Sam and Amil


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Sam and Amil

21 year old Sam Taylor lives in an apartment in an upmarket part of the town he had grown up in. Sam was very lucky he set up a small computer store when he was 18 and by the end of last year he had three branches in different towns.
A large computer company made an offer for his business of 10m and Sam was now one of the richest young men in the town. Sam didn't go crazy and spend all his money instead he set up a different business and now he is running a small men's clothing store next door to where his original computer store was until he had moved to the one he sold last year.
Sam's wealth meant he attracted the attention of all the money grabbing women whenever he went out. Sam wasn't interested in the girls as he knew from a young age that it was men he liked. Sam has hired a couple of lads to work at his new store and the place was soon making good money.
Sam decided to take the two lads out for a celebratory drink after a particular busy week at the store and the three lads headed to a local pub. Nearly as soon as they arrived and Sam had two girls swooning all over him Sam wasn't very happy and announced that he was off leaving his two employees to it.

This time of year with the Christmas season in full swing Sam always found hard. While everyone else started to go crazy buying presents food and decorations Sam never bothered last year he booked into a hotel for the Christmas period and even though that was nice he felt very lonely.
19 year Amil Kalon grew up in the same town as Sam and like Sam he is a wealthy man. Amil also found that whenever he went out he would get all the idiots after him. Amil's wealth wasn't self made his dad Thomas Kalon had set up one of the towns largest employers and he met Amil's mum shortly after and they married. Amil is their only son as his mum died shortly after he was born from cancer. Tom had brought Amil up and made sure that he knew all about his mum and her family and culture.
Amil had gone to a British boarding school from the age of 8 but only as a day pupil his dad refused to let him go as a boarder as he wanted to see his son grow up. Tom ran his business mostly from home while Amil was home but when he was in school he would go into the office. Kalon and Son makes clothes for some of the leading clothes stores in the UK and employs over 800 people spread across three factories.

Amil like Sam hated this time of year he would have the traditional British Christmas with his dad at their home but it always felt a sombre affair compared to other peoples. It was also a crazy time for the business trying hard to get the last of the orders out before the traditional factory shutdown. This year Tom announced that he had booked himself a holiday in Spain leaving Amil to his own devices.
Sam had met Tom a couple of years ago when he helped him sat up a new computer network at the three factories. Tom had bought all the computer hardware and software he needed for Sam's business and was one of Sam's best customers.
Sam was walking home from the pub when he decided that he would go for a meal at a local Italian restaurant Gino's.

Sam was a regular at Gino's and Tony and his staff knows he likes his privacy so they always find him a table away from the crowd.
Tony the owner son spotted Sam and went over and said "good evening Sam"

"Hi Tony how are you" Sam asked

"I'm fine table for one is it?" Tony replied

"Yeah as always" Sam replied

Tony smiled and said "follow me"

Tony found a quiet table around the corner from the main restaurant in an area they use when they are really busy which they weren't tonight so it was roped off.

Sam smiled and said "thank you Tony"

Sam ordered a pasta dish and a red wine and waited for his meal to arrive. Tony brought his wine and went to seat another customer who had arrived.

Amil hates all the attention he gets whenever he goes out and now only goes out with a select group of friends or on his own to a few places. One such place is Gino's which one of his favourite Italian restaurants. The owner always accommodates Amil in a quiet area away from prying eyes or money grabbers.

Amil arrived at gino's shortly before 9 and Tony smiled and said "good evening Amil"

"Hey Tony how's it going?" Amil replied

"Yeah a little quiet tonight but its ok" Tony replied

Amil smiled and said "table for one please tony"

Tony smiled and said "come this way" and directed Amil to the same quiet area when Sam was just tucking into his pasta

Sam spotted Tony headed over and saw he was being followed by an Asian looking lad. Sam noticed how hot looking the lad was and smiled at him as Tony sat him down on a table opposite.

Tony walked over and said "everything ok Sam sorry but Mr. Kalon doesn't like crowds just like you"

Sam laughed and said "well it's not that I don't like crowds just fed up with people trying to get my money or use me to buy things with it for them"

Tony laughed and said "that's what he says too"

"Wait a minute did you say Kalon I think it must know his dad Tom" Sam said

Sam stood up and went over to Amil and said "hi there sorry to disturb you I know you want to have a private meal but I wanted to know are you Tom Kalon's son?"

Amil looked at the blonde haired man standing there and said "yeah I am an no you can't have any of my money"

Sam laughed and said "I don't want it I am Sam Taylor up and until last year I owned SamTay computer services and I helped your dad set up his network just wondering how he was that's all"

Amil smiled and said "sorry most people who come up to me are after the money"

"Yeah I know the feeling ever since I sold out I get the same thing" Sam said

Amil laughed and said "yeah usually its middle aged women who think that I would make a good toyboy for them"

"You too then I thought it was just me that they wanted "Sam said laughing

Amil laughed and said "why don't you join me?"

Sam smiled and said "well I have my meal so why don't you join my table instead"

Amil smiled and said "ok"

Amil then asked "can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure "Sam said

"Umm are you umm gay?" Amil stammered out

Sam smiled and said "yeah I'm gay another reason why I hate the attention I get from all those middle aged women"

"Yeah me too" Amil replied

"That's cool so we have another thing in common then" Sam replied

Tony arrived and smiled when he saw that Amil had joined Sam at his table

Tony handed Amil his meal and said "enjoy your meals sirs" and left Sam and Amil to eat meal and chat.

When the meal over the two men paid for their respected meals and started to leave.

Sam smiled at Amil and said "umm would you like to come back to my place and have a quiet drink or something?"

Amil smiled and said "yeah sure"

The two men walked to Sam's studio apartment in the docklands area.

