Stranded Surfer by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Stranded Surfer
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 8,340 words
Scene : M/M, interracial, first time, reluctant, oral, anal
Setting : Beach - inhabited island
Location : Thailand
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Randy Miller - 27yo - uncut -- Caucasian -- straight -- bottom
Character #2 : Sakda - 41yo - cut -- Thai -- gay - top

Randy Miller, a young American man, loved to surf. One day, he came to Thailand in order to try surfing there. However, a big wave came and nearly drowned Randy. The white hunk drifted across the ocean for some time before he was stranded on a small island. When Randy came to, he realized that he was naked. Uncontrollably, he was turned on, thus he decided to jack off. However, just as he finally shot out his cock juice, a nearly naked Thai man came out of no where!

The faint sound of the ocean waves hitting the rocks echoed in Randy's ears. He could feel the warmth of the sun envelop his whole body. His body squirming, Randy's ability to sense his surroundings returned. Groaning weakly, the Caucasian young man found himself lying on the shore of a beach. Waves of sea water hit his feet and drenched them. His whole body aching, Randy sat up and tried to remember what happened. 'Where am I? Am I stranded?' he asked himself as he rubbed his aching arms. A few hours ago, Randy Miller was surfing the sea waves near Pattaya, Thailand, with his surf board. But a giant ocean wave managed to subdue him; Randy was nearly drowned. For hours, his unconscious muscular body drifted across the sea until it was stranded in an inhabited island. As far as his eyes could see, he only spotted sand and trees. As the young American man swept his eyes down his body, he realized that he was naked! Apparently, the loose boxers that he wore while surfing must have been pulled off by the violent waves. Although there was no one near him, Randy quickly covered his genitals with one of his hands. But as his hand touched the cock, Randy noticed that his manhood had stirred to life.

'Shit! I'm hard.' Suddenly a crazy idea struck Randy's mind. He wanted to jack off, right there and right then. 'I haven't jacked off in almost two weeks. I think there's no harm to do it here, where no one is around,' he thought, squeezing the throbbing manhood. After stroking the meat for several minutes, Randy released his cock so that he could watch it throb. The wind blew hard against his bare body, as if it tried to put out the fire from Randy's burning lust. Randy's cock throbbed with much excitement, in full erection. Being uncut, the foreskin had been retracted all by itself as the cock elongated and hardened. Proudly, the 7 incher was throbbing hard under Randy's watchful eyes. In his mid 20s, Randy looked much better when he was nude, rather than when he was fully dressed. His athletic muscles developed quite well owing to his swimming hobby.

'I love how my dick head looks. It's simply beautiful. Its shape reminds me of the helmet worn by the World War 2 soldiers,' Randy thought as he carefully touched his exposed dick head. Uncircumcised dicks are much more sensitive to the touch compared to the cut ones. Thus, the young white man preferred to stroke his dick using the foreskin to protect the sensitive head from excessive touches. Grabbing the shaft, Randy pulled the foreskin up to cover his exposed cock. Afterwards, he quickly pulled the foreskin down again to reveal the dick head. Then, Randy pulled the foreskin up again, setting up a masturbatory rhythm. Even though the cock head was not stimulated directly, Randy still liked the sensation. As he was stroking his manhood, his biceps bulged within his upper arms. The rock-hard pectoral muscles also contracted because they were connected to the arm muscles.

"Ah," the young American man gasped with much pleasure, his hand coaxing the eager dick to produce precum. As a white man who lived in cold climate, Randy enjoyed the heat of the tropical sun. Still lying on his back, his naked body was writhing with pleasure. The coarse sand particles scraped against his bare back gently, bringing him an unusual sensation. "Oh yeah, fuck! It feels so good. Ah!" he groaned, imagining a sexy female figure in his mind. He sure wished that, at horny time like that, there was someone to fuck. Skillfully, Randy milked his manhood by driving the foreskin up and down. Carefully, he pulled the skin to sheathe and unsheathe the cock head in rapid turns. Even though without any lube, Randy's dick head was safe from friction because the foreskin protected it. A small amount of sea water was squeezed out as Randy stroked his meat. Not long after that, a drip of precum finally seeped out of the cock slit.

Using his free hand, Randy fingered his left nipple. Carefully, he traced the contour of the nipple, pressing it gently. After awhile, he moved his hand to the right nipple and gave the same treatment to it. Whenever the nipples were stimulated, either just one of them or both, Randy's entire body tingled with much pleasure. "Oh yeah, baby," he moaned softly as the pleasure began to seize his muscles. Each light brown aureole was stimulated until each flat nipple grew into a tiny mountain that rose up against the hard bulge of his pectorals. As the fingers stimulated both nipples, Randy continued to squeeze his cock. Sometimes, Randy's other hand would stop rubbing the nipples and, instead, would go down to fondle the balls. Another erotic gasp escaped his mouth as his cock throbbed to ooze out more precum. The slippery liquid was soon rubbed off by Randy's foreskin as it spread the liquid evenly over the cock head.

Rhythmically, Randy guided the prepuce back and forth over the leaking knob. As more crystalline fluid oozed out from the tip of his pecker, he rubbed it around the head and down the shaft. The other hand continued to explore his broad chest, feeling the bulging muscles. Besides groping the chest, the excited hand also brushed down to the chiseled abdomen. Minutes later, it then traveled down to the balls, which hung low at the base of the throbbing manhood. Randy tenderly squeezed his ball sacks to feel their content. At the same time, more sex fluid oozed out from the slit and flowed down his shaft. His breathing deepened at the growing pleasure. Randy's entire body started to perspire. The hunky young man reached up with his free hand to wipe his sweaty chest. The other hand continued to manipulate the hardened organ. The familiar pressure began to build up as he played raunchy sex scenes in his mind.

