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Subject: The Young Energy Consultant - Chapter TWO



Hey guys,


This is chapter two. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank Rob (UK) and Edward (USA)

for all their help in the preparation of this manuscript.

In particular, for their additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send

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I am a German from Hamburg.


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The Young Energy Consultant

by Moritz – Hamburg – Germany


.... edited by Rob (UK) and Edward (USA)


"Maybe you should hang your shirt there over the chair to let it dry and air out a

bit," said Mr. Davis.


This time Jordan got up without worrying about the seat of his jeans. The denim

spanned his thighs so tightly that it wasn´t possible for him to rearrange his bits

and pieces anyway. He couldn´t even pull them down a little. He took the shirt

and hung it over the chair. He sensed Mr. Davis' eyes staring at his back, his thighs

and his butt. Well, that was all part of the deal. The agreement includes this,

Jordan thought.


Should he perhaps give a little show? He walked slowly taking a lot of time to

place the shirt over the chair. He smoothed it just a little because it was rather

crumpled. The shirt was completely soaked with sweat in several places. It would

be very unpleasant to put it on again in a quarter of an hour after he had fulfilled

his part of the deal.


Knowing that a man was watching him all the time and checking out his body was

kind of exciting. Jordan had not noticed before that he was perhaps a little bit of

an exhibitionist. He found it rather exhilarating to stand there. His body cooled

down better . There was a very slight breeze in the room. The air circulated in a

very gentle and pleasant way over his naked upper body which he found slightly



At the end of a busy unproductive day Jordan was glad to be able to rest for the

next few minutes. He had to serve Mr. Davis only as an object for viewing. The

young man relaxed a little. The sales pitches, which were a constant adjustment

with many to new prospective clients , and the many changes of location together

with the extreme temperature changes had exhausted him.


When he turned around he saw Mr. Davis looking at his denim covered rear, but

his gaze quickly travelled upwards again finally to look Jordan in the eyes. The

young man realized that the situation was a little unusual for Mr. Davis and

maybe somewhat embarrassing. Jordan wondered whether if a similar situation

arose with a different man whether he might like it too? Would he also feel the

situation to be sexually exciting and embarrassing at the same time? Was it even

right to get involved in such a deal? He had to earn something today, however as

his financial situation was depressing. Should he have perhaps asked for more

than $20? What price for this kind of thing would be appropriate? For the first

time he wondered how much hustlers actually got for their services and what

they had to do for it. Were they paid per hour? Strange what thoughts so

suddenly go through my head, the young man thought.


Mr. Davis gazed fascinated by the young man who was obviously completely deep

in though for a moment in his own little world . Jordan was standing slightly to the

side of him. Mr. Davis was delighted with what he saw . The perfect round ass, the

muscular thighs, the muscular upper arms and the very beautiful profile of this

beautiful face—all of it was just so gorgeous! As Jordan now stood before him

completely relaxed the young man had a particular charm and grace of his own.

Jordan was really something very special appearing to be straight forward, open,

honest, intelligent and amusing all at the same time.


Mr. Davis stood up just to turn the music up a little louder. Whenever he was at

home there was music playing softly in the background. It was a mixture of very

different types: classical, jazz, pop, soul, etc. There were songs liked by many

people, nothing too special. Music for relaxation, sometimes stimulating or for

creating a good mood. Although there were here and there a few rock songs,

these were interpreted in a more moderate tone of classical orchestras.


Jordan grinned. It was a nice grin and showed how relaxed he had become.


"Hmm, is the music bothering you? Don´t you like it," asked Mr. Davis.


"The music is okay. I had thought for a moment, that you might play the sort of

music that you hear when strippers take to the stage." Jordan chuckled.


The young man had such a compelling and inescapable pleasant nature and sense

of humor . Mr. Davis smiled.


"Oh, you mean Joe Cocker – "You Can Leave Your Head On". Good tip, maybe I

should get myself these titles sometime. Who knows if I might even need it" joked

Mr. Davis.


Now both of them had to laugh.


