Shy in Shy Town
Jim Carter

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In the story that follows all the sexual parts are pure fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the author promotes or agrees with sexual relationships between teenage boys. Please understand that this story is pure fiction/fantasy, don't try to make it anything else.
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Copyright 2005 Jim Carter

It is Sunday evening and my plane is landing in Chicago. I don't have to travel a lot for my job, but I traveled a lot with my ex-wife. In this case the two weeks in Chicago will probably do me good. I live in Houston and work for a major oil company. My field of expertise is Artificial Intelligence. Mostly refinery operations and pipeline leak detection are where I have the most experience, but it just so happens that I worked to fit AI into driver/truck scheduling also. My first week happens to be a conference where I am presenting a paper on using AI in complex scheduling projects. My second week is another AI conference, but I have to present two white papers at this conference.

My life is in turmoil currently. My wife and I have received the final papers of our divorce. There is no such thing as a friendly divorce, but we are still best friends, just not married anymore. I wish I could blame our incompatibilities on her, but it was me that was not compatible with marriage. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of marriage. I loved having someone to share my life with. What I couldn't do was please her in bed. I wanted to please her, but every single time we made love, I was in pure hell. I guess you have guessed it by now. Yes, I am a gay man trying his best to convince himself and the rest of the world he is straight and loves women. The only way I ever managed an erection with my wife was thinking of a beautiful cock.

To say the least, I was faithful and made us both miserable for the four years we were married. My last gay experience was with one of my best friends when we were fourteen or fifteen. Since I am currently twenty-six, you can see that although unsuccessful, I lived a straight man for a long time. I dated women, but I lusted for men. Although I would always fantasize about men and cocks, I never would actually let myself admit that I was gay. I kept telling myself that I was stronger than my desires and I could live a `normal' life.

I might still be fighting my sexual identity, but Barbara (my ex-wife) told me at lunch the day our divorce was final that I would never be happy trying to be a straight man. She said I was one of the sweetest men she had ever met and a wonderful husband, except that I was attracted to men. She said she could see a handsome man arouse me by just being near. Arousal that she couldn't accomplish with all her womanly wilds. I knew she was right, but only when she said that when I found the right man, I would be a wonderful husband, did I admit to myself that I am gay and need a man to love.

I usually hate to travel, but this trip I have been excited about. I made up my mind that in a strange city, I would hook up with some guy and get to suck some dick for the first time in a lot of years. The flight attendant on the plane was a little effeminate but very cute and he kept me with a hard on the whole trip. He had an awesome ass. I had an aisle seat and when he put the snack on the window seat tray, his cock was right in my face. It was all I could do the keep from bending forward and biting him through his slacks. He just smiled when he looked into my lap. It wasn't real obvious, but I am pretty sure he could tell I had an erection.

It was fairly late when I got to the hotel and checked in. I decided to eat in my room and ordered room service. When my meal arrived, I was in total shock. The guy that brought my food up was so cute, I know I was drooling. He was very friendly and we talked for a couple of minutes. I gave him a very nice tip and he told me to ask for Randy any time I needed room service. As you might guess, Randy was in all my fantasies and dreams that night. Again, the next morning in the shower, I jerked to the image of Randy fucking my face. I made up my mind that I would go out to a gay club tonight and hopefully find a willing playmate.

The conference was holding a cocktail reception that evening but I decided that I wanted a cock, not a cocktail and made my excuses to miss the reception. I decided to eat in my room before I went out looking to eat dick. I asked for Randy, but it was his day off. Another cute guy brought my food. Darren was definitely cute, but not nearly as cute as Randy. I almost asked Darren if he knew a good gay club, but I was just too shy to ask that.

About nine-thirty, I went downstairs and got into a cab. "Where to sir?"

"I would like to go to a gay bar, but I don't know anything about Chicago , can you recommend one and take me there?"

"I don't know much about gay bars and I have never been in the place, but I have taken several fares to a place called Chaps. Always looks to have a lot of cars in the parking lot, so I guess they're busy."

"Okay, that sounds fine to me." It wasn't all that far, but not close enough to walk either. The parking lot did look packed and I could hear the music out here. I paid the man and got a receipt for my expense report, this must be business related one way or another. The place was very dark, but I managed to find the bar and ordered a beer.

Once my eyes got used to the darkness, I noticed that almost everyone had on leather and most were fat and very hairy. Before I had taken three sips of my beer, my ass and crouch were groped a half dozen times. I was almost in a panic. I didn't know where I was and I was being felt up by men twice my size. I knew I was in trouble when I hear one of them say. "Someone is getting a new pussy boy tonight."

It was the bartender that actually came to my rescue. "I will call you a cab. Tommy, get these perverts off the new guy." A guy that had to weight over three hundred came over and stood by me. Soon the crowd thinned and I wasn't as ready to panic as I had been just a few seconds before. Soon I heard a horn honk and the bartender said. "That will be your cab. Sorry, the animals go wild when a young pretty boy comes in. Thanks for the tip." I was very thankful that I had given him a nice tip.

When I got into the cab all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel. I woke up twice that night with the nightmare of that place interrupting my sleep. Maybe my desires for cock will have to wait awhile. I am not going to risk another incident like my Chaps experience.

Tuesday after the conference, I was tired and a little frustrated. I decided I would have a few beers in my room. I called and asked for Randy and he brought up the beers. After a little small talk he asked. "How are you enjoying your stay in Chicago?"

"Well, to be honest, after trying to find some company on my own last night, I think it might just be easier to just pay for someone's company." Where I got the nerve to hint that I would be willing to pay for company, I will never know. I was hoping he would offer himself once he found out that I wanted male company.

"A handsome man like you should never have to pay for pussy."

"Well, I wasn't really wanting pussy. I am looking for male company."

"Exactly what are you looking for?" I was hoping he was interested. He was smiling warmly, so he wasn't repulsed by the idea.