Sam led Amil into the lounge area and said "take a seat I'll get the drinks"

Amil sat down on the settee. Sam came back with two bottles of Budweiser and handed one to Amil. Amil smiled and said "thanks"

Sam sat down next to Amil. Amil said "so when did you buy this place?"

"Umm about a year ago after I sold out" Sam said

"Wow must have got a pretty good amount for the business then?" Amil replied

"yeah I was lucky one of biggest computer businesses locally wanted me out of the way so they offered way over the odds for the firm" Sam replied

"Yeah dad said that SamTay had sold out but I know he isn't that happy with the new firms' service and has changed suppliers now" Amil said

"Oh I bet that hit them badly you were SamTay's biggest customers" Sam replied

I take it you haven't heard then that firm BRB Computer Service went bust last week" Amil replied

"Wow I must have missed that I have been busy setting up my new business to keep up with the local business news" Sam said

"Oh what kind of business are you in now then?" Amil said

"I have opened a menswear store on Weston Road called Sammy's emporium" Sam said smiling

"I noticed that shop the other day was going to call in but had a phone call from dad asking to call into the factory to pick up some paperwork for him so didn't have time "Amil said

"Well pop in anytime Lee and James my two lads and me will be pleased to find you something to wear" Sam said

"How is business with the recession and all that it must be difficult to set up a new business at the moment" Amil said

"Well with all the Christmas rush going on we are getting a lot busier" Sam said

"Yeah that's good I am glad this town needs a good independent clothes store" Amil replied

"So who does your dad get his IT support from now then?" Sam enquired

"A firm called Comtech they seem to be ok but dad still says they are not as good as SamTay was when you had it" Amil said

"Oh are they still going I worked for them for a year before I set up SamTay they not a bad firm" Sam said

"well they are much better than BRB they were useless dad would call them and maybe 6 hours later they would call back and even once two days later that's why he got rid" Amil said

"That's bad no wonder they have gone bust if they treat their customers like that" Sam said

Amil leans in and starts to kiss Sam. Sam was running his hands inside Amil's tight shirt and started to slowly undo the buttons one by one revealing Amil's slightly hairy olive skinned body to Sam. Sam went down on his knees and started to kiss and suck to suck on Amil's nipples. Amil was moaning loudly as Sam went back up and kissed his sexy friend. Amil's 7 inch uncut cock was throbbing inside his tight black trousers. Sam started to slowly unzip Amil's trousers. Sam slowly started to run his tongue up and down the hard cock as Amil started to moan louder and louder.
Sam smiled and carried on licking and sucking faster and faster as Amil moaned louder and louder Amil shouted "oh fuck" as his cock exploded and started to fill Sam's mouth with load after load of his hot sticky cum.
Sam smiled and went up and started to kiss Amil. Sam stood up and led Amil into the bedroom and onto the bed.

Sam stripped out of his remaining clothes and then slowly stripped Amil. Sam then lifted Amil's legs up and started to run his tongue up and down Amil's tight arse. Amil started to moan as he felt Sam running his tongue up and down his tight arse.
Sam then slowly pushed his now dripping 7 inch uncut cock into Amil's arse. Amil moaned louder and louder as Sam slowly pushed his cock in and out of Amil's ready arse. Sam was soon pushing his cock in and out faster and faster as Amil moaned louder and louder.

Sam moaned and shouted" oh fuck" as his cock started to throb filling Amil's well fucked arse with load after load of his hot sticky cum, Sam looked into Amil's brown eyes and said "god you are so sexy" and kissed him passionately.

Christmas Eve

Sam was rushing about getting the apartment ready for the Christmas celebrations and with the shop being mega busy he hadn't had much time to get things ready. Finally at 4pm he closed the store putting up a sign wishing his customers and very merry Christmas and saying back open January 3rd.
He also made sure his lads had a good bonus of 300 pounds each. He also bought them both a present.
He headed home and started to prepare the meal for tomorrow when the door opened and in walked Amil loaded with bags full of presents and food.

Sam took hold of some of the bags and kissed Amil and said "hey sexy"
Amil smiled and said "hi babes"

Amil kissed Sam and said "it's starting to snow out there was worrying I wouldn't get down here"
Sam smiled and said "yeah that's why I closed up at 4 the lads loved their presents and were really taken aback when I gave them their bonus as well"
The lads walked out onto the balcony and watched as the snow covered the roofs of the local houses and shops and Amil smiled and pulled Sam into an embrace and kissed him passionately and said "I love you Sam Taylor"
Sam smiled and said "and I love you Amil Kalon"
Sam led Amil back into the apartment and into the bedroom.

Christmas Day

Sam woke up early and watched as Amil slept next to him. Sam got up and went into the kitchen and put the turkey into roast and prepared the roast potatoes with goose fat.
Sam went into the shower and slowly started to wake up as the water dropped down his body the then felt someone wrap his arms round him as Amil joined him and whispered into his ear "morning babes I woke up and you weren't there"

Sam turned round and kissed Amil and said "sorry sexy I had the put the turkey in"

Sam smiled and led Amil into the living room and handed him a present. Amil opened it and smiled as he saw that Sam had bought him a heart necklace.

Amil kissed Sam and handed him a present. Sam opened it to see Amil had bought him an identical necklace. Sam smiled and said "wow great minds think alike"

"Well you give me your heart so I thought I would too" Amil replied

Sam smiled and grabbed Amil and kissed him passionately and said "god you are so fucking sexy and I love you so much"
Amil laughed and said "well if you love me half as much as I do you I will be the happiest gay man alive"

"Amil you are the one for me and i would like to ask you would you give me the honour of becoming my husband?"

Amil instantly grabbed Sam and said "oh fuck yes"

The two men then kissed each other knowing that they had found their soul mate.

The end
Sam and Amil
Mikkiwriter(c) 2015
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