"Did you know here , in the city, there has opened recently a new shop of a very

well-known fashion chain. As always there was a grand opening with a parade of

two dozen young men. They had to be shirtless several hours before setting up an

eye-catching guard of honour that you get these days for the media. I was there

and took a lot of photos and even made a video. It was very erotic and nice to

look at, but it was somehow kind of strange to see the half-naked young men

there on the street in front of the store. In the entrance way everyday there is

now a young man stripped to the waist so that visitors can have their photo taken

with him. Again, it's all very nice to look at, but perhaps somewhat embarrassing

for the guys involved. How would you feel about that?"


Jordan had to think about it as he looked at the photos of the young men on the

walls of the apartment. This gave Mr. Davis the opportunity to look at the

attractive face of the Adonis in the profile. Jordan had rather soft facial features,

but not so soft as to appear feminine.


"Sex and money might have always had something to do with each other, what is

it they say `bedfellows'. It is not for nothing that the saying was coined ,`sex sells'.

Only these days you can be so much more open about it. Maybe it's even better

to do so openly, so that it is clearer and more honest. One can perhaps better

deal with it. There are then no more false games, no trickery. Some of the young

men were probably happy and proud to present their muscular upper bodies to

passerby on the street. For what else would they spend so many hours in the gym



"Good answer. In the meanwhile, yes, more and more people admit openly that

they masturbate without being ashamed about it. Previously, everyone would

never have mentioned masturbating ever. Nowadays it's really just a question of

how often you do it. Still, if a fashion chain can provide posing shirtless young

men then maybe another company will come along at some point with the idea of

letting the men pose and show off only in underpants in order to get the

attention of customers. Where is the line to be drawn?"


"Hard to say. Maybe one day we'll all be totally liberated and eventually have no

shame when seen naked by strangers. Why are we ashamed at all of showing our

bodies stark naked?" asked Jordan.


"I once read that until the Middle Ages nudity was something very natural, but

then began utterly exaggerated prudery. Well, some people are drifting away

from doing any sports and eat more food than their bodies need. They really

should be ashamed of themselves for the shape of their bodies get into ," Mr.

Davis continued, "what you often see on the beach today really is something of a



"Well, we it clear to see that neither of us are effected. We can let anyone see

us," flirted Jordan.


"Oh, thank you. I have to admit, I'm doing quite a lot of sports. I have to because I

'am sitting most of the time at my desk or at a conference table."


Jordan did not feel uncomfortable standing bare-chested in front of Mr. Davis. He

didn't think his upper body was particularly sporty. He lacked the much-vaunted


six pack stomach. He classified his body more as lean and well-defined rather than



The young man cast his gaze further around the apartment and discovered many

small details on the walls and on the shelves that interested him. The only thing

that bothered him were his sweaty denim jeans . Now, where his sweat had dried

a bit it was becoming uncomfortable to wear them . In some places they had got

so tight that they restricted his ability to move.


"The fifteen minutes will be up soon. I would like to put another proposal to you.

I'll pay you $20 more for another fifteen minutes if you take off your jeans. You

can also put them on one of the chairs to dry out a little more." Mr. Davis was not

sure how the young man would respond to his latest suggestion . He did not want

to scare him off and risk a hasty departure of his young Adonis.


Secretly, Jordan had expected that Mr. Davis would make such suggestion.

Probably another offer would come after that even . Mr. Davis intentions and

lustful desires seemed to be pretty obvious.


Jordan found himself inexplicably attracted to the older Mr. Davis. He found him

likeable so he had basically no problem with taking off his jeans in front of the

older man, but what further suggestion might follow after this should he accept?


"For $30 I will also take off my jeans," said Jordan.


"Okay, then we have a new deal."


Mr. Davis could not wait to see the athletic young man only in his underwear in

front of him.


"It will not be easy to take off these jeans as they now seem to be glued to my



"I can help you with that." said Mr. Davis


Jordan looked at Mr. Davis with a slightly mocking and knowing look, but it was

not because he felt the offer to be offensive or unpleasant. Of course the man

would like to help him undress. He had not really expected anything else.


Jordan opened the fly of his jeans and then undid the belt before pulling them

down as far as it was possible for him to do so. Then he sat down on a chair and

lifted his legs.