"Someone like you would be perfect. I have been denying my sexuality for over ten years and I want to be sucked by a hot man and to suck him." I did it. I exposed myself to rejection and my heart was racing. I was both hopeful and fearful what his next comment would be.

"I liked you the moment we met. I can just tell that you are a nice man, and you are extremely handsome. My boyfriend would kill me though if I even thought about having sex with someone else. I know a couple of guys that sell themselves, but you don't want them. I wish I knew how to help you."

"It's okay, I guess I'm a little desperate, and trying to fulfill my suppressed desires too quickly."

"You know, I have a gay friend that I love dearly. He needs money desperately and might be willing. I don't know if I can talk him into it or not, but I am willing to try if you want me to."

"Oh yes, I would love some company even if nothing else happens. I will be glad to pay you a finders fee, of course."

"No, I am not doing this for a guest of the hotel; I am doing it for you. I think my friend will really like you too." Randy left and went to talk to his friend. About forty-five minutes later, Randy knocked on the door. I let him in. "My friend Brad, was adamantly against the idea, but I finally convinced him that you were a super guy and that he would probably enjoy the time with you, and the money was just a bonus. I told him he would probably get a couple of hundred out of the deal and he said he would do it. He should be here within an hour." After Randy left, I couldn't do anything but pace. I brushed my teeth twice and was considering taking another shower when there was a knock on the door.

My heart was racing as I opened the door. I was not prepared for the vision at my door. This guy is drop dead gorgeous. He even puts Randy to shame. I stuttered and stammered and finally managed to say. "You must be Brad?" I stepped aside to let him in.

"You must be Jim. Randy said you were gorgeous, but I thought he was just saying that to get me over here." We shook hands. "I am really nervous about this, but I really need the money. I don't know what I am supposed to do next. Do I get naked and let you see if you are interested?"

"This is new to me too, Brad. I have been married and trying to be straight for ten of twelve years. I have finally admitted I am gay and I'm free to act on my desires. I guess I'm wanting male companionship so badly that I trying to cram ten years into two weeks. I don't have a clue how we are supposed to act, so can we just sit and talk for a bit? You are so handsome, far beyond my wildest expectations. I would like to get to know you."

"Thanks, I was scared to death to knock on your door. I almost left and went back home, but that place is a mad house. I have three roommates and they all have their girl friends over tonight. I didn't want to put up with that. Randy and Phil are special to me and Randy said you were so easy to get to know that he liked you immediately."

We talked about a lot of things. He had just graduated from high school. His parents found out he was gay just before his senior year and had kicked him out of his house. He is nineteen and has only had a couple of boyfriends and none were ever a serious relationship. He too had tried to be straight but had realized that it would never happen when he was seventeen. Although he was under legal drinking age, I let him have a couple of beers. He said he didn't drink much, but a couple of beers now and then he enjoyed. His roommates were all older, so it was available to him.

We were sitting on the couch and we had been talking for a couple of hours. We were both a lot more comfortable than we were before. I was rubbing his thigh gently. He moved my hand to his crotch and I felt his hard cock. My cock was also straining against my jeans. "I was really afraid to do this, but not now I really want to be with you. Can I undress you now?"

"Oh God yes, Brad. Let me undress you first." I pulled his feet around so that they were in my lap and I untied his shoes. Even his feet were beautiful. I couldn't help myself and I kissed his feet as I took off his socks. I pulled his shirt over his head and licked his beautiful chest. His nipples responded to my little love suckles and their hard little nips felt amazing. I pulled off his jeans and his briefs held a wonderful sight. Even covered by that flimsy cotton, his cock looked perfect to me.

He pushed me to the bed and said. "Now let me uncover my prize too." He began to undress me and when down to my briefs, he gently bit on my hard cock. "hmmm. I can't wait to taste that." He pulled down my briefs and started to lick and suck my balls. He took his time and wouldn't let me move. Once he got his fill of my nuts he started his slow and determined way up my shaft. His talented tongue had my cock head jumping with taunting and teasing. When he began to suck and pump my shaft, I was doing my very best to make it last, but his skill was just too much for me to hold on any longer. I flooded his mouth with my hot cum. I was bouncing like a kid on a trampoline, my orgasm was so strong. When my cock was too sensitive to take anymore, I pulled him up for a long and passionate kiss.

I kissed down his neck and started my trek down his chest to his wonderful cock. When I pulled his briefs off and saw that beautiful cock for the first time, I was amazed at how perfect it was shaped. He had very little hair and his pubic bush was very silky soft and felt heavenly to my lips and tongue. His cock was about seven inches and the head looked to be a perfect crown to his lovely shaft. His ball sack was loose and held two very succulent orbs that I just couldn't get enough of licking and sucking. I tried my best to duplicate his wonderful treatment to my cock on him. His precum was awesome and I couldn't wait to taste his full offerings. I loved the feel of his cock in my hot mouth. His smell is so special that I can't get enough of it. I would like to stay sucking and licking his crotch for ever. When he started to fill my mouth with his sweet cum, I did my best to hold it so that I could savor it, but it was too much and I had to swallow to make room for more. At this moment, I was in total bliss. I wouldn't leave his cock until he couldn't stand the stimulation any longer. We kissed and ground our cocks together for the longest. I never wanted to stop kissing him, and he didn't seem to want it to end either.

Nothing was said but after several minutes we were both approaching another climax. Something triggered us both to move into a sixty-nine position and again start to pleasure our partner. I wanted to memorize his cock with my tongue. Actually I wanted to just make it a part of me. I couldn't get enough of him. Sooner than either of us wanted we both started to cum. His cum is so hot and tastes so wonderful. I could be a millionaire if I could bottle that wonderful taste. Most of all though, it was so wonderful because it came from him.