"Oh yeah, I think I'm close," he whispered to himself. Heaving heavily, his broad chest was moving up and down to pump air into his lungs. The pressure in his balls increased, pushing the cum upward into the urethra. "Ah, fuck! Yeah, I'm cumming! Yes!" The sensation was beyond words and Randy could clearly feel how his warm cock juice filled the urethra. All of sudden, Randy's naked body jerked wildly. His hips were thrust upward as an eruption of cum jetted out of his raging hard-on. "Oh! Fuck!" he yelled, wracked by shattering orgasm. Ribbons of white thick cream were shot out from the end of his cock. Still stroking the leaking manhood, Randy continued to buck as he emptied his balls. His hefty legs shook uncontrollably, overpowered by the orgasmic contraction. "Shit! I'm cumming! Oh, yes!" The horny young man sighed deeply as the pumping of his cock slowed down and then stopped. A small globule of cum oozed out silently from the slightly parted slit. Panting, he reached down and wiped the glob away with his finger.

At then, out of the blue, a nearly naked native man showed up before Randy's eyes. Upon seeing the stranger, Randy was very shocked, as well as embarrassed. Apparently, Randy was not alone in that isle. Instinctively, the white guy covered his cum-dripping cock with both of his hands. Randy's face reddened for he knew that the man must have watched the supposedly private masturbation session. The almost naked man turned out to be a Thai native who was also stranded there when his cargo ship sank. Having Malay characteristic, his dark skin complexion was rather over-tanned. Born with a large set of bones, he looked big and strong. However, as an Asian, he was shorter than Randy. Prickly stubble, adding to the aura of manliness, grew on the man's lower jaw. His moderately short hair looked as if it had been cut by an unskilled barber. From the look of his face, Randy estimated that the Thai man was in his early 40. Dirt covered the man's bare torso. A pair of torn pants concealed the cock and balls. But the private parts were not hidden well, due to the torn holes here and there. As a crew of a cargo ship whose daily job involves much physical strength, there were obvious traces of muscles on his nearly naked body. However, the lack of food had deflated some of his muscles. The brown complexion made him look tough and rough. The Thai man had been stranded there for months.

"A man! I find other man!" he yelled happily, using his relatively fluent English. Overwhelmed with happiness, the Thai man jumped at Randy and his body fell onto Randy's. On the sand, their bodies rolled together. Randy did not know what to say but he was certainly thrilled to know that he was not alone. "Finally! I have a friend," the Thai man shouted again. Ecstatically, he gave Randy a kiss on the lips. Shocked, Randy did nothing to prevent the homosexual kiss. In a glance, they looked like a gay couple making love on the beach. "My name Sakda. In Thai, Sakda means power," the man said, finally introducing himself. When Sakda realized that his nearly naked body was lying on top of Randy's, he quickly rolled over. As the Thai man stood up, his torn pants accidentally dropped down and revealed his hanging circumcised dick and pair of hairy balls. To Randy's surprise, Sakda was not embarrassed at all. Laughing to himself, Sakda said "I guess, we don't need any pants because we are men. I mean, we both have cocks. So, there's no need to be ashamed."

"I'm Randy. I'm American," he replied, looking rather awkward. But seeing how relax Sakda was about man-to-man nakedness, Randy gradually managed to shuck off his own shyness. After all, it seemed that they were the only people on that isle. After holding Randy's cum-covered dick, both of his hands were smeared with jizz. Squatting down to face the rolling waves, Randy drenched his hands using the sea water. Wanting to get a good look at Randy's flaccid cock, Sakda sat on the sand next to Randy. Craning his head over, he peeped at the shriveled cock. A droplet of clear cum hung down from the tip of Randy's piss slit. Busily cleaning his hands, Randy was not aware of Sakda's lewd intention. As the white guy bent over, his pectoral muscles flexed. To Sakda's excitement, Randy's pointy nipples were clearly exposed.

Not having sex with anyone, for months, had driven Sakda to a severe case of horniness. The level of his lust was very high, almost uncontrollably, as he witnessed how sexy Randy's body was. Without any proper release, creamy cock juice was churning inside Sakda's ball sacks. The proper release that Sakda wanted was of course sex, because since he got stranded there, he could only have sex with his hand. The fact that there was another human being, despite the gender was male, excited Sakda very much. A naked male body was soon registered as a sex object inside Sakda's frustrated brain. Watching Randy's previous ejaculation made the Thai man hornier than ever. Sakda was actually a straight man, but the lack of sex had pushed him to try gay sex which is deemed as unnatural sex by the straight. Sitting quietly by Randy's side, Sakda checked upon the hunk's physical features. Over all, Sakda was very pleased with Randy's bulging pecs and arms.

What Sakda liked the best about Randy was his handsome model-like face. He had never seen any guy as handsome as Randy was. The fact that Randy had brighter complexion and smoother skin excited him very much. There was absolutely no flab hanging down from Randy's waist. When Sakda touched Randy's body, he could only feel muscles. Gradually, Sakda's cut cock gained erection. The thought of shagging that white guy excited him very much. Without any shame, Sakda let his dick elongate and harden. Being physically close to a sexy muscular naked young man like Randy made Sakda hard to breathe. The naked Thai man longed to wrap his strong arms around Randy's muscular body and to plunge his aching cock into Randy's tight man hole.