Mr. Davis stood up and reached out and took hold with one hand on each of the

legs of the jeans and slowly pulled at them. When Jordan relaxed his leg muscles,

the denim eventually moved gradually. Jordan steadied himself with both arms in

order to lift his butt a little bit to help. The jeans now started to slide down slowly

over his muscled thighs and legs. Jordan noticed that not only were the jeans

sliding down, but also his rather brief underpants. He said hastily: "Wait a minute,

I think I can manage the rest alone now".


Meanwhile, Mr. Davis could even see some of Jordan's pubic hair. The pubic hair

of a man excited him every time. He could not understand why some men shaved

all their hair on their body. A little hair on the chest and from the navel down to

the pubic hair were very manly and erotic for him.


Jordan stood up and turned around. As he began to pull his jeans further down,

he had to slow down as his underwear started to slide down a bit more. Mr. Davis

was able for a moment to see a glimpse of the round ass cheeks of the young

Adonis and the beginning of that fine tight line of flesh that separated them. After

some wiggling, Jordan reached down to pull off his jeans down to the middle of

his thighs while endeavouring at the same time to keep his briefs in place. He was

wearing very tight and also brief white cotton underpants that were also damp

with sweat and stuck to his body.


Mr. Davis was thrilled by the sight of two round ass cheeks and strong thighs.


Laboriously Jordan finally shucked his jeans. He was obviously glad to have been

able to take them off. He shook them out and then hung them over a chair. Mr.

Davis looked at the young man from behind. The taut upper body and his now

revealed hips and legs were in perfect harmony. The proportions were exactly to

his liking. Jordan had a toned body without being overly muscular. Some men just

do not know when to stop with muscle training. Too much can sometimes cause

the exact opposite of being attractive.


Mr. Davis could not wait for the young visitor to turn towards him. He had sat

down again to have the best perspective and view of the body of this Greek God.


"Is it okay if I continue to look around in your apartment? You have really

interesting books and display items on the shelves."


"Yes, look around all you like."


For Jordan exploring the apartment made it easier to expose himself almost

naked before the man who was in reality a complete stranger. Mr. Davis had

many books on politics, economics, architecture, Feng Shui, biographies,

detective novels, thrillers, etc. In addition, he had an extensive CD collection with

very different styles of music, DVDs and some very personal souvenirs.


Mr. Davis could not keep his eyes off of the well-proportioned body of the young

man. In particular his round ass cheeks and toned thighs did it all for him hidden

away as they were behind somewhat damp and now translucent white cotton

mini- briefs. It was an erotic and heady mixture for Mr. Davis' eyes to absorb.


The sweaty briefs still stuck to Jordan's body as he moved about. Mr. Davis could

not wait to see the young Adonis fully frontal. How large was that bulge in his



Jordan had so far only exposed himself to Mr Davis' gaze from behind, which

made the situation easier for the young man. When he found a miniature of a

space ship in the STAR TREK series on one of the shelves, he turned amused to

Mr. Davis, "So you're a Star Trek fan! I would not have expected that. A Treky"


"I know, so what does this automatically make me a nerd. To be precise," he said


"I 'm not a Star Trek fan, but in general I am a science fiction fan, but I guess that

isn't much better."


"Well, a man must have some kind of whimsy. Anyway, I'm also a lover of science

fiction movies."


Mr. Davis ran his gaze from the face of the young man down to his chest muscles,

waist and hip until he finally confronted and his eyes came to rest on the bulge in

his briefs. Jordan's dick and balls were clearly outlined and visible.


Jordan had of course noticed where Mr. Davis had turned his gaze.


"Not very spectacular what I have to offer. I hope you are not disappointed." he said.


"Why should I be disappointed? What I see seems to me to be slightly above

average and the size of a penis has never played a decisive role for me. In erotic

stories and porn men must always have a member of 10" or even 11" and be as

thick as a can of coke. I think that is totally overrated. My previous partner had

like me an average sized cock. Well, even with one of average size you can have a

lot of fun," joked Mr. Davis.


"You hear only rarely that the size of the penis does not matter. What body parts

are important for you, then?" Jordan replied.