We were again kissing and our hands exploring each other. I never felt so alive and full of emotion as I was at this moment. I have never felt so attuned to wanting to hold and be held. Brad had set the alarm so that he wouldn't miss the last bus and it chose that moment to sound its vulgar warning. He looked over at the clock. "Shit, I didn't give us any spare time at all. I have to hustle. I may not make it."

I stuffed three hundreds into his pocket as he was dressing through my kisses. I stuffed a couple of twenties in his other pocket. "Take a cab, I don't want anything happening to you." He was still dressing as he ran out the door.

That night I didn't sleep at all. I should have been so elated at having such wonderful sex that I should have been on cloud nine, but instead I was frustrated that I didn't find a way for him to stay. I didn't even get his phone number. I wanted to ask him to come back tomorrow, but was afraid that I was too desperate, and I am. Desperate for him. I will empty my savings if I have to, but I want to spend more time with this boy. My only way to contact him is through Randy. What is Randy is off tomorrow, I will miss out on tomorrow. Why didn't I ask him if he could come back tomorrow? Why did I let him leave without his number? I jerked off three times thinking of his lovely young man, but it was no help for me to get to sleep. Brad was constantly on my mind.

The conference couldn't hold my attention. I have never in my life spent a longer day than this one seemed to be. Brad was the only thing I could think about, and without any real hope of seeing him today, I was so frustrated and depressed. When this dreadful day at the conference was finally over, I stopped by the front desk and had another card key made. Just in case I got to see Brad again, I wanted to have him a key so that he would be able to be with me anytime he wanted. I just hoped that he wanted me; I just hope that it wasn't only me that wanted more of what we enjoyed yesterday.

When I got up to my room, there was Brad sitting on the floor in the hall. I ran to him and kissed him passionately. "Oh god Jim, I couldn't think of anything but you today. I almost got fired, but I didn't care. I hope I am not out of line for coming to your room. I just hope you want to see me; I can't think about anything else but being with you again."

I finally got the door open. I handed him the card key. "I had this made, hoping you would feel the same as I did. I couldn't sleep last night and the day was so slow because all I could think of was when will I see you again."

We kept kissing constantly. He stuffed money in my pocket. "What we had yesterday was so perfect and wonderful, I can't let money be a part of it. I have never been so happy in my life as I was in your arms last night. I brought my backpack so that I can go to work from here. Unless you tell me otherwise, I plan to be with you while you are here. I might be overstepping my bounds and making a fool out of myself, but I felt a connection that couldn't just be one sided. I hope you want me here."

"Oh god, I do want you here. You are right, I felt that connection too. Not only was our sex out of this world wonderful, but I felt so contented and happy when we were holding each other. If I tried to imagine the most perfect person, that image would pale in comparison in both looks and personality. You being here make me one happy man." We couldn't keep our hands and mouths off each other. We only came once, but we had each other at the brink several dozen times. We just seemed to be in tune with each other. We wanted to make each other happy, not much better way to explain us. "You want to get dressed and go downstairs to eat, go out, or call Randy for room service?"

"To be honest, I want to stay right here with you. I am a little hungry though."

"Let's call room service." They have prime rib for two on the menu and we thought that would suit us perfectly.

When Randy knocked on the door, Brad let him in. We were both wearing nothing but our underwear, and Randy tried to tease us about it. "Aren't you two a little underdressed for dinner?"

"No overdressed. We had to cover up the good stuff or the waiter might get jealous." Brad teased.

"I knew you would be here. I called your place to see how everything went yesterday and Todd said you told them not to look for you for the next couple of weeks. I guess you two got along."

"You have no idea, how well we have gotten to know each other. We both owe you big time Randy."

"I like you both, one I have known a long time, the other just a short time, but somehow I knew you were a special man. Somehow I knew you two would be good for each other. Oh, Phil wanted me to invite you two over for dinner Saturday. Would you like to come?"

"Wait just a minute. How would Phil know about us and want to invite us over?" Brad asked.

"Let's just say, he can't stand not knowing someone special enough to cause you to flip out and want to spend all your free time with. He also has a new steak rub that he is dying to try. So can we expect you guys?"

Brad looked at me and I shrugged. "Okay, maybe we will want to get out of bed by then. We will call you if we change our minds." Brad kissed Randy on the cheek. "Now get out so that we can get naked and eat."

Randy swatted Brad on the butt. "Next time you might want to make sure you have on your own underwear. I can tell you dressed in a hurry." He was laughing his ass off as he left. Sure enough we looked down and we had on each others briefs.

We were very playful as we ate. We talked a lot and played a lot. We did manage to enjoy the nectar from our loins a couple of times too. We were both very tired from not having slept the night before, but I think we both wanted to spend as much time kissing and cuddling as we could. I think we both just passed out. I woke up a little after three needing to piss in the worse way. I eased out from under Brad, I was trying not to wake this sleeping beauty. Once I emptied my bladder and made it back to bed, Brad was on his back. His lovely cock lay flaccid over his balls. His pubic hair just looked so perfect. For some reason I wanted to run my fingers through those silky strands. It felt so wonderful to my fingers. I knew before, but had fought the suddenness of those feelings, that I was in love with this beautiful creature.

Once I fully reclined to go back to sleep, he must have sensed my presence and he snuggled up to me. Then he realized that I was awake and said. "Hold my place. I have to pee." When he got back we kissed and cuddled some more. We both must have drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew the alarm was going off, well the phone was ringing with the wakeup call. "What time is it?"

"Sorry, it's only five-thirty. I usually run of a morning and forgot to call and change it."

"Cool, I usually run in the morning too. I will bring my running clothes tonight." We kissed passionately. We were soon sucking a hot load of cum from each other. In the shower we had another taste of each other's sweet cum. We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

That evening after my conference, Bard was already there when I got in. He had brought another grocery bag of clothes. I liked the idea of him binging things in and not taking anything out. I knew I had fallen hard for this guy. I had even asked around the conference about AI jobs in the area. I knew I was asking for trouble, but I didn't want to imagine going back to my old life before Brad.