After cleaning his hands, the American hunk lowered his ass down and sat on the sand. "You seem to have been stranded here for months. I can imagine it's frustrating when it comes to sex," Randy said casually, trying to find a good topic to discuss. The topic which he chose was definitely the wrong one, because it would lead to trouble for himself. Sakda did not reply it right away. Instead, he gave Randy a meaningful lewd grin. As a man who loved sex, Randy knew what the grin meant. The American guy then took a peep at Sakda's hardening cock. And he was quite impressed by its size. "Wow! That's sure a big cock for an Asian man," he commented, not believing his eyes. "And it's only half hard. I wonder how long it is when it's fully hard."

"Yours is not bad, either," Sakda said, glancing at Randy's limp cock. "So, do you really want to see my cock in full erection?" he asked again, with a naughty wink. Without waiting for Randy's answer, Sakda shamelessly reached down for his own dick. Spreading his legs, he lewdly displayed his erect manhood. "I'll show you the real size of my dick. Watch this fuck rod grow," he whispered. Somehow, his voice sounded rather sensual as it turned husky. Wrapping his strong hand around his throbbing cock, Sakda stroked it in steady up-and-down rhythm. "Oh yeah! Ah," Sakda moaned at the sexual pleasure. Spitting on the head, he lubed it up to protect the sensitive cock head from the friction. "Oh yeah, I'm getting hard. Fuck yeah!" he gasped as he continued to stroke the fuck tool. Precum, oozing out from his cock slit, immediately flowed down the shaft and stained Sakda's fingers. The slippery liquid was soon spread evenly around the cock head. Sensually, Sakda massaged his manhood, hoping that it would attract Randy's attention. "I'm quite horny. I keep thinking about sex every day. I saw you cumming just now. And it instantly got me horny. You did put on a great sex show," Sakda stated, smiling lewdly.

Randy's face reddened. "Well I was kind of horny at that time. But I'm glad I did it. My balls are much lighter now," he answered, secretly peeping at Sakda's large manhood. The Thai dick looked an inch or two longer than his own cock. Randy reckoned that perhaps that man meat was about 7 to 8 inches in length. That cock was not only long, but it was also thick. But seeing how strong Sakda's body was, it seemed reasonable for him to possess such a thick cock like that. Like all normal guys, Randy's mind was occupied by sex all the time. When he realized the size of Sakda's cock, he could not help imagining how great the sex was. "Your cock is definitely large. I wonder what the girls said after you fucked them," Randy added, not being able to divert his sight away from Sakda's throbbing cock.

Hearing Randy's lewd question, Sakda only chuckled to himself. "Well, it seems that you're as horny as I am. Just look at your own cock. It's getting hard again," Sakda said, pointing at Randy's hardening dick. To Sakda's pleasure, he got the chance to see the erection process of an uncut dick in close distance. "Oh yeah, your cock is definitely getting hard," he whispered, fixing his lustful eyes on Randy's growing manhood. The American hunk looked down to find his cock hardening, just like what Sakda told him. Indeed, the raging hormones within Randy's body had taken control over the erection. Randy was powerless to stop it. Sakda almost yelped out happily as Randy's cock reached full erection. "You have such a nice dick, Randy," he commented. "I've never seen a white man's uncut cock before. May I touch it?"

Randy saw no reason why he should stop Sakda from touching his hard cock. "Go ahead. Knock yourself out," he laughed awkwardly, spreading his legs. The Thai man did not waste any time. As soon as he got the green light, he reached out for Randy's pulsing manhood. Randy gasped as a warm callused hand gripped the foreskin-covered head of his cock. "Ah yeah!" Randy gasped, slightly parting his lips. Both of his eyes followed Sakda's hand movement. Another gasp resounded from Randy's mouth when the Thai man squeezed the dick head. The hand then firmly brought the foreskin down. A glistening knob showed itself, throbbing shamelessly before Sakda. The remains of the earlier ejaculated jizz still coated the whole head. "Oh, Sakda, your hand feels so good. Damn!" Randy whimpered. As a straight man, he felt very weird that he enjoyed Sakda's manly touch. But as a horny guy, he did not reject anything that brought sexual pleasure. "Oh yeah! Keep doing what you're doing. Ah!" Randy gasped again, his body shuddering.

'Gotcha!' Sakda exclaimed loudly in his mind. 'At last, I've got you. All I have to do now is to make you so horny that you'll beg me to fuck your tight ass.' Gingerly, the Thai older man pulled the prepuce up. With much amazement, he watched how the skin wrapped up the cock head. As he clenched his palm, more precum oozed out. "Uncut cock is very sexy," Sakda spoke, secretly watched Randy's facial reaction. As Sakda brought his hand down, the foreskin slid down and exposed the head for the second time. Repeatedly, Sakda brought his hand up and down. Soon, a steady stroking rhythm was established. "You can't stop moaning. Yeah, it feels good, doesn't it?" Sakda asked, turning his face to Randy's.

The white guy could only gasp with much pleasure. "Ah! Yeah, it does feel so good. Keep doing that. Fuck, yeah," Randy slurred, closing his eyes for a moment. Tingling pleasure ran through his naked body, emanating from his crotch. As more precum was produced, Randy's young muscular body shuddered. "Squeeze my cock, Sakda. Come on. Grip it hard. Stroke it. Oh yeah, that's it. Jack me off," Randy added. Lust infiltrated his mind, making him dizzy. Letting his head fall back, Randy abandoned himself to the pleasure. "Oh, your hand feels so good on my cock. Yeah, stroke my dick. Ah, make me cum again." At his young age, all that he could think of was sex, sex, and more sex.