"By far, it is always the face. One need not look handsome or like a model at all. It

is rather the aura. A mix of humour, humanity, .... it is hard to describe. The face

partially reflects the character very often and the character is the most important

factor for a long-term relationship. If someone looks too good, then behind it

there could be lurking a less than good character. One should never speak badly

about a person, but consider a practical example, let's take an actor. Surely you

know Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible, Top Gun, etc. Cruise looks really great. But

I personally do not find him a bit attractive. For me, he exudes no warmth or if

you want a woman for example, Heidi Klum. Their eyes and faces radiate only

cold for me. I want to have nothing to do with such people. For this reason, I

never see movies with Tom Cruise in them."



"Well, I find something unfair to judge celebrities from a far, you have to have

met them in person in order to construct a fair opinion." Jordan responded.


"Huh, for a young man, you're already pretty wise. Probably you're right."


"And what other visual factors play a big role for you?" asked Jordan.


"I have always been fascinated by well developed legs in a man. And what do you

hold as special regarding outward appearances young man? "


"With me it is also the face that comes in at first place."


"And second?"


"Hmm, I do not want to commit myself on that."


"Too bad." said Mr. Davis.


"We just talked about science fiction . Which sci-fi movie is your absolute

favorite? "


"Aha, you want to change the subject to get yourself out from providing an

embarrassing answer. Okay, so let's change the subject. I don´t have a favourite

si-fi movie . There are some movies that I find to be quite good, but there is

always something missing for me. There are some very nice gay movies though

such as "Latter Days", "Shelter" or "Conrad Boys". Unfortunately, these films have

to be produced on a more modest budget, so they cannot come close to the great

Hollywood movies in quality. A film is for me has to be not only entertaining, but I

like to be touched emotionally. I would also like to learn something new about

people or culture. I am interested in psychology and wisdom. The actors also need

to please me." continued Mr. Davis


"Gosh. You are really demanding! Presumably, you have to have everything yet

somehow still find fault," joked Jordan.


"No, not at all. Regarding you, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I like

you a hundred percent just the way you are. I hope you manage to stay that way,

just like you are now."


"Thank you," said Jordan embarrassed and turned back around to face one of the



This gave Mr. Davis the opportunity again to look at the sporty body of the young

Adonis. Too bad he was still wearing his underpants. Nevertheless the strong form

of his partially hidden ass cheeks and the toned legs of the young man were

exquisite to look at.


"I would like to suggest something else to you ," said Mr. Davis.


Jordan had expected that this would happen and he had already deliberated in his

mind about the point where he would have to say `no'. at what point would he

have to refuse? His mind was still in turmoil on the subject and he had not yet

been able to form a clear opinion. He had weighed all the pros and cons, but

somehow he found it difficult to decide.


"And what's that?" he responded to Mr. Davis.


"I would like to take photos of you just as you are now."


Jordan had secretly expected Mr. Davis' next proposal would include taking off his

underpants to be photographed completely naked. Would that then be the next

suggestion after the photos, then Jordan would certainly have to say `no', but still

he was not absolutely sure.


Jordan liked the photographs on the walls and also the many small photos taken

by Mr. Davis. They radiated a certain naturalness and informality. Jordan had

nothing against the rather appealing photos around him. That then settled the

inner turmoil and was the decisive factor for a "yes", even if Mr. Davis wanted to

photograph him full-frontally nude, at least he could cover his genitals with his



"What happens with the photos?"


"I do not publish the photos on the Internet or anywhere else. The photos are

purely private and will remain private."


"If we come to an agreement about my just reward, I will stipulate just three

conditions. First, I get a copy of each photo on a USB stick immediately after we

have taken the photographs. Second, I determine what I will be do in the photos

and also the way in which I am photographed. Third, I don't want this to be

misunderstood as an invitation to sex. We are only taking photos."


"So you do not want me to give you instructions on what position you should

take? You alone lead the directing. And you do not want whatever occurs during

or after the photo shoot to lead to any further body contact."




"This is unusual and is something I haven't come across before, but I do like to

experiment. Maybe I'm still learning something. I agree with your demands.


Well, and how much will it cost me for my little bit of fun young man?" joked Mr.



Jordan named his price and Mr. Davis had to swallow. Such a high price he had

not expected, but he wanted at all costs to take pictures of this young Adonis. He

would always regret it if he had not taken the opportunity.