We decided to take a walk and see what was close by that might interest us for dinner. On one side to the hotel was a big park, we walked the other direction. We saw several places that looked promising, but after about four blocks our senses were assaulted by the most wonderful smells coming from this little Italian restaurant. We just looked at each other and nodded. The place was magical. We felt immediately at home. The service and food was out of this world and to make it more special, the price was reasonable. In fact it was cheap for the quality of food and service. The chef was in and out of the kitchen all night talking to everyone, making them feel welcome.

As we left, he came out of the kitchen his big belly leading the way. "You boys brighten up this place with your bright faces and wonderful laughter. Come back soon and old Tony will make you his lovers special." He kissed us both on both cheeks. We must have looked a little nervous. He just laughed and said. "Old Tony knows these things, don't worry your pretty heads." For some strange reason, we felt comfortable and started to enjoy the hug from the big chef.

We walked in the park and ended up playing soccer with a group of guys until we were worn out. We got ready for a nice hot shower, but before we could get to the bathroom, we were kissing passionately and fell to the bed grinding our hard cocks. We couldn't stop our passion. When I couldn't hold off any longer and fired my fist volley between us, it must have triggered Brad's. His cum joined mine to make a wonderful slippery lubricant between our bodies.

We enjoyed our shower together. The privilege to wash this man's hair is special, but to wash his other body parts divine. I just can't keep my hands off this man, let alone my tongue and lips. Back in bed and ready for sleep. We were tenderly kissing and caressing each other. From the look in his eyes, I think he is going to tell me he loves me. He swallows hard and says. "Thank you. You have shown me a happiness I didn't know existed. You are very special to me."

"You have done the same for me. I can't remember the last time I have even been remotely this happy. I think you could put a smile on a statues face." We didn't say much more, but we were very tender with our caresses. We were not in foreplay or any form of sexual play, we both seemed happy to just touch and hold.

The next thing I know the phone is ringing with our wake up call. We had to put on our running clothes twice; we almost made it out without sucking each other, but not quite. Running was something that Barb and I did together and it was one of our most pleasurable times together. After we filed for divorce, running was still a daily activity for me, but not nearly as much fun as it was when I had someone to run with. Our neighborhood was comprised mostly of older couples, so they didn't run. A few walked in the evenings and a few in the morning, but Barb and I were pretty much the only runners. Running with Brad brought back all the good feelings I had enjoyed with Barb and added a whole new level to the pleasure. His beautiful ass was a special treat when I was a little behind. I found myself wanting to lag behind just to enjoy the view. We enjoyed the pace and we both were feeling the endorphins. After three circuits of the park, Brad challenged. "Last lap, looser has to buy breakfast. Go!" He took off. I managed to catch him and we jockeyed back and forth a bit. When I could see what I knew we would consider the finish line, I took off as hard as I could run. Just before I crossed the line I saw him overtake me. When he stopped and put his elbows on his knees to get his breath back, his beautiful ass was a wonderful sight. I was too out of breath to do anything but gulp air at the moment. When we had gotten some of our wind back he said. "Damn you are a lot faster than I thought you would be. I would have been in a heap of trouble if I had lost. I bet I could find a way to talk you into a loan though." He laughed.

We cooled down and went up to take our shower and start our day. I found out later that he was supposed to work this weekend but refused and threatened to quit if they made him. Had I known that he had felt that strongly, I would have told him how much I loved him, but neither of us had actually said those words. I managed to make it through my day and I got to the room before Brad did. Damn that place is lonely without him. When he got there we kissed passionately and went to take our shower. We had decided to eat at a place we saw that was close to the movie theater. We had a wonderful meal, and waited for the time for the movie.

We were early enough that we had to sit through a lot of those stupid commercials they have at the movies these days. There were quite a few people in the movie, but we managed to get a seat in the back row. We were next to the aisle and there were only eight seats between us and the wall. The way the seats were laid out there was a large middle section with a small section on either side. We were on the right side of the theater. We thought we were going to have this row to ourselves until just before the movie started two boys scooted past us and joined us in this area. I don't know how old the boys were, but early teens is a good enough description. Brad was between me and the boys. I looked over and they were making out like crazy. I nudged Brad and he must have already seen them because he just grinned and whispered. "I wish I had that kind of nerve when I was that age."

"Me too, I think they like each other." We looked over and they had their hands in each others lap. A few minutes later an usher started up the stairs making his rounds with a flashlight. I nudged Brad and he managed to get the boys attention and nodded toward the usher. The boys sat up straight and were looking at the movie when the usher passed.

"Let's make their day for them. Come on let's shield them and let them have some fun." We went over to the boys and motioned for them to go to the very corner and they did. We sat one chair away and leaned such that we were a human shield. The boys caught on quickly and soon had their cocks out and the one closest to us was sucking the other one. They didn't take long and soon the other one got his shot (pun intended)."

One of the boys whispered. "Want us to shield you so you can do each other?"

"No, we have plenty of privacy. Thanks for offering though." Brad told them.

"Then do you mind letting us do it again." Brad just nodded his head for them to go ahead. "We don't get to suck each other very often. You guys are fantastic." They were soon sucking for all they were worth. I think they kept their dicks out the entire movie.

When we got back to the room we stripped and Brad lay across the bed on his stomach, looking at the TV guide. His cock and balls were spread behind his beautiful spread legs. I couldn't help myself. I kissed each globe of his perfect butt. I started licking his ball sack and too the left one into my mouth. I traded it for the right nut and continued to love his ball sack. I licked the head of his cock and he had to rise up, the pressure of having his hard cock pressed backward under him was too much. I have never considered rimming something I would ever do, but my lips, tongue and mouth were drawn to his beautiful hole like a moth to a flame. My senses went into overdrive. It was heaven pleasuring Brad's most private area. I would have stayed right there all night to please that wonderful hole, but Brad gasped. "Oh god, Jim. I want you in me. Please make me yours!"