"Yeah, moan for me. Let me know that you're horny. Let me hear it. Show me how much you like it. Yeah, you're a very horny boy, aren't you?" Sakda said, constantly watching Randy's facial expression. Sakda's own cock was throbbing passionately, demanding to be stroked. With his other hand, Sakda held his manhood and stroked it. "Oh, this is hot. Ah! I'm horny," he groaned again. After months having sex with himself, finally he could have someone to fuck. Sakda did not mind the fact that Randy was a male, as long as he had a tight ass hole to penetrate. Absentmindedly, Sakda placed his arm over Randy's shoulder and touched the bulging biceps. The American hunk did not seem to mind it, thus Sakda got braver.

To Randy's disappointment, Sakda suddenly stopped stroking Randy's hard pecker. Pulling back his arm, the Thai man brought his precum-coated fingers to his own lips. Sensually, Sakda pushed out his tongue so that he could taste Randy's juice. The flexible pinkish tongue was dancing on the fingers, lapping up Randy's precum. Sakda's fondness of precum grew ever since he was stranded there: he often licked his own precum while masturbating. Not having seen a man lick another man's precum, Randy watched it with unblinking eyes. He could not believe that Sakda liked licking the precum which was produced by his American cock. Yet, it only drove him hornier to know that someone actually liked licking his precum. Sakda smiled lustfully at the American hunk. The Thai older man deliberately shoved a finger into his own mouth and sucked it as if he was sucking a hard throbbing cock.

"Oh, your precum tastes good," Sakda stated, not being able to stop looking at Randy's male member. Taking out the finger, Sakda used the hand to grip Randy's pulsating dick. After releasing his own erection, the Thai man touched Randy's bulging pectorals with the other hand. "Your body is very taut with muscles. It's very manly. I like touching your body," he whispered, leaning forward. The grip on Randy's cock tightened, squeezing the thick shaft. Pumping the shaft up and down, Sakda skillfully manipulated Randy's peter. As his lust for other man grew unbearable, the once-straight man made his move to seduce the American guy. Since there was no cunt to lick, a cock would do just fine, he thought. "It seems that your cock is aching for another release. I can make you feel good, you know," Sakda suggested, carefully observing the horny white guy's reaction. To emphasize his lewd intention, the older man deliberately squeezed Randy's athletic left pec. Without waiting for Randy's answer, Sakda brought his mouth down and wrapped his lips around Randy's cock head.

Everything happened so fast; Randy had no way to stop the oral sex. Against his wish, the waves of familiar pleasure stimulated his leaking dick. "Fuck! You want my dick? Then suck it, old man," Randy groaned, finally giving up his resistance. The warm yet wet mouth encased the whole length of Randy's eager cock as Sakda tried to give it a deep-throat. Simultaneously, Randy's body shuddered. "It feels so good. Yeah, suck my cock. Suck it, Sakda," he whimpered, enjoying every second of it. The sexual pleasure continued to shake his naked body. To gain support, the white guy held onto Sakda's broad shoulders. Just by touching Sakda's muscles, Randy could tell how virile that man was. "Suck my cock, Sakda. Yeah, lick it. Make me squeal with pleasure. Make my cock cum. Oh yeah!" The lower part of his body squirming, Randy was surprised to find how pleasurable it was to have man-to-man oral sex. And he admitted that gay blow job felt much better than the straight one. "Yeah, eat my cock. Gulp it down. Suck me, you cock sucker. Yes! Oh!" Randy whimpered helplessly, running his hands across Sakda's muscular back.

Actually, it was Sakda's first time to put a cock in his mouth and to suck it. The taste was weird and it felt very awkward. However, he noticed that he liked cock much better. Hungrily, he lapped up the precum as it oozed out. Although the way Sakda sucked was rather clumsy, Randy still enjoyed it. Practicing what he learned from straight porno, Sakda used his lips to form a tight ring. He then milked the white cock by contracting his lips. When Randy's dick head passed through Sakda's mouth, it throbbed against Sakda's cheeks. The Thai man's mouth looked so full, bulging with cock. By exerting the muscles around the lips, Sakda sucked the tip as hard as he could. Loud slurping noise resounded as he tasted Randy's dick with much relish. The sun was still high in the sky, sending out scorching ray of light. The increase of the temperature forced their naked bodies to produce sweat. Beads of sweat began to form across Sakda's forehead, as well as on his bare back and torso.

Holding Sakda's back, Randy wiped off the sweat with his hand. He, heaving heavily, gazed at Sakda's dark brown body. Quietly, he admired the muscular contour of the strong body. "Ah, yeah! Keep sucking my big American dick," he moaned as his dick head throbbed in Sakda's mouth. The suction was quite powerful, accompanied by loud slurping noises. His body shaking with desire, Randy groped Sakda's muscular back. The aura of masculinity emanated from the sturdy naked body. The casual groping slowly turned lustful. Randy, himself, did not know what happened. All he knew was that the more he rubbed Sakda's back, the harder his cock became. "Suck my cock. Oh, yes! Suck me. Don't stop," Randy whimpered, thrusting his hips upward. The pulsating meat was shoved in and out of Sakda's hungry mouth. Several seconds later, a streamlet of precum was released, staining Sakda's tongue. "Fuck! I can feel it. I'm precumming. Oh! Lick my precum. Taste it. Oh yeah! It's for you. Lick it off my cock. Oh fuck!" Randy could not believe how good it felt to get sucked by a man.