"Agreed. We shall have to go an ATM later because I do not have so much cash in

the house ."


"No problem. I trust you."


"I am pleased. Well, then I'll go get my camera."


Mr. Davis began as always with face images. Jordan was very committed to the

effort. He looked deliberately, then skeptically into the camera. He made a

serious facial expression, then smiled at the camera. He was a born actor, but

these kind of people are almost always intelligent people. Mr. Davis had learned

very much about people through his photo shoots over the years.


Jordan took a book from the shelf leaning nonchalantly against the wall. Mr. Davis

took the opportunity among others to photograph the muscular long legs of his

Adonis. Jordan kept changing his poses so that Mr. Davis had to work very quickly.

At the same time, he often had to change his own position to respond to the

shifting light.


Then Jordan lay on the sofa and did so with a bit of languid ease. Since he knew

that Mr. Davis had a special interest in his legs, he arranged them so that his legs

were positioned to this advantage. Now, he angled a leg this way, then it swung

lazily from the sofa to the floor. Jordan himself was interested in natural photos.

It was important for him to give the impression of being sympathetic, relaxed and

playful in the photos. Mr. Davis noticed this and tried his best so that both men

got what each wanted. After about fifteen minutes Jordan said, "I would like to

take off my wet underpants now."


Wow ... Mr. Davis was delighted to hear this, and he didn't have to ask.


"Can I put on the towel instead?"


Damn, this is all too good to be true, thought Mr. Davis


"Sure. In this photo shoot you make all the decisions." joked Mr. Davis and Jordan



Jordan placed the towel loosely around his abdomen and then began laboriously

and deliberately to take off his skimpy white cotton briefs.

He then hung the briefs to dry on one of the chairs. Mr. Davis seriously

considered whether he should buy Jordan a new set of underpants and get this

pair as compensation.


They made many more photos. Jordan sat down at the dinner table leaning his

elbows on the table. Then he acted as if he'd just taken a little nap and looked

groggily into the camera. Both men had their fun during the photo session. After a

few more minutes and dozens of different shots of the young man, new ideas

petered out.


"I think that's enough. Also, I'm getting hungry and need some food. I'm going to

just quickly look at the photos now and then I'll go." Jordan said.


Mr. Davis did not want to let the young Adonis go so soon . He hadn't had this

much fun for a long time. Jordan was not only very beautiful to look at, but also a

pleasant conversationalist.


"What do you think if I prepare us something for dinner? It's practically already

prepared. You are very welcome to join me. I often cook in larger portions and

snack again later in the evening or cook the next day with the same basic

ingredients but with different seasoning and style. There will be more than

enough for two. While I am in the kitchen you can view the photos at your leisure

on the PC."


"This is a very generous offer and I gladly accept. I have one last idea for a photo

as a gift for you. Ready? "




Jordan turned his back to Mr. Davis and opened the towel. With one hand he held

it so that it fell on one side only.


Mr. Davis was impressed by the strong rounded ass cheeks. He clicked the camera

almost continuously while Jordan changed his position at the same time.


Jordan's glutes were particularly defined as well as his hamstrings.


Please, please turn around now, Mr. Davis thought excitedly.


But Jordan draped the towel once again around his abdomen and the photo shoot

was, alas, over for him for today.


"I will return the favour with a special dessert and I do not mean that

suggestively. If there's something you cannot stand or do not like to eat say so? "


"I do not eat turkey meat or chicken because they have too many traces of

antibiotics and drugs in them."


"That's right, that's why for years I have no longer eaten turkey."


Mr. Davis sat in front of his PC and put the memory card of the camera into one

of the slots. Then he opened a program with which to look at the photos.


"So have fun viewing your photos. You click here with your mouse to enlarge the

pictures and you click here to view the next photo. But you young people know so

much better these days how to deal with these things than guys from my

generation. I'm off to the kitchen. "


Jordan looked very critically at each photo. After just half an hour when Mr. Davis

began to set the table and then served an appetizer, he still was not through all

photos. What he had seen up to now he liked enormously. Okay, a few photos

had to be deleted because he just opened his eyes or blinked when the camera

clicked. Very few photos were blurred because Jordan moved smoothly in order

to take up a new position. However, there were also photos that simply rendered

him speechless. They were exquisite. The mood they conveyed suited him well.

