dumbass, my Dad died four months ago! I waited for you to come home, but no, you were too busy making the grades and working for us!”
That was 2 years ago. I got this job and hoped that I'd be able to save and put myself through college. Now, I guess that will happen!”

Brandon said, “I want that name of your ex. What he did was fraud and he owes you the money he took. He might not like it, but blackmail is a two way street. He can try to tell your people and you can't make it bad for him? Just wait until he's got a fraud charge and tries to get a security clearance anywhere!”

I gave a nod, “Ok! A few months ago, I'd've told you to leave him alone and let God. Well, he's now saying there isn't a God and since he thought he could beat up on me and make threats, I figure I'll turn the tables and make it fair play!”

He gave a nod, “We'll talk later.”

At 2pm, the bank shut and everyone came in. When Ted was brought in, he commenced to cussing me.
The FBI guy said, “Threats, and intimidation of a witness. You were told to keep your mouth shut for a reason Mr. Overton!!! Now, you've got another 20 years TWICE. That on top of the charges and the fraud and the conspiracy to commit and the wire fraud and the federal charges, you'd got a date with destiny in front of a judge who is going to take away the rest of your days!

Of course, I got told you didn't want to help us when we asked for your statements against your co-conspirators, but don't worry, the video surveillance in this place is great! We have that, so you're the first to be arrested!”

They took him out and the FBI guys said, “If I call your name and ask you to stand, please stand. If I don't call your name and you choose to stand and leave with them, it's flight to avoid arrest and evasion of custody... and yes, you're in custody as soon as you entered this room!”

Everyone looked shocked and they read my name as well as seven others.

When we stepped out, we were hurried over to the junior executive suite and shut in that office. As soon as we entered, Brandon said, “Everyone, the board is in meeting right now. As you see, Casey, Kim, and Rhonda aren't guilty.

A lot of you have been led to believe and doubt them, but the surveillance and the accounts didn't show they were the ones who were in the wrong.

Those in there are getting arrested. The three who brought suit for defamation of character, and a bunch of other charges in relation to their firings are still here.

We didn't hold back one bit on the charges. That doesn't happen when someone has to go to the FBI as a whistle-blower in order to have his reputation saved.”

The board came in and went up to the front of the room. The Chairman said, “First of all, to you three, we owe you a huge apology. We were led to believe you two were guilty and fired.

The bank thinking that low publicity was the way to handle it so that it's reputation wasn't harmed, didn't pursue charges and thought that believing him and letting you go were the best alternatives.”
He took a deep breath, “It wasn't until Casey had it happen to him that we were made aware. At that time, we went into meeting and decided to check on things without bringing attention to anyone here in the bank. That's when we learned some real horrific things and started keeping track of the books and watching the video like hawks.

Casey's attorney took it to the Feds.. In the time it took for them to come in, we started cooperating and showing them what we'd learned.

Since Casey was under whistle-blower status, we knew he'd be ok and would be getting them information. At the same time, he was taking hits upon his reputation as you were being told he was stealing.

Well, now you know who was stealing. The bank is agreeing to the charges and the feds aren't giving us any choice. All in all, the sums were right at $1 million dollars.

Because there is a lawsuit involved, we need to have a meeting with those individuals and make some offers. I'll tell everyone that your jobs will be offered back...”
He turned and looked at me, “But Casey, you've gotten passed for promotion not once, but twice. We're looking at your records and it seems you were discriminated against and would've been in the Vice President's position which at this time, you'd been moved into the President's position due to everything happening today.

We'd like to ask if you'd take that position. We realize you'd been trained and would need to know everything those jobs entail, but it'd bring about trust in that position because everyone knows you're frugal and honest.

You don't have to answer yet. Rhonda, you're going to be trained to go into the VP's Job and Kim, you'll be in as head teller.”
He paused and looked around, “Everyone, quite frankly, the board and I are embarrassed we've been put in this position. We try to have safeguards in place and they've failed us. Now, we're having to recover.”

He looked around, “Everyone, at this time, you now know everything we know. The board and myself need to make some offers to these individuals for compensation.”
He looked out at us and said slowly, “I'll admit, I don't know how much of a price you'd put upon your reputation, your honor, and your integrity, but they've had a serious disservice done to them by a representative of this bank.”

With that said, everyone went back to work. They took me in to the President's office and offered me the job. Through Brandon, I was offered a settlement of $20 million. Along with that, my personnel record would be scrubbed and anything detrimental would be removed.

Brandon asked to confer with me and we went outside. He said, “Hold on because I'm going to tell them there are new lawsuits in regards to your problems with Cheryl Lee.”

I said, “Ok. Make sure we take this one.”

“It's what everyone's being offered in your situation.”

I gave a nod and we went back in. Brandon said, “Men, everything's good with this settlement. However, I do need to let you know that there's still the matter of what Cheryl Lee said in there.”

They gave us a look and I said, “Men, at that time, I wasn't an employee. I quit earlier today in order to keep the case solvent. Even if I were a co-worker, the language, the name calling, the workplace bullying, and the manner in which she spoke as an employee wasn't warranted.

Now, if that changes everything with this lawsuit, I'll make it understood that aside from Rhonda being called some names and a sexual harassment, no one else had to take it.”

I turned to Brandon, “I'll leave you to discuss it. I just saw the paperwork for my becoming President get slid into the file. When we have a court date, let me know. Until then, I'll go out here and remove my money from this bank... as a customer... and will request my retirement be moved elsewhere.”

He gave me a wink, “Sure!”

I got up and walked out. Rhonda gave me a look and I walked over to her, “Because I wanted recompense for the name calling we endured in there, my being appointed President just got taken off the table.”

She looked shocked and I said, “Needless to say, they're offering $20 million to each of us. When my voice recorder and the video has it happening, I'll take the chances and go on to court.”

I went over and spoke with Denise, “Yes Casey?”

Here's my bank book and my checking account numbers. I'd like to close both accounts.”

She looked shocked, “What's going on?”

There was $20 million on the table for each of us. Because I wanted compensated for the names I was called in that room, the appointment into the Presidency here got withdrawn. Before I let that happen, I'll shut everything here and take it on into court. The man wants to say he doesn't know how much a reputation costs, well, I bet a judge can figure it out!”

She said, “I'm going to have to ask one of them to approve this! We don't have a President seated!”

Sure, go ahead. I'll wait.”

She went and knocked on the door and was allowed in. Real fast, the CEO came back with her, “Casey?”

I sighed, “Listen, when you gave the speech in regards to not knowing what a reputation is worth, I was thinking you were with me. As soon as I saw the paperwork go back into the file, it told me that I'd have to take it on into court.

Through everything, I've held my head up and been treated despicable by representatives of this bank. It didn't end when I came back here today, it led to another onslaught by one of your employees.

Now, you might agree or disagree because she was on her way out the door and being fired, but I questioned Brandon when we were going into the same room as everyone. He said it was because everyone wanted us to be seen as exonerated and given back some dignity.

In order to do so, I think I was called about every name the woman knew. Now, I'm asking for that too.

You might not like it, but that's where we were put. Rhonda received harassment in there, but Kim went over and stayed out of the line of fire.”

He leaned in, “Would you take another $5 million?”

I looked at him, and sighed, “Rhonda's going to need $1 million for her's.”

He gave me a look and I said, “Let me discuss this with Brandon. I'm fine with it, but I want it understood that doesn't get swept under the rug. She's cost you money, and she's cost this bank money. It needs to be understood that her crimes didn't stop while the FBI was out of the building, they continued with them present. If that keeps her from getting a lighter sentence, damn the luck!”

He gave a smirk, “I agree wholeheartedly!”

We went in and he said, “Brandon, I want you two to discuss what he and I agreed. He negotiated for Rhonda, so you might cut him in on something!”

Brandon gave me a look and I said, “I receive $5 million and Rhonda receives an additional $1 million. If they remove the Presidency from the table, so be it, I'll be too busy creating a new life.”

He gave a nod and said, “I'll take my commission off the $20 million and not off the additional $5.”

“Make sure they're not dragging feet on paying that!”

Let's go discuss this!”

We went in and Brandon said, “Men, if the Presidency is removed from the table, he is paid today. If it's still on the table, he'll take it in 2 weeks, but his accounts shut today.”

They stared at each other and the CEO said, “We need to discuss this for a moment.”

We went out and Brandon smiled real big, “That put the fire under them!”

They're not going to offer it. I've never took my eye off the file and it's never came back out.”

He gave a slight nod, “What are you going to do with your money?”

I'm going to buy a house, a car, and shop for furniture. I'm probably going to get season tickets to some things like the opera, the symphony, and travel to see some things.”

I watched and when the CEO came to the door, I said, “We're getting paid today.”

The CEO said, “Men?”

