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Steve sat at his house on Saturday night. He thought about his life and was, for the most part happy with it. He owned a nice house, had a nice car, good job that he liked, some money saved up for emergency, and a few good friends. But Steve was lonely, he didn't have that special man in his life to share it with. Yes Steve is gay and knew he was at an early age. Sure he had been in a couple of relationships, but they had ended with him being all alone. Steve had come to the conclusion that he would be alone the rest of his life because he was not what the gay men look for in a relationship, hell he didn't even get sex at that much anymore. See Steve is 49, 5'10, 260, and not all that cute. The gay men out there all seem to think if your over 40, overweight, and not hot then they have no use for you as for a relationship much less. Unless you are a sugar daddy or a Dom. Master, which Steve was neither. He decided that he would just take a shower and watch some porn in the computer.

Matt worked at local pizza place, he usually made the pizzas but tonight they were short handed and he had to make deliveries. He hated doing that and to top it off it was raining.

Matt is 19 and wanted out of the town so bad, he wanted to go to collage but didn't have the money for that yet, but he hoped next year he would be gone and out of there. He was a good looking man, at 6' 170, he had his share of girls. Matt even had a girlfriend that brook up with him last week because she caught him cheating with another girl. Needless to say Matt was not very happy that night and to top it off, it was Saturday night and he had to work tell closing.

At 10 the manager came to Matt and asked him if he could close up that night, it was dead now and they were only open for another hour. Matt just looked at him and say " ya sure why not, my night has been ruined anyway." At 10:30 the phone rang, Matt took the order, hung the phone up an said "fuck." He made the pizza and decided to pay for it himself so he wouldn't have to come back to close up, he cleaned up everything, shut the lights off, took the pizza to deliver, looked the door and went on his way, at the least the rain had stopped.

Steve's doorbell rang and he went to get the door. When he opened the door there stood this really hot young man, wearing jeans and a tight fitting black t-shirt. Short blonde hair, deep blue eyes. (yes Steve noticed all this because he was horny and had not had sex in months). Steve just stood there for a minute until Matt said he is your pizza sir, that will be $15.50. Steve snapped out of it and asked Matt to come in, his money was in the other room. Matt came in the entry way and waited for Steve to return, he gave Matt a $20 and told him the rest was a tip for him. Matt said thanks and turned to walk out when Steve spoke.

"Am I your last delivery tonight?" Steve was hoping he could get this hot guy to stay for a bit.

"Yes, I am all done for the night." Matt wondered why he wanted to know that.

"Are you hungry, I don't think I can eat this all by myself." Steve just wanted some company only if it was just for a few minutes.

"Got any beer to go with the pizza?" Matt figured he had nothing else to do so what the hell.

Steve went and got a couple of beers, and a couple of plates and met Matt in the living room. They talked about life in general and the town and Matt wanting to go to collage and get out of that town. The pizza was gone and the had both and a couple of beers when Matt said something that caught Steve off guard.

"So tell me do you make a habit out of having young guys over here and give them beer so you can get all worked up"

"What are you talking about?" it was true Steve was all worked up and had a hard on thinking about Matt and looking at him the last hour.

"Look old man I see you sitting there with a boner. Are you getting off on me being here?"

Steve didn't know what to say, he was embarrassed, he thought quickly for a way out of this, yes he was horny and wanted to get Matt out of his clothes, but he was not one of those "horny old men" you hear about that pray on young guys.

"Well I think you should probably leave now" Steve said as he stood up.

At the point Matt decided that he wanted to have some evil fun with this horny old man and teach him a lesson, after all he had a shitty week, girlfriend dumped him, boss made to work late on a Saturday night, deliver pizzas, and this gay old man had ordered a pizza this late at night and made him do all that work. And Matt was horny, after all he was 19 and had no sex in a week.

Matt stood up next to Steve, Matt was taller and stronger and faster the this old out of shape guy. "what if I don't want to leave just yet old man?"

Steve felt something deep in his gut that told him this guy was going to get rough with him, but Steve liked rough sex, so he decided to let it happen.

Steve went to walk toward the door when Matt grabbed him and knocked him backwards on the couch.

Matt looked down at Steve with an evil grin, he grabbed his crotch, "You want this old man?" He undid his pants and whipped out his 7" cock that was getting hard thinking about fucking this mans mouth and making him his bitch.

Steve went to get up and Matt tripped him up and wrestled him to the floor. He sat on Steve's chest, pinning his arms next to his body so Steve could not move. Matt then took his hand and slapped Steve's face a couple of times, not to hard but hard enough to get his attention.

"Look here old man, I am not gay, I love pussy, but I have not had any in a week, I have had a real bad day, and you asked me to stay for pizza and beer. Now you are going to suck my cock faggot, and you are going to take it all, you have no choice, understand?

Steve looked up and nodded his head and opened his mouth. He felt Matt's reach down and grab the back of head as Matt pulled his head up. Matt slapped Steve's face with his now rock hard cock a few times, then without being nice about it at all, he shoved his cock down Steve's throat. He held Steve's head in place and humped his mouth, as he heard Steve gag a bit on his cock it only made Matt even more aggressive. He took all his anger and frustration out on Steve's mouth, letting him up for air every once in a while, and then back to fucking the older mans mouth even harder, sometimes slapping him with his open hand as he fucked his mouth. Steve could see Matt's breathing getting faster and knew he was going to shoot his load soon. Matt pulled out, grabbed his cock and held it as he shot his hot creamy cum all over Steve's face and hair. Matt took his cock and used it to rub his cum all over Steve's face, the he shoved it back in Steve's mouth for him to clean it off.

Matt got up, looked down at Steve, gave him a shit eating grin and said "Thanks old man, now you have something to think about when you jack off tonight." With that Matt walked out.

Steve woke up with the sun coming through his bedroom window. Wow what a dream that was as he looked down at his rock hard cock that needed his attention. He thought to himself to bad the pizza delivery guy didn't stay for pizza last night.


Hope you enjoyed this, like I said it is my first time writing a story. Let me know if you liked it.