For him Mr. Davis was a really talented photographer.


"A few photos are really fantastic. I have never seen such beautiful photos of me.

I have to give you a big compliment."


"Thank you very much. But most of it was done by the camera alone. The auto

focus will focus a sharp image and the exposure meter ensures that the photos

are not too bright or not too dark. I just press the shutter button."


"Hmm, maybe, but I think there is more to it than just pressing the shutter button

to make such great photos."


"Okay, a little experience and a good eye also help. Above all you have to like

what you are capturing and strive to reflect it so that it is perfectly captured."


"That then really succeeded."


"It really makes me happy that you like the photos. But you were also a perfect

model. It takes two to tango and to take this kind of photos."


Jordan was very euphoric and happy about the beautiful photos.


During dinner they talked about the last Star Trek movie with Chris Pine and

about music. In particular they discussed the lack of real vocal performance of

some artists, and then about the many talent shows that make people for a short

term into stars and then they disappear into oblivion. It was a very stimulating

conversation in which both had fun. They spent a long time talking as they settled

down with the main course and dessert.


Jordan had been sitting at the table wrapped only with the towel around his

waist. He didn't mind. Mr. Davis looked now and again at the chest and upper

arms of the young Adonis, but most of the time he admired the beautiful face.


They were actually long finished eating, but were still sitting at the table and

chatted animatedly.


"I have to use the toilet now," said Jordan with a slightly sad undertone because

this is probably ushered in the end of the visit. His things should now also be dry

and unfortunately he couldn't keep the young man here indefinitely ... what a

great shame he thought to himself.

When Jordan came back from the toilet. Mr. Davis already had searched for a USB

stick on which he could copy the photos.


"So the copying of the photos will take a few minutes. I have no idea why that

always takes so long. I will clear the table."


"I would love to help ," said Jordan.


"That is very nice of you. It is enough if you just carry everything into the kitchen.

I'll clean it all later in the dishwasher. I'm actually also have to go to the



Mr. Davis trusted Jordan completely. He did not think that he would steal



While Mr. Davis was on the toilet he agonized over how he could prevent Jordan

from leaving now. Maybe they could watch a video together, but why would

Jordan want to do that. Mr. Davis was a lot older than this young god and was no

doubt waiting to meet with his peers and friends.


How many times Mr. Davis had in the past responded incorrectly or failed to take

chances. He regretted those countless times. To dare more, to try more, to just go

that one step further. The only road that promised him success was to offer the

young man even more money. Secretly he was ashamed of himself for thinking



Rich people are always so proud that they are able to buy anything with their

money. But in truth they are very poor people. Recognition, sex, attention, but

not respect, these are in the main the things they get for all their wealth. People

with character and pleasant personality rarely get these things through money.

Love and friendship, the two most important things in life, you cannot buy with



When Mr. Davis entered the living room Jordan had already completely cleared

the table and was sitting back in front of the PC looking at the photos.


Mr. Davis voice trembled a little as he began, "I would like to suggest to you

another deal."


Jordan was saddened and Mr. Davis could clearly read it in his face.


"Whatever you suggest , and whether I say yes or no, it will be the last proposal

that I listen to today," Jordan said with some disappointment in his voice.


Mr. Davis realized now that he had probably made a mistake. He didn't have a

plan B. The very pleasant afternoon was going to maybe take on for the both of

them a not very nice ending. Mr. Davis first wanted to pay the young man to have

sex with him, but now he was unsure. The probability was very large that Jordan

would be outraged and leave the apartment quickly. He wondered in his mind

why he had ever come up with this idiotic plan?


"I would like to see you completely naked, with a stiff penis and ........."


"And what?" ...


"... Masturbating in front of me and to come!"


"And do you only want to look at that pornographic spectacle or do you want to

take pictures of it as well?"


Jordan's voice audibly swung from disappointment to annoyance.


Mr. Davis felt shabby, yet he wanted this young man more than anything in the

world and did not know how he could make it happen.



..... to be continued ....


© 2015 copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany




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