We went in and he said, “We've decided to pay you today.”

I said, “My check will be $18.4 million. His will be $6.6 million. I'll need that approval to get my retirement, savings, and checking withdrawn. All that will be going elsewhere.”

He gave a scowl and said, “Certainly!”

I looked at Brandon, “I just want it made clear so that when I get in that Mercedes to drive and go traveling, I'm doing it debt free and don't have anything holding me back.”

Brandon said, “Sure. You're going to need an account someplace to cash the check.”

I sighed, “Ok. I'll keep the account here, but with their incidences of theft, it's cost me some trust.”

He gave a huge grin, “I understand! Perhaps you can get your car and house, then move accounts!”

The CEO said, “If you'll keep it here, we'll put you in a high interest bearing debit.”

I gave him a look, “7%.”

He sort've gulped and I smiled, “That's what I'd get in the Cayman Islands.”

He gave a nod, “Certainly.”

Let's do the paperwork for that, or are you moving everything I've got that direction now?”

“I'll get it done momentarily.”

I gave a nod, “Ok. Let's get me to sign whatever papers are needed so that I can get to the Mercedes dealership!”

He smiled, “Men, let's do his paperwork!”

The CEO said, “Let's call ahead and get whatever you want added to the settlement.”

I said, “The most expensive white convertible they have. I can't tell you what that is, but that's what I was going to ask the salesman to take me to when I got there.”

The CEO gave a nod, “Let me make that call for you!”

Brandon smiled real big, “That'll be tax free since it's a part of the settlement.”

The CEO looked up the number and the rest of them sat there. I said, “Fellas, let's get the money put into my account. If I've got a Mercedes waiting on me, I'm not going to want to tarry. You might get to fly over the traffic, but this one's going to be sitting in it 2 hours if I have to wait another hour!”

One laughed and said, “OH! Now I understand your hurry!”

He said, “Come on, we'll get that handled!”

He had us come sign paperwork. While we were signing paperwork, the CEO said, “He's got two. One is a SL which is completely loaded and the other is a SLK.”

“The SL.”

He gave a nod, “I'll have them deliver it here. It should have everything needed so that all you have to do is sign on and drive.”

We did the paperwork and got it onto my account with Brandon receiving his check.

We went out and then, Brandon went in with Rhonda.

Kim asked, “Good?”

Because I asked to be compensated for Cheryl Lee cussing me like a dog, I didn't get the Presidency. Just as soon as possible, I'll have another account opened and everything transferred into it.”

She looked shocked, “That's wrong!”

I'm not going to complain. I was going to buy a place here, but now I can go elsewhere. I'm very seriously thinking about looking at someplace warm and tropical like Miami, or Los Angeles.”

Are you interested in my brother-in-law?”

Yeah, we'll go out to eat dinner. That way, I can see if he's interested in traveling.”

“He's on parole. They won't let him travel.”

I stared, “Hon, I'll date him, but I'm going to travel.”

She gave a hurt look and I said, “I know. If it's meant to be, it'll be! If it's not, it won't! Now, I've got to remain true to me. If I put myself on the back burner when I've got everything at my disposal, I'll never get to do it!”

She gave a nod and I said, “Listen, I'll meet him. I know you want for him as much as you do for me. If it's meant to be, perhaps I'll find him enough to stay settled until he's off parole, but don't think I'll sit idle after buying a car and a house and having $200 grand a year with which to do things AFTER TAXES!”

She looked shocked and I gave a nod, “Don't think you've got to take their job. I'm making more than their job without lifting a finger!”

She giggled, “Ok!”

I sat down and waited. When the Mercedes got there, the man came in and I saw his shirt which said he was from Mercedes. I stood up and said, “Sir?”

He gave a look, “Are you delivering a car here?”

Why yes!”

“Come this way. I want them knowing you've arrived, but the car is going to me.”

We went in and I said, “Excuse me, but the Mercedes Benz guy is here.”

He gave a nod, “Sure!”

He came out with me and said, “I'm paying, but the car gets titled to him however he wants it.”

I said, “Put it into my name.”

He got the CEO the invoice and I helped fill out the paperwork. When everything was done, Kim came out and smiled, “Did you put it on your account?”

Yes. Just as soon as possible, I'm getting it transferred, but I want to be able to look at houses and know that when I want it bought, I'm going to get it immediately.”

“Oh! I'll do that too!”

“Tell your brother-in-law that I'm available tonight. We can find someplace for dinner and I'll pick him up in that new Mercedes convertible out there!”

She laughed, “Oh, I want one!”

The guy looked surprised and said, “We've got a gray one just like his!”

I said, “Mine is white. It's the most expensive one they have because I'm worth it dammit!”

She laughed, “How much was that?”

About $100 grand after taxes and everything.”

She looked shocked and I said, “Sis, one hundred grand now with our money is a drop in the bucket. We're making about $520 grand a year off the interest if we leave it alone!”

She looked shocked and I gave a nod, “For me to buy a house in the $4 or $5 million dollar range is going to take it down to around $375 interest income. After taxes, we're at the $200 grand, so I know I'll be ok!”

She laughed, “Oh my God, that's going to be nice!”

“Yeah, I'm not sharing someone's washer and dryer and yes, I'm buying that before I get a house!”

She laughed real loud and the guy smiled. I said, “We just settled our lawsuits for a fortune each.”

She hurriedly said, “Shush, we're not supposed to tell!”

I smiled, “We're not supposed to tell we settled for what we did. They didn't say a thing that would couldn't say we settled our lawsuits!”

She giggled, “OH, ok!”

Believe me, with the way I'm going to be throwing cash around to get some furniture for a house, it's going to look mighty suspicious!”

She giggled, “I bet you let loose!”

Yeah, I've been repressed. Now, I've got security!”

“Let's go look at your car!”

We went out and the guy was showing everything. When he lowered the top and she saw it was a hard top, she said, “I want that gray one! I've never bought anything this nice for me, so I'm getting it!”

I said, “Let's give him a ride there so you can get it! With some luck, I might see another I like!”

He smiled real big, “Ok!”

We rode together. She said, “Oh, this is so nice! It's going to be so much better than riding the subway!”

I laughed, “Won't it! We'll be up listening to our expensive stereos not giving a damn if we're in traffic!”

She laughed real loud, “Who are you putting in your stereo first?”

Oh, I don't know... I've got them all on my phone. I guess whichever gets seen first!”

He said, “Here, I'll put that in for you!”

He hooked it in and it lit up the dash. Young Galaxy's Pretty Boy came on and I started singing.

I think everyone was impressed with the stereo system playing the rhythm instruments as it was amazing.

The next was the karaoke version of Jessie J's 'Burning Up'. I started singing as I undid my French braid. Kim looked startled and watched me sing. A slow smile came across her face and she started getting into it.

We started moving with traffic, and the music went over to Vixen's Edge of a Broken Heart. I sang and Kim smiled real big, “I know you didn't sing that, but your voice is identical!”

The guy said, “I'm blown away myself! You're GOOD!”

I smiled and hit the mute, “A whole lot of practice in solitude is coming out of a repressive shell now!”

Kim smiled real big and laughed, “You've got that right! Everyone was wondering what you were really like!”

I put it back on and it was perfect, I sang, “I've been doing things your way too long. Well Baby that's over! It won't be easy but I've got to be strong. If I want to cry I don't need your shoulder!”

Kim laughed and the guy kept listening to me sing. I knew he was impressed.

When we got to the dealership, we parked out front and went in. She saw hers immediately and ran to it. I went over and reveled in how she loved it.

She sat in the seat and said, “Yeah, this is MINE!”

I smiled, “It's amazing isn't it!”

She laughed, “Oh yeah!”

The guy smiled, “DO you want me to do the paperwork?”

She nodded, “Yeah, but let me check to see if the money is on my account!”

She dialed and listened. When she squealed, I knew it was. She said, “My God, I've never had $13.4 million of anything!”

I laughed, “That's a dollar for every heartbreaking second we've had to go through that hell!”

She laughed, “OH YEAH!”

The guy gave us a look and I said, “We worked at the bank. The Manager conspired to steal a bunch of money with several people and hold three of us accountable for the thefts. It happened to another girl and then Kim, then, when it got to me, I went straight to my attorney and got whistle-blower status. That's when I started wearing a wire and video cameras.

All of it came to a head yesterday. They tried to tell me that I'd stolen $9900... AGAIN! That was the third time and I knew I would be fired today. When I went in, I went in taking no prisoners. I called them all out and isn't it ironic the ones who I thought were in on it WERE!!!”

Kim smiled, “How much extra did you get for her calling you all those names?”

$5 million without an attorney's cut.”

She looked shocked, “Oh my God, you got $18.4 million!”

“Plus a Mercedes!”