Brad had said on the night we met that he was saving his ass for the man he was going to marry. I was desperately hoping that he was saying what I wanted to hear. "I want you. Are you saying what I think you are saying?"

"I am saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I pray you feel the same way."

"Oh god Brad, I do. I have wanted to say it, but fear kept me from it. I love you Bradley Davis."

"I love you too, Jim Carter. I have some lube in the bag. Make me yours!" I got the lube, but I was so turned on by his sweet butt that I couldn't stop pleasuring him with my tongue. "Please Jim, you are driving me nuts. I love what you are doing but I need you in me."

I left his sweet hole and kissed him passionately. "I love you so much." I worked my first finger into his hot hole. Once his pucker relaxed I lubed another finger and started to work two into him. We were moaning and kissing passionately.

"Now! Oh god, do it now." I was never a tenth this hard with Barbara. I was so hard; I had trouble moving my cock down to enter him. He pulled harder on his ankles to give me better access to his hot hole. When the head popped into that inferno of hot boy, I thought I was going to explode. I had to settle down to keep from ending our love making right then. Of course, that gave Brad a chance to get used to having my cock head in him. I was slowly backing away from the edge of release. I finally thought I could let the rest of me in without shooting my wad too quickly. I slowly entered him until I was fully home. Brad had lost his erection when I first entered him, but he was now back to full mast. "Fuck me, oh fuck me." He released one of his hands from his ankles and pulled my head toward his mouth. He started kissing me passionately. I was trying to flex my cock on every stroke to hit his prostrate. His ass gripped my cock so hard and then released it. His ass was so hot; my cock felt like it was in an oven. He was so much tighter than any woman ever thought about being. I was back on the edge or orgasm and didn't think I could stop this time. About then he shot cum between us. Neither of us had touched his cock. When he shot, his ass muscles pulsated so hard, I was filling him with my seed.

Neither of us could speak for the longest. Finally my cock slipped out of him and my breathing was getting close to normal. I kissed him. "I love you so much. I am so glad you want to be with me forever." I kissed him again. "Let me go get a warm cloth to clean up my baby." I kissed his cock on my way to get the wash cloth.

I cleaned up his chest, pubes and cock. Then I lifted his legs to clean his beautiful bottom that I had just fired my seed into. I kissed his sweet hole and put his legs down. "That was awesome. I never dreamed how fantastic it would be."

"Get your strength back, cause you need to claim me, and make me yours now." I kissed him hard.

"I don't need that to know you are mine. I knew from our second day that I couldn't live without you and I felt the same from you. We were both just too worried something would jinx it, to tell each other. Now, I will put my seed inside you to complete our bond, but you are mine, make no mistake about that." He kissed me passionately and then proceeded to lift my legs and pleasure my hole with his loving tongue. He is driving me crazy with his tongue in and out of my ass. I am moaning and begging to be taken by this man. I didn't even know when he had stopped his tongue action and started to work his fingers into me.

He finally eased his cock head into my tight hole. I thought I was going to split apart. He waited for me to get used to having him in me and he eased the rest of the way in. When I felt his pubic hairs on my balls, I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him to start slow stroking me. I don't want to get fucked everyday, but this man can have me anytime he wants me. "Oh god, I'm going to cum." He eased about half way out of me and bent his head to my dick. The flexible little turkey was sucking and fucking me at the same time. I filled his hot mouth with my cum. Damn this is sexual overload at its best. As he kissed the head of my cock and let it flop to my belly, he began to pump his seed into me.

We were both spent from our sexual activities. I didn't last long after Brad cleaned me up and kissed me goodnight. My guess is he didn't either. We both woke up a little before eight and took our morning run. I took my wallet and handed it to him. "You have all our money now, maybe I will have a chance if you are not worried about backing up your big mouth."

He kissed me. "Someone likes my big mouth, and for the record, I wasn't worried." He grinned and swatted me on the butt. We headed out for our run. Again on our challenge lap, he nudged me out. I tried to argue it was a tie. He laughed. "Well, I guess we will just have to eat each other for breakfast." When we got back to the room, the message waiting light was on. Randy had called to make sure we were coming over this afternoon. Brad told him we would be there between four and five. "You know we are going to have to make them think we are not a couple yet. It will drive them nuts. I won't directly lie, but let's jerk their chain as long as we can."

"You're a devious one. I am with you." After our shower we dressed. "Give me your dirty clothes and I will take them to the desk for the laundry."

"Hell no, I saw the prices they charge. We saw a Laundromat just down the street. Trust me we will have fun." I didn't argue and we headed to the Laundromat like an old married couple to wash our clothes. Several of the machines were busy, but no one was around. I guess people just put their stuff in and leave. Brad found an old copy of People magazine and was thumbing through it. It was an issue that came out when Barbara filed for divorce. I was hoping he didn't find what I feared he would. "Holy shit! This is you!" He held the picture up for me to see. I had seen it already.

"Yep, that is me."

"Your Barbara is Barbarella and you didn't think to mention that to me?" I could tell he wasn't really mad, but I think he was a little frustrated.

"She is just Barb, or Babs to me. Why does it matter?"

"She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. The hottest super model on the planet and you were married to her and didn't think I should know?"

"My friends joked that she could turn a gay boy straight. I guess we know one gay boy she couldn't make straight."

"And you are so much more beautiful to me."

"Wow, now that I am over the shock, it really makes me feel good. Can I meet her sometime?"

"Planning on dumping me for her?"

"Hell no, unless she can grow a dick. Anyway, I saw you in that picture and they were taking her picture. Should tell you where my eyes were."

