Security Control by Douglas Alexander

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People always complain about airport security, the queues, removing all metal objects from your person, unpacking laptops etc. Not me. I love airport security, what's not to like? Hot men in tight fitting uniforms and the possibility of getting felt up by one of them. You can always be unlucky and get some old timer, but I am usually lucky.

I had just finished some business in Luton, I work as a trainer/coach and consultant and I had been running training and coaching workshops for a large car manufacturer based there. It had been a boring week. On Friday afternoon I headed to Luton Airport to catch my flight home to Aberdeen. At the airport the queue for security was enormous, it was lucky that I had paid for the airport executive lounge which included fast track security.

At fast track security there were only 4 people in the queue in front of me busily separating their belongings into trays to go through the x-ray machine. I was well used to the routine and only had minimal sorting to do in order to prepare my trays. I waited behind those sorting and looked through the metal detector arch. On the other side there was a security guard a little taller than me with neatly groomed brown hair, a beard and blue eyes. He laughed with a female colleague who was standing across from him. He was athletic looking without being too muscular and his body stretched his uniform nicely in many places. I decided to "forget" to remove my keys from my back pocket.

When my turn came the security guard beckoned for me to proceed with his hand. Of course as soon as I walked through the arch it beeped as I had hoped. The guard said "Sir, I'll have to do a further check". He motioned for me to move to one side while his female colleague took over passing people through the arch. He asked me to raise my arms and I observed on his oval name badge that he was called Mike. He was wearing latex gloves and he patted me down starting with my upper body then moving along my arms before starting with the lower half. He felt around to my ass and his hand stopped where the keys were in my back pocket. He continued patting down my legs and then stood upright and looked me in the eye and said "Please could you empty your back pocket sir" I took the keys out of my back pockets and then looked at Mike apologetically. "I'm sorry, they completely slipped my mind". He give a quick grin and said " No problem, I'm sure you won't forget next time" As I went to get my hand luggage I looked him up and down in a glance and to my surprise I noticed that he seemed to be excited with his trousers tented a little. I'm not a bad catch myself so I'm used to guys liking me, but all the same, I was surprised that Mike batted for the same team, he didn't set off my Gaydar at all. Once I had retrieved all my hand luggage and put my belt on I walked away from Security and took a look out my shoulder to take a look at the rear view of Mike which was every bit as nice as the frontal view as I moved my gaze up I saw that he was checking out my rear view as well. He quickly turned his head before he caught my eye. My short encounter with Mike gave me plenty to think about that night in my bed.

After a nice weekend with a night out with my friends and a relaxing Sunday doing laundry and catching up on episodes of my favorite TV series on Monday it was time to fly back to Luton. I wasn't working on Monday I took a flight that would arrive in at Lunchtime and give me some time to relax in the afternoon and evening before my training sessions would continue on Tuesday. When I got on the bus from the Airport into Luton I decided to log into Grindr to find someone to help me with my relaxation that afternoon. I was surprised to find Mike on there and just 10 meters away! I looked towards the back of the bus and saw him sat at the back out of uniform wearing a polo shirt and chinos. I turned around and sent him a message. "Are you up to join me in my hotel this afternoon?" A moment later I felt a tap on my shoulder and he motioned for me to move towards the seat by the window. He put his rucksack in the luggage rack and sat down beside me grinning.

"Hey" he said, "I love Scottish accents I remember you from Friday. What are you doing here in Luton?" I explained about my job training for the car company and he told me that his brother worked in the offices of the company. We talked about this and that and he told me about his job at the airport and how he was studying crowd safety management at university part time. I asked him whether or not it was a problem with him being gay working in security at the airport. He explained that he wasn't really out at the airport and that he was careful not to stray outside the normal rules and protocols as a gay guy working for the TSA in the US had been busted for being overzealous in patting down male passengers that he liked. "Of course, there is the occasional passenger like you who catches my eye, but I try to be careful" he said.

We agreed that we would get some lunch before heading to my hotel. We went to a café that Mike recommended and ate. I had a salad anticipating what was to come and he had a burger. Over lunch he told me more about himself. Not only was he handsome but also well spoken, thoughtful and intelligent.