She smiled bigger, “COOL!”

“Brandon played them. He walked out with about as much as me by the end of the day, so he's happy!”

She laughed, “I'd say!”

If and when I settle down, I'll probably go to school for litigation law. Lord knows there's some big paychecks in it!”

She laughed, “I'll be your secretary!”

“Ok. I'll take a third and you get 10%. That way, I'm getting 23% and you're getting 10%!”

She laughed, “Ok!”

He smiled real big, “It sounds like you definitely deserved it!”

I gave him a look, “When people conspire to put you down and make you their scapegoat and make your co-workers doubt you and everything about you, you deserve a helluva payday when it's all said and done.

Those people went home and told everyone what they thought about you and me, and her, so yeah, it was a hard time working there.

It wasn't until the second one that I thought, “Ok, this is getting to be a habit. Either something is up, or something's fishy. I mean, we had one woman buying jewelry all the time and another taking cruises every 3 months when she was spending her paycheck as fast as she could without any signs of saving a thing.

Me, I was saving 35% of every dollar for retirement and living in isolation and poverty just so that I'd never die broke. Then, when they said I had money missing, I was like, “OH HELL NO!”.
Well, it had happened enough that I went right to an attorney. I was so pissed that I called Kim and Rhonda on the way out of the office and told them. They got called by the attorney and suddenly, we had a lot of evidence.

With the way I am, I never spend an extra dollar, but I sure did on two cameras and a voice recorder, and a phone which could stream everything to a computer at home!”

He nodded, “GOOD!”

I said, “Girlfriend, we're keeping you from getting that car! I want to look at this biggun' over here!”

She laughed, “Go get it!”

I went over and took a look at the Maybach S600. I was impressed, but when I sat in the seat, I was like, “Oh my GOD! It's mine!”.

Let's just say this. It's expensive. It's expensive enough that you have to take stock and ask yourself if it's worth it even when you've got the money! I asked, “Ok, what's the lease on one of these puppies?”

He smiled, “You can afford it!”

I laughed, “Yeah, and that's the only way my butt's getting in that seat! $60 grand a year is way better than $200 grand any day!”

He sort've gave a look, “It's $250 grand and is a three year lease.”

I sort've stared stunned, “Uh, I can't do that!”

He made a face, “I'm sorry!”

“Me too, I loved the seat, but I don't love that price!”

He came over, “Can I do you a favor?”


Go look at the S550 over there. It's the same car without the Maybach option. I think you'll love it... And it's about half the price.”


I went over and looked at the car he pointed. Completely loaded, it was $113,000. I looked at the one next to it, an S63 AMG and it was $175,000. I looked between the two and really loved the AMG.

When he came over, I said, “Here's what I'll do. This AMG is $175,000 loaded. Let's get me one in white with a light interior and I'll pay cash.”

He looked surprised, “Let me make some calls and find you one!”

“Ok. Take my number because I've got to find a house with a two car garage, but I want that all wheel drive and the luxury.”

He gave a nod, “Let's go work on getting you what you want.”

We went over and Kim was seated and doing paperwork with a man. She smiled real big, “Did you find one?”

I found what I want. It's $75,000 cheaper than that one over there and is nearly identical.”

She looked shocked and I gave a nod, “I'll be ok. I'll have these cars forever because I'm not going to trade them in like everyone else does. I do need to find a house with a two car garage, but I want a lot in a house, so it's going to be tough.”

She smiled, “I'm getting out of the city and out on the island. I don't know where, but I'll be looking! I want good schools for my kids and I want us having an easy commute.”

I gave a nod, “I want a water view, and a yard. I'm so tired of sitting inside that it's pitiful.”

My cell phone rang, “Hello?”

Brandon said, “Listen, I'm only going to charge you 25% because you brought the others in on the lawsuit.”

OH ok! Thanks!”

“Now, I want to talk with you about that lawsuit against your ex. When can we do that?”

Here's what I know. Right now, I'm buying another Mercedes. After this, I'm going to go out on an honest to God date. Then, I'm going home and I'm going to look on the computer for a house to move into. After that, I'm going to sit back and prop my feet up and dream about how I want life.”

He chuckled, “Ok! I'm available when you are.”

“I'll be in... Trust me on that!”

“Oh, I will!”

When I do, I want you to hear the entire story. That way, there's nothing which will surprise you and take your oars out of the water.”


I rang off and shook my head, “He's going after my ex on that fraud charge.”

She asked, “What happened there?”

We grew up together. He was more of my Dad's son than I was... It was like we were brothers.

When we turned 13, we got closer and he was the one who told me he wanted me to be his boyfriend. I was all for it because I didn't love anyone else and had no interest in anyone else. Needless to say, we got together and kept it quiet.

He was in sports and gradually, that got in the way. Where it got weird was that one day, he totally finked me out and called me a fag and told me to get away from him.

It was embarrassing, hurtful, and I thought we'd talk later, but then, I found out he'd asked a girl out.

Well, I got even. I went to the girl and said, “Hon, you might go out with him, but I'll tell you he just broke up with me in order to do so. We've been boyfriends since we were 13, so you count on him dumping you to go out with the next guy.”

She looked shocked and that Friday night after the game, he showed up at the party expecting her to be his date, but she fronted him out in front of everyone. He got embarrassed, and thought he'd come to my house to beat on me.

Well, my Dad met him at the door and wanted to talk about the game and wanted to know why Larry was so upset. That's when Larry got even and told my Dad what I'd done.

My Dad called me down and with Mom present asked me if I'd done that. I glared at Larry and told them everything. Then, I said, “Yeah, I did exactly what he said. I figure if he's going to call me a fag in front of everyone, he'd best admit that he's one too!”

Well, it hit the fan. Mom wanted to ostracize me and tell me I wasn't her son anymore and my Dad didn't like it, but with Mom being the way she was, it led to arguing, fussing, and fighting. That's when they got divorced and I went to live with my Dad.

My Dad barely spoke with me. Larry and I got back together and he had more to do with my Dad than me.

When it came time to graduate, Larry didn't get the scholarship he'd hoped because the coach... quote... wasn't going to pass along a fag to no college.”

The guy looked shocked and Kim said, “My GOD!”

I held my hand up, “Needless to say with us having one college fund between us, I agreed to let him go to college on it if he'd pull me through when he was finished. He went for 3 ½ years and right before his final semester, he broke up with me and told me, “TRICK!”, and said, “Asshole, that's what you get for costing me my scholarship!”.

Well, I was already working at the bank, so he thought he'd call in and cost me my job. That's when I got turned down for the promotion the first time. Then, the second time, it was obvious... You see, I didn't know about the first time, but they told me about it in the settlement meeting.”

She nodded, “I heard that!”

Needless to say, you know everything.”

The guy gave a nod, “You've got a case of fraud. All it takes is having the banking records the money was pulled from your account.”

“I've got them. I'll admit I didn't have them, but I went into our computer records and pulled them up when I was working at the bank.”

She laughed, “GOOD!”

I looked away and the guy got to making her paperwork in the triplicate printer.

My guy asked a lot of questions and said, “I'll have it tomorrow. There's one in Boston we'll get down here to you.”

I smiled, “Ok. Let's do the paperwork and get it so that it's mine when we get it here.”

We did that paperwork and Kim said, “I'll give you a call.”

“Better yet, get me your address so I can go pick him up for a date!”

She laughed, “Ok!”

She left and he said, “She's decent people.”

She's had it rough. Try getting a job when your former employer is telling everyone you're a thief and should've been up on embezzlement charges.”

He looked shocked and I gave a nod, “Needless to say, I wasn't going out like that without having already spoke with my attorney. He got on it and we got that lawsuit started. With the Feds raiding the place today and having that knowledge that a lot of shady things were happening, they hurried to settle.”

He gave a nod, “Good!”

When I signed and paid, he said, “Good luck. I'll give you a call and will let you know when it's in.”

I gave a nod and went out to my car. Real fast, I had the top up and the music thumping.

When Kim called, she said, “Hon? He's not here. He's gotten a job and I guess they wanted him to start tonight!”

I laughed, “Ok. I'll get take-home, and go shop for a house!”

She laughed, “Sorry!”

“Tell him you've got someone who is interested!”

Oh, I will!”

I drove home and had a whale of a time finding parking. I found a spot, and got up to my apartment.

It didn't take me long to find some places. My problem is that I put in $9 million max and $3 million start and found everything! Needless to say, after I pared it down, I came up with three.

One was right on the Hudson River. It was a big old house and shingle style. It had been updated and had 95' of frontage with a beach, boat dock, and everything I could've ever dreamed. The blessing was that it was empty and in move in condition if I'd take a lavender living room and a John Deere green entry hall.