Slurping sound continued to resound. Sakda's salivary gland constantly produced more drool. As the tongue swirled around the cock head, saliva coated the shaft. Since the amount of drool was too much, some of it seeped out through Sakda's lips. The drool ran down the shaft, heading to Randy's ball sack. Using one hand, the Thai native man pulled down Randy's foreskin. That way, he could slurp the cock head without any interference. The glistening knob glistened as it was kept being stimulated. Up and down, Sakda's head bobbed in steady rhythm. More precum oozed out, the piss slit slightly parting. Sakda quickly tongued the gaping cock slit. Electric-like waves zapped Randy's body as the tongue managed to rub itself against the slit.

"Shit! You're such a talented cock sucker! Fuck yeah!" Randy yelled, his legs convulsing. Not being able to withstand the great pleasure he constantly received, Randy threw his upper body down onto the sand. Lying there, he was finning like a fish out of water as pleasure continued to overwhelm him. Randy's cock was indeed very sensitive. A simple blow job could bring him off. Convulsing, he sank his fingers into the sand. At the same time, Sakda rotated his body and placed his hanging dick above Randy's mouth. It happened so fast that when Randy realized it, he found himself in 69 position. The sun light was totally blocked by the Thai man's body. Gazing at the hanging dick, Randy could not decide whether he would suck it or not. However, the Thai cock looked very tempting.

A drop of precum slowly crawled out of Sakda's cock slit. The pearly liquid hung there for several seconds. When Sakda's body moved, the precum drop swung. As more viscid liquid oozed out, the precum drop grew bigger and heavier. Gradually, it was stretched down. As seconds went by, it became closer and closer to Randy's mouth. Whimpering, Randy was helpless to prevent the liquid from touching his mouth. Yet, in the end, the horny white guy chose to open his mouth and waited for the dripping precum. Stretching further down, the liquid finally hit Randy's tongue. Nervously, Randy swirled his tongue to savor the taste. At first, Sakda's precum tasted like snot, but then Randy could taste its distinct saltiness. More precum dripped into Randy's mouth. Instinctively, he gulped down the liquid. And then, he willingly opened his mouth wider and brought his mouth closer to the hanging cock.

As Randy lifted his upper body in order to suck Sakda's manhood, his stomach contracted hard. The view was very erotic and it turned Sakda on. Slipping his free hand under his body, Sakda ran it over Randy's sculpted abdomen. Sakda's body shuddered with desire as he absorbed the small details of Randy's hard muscles. Slowly, the Thai man lowered down his hips. After positioning his dick on Randy's gaping mouth, he continued to lower it down until his cock was completely sheathed in Randy's curious mouth. When Randy sealed the cock with his lips, he received a strong taste of precum. His nostrils were also attacked by the acrid smell of Sakda's musky crotch. The manly combination of the precum taste and crotch smell intoxicated Randy's mind. Without being told to, the young man started to suck Sakda's erect cock.

"Oh!" Sakda groaned, slightly parting his lips. His voice vibrated through Randy's dong and it made the white guy's naked body shudder with unspeakable pleasure. Greedily, Sakda wrapped his lips around the delicious white dick and resumed the suction. His tongue swept across the head while bathing it with much drool. Sakda's body shivered as his cock was being sucked by a curious straight white guy. His hard cock immediately responded by giving out its precious liquid. Sakda also continued to produce muffled groans with Randy's cock in his mouth. His large dark brown body shuddered like a bridge that was about to collapse. The sensation of being sucked by another man brought so much ecstasy. A big drop of precum slowly drooled out of Sakda's cock slit and entered Randy's mouth.

Below, Randy was groaning incoherently. With a big cock in his mouth, he was effectively gagged. Because it was his first time ever sucking a cock, he had some troubles. Mostly, it was because of the size of Sakda's cock. By trial and error method, he finally found out the sensitive spots on Sakda's cock which were worth sucking. Minutes later, Randy found that he was addicted to precum. His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped down the precum that he just collected from Sakda's straining male member. Raising one hand, the American guy used it to hold Sakda's cock steady so that he could suck it better. The other hand was used to rub Sakda's unclad body. Randy could feel Sakda's frame shudder as the hand brushed against Sakda's semi-muscular stomach.

Minutes passed, both of them were still lustful for each other's cock. The production of precum increased in amount as both of them were on the verge of orgasm. Randy, finally being able to suck cock much better, learned his lesson fast. His tongue ferociously swirled around Sakda's throbbing cock head. The tongue-rubbing that he gave to Sakda's male organ caused Sakda's aroused body to shudder again. The image of a naked virile Thai man started to spark up Randy's lust. For the first time in his life, Randy started to get hard over a man. Randy's cheeks contracted as he sucked the knob powerfully. A stream of precum flooded his tongue, which he gladly drank. Beads of sweat were hanging in the form of small droplets on Sakda's tanned body. Some of the sweat drops dripped down onto Randy's smooth pale-skinned body.

Then, all of a sudden, Sakda stopped sucking Randy's manhood and pulled it out of his mouth. The base of Randy's cock was drenched up with saliva. Sakda's face showed pure pleasure as he moaned again. "Oh, shit! I love your tongue. I'm gonna cum. Yeah, keep sucking my dick. Oh, I'm close. Get ready for my cum. It's gonna enter your mouth. Yeah, keep on sucking. Ah!" And then, to Randy's surprise, a strong blast of bitter gooey cock juice flooded his mouth. The bitter taste hit his taste buds. There was no chance to avoid the cum shots because Sakda's cock was planted firmly in his mouth. Having no choice, Randy gulped down the gooey seminal liquid. Yet, he gagged and nearly spilled half of it.