I couldn't help myself. I kissed him. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Barb. "Hey Babs, how the fuck are you?" She blabbered on about what was going on in her life. I usually listen intently, she is my best friend still, but today I wanted to talk, or let Brad talk to her anyway. "Babs, You know I hate Todd, but I love you, so I will support anything you want. Look, I have someone that wants to speak to you. Yes, he is the one."

I handed the phone to Brad. "Hi, Barbara." I could tell she was jabbering away. He tried to say something a few times but she was on a roll. He was smiling so she wasn't reading him the riot act. "I love him with all my heart and soul. I won't let anyone hurt him, if I can help it." Another long pause on this end. "I look forward to meeting you too." He handed me the phone back.

"How the Hell can you tell he is so sweet? You didn't give him a chance to say ten words." I was laughing hard. "I love you too. See you next weekend then. Bite Todd's dick for me." We broke the connection.

"Who is this Todd?"

I thumbed through the magazine and found his picture. "That Todd."

"Oh, he is hot."

"Not nearly as hot as he thinks he is. Neither of us care for him at all, but her publicist wants her to be seen dating him. I had to take her to a reception last week so she wouldn't have to go with him, now she is going to bed with him. She listens to that publicist too much."

"So did you get over your drug habit?"

"That was one of the first theories of our divorce. The only drug habit I have is your cock and I am hopelessly addicted and hope I never stop."

"Me too, good thing we can be each other's suppliers." He rolled the magazine and put it in our laundry bag. "I am taking this to Randy and Phil's. Maybe we can make them think this came between us. It will make their day anyway, Randy thinks Barbaralla is the most beautiful woman on the planet and he has said more than once that if any woman could make him happy she could."

Soon it was time for us to head out to Randy and Phil's. We took a cab much to Brad's disappointment. He is used to the bus and hates spending money on a cab. When they opened the door, I must have looked shocked. Phil has to be ten years older than Randy. "Brad, did you not tell Jim about Phil and I?"

"No, I didn't think about it. Sorry. Jim, Phil is a little older than Randy." We all laughed.

They already had drinks and snacks set up in the living room. They told us to make ourselves at home. "Well, is someone going to tell me the story about you guys?" I asked.

"Sure I will tell you how this little one stole my heart."

"No, let me tell it. You always gloss over my precarious youth." Randy settled back to tell the story. "I have always had an ability to know if someone is good or bad. Well, it's not exactly good or bad, but it ends up working that way. I can immediately tell if I like someone. I get a warm feeling and I know we have made a connection. Some people, I don't get a feeling when I am around them and they have turned out to be the majority. We found out when I was eight or nine that I got a cold feeling when I came in contact with someone bad. The University did some studies and my feelings were never wrong. They wanted to study me some more and my dad had to threaten to sue them to make them leave me alone."

"I figured out I was gay at ten or eleven. My parents were wonderfully supportive, that is one reason it hurts so bad to see some kids parents treat them badly. Anyway for a little kid, I had a big dick and I liked to go in the restrooms in the park and show it off. I rarely had a problem getting my cock sucked or getting to suck a cock. Since I knew I could tell if someone was bad or not, I wasn't worried about flashing someone that would do me harm. By the time I was twelve or thirteen, I had regulars that would meet me in the restroom to have fun. I met Phil when I was thirteen. My feeling was on fire when I was around him. Rebel, used to play catch with us." The lab raised his head at his name. "He is getting too old to play as frisky anymore, but we still love him. Anyway, Phil was great to talk to. I knew he was gay too because I had seen him with a guy in the park before. To move the story along, let's just say that I stalked Phil. I wanted to be with him constantly. He liked me too, I am sure my connection would not have been that hot if he didn't plus we were always happy together, but he would never be naked with me. One day four guys from school, that I didn't like and wouldn't play around with, grabbed me and raped me. They left me tied in the bushes. Rebel found me. Phil wanted to call the police, but I convinced him that they wouldn't do anything because I had been caught with my pants down, so to speak, in the restroom before. He carried me to his house and cleaned me up. He was crying the whole time. I convinced him that my friends on the football team would make sure those guys didn't do this to me again. He made me promise to quit my antics in the park restroom. I told him I would promise if he would be with me, but he was persistent. I knew this man loved me as much as I loved him, but he would never let himself admit it."

"My parents knew my feelings for Phil. They tried to convince me that Phil was right and our ages made any sort of relationship impossible. I wouldn't listen and I was constantly depressed. They worried about me. A week before my fourteenth birthday, my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him the only thing in the world that I wanted was a chance to be with Phil. Believe it or not, my dad talked Phil into spending a weekend with me. As you might have guessed, I won him over to the dark side and now he is mine. Actually, it took me four or five hours before we were naked for the first time that weekend."

"Now you have heard our story, how are you guys doing. Randy said you guys were perfect for each other, and he wasn't exaggerating about how good looking you two are together. So tell us how are you two getting along?"

Brad looked at me, and I think he knew I couldn't carry off his plan to make them think we were just friends. "Well, we like each other a lot, but Jim has been misleading me and I guess that bothers me."

"Misleading you how?" Randy was speaking up, maybe worried about his ability to read people.

"Look at this." Brad threw the folded magazine from his back pocket. "Page 146 tells it all."

"It's an old magazine." I tried to do my part.

"Holy Fuck! You have fucked Barbaralla? Even straight guys would want to suck your cock, just because it has been in her. Nice picture by the way. You know, I thought I recognized you from somewhere the first time I saw you at the hotel."

"So why is this a problem?" Phil asked.

"Well he didn't tell me."

"So what was he supposed to do? Introduce himself as Jim that used to fuck Barbaralla? Hey bud, you should be proud that you turn him on. It's not like he hasn't had his share of beauty."