The second was a 240+ acre estate in New Jersey. The place was immense. I fell in love, but the thought of having all that space was overwhelming.

The third was a bed and breakfast in Larchmont. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. It didn't matter if it didn't have a water view, it was nearly perfect on all points.

It was so beautiful, that my hands shook dialing the phone for the real estate woman. When she answered, I told her I was interested in the house and she said, “Oh! I'll make the appointment!”

If it could be tomorrow, I'd be greatly obliged.”

She said, “I'll call now!”

Thank you. Tell them it's a cash transaction and if I love it as much as I do now, it'll be sold!”

She laughed, “Ok!”

I rang off and dialed Kim, “Hello?”

How are you!”

“Did you find one?”

I've called about one in Larchmont!”

“It had better not be the one I'm wanting to see!”

“Which one are you wanting to see?”

It's $1.495 million.”

“No, mine'll be right up the street across from the school.”

“The former bed and breakfast?”


“Oh my God, I love that house!”

“Me too!”

“I just couldn't see paying that much!”

I didn't look at prices. I looked at what I wanted and all hope was lost when I saw it!”

She laughed, “I bet! That house is GORGEOUS!”

It's right down the street from the one you're looking at. The street you're looking at is right next to the school which is across the street from mine!”

She laughed, “That'll be cool!”

Aside from the water view, it has everything I want. However, if that house had been on a beach, it'd been another $10 million easily!”

She laughed, “Yeah!”

“If it had, it'd not been in my search perameters. I maxed out at $9 million and started at $3.”

“Who is your real estate woman?”


“Get out of here! She's showing us the house tomorrow morning!”

I laughed, “That'll be cool! She's getting the appointment for me to see mine tonight. Then, she'll call me.”

That'll be wonderful!”

If I get it, I'll have to shop for furniture!”

We'll shop together. I've already told Denny I'm putting everything I want in that house and it's all going to be new!”

“What's his brother's name?”

Jaxon. It's spelled like Jason except the s is an x.”

Oh ok!”

“You'll like him. He's a sweetheart. He looks like Matthew McConaughey.”


He has black hair instead of like his, but he's nice looking.”

I bet! I'm sort've salivating since I am a fan of Magic Mike!”

She laughed real loud, “That's funny!”

My phone beeped, “Hon, that's the real estate woman calling! I need to ring off!”

I flashed over, “Hello?”

She said, “I've got an appointment in the morning. However, I can show you at 11am.”

“The people who are viewing the other house are friends of mine. In fact, we were in on the same lawsuit, so she's really interested also.”

“Oh! That's nice to hear!”

“I'll probably drive up so that I'm near. That way, I can see the area and get familiar with it.”

She laughed, “It sounds like your mind is made up!”

“All I need to see is the house. If it's as nice as the photos, it's sold! You might ask if they're interested in $3 million flat.”

“I don't think that will be a problem. If you offer that, it'll be accepted.”

“If I buy it at that, how soon may I take possession?”

Everything's going with it. I thought that was on the description!”

“I didn't see that. That's nice!”

They're not in the residence now. If you don't mind, I'll tell them that once you see it an offer will be made so that we can have the paperwork at the ready.”

“Sure! Go ahead and offer $3 million and we'll do the paperwork when I walk through! That would be wonderful to begin getting everything into my name tomorrow afternoon!”

Ok, I'll do that!”

“Give me a call if it isn't fine. If it is, I'll see you at 11am!”

She chuckled, “Ok! In fact, if you'd like...” She paused, “How about I meet you at 8am?”

Ok. That'd be nice!”

Once the paperwork is complete, we can get you your keys and then, you'll have more time getting everything you're needing done!”

“Sure! How far is it to the train station from there?”

I'm not sure. I'll find out.”

“I'm needing to leave a car there and go back to get another car I bought today.”

“OH! I can run you there if it's far!”

Sure, that'd be great! Then, I could get both up there!”

I rang off and dialed Kim, “Hello?”

I just bought that house. They took it down from $3.5 million to $3 million and had it approved. Did you see that all that furniture went with it?”


I laughed, “Yeah. I'm rather shocked. There's a LOT of antiques in it!”


“I'm going up at 8am to meet her. If I like it, we're doing the paperwork and then, she's running me to the train station so that I can come down and get the other Mercedes. Then, I can get it up there and get a Uhaul rented so that I can come and get what little I've got here. Aside from some furniture, there's not much, so I'm going to be in there by tomorrow afternoon!”

She laughed, “You're moving quick!”

“I'm ready!”

We rang off and I sat and watched some television. At 10pm, I was getting into bed when my phone rang. I frowned and looked at it. When I saw Kim's number, I answered, “Hello?”

Is this Casey?”


This is Jaxon. My sister-in-law said you're interested in dating?”



I smiled, “So tell me about you, Jaxon?”

He started stuttering, “Uh, ah, uh...”

“I already know what she's told me. As you see, I'm not upset or ran off.”

I'm glad. It's hard telling people about that.”

I understand. So tell me everything else!”

He started telling me and before I knew it we had talked two hours. I said, “Jaxon, I need to get to bed. We're looking at houses tomorrow and I need to be up early in order to be there by 8am.”

“Can I drive up with you?”

Sure. Where are you now?”

Denny and Kim's house.”

“Where's that? I can drop by and get you.”

Upper west side on 97th.”

“Ok. I'll need that address. I can get there, but it's going to have to be early... say 7am.”


I rang off and went to sleep.

My alarm woke me at 5:30. I cooked breakfast and then, dialed Kim's. She answered, “Hello?”

It's me. I'm on the way to pick up Jaxon.”

“Oh, ok! He's in the shower.”

It'll take me a good 20 minutes to get there. He'll recognize the Mercedes.”

She giggled, “Yeah, he'll see it matches mine!”

“How did Denny like it?”

He loves it! I think we're getting one like your bigger one!”


I rang off and took my laptop. Within a matter of minutes, I was heading out of the village and up to the Upper West Side. When I got close, I slowed down and saw a guy who had to be him standing on the side of the street smiling.

I pulled over, and rolled down the window, “If you're not him, I'm taking you instead!”

He laughed, “I am! Man, this is a nice car!”

“I got it yesterday. We're going to have to come back and get my other one.”

He gave me a look, “You bought two?”

Yeah. I want one which has 4 wheel drive and one which is sporty.”

He smiled, and we drove. Luckily, we got over to the 95 and shot out to NY1 and drove it through to within blocks of the house. When we got there, I dialed the real estate woman and she said, “Come on in!”

He asked, “Is this it?”

Yeah. It's gorgeous, isn't it!”

“It's huge!”

We went in and she greeted us warmly. I introduced Jaxon and we took the tour. By the time we'd gotten through, I knew I was getting it. We sat down and did the paperwork. That's when I wired the money to her account and she smiled, “That's a lot handier than dealing with the banks and financing and all that!”

I gave a nod, “It sure is!”

She handed me the keys and the other set to Jaxon. He smiled real big, “Thanks!”

She smiled real big at him, “If you two aren't together, you should be!”

I smiled, “We will be!”

He really smiled and we got a ride with her to the train station. It took a bit to get tickets, but we got them all the way to Grand Central.

When we went down, he said, “We've got 20 minutes. Want to get to know each other better?”

I smiled, “Ok! So what are you thinking?”

He smiled real big, “I'm wondering why you're single looking like you do?”

I smiled, “Until yesterday, I was poor as poor could get. There's not much left out of $50 grand a year when you figure rent takes almost half and I was working on very little.”

He gave a nod, “I'm not complaining. I just think I'm super lucky!”

I smiled, “Me too! You're the perfect height and everything!”

He really smiled, “You think?”

I know so! When we hug, I want someone who will hug me by enveloping me in his arms!”

He giggled, “And you're the perfect size too! That's how I want to hug someone!”

We chatted and got the train. Fortunately, there were some seats, so we got to sit together. They took our tickets and we scooted along real fast.

When we got to Grand Central, I pointed, “We'll take the subway over and won't have to walk but 2 blocks.”


We did and had to stand with him behind me. It was crowded, but he held onto me and it felt great. When we got to our stop, we got off and he smiled, “I hope you didn't mind!”

“Not at all! It felt wonderful!”

We walked and when we got to the dealership, we went in. The guy looked surprised, “Well hello!”

“I bought a house and we left the car there. I wasn't sure if he was on the insurance, or not, so we didn't risk it.”

He smiled, “It's right out here! Give me a moment and I'll get everything for you!”

He went away and then came back. “Here's your keys and everything else. Let's go out here!”

We went out and Jaxon said, “Oh wow! That's nice!”

“I wanted one big and one little. That way, when we need protection and size for security, we've got it and when we need sporty, we've got it also.”

He smiled, “Oh ok!”