Sakda was still groaning deliriously, his entire body convulsing violently. While having his orgasm, the Thai man pushed his cock in and out of Randy's throat. "Fuck yeah! Take my cum! Drink it! Oh, yes! Eat my cum! Ah!" Sakda's muscles revealed themselves as they contracted hard. Spurting without pausing, Sakda's cock relentlessly emptied the content of its balls. The macho Thai man strained his body to endure the invading waves of pleasure. Arching his back, he let out a long growl as his cock stopped pulsating. "Oh fuck!" he sighed, looking very exhausted. The heavy body fell down, rolling on the sand. Sakda's cock soon lost its erection and shriveled, hiding between his strong thighs.

Panting heavily, Randy could not believe what he just did. Several cum stains were left on the sides of his mouth. Using his tongue, he lapped up the cum to clean his lips. The taste was rather intoxicating. Randy could not find the words to describe its taste. Sitting up, he saw Sakda lie on the sand not far from him. Using his palm, the white guy wiped the sweat off his bulging chest. When he looked down, he realized that he had not ejaculated yet. Still burning with lust, Randy sought for a way to release his pent-up cream. As the Thai man rolled to his side, he accidentally showed his brown ass to Randy. It soon fueled up Randy's desire to fuck another man's ass. At that point, Randy did not care whether he had turned gay or not. The white man simply wanted to shoot his jizm. Slowly, he crawled to the naked Thai man. After positioning his body behind Sakda, he was about to shove his drooling cock right into Sakda's manhole.

However, all of a sudden, Sakda rolled back and wrestled with Randy for several seconds. His heavy body managed to pin Randy down securely, leaving the white guy completely immobile. In a swift move, Sakda positioned his body above Randy, face-to-face. "What the fuck were you thinking?! You wanted to fuck my ass?" Sakda asked, sounding rather annoyed. His voice trembled with rage. Obviously, he disliked the idea of being a bottom. "Listen, you white faggot. No one touches my ass. I'm a fucking real man," he barked angrily, showing Randy who was the boss. Trapped under Sakda's body, Randy shrunk out of fear. "If you want to fuck, I'm gonna give it to you gladly. Yeah, you heard me. I'm gonna fuck your white pussy ass!" Expressing his authority, Sakda grabbed Randy's muscular legs and forcefully spread the legs apart to expose Randy's tight manhole. "Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy fucking your fuck hole, faggot," Sakda commented, his eyes flashing with lust.

Struck by panic, Randy desperately struggled to free himself. However, he was powerless because Sakda had pinned him down with his body weight. The frightened hunk could feel Sakda's cock rest at the entrance of his ass hole. The fear rose as he clearly felt the Thai dick harden. "Fuck! Let me go! I don't want to be fucked! Please, don't fuck my ass! I'm not a faggot! Shit! Let me go!" he cried desperately, hoping that Sakda would have some mercy. To Randy's disappointment, his pleas were ignored. Helplessly, Randy's bare back slightly sank into the sand as Sakda applied more pressure. Hoping that the ordeal would be over soon, Randy knew that there was no escape for him. He was about to get raped!

Lying on top of Randy, Sakda made sure that the white guy could not move his limbs. Both of Randy's legs were already raised up and spread open. The Thai man positioned his cock comfortably against Randy's tight hole. To ensure that Randy was completely powerless, Sakda pinned both of Randy's hands. Looking straight into Randy's blue eyes, Sakda spoke, "You're actually quite hot, do you know that? It's been months since my cock had sex. I used to fuck pussies but I'm sure I can make a good use of your male cunt. Yeah, I'm gonna fuck your ass and turn you into my fucking bitch. You'll learn to obey me and to serve me. Yeah, coz you're mine." Soon after saying those words, mercilessly, Sakda drove his leaking cock into Randy's clenched hole.

Helplessly whimpering, Randy felt the fat head bore into him. His ass hole was being pried open as the Thai dick stretched the tight ass lips. "Fuck! No!" Randy screamed, struggling against the horny Thai man. "Ah!" A loud piercing yell echoed into the sky. Randy's muscular body stiffened as indescribable pain forced its way into his ass. At then, Sakda's cock had not been pushed all the way in. Its tip still rested at the anal entrance, slowly stretching the ass hole. The pressure applied onto Randy's hole brought waves of aggravating pain. Randy tried to contract his anal ring but it was useless. No matter how hard he tried to fend off the intruding meat, his ass lips slowly gave in. As seconds went by, Randy's anal muscles were pushed inward. Inch by inch, Sakda's cock managed to gain entry. The unbearable pain made Randy cry out. "Oh! No! Stop it! I can't take it! Your cock is too fucking big! Ah, please don't!" Randy pleaded, weeping for mercy. Beading up his naked body, drops of cold sweat flowed out of his body pores.

"Shut up. Take my big cock like a man. It's made for faggots like you. This baby-maker is gonna tear your ass apart. You can yell as loudly as you want. No one can save you. The harder you scream, the harder I'll fuck your ass," Sakda said, heaving heavily. "Fuck yeah! Open up your hole, or I'm gonna break it open. Damn! It's a very tight ass." After wincing for several seconds, the Thai man then violently pushed his cock in. Exerting more strength, he was determined to lodge the fat knob in. "Fuck! You can't fight me! Your ass is mine, white boy! Fuck!"

"No!" Randy cried. Tears wetting his eyes, Randy groaned as unfamiliar pain tore his tender ass apart. The harder Sakda tried to insert his cock, Randy received more pain. "No! Take it out! Don't fuck my ass, please! Stop it, you fuck!" Randy indeed could feel his ass open up little by little, despite the pain. His heart beating fast, Randy knew that he wouldn't be able to fight the anal penetration forever. At one point, he would have to give up. With a deafening roar, Sakda's cock head slid in all of a sudden and lodged itself securely in Randy's ass. The tender surface of Randy's ass lips was bruised, searing pain radiating from the torn ass. Tears were streaming down Randy's handsome face as he accepted the poignant fact that he was being raped by a man. Whimpering out of pain and humiliation, Randy cursed at Sakda. "Damn you! You're a fucking rapist! Fuck you!" The cursing continued, but Sakda pretended to be deaf.