"Besides, the way you two look at each other tells me that you are trying to pull our chain. I see nothing but love and lust in the way you look at each other. Your weak attempt to get us to believe that you are not a couple just isn't going to fly."

"Okay, but we had to try. Oh, and just so you know, Babs is really sweet and she is dying to meet me as soon as we get to Houston."

"Babs? So you are on nickname basis with the world's sexiest super model now? And you are moving to Houston?"

"Jim hasn't ask me yet, but yep, I'm not giving him a choice. I have nothing holding me here and he has a job there. I can find a job and go to school there as easy as here. We have each other and plan on spending the rest of my life with him."

"I would move here and find a job, if he didn't want to come to Houston. I need to be where he is, wherever that may be. It may seem like a short time that we have known each other, but our hearts don't seem to know that. I have never experienced something this meaningful to my every bit of being before. We are one when we are together. We both feel it."

"When are you going to Houston, Brad?"

"I am trying to scrape up the money now, so I can go when Jim does."

"You already have a seat next to me on the return flight. The ticket is probably already at the hotel, we didn't check our messages today."

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you Jimbo?"

"Well, to be honest, I have a couple million frequent flyer miles so it wasn't any monetary risk, but I was very hopeful that I would have some wonderful company on the flight home."

"Do you think I will be able to get a job quickly once we get there?"

"You probably could, but I would rather you take your time and find something that would make it easy for you to go to school. There are several choices of nice collages that you should find something you like."

"I can't let you pay for all that. It will take me some time to save up enough to go to school."

"I'm hoping that you are as serious about this relationship as I am. If it were legal, we would be married as far as I am concerned."

"I want that too."

"Then what we have, we have together. We work as a team to accomplish our goals. When I married Barbara she wasn't a super model. I didn't feel it was right to take her money in the divorce settlement, so we didn't split everything fifty-fifty, but we were both happy when it was over. You have talked to her, you know that we are still good friends. I hope that you and I can agree that we are in this for the long run and I hope you understand that I want you to be my loving partner in everything. I know I didn't do a very good job of making this an US relationship when I called and ordered the tickets without your input or knowledge, but I was still afraid you didn't love me like I loved you at the time."

"So does that mean I get to sit on my ass all day and do nothing and you support me?"

"I guess it does if that is what you want to do. Some how, I don't think that describes the Brad, I have come to love. I love you Bradley Davis and I don't think that would change even if you turned into a lazy slob." I kissed him, and he started to get passionate.

"I think I better get the stakes ready before you too rip each others clothes off and go at each other here in the den."

"Brad, don't let your stubborn streak get in the way here. You would never let any of us help you, and I can understand that a little, although I thought you should let your friends help when they could. Anyway, what I am saying is don't fuck this up just because you want to pay your own way. That is not how love and marriage work. You know I don't come close to putting as much money into our accounts as Phil does, but that is not how we measure our love. One day when I get out of collage, I might make more, but even if I never do, we have enough to live on and enjoy each other. What more could we need?"

"Thanks, Randy. That helps some, it will take me some time, but I think I'll deal with it. If it were reversed, it would be a snap, but knowing, I'm the one not doing my share will take me some time."

"Just know that we are a team and we are in this together, we don't keep score except maybe when we run." That got a laugh out of Brad. Of course we had to tell Randy and Phil about our run bet.

Dinner was fantastic and we were discussing having a glass of wine in the hot tub. "Their hot tub is fantastic, but they only have it so that they can get sweet innocent people like us naked and ogle our bodies." Brad teased.

"We have plenty of swim suits if you prefer, Mr. Sweet and Innocent."

"No, I finally have someone to cuddle with in the tub, I will enjoy being naked thank you." We all laughed.

Just then my cell phone rang. "I'm sorry, I forgot to turn it off."

"No problem, go ahead and answer it."

It was Barbara. "Hi Babs, something wrong? Calling your ex on a Saturday night is not a good sign." She assured me all was fine. "Okay, I will put you on speaker, but you should know you have some fans here, so watch your language."

I hit the speaker button. "You mean more than you and gorgeous?"

"Yes, Randy the cutie that introduced Brad and I and his partner Phil are here. They think you are awesome, so don't show them your true self." Everyone laughed, including Barbara.

"Hey, I don't need that abuse from my friends. I can get that anywhere. Hi Randy and Phil. I love you already Randy, you made my best friend very happy. Speaking of Brad, I don't suppose you have some head shots do you? My agent saw the picture Jim sent me and is having a cat to get you behind a camera. Would you be interested in doing a little modeling when you get here?"

"Gee, Barb, that catches me by surprise. I do need a job, but Jim has convinced me I need to go to college too. Jim and I need to discuss it, before I say yes."

"Jim, she wants both of you guys for some gay calendar or something. I know you know the drill, but that one shoot will be worth ten grand each, so it will be a nice little housewarming."

"From the look on his face, I am pretty sure Brad wants to do it, but we will talk and let you know. Tell Alice that we have tentatively agreed."

"You mean you will do it too? Damn, how many times has she tried to get you behind the camera and you refused. I can see the boy has awakened your adventurous side."

"I love you to, bitch."

"I know you do. I will give Alice the heads up. Thanks again Randy, I love Brad already and I have never seen Jim so happy."

"You are very welcome. I love them both. I can't believe I am actually talking to Barbaralla."

She laughed. "Give Jim and Brad your address and I will send you a one of a kind autograph. I just better never see it on the internet or I will come cut your balls off."

"His balls are nothing special, but we call him donkey dick if you really want to threaten him." Brad chimed in.

"No, my bark is worse than my bite. I trust him or I would never send it. Sorry to interrupt your party guys and I have to run. Nice meeting you Randy and Phil." She hung up before they could say anything.

"She always gets the last word in doesn't she?" Brad laughed.