We got in and in no time, we had everything adjusted. I put me in as driver 1 and then, he adjusted for Driver 2. The guy thanked us and we left.
I said, “I'm taking you by my old apartment. That way, we can load up some things and get it on up to the house. I would rent a Uhaul, but want to get it up there if you don't mind.”

He smiled, “I'm not minding a thing!”

We got to the apartment and went in. When I showed it to him, he said, “This is nice! Small, but nice! You've made it look homey!”

“It's not much. Half the people in the place steal my internet and it's a mess! As soon as we get up there, we can get better.”

He smiled, “Ok. What do I need to carry?”

Here. I want my clothes and all the wall art going in this load. If we have room, we'll get the linens and everything from the bathroom in this load.”

He gave a nod, “We will.”

We worked and he had me packed really good. When we drove out, he said, “This is a big transition for you!”

“Yeah, I'm super excited!”

“We'll have you moved in no time. I'll ask Denny for some help carrying the heavy things.”

When we got there, it took some time, but we got everything where it needed to be. By noon, Kim had called and said they'd bought their house but had to wait to get the former owners out and them in.

We asked if Denny would help and she said, “Sure! I want to see your place!”

Come on down!”

We waited and explored the garage. He said, “Man, this is neat! This is a former carriage house! Someone's put a concrete floor down, but that's the hay loft up there! It wouldn't take much to put a new floor up there and having it as storage!”

“Ok. We'll have to work on that!”

“I'm going to have to quit my job and get one up here! Before that, I'm going to have to notify my parole officer.”


When they got there, we took them on the tour. It was nice meeting Denny and to say he was super nice is an understatement.
He was happy that Jaxon had found someone whom he could enjoy. And you could tell there was a lot of love between the two of them.

We all went in the S63 and the guys got the Uhaul. We drove and Kim said, “I'm taking Denny by the dealership.”

“I'd call if you know what you want!”

She shrugged, “I don't know what he wants. We'll look and see.”

“Ok. Just remember he can find what you want real fast!”

We drove and when we got there, it didn't take them any time to have everything loaded up. Kim and I carried things and helped load boxes. She said, “You didn't have much, did you!”

“No, but I will at this new place!”

She smiled, “I bet you will!”

We took them down to the dealership and then, I followed Jaxon out to the house. When we got there, he asked, “Ok, where do you want everything to go?”

Let's put everything down in the basement. That big room needs furniture in it.”

He gave a nod, “Ok. Let's get everything else carried in. I don't want you hurting yourself.”

I smiled, “Thanks!”

He winked, “I'm going to ask for some things for around here.”

“Like what?”

He pointed, “We don't have a mower, hedge trimmers, or anything like that.”

“Oh, ok!”

“We've got the truck we may as well take advantage of having it. I'm not sure if we can get it on, but I bet you we can!”

“Ok. Let's do that!”

He motioned, “I'm going to ask you a few things.”


“Appliances, are you happy?”


He smiled real big, “What do you want changed?”

I want it all being white. I hate the color of that kitchen and will be painting it.”

What color?”

I'm not sure. I thought about blue, but I also saw a flash where I saw it white. Either way, the white appliance will go with it.

I want at least one deep freeze. And we need a washer and dryer.”

He gave a nod, “I'm asking because we've got the truck until tomorrow. We can get all that today and get it in.”

“Ok. Let's get this information about the cars and get some insurance on them and the house, and everything else.”

He gave a nod and a funny look. He asked, “Can I hug you now?”


He came over and hugged me. I admit I got misty eyed. He hugged me tighter and I felt his hardness. I giggled, and felt it. He jumped back, “Don't!”

I stared and he said, “I'm so turned on that I'll probably cum!”

I smiled, “Ok! Thanks for being that way!”

“I want us tested!”

“Oh, we will!”

He smiled real big, “How about you call the insurance company and I call the utilities!”

“Ok. I want the best of everything on the cable and internet. We're going to need cell phones also. Get a family plan on those and we'll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

I stared, “Yeah, I'm sure!”

He smiled real big, “Anything else?”

You're going to have to see if we've got internet here so that we can search for everything. When you get it, put it into both of our names so that we're both getting credit on our credit ratings for it.”

“Ok. I don't have any credit.”

We will!”

We got my laptop and I pointed, “I want us having a desktop here also. We're going to have to buy phones for the landlines, but I want to get those on ebay so that we've got the antique kind.”

“Oh ok!”

“We'll have cordless, but the antique kind rings even in the power is out.”

He asked, “Do you want to get a generator so that if the power goes out, we've got it?”

Do they cost a lot?”

One to power the entire house will be about $5000. It will operate on the natural gas line.”


He gave a nod, “I'll find it for us.”

I smiled and he winked. I said, “I'm going to like this so much. Me having to stare at you the rest of my days is going to be a real chore!”

He laughed real loud, “And me staring at you the rest of my days is going to be real... hard!”

I laughed, “We'll take care of that later!”

He smiled, “Oh, we will!”

We made our calls and wrote everything down on the laptop in files. When the last one was made, I pointed, “That school is getting us our internet. Do we get our own?”

Yeah. Let's keep it legal!”

“Ok. Let's make that call. I hate talking with them!”

He laughed, “Me too! How much do you want to make a bet we get hung up on?”

I said, “Probably three times!”

He laughed, “That's what I'm thinking!”

We got through and got disconnected twice. When we got the woman she asked a LOT of questions. We gave our names and she said, “It'll be next Tuesday.”

Ok. We want internet and the cable television and everything as one bundle.”

She helped us and once again, asked LOTS of questions. By the time we were off the phone, I gave him a look and he laughed real loud. I asked, “How much did you understand that I said, “Get me the best about 40 times!”.”

He laughed, “I know, it's like she was hard of hearing!”

“It's amazing me that we're going to have our internet and cable today but have to wait on a friggin' phone!”

He smiled, “I bet you the guy hooks everything up!”

That'd be great!”

He smiled, “Someone's going to have to be here!”

“I'll stay. You go get us some lunch!”

“Which car?”

We're going to get you the keys to both. We need to look for the generator.”

“I'm going to look online!”

“Look on ebay first!”

He smiled, “Ok!”

We did and found one for $3500 which was way big. He said, “That's in Edison (NJ), so it'll be here quick. After that, all it'll take is the gas company coming to pipe it in. I can get it into the breaker panel. That's not hard.”

Ok. I'm glad you know that stuff!”

He smiled, “I'm going to need tools also!”

I giggled, “You've got the tool for the job!”

He laughed, “I'm going to need other tools!”

“Ok. I'll agree to that!”

He pointed up, “Can I request we get a new roof which will last forever?”

Yeah. Let's call someone!”

He laughed, “My cousin does that kind of work!”

“Ok. Let's get him called!”

He looked up the number and dialed. When he rang off, he gave a nod, “Talk about perfect timing! He's got a week free and can get up here and get an estimate done and get it on if it's accepted.”

“Yeah. Tell him I want dark green. The shutters on the house are dark green.”


He came around the bar and gave me a kiss. When we broke apart, he smiled, “I've been wanting to do that!”

“Me too! Now that we've started, I don't want to stop!”

He laughed, “I'm going to ask several other things!”

I laughed, “Ok. What are you wanting?”

Let's make a list.”


He started asking questions. I'd say yes, and he'd say, “You're too easy!”

“We need all that stuff!”

He pointed, “I'm going to ask a super big favor.”

“What's that?”

“Can I get a truck?”


“I'm going to need a trailer also.”


It's going to look like I'm really hacking those hedges out front, but you'll understand when I get them the way I want them.”


He pointed up, “Those two trees need to be brought down. I'm not telling you they're bad, I'm telling you that evergreens that tall are never good in high winds.”

“Ok. I want us planting some oak trees way out there so that we've got them. Either that, or we can get sugar maple so that we've got the color in the fall.”

He gave a nod, “Let's get sugar maple.”

He started looking and frowned, “Do you realize I know more nurseries in the city than here?”

I smiled, “Get whatever you want dear!”

He giggled, “Ok!”

“Here's the deal. You get the outside. I get the inside and we share the compliments!”

He smiled, “Ok!”

The doorbell sounded and I went to get it. He followed and we saw it was the phone man. I said, “Pull on up the driveway. We've got someone coming.”

He said, “Ok.”

I asked, “Are you doing the phone too?”

I can. Did you put in an order for one?”

Yes. We put in the order. She said it'd take until Tuesday for the phone and the cable and internet today.”

He laughed, “Doesn't she realize it comes in on the same line!”

I shrugged, “Don't get me started on the woman! I told her 40 times that I wanted the best. She STILL asked the questions!”

He laughed and I asked, “Are you going to be offended if I take him to the car dealer?”