We went to my hotel and I checked in on the computer terminals in reception. It was a very funky modern hotel with a library theme in the lobby area and lots of shelving with books and lots of nooks everywhere. We rode up in the lift together to the 7th floor, the room was just around the corner from the lifts.

The room was very modern with a tablet computer to control all of the lights, the TV, the blinds and curtains and even color changing lights in the shower which had a translucent screen forming one of the walls of the bathroom. I said "I'm going to have a quick shower before we get started help yourself to the TV and the minibar" I went to the shower, and when I came out Mike was on the bed watching a news channel with a bottle of diet coke in his hand. "Do you mind If I have a quick shower too?" He said "I have been working since 6 this morning and it would be nice to freshen up" "No Problem" I said and he went into the bathroom. I heard the shower and saw his silhouette through the shower screen. Once the shower had finished he took a few minutes to dry himself and I was just about to enquire if he was ok when he came out of the bathroom dressed in his uniform. He was wearing a light blue shirt with epaulets and tight grey trousers with a red stripe down the side of each leg. He grinned and said "I thought you might like this" I just nodded mouth open.

He then put his hand in his pocket and pulled out disposable latex gloves. He put one of them on and then the other releasing it with a snap. "I think it's time for a body cavity search!" He walked over to me and kissed me for a moment before grabbing me by the neck and gently maneuvering me towards a chair. He bent me over and told me to grab the chair. I did as I was instructed, He then pulled my boxers down. I felt him separating my cheeks and then I felt his tongue licking and encircling my hole. He continued doing this putting pressure on my hole and even entering a little. "I have been dreaming about doing this since I saw you on Friday" he said. I felt my cock getting harder and harder and took one hand off the chair to touch myself and he took his face out of my ass to bark "I'm going to have to ask you to follow my instructions sir. Keep your hands on the chair". I did as I was told. Once my ass was moist he moved around and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked expertly and took me right to the back of his throat. Every time I thought that I was almost going to come he stopped and eased off. He told me to stand up and then sat down in the chair in front of me and then unzipped his fly and maneuvered his underwear so that his cock sprang free through the opening.

I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. He took his baton/nightstick from a holster on his belt and put it behind my neck and used it to gently but firmly indicate the rhythm and depth he would like. I tasted the pre-cum from his cock each time it passed over my tongue on the way to the back of my throat. After a few minutes, pulled me off and then got me to bend over the chair again. He moved my legs wide apart until I was the right height and he got the lube that I had left on the counter and squirted some on to his gloved fingers. He then worked the lube into my hole, starting with one finger and then fitting more in. He then showed me the nightstick and also put lube on the end of that, before finally putting some on his cock. He started with his cock and pushed at my hole until suddenly it gave and let him inside. He pushed inside firmly but slowly until he could go no further. I gasped momentarily and he stayed still to allow me to adjust to him. He was of average length but his girth was definitely above average and I felt it stretch me out right along my rectum. He slowly began to move in and out, in and out. He then pulled out completely and I felt the cold solidness of the nightstick which he pushed in with care but then started moving at a fast rhythm after a moment. I saw myself in the mirror above the dresser and with the uniform, the nightstick and the handsome Mike it looked like the culmination of every porn fantasy that I had ever had. I kept my hands on the chair because I knew that if I touched myself, that I would cum in an instant.


After a couple of minutes with the nightstick/baton Mike said "Fuck this, why should my baton have all the fun" and threw it on the bed. He then got behind me and started to fuck me in earnest slowly increasing to a speed approaching a jack hammer. I gasped as I felt each stoke in and out, in and out widening and creating friction along the whole length of my back passage. I started to cum hands free for the first time ever, and I saw my seed spill on to the chair and felt my asshole spasm and contract. This pushed Mike over the edge and he grunted and a second later I felt his cum flood inside me. With his cock still inside me he put his chest against my back and his head on my shoulder and I turned my head to kiss him. He then withdrew and I turned around to face him. He grabbed my head to pull me in for a longer kiss and then he said "That was amazing" I nodded in agreement and we collapsed on to the bed.


I hope that you enjoyed this, If you would like to see another installment where I fuck Mike please write to let me know -