"Yep, she was like that even before she was famous. Her mother is just like that. Her mother used to frustrate me when we were in high school; it was like having a half a conversation. It was just on the phone that she did that. I love her mother to death, unlike my own, I felt loved and someone special when I was around her."

"This is the first time you have mentioned either of your parents. Did you have parents like mine?"

"No, they didn't know I was gay, so they couldn't hate me for that. The man on my birth certificate listed as my father isn't my biological father. My mother had an affair with my biological father; he was shot and killed before I was born. We was caught with another man's wife. I have two half brothers both considerably older than me. My mother's husband could not stand the sight of me when I was a kid. He didn't beat me or anything; he just wouldn't have anything to do with me. I can understand his feelings now, but back then, I was always crying. I knew he hated me, but I didn't have a clue as to why. They divorced when I was ten and I was told then about my biological father. My mother never cared much for me either, I never saw her much. I was raised by nannies. I have spoken to my mother twice in the last year. I called her last Christmas and on her birthday. She didn't call on mine. Actually I don't remember the last time she called me. If you ever here me use the term mom, it will be about Barbara's mother."

"So you and Barbara have been together a long time."

I laughed. "Off and on, yes. We were best friends, but in high school we both dated other people. It wasn't until we were ready for college did we become a couple. I think she knew back then that I was into guys. She would never go all the way with the guys she dated, but she would give them hand jobs and a few blow jobs. She would tell me about their dicks and that would make me hard." We all laughed. Our mood was once again on a happy note.

"Is it hot tub time yet?" Brad asked.

"Anytime you are ready. It is hot and ready to go."

"Cool, this is the first time I have been here with someone to cuddle with."

"You are so good looking and such a beautiful person, I can't image you not having someone."

"Oh, I brought guys here before, but they were just so people wouldn't feel uncomfortable that I was alone. Most of them wouldn't keep their hands off me and so I had to put up with them pawing me all night."

"I can understand that. I can't keep my hands off you either."

"I want your hands all over me. I guess, I'm weird, but I have always been looking for love. I wanted sex at times, but knew at an early age that I wanted to be the center of someone's universe and him be the center of mine. I felt that with you that first day. It was so much more exciting and thrilling than I had dreamed. Now hold me tight."

No other words were needed. When Randy climbed into the hot tub, I couldn't hold back my gasp. "Wow, does he pass out when that thing gets hard?" It was the biggest dick I had ever seen. It hung down almost to his knees.

Everyone laughed including Randy. "It doesn't get much bigger when it gets hard. Phil isn't a size queen, but he loves me anyway."

"I do love you and everything about you." Phil had handed us all a glass of champagne. He raised his glass to toast and said. "I have a lot to be thankful for, my wonderful partner, and wonderful friends. Let me be the first to toast you two and wish you a long and happy life together."

Brad raised his glass. "It is friends like you guys that have kept me going. It seems like every time I thought about giving up all hope of being happy you two found a way to spark some flicker of hope that offer some hope. Now you have brought the love of my life to me. I love you both very much."

"I second that and I would like to toast our wonderful hosts tonight. You guys have made me feel welcome and this has been a wonderful evening."

Randy sat his empty glass on the edge of the tub. "Enough of the mushy shit. Suck me Phil. I love you." He sat on the edge so Phil could take him. I don't know how he managed, but Phil deep throated that monster.

Brad was urging me up on the edge so that he could take me in his mouth and I was eager to please. After he had pleased me and I had a taste of his ball honey, we settled into the hot tub. Brad was between my legs and leaning back on to my chest. I love holding him this way. Phil and Randy were cuddled together much the same way. "That is the first time I have seen sex in this hot tub. You guys always urge people to go into a bedroom for privacy."

"It just didn't seem necessary. We all seem to be comfortable together and it just sort of happened. You two look so natural together. I hope we didn't shock you or make you uncomfortable when I attacked Phil."

"You didn't, but Jim couldn't believe that Phil could take all that down his throat."

"I'm lucky to have Phil. He isn't a size queen but he has learned to love me in spite of my size. It would scare me to death to try to take it on, but he was able to get used to it before it got this big. Sometimes I feel like a freak."

"You are way too beautiful to be a freak. Inside and out. I have known you but a short while and I think you are one of the most special people on the planet. You have a good man that loves you, and friends that adore you. Your cock doesn't define you; it is just a part of you."

"Thanks Jim, and I know that my friends care about me and my Phil is wonderful, but sometimes I just wish people didn't drop their jaw when they see me naked for the first time."

"Well, if you had a tiny little gherkin of a dick, they would drop their jaw and gawk too."

He laughed. "I guess so; I have never had a little dick though."

We stayed a little longer and went back to our hotel. The rest of the week flew by quickly. On the flight to Houston, Brad was excited about starting a new life in a new town It didn't take him long to adjust. He started working as a model almost immediately. I did a little work too. He enrolled at UH and stated his freshman year right on schedule. He is very smart and never let his model work interfere with his education. He applied to and was accepted at Rice for his sophomore year. We sold our house in the old folks neighborhood and bought a home in Montrose. It was nice to be able to walk down the streets holding hands without everyone staring. Brad did have trouble deciding between mechanical and electrical engineering. We worked together to design a new fuel injection process. We bought a automobile after market supplier and manufacture company that had fallen on hard times for pennies on the dollar and set out to develop our new injector design. By the time Brad graduated, Carter Davis engineering was the leading manufacturer of after market fuel injection replacement systems. With several design changes to our design we managed to increase fuel efficiency by close to one hundred percent and all of the big name car and truck makers bought the rights to use our designs.

We are now living the life of leisure, playing golf and playing poker tournaments. We have homes in Hawaii and Sidney as well as our place in Houston. Phil and Randy spend a lot of time with us. With our success and good friends we can truly say that we are blessed. This is a fairy tale come true, there is no doubt about that.

The End

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