“Make yourself at home. If his brother shows in a new Mercedes, tell him we've taken Jax to get a new pickup.”

He laughed, “Ok!”

I took Jax in the convertible. When we got there, it didn't take hardly any time before we found the pickup truck he wanted... a GMC Denali 3500 with diesel and loaded. I went in and said, “Fella, I'm paying. He's getting everything he's wanting and waiting.”

The guy said, “Ok.”

“I'm doing it by debit card. Here's the number and Jax can punch in the code to pay you.”

The guy took it and I told Jax, “The code is 0412...the number on the back is 412.”


“I'm getting you a card, it's just that we've got to work it this way for now.”


He got with the guy and I left. I hurried over to Target and got a set of cordless phones.

When I got back, the guy was on the pole. I went in and put the phones where I wanted them and the main answering unit in the kitchen.

When the guy came in, he said, “Give it a try!”

“Sure!” I tried and dialed my cell phone. I rang off and said, “It works, and I got the number!”

“The cable is installed as is the internet.”

“Ok. Let me get legal with the internet here. We've been borrowing from the school across the street.”

We got the laptop on and I asked, “Ok. That should work like a charm!”

He smiled, “At least it's not taking until Tuesday!”

I gave a nod and shook his hand. Then, I gave him a tip and he shook his head no, “I can't.”

“Then consider it my buying you dinner!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

He left and it wasn't two minutes and Jax showed up with the truck. He smiled real big, “We need to get license on everything!”

I gave a nod, “Yeah. Do we have to be here for the utilities?”

I'm not sure. I could go get them on everything if you want.”

Ok. Go buy a trailer for that truck!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

He came over and kissed me. Right then, the doorbell rang and I heard Kim yell, “Hey guys!”

I turned and she really smiled, “Are you two hitting it off?”

Yeah. That was the 'I'll kiss you before you go to the license bureau and get plates for everything' kiss.”

She laughed, and said to him, “Take your brother! He's wanting to show you his new SUV!”

I said, “I'll go out and look also!”

We went out and really gave it a look over. After that, Jax took off with Den, and Kim and I went shopping at Target!

On the way, she smiled, “You know, I'm going to enjoy this so much!”

Me too! It's going to be nice knowing I can go to the store and get what I want”

Now, here's what's funny. WE went to Target and started shopping. Together, we'd look at thread counts and everything. It got funny because she said, “If it were the guys, they'd just throw it in and never pay attention!”

I nodded, “We've been poor. We'll never take advantage of a dollar bill!”

She smiled, “Yeah! But I do want to splurge on some things. I want us to have a box at the ball stadium so that when he wants to go to a game, he can.”

I nodded, “Jax wants to do things around the house. I've told him that he gets the outside, and I get the inside.”

She smiled, “That's good!”

“Of course, there's a lot of money to be spent on the outside stuff. He's making his list and checking it twice to see if I'll buy it.” I shrugged, “Of course, if he needs it, it's going to be gotten!”

She laughed, “You make him take you to some operas, symphonies, and things you want to see!”

I smiled, “Oh, I will! We'll have to see how that hot bod looks in a tuxedo!”

She laughed real loud, “It sounds like you like him!”

“Oh yeah! He's nearly perfect! Once I get him some good cologne, he'll be perfect!”

She smiled real big, “You don't like how he smells?”

No, it's that in my fantasy with a guy, when I hug him and he envelopes me in his arms, I'm always smelling him and getting turned on even more. Needless to say, Jax is going to have a cologne collection!”

We shopped and then, we got the huge screen televisions. Needless to say, we didn't know what we were buying, so we asked a teenager and he set us up with the ideal thing.

After that, we went over to the computers and bought two of their best with 2 40 in monitors each. The same boy got us everything we needed.

When we left, I loaded the car. Then, Kim called Den who came and got everything. Jax looked shocked, “You DID go shopping!”

I smiled, “Not all of it is ours. Kim bought a bunch of the same that I did!”

Kim laughed, 'I hope it's what we need!”

We drove home and the guys got started on the 80 inch television and getting it mounted downstairs. I got the two computers set up with the 2 40 inch monitors each. And Kim helped get everything else set up.

When we were finished, they had to go. The kids were home, so they had to go.

Jax and I hugged and kissed. He smiled real big, “You've got us set up, don't you!”

I motioned, “By the time we're finished, that one bedroom upstairs will be our private office You'll have a desk and I'll have one.”

He sat down, “Here's what I did on the license and titling.”

I sat down and he said, “I got everything in our names. I hope you're happy.”

“I'm happy if you're going to be around. If not, I'll tell you now that you'll be asked to leave everything. As soon as you do, I'm getting it all traded in and will have it all in my name from there on out.

Now, that's not me thinking negative, because I want it to work. It's me thinking realistically.”

He nodded, “It will work.”

He gave me a look, “Can we go to Lowes?”

I smiled, “Ok. Let's go shopping!”

He laughed, “I bought us a trailer!”


We went in the truck pulling the trailer. When we got there, we hit the appliance section hard. We got everything new for the kitchen and a beautiful washer and dryer. Then, we got the tools and everything he thought he'd need. Before we left, we got the snow blower, yard tractor with a blade, broom, and all the tools like shovels, rakes, and all that.

When we headed home, we stopped in McDonald's and bought a bunch of food. Then, we headed home and used the dolly to get the appliances out and the new ones in. The old ones went to the basement to go into the kitchen down there, and then, we got everything else put into the coach house.

By the time we were finished, he gave me a look. I knew he was tired as was I. I smiled, “I'll race you to the shower!”

He laughed and took off. I went up the back stairs and beat him there. He came in and said, “No fair, you cheated!”

I smiled, “Get those clothes off!”

He laughed and we both stripped. When we got into the shower, he gave me a deep kiss and said, “I want you.”

“There's tests in the bedroom. Kim and I got those at Walgreen's.”


I smiled and said, “You sit there while I give you a bath!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

I started and he same, “Mmm, what's the smell?”

Body Butter's Heavenly Vanilla. It's my favorite... Just wait, because when we put the Suave Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner on, it's going to combine and make you love it all the more.”

He smiled, “I love the feel of this!”

“It's got a moisturizer in it. It's thicker, so it feels richer.”

It does!”

“It's about $3 bucks a bottle at Walgreens. We got it on sale for 3 for $10 today. I bought all 9 bottles because it's hard to find.”

He laughed, “Kim didn't get any?”

No, She didn't think they'd use it.”

Oh man, you just wait! I'll tell them about it!”

When I washed his hair, he said, “Oh man, you're right! It smells awesome in here!”

“It smells like you're in the islands, doesn't it!”

He laughed, “Yeah!”

“I used to play tricks mentally with myself like this in order to beat the blahs of being so poor. Now, I can afford to go, but I'm afraid to because I don't think it will match up with my expectations.”

He stood up and hugged me, “We'll go someday. I won't be on parole forever.”

As soon as you're not, we're on the next flight out!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

“Until then, I want to buy places in destinations so that when we travel, we can be one place for a while and then, another and another until we're back here for a while.”

We'll have to be here over the summer. It's going to take a lot of upkeep.”

He began washing me and I said, “I want to shave you.”

He stared and I said, “I want to leave your pubic bush short, but the rest nude.”


“You'll get used to the feeling.”

Can I do it to you?”

Yeah. We might buy a laser and do it so that it doesn't come back.”

He laughed, “Ok, whatever you want!”

“It's not that expensive. It sounds like it would be, but it isn't.”

He smiled, “I'll let you handle it!”

I smiled, “Thank you!”

We went out and dried each other. He said, “I love these towels!”

“They're the best they had. Our robes are the best they had also.”

We went in and he pointed, “I'll put the television from downstairs up here.”

What are your plans tomorrow?”

I have to check on some things, but we need to get appraisals on the roof and the generator.”


He motioned, “Are you going to be upset if I get the driveway redone?”

“Does it need it?”

I'm afraid to put a blade on it because I'm thinking the blade will catch and tear up the bottom of it.”

“How are you going to have it done?”

Rip it up and put new concrete down. When we put the concrete down, we can put tubing in which recirculates water so that it melts everything off.”

I stared, “Here's what I want you to do. First of all, you can rip it all up if you rip up the sidewalks also. When you put everything down, put it down so that it's dyed concrete and looks like bricks.”


“I know that's making it expensive, but I want it to be a real showplace.”

He nodded, “I agree.”

He kissed me and we began to make out. I stopped him and said, “Let's take these tests. I want us having the green light to go all the way.”

He laughed, “Ok!”

We got the tests and read the instructions. Before long, we had them taken and had negative results. He smiled real big and said, “Ok, where were we!”

I hugged him and the lights went out.

The next morning, we awoke and got busy with breakfast. I cooked and he helped. Together, we had a wonderful breakfast prepared and took it out to the front porch to sit and eat at the wicker set.