The cock sank further in, trying to reach the depths. Sakda did not give Randy any time to adjust to the penetration. Rudely, the Thai man pushed his cock in until the entire shaft was buried. Sakda seemed to enjoy hearing Randy's painful groan. As the white man's body jerked painfully, Sakda groaned out his satisfaction. "Yeah, you have such a tight ass. Oh! It's the tightest hole I've ever fucked. Fuck yeah!" Looking into Randy's contorted face, Sakda observed the pain displayed on the hunk's handsome face. "Yeah, take my cock. It's a big cock. I'm gonna drill your ass till I cum. It's gonna be long because I just shot my loads. If you want it to end, then work your ass muscles and make me cum." The erect dick had slid far into the depth of Randy's bowels. "My cock is inside of you, all of it," Sakda grunted as his hairy crotch was pressed hard against Randy's ass cheeks. The brown-skinned man then withdrew his cock. However, just before the cock head popped out, Sakda pushed the shaft back in. Randy cried painfully, not being able to withstand the pain.

"Shit! Ah! My ass! You're splitting me apart!" Randy's legs were spread apart, shaking in the air. The muscles in those legs contracted whenever Sakda's cock was stabbed into Randy's ass. Randy was defenseless, helplessly accepting the anal penetration. Amid the pain that he had to endure, strangely, his cock was still throbbing. Randy, himself, had no idea why. "Take it out! Ah! You're hurting me! Oh!" Painful groans continued to echo as Randy's whole body was rocked by the excruciating pain. Both of his hands were immobilized, pinned by Sakda's stronger hands. "My ass! Fuck! Oh!" Randy cried, tears still streaming down his handsome face. Randy's sphincter was forced to stretch beyond imagination. Sakda's large cock continued to poke its way in and out. The friction between Sakda's cock and Randy's ass was soothed by the precum discharged by Sakda's cock.

"I love your male cunt. It's so tight! Oh!" Sakda declared, still pinning Randy's body down. Possessively, the Thai man bent his body over and brought his lips close to Randy's. The helpless American hunk could not avoid the slobbering kiss. As their lips met one another, Sakda invaded Randy's mouth with his tongue. Making loud slurping noises, he roamed the interiors of Randy's mouth. Inevitably, they exchanged saliva. The Thai showed no disgust at all, as if he had already done it with a number of men. "Yeah, suck my tongue. Come on," Sakda demanded, kissing Randy's lips. "Taste my drool. Yeah, isn't gay sex fun?" Thrusting harder, the horny Thai man buried his fuck tool as deep as he could. "Your ass won't be so tight anymore by the time I finish fucking it. Yeah, you're mine. Mine to fuck!" exclaimed Sakda excitedly, feeling his dick punch through Randy's anal ring. The thick meat was digging deep into Randy's fuck canal.

The unbearable pain forced Randy to gasp as his body was rocked back and forth. His sight turned rather blurry as tears kept streaming down. However, after several minutes getting pounded, Randy felt something different happen to him. Randy's loud screams immediately mellowed down into soft whimpers. The pain was somehow subsided and a new sensation took over his body. Whenever the mighty cock was slammed in, it brought a wave of pleasure which Randy had never felt before. Gradually, the white man stopped struggling and tried to make the best out of the worst. His bulging muscles finally relaxed, not fighting Sakda's sexual advancement. Obviously, the rapist noticed it, too, as he cautiously loosened his grip. It was Randy's chance to break away. Yet, instead of pushing Sakda's body away, Randy hurriedly wrapped his hands around Sakda's torso and held onto it as his body was rocked back and forth.

"It starts to feel good. What happened?" Randy whimpered, burying his face in Sakda's broad fleshy chest. The scent of Sakda's masculinity seeped into his nostrils, making his head reel. "Oh fuck! Yeah, fuck my ass! Oh! Fuck my fucking ass!" Randy slurred, completely abandoning himself to sexual ecstasy. "I can't believe I'm saying this. Ah! Fuck me deeper, yeah! Fuck my ass, yeah!" The pain, as the result of the friction, still existed. But Randy's stimulated prostate sent signals to his brain, ordering it to convert the pain into pleasure. Randy's stretched ass lips were forced to stretch beyond their capability. "Yeah, fuck my ass, Sakda. Fuck me with your big fucking dick. Ah!" the white guy whimpered lustfully. Even though he had no idea why the fuck felt so good, he did not want Sakda to stop.

Noticing Randy's sudden change of mind, the Thai man giggled to himself. "I knew it. You're just a horny male slut who longs to get fucked by a real man like me," Sakda said, still poking his manhood in and out. "Fuck! I'm fucking your ass hole. I'm raping your ass. Oh yeah! And I'm gonna cum inside you! You're my slut, born for homo sex. No one can satisfy your lust, except me." Using his powerful arms, the Thai man supported his own upper body. Randy, lying beneath him, got a clear view of Sakda's broad torso. Without showing any sign of exhaustion, Sakda continued to pump Randy's ass. In and out, the eager dick ravaged Randy's fuck hole. "Take my big cock, white boy. Yeah, I'm fucking you. Take it all!" he whimpered, looking into Randy's eyes. "Fuck! You're so handsome. And your ass is great. All faggots out there would love to stick their cocks inside you."

