By Angyl


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. Tariq had a little secret, which only one other person knew, but that was a time ago and far away. His secret was that he was into guys, but he like older guys. He kept it to himself, and was not willing to let on to anyone, especially his family, who are very religious, that he was queer. In the beginning he had thought it was a phase he was going through, and then he decided he was bisexual, and finally he decided he was queer. He really did not do much though, only once as said, did he actually hook up with a guy, back when he was younger. Lasted four months until his mom almost caught him, and he abruptly ended it, for fear of discovery. Now in his 20's Tariq has moved out of his family home, in order to one day hopefully be able to pursue a relationship.

A bit about Tariq to start. His family is from Syria. His skin is an olive complexion. He has a stern jaw, and a slightly hooked nose. He is a very handsome you man, standing just under 5'9 in height and weighing 150 or so pounds. His skin is smooth, a trait he loves, unlike most of the other men in his family. Even his ass is hairless. His bush is always neatly trimmed. Nestled in that bush is a nice uncut 9 or 10 inch prick, which is quite thick in girth, he refuses to measure it.

So his dream was to find someone he was into, and hopefully have a relationship, but at the same time he was worried about his family finding out. He knew that eventually he was either gonna have to tell them, or get caught in the action, so to speak.

Tariq was starting a new job. He had left his last one for some reason, he never told. He was nervous. When he arrived at the meeting point, there were at least 15 other people that had the same outfit on, waiting for the pickup. Tariq stood kind of away from the crowd. He was not really shy, but he was not good in groups. Once he got there, the guy in charge split the group up. He got placed with one of the team leads off somewhere, with no other members.

The guy's name was Shane. Tariq saw this guy was older, maybe mid to late 30's. Shane had a bit of meat on him, but not overtly so. Standing 6' tall, and guessing his weight to be about 200 lbs. Tariq was really good about guessing someone's weight. Shane was balding, and had some stubble on his face. This Tariq though was attractive. He was not sure about anything else; because Shane was wearing a uniform. Needless to say, Tariq had a boner, which would be a problem had he had different pants on.


Shane was checking out the new crew at work. His eyes fell on one of the new guy's. He was sure that the guy was checking him out, and he needed to find out for sure. Not too sure entirely how he was gonna do it. He decided for the time being he would lay off any plans.

I am not really gonna go into details here as to describing Shane, as I have already done so. I will say that he is gay. He does not have a big cock, basically average size. What he lacks in that department, he definitely makes up for in other ways.

Shane smiled inwardly when he was assigned the new guy as his partner for the day. The warehouse they were working in was huge, and he realized that the two of them would be in a remote area, away from the other groups. This was to his liking for sure. The two headed for the area they were working and began working. They began moving boxes, and a few times Tariq had brushed his crotch against Shane. He most assuredly felt a boner the few times it happened. Shane figured he had to see if he was right or not. He deliberately brushed his has over Tariq's crotch.


Tariq could not believe his luck; he was working with the guy he was smitten with. Whether he was doing it subconsciously or deliberately, he kept brushing his crotch in Shane. When Shane turned it around and was brushing his hand over Tariq's crotch, Tariq kinda panicked.

`Oh shit what do I do?' He thought to himself.

Shane had stopped and turned towards Tariq. He moved his hand and began rubbing his crotch.

"Yeah that's what I thought." Shane said grinning.

Tariq was blushing. He was not embarrassed, but nervous. This was not a good place for anything to happen, for the fact they could get caught.

"Maybe this is not a good place for this." He suggested.

"I agree."

"How about we go to my place after work, and finish it?"

"Sounds good, but I do not drive."

"No worries I'll drive us."

Shane had been rubbing Tariq as they spoke. Tariq looked down and saw a noticeable wet spot on his pants. He had to stop Shane, but at the same time he did not really want to. Logic set in.

"Whoa dude, you need to stop."

Shane took his hand away, looking down. He smiled. He wished he could have a quick look at it. Tariq must have been reading his mind. Reaching down he undid his pants and let his cock pop out. He was not wearing any undies, so it was not difficult. Shane looked down and let out a whistle.

"Damn that is some piece of meat!" He exclaimed.

"9 or 10 inches of uncut meant." Tariq replied grinning.

Shane wrapped his hand around it. Gave it a few tugs.