He said, “You know I love this, right?”

I smiled, “I know! It's so perfect!”

He nodded, “It's like living in a bed and breakfast. It's always beautiful.”

He motioned, “Can I tell you what I want with the hedges?”


“I want scallops.”


Maybe it's swags. I want it to go up every 16 feet and then go down and go up and then down all the way around. The fences do that, so I want the hedges to do it.”

Ok. It's a lot of work.”

He smiled, “Once it's done, it's going to be easy. I'll be able to keep it trimmed.”

All that matters to me is that we've got beautiful flowers everywhere. And yes, if you want, we can put a greenhouse up and grow those.”

We can't.”

I stared and he continued, “There's not enough sunlight.”

If you take down those big pines, there will, won't there?”

Probably not where we want the sun to be.”

“Ok. Just make it so I've got beautiful flowers!”

He laughed, “I will darlin'!”

I smiled, “Have that water in those tubes on a pool heater. That way, we can use it for the pool also.”

“Ok. That CAN be done!”

Tell them I want that concrete thick! If they tell you to go with 6 inches, you tell them I want 9 inches!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

Thicker concrete doesn't bust up! I know enough about that from my Grandfather to make sure it's thick!”

“Do you want to pick the color for the brick?”

Yeah. If they try getting me bright red, I'll probably scream! It has to look old and legitimate!”

How about I go with brick on top of concrete instead of what looks like brick?”

Ok. That will be really expensive, but when you do, you make sure they get in and get it done fast. I don't want to be staring at torn up stuff for 3 months!”

“They won't.”

We were interrupted by a truck pulling up. It was his cousin for the roof estimate. I said, “Green... dark green metal!”

He laughed, “Ok!”

I took everything in and washed the dishes by hand. When he brought the guy, I shook his hand and he said, “It's going to be expensive. She's a queen anne and all the points and gables.”

I gave a nod, “Do it the best you can.”

He gave me a look, “They have some metal which looks like scalloped shingles.”

I nodded, “Ok. If you do that, here's what I want because it's changed everything. If you'd used regular metal, I'd told you to go with dark green. Since you're going with that fish scale look, it's going to need to be multiple colors.”

He gave a nod, “Ok. I've seen that done.”

“When we get to the point on that dome out there, I want us having the ability to get a weather vane or a point with a glass ball.”

He smiled, “Ok. It's going to run about $50,000.”

I gave a nod, “Let's get you paid. That way, you've got what you need and I can get to shopping for what I want up there.”

“I'll get you a bunch of photos of what's been done.”

Give me a moment and I'll have it pulled up on Google.”

He said, “If you want, I can go with the diamonds which are on the house in those shingles.”

I nodded, “Ok. Let's do that in the areas which aren't exciting.”

He gave a nod, “Ok, I'm really liking this more and more! This house is gorgeous!”

I pointed, “The kitchen's getting painted. We just changed out the appliances so that we had the white, but I'm still unsure whether we're painting the cabinets white or blue.”

White with blue stenciling.”

I smiled, “Good! That's even better!”

He smiled, “My Grandma had a kitchen like that! This house reminds me a lot of hers!”

It's probably the same era. This one was built in 1903.”

He nodded, “They built them to last back then.”

We went over and I found the scalloped roof section. He said, “Let me take you to a website.”. He typed in and got us to a whole new way of thinking. As soon as I saw it, I said, “Oh yeah!”

He said, “Let me tell them what you're wanting. They'll shoot me back a design within a short amount of time. All I have to do is sent them measurements and they'll have you picking real fast.”

Oh ok!”

He smiled, “I think you'll be happy.”

“I already am! I know we're going to be doing the old girl proud and we'll be giving her what she needs.”

He gave a nod and went out and went to work. Jax smiled, “You ok?”

I'm fine. I know we'll be ahead when she's done, but she's a needy old broad right now!”

He laughed, “I hear ya!”

“It's a lot of decisions. If our brick selection is as much of a headache, I'll be pulling my hair out!”

Let me handle everything.”


He went out and I went in and got on the computer. Real fast, I was on to looking for a job. Why? Because something was screaming at me from within that if I didn't get a job, I'd be broke and would live in poverty the rest of my days.

When I couldn't find anything, I went to my bank account and took a look at all the transactions. One immediately stuck out as being odd.

I went out and asked Jaxon, “Can you talk for a moment?”

Yeah. What's going on?”

I just took a look at the banking transactions and there's $25,000 taken out. Care to explain it?”

He gave a wile eyed look, “I needed some money!”

I gave him a look, “Listen, if it's $25 grand a day to be my lover, I'll start saving money now and kick you to the curb!”

He gave me a look and I nodded, “When I take the bitch and run with it, the truck, the cars, and everything will be titled back into my name. Dare me and I'll make the call to the Sheriff right now!”

He stood up with his arms across his chest, “What!”

I turned and walked. He apparently chased me because he grabbed my shoulder and swung me around. I immediately kicked out with my knee and he went to his grabbing his groin.

I turned and walked and got inside. He came in and yelled, “I'll return it!”

I gave a nod, “Lay it out on the counter and get out! Don't, and I'll have 911 called before you can get across the room!”

He said, “I needed it!”

“Bullshit! Get a fuckin' job and live like the rest of us!” I pointed, “You'll sign your name off the vehicles I bought and paid for!”

He stared and I said, “Dude, demonstrate how you earned the money when you're in court! When that fraud comes down, you'll go back to prison! Like it, or not, I will have the vehicles back in my name!”

I shook my head, “Trust lost is trust which won't be regained.”

I dialed Kim, “Hello?”

“Your brother-in-law is on his way back to you. If he doesn't get the money he stole from me on the counter and his name off the titles to my vehicles, I'll make the call to the Sheriff!”


He took $25,000 out of my account yesterday.”


“Yeah, think about how fast the money goes when you're paying someone to be your lover! Needless to say, I was wondering how fast it was going with everything as it was, but now, it's a friggin' mess!”

Let me talk with him! I'll tell you now, I won't take him back!”

I held out the phone, “Kim wants to speak with you.”

He looked away and I said, “Listen, you've not gotten the money back on the counter, and you sure as hell haven't apologized! Had it been me and I'd been caught, I'd fallen on someone's mercy! To you, it's 'Oh, I just needed it. It's ok if the faggot loses some! He's just the trick who's gonna support me!”.”

I said, “Kim, I need to ring off and call the Sheriff.”

He hurried and grabbed the phone. I pointed at the counter and said, “Get it there! Don't think for a moment you'll run out of here without laying it out!”

I walked over and he spoke with her. When he rang off, he gave me a look, “Can we talk?”

What's going to be said that I'll listen to? You've not put the money back on the counter and you've not apologized! Had it been me taking something from someone, my parents would've marched me back and made me give it back and apologized my ass off!”


I stared, and he said, “I owed someone it from prison!”

I said, “I'll dial my attorney and you speak with him. If you're out on parole and you're having anything to do with the guy, that's a violation. If he's coming at you for money, that's extortion.” I paused, “What were you going to do, give him your till from McDonald's every night? How fast do you think that would've lasted until you were fired there???

Don't think that just because you have a debit card that I'll put up with that shit! The money's safe in the bank and I'll be damned if someone's going to get it! And furthermore, I'll be damned if you've got use of my card again!”

“I'm SORRY!”

I gave him a look, “It took too FUCKIN' much to get to give away! Now, who's the motherfucker so that my attorney will know! And if you've jeopardized my safety and security here...”

I went over and got the titles, “Sign the things! Tell your cousin that I'm not interested any longer. I'll have the house boarded and the vehicles moved. Right now, I want the titles signed and you can go to your pimp or whatever the fuck he is and see that he supports you!

As I see it, I'm cutting you loose. You're the only reason I stayed here and now, I'll go do as I damned well please!”

He gave me a surprised look and I slapped the titles on the counter. “Either sign, or deal with the Sheriff when he gets here!”

He gave me a look and signed the titles over to me. I pointed, “Have a great life. The next time you see this house, you'll see it boarded up and stored away. Step foot on this property and I'll have you arrested for trespass. Steal anything and I'll have you...”


I gave a nod, “Tell that to the man you stole $25 grand from and the man you gave the money to... if that's the truth. If it isn't, you've got $25 grand to find someplace else to live. Call your parole officer and tell the person I'm not letting you stay here any longer because I'm not going to be here!”

Would you listen!”

I stared, “Let's see... give me back self respect, dignity, and people not thinking I'm a thief for about three seconds. Do that and I'll listen.

To me, you added insult to injury. They stole from me by calling me a thief when I didn't do it. Now, you're going to steal from me too??? Now I need to listen???