A part of Randy felt terribly guilty for liking his role as a bottom. However, there was a strong urge, coming from inside him, to explore the sensuality between two adult men. Man-to-man sex was a new thing for Randy. Nevertheless, for a horny guy like him, he never rejected any sexual pleasure. "I wish I had tried gay sex since years ago. It feels great! Ah! Keep fucking my ass. Screw it hard, oh!" Randy groaned again as his prostate was hit by Sakda's fat dick head. Trying to get a deeper penetration, the naked hunk wrapped his strong legs around Sakda's waist. The warmth spread through their bodies as they lustfully embraced each other. Inevitably, sweat drenched up their bodies. The heat around them increased although the sun was setting down. Whimpering occasionally, Randy held onto Sakda's sturdy body for support. Wavelets of orgasmic pleasure racked his body, coming from his pounded prostate.

Trapped between his washboard-like abdomen and Sakda's fleshy stomach, Randy's cock continued to throb. From its narrow slit, a streamlet of precum slowly flowed out. Sakda's stomach moved back and forth as he pumped Randy's ass. Whenever it happened, Sakda's stomach rubbed itself against Randy's cock. At the same time, Randy's foreskin was pulled down, following the rhythm of Sakda's thrust. The oozing precum served as effective lube, smearing both of their lower bodies. As time passed, Randy's erection got harder and throbbed more violently. The production of precum also increased in amount. It was very obvious that Randy was about to have his climax.

"Fuck me harder! Drill it in! Oh, give your cock to me, Sakda! Fuck!" Deliriously, the white hunk encouraged the Thai man to keep screwing his arse. Instinctively, Randy stuck out his tongue and swept it across Sakda's sweaty shoulders. The salty taste was ingrained in Randy's taste buds as the tongue collected much sweat. With his legs spread apart, Randy felt quite vulnerable to Sakda's sexual advancement. However, he was somewhat turned on by his sexual vulnerability. "Yeah, treat me like a whore. Make me your fuck slut. Fuck my American ass!" Almost all muscles within Randy's body contracted, enduring the overwhelming pleasure. There was no more resistance in Randy's thought; he had embraced his new destiny as Sakda's fuck partner. After a few minutes, Randy began to receive the urge to cum. "Fuck! I'm almost cumming. I can feel it. Oh! Keep shoving that meat! Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!"

Knowing how close Randy was to his climax, Sakda fucked him with renewed vigor. "Yeah, you're gonna shoot? Then let your cum squirt. Spill it all over your stomach. Show me how much you like my big fucking cock inside you," Sakda responded, encouraging the American hunk. Sakda's throbbing manhood wiggled inside Randy's ass as it tried to reach deeper. Trails of precum were left behind to lube up the canal. Holding Randy's body close to his, Sakda blew his warm breaths against Randy's handsome face. "I love your tight ass. It's milking my dick so well. Oh! And I don't think I can hold back from cumming." The Thai man began to show the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm. Uncontrollably, sweat dripped down from his face and naked body, falling onto Randy's torso. "Fuck yeah! Come on, slut! Shoot your cock juice. Let me see you cum! Fuck! Cum for me! Just shoot it! Yeah, you can do it. Shoot!" he groaned, his body shuddering violently.

Having his prostate pounded repeatedly, Randy soon lost control over his cock. Although he did not stroke his dick, orgasm found a way to make it squirt. "Shit! Here I cum! Oh! I'm cumming!" Randy groaned, his chest expanding. Holding onto Sakda's sweaty torso, Randy rubbed his throbbing erection against Sakda's stomach. Instantly, Randy's cock ejaculated! "I'm cumming! Oh!" he yelped, losing control over his body. Blast after blast of thick warm cum shot out from the cock and splattered the stomach. The excess cum formed a pool on Randy's chiseled stomach. Guttural groans continued to echo as Randy emptied his loads. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck me harder! Make me cum! Oh fuck!" His muscles stiffening, Randy's beefy body shuddered while the orgasm shook it. Never had he experienced orgasm with such intensity like that.

"Fuck! You make me very horny!" Sakda groaned, abandoning himself to the approaching climax. Watching the orgasmic pleasure on Randy's face finally drove Sakda to his own orgasmic release. "I'm fucking cumming, too! Take it, boy. Take my manly cum inside your ass! Oh yes! Fuck you! I'm cumming!" His body convulsing, Sakda unleashed a torrent of steamy man cream. The gooey cream quickly filled Randy's bowels. "Yeah, I'm cumming for you. Fuck yeah! Take my cum! Oh!" The intensity of the penetration increased as the brown-skinned Asian man furiously slammed his cock in and out. Throbbing violently, the cock repeatedly sprayed out its gooey loads. Orgasmic jolt shook Sakda's body, taking over the robust body. "Cum with me! Oh yeah! You're mine now! Feel my sperms flooding your ass," Sakda whimpered, not being able to stop shuddering. Embracing the surfer's body, the Thai man waited until his ejaculation stopped. When both of them finally stopped cumming, he gave Randy a passionate kiss on the lips. To his expectation, he received no resistance from the American hunk.

Not being able to move his limbs out of exhaustion, Randy lay on the sand. His chest heaved up and down, pumping in fresh air into his lungs. For several minutes, no words were exchanged. Both men quietly lay within each other's arms, watching the sky turn dark. In his mind, Randy thought about the probability of not being rescued from the isle. It scared him at first. However, he did not mind it as long as he had Sakda by his side. As the night glided away, Randy once again let Sakda ride his swollen ass.


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