"Dude you better put it back before someone comes around."

Tariq quickly stowed his cock. Then both of them went back to the task at hand, albeit a little distracted about it. Both wanted more than this. The end of shift could not come fast enough for them.


Tariq was already out the door and waiting, when Shane finally came out. He hopped in the passenger side of the car, and as they drove away, he reached over and began rubbing Tariq's crotch, getting him hard. It took all of Tariq's concentration to keep his mind on driving. They made it safely to his place, and quickly they head inside and straight to Tariq's bedroom.

    Tariq watched as Shane undressed. He was also getting out of his clothes. They stood in front of each other naked. Tariq liked what he saw, and judging from the look on Shane's, he was also liking what he saw.


"Let get on my bed."


    The crawled on the bed and Shane took Tariq's cock in his hand. Tariq followed suit and they began to jerk each other off. Tariq moved himself so he could take Shane cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue down the shaft and back up, before sucking on the tip. Shane stopped and let Tariq suck his cock. He was intrigued though by the size of Tariq's cock. It had been ages since he'd been with someone with a huge cock. Last guy was his ex Patrick who was 13 inches. He had not let Patrick fuck him though. As Tariq bobbed up and down, Shane wondered what it would be like to have that monster cock up his ass. He was not sure he would even be able to take it. He had to try. He stopped Tariq.




"I want you inside me."


"You sure I am pretty big man."


    Shane nodded. Tariq smiled. Shane moved and got on all four, with his butt in the air. He handed lube to Tariq. Tariq worked the lube into Shane's hole. It was tight and Tariq used his fingers to open him up. Once he was satisfied, he lined his cock up and began to slowly push in.


"Oh holy fuck." Shane yelped, and Tariq's cock head popped past the sphincter muscles.


    Tariq stopped pushing in and let Shane get used to his cock. Then slowly he pushed in more. Shane began to push back as Tariq entered him. Tariq was balls deep, his entire thick 10 inches inside. Slowly he began to pull out and thrust in. Shane could feel his hole opening up and accepting the monster cock that was inside him. He admitted to himself he would probably be sore after, but right now in the moment all he wanted was Tariq slamming his ass. He reached

down and stroked his cock, to its hard 7 inches. Definitely pale in comparison. He liked the feeling of Tariq inside him.


"Ohhh...that feels so good man!" He grunted.


    Tariq did not respond. He was too lost in fucking Shane, and opening him up. Shane could feel his hole opening to this wanted invasion. He was completely relaxed, as Tariq pounded him hard and fast. Shane could not hold back any longer, and squirt his juices all over the bed. Tariq gave one final thrust, and he felt quite a big load of hot juice fill his ass. Shane figured he would pulled out, but Tariq was still hard and ready to keep going. This time he was a little rougher, and harder on his hole. Shane did not complain though. His ass was getting a good pounding. He began jerking his cock, and match pace with this second go round. Tariq kept hitting the right spot, and Shane shot for a second time. Tariq gave a couple thrust and fill Shane's hole with even more juices. Then as his cock finally went limp, he pulled out of Shane's hole. Shane could feel Tariq's cum leaking out his hole.


"Fuck that was awesome!" He exclaimed.


"Yeah I agree."


"Think I need a shower though."


Tariq got off the bed, and Shane followed him into the bathroom. Tariq leaned in and kissed Shane, and the water pour off them. He gently cleaned Shane's fuck hole, which was a bright red. Without thinking, he knelt down and gave it a gentle kiss.


They sat in the living room, once they had cleaned up. Shane's hole was definitely tender, but he wanted Tariq to have it any time he desired.


"My hole is a little tender, but I definitely could go for another fucking sometime." He said.


"I would definitely like to pound your ass again too." Tariq remarked back, with a grin.


They talked a bit longer, before finally getting dressed. Tariq offered to Drive Shane home. ON the way Shane was thinking about getting fucked more.

"You know, my ass is yours anytime you want it." He said.


"Really now, does that mean you are asking me out or something?"


"Thought had crossed my mind."


"I'll have to think about it."


"No worries."


They arrived at Shane's place, and Tariq leaned over and kissed him. Shane got out of the car, and headed up the walk.


"Hey Shane."




"My answer is yes."


Shane smiled, and watched as Tariq drove off.


The end.



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