Nah, you need to get on down to the sidewalk and put one foot in front of the other and get away from me is what you need to do!”

I pointed, “The door is that way. Get there! Don't get there, and I'll see you get there with the next call I make! Come at me and you'd best kill me because I promise you that you'll do the fuckin' time anyway!”

He turned and walked out the door. I went out to the car and drove to Target. There, I got luggage and came back to the house. When I did, I called Kim, “Hello?”

He's gone. I'm sorry, but after having everything happen from those fuckers at work, I'm not going to stand and support a thief. He said someone was extorting him from prison. Isn't it ironic that he's been out this long and no one's bothered him about it before!”

She said, “I'm so angry at him! What was he trying to prove!”

“I don't know. He apologized and I didn't accept it. All I know is I'm going to make some calls and get this place shut and get the hell out of here. The only reason I stayed was because of the hopes I had with him and now, that's not enough.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Girlfriend, you did nothing wrong. You tried. You believed in him when you should've. And I did also. Now, that's up in smoke.”

I don't blame you! Denny's so mad, he's out looking for him!”

“Tell Denny, he's got to contact his parole officer.”

I know. It's just that now I'm wondering if everything was a lie!”

“Me too!... NOT in regards to you, but in regards to him.”

She sighed, “I had so many hopes for you two!”

“Me too. The sad fact of it is that had he came to me and asked, I'd probably listened and said, “Sure! Let's get that monkey off your back!”. Now, I don't know what to trust!”

I understand!”

I rang off and dialed for a grounds keeping company. They said they'd send a man over and I went out and moved the convertible and the pickup into the coach house. The doors got shut and I went back in, and dialed Kim, “Hello?”

Hon, I hate to keep being the bearer of bad news, but you need to ask Denny to get the keys back to the vehicles and the house when he finds him.”

“JESUS! He took those too!”

“Yeah. I'm sure that was an oversight.”

“Ok. I'll tell you I'm not happy with him at all!”

The doorbell rang and I went to get it. I said, “It's Jaxon. I'll ring off.”

“Tell him Denny's on his way and he's not happy!”

“Oh, I will!”

I rang off and answered it, “Would you forgive me?”

Jaxon, here's what I'm going to do. I'm packing and I'm leaving. I have a business proposition for you and it runs something like this...

You've got 28 months left on your parole. You can stay here as long as you take your pick of a guest room which isn't mine. At that time, you get your things moved in and you come back down.”

“Then what?”

Then, you can stay here as caretaker. That means for each month, you'll earn $1000. You'll work it off for the next 28 months, and you'll take care of the property.

At that time, we'll talk. If you've had anyone, and I MEAN ANYONE in this house, you're fired. If you've damaged it, I'll contact my attorney and you'll be sued to the point that I'll take payments the rest of your natural life and then, I'm propping your fuckin' corpse up as a side show freak and making a mint off you until the debt is paid!

Needless to say, I've got a groundskeeping company on it's way. Tell them what you will, but I'm packing and getting out of here.

The bills will be paid. Run them up and I'll consider what the mean average is and you'll be charged the overages. If you can't or won't deal with that, I promise you that you're fired the moment you refuse and yeah, the bricks are your home because I could give a fuck less.

If you bring a trick in here, bring hardship, or anything bad to this house, I'm going to personally speak with your parole officer while your ass sits in jail because I will call the Sheriff to remove you! When I speak with your parole officer, I'm showing the debt you owe and telling that person exactly why and how it was acquired.

Now, if you don't like that, Denny's on his way. He's not happy, but hey, I'm trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, so don't think I'm trying to bring you down!”

He gave me a look, “I'm sorry.”

“What I'm getting are apologies from you when it's too little too late. Had you asked, I'd probably given it to you just to have a life with you. Instead, you took without asking and for that, I'm not forgiving.

Now, it's time to perform. You could always refuse and I could always dial the Sheriff. It's your decision, but I want the keys to the vehicles and the house before you leave this time.”

He hurried to get them and I said, “Keep the key to the truck. Use it in your job and to get a job. If you fuck it up or damage it to the point it's not repairable, or able to be driven, it must suck to be you... Walk to work, and walk performing your work here, but the second your job performance slacks, you're fired.”

I turned and walked upstairs. When the doorbell sounded, I kept on packing. When I had everything, I came down and Denny asked, “Is that arrangement true?”

That he's working off the money he stole? Yeah. He's working here until he gets off parole. At that time, he's either hired, or fired.

He's not to have ANYONE here. This is his workplace, not his home. If he has someone here, and I discover it's happened, I promise you that when I have to come bounce him out, it'll be with the Sheriff. At that time, I'm going to his parole officer personally and laying out why the debt just went unpaid and how much was owed. He or she will probably advise me to file charges, and yeah, I will.

After what was done to us, the last thing that I'll tolerate is someone else stealing from me. He didn't take dignity, respect, or what the others took but he sure got something.”

He gave a nod, “I can understand what you mean! I've lived with your side of it and know completely how devastating it is.”

I gave a nod, “Like it or not, he's not said that's his choice to do this agreement. If it's not, you've got to get him the hell away from me, or the Sheriff will!”

He turned, “Take the fuckin' deal!”

Jaxon said, “I'll take the deal. I'm really sorry Casey.”

I shrugged, “We'll talk in 28 months. Until then, I'm keeping the road hot and I'm traveling. If I ever need to be here, you'll see how little I'm willing to deal with you into the future. If I hire you at that time, we'll talk. Until then, cause me no harm and you won't receive it in abundance. Fuck with me, and I'll fuck back so many ways that you'll never walk without looking like you took the army up your ass!”

I walked out nearly ripping the screen door off it's hinges. When I got to the Mercedes, I got in and drove.

My first stop was Boston. From there, I did the American Revolutionary War and all of it's sites. Then, I went through history and visited site after site.

In Orlando, I bought a condo. They did the maintenance, and I received the fees each month. I also bought them in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Paris, London, and Rome.

When the 28 months was up, I received a call from Jaxon, “Hello?”

My 28 months is up. Do you want to come here?”

I'll be there in 2 weeks. You have my apologies, but I'm seeing the holy sites until then.”


When I got back, the Mercedes pulled into the garage and I looked over to see the convertible. The pickup truck looked just as good as it had, so I knew he'd been up on the job.

Before I walked in, I walked around the yard. The sidewalk and the driveway had been replaced and all the hedges were trimmed. The flowers were beautiful and he came out on the front porch to watch me.

When I got to the back door, I went in and he came in and sat at the counter, “Wanna talk?”

I said, “Everything looks great.”

The roof is going to need replaced. I had the money to do the sidewalk and the driveway, but it's going to cost a lot more than I make.”

I gave a nod, “Ok. Let's call him.”

He gave me a look and I went over and sat down next to him. He said, “You sound tired.”

I'm exhausted. I've loved everything I've seen, but it's been one on top of the next on top of the next. It's bad to say, but I made travel my job. I enjoyed it, but you know what??? It's good to be home.”

It's good to have you back.”

So how are things going?”

Denny and Kim got divorced.”


I figured you knew!”

“NO! What the hell for!!!”

“The money changed everything. I think a large part of it was that Denny was used to being the bread winner in the family and suddenly, he wasn't. She was giving to the kids things that he thought they ought to be earning, so they argued. Needless to say, she went out and bought another house and moved her and the kids there.”

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that!”

Me too. He's not taking it well... Not well at all.”

I looked away, “I guess the money changed everything. You used to not be able to get me to spend a dime and now, I'm not living at home and spending just to go. The fucked up thing about it is I'm making more than I spend and I'd tell you that I thought that couldn't happen!

I've got condos everywhere, and had thought that I'd receive about $200 grand a year after taxes. Instead, I'm getting about 4 times that and have 10 houses.”


I sighed, “And I'm not happy.”

“What's it going to take?”

I don't know.”

I looked away and sighed again. I felt his arms come around me and his voice say, “I'm off parole. Call the Sheriff and you'll play hell getting me into jail. I've never stopped thinking about you and kicking myself in the ass for losing you.”

I leaned my head back, “I've thought about it and should've been more compassionate. Instead, I never looked at it from your point of view, I looked at it from my baggage and blamed.”

No, you were right. I should've asked... And even when you were punishing me, you were loving me. No one else would've let me stay.”

I turned in his arms and smelled his smell. When I looked up into his eyes, I saw the love there as well as the pain. He lowered his head and our lips met. With that, he swept me up in his arms and up the stairs we went.

The End


Notes From Retta:

It seems I do my best writing when my heart is broke. My Dad passed away this week. I sat down and started writing.

Too much in this story is a testament to my life. I run from one place to another to another. Sometimes I try to outrun problem, broken relationships, and personal pain.

From My Keyboard To Your Heart,


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