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  The Coffee guy 


 "A decaf to go, please."

 I took the cup and walked out, taking a sip on the way. It was a nice day today, warm, slightly cloudy and the sweet aroma of coffee just added to it, the kind of day that you'd rather spend walking around town, maybe in a park. Probably sitting down as you watched everyone pass by, just you and you're cup of coffee. I was quickly brought out of my reverie as I rounded a corner and bumped into a wall, spilling all of my coffee on it.

 It didn't take long for me to realize that it couldn't possibly have been a wall that I'd hit as I looked up the guy whose white shirt I had just turned mocha, with HOT coffee. It was easy to see how anyone would confuse the guy for wall, standing at 6 feet and almost all of it being pure muscle, not too beefy but built. I apologized profusely as I watched his face contort, probably trying to decide whether to strangle me or knock me out with a jaw breaking punch. Instead, I see him curse silently to himself, think and turn around to go back in the direction he came from. I quickly called out to him.

"Yeah?" he asked obviously pissed

"I think you were going in the other direction." I pointed out, walking up.

"Well yeah, I was heading for an audition. I can't possibly now."

"I'm sorry man. I..." I started yet again

"Right! I've got to go get changed. Of course, by the time I do I'll miss the ..." he trailed off.

"I can't help feeling partially responsible for..."

"Partially?" he cut me off sarcastically, "Really?"

"Umm...I live across the street." I said pointing to the building across the street.

"So?" he eyed me, bewildered.

"I'll let you borrow one of my shirts if you want."

 He looked up my 5. 9 foot frame and then agreed, not that he had a choice. I led him back to my place apologizing all the way. His aggravation was evident but he still said nothing as I unlocked the door and took him straight to my bedroom closet. I quickly tossed him a couple of my shirts as he took off the one he was wearing. He wiped himself down with a towel. It was obvious that I was staring but he didn't seem to notice.

"Pink?" he said as he picked one of my shirts

"Hasn't anyone told you? Pink's the new blue!" there was a hint of a smile when I said that. Thank god!

 He finally picked a blue shirt, which, I must say was a great choice as it brought out his eyes. He looked at himself in the mirror once and then at his watch. He then said something, which I didn't catch and then started walking out. I walked him to the door and wished him luck. He gave me a faint smile and then hurried down the stairs. I sighed and went back to my bedroom as I realized my `perfect' day had turned into quite something else.

 I found the shirt that the `coffee-guy' had left behind. I picked it up and took it down to the Laundromat. I sat down in front of the machine as it swirled the shirt in soapsuds (very hypnotic). It may seem silly but I couldn't get that guy off my mind, and my mind finally had the time to completely pull his looks together. He was attractive to say the least, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, perfect teeth...and a heroic square jawed face. His body belonged in a centerfold not roaming the streets, especially with the ass it was attached to.

 I folded the shirt neatly and took it back to my apartment. It had been just over 2 hours since it happened and I was still sitting on my couch watching the news...


`Damn!' I said to myself as I got up, it was 4: 50 in the evening now, I had dozed off to the TV, then again, I was watching the news. The shirt was still lying there on a chair across from me. I got up and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. I had just started to pee when I heard someone at the door and regrettably enough, I had to pee like a racehorse. The person at the door seemed desperate as it seemed it was trying to break down my door. When I finally finished, I ran to the door to find no one there. I stepped out into the hallway and called out to someone who was waking away. The guy turned around and greeted me with an amazing grin, flashy white teeth contrasting with my blue shirt. He sprinted towards me and quickly hugged me.

"Is this your idea of revenge?" I asked as he rushed my ribs

"I got the part!" he screamed putting me down

"Th-that's great! Good for you."

 He seemed amazingly excited almost childishly. It seemed he wanted everyone on the floor to know it; I invited him in and got him to sit down, which wasn't easy given his energy.

"Hey, you washed it." He said looking at his shirt

"Well, yeah."

"I do like my shirt with little or no caffeine content."

"It was decaf by the way." He smiled at my comment

"Thanks, for the shirt, and the part..."

"Thank me? Why?"

"I haven't been able to land a part for the last month. Your shirt must be lucky for me."

"I think you're underestimating your own talent. Luck favors the brave, right?"

"Blue, was the judge's favorite color. Apparently, everyone else showed up in white."

"Hmm...I..." I started

"Whatever! I...I don't have any close friends here to celebrate this with. You mind if..."

"If you what?" I wondered aloud

"Umm, take you out for pizza or something." He looked at me curiously

"Well, I..."

"And coffee!" He quickly added

 I laughed and agreed, telling him it better not be a plan for payback. I also told him that the shirt looked better on him than it ever did on me. He blushed when I said that, cute-zilla! I grabbed my coat and we went out. Fortunately for us, there was a pizzeria right across the street, incidentally also the place where we first...`met'. I couldn't believe how much of a contrast he was to the person that I'd bumped into late into the morning. Then again, who wouldn't be given the circumstance? This guy was funny, nice, sweet and pretty much a pleasure to be around.

"What's the part?" I asked him.

"It's a great play. I play the lead, a blind guy who falls in love with a girl who helps him deal with his handicap."

"Cool! I'll make sure I see it."

"You better!" he faked a threat

It seemed like the most surreal day ever as I walked back to my place with him. We just stood there in the doorway looking at each other in an uneasy silence. My face had gotten so close to his, I wanted so bad just to lean in and kiss him. I was going to too, but he backed away and said goodnight extending a hand. I took his hand smiled and said goodnight. I closed the door and walked to my couch. I smiled as I saw the shirt still sitting undisturbed in the chair. I had just picked it up when I heard the door. I opened the door and held out the shirt to him smiling. He looked at the shirt and then right back at me.

"Forgot something?" I asked coyly

"Oh yes!"

 With that he grabbed my waist and pressed his lips to mine. Closing the door behind me he pressed me against it, frantically kissing down my neck. Before I knew it he raised me up off my feet and was carrying me back to my bedroom.

 He dumped me on the bed and quickly took his shirt; I mean `my' shirt off while I ripped my own Tee off my body. He laid himself down on my body as we began kissing again but only more slow and passionately. He kissed down the middle of my chest to my navel and then slowly opened up my jeans. He grabbed them and pulled it right off my legs and then his own. He then pulled me on top of him as massaged my ass and then slipped my boxers off. He teased the tip of my dick with his tongue and started blowing me.

 He kept going till he felt me tense up and stopped before I could cum. He then raised my legs and fingered me while I was begging to be fucked. When he thought he finally had me loose enough he took his own briefs off and teased my `rosebud' with the head of his cock. He quickly ran to his jeans and brought a condom as he smiled slyly at me. Was he planning on this? He slowly pushed it inside me as I felt a slight pain. He kissed me again till I relaxed and then with a final push he was in. He started fucking me in a slow rhythmic motion, all the while jerking me off.

 In a couple of minutes his slow ministrations had become desperate and he almost ripped my dick off as he came deep inside me and I followed mere seconds later.

He collapsed on top of me breathing hard. We were both out of breath as we looked at each other grinning like fools. I looked at him and sighed.

"What?" he asked

"Can I ask you something?"

"Umm, sure." He said apprehensively

"What's your name?"

The End.

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